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PE-Backed Bankruptcies 2009 - DevelopmentCorporate.xls by shensengvf


									    LBO-Backed Bankruptcies In 2009 []

    Company        Date Filed                       Sponsor(s)     Year of      Fund(s)       Equity          Sector
                                                                   Purchase/Dea               Invested
                                                                   l Value

1   Interlake     January 5, 2009                 1 Wynnchurch     2006/$48     Wynnchurch Unavailable        Industrial
    Material                                        Capital Ltd.   million      Capital                       machinery and
    Handling Inc.                                                               Partners II LP                equipment

2   Blue Tulip     January 6, 2009                  Highland       2006-         HCP VI,      44%           Gift Retailer
    Corp.                                           Capital        2008/Unavaila Highland     stake/~$12.21
                                                    Partners       ble           Consumer     million

3   Merisant       January 10, 2009                 Pegasus       2000/$570     Pegasus        $51.3 million Food products
    Worldwide                                       Capital       million       Partners II LP
    Inc.                                            Advisors and
                                                    consortium of

4   American       January 15, 2009                 Versa Capital 2008/Unavaila Versa Capital 14.64 million Restaurant
    Restaurant                                      Management ble              Fund II LP
    Group                                           Inc.

5   Star Tribune   January 15, 2009                 Avista Capital 2007/$530    Avista Capital $100 million   Media
    Co.                                             Partners       million      Partners I LP
6    Wall Homes    January 17, 2009   Warburg        2005/$50     Warburg          Warburg         Homebuilding
     Inc.                             Pincus and     million      Pincus Private   Pincus owns
                                      Jen Partners                Equity VIII      73.11% of
                                                                  LP, Jen I LP     Wall Home's
                                                                                   common stock
                                                                                   and 81.55% of
                                                                                   its outstanding

7    Von Weise     January 21, 2009   Sun Capital    2007/$10     Sun Capital   Unavailable       Auto Parts
     (Specialty                       Partners       million      Partners V LP                   Manufacturer.
     Holding Corp)

8    Edscha        February 2, 2009   Carlyle Group 2003/$247.6   Carlyle          $180 million   Automotive
                                                    million       Europe                          supplier
                                                                  Partners I LP

9    Bruno's      February 5, 2009    Lone Star      2004/$660     Lone Star       Unavailable    Supermarket
     Supermarkets                     Funds          million for   Fund V LP                      operator.
                                                     Bruno's and
                                                     Bi-Lo, which
                                                     filed for Ch.
                                                     11 on Mar.

10   Fortunoff     February 5, 2009   NRDC Equity 2008/$80        Unavailable      $10 million    Jewelry
                                      Group       million                                         retailer
11   Fluid Routing February 6, 2009      Sun Capital   2007/Unavaila Sun Capital    Unavailable    Automotive
     Solutions Inc.                      Partners      ble           Partners IV LP                supplier

12   Muzak        February 10, 2009      ABRY         1998/ $250     ABRY            Unavailable   Music
     Partners LLC                        Partners LLC million        Broadcast                     Programming
                                                                     Partners III LP

13   Pliant Corp.    February 12, 2009   CCMP         2000/Unavaila Unavailable     Unavailable    Chemicals,
                                         Capital      ble                                          packaging and
                                         Advisors LLC                                              environmental

14   Aleris          February 13, 2009   TPG           2006/$1.7       TPG Partners $849 million   Aerospace
     International                                     billion, plus V                             supplier
     Inc.                                              the assuming
                                                       of $1.6 billion
                                                       in debt.

15   Forward         February 17, 2009   Emigrant      2006/Unavaila Unavailable    $12.72 million Food products
     Foods LLC                           Capital Corp. ble

16   Nailite         February 17, 2009   Graham        2003/Unavaila Graham         Unavailable    Building
     International                       Partners      ble           Partners II LP                products
     Inc.                                Argosy                                                    manufacturer.
17   Everything      February 27, 2009   Bear Growth     2006/Unavaila BGCP is           Unavailable    Apparel
     But Water                           Capital         ble           fundless.                        retailer

18   Regal Jet LLC February 27, 2009     ABS Capital 2006-             ABS Capital       AIG and        Aviation
     (a unit of                          Partners      7/Unavailable   Partners V LP     HSBC           services
     JetDirect)                          AIG Global                    Argosy            committed
                                         Investment                    Investment        $50 million in
                                         Group                         Partners III LP   2006. ABS
                                         Argosy                        AIG Private       Capital
                                         Partners                      Equity            committed
                                         Brantley                      Portfolio II LP   $60 million in
                                         Partners                      AIG Co-           2007.
                                         CD Ventures                   Investment
                                         LLC                           Fund LP
                                         HSBC Pte                      HSBC Private
                                         Equity (Asia)                 Equity Fund

19   G.I. Joe's Inc. March 4, 2009       Gryphon         2007Unavaila Gryphon         Unavailable       Sporting
                                         Investors, Inc. ble          Partners III LP                   goods retailer

20   Masonite        March 16, 2009      Kohlberg      2005 / $2.7     KKR               $551.5 million Residential
     International                       Kravis        billion.        Millennium                       door
     Inc.                                Roberts & Co.                 Fund                             manufacturer.

