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									Artist                   Title                        Disc
411                      On My Knees                  SFG219-04
411                      Dumb                         SFG221-01
411                      Dumb                         SFG221-12
411                      Teardrops                    SFG225-06
911                      Private Number               SFG138-6
10cc                     I'm Not In Love              EKG12-1
10cc                     Rubber Bullets               EKG26-17
21st Century Girls       21st Century Girls           SFG140-10
30h!3                    Don't Trust Me               SFG281-15
3OH3                     Starstuck                    SFG286-11
3SL                      Take It Easy                 SFG191-09
4 Non Blondes            What's Up                    EKG2-6
50 Cent                  In Da Club                   SFG206-09
50 Cent                  21 Questions                 SFG207-04
50 Cent                  Candy Shop                   SFG230-10
50 Cent                  Just A Lill Bit              SFG232-12
5ive                     We Will Rock You             SFG163-14
A                        Nothing                      SFG190-14
A Ha                     Take On Me                   EKG43-13
A Night Of Music         Send In The clowns           EKG24-12
A Teens                  Around The World             SFG185-13
A Teens                  Land Of Make Believe         SFG188-12
A-Ha                     Analogue                     SFG240-2
A. Franklin/G. Michael   I Knew You Were Waiting      EKG37-6
A1                       Summertime Of Our Lives      SFG148-5
A1                       Everytime                    SFG155-5
A1                       Like A Rose                  SFG161-6
A1                       Take On Me                   SFG171-13
A1                       Same Old Brand New You       SFG173-5
A1                       No More                      SFG174-01
A1                       Caught In The Middle         SFG187-15
A1                       Ready Or Not                 SFG187-9
A1                       Make It Good                 SFG192-11
Aaliyah                  I don't Wanna                SFG173-7
Aaliyah                  More Than A Woman            SFG184-15
Abba                     Name Of The Game             AB1-04
Abba                     Dancing Queen                AB1-1
Abba                     Rock Me                      AB1-10
Abba                     Money Money Money            AB1-11
Abba                     I Have A Dream               AB1-12
Abba                     Fernando                     AB1-13
Abba                     Day Before You Come          AB1-14
Abba                     One Of Us                    AB1-15
Abba                     Knowing Me Knowing You       AB1-2
Abba                     Ring Ring                    AB1-3
Abba                     I Do I Do I Do I Do          AB1-5
Abba                     As good as New               AB1-6
Abba                     Summer Night City            AB1-7
Abba                     S.O.S                        AB1-8
Abba                     Volez-Vous                   AB1-9
Abba                     Take A Chance On Me          AB2-1
Abba                     Head Over Heels              AB2-10
Abba                     Winner Takes It All          AB2-11
Abba                     Happy New Year               AB2-12
Abba                     Gimme a Man After Midnight   AB2-13
Abba                Chiquitita                 AB2-14
Abba                Thank You For The Music    AB2-15
Abba                Angel Eyes                 AB2-2
Abba                Does Your Mother Know      AB2-3
Abba                Super tropper              AB2-4
Abba                So Long                    AB2-5
Abba                Waterloo                   AB2-6
Abba                Lay All Your Love On Me    AB2-7
Abba                Mamma Mia                  AB2-8
Abba                Honey Honey                AB2-9
Abba                Waterloo                   EKG3-6
Abba                Winter Wonderland          SFG30-16
Abba                Happy New Year             SFG30-20
Abc                 Look Of Love               EKG31-5
Abs                 What You Got               SFG195-17
Abs                 Little Miss Perfect        SFG209-05
Abs                 Ways                       SFG211-10
AC/DC               Stiff Upper Lip            SFG161-9
Ace Of Base         All That She Wants         EKG3-5
Adam & The Ants     Goody Two Shoes            EKG38-14
Adam Ant            Ant Music                  EKG38-15
Adam Faith          What Do You Want           EKG45-3
Adam Rickett        I Breathe Again            SFG144-8
Adele               Chasing Pavements          SFG264-2
Adele               Cold Shoulder              SFG266-7
Adele               Hometown Glory             SFG270-11
Adele               Make You Feel My Love      SFG296-09
Adele               Rolling In The Deep        SFG299-05
Adele               Someone Like You           SFG301-12
Adele               Promise This               SFG302-18
Adele               Set Fire To The Rain       SFG303-18
Adele               Turning Tables             SFG306-01
Adele               One & Only                 SFG307-01
Afro Man            Because I Got High         SFG184-3
Aggro Santos        Candy                      SFG292-01
Aggro Santos        Like U Like                SFG300-02
Agnes               Release Me                 SFG281-13
Ainsley             Keep Me A secert           SFG202-13
Akon                Locked Up                  SFG229-03
Akon                Lonley                     SFG231-14
Akon                Bananza (Belly Dancer)     SFG234-14
Akon                Right Now                  SFG275-07
Akon                Beautiful                  SFG278-03
Akon                We Don't Care              SFG282-08
Al Martino          Spanish Eyes               EKG23-9
Alanis Morissette   Underneath                 SFG268-12
Alanis Morrisette   Hand In My Pocket          EKG11-5
Alanis Morrisette   Ironic                     EKG8-11
Alanis Morrisette   That I Would Be Good       SFG154-12
Alanis Morrisette   Hands clean                SFG189-12
Alannah Miles       Black Velvet               EKG3-14
Alcazar             Crying At The Discoteque   SFG187-10
Alesha Dixon        The Boy Does Nothing       SFG275-06
Alesha Dixon        Breathe slow               SFG276-05
Alesha Dixon        Let's Get Excited          SFG279-09
Alesha Dixon        Drummer Boy                SFG296-12
Alex Captana            Hey Papa                         SFG218-14
Alex Gaudino            What A Feeling                   SFG305-11
Alex Parks              Maybe That's What It Takes       SFG212-05
Alex Parks              Cry                              SFG215-08
Alexander Rybak         Fairytale                        SFG280-06
Alexander Stan          Mr Saxobeat                      SFG304-16
Alexandra Burke         Hallelujah                       SFG275-01
Alexandra burke         Bad Boys                         SFG284-01
alexandra burke         I Look At You                    SFG286-14
Alexandra burke         Broken Heels                     SFG288-01
Alexandra Burke         All Night Long                   SFG292-03
Alexandra Burke         Start Without You                SFG295-14
Alexandra Burke         The Silence                      SFG298-14
Alexis Jordan           Happiness                        SFG298-06
Alexis Jordan           Hush Hush                        SFG303-08
Alexis Jorden           Good Girl                        SFG301-07
Alica Keys              Empire State Of Mind             SFG284-12
Alica Keys              Doesn't Mean anything            SFG287-08
Alice Copper            Schools Out                      EKG48-13
Alice Copper            Poison                           SFG160-7
Alice Deejay            Better Off Alone                 SFG148-1
Alice In Chains         Check My Brain                   SFG285-01
Alice In Chains         Your Decision                    SFG289-07
Alicia Keyes            Like You'll Never See Me Again   SFG265-10
Alicia Keys             Fallin'                          SFG186-9
Alicia Keys             A Woman's Worth                  SFG190-09
Alicia Keys             You Don't Know Me Name           SFG212-11
Alicia Keys             If I Aint Got You                SFG216-14
Alicia Keys             Karma                            SFG228-14
Alicia Keys             Superwoman                       SFG271-07
Alicia Keys             Empire State Of Mind             SFG289-01
Alicia Keys             Try Sleeping With A Broken       SFG292-09
Alicia Keys             Unthinkable                      SFG294-06
Alicia Keys & J White   Another Way To Die               SFG273-01
Alien Ant Farm          Movies                           SFG188-14
Alishas Attic           I Am I Feel                      EKG11-9
Alistair Griffin        You & Me Tonight                 SFG216-11
Alithia & Donna         Up Town Top Ranking              SFG141-4
All 4 One               I Swear                          EKG8-8
All Saints              Pure Shores                      SFG159-16
All Saints              Black Coffee                     SFG171-16
All Saints              All Hooked Up                    SFG173-15
All Saints              Rock Steady                      SFG249-05
All Seeing 1            First Man In Space               SFG148-14
All The Way             Craig David                      SFG234-13
Allicia Keys            How Come You Don't Call Me       SFG194-06
Allien Ant Farm         Smooth Criminal                  SFG184-11
Aloe Bacc               Loving You Is Killing Me         SFG306-15
Aloe Blacc              I Need A Dollar                  SFG304-08
Alphabeat               Fascination                      SFG266-4
Alphabeat               10,000 Nights                    SFG268-9
Amerie                  One Thing                        SFG232-03
Amerie                  Touch                            SFG234-3
Amonic Kitten           You Are                          SFG184-8
Amy Mac Donald          Don't Tell Me It's Over          SFG290-09
Amy Macdonald           Poison Prince                    SFG268-8.
Amy Studit             Misfit                     SFG207-03
Amy Studt              Just A Little Girl         SFG194-07
Amy Studt              Under The Thumb            SFG209-15
Amy Studt              All I Wanna Do             SFG214-07
Ana Johnsson           We Are                     SFG221-08
Anastacia              Paid My Dues               SFG186-6
Anastacia              One Day In Your Life       SFG188-15
Anastacia              Why'd You Lie To Me        SFG195-16
Anastacia              Welcome To My Truth        SFG224-02
Anastacia              Pieces Of A Dream          SFG239-15
Anastasia              Left Outside Alone         SFG217-16
Anastasica             Not That Kind              SFG174-02
Anastatia              Sick And Tired             SFG220-05
Anastatia              Heavy In My Heart          SFG227-11
Andrea True Connect.   More More More             SFG168-11
Andreas johnson        Glorious                   SFG159-3
Andreas johnson        Games we play              SFG161-5
Andrew Sisters         Lullaby Of Broadway        EKG24-6
Andy Kim               Rock Me Gently             EKG46-8
Andy Williams          Moon River                 EKG23-1
Animals                Don't Let be Understood    EKG40-12
Anita Ward             Ring My Bell               EKG47-13
Anita Ward             Ring My Bell               SFG141-2
Ann Breen              Pal Of My Cradle Days      SFG139-5
Ann Lee                Two Times                  SFG150-10
Ann Lee                Voices                     SFG157-6
Annastatisa            I'm Outta Love             SFG174-03
Annie                  Chewing Gum                SFG222-15
Annie Lennox           No More I Love You         EKG36-17
Another Level          From The Heart             SFG140-14
Another Level          Bomb diggy                 SFG150-13
Anthony Newley         Do You Mind                EKG45-15
Apollo 440             Heart Go Boom              SFG154-9
Appleton               Fantasy                    SFG195-13
Appleton               Don't Worry                SFG202-10
Aqua                   Cartoon Heros              SFG161-15
Aqua                   Around the World           SFG163-13
Aqualung               Strange & Beautiful        SFG198-08
Aqualung               Good Times Gonna Come      SFG199-10
Arctic Monkeys         Crying Lighting            SFG282-10
Arctic Monkeys         Don’t Sit Down ……          SFG304-18
Arctic Monkeys         When The Sun Goes Down     SFG239-14
Aretha Franklin        Think                      EKG28-4
Aretha Franklin        Chains Of Fools            EKG28-5
Art Garfunkel          I Only Have Eyes For You   EKG48-3
Artful Dodger          Re-Wind                    SFG160-1
Artful Dodger          Moving Too Fast            SFG161-16
Artful Dodger          Woman Trouble              SFG167-1
Artful Dodger          Please Don't Turn Me On    SFG174-04
Arthur Conley          Sweet Soul Music           EKG29-15
Ash                    Star Crossed               SFG220-04
AShanti                Foolish                    SFG194-12
Ashanti                Happy                      SFG198-12
Ashanti                Only You                   SFG228-02
Ashanti                Don’t Let Them             SFG232-05
Ashlee Simpson         La La                      SFG227-08
Ashlee Simpson         Boyfriend                        SFG239-12
Aswad                  Shine                            EKG27-8
Atb                    Killer                           SFG164-3
Atc                    Around The World (La La La La)   SFG196-08
Ateens                 Mama Mia                         SFG155-14
Athlete                Wires                            SFG228-09
Athlete                Half Light                       SFG231-09
Athlete                Tourist                          SFG235-13
Atomic Kitten          It's O.K.                        SFG192-02
Atomic Kitten          Tide Is High                     SFG195-01
Atomic Kitten          The Last Goodbye                 SFG199-14
Atomic Kitten          Be With You                      SFG200-07
Atomic Kitten          Love Doesn't Have To Hurt        SFG203-08
Atomic Kitten          If You Come To Me                SFG211-03
Atomic Kitten          Ladies Night                     SFG213-03
Atomic Kitten          Someone Like Me                  SFG216-12
Atomic Kitten          Cradle                           SFG227-14
Aventura               Dile Al Amor                     SFG290-14
Avril Lavigne          Complicated                      SFG197-02
Avril Lavigne          Sk8ter Boi                       SFG201-03
Avril Lavigne          I'm With You                     SFG203-09
Avril Lavigne          Knocking On Heavens Door         SFG205-16
Avril Lavigne          Losing Grip                      SFG206-03
Avril Lavigne          Don’t Tell Me                    SFG217-04
Avril Lavigne          My Happy Ending                  SFG220-13
Avril Lavigne          Nobodys Home                     SFG224-06
Avril Lavigne          He Wasn't                        SFG229-05
Avril Lavigne          Alice                            SFG291-16
Avril Lavigne          Smile                            SFG302-11
Aztec Camera           Somewhere In My Heart            EKG39-16
B J Thomas             Hooked On A Feeling              SFG145-5
B-52's                 Love Shack                       EKG32-4
B. Dixon & E. Paige    I Knew Him So Well               EKG24-1
B. Preston & Syreeta   With You I'm Born Again          EKG46-2
B.O.B                  Nothing On You                   SFG291-03
B.O.B                  Airplanes                        SFG293-10
B.O.B                  I'll Be In The Sky               SFG300-06
B.R. Cyrus             Achy Breaky Heart                EKG3-8
B*witched              Jessie Hold On                   SFG150-3
B*witched              I Shall Be There                 SFG155-10
B*witched              Jump Down                        SFG161-8
Babyshambles           Forever                          SFG235-11
Bachelors              Diana                            EKG45-4
Bachman Turns          You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet       EKG19-13
Backstreet Boys        I Want It That Way               SFG140-1
Backstreet Boys        Larger Than Life                 SFG146-7
Backstreet Boys        Show Me The Meaning...           SFG157-12
Backstreet Boys        The One                          SFG165-14
Backstreet Boys        Drowning                         SFG188-4
Backstreet Boys        I Still                          SFG240-5
Backstreet Boys        Incomplete                       SFG233-1
Bad Finger             Come & Get It                    EKG17-12
Bad Manners            Lip Up Fatty                     EKG47-5
Bad Meets Evil         Lighters                         SFG308-17
Badly Drawn Boy        Disillusion                      SFG174-05
Baha Men               Move It Like This                SFG194-10
Bananarama           Nathan Jones                     SFG151-10
Band Aid             Do They Know Its xmax            SFG225-01
Band Aid 2           Do They Know It's Xmas           SFG30-04
Bangles              Manic Monday                     EKG32-15
Bangles              Eternal Flame                    EKG5-8
Bangles              Walk Like An Egyptian            EKG7-2
Barbra Streisand     Evergreen                        EKG24-10
Barbra Streisand     People                           EKG24-11
Barbra Streisand     Somewhere                        EKG24-13
Barbra Streisand     Second Hand Rose                 EKG24-14
Barbra Streisand     Woman In Love                    EKG32-14
Barbra Streisand     Way We Were                      EKG9-5
Barry Blue           Dancing on a Saturday Night      SFG166-10
Barry Blue           Do You Wanna Dance               SFG166-11
Barry Manilow        I Write The Songs                EKG15-7
Barry Manilow        Copacabana                       EKG20-1
Barry Manilow        Can't Smile Without You          EKG20-2
Barry Manilow        Mandy                            EKG9-1
Barry White          You're 1st Last, My Everything   EKG30-16
Basehunter           Now You're Gone                  SFG264-1
Basement Jaxx        Red Alert                        SFG140-2
Basement Jaxx        Hush Boy                         SFG247-3
Basshunter           All I Ever Wanted                SFG269-11
Basshunter           Angel In The Night               SFG273-13
Bay City Rollers     Bye Bye Baby                     EKG36-7
Baz                  Smile To Smile                   SFG191-11
Beach Boys           Surfin USA                       EKG18-14
Beach Boys           California Girls                 EKG20-6
Beach Boys           Barbara Ann                      EKG20-7
Beandon Flowers      Crossfire                        SFG296-06
Beatles              When I'm Sixty Four              EKG15-12
Beatles              We Can Work It Out               EKG15-15
Beatles              I Can Help                       EKG15-9
Beatles              Yesterday                        EKG18-12
Beatles              Lucy In The Sky                  EKG20-10
Beatles              All You Need Is Love             EKG20-11
Beatles              Can't Buy Me Love                EKG20-12
Beatles              All My Loving                    EKG20-13
Beatles              A Day in Life                    EKG20-14
Beatles              A Hard Day's Night               EKG20-15
Beatles              Fool On Hill                     EKG20-16
Beatles              Come Together                    EKG20-18
Beatles              With A Little Help               EKG20-9
Beatles              Twist & Shout                    EKG4-3
Beatles              Eleanor Rigby                    EKG5-12
Beatles              Hey Jude                         EKG5-6
Beatles              Get back                         EKG5-7
Beatles              Let It Be                        EKG9-3
Beautiful South      Rotterdam                        EKG8-10
Bedouin Soundclash   When The Night Feels My Song     SFG248-12
Bee Gees             You Win Again                    EKG19-1
Bee Gees             Staying Alive                    EKG33-14
Bee Gees             Jive Talking                     EKG48-17
Bee Gees             Massachusettes                   SFG160-15
Belinda Carlise      Heaven Is A Place On Earth       EKG46-16
Bellamy Brothers     Let Your Love Flow               EKG34-10
Bellamy Brothers            If I Said You Had A Beautiful..   EKG34-9
Belle Amie                  Girls Up                          SFG307-16
Ben Adams                   Sorry                             SFG232-14
Ben E King                  Stand By Me                       EKG29-3
Ben Moody feat. Anastacia   Everything Burns                  SFG233-3
Berlin                      Take My Breath Away               EKG39-9
Bette Midler                Boggy Woggy Bugle Boy             EKG18-4
Betty Midler                Wind Beneath My Wings             EKG1-15
Betty Midler                From A Distance                   EKG12-8
Beverley Knight             Get Up                            SFG186-13
Beverly Knight              Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda           SFG190-03
Beverly Knight              Keep This Fire Burning            SFG229-14
Beyonce                     Crazy In Love                     SFG207-01
Beyonce                     Me Myself & I                     SFG214-03
Beyonce                     Naughty Girl                      SFG216-06
Beyonce                     Irreplaceable                     SFG249-03
Beyonce                     If I Were A Boy                   SFG274-12
Beyonce                     Single Ladies                     SFG276-03
Beyonce                     Halo                              SFG277-10
Beyonce                     Broken Hearted Girl               SFG286-04
Beyonce                     Video Phone                       SFG287-06
Beyonce                     Best Thing I Never Had            SFG305-02
Beyonce                     Countdown                         SFG309-05
Beyonce                     Check On It                       SFG239-9
Beyonce & Sean Paul         Baby Boy                          SFG210-05
Beyonce Feat Jay Z          DeJa Vu                           SFG246-13
Beyonce Knowles             Work It Out                       SFG194-04
Big Blopper                 Chantilly Lace                    EKG4-14
Big Brovaz                  OK                                SFG202-02
Big Brovaz                  Baby Boy                          SFG209-01
Big Bruvaz                  We Wanna Thank You                SFG217-08
Big moutain                 Baby I love your way              EKG8-9
Bill Hailey                 Rock Around The Clock             EKG4-8
Bill Haley                  Shake Rattle & Roll               EKG21-13
Bill Withers                Lovely Day                        EKG46-4
Billie                      Day & Night                       SFG165-12
Billie                      Walk Of Life                      SFG173-8
Billie                      Something Deep Inside             SFG171-4
Billie Davis                Tell Him                          EKG45-14
Billie Joe Spears           Blanket on the Ground             EKG34-8
Billy Currington            That's How Country Boys Ball      SFG290-10
Billy Fury                  Halfway To Paradise               EKG40-4
Billy Fury                  Wonderous Place                   SFG138-13
Billy Haley/Comets          See You Later Alligator           EKG13-1
Billy Joel                  River Of Dreams                   EKG33-2
Billy Joel                  Uptown Girl                       EKG33-3
Billy Joel                  Just The Way You Are              EKG48-14
Billy Joel                  Scenes From An Italian Res.       SFG153-11
Billy Ocean                 When The Going Gets Tough         EKG38-8
Billy Ocean                 Love Really Hurts                 EKG47-17
Billy Ocean                 Get Outta My Dreams               EKG47-8
Billy Ocean                 Suddenly                          EKG9-15
Billy Paul                  Me & Mrs Jones                    EKG46-1
Billy Paul                  Me & Mrs Jones                    SFG158-13
Billy Swan                  I Can Help                        SFG168-9
Bing Crosby                 White Christmas                   SFG30-02
Black                          Wonderful Life                           EKG47-11
Black                          Wonderful Life                           SFG168-5
Black Box                      Ride On Time                             EKG47-10
Black Eyed Peas                Where is The love                        SFG209-16
Black Eyed Peas                Shut Up                                  SFG212-01
Black Eyed Peas                Hey Mama                                 SFG214-05
Black Eyed Peas                Don’t Phunk With My Heart                SFG232-01
Black Eyed Peas                Don't Lie                                SFG235-1
Black Eyed Peas                Boom Boom Pow                            SFG279-12
Black Eyed Peas                Meet Me Halfway                          SFG285-11
Black Eyed Peas                Rock That Body                           SFG288-03
Black Eyed Peas                Imma Be                                  SFG290-04
Black Eyed Peas                The Time                                 SFG298-01
Black Eyed Peas                Pump It                                  SFG241-8
                               I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How
Black Kids                     ……                                       SFG267-11
Black Lace                     Agadoo                                   EKG18-11
Black Legend                   You See The Trouble With Me              SFG167-16
Black Sabbath                  Paranoid                                 EKG44-7
Black Sabbath                  Paranoid                                 SFG166-12
Blazin Squad                   Crossroads                               SFG196-16
Blazin Squad                   Here 4 One                               SFG214-10
Blazin Squad                   Children Of The Revolution               SFG220-08
Blazin' Squad                  Reminisce                                SFG202-08
Blazin' Squad                  We Just Be Dreaming                      SFG207-08
Blazin' Squad                  Flip Reverse                             SFG211-09
Bless'd                        Boo                                      SFG198-14
Blink 182                      All The Small Things                     SFG163-9
Blink 182                      What's My Age Again                      SFG165-11
Blink 182                      Adams Song                               SFG169-2
