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					                    Head and Neck
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

959.01         Head Injury, Unspecified
847            Sprain and Strain of Neck
V48.2-5        Mechanical and Motor Problems with Head; Sensory Problems with Neck and Trunk
                    Back and Spine
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

952.0-9; 953.0-8Injury to Spinal Cord or Nerve Root and Spinal Plexus
805.00-9        Vertebra Closed and Open Fracture and Spinal Cord Injury
839             Closed Dislocation, Unspecified Cervical Vertebra
846-847.9       Sprains and Strains of Sacroiliac Region and Other parts of the Back
                Upper Arm and Shoulder
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

V43.61         Shoulder Joint Replacement
V43.62         Elbow Joint Replacement
V49.67-68      Shoulder and Arm Amputation
715.11-12      Osteoarthritis in Shoulder Region and Upper Arm
726.10-19      Rotator Cuff Disorder and Allied Syndromes
727.62         Nontraumatic Rupture of Tendons of Bicep
840            Sprains and Strains of Upper Arm and Shoulder
V49.1-3        Mechanical Problems with Limbs; Sensory Problems with Limbs
                 Lower Arm and Hand
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

V43.63         Wrist Joint Replacement
V49.61-65      Finger and Arm Amputation
715.13-14      Osteoarthritis in Forearm and Hand
727.63-54      Nontraumatic Rupture of Tendons of Wrist and Hands
726.31-33      Medial Epicondylitis, Olecranon Bursitis and Tennis Elbow
815.00-1       Open and Closed Fractures of Metacarpal Bones
841            Sprains and Strains of Lower Arm and Elbow
842            Sprains and Strains of Wrist and Hand
958.6          Volkmann's Ischemic Contracture
V49.1-3        Mechanical Problems with Limbs; Sensory Problems with Limbs
                  Upper Leg and Hip
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

V43.64         Hip Joint Replacement
V43.65         Knee Joint Replacement
V49.76-77      Upper Leg Amputation
715.15         Osteoarthritis in Pelvic Region and Thigh
727.65         Nontraumatic Rupture of Quadriceps Tendon
843            Sprains and Strains of Hip and Thigh
V49.1-3        Mechanical Problems with Limbs; Sensory Problems with Limbs
726.5          Enthesopathy of Hip Region
                  Lower Leg and Foot
ICD-9 Cluster ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

V43.66         Ankle Joint Replacement
V49.71-75      Toe and Lower Leg Amputation
715.16-17      Osteoarthritis in Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot
727.66         Nontraumatic Rupture of Patellar Tendon
727.67-68      Nontraumatic Rupture of Achillies Tendon and Tendons in the Foot and Ankle
726.6-7        Enthesopathy of Knee and Ankle
727.00-06      Synovitis and Tenosynovitis Ankle and Foot
815.00-1       Open and Closed Fractures of Metacarpal Bones
844            Sprains and Strains of Knee and leg
845            Sprains and Strains of Ankle and Foot
V49.1-3        Mechanical Problems with Limbs; Sensory Problems with Limbs
                              Misc. Diagnosis
ICD-9 (Cluster Description)

330.0-349.9                         Hereditary and Degenerative Diseases of the Central Nervouse System
430-438.9                           Cerebrovascular Disease
715.09                              Generalized Osteoarthritis
718.49                              Contracture of Joint, Multiple Sites
719.7                               Difficulty Walking
733                                 Osteoporosis
781.2                               Abnormality of Gait
781.3                               Lack of Coordination
782.3                               Adema
786.4                               Abnormal Sputum
786.59                              Other Chest Pain
788.31-39                           Urge Incontinence, Mixed Incontinence and Other Problems
996.49                              Complications Due to Implants, Device, Prosthesis, or Reattached Body Part
V52.0-8                             Fitting and Adjustment of Orthopedic Device, Prosthetic Device or Wheelchair
v54.81-89                           Aftercare and or Other Orthopedic Aftercare Following Joint Replacement
V57.81                              Care Involving Orthotic Training
ervouse System

Reattached Body Part
 Device or Wheelchair
 oint Replacement

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