21   Drug Fair       March 18, 2009      Sun Capital     2005/Unavaila Sun Capital       $5.8 million   Pharmacy
     Group Inc.                          Partners        ble           Partners IV,                     chain

22   Indalex         March 20, 2009      Sun Capital     2006/$425     Sun Capital       Each of the    Metals,
     Aluminum                            Partners Inc.   million       Partners III      two funds      Mining &
     Solutions                                                         LP, Sun           invested $50.2 Steel
                                                                       Capital           million
                                                                       Partners IV LP
23   MMC            March 22, 2009   Brazos Private 2006/Unavaila Unavailable     80% stake for Metals,
     Precision                       Equity         ble                           $60 million in Mining &
     Holdings                        Partners LLC                                 equity         Steel

24   Bi-Lo LLC      March 23, 2009   Lone Star       2004/$660       Lone Star    Unavailable    Supermarket
                                     Funds           million for Bi- Fund V LP                   operator.
                                                     Lo and
                                                     which filed for
                                                     Ch. 11 on
                                                     Feb. 5.
25   F.T. Silfies   March 25, 2009   Quantum         2005          Undisclosed    Undisclosed    Hauler of dry
     Inc.                            Equity                                                      bulk cement

26   Zohar          April 2, 2009    Patriarch    2005/unavaila Unavailable       Unavailable    Makes
     Waterworks                      Partners LLC ble                                            drinking
     LLC                                                                                         fountains and
                                                                                                 water coolers.

27   Big 10 Tire    April 3, 2009    Sun Capital     2006/Unavaila Sun Capital    $6.2 million   Tire retailer.
     Stores Inc.                     Partners Inc.   ble           Partners IV LP
28   United        April 4, 2009    Wind Point     2004/$275        Wind Point       $72 million/   Forest
     Subcontractor                  Partners       million          Partners V,      Wind Point     Products and
     s Inc.                                                         L.P.             took a $125    Building
                                                                                     million        Materials
                                                                                     dividend in

29   Jane & Co.    April 6, 2009    Walnut         2006/The         Walnut         Undisclosed      Beauty
     LLC                            Group, Stone   firms own        Private Equity                  products
                                    Canyon         respective       Fund LP,
                                    Venture        stakes of 30%,   Stone Canyon
                                    Partners,      20% and 18%.     Venture
                                    Hauser Davis                    Partners LP,
                                    Tyroe Rorie                     Hauser Davis
                                                                    Tysoe Rorie I

30   Signature     April 7, 2009    HIG Capital    2005             Undisclosed      Undisclosed    Aluminum
     Aluminum                       Management                                                      manufacturer

31   Aventine      April 7, 2009    Metalmark      2003             Undisclosed      $20 million      Corn Ethanol
     Renewable                      Capital                                          initially, taken Producer
     Energy                         (previously                                      a least $133
     Holdings Inc.                  Morgan                                           million in
                                    Stanley                                          dividends.

32   Dayton        April 20, 2009   Odyssey      2000               Odyssey          As of March    Forest
     Superior                       Investment                      Investment       31, Odyssey    Products and
     Corp.                          Partners LLC                    Partners Fund,   held nearly    Building
                                                                    LP               48% of         Materials
33   EuroFresh Inc. April 21, 2009    Bruckmann, 2001/$20       Unavailable   Bruckmann      A grower of
                                      Rosser,         million                 Rosser took a tomatoes and
                                      Sherrill & Co.,                         dividend       cucumbers.
                                      Banc of                                 recap in 2004.

34   Source         April 27, 2009    Yucaipa Cos. 2007$1.2     Unavailable   AEC            Magazine
     Interlink Cos.                                billion                    Associates     publisher
                                                                              LLC owns
                                                                              48% of shares,
                                                                              owns 9%, and
                                                                              Sachs Group
                                                                              owns 7.2%.

35   Victor Oolitic April 28, 2009    Audax Group 2005/Undisclo Undisclosed   Undisclosed   Limestone
     Stone Co                                     sed                                       provider.