Blink 182                      Always                                   SFG226-09
Blondie                        Call Me                                  EKG19-4
Blondie                        Tide Is High                             EKG42-12
Blondie                        Sunday Girl                              EKG42-13
Blondie                        Dennis Dennis                            EKG46-15
Blondie                        Heart Of Glass                           EKG48-15
Blondie                        Nothing Is Real But The Girl             SFG140-12
Blondie                        Atomic                                   SFG145-1
Blondie                        Picture This                             SFG156-15
Bloodhound Gang                Bad Touch                                SFG164-7
Blu Cantrell                   Make Me Wanna Scream                     SFG212-08
Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul   Breathe                                  SFG208-06
Blue                           If You Come Back                         SFG184-7
Blue                           Fly By                                   SFG190-07
Blue                           One Love                                 SFG197-01
Blue                           U Make Me Wanna                          SFG203-01
Blue                           Guily                                    SFG210-02
Blue                           Breathe Easy                             SFG216-05
Blue                           Bubblin                                  SFG219-12
Blue                           Curtain Falls                            SFG225-07
Blue & Elton John              Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word       SFG199-13
Blue & Stevie Wonder           Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours        SFG213-12
Blue And Lill Kim              Get Down On It                           SFG227-09
Bluebells                      Young At Heart                           EKG48-8
Blues Bros.                    Soul Man                                 EKG27-7
Blues Bros.                    Shake A Tail Feather                     SFG149-2
Blues Bros.            Rawhide                       SFG156-7
Blues Brothers         Everybody Needs Some..        EKG4-11
Blur                   Parklife                      EKG36-13
Blur                   Bug Man                       SFG140-5
Blur                   Coffee & T.V                  SFG142-8
Blur                   No Distance Left To Run       SFG150-7
Blur                   Out Of Time                   SFG205-05
Bob & Earl             Harlem Shuffle                EKG30-7
Bob & Marcia           Young Gifted & Black          EKG47-6
Bob Dylan              Like A Rolling Stone          EKG41-3
Bob Dylan              Lay Lady Lay                  EKG41-4
Bob Marley             No Woman No Cry               EKG18-1
Bob Marley             Is This Love                  EKG43-7
Bob Marley             One Love                      EKG47-1
Bob Marley             Could You be Loved            EKG47-2
Bob Marley             Jammin'                       EKG47-3
Bob Marley             Sun Is Shining                SFG148-4
Bob Marley             Buffalo Soldier               EKG36-12
Bob The Builder        Can We Fix It                 SFG174-06
Bobby Darin            Mac The Knife                 EKG13-2
Bobby Darin            Beyond Sea                    EKG21-11
Bobby Darin            Up A Lazy River               EKG23-2
Bobby Darin            Splish Splash                 EKG35-5
Bobby Vee              Take A Good Care.. My Baby    EKG9-11
Bobby Vinton           Blue Velvet                   EKG21-1
Bodyrox Feat Luciana   What Planet You On            SFG263-12
Bon Jovi               This Ain't A Love Song        EKG36-8
Bon Jovi               Living On A Prayer            EKG48-9
Bon Jovi               In These Arms                 SFG156-3
Bon Jovi               It's My Life                  SFG165-16
Bon Jovi               Say It Isn't So               SFG170-16
Bon Jovi               Everyday                      SFG197-04
Bon Jovi               Misunderstood                 SFG200-11
Bon Jovi               Please Come Home For Xmas     SFG30-14
Bon Jovi               Have A Nice Day               SFG236-4
Bon Jovi               Welcome To Wherever You Are   SFG239-13
Boney M                Mary's Boy Child              SFG30-05
Bonnie Tyler           Total Eclipse Of The Heart    EKG39-14
Bonnie Tyler           Holding Out For A Hero        EKG46-14
Boomtown Rats          I Don't Like Mondays          EKG48-16
Booty Luv              Some Kinda Rush               SFG263-5
Boris Gardiner         I Wanna Wake Up With You      EKG39-12
Bowling For Soup       Starry Eyed Suprise           SFG196-09
Bowling For Soup       1985                          SFG223-09
Boy Meets Girl         Waiting For A Star To Fall    SFG141-7
Boyz 2 Men             I'll Make Love To You         EKG8-13
Boyzone                Father & Son                  EKG36-15
Boyzone                You Needed Me                 SFG138-1
Boyzone                Everyday I Love You           SFG155-2
Boyzone                Love You Anyway               SFG272-13
Boyzone                Gave It All Away              SFG289-11
Brad Paisley           Water                         SFG294-11
Bran Van 3000          Drinking in L.A.              SFG146-10
Brandy                 What About Us                 SFG190-16
Brandy                 Afrodesiac                    SFG223-15
Brandy                 Talk About Our Love           SFG219-09
Bread                         Make It With You                             EKG46-7
Bread                         Guitar Man                                   SFG162-12
Breakdown Benjamin            I Will Now Bow                               SFG287-03
Brian Ferry                   Let's Stick Together                         EKG48-11
Brian May                     Too Much Love Will Kill You                  EKG44-10
Brian Mcfadden                Real To Me                                   SFG222-07
Brian Mcfadden                Irish Son                                    SFG225-03
Brian Mcfadden                Demons                                       SFG232-06
Brian Poole                   Do You Love Me                               EKG41-9
Brian/Michael                 Matchstick Men, Cats & Dogs                  SFG141-1
Bridy                         Skinny Love                                  SFG302-16
British Whale                 This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both…..   SFG235-10
Britney Spears                You Drive Me Crazy                           SFG148-2
Britney Spears                Born Make You Happy                          SFG157-3
Britney Spears                From Bottom Of My Heart                      SFG159-2
Britney Spears                Oop's, I Did It Again                        SFG165-4
Britney Spears                Lucky                                        SFG169-12
Britney Spears                Stronger                                     SFG172-1
Britney Spears                I'm A Slave For You                          SFG184-12
Britney Spears                Overprotected                                SFG189-03
Britney Spears                I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman              SFG191-17
Britney Spears                Boys                                         SFG194-16
Britney Spears                I Love Rock & Roll                           SFG198-09
Britney Spears                Me Againest The Music                        SFG211-15
Britney Spears                Toxic                                        SFG215-05
Britney Spears                Every time                                   SFG219-01
Britney Spears                My Prerogative                               SFG224-09
Britney Spears                Do Somethin'                                 SFG227-07
Britney Spears                Someday (I Will Understand)                  SFG234-5
Britney Spears                Piece Of Me                                  SFG263-8
Britney Spears                Womanizer                                    SFG274-03
Britney Spears                Circus                                       SFG276-02
Britney Spears                If You Seek Amy                              SFG279-13
Britney Spears                3                                            SFG285-09
Britney Spears                Hold It Against Me                           SFG300-15
Britney Spears                Till The World Ends                          SFG302-01
Britney Spears                I Wanna Go                                   SFG304-01
Britney Spears                Criminal                                     SFG308-13
Bros                          I Owe You Nothing                            EKG48-10
Brotherhood Of Man            Save All Your Kisses For Me                  EKG48-2
Bruce Springsteen             Born In The USA                              EKG31-7
Bruno Mars                    Just The Way U R                             SFG296-05
Bruno Mars                    Grenade                                      SFG299-12
Bruno Mars                    The Lazy Song                                SFG303-06
Bruno Mars                    Marry You                                    SFG306-16
Bryan Adams                   I Do It For You                              EKG2-2
Bryan Adams                   Cloud No.9                                   SFG143-11
Bryan Adams                   Inside Out                                   SFG144-16
Bryan Adams                   Best of Me                                   SFG154-16
Bryan Ferry                   Angel Eyes                                   SFG147-9
Bucks Fizz                    Making Your Mind Up                          EKG48-1
Buddy Holly                   Well Alright                                 EKG21-10
Buddy holly                   Heartbeat                                    SFG143-9
Buggles                       Video Killed The Radio Star                  EKG39-7
Burl Ives                     A Little Bitty Tear                          EKG14-15
Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey   I Know What You Want                         SFG206-05
Busted                 That's What I Go To School For   SFG197-08
Busted                 Year 3000                        SFG202-15
Busted                 You Said No                      SFG205-10
Busted                 Sleeping With The Light On       SFG208-03
Busted                 Crashed The Wedding              SFG211-02
Busted                 Who's David                      SFG215-03
Busted                 Air Hostess                      SFG216-02
Busted                 Thunderbirds Are Go              SFG220-06
Busted                 She Wants To Be ME               SFG226-11
C C Revival            Bad Moon Rising                  EKG7-9
Cage The Elephant      Ain't No Rest For The Wicked     SFG269-8
Cage The Elephant      Shake Me Down                    SFG302-12
Calvin Harris          I'm Not Alone                    SFG279-01
Calvin Harris          Ready For The Weekend            SFG283-15
Calvin Harris          Flashback                        SFG286-09
Calvin Harris          Feels So Close                   SFG307-12
Camila Kerslake        She Moved Through The Fair       SFG286-12
Canationa              Karaoke Queen                    SFG140-9
Candi Statton          Young Hearts Run Free            EKG47-14
Candice                Hello                            SFG222-11
Caprice                Oh Yeah                          SFG146-13
Captain & Tenille      Do That To Me One More           EKG46-9
Captain & Tenille      Love Will Keep Us Together       SFG162-4
Caqlvin Harris         Bounce                           SFG305-12
Cardigans              Burning Down the House           SFG153-15
Carl Douglas           Kung Fu Fighting                 EKG42-5
Carly Simon            Nobody Does It Better            EKG34-16
Carpentres             Close To You                     EKG20-3
Carrie Underwood       Temporary Home                   SFG291-12
Cartons                Doo Dah                          SFG140-6
Cascada                What Hurts The Most              SFG263-7
Cascada                Evacuate The Dancefloor          SFG282-01
Cascades               Rhythm Of The Rain               EKG45-5
Cat Stevens            Morning Has Broken               SFG158-9
Catationia             Londinium                        SFG144-11
Cee Lo Green           Forget You                       SFG297-01
Cee Lo Green           It's Ok                          SFG299-06
Cee Lo Green           Brights Light Bigger City        SFG302-02
Cee Lo Green           I Want You                       SFG307-08
Celine Dion            Think Twice                      EKG10-1
Celine Dion            Power Of Love                    EKG16-17
Celine Dion            Because You Loved Me             EKG19-5
Celine Dion            Treat Her Like A Lady            SFG142-1
Celine Dion            That's The Way It Is             SFG157-1
Celine Dion            If Walls Could Talk              SFG161-1
Celine Dion            Saw Your Face                    SFG163-15
Celine Dion            I'm Alive                        SFG195-04
Chad Kroeger           Hero                             SFG193-10
Chaka Khan             I Feel For You                   EKG47-16
Charlene Sorala        Wherever You Will Go             SFG309-13
Charlie Daniels Band   Devil Went Down To Georgia       EKG34-12
Charlie Pride          Crystal Chandeliers              SFG160-11
Charlie Rich           Most Beautiful Girl ..           EKG14-9
Charlie Rich           Behind Closed Doors              EKG34-5
Charlotte Church       Crazy Chick                      SFG232-10
Charlotte Church       Call My Name                     SFG234-7
Charlotte Church     Moodswings                               SFG241-11
Chase & Status       Blind Faith                              SFG300-11
Cheeky Girls         Hooray, Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)   SFG207-12
Cher                 Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves                EKG46-12
Cher                 If I Could Turn Back Time                EKG46-13
Cher                 Shoop Shoop Song                         EKG6-3
Cher                 All or Nothing                           SFG138-5
Cher                 Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves                SFG147-1
Cher                 Dove L'Amore                             SFG152-4
Cher                 Music's No Good Without You              SFG186-5
Cher                 Song For The Lonely                      SFG190-08
Cher Lloyd           Swagger Jagger                           SFG306-05
Cheryl cole          Fight For this Love                      SFG285-05
Cheryl cole          3 Words                                  SFG287-05
Cheryl Cole          Parachute                                SFG289-05
Cheryl Cole          Promise This                             SFG297-03
Cheryl Cole          The Flood                                SFG299-02
Cheryl cole          Everyone                                 SFG306-06
Cheryl Cole          Yeah Yeah                                SFG302-13
Chicago              If You Leave Me Now                      EKG42-8
Chicago              You're My Inspiration                    SFG158-7
Chicane/B. Adams     Don't Give Up                            SFG161-13
Chico                Chico Time                               SFG242-11
Chieftans & Corrs    I Know My Love                           SFG138-9
Chipmunk             Diamond Rings                            SFG282-06
Chipmunk             Oopsy Daisy                              SFG285-07
Chipmunk             Look For Me                              SFG288-02
Chipmunk             Until You Were Gone                      SFG292-10
Chipmunk             Champion                                 SFG300-13
Chipmunk             In The Air                               SFG302-08
Chipmunk             Take Off                                 SFG306-13
Chris Brown          Forever                                  SFG269-10
Chris Brown          Superhuman                               SFG274-09
Chris Brown          Yeah 3X                                  SFG300-07
Chris Brown          Beautiful People                         SFG303-14
Chris Brown          Next to You                              SFG306-07
Chris Brown          Run It                                   SFG240-4
Chris De Burgh       Lady In Red                              EKG5-1
Chris Farlow         Out Of Time                              EKG41-16
Chris Rea            Fool If You Think It's Over              SFG158-2
Chris Rea            Auberge                                  SFG166-8
Christina Aguilera   Genie in a bottle                        SFG150-15
Christina Aguilera   Come On Over                             SFG170-1
Christina Aguilera   Beautiful                                SFG202-12
Christina Aguilera   Fighter                                  SFG205-01
Christina Aguilera   Can't Hold Us Down                       SFG209-02
Christina Aguilera   The Voice Within                         SFG212-07
Christina Aguilera   Ain't No Other Man                       SFG245-4
Christina Aguilera   Hurt                                     SFG249-12
Christina Aguilera   Oh Mother                                SFG263-9
Christina Aguilera   Keeps Getting Better                     SFG274-13
Christina Aguilera   Not Myself Tonight                       SFG291-01
Christina Aquilera   I Turn To You                            SFG165-1
Christina Milan      Dip It Low                               SFG218-09
Christina Milan      Whatever You Want                        SFG223-08
Christina Millan     When You Look At Me                      SFG194-14
Christina Millian                     AM-PM                            SFG189-06
Christina Perri                       Jar Of Hearts                    SFG307-18
Christine aquilera and Missy Elliot   Car Wash                         SFG224-14
Chubby Checker                        Let's Twist Again                EKG35-10
Chuck Berry                           Johnny B Goode                   EKG35-4
Chuck Berry                           Rock & Roll                      SFG147-3
Ciara                                 1 2 Step                         SFG230-05
Ciara                                 Love, Sex & Magic                SFG279-11
Cilla Black                           Anyone Who Had a Heart           EKG40-10
Cilla Black                           You're My World                  EKG40-11
Clare Maguire                         The Last Dance                   SFG301-15
Clare Maguire                         The Shield & The Sword           SFG303-15
Clash                                 Should I Stay Or Should I Go     EKG31-16
Clea                                  Stuck In The Middle              SFG215-15
Cliff Richard                         Please Don't Tease               EKG35-14
Cliff Richard                         Travelling Light                 EKG35-15
Cliff Richard                         Move It                          EKG35-16
Cliff Richard                         Lucky Lips                       EKG45-10
Cliff Richard                         Millenium Prayer                 SFG155-9
Cliff Richard                         High Class Baby                  SFG156-8
Cliff Richard                         What A Wonderful World           SFG187-7
Cliff Richard                         Thank You For A Lifetime         SFG273-15
Cliff Richard                         Saviours Day                     SFG30-09
Clila Black                           Welcome To My World              SFG139-3
Colbie Caillat                        Fallin For You                   SFG284-11
Cold Play                             Don't Panic                      SFG170-4
Coldplay                              Yellow                           SFG169-4
Coldplay                              Trouble                          SFG171-14
Coldplay                              In My Place                      SFG195-14
Coldplay                              The Scientist                    SFG198-11
Coldplay                              God Put A Smile Upon Your Face   SFG207-07
Coldplay                              Speed Of Sound                   SFG231-05
Coldplay                              Fix You                          SFG234-9
Coldplay                              Violet Hill                      SFG268-5
Coldplay                              Viva La Vida                     SFG269-1
Coldplay                              Lost                             SFG274-15
Coldplay                              Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall    SFG305-15
Coldplay                              Paradise                         SFG308-11
Coldplay                              Talk                             SFG238-5
Coldplay                              The Hardest Part                 SFG242-4
Colonel Abrams                        Trapped                          SFG143-8
Comic Relief                          Islands In The Stream            SFG278-16
Commodores                            Easy                             EKG2-8
Communards                            Don't Leave Me This Way          EKG47-9
Communards                            Don't Leave Me This Way          SFG149-9
Connie Francis                        Lipstick On Your Collar          EKG13-7
Connie Francis                        Who's Sorry Now                  EKG13-8
Connie Francis                        Stupid Cupid                     EKG13-9
Connie Francis                        Where The Boys Are               EKG35-9
Corinne Bailey Rae                    Put Your Records On              SFG241-15
Corinne Bailey Rae                    Trouble Sleeping                 SFG244-11
Corrs                                 Breathless                       SFG169-1
Corrs                                 Summer Sunshine                  SFG218-15
Corrs                                 Angel                            SFG222-12
Corrs                                 Long night                       SFG225-14
Counting Crows                        Big Yellow Taxi                  SFG204-15
Counting Down The Days             Natalie Imbruglia             SFG233-9
Craig David                        Fill Me In                    SFG164-6
Craig David                        7 Days                        SFG170-13
Craig David                        Walking Away                  SFG171-3
Craig David                        Rendezvous                    SFG174-07
Craig David                        What's Your Flava             SFG198-07
Craig David                        Spanish                       SFG207-16
Craig David                        World Filled With Love        SFG210-14
Craig David                        You Don't Miss Your Water     SFG213-04
Craig David                        Unbelievable                  SFG241-9
Craig David & Sting                Rise & Fall                   SFG204-08
Creedence C                        Proud Mary                    EKG41-10
Criag David                        Hidden Agenda                 SFG201-06
Crystal Gayle                      Don't It Make.Eyes Blue       EKG9-13
Crystals                           DA Do Ron Ron                 EKG16-3
Culture Club                       Do You Really Want To         EKG15-8
Cyndi Lauper                       Girls Just Wanna Have Fun     EKG16-5
Cyndi Lauper                       Time After Time               EKG42-4
Cyndi Lauper                       True Colours                  EKG46-11
D-Side                             Speechless                    SFG205-11
D-Side                             Invisible                     SFG208-01
D-Side                             Real World                    SFG213-13
D12                                My Band                       SFG218-01
D12                                How Come                      SFG221-05
Daft Punk                          One More Time                 SFG174-08
Daisy Dares You                    Number One Enemy              SFG290-13
Damage                             After All The Love Has Gone   SFG187-13
Daniel Beddingfield                I Can't Read                  SFG204-05
Daniel Beddingfield                Friday                        SFG210-15
Daniel Beddingfield                Wrap My Words Around You      SFG228-04
Daniel Bedingfield                 Gotta Get Thru This           SFG188-1
Daniel Bedingfield                 James Dean ( I Wanna Know)    SFG196-11
Daniel Bedingfield                 Never Gonna Leave Your Side   SFG208-04
Daniel Bedingfield                 Nothing Hurts Like Love       SFG224-01
Daniel Bedingfield                 The Way                       SFG231-15
Daniel Benningfield                If You're Not The One         SFG199-04
Daniel Merriweather                Change                        SFG277-13
Daniel Merriweather                Red                           SFG280-08
Daniel Powter                      Bad day                       SFG233-15
Daniel Powter                      Next Plane Home               SFG271-14
Danii Minogue & The Soul Seekerz   Perfection                    SFG237-13
Danni Minogue                      Who Do You Love Now           SFG187-3
Danni Minogue                      Put The Needle On It          SFG197-09
Danni Minogue                      I Begin To Wonder             SFG203-11
Dappy                              No Regerts                    SFG308-02
Darius                             Colour Blind                  SFG194-11
Darius                             Rushes                        SFG199-05
Darius                             Incredible                    SFG203-07
Darius                             Girl In The Moon              SFG206-14
Darius                             Live twice                    SFG225-13
Darkness                           Love Is Only A feeling        SFG216-01
Darren Hayes                       Insatiable                    SFG191-10
Darren Hayes                       Strange Relationship          SFG194-08
Darts                              Daddy Cool                    EKG44-9
Daughtry                           What About Now                SFG285-08
Dave Clark                         Glad All Over                 EKG17-15
Dave Edmunds       Girls Talk                  EKG42-7
Dave Edmunds       I Hear You Knocking         EKG7-8
David Bowie        Jean Genie                  EKG26-14
David Bowie        Space Oddity                EKG26-6
David Gray         Babylon                     SFG167-15
David Gray         Please Forgive Me           SFG172-13
David Gray         The Other Side              SFG199-12
David Gray         The One I Love              SFG236-15
David Guetta       When Love Takes Over        SFG281-06
David Guetta       Sexy Bitch                  SFG283-13
