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					                             BBHHS Media Center - Popular Young Adult Fiction           prepared by. J. Rowland Media Specialist c2008
Author Last   Author First    Title                                           Summary
Almond        David           Click*                                          unique style - family relationships
Anderson      Laurie Halse    Twisted                                         former "dork" boy finds popularity after vandalism in school -for a time
Anderson      Laurie Halse    Speak                                           Girl goes to party that gets out of control - trauma affects her life
Atkins        Catherine       Alt Ed                                          6 assorted teens tell their story while in ISA in their school
Bagdasarian   Adam            First French Kiss                               teen tells his story of growing up - funny sad and romantic
Bennett       Cherie          Life in the Fate Lane                           thin beautiful girl gains weight and her friends dump her - mean girl story
Bradley       Alex            24 Girls in 7 Days                              hilarious story of boy's friends setting him up with prom date
Bradley       Alex            Hot Lunch                                       another fun story - rival girls end up having to be lunch ladies as punishment
Brashares     Ann             Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants               great story of friendship
Brian         Kate            The Princess and the Pauper                     princess switches places with ordinary girl for zany adventure on both parts
Broach        Elise           Desert Crossing                                 mystery - teens discover dead body on highway
Caletti       Deb             Wild Roses                                      Cassie's dad is a genius but is mentally ill and she suffers his verbal abuse
Caletti       Deb             Honey Baby Sweetheart                           quiet girl who meets a bad boy and finds him incredibly hard to resist
Cannon        A. E.           Amazing Gracie                                  mom divorces and remarries
Carter        Ally            Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy                  fun! Set in a private school for girls who want to be spies. Magic,mystery, fun!
Castellucci   Cecil           Beige*                                          girl's search for identity and meaning in life
Cochran       Thomas          Roughnecks                                      intense high school football championship story
Cohn          Rachel          Shrimp                                          stepfamily story - lots of fun
Cooney        Carolyn         Diamonds in the Sky*                            African refugees live with US family
Cooney        Carolyn         A Friend at Midnight                            divorce separates family changes relationship siblings
Cooney        Carolyn         Code Orange                                     really fun adventure/mystery - boy is stalked by terrorists
Craft         Elizabeth       Bass Ackwards and Belly Up                      Friendship story 5 girls - share dreams /drama/
Crutcher      Chris           Deadline*                                       Boy with terminal illness lives out his last wishes
Curtis        Chris           Bucking the Sarge                               Ruthless unloving mother treats son poorly
Danziger      Paula           Snail Mail No More*                             friendship and adjusting to family drama
Dent          Grace           LBD It's a Girl Thing                           3 best friends in search of life
Dent          Grace           LBD                                             girl's clique - chic lit
Dessen        Sarah           Someone Like You                                boyfriend dies and girlfriend finds out she is pregnant with his baby
Dessen        Sarah           Just Listen                                     popular girl falls out of favor with "In" crowd - mean girls story
Deuker        Carl            Night Hoops                                     pressure to make Varsity Basketball team stresses boy
Deuker        Carl            Gym Candy*                                      pressure to perform as ace football player
Dexter        Catherine       Driving Lessons                                 girl sent to live in South Dakota after father's death
Douglas       Lola            True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet         young starlet - think Lindsay Lohan - sent to different environment to rehab self
Going         K.L.            Saint Iggy                                      Iggy gets kicked out of school and has no where to go - learns life lessons
Green         John            An Abundance of Katherines*                     Boy genius getting over getting dumped - very funny
Green         John            Looking For Alaska                              intense story of friendship,adventure, and tragedy
Hapka         Cathy           Pardon My French                                Fluff story about girl's foreign exchange program in France
High          Linda           Sister Slam                                     Alt. story style- adventure of 2 girls told in slam poetry
                             BBHHS Media Center - Popular Young Adult Fiction             prepared by. J. Rowland Media Specialist c2008
Author Last   Author First    Title                                              Summary
Hill          Ernest          Cry Me A River                                     intense story - teen convicted of murder and sentenced to death!
Hornby        Nick            Slam*                                              skater dude's girl gets pregnant
Hughes        Pat             Open Ice                                           hockey star suffers severe injury and has to rethink his life
Hyland        Betty           The Girl With the Crazy Brother                    Girl moves to new town - brother has mental illness - drama and trauma
Johnson       Harriet         Accidents of Nature                                Girl with Cerebral Palsy - goes to camp and meets friends with disabilities too
Johnson       Maureen         The Bermuda Triangle ( sim to sisterhood bks)      3 best friends must separate during summer before college
Johnson       Scott           Safe at Second                                     great baseball story
Jones         Patrick         Things Change                                      contolling and abusive boyfriend
Kephart       Beth            Undercover*                                        drama about familes and friendship
Klass         David           You Don't Know Me                                  stepfather abuses teen guy - music teacher saves him
Korman        Gordon          Son of the Mob                                     Very funny story - boy's dad is a big Mafia boss
Leitch        Will            Catch                                              Boy having trouble deciding if he wants to go to college or stay local hero
LesBecquets   Diane           Love, Cajun Style                                  fun romance in deep South
Limb          Sue             Girl Nearly 16 Absolute Torture                    light and funny teen romance
Linker        Julie           Disenchanted Princess*                             priveleged girl sent to live in "Podunk" area following family crisis
Lockhart      E.              The Boy Book                                       girl gathers data on guys and writes handbook about their behavior - humor
Lynch         Chris           Inexcusable                                        did Keir commit date rape?