36   Chrysler LLC April 30, 2009      Cerberus      2007/$7.4   Undisclosed   Undisclosed   Auto maker
     (Chrysler                        Capital       billion
     Holdings                         Management
     LLC)                             LP

37   Mark IV         April 30, 2009   Sun Capital   2007        Undisclosed   Undisclosed   Auto Supplier
     Industries Inc.                  Partners
38   U.S. Shipping April 30, 2009   Sterling        Undisclosed   Undisclosed     Undisclosed    Energy
     Partners L.P.                  Investment                                                   Services

39   Accredited    May 4, 2009      Lone Star       2007 / $296   Undisclosed     Undisclosed    A provider of
     Home Lenders                   Funds           million                                      mortgages.
     Holding Corp.

40   White Energy May 7, 2009       Ares            2006/$272     Ares            $99 million    Corn Ethanol
     Inc.                           Management      million       Corporate       combined,      Producer
                                    Columbus                      Opportunities   $57 million
                                    Nova                          Fund II         from Ares

41   J.G.           May 19, 2009    JLL Partners    2005          JLL Partners    $125 million   Financial
     Wentworth                                                    V LP                           services.

42   Anchor Blue    May 27, 2009    Sun Capital     2003          Sun Capital     $12.3 million Apparel
     Retail Group                   Partners Inc.                 Partners III LP               retailer
43   Consolidated    May 27, 2009   H.I.G. Capital, 2004/Undisclo Undisclosed    HIG provided Mattress
     Bedding Inc.                   American        sed                          $22 million in maker.
                                    Capital                                      2008.
                                    Strategies                                   American
                                                                                 provided $160
                                                                                 million in debt
                                                                                 funding for
                                                                                 the initial

44   Hawaii          May 30, 2009   J.F. lehman & 2005/$237      Undisclosed     $80 million    Transportation
     Superferry                     Co., Norwest million

45   Nukote          June 3, 2009   Richmont      2000/ $17      Richmont        $21.2 million Seller of print
     International                  Capital       million        Capital         to $24.2      cartridges.
     Inc                            Partners                     Partners I LP   million

46   Berean          June 9, 2009   JMH Capital   2006/Undisclo Undisclosed      Undisclosed    Retail
     Christian                                    sed
     Stores LLC

47   MagnaChip    June 12, 2009     Court Square 2004/$828.2     Undisclosed     Undisclosed    Chip-maker
     Semiconducto                   Capital      million
     r LLC                          Partners,
48   Extended Stay June 15, 2009   Lightstone   2008/$8     Undisclosed   $600 million   Hospitality
     Inc.                          Group LLC    billion

49   Global Safety June 30, 2009   WL Ross &    formed in   Undisclosed   Undisclosed    Textile maker
     Textiles                      Co.          2004
     Holdings LLC

50   CCS Medical July 8, 2009      Warburg      formed in   Warburg        Undisclosed   Health Care
     Inc.                          Pincus LLC   2005/$630   Pincus Private
                                                million     Equity IX LP
51   RathGibson     July 13, 2009    DLJ Merchant 2007/$440      DLJ Merchant Undisclosed      Capital Goods
     Inc.                            Banking      million        Banking
                                     Partners                    Partners IV LP

52   Lang Cos.      July 17, 2009    Catterton     2003          Catterton     The firm        Supplier of
                                     Partners                    Partners V LP purchased a     calendar and
                                                                               90% stake.      stationeries.

53   Stant Corp.    July 28, 2009    HIG Capital   2008          HIG Capital     $38 million   Makes fuel
                                     LLC                         Partners VII,                 systems and
                                                                 GarMark                       other auto
                                                                 Partners II                   components.

54   Station        July 28, 2009    Colony        2007/$8.9     Colony          Undisclosed   Gaming
     Casinos Inc.                    Capital LLC   billion       Investors                     company

55   Cooper-       August 3, 2009    Cypress       2004/$1.165   GS Capital     Undisclosed    Automotive
     Standard                        Group                       Partners IV LP
     Holdings Inc.                   Goldman

56   Cygnus         August 3, 2009   Abry Partners 2000 / $275   Abry Partners Undisclosed     Trade
     Business                                      million       Fund III LP                   publication
     Media Inc.
57   SkyPower      August 12, 2009   Lehman         2007          Unavailable       The firm       Renewable
     Corp.                           Brothers                                       purchased a    Energy
                                     Private Equity                                 50% stake.