David Guetta       Getting Over You            SFG293-13
David Guetta       Who's That chick            SFG299-14
David Guetta       Where Them Girls At         SFG304-02
David Guetta       Little Bad Girl             SFG307-06
David Guetta       Without You                 SFG309-12
David Guettta      Sweat                       SFG303-11
David Hasslehoff   Jump In My Car              SFG248-15
David Jordan       Sun Goes Down               SFG265-8
David Lee Roth     Just A Gigolo               EKG33-12
David Sneddon      Stop Living The Lie         SFG201-14
David Sneddon      Don't Let Go                SFG205-06
David Soul         Don't Give Up On Us         EKG46-6
Dawn               Knock Three Times           EKG36-1
Dawn               Say Has Anybody. Rose       EKG36-2
Daz Sampson        Teenage Life                SFG242-5
DB Boulevard       Point Of View               SFG189-09
Deacon Blue        I am What I am              SFG149-4
Dean Martin        Everybody Loves Somebody    EKG21-12
Dean Martin        Little Old Wine Drinker     EKG22-1
Dean Martin        That's Amore                EKG23-16
Dean Martin        Memories Are Made Of This   EKG23-5
Debbie Harry       I Want That Man             SFG143-3
Deep blue some.    Breakfast At Tiffany's      EKG11-16
Def Leppard        Pour Some Sugar On Me       SFG160-3
Def Leppard        Love Bite                   SFG162-2
Del Shannon        Runaway                     EKG4-9
Delphic            Doubt                       SFG288-11
Delta Goodman      Innocent Eyes               SFG210-16
Delta Goodream     Lost Without You            SFG207-15
Delta Goodrem      Born To Try                 SFG204-12
Delta Goodrem      Out Of The Blue On          SFG224-11
Delta Goodrem      Almost Here                 SFG227-01
Delta Goodrem      Mistaken Identity           SFG229-11
Delta Goodrem      Little Too Late             SFG233-10
Demi Lovato        La La Land                  SFG280-15
Denise Lasel       My Toot Toot                EKG47-15
Depeche Mode       Just Can't Get Enough       SFG151-2
Depeche Mode       Precious                    SFG237-9
Depeche Mode       A Pain That I'm Used To     SFG239-11
Derek/Dominos      Layla                       EKG7-14
Destiny's Child    Bills Bills Bills           SFG144-7
Destiny's Child    Say My Name                 SFG163-12
Destiny's Child    Jumping, Jumping            SFG165-7
Destiny's Child    So Good                     SFG169-10
Destiny's Child    Independent Woman           SFG174-09
Destiny's Child    Emotion                     SFG186-3
Destiny's Child           Girl                                SFG231-07
Destiny's Child           Cater 2U                            SFG233-11
Destinys Child            Loose my breath                     SFG224-08
Destinys Child            Soldier                             SFG227-06
Dev                       In The Dark                         SFG306-18
Dev Ft. The Cataracs      Bass Down Low                       SFG304-15
Dexy's Mid. Runners       Come On Eileen                      EKG3-13
Diana Ross                Touch Me In The Morning             EKG28-14
Diana Ross                Why Do Fool's Fall In Love          EKG28-15
Diana Ross                Theme From Mahogany                 EKG28-16
Diana Ross                When U Tell Me That ..Me            EKG28-17
Diana Ross                Chain Reaction                      EKG33-8
Diana Ross                When You Tell Me That You Love Me   SFG143-1
Diana Ross                Do You Know Where                   SFG145-10
Diana Ross                You Are Everything                  SFG158-5
Diana Vickers             The Boy Who Murdered Love           SFG293-07
Diana Vickers             My Wicked Heart                     SFG297-07
Dianna Ross               Not Over You Yet                    SFG154-5
Diddy-Dirty Money         Coming Home                         SFG300-10
Dido                      All You Want                        SFG187-4
Dido                      White Flag                          SFG209-14
Dido                      Life For Rent                       SFG212-02
Dido                      Don’t Leave Home                    SFG217-06
Dido                      Sand In My Shoes                    SFG221-07
Dierks Bentley            I Wanna Make You Close...           SFG288-06
Dina Caroll               Without Love                        SFG144-15
Dion                      Teenager In Love                    EKG13-10
Dion                      Wanderer                            EKG35-6
Dionne Warwick            Do You Know The Way.                SFG139-4
Dire Straits              Walk Of Life                        EKG10-2
Dire Straits              Money For Nothing                   EKG15-5
Dire Straits              Sultans Of Swing                    EKG43-5
Disturbed                 Another Way To Die                  SFG296-02
Dixie Chicks              There's Your Trouble                SFG142-15
Dixie Chicks              Ready To Run                        SFG150-16
Dizzee Rascal             Bonkers                             SFG280-13
Dizzee Rascal             Holiday                             SFG283-10
Dizzee Rascal             Dirtee Cash                         SFG285-03
Dizzee Rascel             Shout For England                   SFG293-01
Dizzee Rascel             Dirtee Disco                        SFG293-04
Dizzie Rascel             Dance With Me                       SFG270-01
DJ Fresh Ft. Sian Evans   Louder                              SFG306-04
DJ Otiz                   Do Wah Diddy                        SFG184-16
DJ Otiz                   Hey Baby                            SFG184-9
DJ Sammy                  Heaven                              SFG198-16
DJ Sammy                  Boys Of Summer                      SFG202-16
DJ Sammy                  Sunlight                            SFG206-10
Don Mc Lean               American Pie                        EKG1-8
Don Williams              Lord Have Mercy                     SFG145-3
Don Williams              You're My Best Friend               SFG147-5
Doollay                   Straight From The Heart             SFG146-15
Doris Day                 Que Sera Sera                       EKG24-16
Dork                      Eddie's Song                        SFG240-7
Dr Evil                   Hard Knock Life                     SFG195-05
Dr Hook                   Syliva's Mother                     EKG34-6
Dr.Dre Ft. Eminem         I Need A Doctor                     SFG302-03
Duffy                     Mercy                             SFG265-3
Duffy                     Warwick Avenue                    SFG268-10
Duffy                     Serious                           SFG270-10
Duffy                     Rain On Your Parade               SFG274-05
Duffy                     Well, Well, Well                  SFG297-11
Duncan James              Sooner Or Later                   SFG244-15
Duncan James And Keedie   I Believe My Heart                SFG224-03
Duran Duran               Rio                               EKG48-6
Duran Duran               Reach Up For The Sunrise          SFG222-06
Duran Duran               What Happens Tommorow             SFG225-15
Dusty Springfield         Son Of A Preaher Man              EKG19-11
Dusty Springfield         You Don't Have To Say             EKG40-16
Dusty Springfield         Son Of A Preaher Man              SFG139-1
Dusty Springfield         Wishing & Hoping                  SFG156-6
Dwight Yoakam             Crazy Little Thing                SFG144-10
E.John/K. Dee             Don't Go Breaking My Heart        EKG3-2
E.L.O.                    Evil Woman                        SFG160-6
Eagle Eye Cherry          Are You Still Having Fun          SFG165-13
Eagle Eyed Cherry         Long Way Around                   SFG169-11
Eamon                     F##K IT (I don't want you back)   SFG217-05
Eamon                     I Love Them Hos                   SFG220-10
Ed Sheeran                The A-Team                        SFG305-14
Ed Sheeran                                                  SFG307-04
Ed Sheeran                Lego House                        SFG309-06
Eddie Arnold              Make World Go Away                EKG22-13
Eddie Cochran             C'mon Everybody                   SFG139-10
Eddie Cochran             Something Else                    SFG139-6
Eddie Cochrane            Summertime Blues                  EKG35-2
Eddie Floyd               Knock On Wood                     EKG6-4
Eddie Holman              Hey There Lonely Girl             EKG30-15
Eddy Grant                I Don't Wanna Dance               EKG47-4
Edward Maya               Stereo Love                       SFG292-13
Eiffel 65                 Blue (Da Da Dee)                  SFG148-12
Eiffel 65                 Move Your Body                    SFG159-8
Electric 6                Gay Bar                           SFG206-12
Electric Six              Danger High Voltage               SFG202-14
Elgins                    Heaven Must Have Sent You         EKG30-12
Eliza Doolittle           Pack Up                           SFG294-04
Ella Fitzgerald           A Tisket A Tasket                 EKG24-15
Ella Fitzgerald           I've Got Rhythm                   EKG24-3
Ellie Goulding            Starry Eyed                       SFG290-02
Ellie Goulding            Your Song                         SFG298-15
Ellie Goulding            Lights                            SFG301-14
Elton John                I Guess That's Why                EKG12-7
Elton John                Saturday Night's Alright          EKG2-12
Elton John                Daniel                            EKG33-5
Elton John                Blue Eyes                         EKG33-6
Elton John                Don't Let The Sun Go Down         EKG5-10
Elton John                Candle in the Wind                EKG5-11
Elton John                Crocodile Rock                    EKG7-10
Elton John                Your Song                         EKG9-17
Elton John                Can You Fell The Love Tonight     SFG162-6
Elton John                The Simple Life                   SFG168-4
Elton John                I Want love                       SFG184-13
Elton John                This Train Don't Stop Here        SFG188-6
Elton John                Original Sin                      SFG191-13
Elton John             Are You Ready For Love             SFG208-10
Elton John             All That Im Allowed Im Thankfull   SFG224-12
Elvis Costello         A Good Year for the Rose's         EKG39-2
Elvis Costello         Oliver's Army                      EKG39-3
Elvis Presley          Can't Help Falling in Love         EKG10-10
Elvis Presley          Suspicious Minds                   EKG10-14
Elvis Presley          Always On My Mind                  EKG10-4
Elvis Presley          In The Ghetto                      EKG12-16
Elvis Presley          It's Now Or Never                  EKG12-4
Elvis Presley          Wonder Of You                      EKG15-16
Elvis Presley          Return To Sender                   EKG18-8
Elvis Presley          Are You Lonesome Tonight           EKG21-3
Elvis Presley          American Trilogy                   EKG21-6
Elvis Presley          You Don't Have To Say              EKG21-7
Elvis Presley          Heartbreak Hotel                   EKG35-11
Elvis Presley          Blue Suede Shoes                   EKG35-12
Elvis Presley          Jailhouse Rock                     EKG35-3
Elvis Presley          Hound Dog                          EKG4-12
Elvis Presley          All Shook Up                       EKG4-2
Elvis Presley          Old Shep                           EKG45-12
Elvis Presley          Love Me Tender                     EKG5-5
Elvis Presley          Burning Love                       EKG7-7
Elvis Presley          Summer Kisses Winter Tears         SFG147-8
Elvis Presley          Bridge Over Troubled Waters        SFG149-1
Elvis Presley          His Latest Flame                   SFG153-1
Elvis Presley          Old Shep                           SFG153-14
Elvis Presley          Did You Ever Get..Days             SFG153-9
Elvis Presley          Kiss Me Quick                      SFG164-15
Elvis Presley          There Goes My Everything           SFG166-7
Elvis Presley          Oh Come All Ye Faithful            SFG30-10
Embrace                Ashes                              SFG226-15
Embrace                Looking as you are                 SFG229-07
Embrace                World At Your Feet                 SFG243-15
Embrace                Target                             SFG248-10
Embrace                Nature's Law                       SFG242-1
Emeli Sande            Heaven                             SFG307-13
Emienem                Stan                               SFG173-6
Eminem                 The Way I Am                       SFG172-5
Eminem                 Without Me                         SFG192-16
Eminem                 Cleanin' Out My Closet             SFG196-02
Eminem                 Lose Yourself                      SFG200-02
Eminem                 Sing For The Moment                SFG203-05
Eminem                 Business                           SFG207-02
Eminem                 Just lose it                       SFG225-05
Eminem                 Like Toy Soldiers                  SFG228-13
Eminem                 Mocking Bird                       SFG231-03
Eminem                 Ass Like That                      SFG234-15
Eminem                 When I'm Gone                      SFG239-7
Emma Bunton            We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight      SFG187-1
Emma Bunton            Free Me                            SFG206-06
Emma Bunton            Maybe                              SFG210-07
Emma's Imagination     This Day                           SFG296-15
Empire Of The Sun      Walking On A Dream                 SFG278-14
Empire Of The Sun      We Are The People                  SFG279-10
Engelbert Hump.        Bella Otalia                       SFG164-11
Engelbert Humperdick   Last Waltz                         EKG18-10
Englebert Humperdick       Release Me                      EKG22-4
Englebert Humperdick       One World                       SFG164-10
Enrique                    Addicted                        SFG213-08
Enrique EIgleius           Hero                            SFG189-05
Enrique Iglesias           Bailamos                        SFG148-7
Enrique Iglesias           Rhythm Divine                   SFG155-7
Enrique Iglesias           Escape                          SFG192-14
Enrique Iglesias           Love To See You Cry             SFG195-03
Enrique Iglesias           Tonight                         SFG300-04
Enrique Iglesias           Dirty Dancer                    SFG305-13
Enrique Iglesius           I Like It                       SFG294-01
Enrique Inglesias          Maybe                           SFG200-12
Enter shikari              Juggernauts                     SFG281-09
Equals                     Baby come back                  EKG40-5
Erasure                    Breathe                         SFG227-13
Eric Clapton               Change the World                EKG11-2
Eric Clapton               Lay Down Sally                  EKG18-2
Eric Clapton               Tears In Heaven                 EKG36-16
Eric Clapton               Wonderful Tonight               EKG6-9
Eric Clapton               I Shot The Sheriff              EKG7-17
Esmee Denters              Outta here                      SFG283-11
Esmee Denters              Love Dealer                     SFG294-09
Estelle Feat. Kanye West   American Boy                    SFG266-1
Eternal                    I Wanna Be The Only One         EKG11-10
Eternal                    I Cry Real Tears                SFG161-4
Europe                     Final Countdown                 EKG27-16
Eurythmics                 Thorn In My Side                EKG32-7
Eurythmics                 There Must Be An Angel          EKG37-11
Eurythmics                 Sweet Dreams Are made Of This   EKG46-5
Eurythmics                 I Saved The World Today         SFG150-8
Evanescence                Everybodys Fool                 SFG218-06
Evanescence                Call Me When You Are Sober      SFG248-02
Everley Bros               Wake Up Little Susie            EKG10-13
Everly Bros                Bye Bye Love                    EKG12-11
Everly Bros                All I Have To Do is Dream       EKG21-14
Everly Bros.               Cathy's Clown                   EKG21-15
Everybody's Gone To War    Nerina Pallot                   SFG244-3
Example                    Changed The Way You Kiss        SFG305-06
Example                    Stay Awake                      SFG306-08
F.Y.C                      She Drives Me Crazy             EKG2-17
Faders                     No Sleep Tonight                SFG230-13
Fairground Attraction      Perfect                         EKG39-1
Faithless Feat. Dido       One Step Too Far                SFG191-15
Fanny & Juniors            At The Hop                      EKG21-8
Far East Movement          Like A G6                       SFG298-05
Far East Movement          Rocketeer                       SFG301-08
Farm                       Alltogether Now                 SFG219-02
Fast Food Rockers          The Fast Food Song              SFG206-04
Fat Larry's Band           Zoom                            EKG39-8
Fat Les 2000               Jerusalem                       SFG168-14
Fatboy Slim                That Old Pair Of Jeans          SFG244-2
Fats Domino                Blueberry Hill                  EKG35-1
Fats Domino                Ain't That a Shame              EKG35-13
Feeling                    I Thought It Was Over           SFG264-5
Feeling                    Without You                     SFG267-8
Feeling                    Turn It Up                      SFG269-3
Fefe Dobson                    Everything                               SFG217-13
Fierce                         Sweet Love 2000                          SFG159-4
Fill My Little World           The Feeling                              SFG244-8
Filo & Perry                   Anthem                                   SFG263-6
Filter                         Take A Picture                           SFG161-10
Filter                         Best Thing                               SFG165-10
Fio Rida                       Right Round                              SFG278-01
Five                           If You're Getting Down                   SFG144-13
Five                           Keep On Moving                           SFG154-1
Five                           Don't Wanna Let You Go                   SFG157-15
Five                           Invincible                               SFG171-5
Five                           Closer To Me                             SFG185-15
Fleetwood Mac                  Little Lies                              SFG147-7
Flip & Fill Feat. k.Liorenna   True Love Never Dies                     SFG189-10
Flo Rida                       Club Can't Handle Me                     SFG295-02
Flo Rida Feat. T-pain          Low                                      SFG266-2
Flobots                        Handlebars                               SFG273-07
Florence & The …....           Rabbit Heart                             SFG282-03
Florence & The Machine         You've Got The Love                      SFG288-15
Flourance & The Machine        What The Water Gave Me                   SFG308-18
Flourance & The Machine        Shake It Out                             SFG309-11
Flourence & Dizzee             You Got The Dirtee Love                  SFG290-08
Fontella Brass                 Rescue Me                                EKG28-1
Fontella Brass                 Rescue Me                                SFG151-6
Foo Fighters                   Breakout                                 SFG172-6
Foo Fighters                   Next Year                                SFG174-10
Foo Fighters                   Best Of You                              SFG232-08
Foo Fighters                   Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup Is Running)   SFG266-14
Foo Fighters                   Wheels                                   SFG285-10
Foo fighters                   Rope                                     SFG302-04
Foo fighters                   Walk                                     SFG305-10
Foster The People              Pumped Up Kicks                          SFG308-12
Foundations                    Baby Now that I Found You                EKG36-11
Foundations                    Baby Now that I Found You                SFG162-13
Fountains Of Wayne             Staceys Mum                              SFG216-08
Four Tops                      Reach Out                                EKG29-10
Four Tops                      I Can't Help Myself                      EKG29-11
Four Tops                      It's The Same Old Song                   EKG29-12
Four Tops                      Loco In Acapulco                         EKG29-13
Four Tops                      If I Were A Carpenter                    EKG29-14
Fourtunes                      You've Got Your Troubles                 EKG40-6
Fragma                         Toca's Miracle                           SFG165-2
Frank & Nancy sinatra          Something Stupid                         EKG24-2
Frank & Nancy Sinatra          Something Stupid                         SFG141-5
Frank Sinatra                  Strangers In The Night                   EKG10-12
Frank Sinatra                  That's Life                              EKG12-10
Frank Sinatra                  My Way                                   EKG2-15
Frank Sinatra                  I've Got You Under My Skin               EKG22-11
Frank Sinatra                  New York, New York                       EKG22-12
Frank Sinatra                  Luck Be A Lady                           EKG22-14
Frank Sinatra                  Chigago                                  EKG22-16
Frank Sinatra                  I Get A Kick Out Of You                  EKG22-2
Frank Sinatra                  Fly Me To Moon                           EKG22-3
Frank Sinatra                  Lady Is A Tramp                          EKG22-7
Frank Sinatra                  Come Fly With Me                         EKG22-9
Frank Sinatra                  Nice & Easy                              EKG23-13
Frank Sinatra                    High Hopes                      EKG23-14
Frank Sinatra                    Summer Wind                     EKG23-15
Frank Sinatra                    It Was A Very Good Year         EKG23-17
Frank Sinatra                    Night & Day                     EKG23-6
Frank Sinatra                    My Funny Valentine              EKG23-8
Frank Sinatra                    That's Life                     SFG149-3
Frankee                          F.U.R.B.                        SFG218-16
Frankie Goes.Holly               Relax                           EKG37-3
Frankie Goes.Holly               Power Of Love                   EKG37-4
Frankie Lane                     High Noon                       SFG164-9
Frankie Valli                    December '63                    EKG33-4
Frankmusik                       Confusion Girl                  SFG282-11
Franz Ferdinand                  Matinee                         SFG218-07
Franz Ferdinand                  Michael                         SFG221-14
Franz Ferdinand                  Eleanor Put Your Boots On       SFG246-11
Franz Ferdinand                  Ulysses                         SFG276-01
Franz Ferdinand                  No You Girls                    SFG278-11
Franz Ferdinand                  Do You Want To?                 SFG236-2
Franz Ferdinand                  The Fallen                      SFG239-8
Franz Ferdinard                  Can't Stop Feeling              SFG282-12
Fratellis                        Mistress Mabel                  SFG268-1
Freak Power                      Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out       SFG166-4
Freda Payne                      Band of Gold                    EKG16-16
Free                             All Right Now                   EKG15-1
Freemasons Feat Siedah Garrett   Rain Down Love                  SFG263-11
Futureheads                      The Beginning Of The Twist      SFG266-10
Fyfe Dangerfield                 She's Always A Woman            SFG292-15
G. Michael Ft. Mutya             This Is Not Real Love           SFG249-13
Gabriella Cilmi                  Sweet About Me                  SFG268-6
Gabriella Cilmi                  Save The Lies                   SFG270-05
Gabrielle                        Sunshine                        SFG148-15
Gabrielle                        Rise                            SFG159-1
Gabrielle                        When A Woman                    SFG163-11
Gabrielle                        Should I Stay                   SFG170-5
Gabrielle                        Don't Need Sun To Shine         SFG185-8
Gabrielle                        Stay The Same                   SFG218-12
Gabrielle                        Ten Years Time                  SFG221-09
Gallagher & Lyle                 Heart On My Sleeve              SFG168-12
Garbage                          You Look So Fine                SFG142-9
Garbage                          World Is Not Enough             SFG152-9
Gareth Gates                     Unchained Melody                SFG190-17
Gareth Gates                     Any One Of Us                   SFG193-17
Gareth Gates                     Suspicious Minds                SFG197-03
Gareth Gates                     What My Heart Want's To Say     SFG200-16
Gareth Gates                     Spirit In The Sky               SFG203-16
Gareth Gates                     Sunshine                        SFG208-15
Gareth Gates                     Say It Isn't so                 SFG212-04
Garth Brooks                     If Tommorrow Never Comes        SFG151-12
Garth Brooks                     Dance                           SFG153-6
Garth Brooks                     Ain't Going down till the sun   SFG156-1
Garth Brooks                     Thunder Rolls                   SFG156-14
Garth Brooks                     She's Every Woman               SFG160-12
Garth Brooks                     Cowboy Cadillac                 SFG164-13
Gary Glitter                     Do You Wanna Touch Me           EKG25-16
Gary Glitter                     I Love You Love Me Love         EKG25-17
Gary Glitter                     Leader Of The Gang              EKG4-15
Gary Glitter               Another Rock & Roll Xmas    SFG30-15
Gary Jules                 Mad World                   SFG213-16
Gary Puckett               Young Girl                  EKG27-13
Gene Kelly                 Singing In The Rain         EKG20-8
Gene Vincent               Be Bop A Lula               EKG21-4
Genesis                    I Can't Dance               EKG42-10
George Formby              Leaning On A Lampost.       SFG147-2
George Harrison            Got My Mind Set On You      SFG153-13
George Harrison            My Sweet Lord               SFG162-7
George Harrison            My Sweet Lord               SFG188-11