Lynch         Chris           Who the Man                                        Family troubles and son gets suspended from school
MacCready     Robin           Buried                                             teen with alcoholic parent
Mackler       Carolyn         Love and Other Four Letter Words                   divorce and impact on teen girl
Mackler       Carolyn         The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things     funny and sad - slightly overweight girl deals with self image
Mahy          Margaret        24 Hours                                           24 hours in teens life - lots of drama and change
Manning       Sarra           Guitar Girl                                        3 girls form rock band try to be famous - some explicit language here
Mass          Wendy           Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall*                  accident puts girl in coma in heaven - she rethinks her life
Mass          Wendy           Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life                Jeremy finds box that holds the "meaning of life" funny
Mayall        Beth            Mermaid Park                                       girls job at waterpark helps her cope with family difficulties
McDonald      Joyce           Shadow People                                      Troubled teens bond as friends and create havoc
Miller        Mary Beth       On the Head of A Pin                               Impact of bad accident on friend group
Moore         Peter           Caught in the Act                                  Ethan befriends odd new girl - both get roles in school play
Moriarity     Jaclyn          The Year of Secret Assignments                     Told in letter and diary format - friendship between kids at two schools
Murphy        Claire          Free Radical                                       Baseball story mixed with family problems
Myers         Walter Dean     Shooter                                            school shooting story told in police interview format
Myracle       Lauren          TTFN                                               funny story told in instant messaging format
Nelson        Blake           Gender Blender*                                    really funny - guy and girl switch bodies
Nicolson      Georgia         Startled by His Furry Shorts                       funny story told in diary format - ups and downs of teen romance
Oates         Joyce Carol     After the Wreck I Picked Myself Up Spread My Wings girl's mom dies in bad car accident
Oates         Joyce Carol     Big Mouth & Ugly Girl                              guy's big mouth gets him in big trouble - unlikely friendship with girl develops
O'Dell        Kathleen        Bad Tickets                                        teenage rebellion - girl in strict Catholic school setting tries to find herself
                             BBHHS Media Center - Popular Young Adult Fiction              prepared by. J. Rowland Media Specialist c2008
Author Last   Author First    Title                                                Summary
Pascal        Francine        The Ruling Class                                     posh school and its clique of mean girls
Piccoult      Jody            My Sister's Keeper                                   contolling and abusive boyfriend
Pinder        Margaret        But I Don't Want to Be a Movie Star                  Girl spends summer in California with crazy grandma
Powell        Randy           Three Clams and an Oyster                            flag football teammates - guy friendship story
Rabb          Margo           Cures for Heartbreak                                 mom dies suddenly of cancer and daughter copes with sadness
Rosten        Carrie          Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)                     humor- half Jewish-half Asian girl tells her story
Scott         Elizabeth       Bloom                                                Girl torn between two boys
Sharenow      Robert          My Mother the Cheerleader*                           racism and facing tough things in life
Shaw          Tucker          Confessions of a Backup Dancer                       teen tells story of being back up dancer for star - told in diary format
Sheldon       Dyan            Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen                 mean girls type of story of 2 rivals competing for the "queen bee"
Shull         Megan           Amazing Grace                                        Teen superstar wants out of the limelight
Sones         Sonya           One of Those Hideous books where the Mother Dies girls goes to live with estranged dad after her mom dies
Sones         Sonya           What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know*                     uncool guy likes popular girl - girl's friends dump her - told in poems
Sonnenblick   Jordan          Notes from the Midnight Driver                       Alex decides to get even with parents for divorcing but his plan backfires
Sorrells      Walter          Fake ID                                              Mom with shady past - makes daughter move and hides identity
Steele        J. M.           The Taker                                            Carly, under pressure agrees to have someone take the SAT for her for a better score
Strasser      Todd            Can't Get There From Here                            tough story of teen survival as homeless person
Tasjian       Janet           The Gospel According to Larry                        great story - boy's advice column gets out of control
Tharp         Tim             Knights of the Hill Country                          Guy tries to hold on to his football star position
Tomey         Ingrid          Nobody Else Has to Know                              new driver Webber hits girl - she is severly injured
Trueman       Terry           No Right Turn                                        dad's suicide impacts boy -
VanDraanen    Wendelin        Flipped                                              Funny simple teen romance told from guy and girl's point of view
Wallace       Rich            Playing Without the Ball                             parents divorce and abandon boy- basketball saves him
Waltman       Kevin           Learning the Game                                    basketball story
Whytock       Cherry          My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli                             Brit author - humorous teen love story
Wittlinger    Ellen           Zig Zag                                              teen Road Trip adventure
Yanksy        Brian           My Road Trip to the Pretty Girl Capital of the World Guy's road trip adventure
Young         Karen           The Beetle and Me                                    teen finds romance while trying to fix vintage car
Zeisser       Lara            Contents Under Pressure                              Lucy falls in and out of friendships, battles home conflicts, finds a boyfriend

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