58   Reader's      August 24, 2009   Ripplewood 2007/$2.4         Ripplewood        Ripplewood Magazine
     Digest                          Holdings      billion        Partners II       contributed at publisher
     Association                     LLC,                                           least $375
     Inc.                            GoldenTree                                     million in
                                     Asset                                          equity to the
                                     Management,                                    deal.
                                     GSO Capital
                                     Partners, J.
                                     Capital and
                                     Merrill Lynch
                                     Capital Corp

59   Freedom     September 1, 2009   Blackstone      2004 /$1.7   Blackstone        The firms        Newspaper
     Communicati                     Group LP,       billion      Communicati       acquired a       publisher
     ons Inc.                        Providence                   ons Partners I,   40% stake for
                                     Equity                       Providence        $460 million
                                     Partners Inc.                Equity            with very little
                                                                  Partners IV       debt.

60   Bluewater    August 24, 2009    Alta        2003/$7.3        Alta         $7.3 million        Media and
     Broadcasting                    Communicati million          Communicati                      Entertainment
     LLC                             ons                          ons IX LP,
                                                                  ons IX-B L.P

61   Questex     October 5, 2009     Audax Group 2005/$185        Audax Private Undisclosed        Media and
     Media Group                                 million          Equity Fund                      Entertainment
62   True Temper     October 8, 2009    Gilbert Global 2004 / $342     Undisclosed      The company Consumer
     Sports Inc.                        Equity         million                          had around     Products
                                        Partners                                        $140 million
                                                                                        in debt at the
                                                                                        time of

63   Stallion        October 19, 2009   Carlyle Group 2005/$125        Carlyle/Rivers   $71 million of Energy and
     Oilfield                                         million          tone Global      the original   Natural
     Services Ltd.                                                     Energy and       investment     Resources
                                                                       Power Fund II,   has been
                                                                       L.P.             funded, plus
                                                                                        an additional
                                                                                        $20 million.

64   NTK Holdings October 22, 2009      THL Partners 2004/$1.75        Undisclosed      THL held a     Home
     Inc. (Nortek)                                   billion                            66.48% stake ventilation
                                                                                        as of 2007.    products.
                                                                                        THL recouped
                                                                                        its investment
                                                                                        through two

66   Capmark         October 25, 2009   Kohlberg        2006 /$1.5      Undisclosed     Undisclosed      Mortgage
     Financial                          Kravis          billion in                                       lender.
     Group Inc.                         Roberts & Co.   cash, $7
                                        Five Mile       billion in debt
                                        Partners LLC
                                        Sachs Capital

67   Panolam         November 4,2009    Genstar         2005/ $345     Sterling         The firms        Forest
     Industries                         Capital LLC     million        Group            invested         Products and
     International                      Sterling                       Partners II,     approximately    Building
     Inc.                               Group LP                       L.P., Genstar    $60 million in   Materials
                                                                       fund             equity.
68   Lazy Days '     November 5,2009      Bruckmann       2004 / $206   Bruckmann, The firm            Aerospace /
     R.V. Center                          Rosser Sherrill million       Rosser, Sherill invested at    Automotive /
     Inc.                                 & Co.                         & Co. II LP     least $42      Capital Goods
                                                                                        million.       / Metal

69   Premium         November 12,2009     MatlinPatterso 2006 / $20     Unavailable     Unavailable    Beef
70   Protein
     Simmons         November 16, 2009    n GlobalH.
                                          Thomas         million$1.1
                                                         2003 /         Unavailable     $327 million   processor.
     Bedding Co.                          Lee Partners billion                                         maker.

71   Taylor-         November 18, 2009    Wind Point     2007/$340      Unavailable     Unavailable    Makes gas
     Wharton                              Partners       million                                       and liquid
     International                                                                                     storage units.

72   Heartland       December 21, 2009    Wicks Group, 2004             Unavailable     Unavailable    Newspaper
     Publications                         Wachovia                                                     publisher

73   Generation      December 7th, 2009   Quad-C         2004           Unavailable     Unavailable    Provider of
     Brands                               Management                                                   lighting
                                                                                                       fixtures and
                                                                                                       ceiling fans
74   Ames Taping December 15th, 2009   Aurora        Unavailable   Unavailable   Unavailable    Tool maker.
     Tools                             Capital
                                       Group, GSC
                                       Group and

     Minority Stakes

     Robbins Bros. March 3, 2009       Weston         2004         Unavailable   The firms      Engagement
     Corp.                             Presidio                                  purchased a    ring retailer
                                       Dorset Capital                            49% stake.