George Mc Crae             Rock Your Baby              SFG168-7
George Michael             Careless Wisper             EKG2-14
George Michael             Freedom                     EKG31-2
George Michael             Faith                       EKG37-17
George Michael             Fast Love                   EKG8-12
George Michael             Father Figure               SFG145-4
George Michael             Roxanne                     SFG155-3
George Michael             Amazing                     SFG215-07
George Michael             Flawless                    SFG220-03
George Michael             Round Here                  SFG224-13
George Michael             An Easier Affair            SFG245-15
George Michael             December Song               SFG286-17
George Thorogood           Bad to the Bone             SFG151-8
Geraldine McQueen          The Winner's Song           SFG273-05
Geri Hailwell              Bag It Up                   SFG161-12
Geri Halliwell             Look At Me                  SFG138-2
Geri Halliwell             Mi Chico Latino             SFG144-14
Geri Halliwell             Lift It Up                  SFG150-1
Geri Halliwell             Calling                     SFG184-6
Gerry & Pacemakers         How Do You Do It            EKG40-8
Gerry & Pacemakers         I Like It                   EKG7-11
Gery Haliwell              Ride It                     SFG225-08
Gina G                     Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit    EKG1-7
Girls Aloud                Sound Of The Underground    SFG201-01
Girls Aloud                Stay Another Day            SFG201-15
Girls Aloud                No Good Advice              SFG204-02
Girls Aloud                Some Kind Of Miracle        SFG207-09
Girls Aloud                Life Got Cold               SFG208-08
Girls Aloud                Jump                        SFG211-04
Girls Aloud                Show                        SFG220-02
Girls Aloud                Love Machine                SFG222-01
Girls Aloud                I'll Stand By You           SFG225-04
Girls Aloud                Wake Me Up                  SFG227-02
Girls Aloud                Long Hot Summer             SFG234-2
Girls Aloud                Biology                     SFG237-7
Girls Aloud                The Promise                 SFG272-09
Girls Aloud                The Loving Kind             SFG276-07
Girls Aloud                Untouchable                 SFG279-03
Girls Aloud                Whole Lotta History         SFG241-4
Glad'ys Night & The Pips   Help Me Make It...Night     SFG158-15
Gladys Knight              Best Thing That Ever...     EKG28-7
Gladys Knight & Pips       Midnight Train To Georgia   EKG28-6
Gladys Knight & Pips       Help Me Make It...Night     EKG46-3
Glamma Kid/S. Ama          Taboo                       SFG140-11
Glassvegas                 Flowers & Football Tops     SFG278-10
Glasvegas                  Daddy's Gone                SFG271-11
Glee Cast        Don't Stop Believing            Glee01-01
Glee Cast        Halo                            Glee01-02
Glee Cast        Somebody To Love                Glee01-03
Glee Cast        Gold Digger                     Glee01-04
Glee Cast        It's My Life                    Glee01-05
Glee Cast        You Keep Me Hanging On          Glee01-06
Glee Cast        Lean On Me                      Glee01-07
Glee Cast        Keep Holding On                 Glee01-08
Glee Cast        Bust Your Windows               Glee01-09
Glee Cast        No Air                          Glee01-10
Glee Cast        Take A bow                      Glee01-11
Glee Cast        Alone                           Glee01-12
Glee Cast        Don't Rain On My Parade         Glee01-13
Glee Cast        Defying Gravity                 Glee01-14
Glee Cast        On My Own                       Glee01-15
Glee Cast        Empire State Of Mind            Glee3-01
Glee Cast        Forget You                      Glee3-02
Glee Cast        Give You Hell                   Glee3-03
Glee Cast        Hello Goodbye                   Glee3-04
Glee Cast        I Wanna Hold Your Hand          Glee3-05
Glee Cast        Lean On Me                      Glee3-06
Glee Cast        Like A Virgin                   Glee3-07
Glee Cast        No air                          Glee3-08
Glee Cast        OneLove                         Glee3-09
Glee Cast        Poker Face                      Glee3-10
Glee Cast        Singing In The Rain             Glee3-11
Glee Cast        Somebody To Love                Glee3-12
Glee Cast        Take A Bow                      Glee3-13
Glee Cast        Toxic                           Glee3-15
Glee Cast        Vouge                           Glee3-16
Glee Cast        Don't Stop Believing            SFG289-08
Glee Cast        Loser Like Me                   SFG303-17
Glee Cast        Don't Stop Believing            Glee02-01
Glee Cast        Halo/Walking On Sunshine        Glee02-02
Glee Cast        Bust Your Windows               Glee02-03
Glee Cast        It's My Live/Confessions pt.2   Glee02-04
Glee Cast        Don't Rain On My Parade         Glee02-05
Glee Cast        Gold Digger                     Glee02-06
Glee Cast        Jump                            Glee02-07
Glee Cast        Keep Holding On                 Glee02-08
Glee Cast        You Keep Me Hangin On           Glee02-09
Glee Cast        True Colours                    Glee02-10
Glee Cast        Like A Prayer                   Glee02-11
Glee Cast        Borderline/Open Your Heart      Glee02-12
Glee Cast        Express Yourself                Glee02-13
Glee Cast        Total Eclipse Of The Heart      Glee02-14
Glee Cast        Alone                           Glee02-15
Glee Girls       Teenage Dream                   Glee3-14
Gleen Frey       Heat Is On                      EKG37-7
Glen campbell    Gentle on my mind               EKG14-17
Glen campbell    Rhinestone Cowboy               EKG34-2
Gloria Estefan   Don't Want To Lose You          EKG16-4
Gloria Estefan   Rhythm's Gonna Get You          EKG16-9
Gloria Estefan   Everlasting Love                EKG40-1
Gloria Gaynor    I Will Survive                  EKG5-3
Gnarls Barkley   Smiley Faces                    SFG245-8
Gnarls Barkley            Who Cares                        SFG249-02
Gnarls Barkley            Run                              SFG266-13
Gnarls Barkley            Crazy                            SFG242-6
Go West                   We Close Our Eyes                EKG15-15
Go West                   We Close Our Eyes                EKG48-7
Golden Earring            Radar Love                       EKG25-13
Goldfrapp                 Fly Me Away                      SFG243-6
Goldfrapp                 A&e                              SFG264-14
Goldfrapp                 Happiness                        SFG267-15
Goldfrapp                 Caravan Girl                     SFG269-4
Goldfrapp                 Rocket                           SFG289-14
Goldfrapp                 Ooh La La                        SFG235-2
Goldfrapp                 Number 1                         SFG237-8
Goldfrapp                 Ride A White Horse               SFG240-9
Goldie Looking Chain      Guns Don’t Kill People           SFG222-05
Goldie Looking Chain      Your mothers got a penis         SFG223-10
Good Charlotte            Girls & Boys                     SFG205-12
Good Size                 Pineapple Song                   SFG224-10
Goombay Dance Band        Seven Tears                      EKG45-13
Gorillaz                  Feel Good Inc                    SFG231-11
Gorillaz                  Stylo                            SFG289-12
Gorillaz                  Dare                             SFG233-13
Grease                    One That I Want                  EKG12-12
Grease                    Grease Lightning                 EKG17-1
Green Day                 Holiday                          SFG228-06
Green Day                 Know Your enemy                  SFG279-14
Green Day                 21 Guns                          SFG282-07
Green Day                 21st Century Breakdown           SFG287-01
Greenday                  Boulevard Of Broken Dreams       SFG226-10
Greenday                  Wake Me Up When September Ends   SFG232-04
Groove Armada             I See You Baby                   SFG155-1
Guillemots                Falling Out Of Reach             SFG268-13
Gun's & Roses             Sweet Child o' Mine              SFG146-16
Gwen Stafani              What You Waiting For             SFG224-05
Gwen Stafani fet Eve      Rich Girl                        SFG228-05
Gwen Stefani              Hollaback Girl                   SFG231-13
Gwen Stefani              Cool                             SFG234-1
Gwen Stefani              Luxurious                        SFG238-10
Gym Class Heroes          Cookie Jar                       SFG273-08
Gym class Heroes          Stereo Hearts                    SFG308-15
H & Claire                DJ                               SFG192-13
H & Claire                All Out Of Love                  SFG199-03
H & Clare                 Half A Heart                     SFG195-12
Haircut 100               Fantastic Day                    EKG44-6
Hall & Oates              Man Eater                        EKG48-12
Hank Williams             Your Cheating Heart              EKG14-18
Hanson                    Mmm Bop                          EKG11-8
Hanson                    Penny And Me                     SFG227-12
Hanson                    Lost Without Each Other          SFG230-08
Hard Rock Hallelujah      Lordi                            SFG244-6
Hard-Fi                   Living For The Weekend           SFG236-5
Hard-Fi                   Cash Machine                     SFG239-4
Harris, Spoon & Obernik   Baditude                         SFG271-08
Harry Belafonte           Banana Boat Song                 EKG13-17
Harry Belafonte           Day-o (Banana Boat Song)         SFG166-6
Harry Nillson             Everybody's Talkin'              EKG5-16
Haulo Ingasis           To All The Girls I Loved Before             EKG33-9
Haven                   Say Something                               SFG189-08
Hear'say                Everybody                                   SFG185-1
Hear'say                Lovin' Is Easy                              SFG194-09
Heat Wave               Boggy Nights                                EKG27-1
Heatwave                Always & Forever                            EKG27-3
Helen Shapiro           Walking Back To Happiness                   EKG40-9
Helping Haiti           Everybody Hurts                             SFG289-16
Hepburn                 I Quit                                      SFG140-13
Hepburn                 Deep Deep Down                              SFG159-15
Herb Alpert             This Guy's In Love With You                 EKG23-12
Hermans Hermits         I'm Into Something Good                     EKG40-2
Hermes House Band       Que Sera Sera                               SFG190-10
Herms House Band        Country Roads                               SFG185-3
High School Musical     Bop To The Top                              ZPA114-1
High School Musical     We're All In This Together (Instrumental)   ZPA114-10
High School Musical     What I've Been Looking For                  ZPA114-11
High School Musical     What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)        ZPA114-12
High School Musical     When There Was Me And You                   ZPA114-13
High School Musical     Breaking Free                               ZPA114-2
High School Musical     Getcha Head In The Game (B5 Version)        ZPA114-3
High School Musical     Getcha Head In The Game (DVD Version)       ZPA114-4
High School Musical     I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You             ZPA114-5
High School Musical     Start Of Something New                      ZPA114-6
High School Musical     Stick To The Status Quo                     ZPA114-7
High School Musical     Stick To The Status Quo (Instrumental)      ZPA114-8
High School Musical     We're All In This Together                  ZPA114-9
High School Musical 2   What Time Is It                             ZPA123-1
High School Musical 2   You Are The Music In Me(Sharpay Version)    ZPA123-10
High School Musical 2   Gotta Go My Own Way (Duet)                  ZPA123-11
High School Musical 2   Gotta Go My Own Way (Female Solo)           ZPA123-12
High School Musical 2   Bet On It                                   ZPA123-13
High School Musical 2   Everyday                                    ZPA123-14
High School Musical 2   All For One                                 ZPA123-15
High School Musical 2   All For One (No Backing Vocals)             ZPA123-16
High School Musical 2   Humuhumunukunukuapua'a                      ZPA123-17
High School Musical 2   What Time Is It (No Backing Vocals)         ZPA123-2
High School Musical 2   Fabulous                                    ZPA123-3
High School Musical 2   Fabulous (No Backing Vocals)                ZPA123-4
High School Musical 2   Work This Out                               ZPA123-5
High School Musical 2   Work This Out (No Backing Vocals)           ZPA123-6
High School Musical 2   You Are The Music In Me                     ZPA123-7
High School Musical 2   I Don't Dance                               ZPA123-8
High School Musical 2   I Don't Dance (No Backing Vocals)           ZPA123-9
Hilary Duff             So Yesterday                                SFG211-13
Hockey                  Too Fake                                    SFG278-08
Hollies                 Air That I Breathe                          EKG26-3
Holly Valance           Kiss Kiss                                   SFG192-09
Holly Valance           Down Boy                                    SFG196-01
Holly Valance           Naughty Girl                                SFG200-15
Holly Vallance          State Of Mind                               SFG210-01
Honey Z                 Never Let You Down                          SFG152-8
Hoobastank              Reason                                      SFG219-10
Hoosiers                Worst Case Scenario                         SFG263-15
Hoosiers                Cops And Robbers                            SFG267-9
Hot Chip                Ready For The Floor                         SFG264-9
Hot Chocolate        You Sexy Thing                 EKG19-2
Hot Chocolate        So You Win Again               EKG26-7
Hot Chocolate        It Started With A Kiss         EKG26-8
Hot Chocolate        Everyone's A Winner            EKG26-9
Howard Keel          Send In The clowns             SFG160-10
Howard Keel          I Won't Send Roses             SFG160-9
Huey Lewis           Power Of Love                  EKG37-5
Human League         Don't You Want Me              EKG31-6
Human League         Mirror Man                     SFG145-9
I Need You Tonight   Professor Green                SFG292-07
Ian Carey Project    Get Shaky                      SFG283-01
Ian Dury             Hit Me With Your Rhythn...     EKG25-15
Ian Van Dahl         I Will                         SFG187-6
Ian Van Dahl         Reason                         SFG193-08
Ida Maria            I Like It So Much Better …..   SFG270-07
Ida Maria            Oh My God                      SFG276-12
Iglu & Hartly        In This City                   SFG272-06
Infernal             From Paris to Berlin           SFG244-1
Inna                 Hot                            SFG291-09
Inna                 Amazing                        SFG295-01
Inna                 Sun Is Up                      SFG304-11
Inxs                 Mystify                        SFG162-14
Irene Cara           Flash Dance                    EKG11-15
Irene Cara           Fame                           EKG15-11
Irish Classic        A Bunch Of Thyme               IC01-01
Irish Classic        Stealeway                      IC01-02
Irish Classic        The Fields Of Athenry          IC01-03
Irish Classic        Grace                          IC01-04
Irish Classic        Green Field Of France          IC01-05
Irish Classic        Limerick, You're A Lady        IC01-06
Irish Classic        Mountines Of Mourne            IC01-07
Irish Classic        Muirsheen Durkin               IC01-08
Irish Classic        The Old Rustic Bridge          IC01-09
Irish Classic        The Red Rose Cafe              IC01-10
Irish Classic        Seven Drunken Nights           IC01-11
Irish Classic        Spencil Hill                   IC01-12
Irish Classic        When You Were Sweet 16         IC01-13
Irish Classic        From Clare To Here             IC01-14
Irish Classic        When I Dream                   IC01-15
Irish Classic        Black Velvet Band              IC01-16
Irish Classic        CarrIckFergus                  IC01-17
Irish Classic        Maggie                         IC01-18
Isley Bros.          This Old Heart Of Mine         EKG29-2
Iyaz                 Replay                         SFG287-04
Iyza                 Solo                           SFG292-08
Iyza                 So Big                         SFG296-07
J Geils Band         Centrefold                     EKG42-6
J-Lo                 I'm Glad                       SFG206-15
J-Lo & LL Cool J     All I Have                     SFG204-09
J. Lo                Jenny From The Block           SFG201-04
J. Lo                On The Floor                   SFG303-01
J. Lo                I’m Into You                   SFG304-10
J. Lopez             Ain't It Funny                 SFG186-7
J. Paul Young        Love Is In The Air             EKG3-17
J. Warnes/B.Medley   Time Of My Life                EKG46-10
J.Lopez              I'm Real                       SFG186-1
Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti        Mesmerize                        SFG203-12
Jack Johnson                 If I Had Eyes                    SFG264-15
Jackie Wilson                Your Love Is Lifting me Higher   EKG30-14
Jackie Wilson                Reete Petite                     EKG4-10
Jackson 5                    Rocking Robin                    SFG156-5
Jacksons                     ABC                              SFG153-5
Jaimeson                     Complete                         SFG208-11
Jam                          A Town Called Malice             EKG38-12
Jame Blunt                   Love Love Love                   SFG275-13
Jamelia                      Superstar                        SFG210-12
Jamelia                      Thank You                        SFG215-04
Jamelia                      See It In A Boys Eyes            SFG220-07
Jamelia                      DJ                               SFG223-05
Jamelia                      Something About You              SFG247-8
James Blunt                  High                             SFG235-6
James Blunt                  Carry You Home                   SFG265-15
James Blunt                  You're Beautiful                 SFG233-14
James Blunt                  Goodbye My Lover                 SFG238-14
James Blunt                  Wise Men                         SFG240-13
James Brown                  Sex Machine                      EKG19-12
James Brown                  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag       EKG30-8
James Brown                  I Got You                        EKG30-9
James Morrision              You Make It Real                 SFG271-13
James Morrision              Please Don't Stop The Rain       SFG279-07
James Morrison               You Give Me Something            SFG246-10
James Morrison               Wonderful World                  SFG248-07
James Morrison               Broken Strings                   SFG275-04
James Morrison               I Won’t Let You Go               SFG308-07
James Taylor                 You've Got A Friend              EKG34-14
James Taylor                 Fire & Rain                      SFG166-3
Jamie Benson                 Stay                             SFG193-12
Jamie Cullum                 Get Your Way                     SFG236-8
Jamie T                      Sticks & Stones                  SFG282-05
Jamiroquai                   King For A Day                   SFG154-7
Jamiroquai                   You Give Me Something            SFG185-5
Jamiroquai                   Corner Of The Earth              SFG193-16
Jamiroquai                   Feels Just Like It Should        SFG233-6
Jamiroquai                   Seven Days In Sunny June         SFG235-7
Jamiroquri                   Love Foolosphy                   SFG190-02
Jane Mc Donald               You're My World                  SFG145-6
Janet Jackson                Doesn't Really Matter            SFG170-7
Janet Jackson                Son Of A gun                     SFG187-2
Janet Jackson                Just a little while              SFG216-15
Janet Jackson & Nelly        Call On Me                       SFG247-15
Jannifer Lopez               My Love Don't Cost A Thing       SFG174-11
Jason De Rulo                Watcha say                       SFG286-10
Jason Delulo                 Ridin Solo                       SFG291-11
Jason Derulo                 In My Head                       SFG289-03
Jason Derulo                 What If                          SFG294-02
Jason Derulo                 Encore                           SFG300-05
Jason Derulo                 Don’t Wanna Go Home              SFG305-08
Jason Derulo                 It Girl                          SFG308-01
Jason Donovan                Any Dream Will Do                EKG15-13
Jason Mraz                   I'm Yours                        SFG275-15
Jason Nevins Feat. H James   I'm In Heaven                    SFG208-12
Javine                       Real Things                      SFG207-13
Javine                   Surrender                          SFG211-11
Javine                   Touch My Fire                      SFG232-15
Jay Sean                 Ride It                            SFG264-4
Jay Sean                 Down                               SFG284-07
Jay Sean & Sean Paul     Do You Remember                    SFG289-09
Jay Z                    Run This Town                      SFG284-03
Jay Z                    Young Forever                      SFG288-13
Jay Z & Pharrell         Change Clothes                     SFG214-13
Jay-Z                    Girls Girls Girls                  SFG189-14
JazzyJeff/Fresh Prince   Boom Boom Shake the Room           EKG36-10
JC Chasez                Blowing Me Up With Her Spice       SFG217-03
Jealousy                 Lucy                               SFG247-7
Jeannie C Reiley         Harper Valley PTA                  EKG14-11
Jedward Vanillia Ice     Under Presure                      SFG289-10
Jeff Beck                Hi Ho Silver Lining                EKG10-3
Jem                      They                               SFG230-09
Jem                      Just A Ride                        SFG233-2
Jem                      Wish I                             SFG236-9
Jenifer Lopez            Hold You Down                      SFG231-02
Jennifer Hudson          Spotlight                          SFG273-09
Jennifer Hudson          If This Isn't Love                 SFG277-15
Jennifer Lopez           If You Had My Love                 SFG144-9
Jennifer Lopez           Waiting For Tonight                SFG150-14
Jennifer Lopez           Feeling So Good                    SFG159-6
Jennifer Lopez           Let's Get Loud                     SFG168-15
Jennifer Lopez           I'm Be Alright                     SFG194-01
Jennifer Lopez           Baby I Love You                    SFG215-10
Jennifer Lopez           Get Right                          SFG228-08
Jennifer Lopez           Cherry Pie                         SFG234-11
Jennifer Lopez           Hold It Don't Drop It              SFG264-12
Jentina                  Bad Ass Strripper                  SFG220-15
Jeremih                  Birthday Sex                       SFG283-06
Jerry Lee Lewis          Great Balls Of Fire                EKG12-5
Jessica Garlick          Come Back                          SFG192-12
Jessica Simpson          I Wanna Love You Forever           SFG165-8
Jessica Simpson          I Think I'm In Love With You       SFG169-14
Jessica Simpson          With you                           SFG219-14
Jessica Simpson          Fired Up                           SFG239-6
Jessica Simpson          A Public Affair                    SFG246-14
Jessica Simpson          These Boots Are Made For Walking   SFG235-3
Jessie J                 Do It Like A Dude                  SFG299-03
Jessie J                 Price Tag                          SFG300-03
Jessie J                 Nobody’s Perfect                   SFG302-05
Jessie J                 Who You Are                        SFG303-05
Jessie J                 Who’s Laughing Now                 SFG306-12
Jet                      Look what you've done              SFG218-10
Jet                      Cold Hard Bitch                    SFG221-15
Jim Capaldi              Love Hurts                         EKG27-14
Jim Reeves               He'll Have To Go                   EKG14-12
Jim Reeves               Distant Drums                      EKG14-13
Jim Reeves               Welcome To My world                EKG14-14
Jim Reeves               Distant Drums                      SFG139-2
Jimi Hendrix             Hey Joe                            EKG41-1
Jimi Hendrix             Purple Haze                        EKG41-2
Jimi Hendrix             Purple Haze                        SFG156-13
Jimi Hendrix             All Along Watchtower               SFG160-2
Jimmy Cliff                   I Can See Clearly Now         EKG15-6
Jimmy Ruffin                  What Becomes Of a Broken      EKG6-7
Jls                           Beat Again                    SFG282-02
JLS                           Everybody In Love             SFG286-03
JLS                           One Shot                      SFG288-08
JLS                           The Club Is Alive             SFG292-02
JLS                           Love You More                 SFG297-16
JLS                           Eyes Wide Shut                SFG300-01
JLS                           Take A Chance On Me           SFG309-08
JLS Ft. Dev                   She Majkes Me Wanna           SFG306-10
Jo Jo                         Leave [Get Out]               SFG222-08
Jo Jo                         Baby Its YOU                  SFG225-11
Jo Jo                         Not That Kinda Girl           SFG232-09
Joan Baez                     Night They Drove Dixie Down   SFG153-12
Joan Jett                     I Love Rock & Roll            EKG7-6
Jodie Connor                  Now Or Never                  SFG300-09
Jodrin Sparks & Chris Brown   No Air                        SFG269-6
Joe Breezer                   Venus & Mars                  SFG184-10
Joe Cocker                    With A Little Help            EKG41-7
Joe Cocker/J. Warnes          Up Where We Belong            EKG9-6
Joe Longthorn                 When Your Old Wedding Ring    EKG40-3
Joe Mc Elderry                The Climb                     SFG287-02
Joe McElderry                 Ambitions                     SFG297-10