     Milacron Inc. March 11, 2009      Bayside       2007          Unavailable   Bayside owns Plastics
                                       Capital                                   57.5% of the processing.
                                                                                 company's 6%
                                                                                 Series B

     Fleetwood     March 10, 2009      Tennenbaum    Unavailable   Unavailable   Unavailable    Prefab homes
     Enterprises                       Capital                                                  and RV
     Inc.                              Partners                                                 manufacturing

     Sportsman's   March 21, 2009      Seidler Equity 2008         SEP SWH       Seidler Equity Retailer
     Warehouse                         Partners                    Holdings LP   owns 25% of
                                                                                 the company.

     Six Flags     June 13, 2009       Generation    Unavailable   Unavailable   Unavailable    Amusement
                                       Partners                                                 park
Gandi           May 28, 2009          TA Associates 2007          Undisclosed      Undisclosed    Commercial
Innovations                                                                                       printing

Accuride Corp October 8, 2009         Sun Capital   Undisclosed   Sun Capital      In 2009 the    Truck
                                      Partners                    Securities       firm converted component
                                                                                   $70 million in maker
                                                                                   debt into a
                                                                                   25% stake.

GPX             October 28, 2009      Sterling      2005 / $40    Sterling         The           Tire maker.
International                         Investment    million.      Investment       investment
Tire Corp.                            Partners                    Partners I and   gave the firm
                                                                  II               a minority

Citadel      December 20th, 2009      Forstmann     2001/$250     Unavailable      The firm       Radio
Broadcasting                          Little & Co   million                        owned a        broadcasting
Corp                                                                               28.7% stake.

As of November 29, 2009
Source: peHUB and Buyouts research.
Assets         Liabilities    Reasons         Updates

between $50    between $50    Hurt by weak Approved for
million and    million and    sales and cash 363 sale to
$100 million   $100 million   flow.          Macalux Inc.

between $1     between $1     Economic      The company
million and    million and    downturn hurt received court
$10 million    $10 million    performance. approval to
                                            lidquidate 24
                                            stores through

$331.1 million $560.70        Beat down by    The company
               million        competition     has won
                              and too much    access to its
                              debt.           $20 million
                                              DIP loan from
                                              Partners and is
                                              approved for a
                                              sale to

$100 milllion $100 million    Sales hurt by   The company
to $500       to $500         recessionary    received
million       million         economic        approval to
                              conditions.     sell to
                                              subsidiaries of
                                              Versa Capital
                                              Pecus ARG
                                              Main LLC
                                              and Pecus
                                              ARG Parallel
                                              LLC, for
                                              $42.5 million
                                              via credit bid.

$493.2 million $661.1 million Hurt by drop The company
                              in advertising has exited
                              sales and by bankruptcy.
between      between $10    Housing         The business
$500,001 and million and    market          has obtained
$1 million   $50 million    conditions.     court
                                            permission to
                                            tap its cash
                                            collateral and
                                            business. The
                                            reached an
                                            agreement on
                                            a creditor
                                            dispute in

up to $50,000 between $10   Slump in        The company
              million and   sales.          will liquidate.
              $50 million

Unavailable   Unavailable   Slump in car    No update.

between $100 between $100 Drop in           An affiliate of
million and  million and  consumer          C&S
$500 million $500 million spending.         Wholesale
                                            Grocers paid
                                            $45.8 million
                                            for 31 stores.
                                            Merchant will
                                            liquidate 25 of
                                            the stores.

Unavailable   Unavailable   Disappointing   The auction
                            sales for       for the
                            holiday 2008,   company's
                            economic        assets has
                            pressures on    been delayed
                            sales.          by a power
between $10    between $1     Movement         Sun Capital
million and    million and    away from        will provide
$50 million    $10 million    SUVs and         up to $12
                              trucks, and      million in DIP
                              high raw         financing. The
                              material costs   company
                              hurt sales       plans to sell
                              volume.          certain assets
                                               to YH

$0 to $50,000 100 million to Heavy debt        The company
              $500 million load and            won court
                             failure to        approval to
                             merge with        use $20
                             competitor.       million in

$688.6 million $1.2 billion   Heavy debt       The company
                              load and high    seeks approval
                              commodity        for its exit
                              costs.           financing

$4.9 billion   $4.2 billion   Deteriorating    The company
                              demand,          has won more
                              earnings and     than $1 billion
                              liquidity        in DIP
                              caused by the    financing after
                              recession.       arguments
                                               creditors over
                                               the terms.

$21.3 million $25.4 million Salmonella      The company
                            outbreak at its will liquidate.
                            demand for its
$50 million to $50 million to Hurt by slump The company
$100 million $100 million in the housing has sold to
                              market.       Premier
                                            Holdings for
                                            $8.65 million.
$58 million     $35 million     Hurt by          The company
                                economic         sold to
                                conditions.      stalking horse
                                                 bidder D.B.
                                                 $12.5 million.