Joe McElderry                 Somebody Wake Me Up           SFG299-08
Joe south                     Games people play             EKG15-14
John Denver                   Take Me Home Country Road     EKG14-2
John Denver                   Annie's Song                  EKG14-3
John Lennon                   Imagine                       SFG160-5
John Secada                   Just Another Day              SFG168-8
Johnny Cash                   A Boy Named Sue               EKG14-4
Johnny Horton                 Battle Of New Orleans         EKG14-16
Johnny Logan                  What's Another Year           EKG45-9
Johnny Mathis                 When A Child Is Born          SFG30-13
Johnny Mathis                 Have Yourself A Merry Xmas    SFG30-19
Johnny Nash                   Tears On My Pillow            EKG27-5
Jordin Sparks                 Tattoo                        SFG273-14
Jordin Sparks                 One Step At A Time            SFG276-13
Jordin Sparks                 Battlefield                   SFG282-04
Jordin Sparks                 I Am Woman                    SFG305-17
Jordon Knight                 Give It to You                SFG150-6
Joss Stone                    Super Dupa Love               SFG217-15
Joss Stone                    You had me                    SFG222-13
Joss Stone                    Right To Be Wrong             SFG226-05
Joss Stone                    Spoiled                       SFG230-14
Joss Stone                    Don't Cha Wanna Ride          SFG233-5
Journey                       Separate Ways                 SFG151-3
Judy Garland                  Over The Rainbow              EKG24-7
Judy Holliday                 Party's Over                  EKG24-8
Julie Rodgers                 The Wedding                   EKG24-4
Julio Ingelsias               Begin Beguine                 EKG23-10
Junior                        Mama Used To Say              EKG47-7
Junior Senior                 Move Your Feet                SFG204-03
Junior Senior                 Rhythm Bandits                SFG207-06
Junior Walker                 I'm A Road Runner             EKG29-16
Junstin Jimberlake            Senorita                      SFG209-04
Justin Beiber                 Somebody To Love              SFG292-12
Justin Belper                   Never Say Never              SFG294-03
Justin Bieber                   I Got Head                   SFG289-04
Justin Bieber                   Baby                         SFG290-03
Justin Bieber                   Never Let You Go             SFG291-05
Justin Bieber                   U Smile                      SFG297-15
Justin Bieber                   Pray                         SFG300-17
Justin Bieper                   One Time                     SFG288-10
Justin Tiberlake & Timberland   Carry Out                    SFG291-13
Justin Timberlake               Cry Me A River               SFG201-09
Justin Timberlake               Rock Your Body               SFG204-01
Justin Timberlake               Like I Love You              SFG206-01
Justin Timberlake               I'm Lovin' It                SFG213-05
Justin Timberlake               Sexyback                     SFG246-1
Justin Timberlake               My Love                      SFG249-01
JXL Remix - Elvis Presley       A Little Less Conversation   SFG192-10
K.C & The Sunshine.             That's The Way (I Like It)   EKG27-2
Kaci                            I Think I Love You           SFG188-8
Kaiser Chiefs                   Oh My God                    SFG229-15
Kaiser Chiefs                   I Predict A Riot             SFG234-6
Kaiser Chiefs                   Never Miss A Beat            SFG272-03
Kaiser Chiefs                   Good Days, Bad Days          SFG275-10
Kaiser Chiefs                   Modern Way                   SFG237-12
Kajagoogoo                      Too Shy                      EKG48-4
Kanye West                      Touch The Sky                SFG241-12
Kanye West                      Love Lockdown                SFG273-10
Kanye West                      Heartless                    SFG276-04
Kanye West                      Knock You Down               SFG280-11
Kanye West & Chris Martin       Homecoming                   SFG264-7
Kanye West Feat. Dwele          Flashing Lights              SFG267-5
Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx     Gold Digger                  SFG237-6
Kasabian                        Empire                       SFG246-4
Kasabian                        Shoot The runner             SFG249-14
Kasabian                        Fire                         SFG281-07
Kasabian                        Where Did All The Love Go    SFG283-04
Kate Bush                       King Of The Mountain         SFG237-10
Kate Nash                       Pumpkin Soup                 SFG263-1
Kate Winslett                   What If                      SFG186-10
Katie Melua                     Call Of The Search           SFG216-04
Katie Melua                     Crawling Up A hill           SFG220-12
Katie Melua                     Nine Million Bicycles        SFG236-12
Katie Perry                     I Kissed A Girl              SFG270-16
Katie Perry                     California Gurls             SFG293-09
Katrina & The Waves             Love Shine A light           EKG11-1
Katrina & The Waves             Walking On Sunshine          SFG158-3
Katy B                          Katy On A Misson             SFG295-12
Katy B                          Lights On                    SFG299-11
Katy B                          Broken Record                SFG302-06
Katy B                          Easy Please Me               SFG304-17
Katy B                          Witches Brew                 SFG308-03
Katy perry                      Hot & cold                   SFG272-15
Katy Perry                      Thinking Of U                SFG277-11
Katy Perry                      Waking Up In Vegas           SFG280-03
Katy Perry                      Teenage Dream                SFG295-07
Katy Perry                      Circle The Drain             SFG296-04
Katy Perry                      Firework                     SFG297-08
Katy Perry                      E.T                          SFG300-08
Katy Perry                         Last Friday Night              SFG305-03
Katy Perry                         The One That Got Away          SFG309-14
Keane                              Everybodys Changing            SFG218-08
Keane                              Bedshaped                      SFG221-06
Keane                              This Is The Last Time          SFG225-09
Keane                              Crystal Ball                   SFG246-6
Keane                              Nothing In My Way              SFG249-09
Keane                              Spiralling                     SFG271-02
Keane                              The Lovers Are Losing          SFG273-03
Keane                              Is It Any Wonder               SFG243-5
Keith Urban                        Till Summer Comes Around       SFG290-11
Kelis                              Caught Out There               SFG159-11
Kelis                              Good Stuff                     SFG167-11
Kelis                              Get along with you             SFG170-8
Kelis                              Young Fresh 'N' New            SFG185-7
Kelis                              Milkshake                      SFG214-11
Kelis                              Acapella                       SFG291-14
Kelis feat. Too $hort              Bossy                          SFG247-14
Kellie Osbourne                    Papa Don't Preach              SFG196-06
Kellie Osbourne                    Shut Up                        SFG201-12
Kellie Rowland                     Stole                          SFG201-13
Kellis                             Trick Me                       SFG216-13
Kellis                             Millionaire                    SFG221-11
Kellis                             In Public                      SFG228-11
Kelly                              Broken                         SFG270-09
Kelly & Ozzy Osbourne              Changes                        SFG212-06
Kelly Clarkson                     Trouble With Love Is           SFG212-15
Kelly Clarkson                     Since You’ve Been Gone         SFG232-13
Kelly Clarkson                     Behind These Hazel Eyes        SFG235-15
Kelly Clarkson                     Break Away                     SFG244-7
Kelly Clarkson                     My Life Would Suck Without U   SFG277-02
Kelly Clarkson                     I Do Not Hook                  SFG280-02
Kelly Clarkson                     Cry                            SFG293-12
Kelly Clarkson                     Mr. Know It All                SFG309-16
Kelly Clarkson                     Because Of You                 SFG238-8
Kelly Clarkson                     Walk Away                      SFG242-13
Kelly Lorrena                      Tell It To My Heart            SFG195-08
Kelly Rowland                      Train On A Track               SFG208-09
Kelly Rowland                      Work (Freemasons Mix)          SFG264-6
Kelly Rowland                      Commander                      SFG293-15
Kelly Rowland Feat. Travis Mccoy   Daylight                       SFG267-12
Ken Booth                          Everything I Own               EKG27-6
Ken Booth                          Everything I Own               SFG141-6
Kenny Loggins                      Footloose                      EKG7-3
Kenny Rogers                       Coward of the County           EKG14-7
Kenny Rogers                       Ruby Don't Take Your Love      EKG14-8
Kenny Rogers                       Lucille                        EKG34-4
Kesha                              We R Who We R                  SFG298-04
Kevin Lyttle                       Turn Me On                     SFG210-06
Kevin Rudolf                       Let It Rock                    SFG276-15
Kevin Rudolf                       Welcome To TheWorld            SFG279-06
Kid Rock                           All Summer long                SFG270-15
Kidd & Pirates                     Shaking All Over               EKG17-9
Kiki Dee                           I've Got Music In Me           EKG16-10
Kiki Dee                           Amourouse                      EKG43-15
Kiki Dee                           I've Got The Music In Me       SFG162-3
Killers                Somebody Told Me            SFG228-07
Killers                Smile Like You Mean It      SFG230-04
Kim Wilde              Kids In America             EKG38-7
Kings Of Leon          Sex On Fire                 SFG272-01
Kings Of Leon          Use Somebody                SFG274-01
Kings Of Leon          Revelry                     SFG277-04
Kings Of Leon          Manhatten                   SFG280-04
Kings Of Leon          Notion                      SFG281-03
Kings Of Leon          Radioactive                 SFG297-04
Kings Of Leon          The Immortals               SFG302-07
Know Backstreet Boys   Just Want You To            SFG236-7
Kooks                  Always Where I Need To Be   SFG266-6
Kooks                  Shine On                    SFG268-14
Kool & The Gang        Celebration                 EKG1-9
Kool & The Gang        Too Hot                     SFG158-1
Kool & The Gang        Cherish                     SFG166-13
Kristian Leontiou      Some Say                    SFG225-12
Kt Tunstall            If Only                     SFG265-9
KT Tunstall            Another Place To Fall       SFG242-14
Kula Shaker            Hush                        EKG44-11
Kurt Nilsen            She's So High               SFG214-09
Kylie Minogue          I Should Be So Lucky        EKG39-11
Kylie Minogue          Spinning Around             SFG167-4
Kylie Minogue          On A Night Like This        SFG171-1
Kylie Minogue          Please Stay                 SFG173-16
Kylie Minogue          In Your Eyes                SFG188-9
Kylie Minogue          Love At First Sight         SFG192-04
Kylie Minogue          Come Into My World          SFG197-16
Kylie Minogue          Slow                        SFG210-13
Kylie Minogue          Chocolate                   SFG219-11
Kylie Minogue          I Believe In You            SFG225-02
Kylie Minogue          Giving You UP               SFG229-10
Kylie Minogue          Wow                         SFG264-8
Kylie Minogue          In My Arms                  SFG267-10
Kylie Minogue          one, The                    SFG269-13
Kylie Minogue          All The Lovers              SFG292-04
Kylie Minogue          Aphrodite                   SFG295-03
Kylie Minogue          Get Outta My Way            SFG296-10
Kylie Minoque          Red Blooded Woman           SFG215-01
Kym Marsh              Cry                         SFG204-04
Kym Marsh              Come On Over                SFG207-11
L.Hill & B. Marley     Turn The Lights Down        SFG154-14
La Belle               Lady Marmalade              EKG16-8
La Roux                In for The Kill             SFG279-08
La Roux                Bulletproof                 SFG281-04
La's                   There She Goes              SFG151-15
Labrinth               Let The Sunshine            SFG297-12
Labrinth               Earthquake                  SFG309-15
Lady Antebellum        Need You Now                SFG287-07
Lady Antebllum         American History            SFG290-12
Lady Dynamite          It Takes More               SFG193-11
Lady Gaga              Just Dance                  SFG275-03
Lady GaGa              Poker Face                  SFG277-05
Lady Gaga              Paparazzi                   SFG281-02
Lady Gaga              Chillin                     SFG283-05
Lady Gaga              Bad Romance                 SFG286-02
Lady Gaga             Telephone                            SFG288-04
Lady Gaga             Born This Way                        SFG301-01
Lady Gaga             Judas                                SFG303-07
Lady Gaga             The Edge Of Glory                    SFG304-07
Lady Gaga             The Queen                            SFG305-18
Lady Gaga             You & I                              SFG308-09
Ladyhawke             Paris Is Burning                     SFG278-07
Ladyhawke             Back In Van                          SFG280-14
Lagy Gaga             Love Games                           SFG280-09
Lana Del Ray          Video Games                          SFG309-01
Las Ketchup           Ketchup Song                         SFG197-17
Lasgo                 Pray                                 SFG200-04
Last Shadow Puppets   Standing Next To Me                  SFG269-9
Lauren Waterworth     Baby Now That I've Found You         SFG193-05
Leann Rimes           Crazy                                SFG157-4
LeAnn Rimes           Can't Fight The Moonlight            SFG174-12
Leann Rimes           Big Deal                             SFG174-13
LeAnn Rimes           Life Goes On                         SFG197-06
LeAnn Rimes           This Love                            SFG214-16
Led Zeppelin          Stairway To Heaven                   EKG17-14
Lee DeWyze            Beauiful Day                         SFG293-11
Lee Ryan              Army Of Lovers                       SFG233-4
Lee Ryan              When I Think Of You                  SFG240-6
Lemar                 Dance With U                         SFG209-09
Lemar                 50/50                                SFG213-06
Lemar                 Another Day                          SFG215-13
Lemar                 No Pressure                          SFG218-05
Lemar                 If Theres Any Justice In The World   SFG226-07
Lemar                 Time To Grow                         SFG230-02
Lemar                 Someone Should Tell You              SFG249-15
Lemar                 Don't Give It Up                     SFG233-7
Lemar                 It’s Not That Easy                   SFG247-9
Len Barry             123                                  EKG17-7
Lena                  Satellite                            SFG293-14
Lena Martell          One Day At A Time                    SFG141-8
Lene Marlin           Sitting Down Here                    SFG164-5
Lene Marlin           Unforgiveable Sinner                 SFG171-12
Lene Marlin           Where I'm Headed                     SFG174-14
Lenny Kravitz         American Woman                       SFG144-5
Lenny Kravitz         Black Velveteen                      SFG150-9
Leo Sayer             When I Need You                      EKG18-5
Leon Jackson          When You Believe                     SFG263-13
Leon Jackson          Don't Call This Love                 SFG272-11
Leona Lewis           Better In Time                       SFG265-5
Leona Lewis           Forgive Me                           SFG273-04
Leona Lewis           Run                                  SFG275-02
Leona Lewis           Happy                                SFG284-13
Leona Lewis           Collide                              SFG307-09
Les Miserables        On My Own                            SFG149-14
Level 42              Lessons In Love                      EKG47-12
Li' ll Chris          Checking It Out                      SFG248-01
Liam Lynch            United States Of Whatever            SFG201-11
Libertines            Cant Stand ME now                    SFG222-10
Libertines            What Become Of The Likely Lads       SFG223-16
Liberty               Doing It                             SFG188-2
Liberty X             Just A Little                        SFG192-05
Liberty X                          Got To Have Your Love                SFG195-15
Liberty X                          Holding On For You                   SFG200-01
Liberty X                          Jumpin'                              SFG210-08
Liberty X                          Eyeryboby Cries                      SFG213-10
Liberty X                          A Night To Remember                  SFG238-12
Liberty X                          X                                    SFG244-14
Liberty X feat. Rev. Run           Song 4 Lovers                        SFG236-14
Lighthouse Family                  Run                                  SFG190-13
Lightning Seeds                    Pure                                 SFG149-7
Lilly Allen                        Not Fair                             SFG279-02
Lilly Allen                        22                                   SFG283-03
Lily Allen                         Smile                                SFG245-12
Lily Allen                         LDN                                  SFG248-04
Lily Allen                         The Fear                             SFG276-08
Lily Allen                         Who'd Have Known                     SFG286-15
Limp Bizket                        Take A Look Around                   SFG169-6
Limp Bizkit                        Behind Blue Eyes                     SFG213-15
Linkin Park                        In The End                           SFG185-14
Linkin Park                        Point Of Aurthority                  SFG189-11
Linkin Park                        New Divide                           SFG281-10
Linkin' Park                       Somewhere I Belong                   SFG204-14
Lio                                Rapture                              SFG186-11
Lionel Richie                      All Night Long                       EKG10-6
Lionel Richie                      Say You, Say Me                      EKG27-4
Lionel Richie & Enrique Iglesias   To Love A Woman                      SFG204-11
Lisa Scott-Lee                     Lately                               SFG205-14
Lisa Stansfield                    All Around The World                 EKG37-10
Lissie                             When I'm alone                       SFG296-13
Little Boots                       New In Town                          SFG281-08
Little Boots                       Remedy                               SFG282-13
Little Eva                         Locomotion                           EKG12-2
Little Jackie                      The World Should Revolve Around Me   SFG271-06
Little Richard                     Lucille                              EKG21-16
Livvi Franc                        Now I'm That Bitch                   SFG284-04
LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez     Control Myself                       SFG241-14
Lmfao                              Party Rock Anthem                    SFG303-10
LMFAO                              Champagne Showers                    SFG306-06
LMFAO                              Sexy & I Know It                     SFG309-17
Lobo                               I'd Love You To Want Me              SFG162-5
Loick Essien                       How We Roll                          SFG306-03
Lolly                              Viva La Radio                        SFG144-12
Lolly                              Mickey                               SFG148-6
Lonestar                           Smile                                SFG172-2
Long John Baldry                   Let The Heartache Begin              EKG41-8
Los Del Rio                        Macerena                             EKG1-4
Lost Prophets                      Make A move                          SFG218-13
Lost Prophets                      Rooftops                             SFG245-5
Lostprophets                       A Town Called Hypocrisy              SFG247-12
Lou Bega                           Mambo No.5                           SFG147-10
Lou Bega                           I Got A Girl                         SFG154-13
Louis Armstrong                    What A Wonderful World               EKG13-6
Louis Armstrong                    We Have All The Time In The World    EKG33-15
Louise                             2 Faced                              SFG169-15
Louise                             Beautiful Inside                     SFG172-10
Louise                             Pandora's Kiss                       SFG209-06
Love Inc.                          You're A Superstar                   SFG201-05
Lucie Silvas                   What Your Made OF               SFG223-04
Lucie Silvas                   Breathe In                      SFG227-04
Lucie Silvas                   Game Is Won                     SFG230-11
Luke Bryan                     Do I                            SFG287-13
Lulu                           Shout                           EKG16-2
Lumidee                        Never Leave You (Uh Oooh)       SFG208-16
Lupe Fiasco & Matthew Santos   Superstar                       SFG264-13
Lynn Anderson                  Rose Garden                     EKG14-6
M People                       Moving On Up                    EKG1-5
M. Carey/Boyz2Men              One Sweet Day                   SFG166-2
M. Jackson                     Cry                             SFG186-16
M. Mc Cutcheon                 I've Got You                    SFG146-1
M. People                      Sight For Sore Eyes             EKG1-6
M.I.A.                         Paper Planes                    SFG273-12
Maccabees                      Toothpaste Kisses               SFG264-10
Macy Gray                      I Try                           SFG152-5
Macy Gray                      Do Something                    SFG157-11
Macy Gray                      Still                           SFG159-5
Macy Gray                      Why Didn't You Call Me          SFG167-9
Macy Gray                      Sexual Revolution               SFG186-2
Macy Gray                      When I See You                  SFG205-15
Mad'House                      Holiday                         SFG198-15
Madcon                         Beggin                          SFG271-12
Made In London                 Dirty Water                     SFG165-15
Made In London                 Shut Your Mouth                 SFG170-9
Madhouse                       Like a Prayer                   SFG195-02
Madina Lake                    Let's Get Outta Here            SFG283-07
Madison Ave                    Everything You Need             SFG174-15
Madison Avenue                 Don't Call Me Baby              SFG166-1
Madison Avenue                 Who The Hell Are You            SFG171-7
Madness                        Baggy Trousers                  EKG31-13
Madness                        House Of Fun                    EKG31-14
Madness                        Our House                       EKG31-15
Madness                        Baggy Trousers                  SFG139-9
Madonna                        Into The Groove                 EKG12-15
Madonna                        Holiday                         EKG16-6
Madonna                        Like A Virgin                   EKG2-5
Madonna                        La Isla Bonita                  EKG3-10
Madonna                        Material Girl                   EKG32-1
Madonna                        Papa Don't Preach               EKG32-2
Madonna                        Like A Prayer                   EKG5-13
Madonna                        Don't Cry For Me Argentina      EKG8-2
Madonna                        Beautiful Stranger              SFG142-5
Madonna                        Cherish                         SFG143-5
Madonna                        American Pie                    SFG159-13
Madonna                        This Used To Be My..            SFG168-3
Madonna                        Music                           SFG170-11
Madonna                        What It Feels Like For A Girl   SFG172-11
Madonna                        Don't Tell Me                   SFG173-2
Madonna                        Impressive Instant              SFG187-8
Madonna                        Die Another Day                 SFG198-04
Madonna                        American Life                   SFG204-06
Madonna                        Hollywood                       SFG206-16
Madonna                        Give It To Me                   SFG269-5
Madonna                        Celebration                     SFG284-14
Madonna                        Hung Up                         SFG238-2
Madonna                             Sorry                            SFG239-2
Madonna                             Get Together                     SFG243-3
Madonna                             Jump                             SFG249-04
Madonna & Justin                    4 Minutes                        SFG266-15
Magnetic Man                        I Need Air                       SFG295-04
Magnetic Man                        Anthemic                         SFG307-10
Mamas & Papas                       California Dreaming              SFG145-2
Manfred Mann                        Pretty Flamingo                  EKG41-12
Manfred Mann                        Do Wah Diddy                     EKG9-4
Manic St. Preachers                 Masses Againest The Classes      SFG157-10
Mann Ft. 50 Cent                    B uzzin                          SFG303-09
Mann Ft. Iyaz                       The Mack                         SFG305-01
Marc Anthony                        I Need To Know                   SFG169-13
Marcels                             Blue Moon                        EKG21-5