$10 million to 100 million to Unavailable        JetDirect will
$50 million. $500 million.                       sell itself to a
                                                 new entity.

$100 million    $100 million    Hurt by          Gordon
to $500         to $500         economic         Brothers and
million         million         conditions       Chrystal
                                that is          Capital
                                curtailing       purchased the
                                consumer         company for
                                spending.        $61 million.

$1.53 billion   $2.64 billion   Hurt by slide    Masonite
                in debt.        in the housing   emerged from
                                and              bankruptcy
                                construction     June 9.
                                markets, and
                                by loss of one
                                of its largest
                                customers in

$50 million to $100 million     Hurt by      Walgreen paid
$100 million to $500            downturn in $54 million to
               million          the economy. acquire 31 of
                                             the company's

$100 million    $100 million    Saw a 35%        The company
to $500         to $500         declined in      is set to sell to
million.        million.        demand for its   Norwegian
                                products since   conglomerate
                                2006.            Orkla ,
$50 million to $100 million   The recession    The company
$100 million. to $500         caused a 30%     won
               million in     drop in sales,   permission to
               debt.          combined         use its $16.7
                              with tight       million DIP
                              credit markets   loan.

500 million    500 million    To address       The company
and $1 billion and $1 billion $360 million     won final
                              in two loans     approval of its
                              due March 26,    DIP loan in
                              2009.            April.

$10 million to $10 million to Decrease in      The company
$50 million    $50 million    freight volume   must file a
                              due to           reorgnization
                              recession.       plan by July

$27.3 million debts of $82.9 Hurt by           An affiliate of
              million        competion         Patriarch
                             and by fall in    Partners has
                             construction      asked a judge
                             market.           to approve of
                                               its purchasing
                                               the company
                                               for $76.3

$35.7 million Debt of $35.7 Hurt by high       Sun Capital
              million.      rental rates.      Partners has
                                               completed its
                                               acquisition of
                                               Mobile, Ala.-
                                               based tire
                                               retailer Big 10
                                               Tire Stores
                                               Inc. out of
$50 million to debts of $100 Hurt by           The company
$100 million. million to     housing           received court
               $500 million. market            approval to
                             downturn.         tap its cash
                                               collateral with
                                               expectation to
                                               emerge from
                                               within 90

$12 million    $17 million    The              The
                              company's        company's
                              sales declined   sale to its
                              as retailers     stalking horse
                              increasingly     bidder,
                              returned its     Reborn
                              products.        Beauty, for
                                               $7.3 million,
                                               has been

17.27 million $25.6 million Declining          The company
                            aluminum           will liquidate.

$799.5 million $490.7 million Hurt by          The company
               of debts at    declining        is exploring
               year-end.      liquidity and    offers from
                              margins partly   interested
                              due to           parties.
                              investment in

$286 million   $413 million   Due to tight     The company
                              credit           has won
                              markets.         approval for a
                                               DIP loan from
                                               GE Capital
$50 million    $100 million    Hurt by a         The company
and $100       and $500        virus affecting   received court
million        million in      tomato            approval to
               debt.           products and      use cash.
                               by labor
                               shortage that
                               is due to

$2.4 billion   $1.9 billion    Hurt by           The
                               decline in        company's
                               advertising       reorganization
                               revenue that      plan has been
                               resulted from     approved.
                               the economic

$10 million to $50 million to Decrease in        The company
$50 million    $100 million demand due to        received court
                              decline in         approval to
                              construction       use its cash
                              market.            collateral.

more than $1   $54.1 billion   Slump in the Chrysler has
billion                        auto industry. received
                                              approval to
                                              sell to Italian
                                              carmaker Fiat.

Up to $500     Greater than    Hurt by        Mark IV
million.       $1 billion      weakest in the Industries
                               auto industry. Inc., the soon-
                                              to-be former
                                              company of
                                              Sun Capital
                                              Partners Inc.,
                                              emerged from
                                              Chapter 11 on
                                              Nov. 13,
Undisclosed    Undisclosed    The company      The Company
                              cited a          expects that it
                              significant      will complete
                              drop in          its
                              demand and       restructuring
                              greater          process during
                              competition.     the third
                                               quarter of

$10 million to $100 million   Hurt by trends   The company
$50 million    to $500        in the           has asked for
               million        subprime         an extention
                              lending          on filing its
                              market.          assets and

$100 million   $100 million   The company      The company
to $500        to $500        said excess      was granted
million        million        supply of        access to its
                              ethanol in the   cash collateral
                              market has       in late May.
                              kept ethanol
                              prices low,
                              resulting in
                              “minimal or

$100,000 to    $100 million   Hurt by          The company
$500,000       to $500        capital market   emerged from
               million        conditions and   bankruptcy on
                              high             June 8 under
                              borrowing        JLL Partners'
                              costs.           ownership.

$100 million   $100 million   Citing U.S.      Emerged from
to $500        to $500        recession that   Chapter 11 on
million        million        hurt curtailed   Aug. 27, 2009
                              consumer         with Sun
                              spending.        Capital
                                               reacquiring a
                                               majority stake
                                               in the retailer.
less than       $100 million   The company       The company
$50,000         to $500        has run at a      will liquidate
                million        loss for more     and has
                               than a year.      already sold
                               An $8 million     many of its
                               offer from        assets to E&E
                               Riverside Co.     Bedding Co.
                               did not

$100 million    $100 million   Company           The court has
to $500         to $500        forced to         combined the
million         million        immediately       bankruptcy
                               cease all         cases for the
                               operations        company and
                               after adverse     its affiliate,
                               ruling by         HSF
                               Hawaii State      Holdings.
                               Court nullified
                               law that
                               company to
                               operate while
                               l Impact Study
                               was being

$86 million     $79 million    The company The company
                               cited swine flu- has asked a
                               related          judge for an
                               shutdowns for extension to
                               its demise.      consolidate its

$1 million to   $10 million to The company       The
$10 million     $50 million    cited a decline   company's $2
                               in sales and      million debtor-
                               increase in       in-possession
                               debt.             loan was

Up to $50       More than $1 Recession           A fund led by
million         billion                          South Korea's
                                                 Securities Co.
                                                 Ltd. has
                                                 and its
$7.1 billion   $7.6 billion    The company       The company
                               cited liquidity   estimates it is
                               crisis as the     worth $3.3
                               reason for        billion.

Between $100 $100 to $500 Hurt by state          The company
to $500      million.     of the auto            reached an
million.                  industry.              agreement
                                                 with a
                                                 majority of its
                                                 senior lenders
                                                 in which the
                                                 senior lenders
                                                 would receive
                                                 100% of the
                                                 equity interest
                                                 and long-term
                                                 debt in the
                                                 GST Group.

$100 million   $500 million    The               The company
to $500        to $1 billion   company's         reached a deal
million                        business has      that will allow
                               been hurt by      it to reduce its
                               reduced           debt to about
                               reimbursemen      $200 million
                               t rates from      from its
                               Medicare.         current $522
                                                 million. The
                                                 received a
                                                 for $10
                                                 million in
$305.1 million $319.2 million Hurt by         The company
as of April 30,               recession and   won
2009.                         state of the    permission to
                              credit          borrow as
                              markets.        much as $80
                                              million to help
                                              operations as
                                              it restructures.

$50 million to $10 million to Cites liquidity The company
$100 million $50 million. crisis.             estimates its
                                              will require
                                              45 days to

$50 million to $50 million to Hurt by         HIG Capital
$100 million. $100 million. weakness in       LLC plans to
                              the auto        serve as
                              industry.       stalking-horse
                                              bidder for the

Unavailable    $5.7 billion   Recession.      The
                                              lenders have
                                              agreed it can
                                              borrow up to
                                              $150 million
                                              via a
                                              credit facility.

Greater than   Greater than   Hurt by drop    The company
$1 billion     $1 billion     in U.S.         received $175
                              automobile      million in
                              sales.          debtor-in-
                                              from Deutsche

$100 million   Debt of $100   Hurt by        Cygnus
to $500        million to     advertising    emerged from
million        $500 million   sales decline. Chapter 11 on
                                             Sept. 21,
Unavailable    Unavailable    Hurt by the      SkyPower said
                              bankruptcy       it was seeking
                              filing of        to quickly sell
                              principal        its assets
                              shareholder      through a
                              Lehman           court-
                              Brothers         approved
                              Private          process and
                              Equity.          that several
                                               bidders have
                                               interest in a

Unavailable    $2.2 billion   Hurt by          Ripplewood
                              economic         will relinquish
                              slowdown that    ownership to a
                              led to a drop    steering
                              in advertising   committee led
                              spending.        by JPMorgan
                                               Chase & Co.
                                               also includes
                                               LLC, Eaton
                                               Vance, GE
                                               Capital and

Up to $1       Greater than   As a result of   Under the
billion        $1 billion.    the decline in   terms of a
                              advertising      prearranged
                              revenue.         reorganization
                                               plan, the
                                               lenders will
                                               take over the