Marcie blane                        Bobbys girl                      EKG13-11
Maria Carey                         It's like that                   SFG230-12
Maria Carey                         We Belong Together               SFG232-02
Maria Muldar                        Midnight At The Oasis            EKG34-15
Mariah Carey                        I'll Be There                    EKG12-3
Mariah Carey                        Honey                            EKG16-12
Mariah Carey                        Hero                             SFG149-13
Mariah Carey                        Heartbreaker                     SFG150-5
Mariah Carey                        Thank God I Found You            SFG155-11
Mariah Carey                        Thank God I Found You            SFG164-2
Mariah Carey                        Against all Odds                 SFG169-9
Mariah Carey                        Never Too Far                    SFG186-8
Mariah Carey                        Through The Rain                 SFG199-06
Mariah Carey                        Boy (I Need You)                 SFG203-14
Mariah Carey                        Touch My Body                    SFG266-12
Mariah Carey                        Obsessed                         SFG282-14
Mariah Carey                        I Want To Know What ....         SFG287-11
Mariah Carey                        Oh Santa                         SFG298-16
Mariah Carey                        Shake It Off                     SFG236-13
Mariah Carey                        Don't Forget About Us            SFG238-6
Mariah Carey Feat. Snoop Dog & Pharrell Something                    SFG244-12
Marianne Faithfull                  Ballard of Lucy Jordan           SFG147-6
Marie Osmond                        Paper Roses                      EKG34-3
Marilyn Manson                      Tainted Love                     SFG190-11
Mario                               Here I Go Again                  SFG233-8
Mario Winans and P Diddy            I Don’t Wanna Know               SFG219-07
Mario Winans and P Diddy            Let Me Love You                  SFG229-01
Mark Owen                           Four Minute Warning              SFG209-03
Mark Ronson                         Bang Bang Bang                   SFG293-03
Mark Ronson & Alex Greenwald        Just                             SFG265-6
Marlene Dietrich                    Falling In Love Again            SFG153-7
Maroon 5                            This Love                        SFG217-12
Maroon 5                            She Will Be Loved                SFG220-14
Maroon 5                            Sunday Morning                   SFG226-06
Maroon 5                            Must Get Out                     SFG230-06
Maroon 5                            Misery                           SFG295-10
Maroon 5                            Moves Likes jagger               SFG309-18
Maroon 5 & Rihanna                  If I Never See Your Face Again   SFG269-7
Martha & Muffins                    Echo Beach                       EKG43-8
Martha & Vandellas                  Jimmy Mack                       EKG28-2
Martha & Vandellas                  Jimmy Mack                       SFG151-13
Martha Reeve                        Heatwave                         EKG28-3
Martin Solveig        Hello                             SFG301-10
Martine Mc Cutcheon   I'm Over You                      SFG173-14
Martine Mc Cutheon    Talking In Your Sleep             SFG152-1
Martine Mc Cutheon    Love Me                           SFG152-16
Martine McCutcheon    On The Radio                      SFG174-16
Marty Robbins         El Paso                           EKG14-10
Marvin & Tamera       Groove Machine                    SFG146-5
Marvin Gaye           How Sweet It Is 2 Be Loved        EKG29-1
Marvin Gaye           I Heard It Through The Grape.     EKG6-2
Mary Hopkins          Those Were The Days               EKG40-17
Mary J Blige          More Than I Can Say               SFG148-13
Mary J Blige          Dance For Me                      SFG190-04
Mary J Blige          No More Drama                     SFG193-03
Mary Wells            My Guy                            EKG2-9
Matt Cardle           When We Collide                   SFG299-01
Matt Cardle           Run For Your Life                 SFG308-04
Matt Monroe           Born Free                         EKG23-11
Maurice Albert        Feelings                          EKG9-10
Maxine Nightingale    Right Back Where We Started       EKG28-13
Mayfield Curtis       Move On Up                        EKG30-10
Mc Coys               Hang On Sloopy                    EKG12-13
Mc Fly                One For The Radio                 SFG270-06
Mc Fly                Lies                              SFG272-10
Mc Fly                Party Girl                        SFG296-14
Mc Fly                Shine A Light                     SFG298-03
Mcfly                 Five Colours In Her Hair          SFG217-02
Mcfly                 Obviously                         SFG219-03
Mcfly                 That Girl                         SFG222-03
Mcfly                 Room On The Third Floor           SFG224-04
Mcfly                 All About You                     SFG230-01
McFly                 I’ll Be Ok                        SFG234-8
McFly                 Ballad Of Paul K                  SFG238-15
Mcfly                 Please Please                     SFG246-7
McFly                 I Wanna Hold You                  SFG236-3
McFly                 Ultraviolet                       SFG239-10
Meat Loaf             It's All Coming Back To Me Know   SFG248-09
Meatloaf              Paradise By The Dashboard         EKG18-3
Mel & Kim             Respectable                       EKG32-13
Mel C                 Going Down                        SFG148-8
Mel c                 Ga,Ga                             SFG150-2
Mel C                 I Turn To You                     SFG167-10
Mel C                 If That Was Me                    SFG175-01
Mel C                 On The Horizon                    SFG206-08
Mel C                 Melt                              SFG212-12
Mel C                 Northern Star                     SFG154-3
Mel C                 Never Be The Same Again           SFG163-8
Mel C.                Here It Comes Again               SFG202-04
Melanie B             Tell Me                           SFG171-2
Melanie Blatt         Do Me Wrong                       SFG209-07
Melanie c             Next Best Superstar               SFG230-07
Melanie C             Think About It                    SFG308-16
Melanie G             Word Up                           SFG144-2
Men At Work           Down Under                        EKG31-10
Meredith Brooks       Bitch                             EKG16-11
Metro Station         Shake It                          SFG278-06
Metro Station         17 Forever                        SFG282-09
MGMT               Kids                         SFG274-02
Mica Paris         My Own Temptation            SFG160-14
Michael Bolton     How Am I Supposed To Live.   EKG8-15
Michael Buble      Home                         SFG230-15
Michael Buble      Hold On                      SFG287-09
Michael Buble      Hollywood                    SFG296-16
Michael Jackson    Ben                          EKG27-10
Michael Jackson    Billie Jean                  EKG27-9
Michael Jackson    Rock With You                SFG158-14
Michael Jackson    One More Chance              SFG211-05
Michael Jackson    This Is It                   SFG285-15
Michael Jackson    Hold My Hand                 SFG299-10
Micheal Buble      Haven't Met You Yet          SFG285-16
Michelle Branch    Everywhere                   SFG191-16
Michelle Branch    Goodbye To You               SFG202-05
Michelle McManus   All This Time                SFG214-02
Michelle McManus   Meaning Of Love              SFG216-10
Midge Ure          If I Was                     EKG37-14
Midge Ure          Vienna                       EKG37-15
Midge Ure          99 Red Balloons              EKG37-16
Mika               Relax Take It Easy           SFG263-3
Mika               We Are Golden                SFG284-10
Mike Posner        Cooler Than Me               SFG294-14
Mike Posner        Please Don't Go              SFG300-14
Miley Cryus        7 Things                     SFG274-11
Miley Cyrus        See You Again                SFG271-16
Miley Cyrus        The climb                    SFG280-12
Miley Cyrus        Party In The U.S.A           SFG284-06
Milk Inc.          Walk On Water                SFG197-11
Milke Snow         Silvia                       SFG288-14
Mini Viva          I Left My Heart In Tokyo     SFG284-09
Miranda Lambert    The House That Built Me      SFG294-12
Mis-Teeq           Scandalous                   SFG203-06
Mis-Teeq           Can't Get It Back            SFG208-02
Mis-Teeq           Style                        SFG212-09
Missy Elliott      Work It                      SFG197-14
Moby               We Are All Made Of Stars     SFG193-07
Modjo              Lady (Hear Me Tonight)       SFG171-11
Moloko             Sing It Back                 SFG146-14
Moloko             The Time Is Now              SFG163-5
Moloko             Pure Pleasure Seeker         SFG170-14
Moody Blues        Go Now                       EKG41-6
Morrisey           First Of The Gang To Die     SFG220-09
Morrisey           I have Forgiven Jesus        SFG226-08
Morrissey          You Have Killed Me           SFG242-8
Motorhead          Ace of Spades                SFG143-2
Mouse t            Is it cause im cool          SFG222-16
Mr Hudson          Supernova                    SFG283-02
Mr Mister          Broken Wings                 SFG160-8
Mr President       Co Co Jambo                  EKG11-3
Ms Dynamite        Dy - Na - Mi - Tee           SFG196-03
Ms Dynamite        Put Him Out                  SFG198-06
Ms Dynamite        Brother                      SFG202-03
Mud                Oh Boy                       EKG26-13
Mud                Tiger Feet                   EKG4-4
Mud                Lonely This Christmas        SFG30-12
Mungo Jerry                   In The Summertime                EKG7-16
Muse                          Feeling Good                     SFG187-14
Muse                          Butterflies And Hurricanes       SFG223-12
Muse                          Supermassive Black Hole          SFG245-1
Muse                          Uprising                         SFG283-12
Muse                          Starlight                        SFG247-5
Musical                       Caberet                          EKG9-7
My Chemical Romance           Welcome To The Black Parade      SFG248-03
Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine   Dr Pressure                      SFG237-11
Mystery Jets                  Half In Love With elizabeth      SFG271-05
N Sync                        I'll Never Stop                  SFG169-5
N Sync Feat. Nelly            Girlfriend                       SFG192-08
N-Dubz                        Ouch                             SFG274-06
N-Dubz                        Say It's Over                    SFG291-08
N-Force                       All My Life                      SFG276-09
Nadia Almada                  Little bit of action             SFG226-03
Nadine Cole                   Insatiable                       SFG297-13
Nancy Sinatra                 These Boots Are Made For..       EKG34-13
Nancy Sinatra                 These Boots Are Made For..       SFG149-5
Nat King Cole                 When I Fall In Love              EKG13-13
Nat King Cole                 Let There Be Love                EKG22-10
Nat King Cole                 Mona Lisa                        EKG22-6
Natalie & N. King Cole        Unforgettable                    EKG22-8
Natalie Imbruglia             Wrong Impression                 SFG188-7
Natalie Imbruglia             Beauty On The Fire               SFG195-06
Natalie Imbruglia             Shiver                           SFG229-02
Natash Beddingfield           These Words                      SFG221-01
Natash Beddingfield           Unwritten                        SFG226-02
Natasha Bedingfield           Single                           SFG218-03
Natashaa Bedingfield          I Bruise Easily                  SFG229-04
Ne-yo                         Miss Independent                 SFG272-07
Ne-Yo                         Beautiful Monster                SFG295-06
Ne-yo                         So Sick                          SFG241-7
Neil Diamond                  Love On The Rocks                EKG11-11
Neil Diamond                  Sweet Caroline                   EKG3-7
Neil Sedaka                   Oh Carol                         EKG12-6
Neil Sedaka                   Breaking up is Hard To Do        EKG21-2
Neil Sedaka                   Calendar Girl                    EKG21-9
Neil Sedaka                   Happy Birthday Sweet 16          EKG35-7
Neil Sedaka                   I Go Ape                         EKG45-1
Nelly                         My Place                         SFG222-04
Nelly                         N Dey Say                        SFG231-06
Nelly                         Just A Dream                     SFG297-14
Nelly                         Gone                             SFG303-16
Nelly                         Grillz                           SFG242-9
Nelly and Tim Mcgraw          Over And Over                    SFG228-12
Nelly Feat J. Timberlake      Work It                          SFG203-03
Nelly Feat. Kelly Rowland     Dilemma                          SFG197-15
Nelly Furtado                 On The Radio                     SFG189-04
Nelly Furtado                 Powerless                        SFG211-14
Nelly Furtado                 Maneater                         SFG243-14
Nelly Furtado                 Promiscuous                      SFG247-2
Nelly Furtado                 All Good Things Come To an End   SFG249-11
Nena                          99 Red Balloons                  SFG141-10
Nerd                          She Wants To Move                SFG217-14
Nero                          Guilt                            SFG304-05
Nero                         Promises                         SFG306-09
Newton Faulkner              I Need Something                 SFG265-12
Nick Carter                  Help Me                          SFG197-10
Nick Lowe                    Cruel to be Kind                 EKG43-6
Nickelback                   If Today Was Your Last Day       SFG281-12
Nickelback                   Far Away                         SFG240-8
Nicki Minaj                  Moment 4 Life                    SFG301-13
Nicki Minaj                  Super Base                       SFG306-02
Nicki Minaj                  Fly                              SFG307-17
Nickleback                   How U Remind Me                  SFG191-06
Nickleback                   Too Bad                          SFG196-07
Nickleback                   Someday                          SFG209-12
Nicole Scherzinger           Poison                           SFG298-11
Nicole Scherzinger           Don’t Hold Your Breath           SFG301-09
Nicole Scherzinger           Right There                      SFG304-04
Nicole Scherzinger           Wet                              SFG307-02
Nightingale Maxine           Right Back Where We Started      EKG28-13
Nikki Webster                Strawberry Kisses                SFG193-09
Nillson                      Without You                      EKG15-4
Nirvana                      You Know You're Right            SFG198-10
Nizlopi                      JCB                              SFG238-11
Nizlopi                      Girls                            SFG242-2
No Doubt                     Don't Speak                      EKG11-4
No Doubt                     Hey Baby                         SFG189-01
No Doubt                     Hella Good                       SFG193-13
No Doubt                     Underneath It All                SFG197-05
No Doubt                     It's My Life                     SFG212-16
Noah & the Whale             5 Years Time                     SFG270-04
Noah & The Whale             Tonights The Kind Of Night       SFG303-12
Norah Jones                  Sunrise                          SFG215-14
Norah Jones                  What Am I To You                 SFG219-08
Norah Jones                  Those Sweet Words                SFG223-06
Norman Greenburn             Spirit In The Sky                EKG19-14
Notorious B.I.G. & Friends   Nasty Girl                       SFG240-11
Nsyne                        Bye Bye Bye                      SFG162-1
O-Town                       Liquid Dreams                    SFG186-12
O. Newton                    Sometimes When We Touch          SFG143-7
O. Newton/J Travolta         Summer Nights                    EKG10-8
Oakenfold                    The Girl All The Bad Guys Want   SFG196-10
Oasis                        Wonderwall                       EKG1-3
Oasis                        Go Let It Out                    SFG157-16
Oasis                        Who feels Love                   SFG163-3
Oasis                        Hindu Times                      SFG191-05
Oasis                        Stop Crying Your Heart Out       SFG193-14
Oasis                        Little By Little                 SFG196-12
Oasis                        Songbird                         SFG202-07
Oasis                        Lyla                             SFG231-04
Oasis                        The Importance Of Being Idle     SFG234-4
Oasis                        The shock Of Lightning           SFG271-01
Oasis                        Falling Down                     SFG278-05
Oasis                        Let There Be Love                SFG238-9
Ocean Colour Scene           Profit In Peace                  SFG148-10
Ocean Colour Scene           So Low                           SFG155-6
Offspring                    Kids Aren't Right                SFG148-11
Offspring                    She's Got Issues                 SFG154-8
Offspring                    Million Miles Away               SFG175-02
Offspring                   Hit That                    SFG214-14
Oleta adams                 Get here                    EKG1-12
Oliva Newton-John           Banks of the Ohio           EKG45-11
Oliva Newton-John           Banks of the Ohio           SFG153-8
Olivia Newton John          Hopelessly Devoted To You   EKG34-11
Olivia Newton John          Physical                    EKG42-3
Olly Mars                   Please Don't Let Me Go      SFG295-11
Olly Mars                   Thinking Of Me              SFG298-08
Olly Murs                   Heart On My Sleeve          SFG301-04
Olly Murs                   Busy                        SFG304-06
Olly Murs                   Heart Skips A Beat          SFG307-11
Once                        Diana Vickers               SFG291-15
One Night Only              Just For Tonight            SFG265-14
One Republic                Stop And Stare              SFG265-2
One Republic                Mercy                       SFG271-09
One Republic                Secrets                     SFG302-10
One True Voice              Sacred Trust                SFG201-02
One True Voice              After You're Gone           SFG201-16
Onerepublic                 Say (All I Need)            SFG268-4
OPM                         El Capitan                  SFG188-3
Orson                       Bright Idea                 SFG243-4
Orson                       Happiness                   SFG246-9
Orson                       No Tomorrow                 SFG242-10
Otis Redding                Dock Of The Bay             EKG6-16
Outcast                     Way You Move                SFG216-03
Outcast                     Roses                       SFG219-15
Outcast                     Prototype                   SFG223-11
Owl City                    Firefiles                   SFG285-14
Owl City                    Vanilla Twilight            SFG291-07
P Diddy Ft N. Scherzinger   Come To Me                  SFG248-14
Paloma Faith                Stone Cold Sober            SFG281-14
Panic At The Disco          That Green Gentleman        SFG268-2
Paolo Nutini                Jenny Don't Be Hasty        SFG248-11
Parade                      Louder                      SFG302-14
Paramore                    That's What You Get         SFG267-2
Paramore                    Brick By Boring Brick       SFG286-05
Paris Hilton                Stars Are Blind             SFG246-15
Pat Boone                   Love Letters In The Sand    EKG13-16
Patsy Cline                 I Fall To Pieces            EKG1-11
Patsy Cline                 Crazy                       EKG4-1
Paul Anka                   Diana                       EKG17-8
Paul Weller                 Changing Man                SFG151-4
Paul Weller                 Wild Wood                   SFG151-7
Paul Weller                 Broken Stones               SFG160-4
Paul Young                  Everytime You Go Away       EKG20-5
Paul Young                  Love Of The Common People   EKG38-9
Peaches & Herb              Reunited                    SFG151-5
Pearls                      Thrid Finger Left Hand      EKG28-8
Peggy Lee                   Fever                       EKG13-12
Pendulum                    Granite                     SFG272-16
Pepper & Piano              You Took My Heart           SFG296-11
Percy Sledge                When A Loves A Woman        EKG6-8
Perry Como                  Magic Moments               EKG13-14
Perry Como                  Catch A Falling Star        EKG13-15
Perry Como                  For The Good Times          SFG153-10
Perry Como                  Magic Moments               SFG162-15
Perry Como                    Kew Pie Doll                  SFG164-8
Pet Shop Boys                 Flamboyant                    SFG216-16
Pet Shop Boys                 I'm With Stupid               SFG243-10
Peter Andre                   Insania                       SFG219-06
Peter Andre                   Right Way                     SFG222-14
Peter Andre                   Behind Closed Doors           SFG283-16
Peter Frampton                Show Me The Way               EKG27-15
Peter Gabriel                 Sledgehammer                  EKG42-1
Peter Gabriel                 Solsbury Hill                 EKG44-15
Petey Pablp                   Goodies                       SFG229-18
Petula Clark                  Downtown                      EKG40-14
Pharrell                      Angel                         SFG239-5
Pharrell feat. Gwen Stefani   Can I Have It Like That       SFG237-2
Pharrell feat. Kanye West     Number 1                      SFG247-13
Phil Collins                  Groovy Kind Of Love           EKG33-11
Phil Collins                  Easy Lover                    EKG42-11
Phil Collins                  Another Day in Paradise       EKG42-16
Phil Collins                  In The Air Tonight            EKG42-9
Phil Oakey                    Together In Electric Dreams   EKG37-13
Phixx                         Love Revolution               SFG216-09
Phxx                          Strange Love                  SFG227-15
Phyllis Nelson                Move Closer                   EKG33-13
Pilot                         Magic                         SFG168-10
Pink                          Most Girls                    SFG172-3
Pink                          Get The Party Started         SFG188-13
Pink                          Don't Let Me Get Me           SFG192-15
Pink                          Just Like A Pill              SFG195-10
Pink                          Family Portrait               SFG200-05
Pink                          Trouble                       SFG210-10
Pink                          God Is A DJ                   SFG214-01
Pink                          Last To Know                  SFG217-11
Pink                          U And Ur Hand                 SFG246-8
Pink                          Nobody Knows                  SFG249-10
Pink                          So What                       SFG272-12
Pink                          Sober                         SFG275-16
Pink                          Please Don't Leave Me         SFG278-15
Pink                          Raise Your Glass              SFG298-10
Pink                          Heartbreak Down               SFG303-13
Pink                          Stupid Girls                  SFG241-5
Pink                          Who Knew                      SFG244-9
Pitball                       I Know You Want Me            SFG282-15
Pitball                       Hotel Room Service            SFG285-04
Pitbull                       Rain Over Me                  SFG307-15
Pitbull FT. Chris Brown       International Love            SFG305-16
Pitbull Ft. Ne-yo             Give Me Everything            SFG304-12
Pixie Lott                    Mama Do                       SFG281-01
Pixie Lott                    Boys & girls                  SFG283-14
Pixie Lott                    Cry Me Out                    SFG286-06
Pixie Lott                    All About Tonight             SFG307-07
Placebo                       Because I Want You            SFG242-12
Plain White T's               Our Time Now                  SFG265-13
Plan B                        She Said                      SFG291-10
Plan B                        Prayin                        SFG294-16
Platters                      Great Pretender               EKG17-6
Pointer Sister                Jump                          EKG7-13
Pointer Sisters               Slow Hand                     EKG32-9
Pointer Sisters             I'm So Excited                        EKG4-13
Police                      Every Breath You Take                 EKG11-13
Police                      Don't Stand So Close To Me            EKG39-6
Police                      Message In A Bottle                   EKG44-13
Police                      Can't Stand Losing You                EKG44-17
Precious                    Say It Again                          SFG142-14
Precious                    Rewind                                SFG164-4
Pretenders                  Brass In Pocket                       EKG39-13
Pretenders                  Brass In Pocket                       SFG149-6
Primal Scream               Country Girl                          SFG243-2
Prince                      1999                                  EKG37-8
Prince                      Rasberry Beret                        EKG44-14
Princess Superstar          Bad Babysitter                        SFG190-01
Proclaimers                 500 Miles                             EKG38-2
Proclaimers                 Letter From America                   EKG38-3
Procol Harum                A Whiter Shade of Pale                EKG26-12
Professor Green             Just Be Good To Green                 SFG293-05
Professor Green             Read All About It                     SFG309-09
Puff Daddy F. R. Kelly      Satisfy You                           SFG163-1
Pulp                        Common People                         EKG1-10
Puretone                    Addicted To Bass                      SFG189-02
Pussycat Dolls              Don’t Ya                              SFG234-10
Pussycat Dolls              When I Grow Up                        SFG272-14
Pussycat Dolls              I Hate This Part                      SFG275-08
Pussycat Dolls              Whatca Think About That               SFG277-07
Pussycat dolls              Jai Ho                                SFG278-13
Pussycat Dolls              Hush Hush                             SFG281-11
Pussycat Dolls              Stick Wit U                           SFG238-7
Pussycat Dolls              I don't Need A Man                    SFG248-05
Queen                       We Are The Champions                  EKG1-13
Queen                       Bohhemian Rhapsody                    EKG15-2
Queen                       Killer Queen                          EKG15-3
Queen                       Under Pressure                        EKG42-14
Queen                       Another One Bites the Dust            EKG4-6
Queen                       Radio Gaga                            EKG4-7
Queen                       I Want To Break Free                  EKG8-16
R Kelly                     The World's Greatest                  SFG189-15
R Kelly                     Ignition                              SFG205-08
R Kelly                     Snake                                 SFG208-13
R Kelly                     Thoia Thoing                          SFG213-11
R Kelly                     Happy People                          SFG221-13
R. Flack & Peobo            Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You   EKG16-1
R. Kelly                    I Believe I Can Fly                   EKG8-4
R. Kelly                    If I Could Turn Back.Time             SFG150-4
R. Kelly                    Only The Loot Can Make.               SFG163-2
R. Kelly feat. The Game     Playas Only                           SFG235-12
R. Williams & J. Horrocks   Things                                RW1-15
R. Williams & N. Kidman     Somethin' Stupid                      RW1-12
R. Williams & N. Kidman     Something Stupid                      SFG185-2
R.Williams & K.Minogue      Kids                                  RW1-4
Rachel Stevens              Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex               SFG210-03
Rachel Stevens              Funky Dory                            SFG211-12
Rachel Stevens              Breathe In Breathe Out                SFG217-09
Rachel Stevens              More More More                        SFG222-09
Rachel Stevens              Negotiate With Love                   SFG230-03
Rachel Stevens              So Good                               SFG233-12
Rachel Stevens           I Said Never Again                SFG236-6
Radiohead                Nude                              SFG267-13
Ralph Mc Tell            Streets Of London                 EKG34-1
Randy Crawford           Almaz                             EKG42-15
Rasmus                   Guilty                            SFG221-02
Ray Charles              Hit The Road Jack                 EKG13-3
Ray Charles              I Can't Stop Loving You           EKG13-4
Ray Charles              What I Say                        EKG13-5
Ray Charles              Shake A Tail Feather              EKG30-11
Ray Stevens              Misty                             EKG34-7
Razorlight               Rip It Up                         SFG226-14
Razorlight               Somewhere Else                    SFG231-01
Razorlight               In The Morning                    SFG245-11
Razorlight               America                           SFG248-06
Razorlight               Wire To wire                      SFG273-02
Razorlight               Hostage Of Love                   SFG275-11
Reba Mc Entire           Consider Me Gone                  SFG288-12
Rebecca Black            Friday                            SFG303-03
Red Hot Chili Peppers    Dani California                   SFG243-1
Red Hot Chill Pepers     Road Trippin                      SFG175-03
Red Hot Chill Peppers    By The Way                        SFG194-05
Red Hot Chill Peppers    Can't Stop                        SFG202-06
Red Hot Chill Peppers    Universally Speaking              SFG206-11
Red Hot Chill Peppers    Fortune Faded                     SFG212-14
Red Hot Chilli Pep.      Californication                   SFG170-10
Red Hot Chilli Peppers   Tell Me Baby                      SFG245-2
Rednex                   Cotton Eyed Joe                   EKG11-17
Reef                     Place Your Hands                  SFG138-10
Rem                      Everybody Hurts                   EKG19-16
Rem                      Losing My Religion                EKG36-9
Rem                      Great Beyond                      SFG159-10
Rem                      Aftermath                         SFG226-13
Rem                      Electron Blue                     SFG229-09
Rhianna                  Oh Baby                           SFG193-04
Richard Ashcroft         A song for the Lovers             SFG163-16
Richard Ashcroft         Money To Burn                     SFG167-5
Richard Ashcroft         C'mon People                      SFG170-2
Richard Ashcroft         Break The Night With Colour       SFG240-12
Richard Marx             Right Here Waiting                SFG143-4
Richard X Feat. Javine   You Used To                       SFG214-12
Richard x Feat. Kelis    Finest Dreams                     SFG208-14
Richard X vs Liberty X   Being Nobody                      SFG203-13
Richie/Ross              Endless Love                      EKG5-9
Rick Astley              Never Gonna Give You Up           EKG39-15
Ricky Martin             Livin La Vida Loca                SFG142-11
Ricky Martin             Livin La Vida Loca (Radio Edit)   SFG145-11
Ricky Martin             She's All I Ever Had              SFG146-2
Ricky Martin             Shake Your Bon Bon                SFG150-11
Ricky Martin             Private Emotion                   SFG161-7
Ricky Martin             She Bangs                         SFG173-12
Ricky Martin             Loaded                            SFG175-04
Ricky Martin             I Don't Care                      SFG237-15
Ricky Nelson             Hello Mary Lou                    EKG17-2
Ricky Nelson             There'll Never Be Anyone Else     EKG45-2
Ricky Nelson             Sweeter Than you                  SFG153-2
Right Said Fred          I'm Too Sexy                      EKG3-12
Right Said Fred        You're My Mate               SFG184-14
Rihanna                Unfaithful                   SFG245-9
Rihanna                Don't Stop The Music         SFG264-11
Rihanna                Take A Bow                   SFG267-7
Rihanna                Rehab                        SFG269-12
Rihanna                Disturbia                    SFG271-04
Rihanna                Russian Roulette             SFG286-01
Rihanna                Rude Boy                     SFG288-05
Rihanna                Hard                         SFG289-02
Rihanna                Te Amo                       SFG292-05
Rihanna                Only Girl (In The World)     SFG297-05
Rihanna                What's My Name               SFG299-04
Rihanna                S&M                          SFG301-02
Rihanna                California King Bed          SFG303-04
Rihanna                Man Down                     SFG305-05
Rihanna                Cheers                       SFG308-06
Rihanna                We Found Love`               SFG309-02
Rihanna                SOS                          SFG243-8
Ringo Starr            You're Sixteen               EKG33-16
Ringo Starr            Only You                     EKG33-17
Rise Against           Savior                       SFG290-06
Rizzle Kicks           Down With The Trumpets       SFG307-14
Rizzle Kicks           When I Was A Youngster       SFG309-07
Rob Thomas             Lonley No More               SFG231-12
Rob Thomas             This Is How A Heart Breaks   SFG234-12
Robbie W. & Kylie M.   Kids                         SFG172-9
Robbie Williams        Beyond The Sea               RW1-1
Robbie Williams        One For My Baby              RW1-10
Robbie Williams        Rock DJ                      RW1-11
Robbie Williams        Supreme                      RW1-13
Robbie Williams        The Road To Mandalay         RW1-14
Robbie Williams        Eternity                     RW1-2
Robbie Williams        It Was A Very Good Year      RW1-3
Robbie Williams        Let Love Be Your Energy      RW1-5
Robbie Williams        Let Me Entertain You         RW1-6
Robbie Williams        Mack The Knife               RW1-7
Robbie Williams        Me & My Shadow               RW1-8
Robbie Williams        Mister Bojangles             RW1-9
Robbie Williams        Karma Killer                 SFG140-15
Robbie Williams        Win Some Lose Some           SFG146-3
Robbie Williams        She's The One                SFG148-16
Robbie Williams        It's Only Us                 SFG152-2
Robbie Williams        Rock DJ                      SFG169-16
Robbie Williams        Supreme                      SFG171-10
Robbie Williams        Let Love Be Your Energy      SFG175-05
Robbie Williams        Feel                         SFG199-01
Robbie Williams        Come Undone                  SFG204-16
Robbie Williams        Something Beautiful          SFG207-14
Robbie Williams        Sexed Up                     SFG210-11
Robbie Williams        Radio                        SFG223-02
Robbie Williams        Misunderstood                SFG226-01
Robbie Williams        Bodies                       SFG285-12
Robbie Williams        You /know Me                 SFG286-13
Robbie Williams        Morning Sun                  SFG289-13
Robbie Williams        Tripping                     SFG237-1
Robbie Williams        Advertising Space            SFG238-4
Robbie Williams               Sin Sin Sin                      SFG243-7
Robbie Williams               Rudebox                          SFG247-4
Robbie Williams & G Barlow    Shame                            SFG296-01
Robert Palmer                 Addicted to Love                 EKG7-4
Robert Parker                 Barefooting                      EKG30-6
Robson & Jerome               I Believe                        SFG30-01
Robyn                         Be Mine                          SFG263-4
Robyn                         Who's That Girl                  SFG267-1
Rocky Horror                  Time Warp                        EKG3-16
Rod Stewart                   Maggie May                       EKG17-17
Rod Stewart                   Sailing                          EKG26-16
Rod Stewart                   This Old Heart Of Mine           EKG27-11
Rod Stewart                   Reason To Believe                EKG27-12
Rod Stewart                   Do Ya Think I'm Sexy             EKG33-1
Rod Stewart                   Maggie May                       SFG149-10
Roger Miller                  King Of The Road                 EKG9-9
Roger Whitaker                Durham Town                      EKG45-8
Roger Whittaker               Last Farewell                    SFG158-12
Roll Deep                     Good Times                       SFG292-06
Roll Deep                     Green Light                      SFG295-13
Rolling Stones                Paint It Black                   EKG41-15
Rolling Stones                Brown Sugar                      EKG7-5
Ronan Keating                 When You Say Nothing At All      SFG142-4
Ronan Keating                 Life Is A Rollercoster           SFG167-12
Ronan Keating                 The Way You Make Me Feel         SFG170-15
Ronan Keating                 They Way You Make Make Me Feel   SFG175-06
Ronan Keating                 Love Won't Work                  SFG187-16
Ronan Keating                 If Tomorrow Never Comes          SFG192-03
Ronan Keating                 I Love It When We Do             SFG195-07
Ronan Keating                 The Long Goodbye                 SFG205-07
Ronan Keating                 Lost For Words                   SFG211-06
Ronan Keating                 She Beliveves (in me)            SFG215-11
Ronan Keating                 Last thing on my mind            SFG217-07
Ronan Keating                 I Hope You Dance                 SFG223-07
Ronan Keating                 Father and Son                   SFG226-04
Ronan Keating & Lulu          We've Got Tonight                SFG199-07
Ronstadt/Ingram               A Whole New Wolrd                EKG36-4
Ronstadt/J. Ingram            Somewhere Out There              EKG36-5
Room 5 Feat Oliver Cheatham   Make Luv                         SFG205-03
Rooster                       Staring At The Sun               SFG228-03
Rooster                       You're So Right For Me           SFG231-08
Rose Royce                    Wishing On A Star                EKG32-10
Rose Royce                    Car Wash                         EKG32-12
Rose Royce                    Love Don't Live Here Anymore     EKG32-6
Rosie Ribbons                 Blink                            SFG197-12
Rosie Ribbons                 A Little Bit                     SFG201-07
Roy Orbison                   Crying                           EKG14-1
Roy Orbison                   Only The Lonely                  EKG17-3
Roy Orbison                   Oh Pretty Woman                  EKG4-5
Roy Orbison                   You Got It                       EKG7-15
Roy Orbison                   Crying In The Rain               EKG9-14
Roy Orbison                   I Drove All Night                SFG147-4
Roy Orbison                   Working For The Man              SFG156-11
Roy Orbison                   Lana                             SFG156-12
Rumer                         Slow                             SFG296-08
S Club 7                      Bring it All Back                SFG142-16
S Club 7                    S Club Party                         SFG148-9
S Club 7                    You're My Number One                 SFG157-9
S Club 7                    Reach                                SFG165-5
S Club 7                    Natural                              SFG170-12
S Club 7                    Never Had A Dream Come.              SFG173-1
S Club 7                    Have You Ever                        SFG184-5
S Club 7                    You                                  SFG188-16
S Club 7                    Alive                                SFG198-01
S Club 7                    Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You        SFG204-10
S Club 7                    Say Goodbye                          SFG205-13
S Club 8                    Fool No More                         SFG206-13
S Club 8                    Sundown                              SFG210-09
S Club 8                    Don't Tell Me You're Sprry           SFG213-07
S Club Juniors              One Step Closer                      SFG192-07
S Club Juniors              Automatic High                       SFG194-03
S Club Juniors              New Direction                        SFG196-14
S Club Juniors              Puppy Love                           SFG200-14
S. O'Connor                 Nothing Compares To You              EKG5-4
S. Robinson/Miracles        I Second That Emotion                EKG30-4
S. Robinson/Miracles        Tears Of A Clown                     EKG6-17
Sade                        Soldier Of Love                      SFG290-15
Sak Noel                    Loca People                          SFG309-03
Salt & Pepa                 Let's Talk About Sex                 EKG32-3
Salt & Pepa                 Push It                              EKG37-9
Sam & Mark                  With A Little Help From My Friends   SFG215-06
Sam Cooke                   Wonderful World                      EKG33-7
Sam Sparro                  Black & Gold                         SFG266-3
Samamtha Mumba              I'm Right Here                       SFG196-15
Samanta Mumba               Always Come Back To My Love          SFG175-07
Samantha Fox                Touch Me                             EKG42-2
Samantha Mumba              Lately                               SFG185-4
Sandi Thom                  What If I'm Right                    SFG246-3
Sandi Thom                  The Devil's Beat                     SFG267-14
Sandi Thorn                 I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker           SFG244-4
Sandie Shaw                 Always Something/Remind Me           EKG40-13
Santana                     Black Magic Woman                    SFG158-8
Santana                     Smooth                               SFG163-7
Santana                     Put Your Lights On                   SFG173-11
Santana & Michelle Branch   The Game Of Love                     SFG200-08
Sara Bareilles              Love Song                            SFG268-11
Sarah Mc Lachlan            Angel                                SFG189-16
Sarah Whatmore              When I Lost You                      SFG196-13
Sarah Whatmore              Automatic                            SFG202-09
Sash Ft. Stunt              Raindrops (Encore Une Foisi          SFG274-14
Savage Garden               Animal Song                          SFG142-13
Savage Garden               I Knew I Loved You                   SFG154-10
Savage Garden               Hold Me                              SFG175-08
Saw Doctors                 I Use'ta Love Her                    SFG151-11
Saw Doctors                 N17                                  SFG153-4
Scissor Sisters             Mary                                 SFG223-03
Scissor Sisters             Filthy Gorgeous                      SFG227-10
Scissor Sisters             Fire With Fire                       SFG293-08
Scissor Sisters             I Don’t Feel Like Dancin             SFG247-1
Scooth                      More Than I Need To Know             SFG159-7
Scott Walker                Joanna                               EKG45-7
Scouting For Girls          Heartbeat                            SFG266-11
Scouting For Girls          I Wish I Was james Bond                   SFG274-07
Scouting For Girls          This Ain't No Love Song                   SFG291-04
Seal                        Kiss From A Rose                          EKG8-7
Sean Kingston               Fire Burning                              SFG283-08
Sean Kingston               Eenie Meenie                              SFG293-06
Sean Kingston               Party All Night                           SFG308-08
Sean Paul                   Get Busy                                  SFG206-07
Sean Paul Feat. Sasha       I'm Sill In Love With You                 SFG214-04
Searchers                   Neddles & Pins                            EKG40-7
Searchers                   Don't Throw Your Love                     EKG45-16
Semisonic                   Secret Smile                              SFG144-3
Semisonic                   Closing Time                              SFG152-3
Semisonic                   Singing In My Sleep                       SFG163-6
September                   Cry For You (You'll Never See Me Again)   SFG267-6
September                   Can't Get Over                            SFG278-04
Sex Pistols                 God Save The Queen                        SFG193-15
Shaggy                      Hey Sexy Lady                             SFG197-13
Shaggy & Ali G              Julie                                     SFG190-12
Shakin' Stevens             Merry Xmas Everyone                       SFG30-07
Shakira                     Whenever, Wherever                        SFG190-06
Shakira                     Underneath Your Clothes                   SFG194-02
Shakira                     Waka Waka                                 SFG293-16
Shakira                     Don't Bother                              SFG240-1
Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean   Hips Don't Lie                            SFG245-7
Shakria                     She Wolf                                  SFG284-05
Shalamar                    A Night to Remember                       EKG39-17
Shanai Twain                Shes Not Just Pretty Face                 SFG217-10
Shanai Twain                Party For 2                               SFG224-15
Shanai Twain                Don’t                                     SFG228-10
Shane Richie                I'm Your Man                              SFG213-02
Shangri-las                 Leader Of The Pack                        EKG35-8
Shania Twain                That Don't Impress Me Much                SFG138-14
Shania Twain                Man I Feel Like A Woman                   SFG146-4
Shania Twain                Don't Be Stupid                           SFG155-8
Shania Twain                When                                      SFG164-1
Shania Twain                I'm Gonna Getcha Good                     SFG200-09
Shania Twain                Ka-Ching                                  SFG204-07
Shania Twain                Forever & Always                          SFG206-02
Shanks & Big Foot           Sweet Like Chocolate                      SFG140-3
Shapeshifters               Lola's Theme                              SFG221-03
Shapeshifters               Incredible                                SFG242-7
Shayne Ward                 Gotta Be Somebody                         SFG298-13
Shayne Ward                 No Promises                               SFG242-15
Shayne Ward (X Factor)      That's My Goal                            SFG239-1
Shaznay Lewis               I've Never Felt Like This Before          SFG220-16
Shaznay Lewis               You                                       SFG223-13
Shed Seven                  Disco Down                                SFG142-7
Sheryl Crow                 Everyday is a Winding road                EKG36-6
Sheryl Crow                 Soak Up The Sun                           SFG191-08
Shinedown                   The Crow & The Butterfly                  SFG294-10
Shirley Bassey              Big Spender                               SFG164-14
Shontelle                   T-Shirt                                   SFG277-08
Shy FX & T. Power           Shake Ur Body                             SFG191-04
Sidney Samson               Riverside                                 SFG288-07
Similou                     All This Love                             SFG246-2
Simon Webbe                 Lay Your Hands                            SFG235-9
Simon Webbe            After All This Time             SFG240-10
Simple Plan            When I'm Gone                   SFG265-11
Simply Red             If You Don't Know Me By Now     EKG2-13
Simply Red             A New Flame                     SFG149-11
Simply Red             Ain't That a Lot of Love        SFG150-12
Simply Red             Your Eyes                       SFG159-14
Simply Red             Sunrise                         SFG204-13
Simply Red             You Make Me Feel Brand New      SFG213-14
Sinead Quinn           I Can't Break Down              SFG203-02
Sinita                 So Macho                        EKG32-16
Sisco                  Thong Song                      SFG165-3
Sisqo                  Unleash The Dragon              SFG169-8
Sisqo                  Incomplete                      SFG175-09
Sister Sledge          We Are Family                   EKG19-6
Sister Sledge          Frankie                         EKG39-4
Six D                  Best Damm Night                 SFG306-17
Six Pence None         Kiss Me                         SFG138-8
Sixpence None Rich     There She Goes                  SFG146-8
Skepta                 Rescue Me                       SFG294-15
Slade                  Mama Weer All Crazee Now        EKG25-6
Slade                  Cum On Feel The Nosie           EKG25-7
Slade                  Coz I Love You                  SFG139-7
Slade                  Mama Weer All Crazee Now        SFG139-8
Slade                  Merry Xmas Everybody            SFG30-18
Slow Moving Millie     Beasts                          SFG285-13
Smokey Robinson        Being With You                  EKG30-5
Smokie Robinson        Track Of My Tears               EKG12-14
Smokie/C. Brown        Who The F*** Is Alice           EKG11-14
Sneaky Sound system    Pictures                        SFG270-14
Snow Patrol            Chasing Cars                    SFG245-6
Snow Patrol            Take Back The City              SFG272-02
Snow Patrol            Planets Bend Between Us         SFG280-07
Snow Patrol            Called Out In The Dark          SFG308-10
Snow Patrol            Spitting Games                  SFG221-04
Snow Patrol            You're All I Have               SFG243-9
Snow Petrol            If There's A Rocket, ….....     SFG277-12
So Solid Crew          Broken Silence                  SFG209-08
Soft Cell              Tainted Love                    EKG19-3
Sonique                It Feels So Good                SFG167-6
Sonique                Sky                             SFG169-7
Sonique                I Put A Spell On You            SFG173-10
Sophie Ellies-Bextor   Murder On The Dance Floor       SFG185-6
Sophie Ellis Bextor    Get over You                    SFG193-02
Sophie Ellis Bextor    Music Gets The Best Out Of Me   SFG199-02
Sophie Ellis Bextor    Mixed Up World                  SFG211-01
Sophie Ellis Bextor    I Won't Change You              SFG214-15
Soul Central           Strings Of Life                 SFG228-15
Soulja Boy Tell Em     Crank That                      SFG264-3
Southerland Bros.      Arms of Mary                    EKG44-3
Spadau Ballet          Gold                            EKG37-1
Spandau Ballet                              TRUE       EKG31-9
Spandau Ballet         Highly Strung                   SFG156-10
Spandau Ballet         I'll Fly For You                SFG162-8
Speedway               Can't Turn Back                 SFG215-12
Spencer Davis Group    Gimme Some Lovin'               EKG17-10
Spice Girls            Two Become One                  EKG1-1
Spice Girls         Love Thing                       EKG11-6
Spice Girls         Say You'll Be There              EKG1-2
Spice Girls         Wannabe                          EKG2-1
Spice Girls         Who Do You Think You Think       EKG8-1
Spice Girls         Mama                             EKG8-5
Spice Girls         Holler                           SFG172-8
Spiller             Groovejet                        SFG171-9
Squeeze             Cool For Cats                    EKG43-1
Stacey Orrico       I Promise                        SFG214-06
Standard            Hello Dolly                      EKG18-9
Standard            Let's Call The Whole Thing Off   EKG24-5
Standard            Love Letters                     EKG24-9
Standard            Little Drummer Boy               SFG30-08
Standard            Santa Claus Is Coming To..       SFG30-11
Standard            Frosty The Snowman               SFG30-22
Starsailor          Lullaby                          SFG187-5
Starsailor          Poor Misguided Fool              SFG191-01
Starsailor          Silence is Easy                  SFG209-11
Starsailor          Born Again                       SFG211-08
Starsailor          Keep Us Together                 SFG243-13