Less than      $10 million to "Unplanned       The company
$50,000        $50 million    reduction" in    avoided
                              advertising      foreclosure.
                              revenue that
                              made it
                              difficult to
                              meet its debt

$299 million   $321 million   Falling          Began a sale
                              advertising      process while
                              revenues and     in bankruptcy
                              debt load.       court.
$180.5 million $319 million. Hurt by                Gilbert
                             declining              Global's stake
                             demand in              was wiped
                             golf industry,         out.
                             related to

$500 million     $500 million     The rise in       Unsecured
to $1 billion.   to $1 billion.   natural gas       lenders and
                                  supply caused     noteholders
                                  a drop in the     will exchange
                                  use of land-      approximately
                                  based drilling    $543 million
                                  rigs and a        in debt for
                                  drop in natural   98% of the
                                  gas prices.       company's
                                                    equity under a

$1.65 billion    $2.77 billion    Residential       The lenders
                                  housing crisis    will gain
                                  led to declines   control of the
                                  in business,      company.
                                  with debt

$20.1 billion, $21 billion, as Hurt by the          The chapter
as of June 30, of June 30,     state of the         11 filing
2009.          2009.           real estate          wipes out the
                               sector and its       firms' 70%
                               debt load.           stake.

$401.6 million $debt of           Hurt by           Apollo
               $447.5             decline in        Management
               million.           construction      and Eaton
                                  activity.         Vance have
                                                    invested in the
                                                    company to
                                                    reduce its
$100 million       $100 million    Cites            Upon
to $500            to $500         recession's      emergence
million            million         affect on the    from
                                   recreation       bankruptcy
                                   vehicle          protection,
                                   market.          Wayzata
                                                    becomes the
Undisclosed        Undisclosed     Weak demand      The
$900 million       $1 billion of   for beef.
                                   The              company'swill
of assets, as of   debt, as of     company's        be sold to
Sept 26.           Sept 26.        sales declined   Ares
                                   as retailers     Management
                                   increasingly     LLC and a
                                   returned its     unit of the
                                   products.        Ontario
                                                    Pension Plan.

 $10 million        $100 million Cites              The company
to $50             to $500       economic           received DIP
million.           million.      downturn for       financing
                                 filing.            from GE
                                                    Capita. Wind
                                                    Point agreed
                                                    to invest new
                                                    equity in the

$134.3 million $166.2 million Fall in        Unavailable
                              revenue due to
                              the economic
                              downturn and
                              from Internet-

$500 million $500 million Issues with               The company
and $1 billion and $1 billion capital               will bring in
                              structure.            $20 million of
                                                    new equity
                                                    from Quad-C.
Parent           Parent         Prepacked         The company
company Axia     company Axia balance sheet       agreed to sell
Inc lists $100   Inc lists $100 restructuring.    itself to
million to       million to                       existing
$500 million     $500 million                     investors.

$50 million to $50 million to The recession       The company
$100 million $100 million has caused a            has selected
                              decline in          Weston
                              demand for          Presidio and
                              the company's       Spence
                              discretionary       Diamonds as
                              high-end            lead bidders.

$500 million     $500 million    Credit crisis    The company
to $1 billion    to $1 billion   and              emerged from
                                 deteriorating    bankruptcy on
                                 global           August 24.
                                 forced filing.

$560 million     $623 million    Hurt by fuel     The company
                                 prices and       raised an $80
                                 economic         million DIP
                                 recession.       loan.

$436.4         $452.1         Hurt by drop        The company
million, as of million, as of in sale sthat       has closed 23
Dec. 31, 2008. Dec. 31, 2008. reflects            locations.

Unavailable      $2.4 billion    Unavailable      The
                                                  plan will
                                                  deleverage of
                                                  the company’s
                                                  balance sheet
                                                  by $1.8 billion
$10 million to more than $50 Global              The company
$50 million    million       economic            filed for
                             downturn            Chapter 15,
                                                 which is
                                                 similar to
                                                 Chapter 11 for

$47.6 million $628.4 million The company         Secured a $50
                             wanted to           million DIP
                             restructure its     loan from
                             balance sheet.      senior lenders.

$100 million   $100 million    Cites the U.S.    Alliance Tire
to $500        to $500         Commerce          Corp will
million        million         Department's      acquire GPX’s
                               move to levy      U.S.
                               44 percent        operations.
                               duties against
                               the company's
                               plant in

$1.4 billion   $2.5 billion.   Heavy debt        The company
                               load,             reached an
                               downturn in       agreement
                               radio industry.   with lenders to
                                                 access about
                                                 $36 million of
                                                 cash on hand.

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