Starship            We Built This City               EKG17-16
Starship            Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now      EKG38-4
Status Quo          Whatever You Want                EKG25-1
Status Quo          Rocking All Over The World       EKG25-2
Status Quo          Caroline                         EKG25-3
Status Quo          Rocking All Over The World       SFG166-15
Steam               Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye            SFG168-2
Steely Dan          Rikki Don't Lose That Number     SFG158-6
Stephen Gately      I Believe                        SFG171-6
Steps               Love's Got A Hold... Heart       SFG144-1
Steps               After the Love has Gone          SFG152-15
Steps               Say You'll Be Mine               SFG154-4
Steps               Better the Devil You Know        SFG157-8
Steps               Deeper Shade of Blue             SFG161-14
Steps               When I Said Goodbye              SFG167-14
Steps               Summer Son                       SFG169-3
Steps               Stomp                            SFG172-15
Steps               Chain Reaction                   SFG184-4
Steps               Words Are Not Enough             SFG185-9
Steps               I Know Him So Well               SFG186-14
Stereophonics       Pick A Part That's New           SFG138-11
Stereophonics       Handbag & Gladrags               SFG184-2
Stereophonics       Vegas 2 Times                    SFG191-14
Stereophonics       Moviestar                        SFG214-08
Stereophonics       Dakota                           SFG229-06
Stereophonics       Superman                         SFG231-10
Stereophonics       My Friends                       SFG263-2
Steriophonics       I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio    SFG146-6
Steriophonics       Hurry Up & Wait                  SFG152-13
Steve Balsamo       Sugar For The Soul               SFG191-03
Steve Brookstein    Against ALL Odds                 SFG227-05
Steve Miller Band   Abracadabra                      EKG37-12
Steven Gately       New Beginning                    SFG165-6
Stevie Wonder       I Just Called To Say I Love U    EKG10-7
Stevie Wonder       You Are The Sunshine             EKG2-10
Stevie Wonder       Uptight, Everything's Alright    EKG29-8
Stevie Wonder     Lately                        EKG29-9
Stevie Wonder     My Cherie Amour               EKG9-16
Stevie Wonder     Isn't She Lovely              SFG143-6
Stevie Wonder     You Are The Sunshine          SFG149-8
Stevie Wonder     My Cherie Amour               SFG158-11
Stevie Wonder     From The Bottom Of My Heart   SFG240-15
Stiltskin         Inside                        SFG141-3
Sting             Englishman In New York        SFG158-10
Stranglers        Golden Brown                  EKG38-1
Stranglers        Peaches                       EKG43-3
Stray Cats        Runaway Boys                  EKG43-16
Streets           Fit But You Know It           SFG218-02
Streets           Dry Your Eyes                 SFG220-11
Streets           Blinded By The Light          SFG223-14
Streppenwolf      Born To Be Wild               EKG5-17
Style Council     Walls Come Tumbling Down      SFG151-9
Styx              Babe                          EKG31-11
Styx              Babe                          SFG162-10
Sugababes         New Year                      SFG175-10
Sugababes         Round Round                   SFG194-13
Sugababes         Stronger                      SFG198-13
Sugababes         Shape                         SFG203-04
Sugababes         Denial                        SFG265-1
Sugababes         Get Sexy                      SFG283-09
Sugababes         Wear My Kiss                  SFG289-15
Sugababes         Push The Button               SFG236-1
Sugababes         Ugly                          SFG238-13
Sugababes         Red Dress                     SFG240-3
Sugababes         Follow Me Home                SFG244-10
Sugababes         Something Kinda Ooh           SFG248-08
Sugababes         Easy                          SFG249-08
Sugar Babes       In The Middle                 SFG216-07
Sugar Ray         Every Morning                 SFG138-7
Sugarbabes        Overload                      SFG172-14
Sugarbabes        Freak Like Me                 SFG191-12
Sugarbabes        Hole In The Head              SFG210-04
Sugarbabes        Too Lost In You               SFG211-16
Sugarbabes        Caught In A Moment            SFG221-10
Sugarbabes        Girls                         SFG272-04
Sugarbabes        No Can Do                     SFG275-09
Sugarbabes        About a Girl                  SFG286-07
Sum 41            In Too Deep                   SFG188-10
Sum 41            Still Waiting                 SFG200-10
Summer Matthews   Little Miss Perfect           SFG215-16
Super Sister      Summer's Gonna Come           SFG185-11
Supergrass        Pumping On Your Stereo        SFG142-6
Supergrass        Seen The Light                SFG200-06
Supertramp        Dreamer                       EKG25-14
Supertramp        Breakfast In America          EKG43-4
Supremes          Happening                     EKG28-11
Supremes          I'm Gonna Make You Love Me    EKG29-7
Supremes          Baby love                     EKG9-2
Suprems           Baby love                     EKG9-2
Survivor          Eye Of The Tiger              EKG38-16
Susan Boyle       Wild Horses                   SFG284-08
Suzi Quatro       Devil Gate Drive              EKG25-11
Suzi Quatro                 Can Can                          EKG25-12
Sway                        Mucho Mambo                      SFG149-15
Swedish House Mafia         One                              SFG295-09
Swedish House Mafia         Save The World                   SFG305-09
Sweet                       Ballroom Blitz                   EKG25-8
Sweet                       Blockbuster                      EKG25-9
Sweet                       Wig Wam Bam                      EKG25-10
Swing. Blue Jeans           Hippy Hippy Shake                EKG4-16
Switchfoot                  Meant To Live                    SFG221-16
Syreeta                     Your Kiss Is Sweet               EKG43-14
T rex                       Get it on                        EKG43-11
T Rex                       Metal Guru                       EKG43-12
T rex                       Hot Love                         SFG166-14
t.A.T.u                     All About Us                     SFG236-11
T.I Ft. Justin Timberlake   Dead & Gone                      SFG277-06
T'Pau                       China in Your Hand               EKG39-10
Taio Cruz                   I Can Be                         SFG268-7
Taio Cruz                   Break your Heart                 SFG284-16
Taio Cruz                   Higher                           SFG300-16
Taio Cruz Feat. Luciana     Come On Girl                     SFG266-5
Taio Curz                   Dyamite                          SFG294-08
Take That                   Relight My Fire                  EKG36-14
Take That                   A Million Love Songs             EKG3-9
Take That                   It Only Takes A Minute           EKG44-12
Take That                   Patience                         SFG249-06
Take That                   Greatest Day                     SFG274-04
Take That                   Up All Night                     SFG277-09
Take That                   Said It All                      SFG280-05
Take That                   Hold Up A Light                  SFG287-14
Take That                   The Flood                        SFG297-09
Take That                   Kidz                             SFG301-11
Tal Bachman                 She's So High                    SFG152-7
Tammy Wynette               Stand By Your Man                EKG10-9
Tammy Wynette               D.I.V.O.R.C.E.                   EKG14-5
Tamperer                    Hammer To Heart                  SFG159-9
Tatu                        All The Things She Said          SFG202-01
Tatu                        Not Gonna Get Us                 SFG205-04
Taylor Swift                Love Story                       SFG277-03
Taylor Swift                Fifteen                          SFG287-10
Taylor Swift                Our Song                         SFG291-06
Taylor Swift                Mine                             SFG295-16
Taylor Swift                The Story Of Us                  SFG302-17
Temper Trap                 Sweet Disposition                SFG285-02
Temptations                 Get Ready                        EKG29-4
Temptations                 Ball Of Confusion                EKG29-5
Temptations                 Ain't To Proud To Beg            EKG6-14
Tennessee E. Ford           Ballad of Davy Crocket           SFG164-12
Texas                       Say What You Want                EKG43-9
Texas                       In Our Lifetime                  SFG138-3
Texas                       Say What You Want                SFG145-7
Texas                       I Don't Want A Lover             SFG151-1
Texas                       My Inner smile                   SFG175-11
The Alphabet                Boyfriend                        SFG270-12
The Androids                Do It With Madonna               SFG205-02
The Animals                 House Of The Rising Sun          EKG18-16
The Animals                 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place   EKG26-15
The Automatic            Monster                        SFG245-10
The Beatles              Back In The USSR               EKG20-17
The Beatles              Back In The USSR               SFG162-9
The Beautiful South      Manchester                     SFG243-12
The Black Eyed Peas      Don’t Stop This Party          SFG305-07
The Black Eyed Peas      Just Can’t Get Enough          SFG301-05
The Blazin' Squad        Love On The Line               SFG198-05
The Bloodhound Gang      Mope                           SFG167-7
The Bloodhound Gang      The Ballad Of Chasey Lain      SFG170-3
The Bluetones            After Hours                    SFG191-07
The Calling              Wherever You Will Go           SFG194-15
The Calling              Adrienne                       SFG198-02
The calling              These Are The Days             SFG201-08
The Calling              Our Lives                      SFG219-16
The Callling             Could It Be Any Harder         SFG201-10
The Carpenters           We've Only Just Begun          EKG16-13
The Carpenters           Top Of The World               EKG16-14
The Carpenters           Yesterday Once More            EKG20-4
The Carpenters           There's A Kind Of Hush         EKG33-10
The Carpenters           Rainy Day & Mondays            SFG153-3
The Cheeky Girls         Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)     SFG199-15
The Commodores           Three Times A Lady             EKG8-14
The Corrs                Radio                          SFG154-2
The Corrs                Irresistible                   SFG172-12
The Corrs                Would You Be Happier           SFG184-1
The Darkness             Friday Night                   SFG212-10
The Darkness             Christmas Time                 SFG213-09
The Darkness             One Way Ticket                 SFG237-3
The Darkness             Is It Just Me?                 SFG241-6
The Dave Matthews Band   Space Between                  SFG185-10
The Divinyls             I Touch Myself                 SFG168-1
The Doors                Riders On Storm                EKG17-13
The Doors                Light My Fire                  EKG41-5
The Drifters             On Broadway                    EKG17-4
The Drifters             Up On The Roof                 EKG17-5
The Drifters             Kissing In The Back Row        EKG30-1
The Drifters             Save The Last Dance For Me     EKG30-2
The Drifters             Spanish Harlem                 EKG30-3
The Drifters             Under The Broadwalk            EKG6-13
The Drifters             Saturday Night At The Movies   EKG9-8
The Enemy                No Time For Tears              SFG279-04
The Feeling              Never Be Lonely                SFG246-12
The Feeling              Join With Us                   SFG271-15
The Feeling              Sewn                           SFG241-13
The Foo Fighters         DOA                            SFG235-8
The four Tops            I Can't Help Myself            EKG9-12
The Fratellies           Look Out Sunshine              SFG270-03
The Fratellis            A Heady Tale                   SFG275-14
The Fratellis            Chelsea Dagger                 SFG247-6
The Fray                 You Found Love                 SFG276-11
The Fugees               Killing Me Softly              EKG8-6
The Hollies              He Ain't Heavy                 EKG18-15
The Hollies              Yes I Will                     EKG26-4
The Hollies              Look Through Any Window        EKG26-5
The Hooisers             Choices                        SFG295-08
The House Martins        Caravan Of Love                EKG44-2
The Idols                              Happy Xams (War Is Over)     SFG213-01
The Jam                                Going Underground            EKG38-13
The Killers                            Human                        SFG273-06
The Killers                            Spaceman                     SFG276-14
The Killers                            When You Were Young          SFG247-11
The Kooks                              She Moves In Her Own Way     SFG245-13
The Kooks                              Ooh La                       SFG248-13
The Kooks                              Sway                         SFG271-03
The Lovin Spoonful                     Daydream                     EKG44-8
The Magic Numbers                      Love Me Like You             SFG235-14
The Mavericks                          Someone Should Tell Her      SFG142-2
The Monkeys                            Daydream Believer            EKG2-7
The Monkeys                            I'm A Believer               EKG7-12
The Noisettes                          Don't Upset The Rhythm       SFG278-12
The Noisettes                          Never Forget you             SFG280-01
The Ordinary Boys                      Boys will be Boys            SFG241-1
The Ordinary Boys vs. Lady Sovereign   Nine2Five                    SFG244-5
The Platters                           Smoke Gets In Your Eyes      EKG10-11
The Platters                           Only You                     EKG12-9
The Police                             Roxanne                      EKG31-8
The Police                             Walking On The Moon          EKG39-5
The Pussycat Dolls                     Beep                         SFG241-3
The Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg    Buttons                      SFG245-14
The Real Thing                         You To Me Are Everything     EKG6-10
The Red Hot Chill Peppers              The Zephyr Song              SFG198-03
The Righteous Bros.                    Unchained Melody             EKG6-11
The Righteous Bros.                    You've Lost That Loving..    EKG6-12
The Rolling Stones                     Streets Of Love              SFG235-5
The Saturdays                          If This Is Love              SFG270-13
The Saturdays                          Up                           SFG273-11
The Saturdays                          Just Can't Get Enough        SFG278-02
The Saturdays                          Work                         SFG281-05
The Saturdays                          Forever Is Over              SFG285-06
The Saturdays                          Missing You                  SFG295-15
The Saturdays                          Higher                       SFG298-02
The Saturdays                          All Fired Up                 SFG307-05
The Saturdays                          My Heart Takes Over          SFG309-04
The Script                             The Man Who Can't Be Moved   SFG270-08
The Script                             Break Even                   SFG274-08
The Script                             Talk You Down                SFG277-14
The Script                             For The First Time           SFG296-03
The Script                             Nothing                      SFG298-07
The Seekers                            When You Walk In The Room    EKG26-10
The Stereophonics                      Maybe Tomorrow               SFG208-05
The Streets                            When You Wasn't Famous       SFG242-3
The Streets                            Never Went To Church         SFG244-13
The Supremes                           You Keep Me Hanging On       EKG19-10
The Supremes                           Stop In The Name Of Love     EKG2-11
The Supremes                           You Can't Hurry Love         EKG28-10
The Supremes                           Where Did Our Love Go        EKG28-9
The Temper Trap                        Fader                        SFG286-16
The Temptations                        Papa Was A Rolling Stone     EKG29-6
The Temptations                        My Girl                      EKG6-5
The Tramps                             Hold Back The Night          EKG30-13
The Trashmen                           Sufin Bird                   SFG299-15
The Troggs                             Wild Thing                   EKG1-14
The Troggs                             With A Girl Like You           EKG41-14
The Veronicas                          Untouched                      SFG280-10
The Verve                              Love Is Noise                  SFG270-02
The Wanted                             All Time Low                   SFG295-05
The Wanted                             Heart Vacancy                  SFG297-06
The Wanted                             Lose My Mind                   SFG299-07
The Wanted                             Gold Forever                   SFG302-15
The Wanted                             Glad You Came                  SFG305-04
The Wanted                             Lightning                      SFG309-10
The Weather Girls                      It's Raining Men               EKG38-5
The White Stripes                      My Doorbell                    SFG235-4
The White Strpes                       Seven Nation Army              SFG205-09
The Who                                Pinball Wizard                 EKG17-11
The Who                                Join Together                  EKG44-4
The Who                                Substiute                      EKG44-5
The Zutons                             Valerie                        SFG245-3
The Zutons                             Oh Stacey                      SFG247-10
Thin Lizzy                             Boys Are Back In Town          EKG25-4
Thin Lizzy                             Whiskey In The Jar             EKG25-5
This Time                              Starsailor                     SFG240-14
Three Days Grace                       Break                          SFG287-12
Three Days Grace                       The Good Life                  SFG293-02
TI Ft. Rihanna                         Live Your Life                 SFG275-05
Tiao Cruz                              Dirty Picture                  SFG292-14
Tiao Cruz                              Telling The World              SFG304-09
Tiffany                                I Think Were Alone Now         EKG48-5
Tim Mc Graw                            Southern Voice                 SFG289-06
Timbaland Feat. & Nicole Scherzinger   Scream                         SFG266-8
Timberland                             If We Meet Again               SFG288-09
Timberland                             Pass At Me                     SFG308-14
Tin Tin Out/E. Bunton                  What I Am                      SFG152-14
Tina Turner                            Whats Love Got To Do With It   EKG11-12
Tina Turner                            Steamy Windows                 EKG32-8
Tina Turner                            Simply The Best                EKG6-1
Tina Turner                            Where The Heartache Is Over    SFG152-6
Tinchy Stryder                         Take Me Back                   SFG276-06
Tinchy Stryder                         Number 1                       SFG279-16
Tinchy Stryder                         Never Leave You                SFG282-16
Tinchy Stryder                         Spaceship                      SFG304-13
Ting Tangs                             Great Dj                       SFG265-7
Ting Things                            Be The one                     SFG272-05
Ting Tings                             That's Not My Name             SFG267-3
Ting Tings                             Shut Up & Let Me Go            SFG269-2
Tinie Tempah                           Pass Out                       SFG290-01
Tinie Tempah                           Frisky                         SFG292-11
Tinie Tempah                           Wonderman                      SFG301-03
Tinie Tempah                           Hitz                           SFG306-11
Tinie Tempah                           Till I’m Gone                  SFG306-11
Tinie Tempha                           Written In The Stars           SFG297-02
Tinie Tempha                           Invincible                     SFG299-09
Tlc                                    No Scrubs                      SFG140-8
Tlc                                    Unpretty                       SFG144-6
Tlc                                    Dear Lie                       SFG155-4
Tom Jones                              Green Green Grass Of Home      EKG10-15
Tom Jones                              Delilha                        EKG2-4
Tom Jones                              It's Not Unusual               EKG3-11
Tom Jones                  A Boy from Nowhere                       EKG45-6
Tom Jones                  What's New Pussycat                      EKG5-14
Tom Jones                  Mamma Told Me Not To Come                SFG161-11
Tom jones/Cmathew          Baby its cold outside                    SFG157-5
Tom Jones/Mouse T          Sex Bomb                                 SFG159-12
Toni Basil                 Mickey                                   EKG32-5
Toni Braxton               Unbreak My Heart (re-mix)                EKG11-7
Toni Braxton               Unbreak My Heart                         EKG8-3
Toni Braxton               Yesterday                                SFG288-16
Tony Bennett               Shadow Of Your Smile                     EKG22-15
Tony Bennett               I Left My Heart In ...                   EKG22-5
Tony Bennett               Just In Time                             EKG23-4
Tony Bennett               Good Life                                EKG23-7
Tony Christie              Merry Christmas Everyone                 SFG238-1
Tony Orlando               Tie A Yellow Ribbon                      EKG15-10
Topleader                  Achilles Heel                            SFG165-9
Topleader                  Only For A While                         SFG175-12
Toploader                  Just Hold On                             SFG171-15
Toploader                  Dancing in the Moonlight                 SFG173-4
Toploader                  Time Of My Life                          SFG195-09
Topol                      If I Were A Rich Man                     EkG18-7
ToTo                       Africa                                   EKG19-7
Toto                       Hold The Line                            SFG162-11
Traditional                Happy Birthday (Vocal)                   SFG143-12
Traditional                Happy Birthday (Non Vocal)               SFG143-13
Traditional                We Wish You a Merry Christmas            SFG30-17
Traditional                Auld Lang Syne                           SFG30-21
Transvision Vamp           I Want Your Love                         SFG166-5
Travie Mc Coy              Billionaire                              SFG294-05
Travis                     Why Does It Always Rain                  SFG146-9
Travis                     Turn                                     SFG154-6
Travis                     Coming Around                            SFG167-2
Travis                     Flowers In The Window                    SFG190-05
Travis                     Re-Offender                              SFG209-10
Trouble                    Ray Lamontagne                           SFG246-5
Tweenies                   I Believe In Christmas                   SFG186-15
Tweet                      Call Me                                  SFG195-11
Tweet Feat. Missy Elliot   Oops (Oh My)                             SFG193-06
Typically Tropical         Barbados                                 EKG44-16
Typically Tropical         Barbados                                 SFG141-9
U2                         All Because Of You                       SFG236-10
U2                         Original Of The Species                  SFG241-10
U2                         Beautiful Day                            SFG172-7
U2                         Elevation                                SFG173-13
U2                         Stuck In A Moment With You               SFG175-13
U2                         Walk On                                  SFG186-4
U2                         The Hands That Build America             SFG202-11
U2                         Vertigo                                  SFG224-07
U2                         Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own   SFG228-01
U2                         City Of Blinding Lights                  SFG232-11
U2                         Get On Your Boots                        SFG277-01
U2                         Magnificent                              SFG279-15
U2                         I'll Go Crazy If I Don't ....            SFG284-15
U2 & Ben E King            When Love Comes To Town                  SFG156-4
UB40                       Kingston Town                            EKG10-5
UB40                       I Got You Babe                           EKG3-1
UB40                      Red Red Wine                   EKG31-12
UB40                      Train Is Coming                SFG138-15
UB40                      Many Rivers To Cross           SFG160-13
Uncle Cracker             Follow Me                      SFG185-12
Unit 4 + two              Concrete And Clay              EKG26-11
Unknown                   How Long                       EKG18-13
Unknown                   When Will I See You Again      EKG32-11
Unknown                   Welcome Home                   EKG36-3
Unknown                   Lift It High                   SFG140-16
Unknown                   Canned Heat                    SFG140-4
Unknown                   Summer Sun                     SFG142-3
Unknown                   Human                          SFG143-10
Unknown                   Well Did You Ever              SFG145-8
Unknown                   Bugs                           SFG146-12
Unknown                   Carnation                      SFG152-12
Unknown                   When Were together             SFG154-11
Unknown                   Two In A Million               SFG155-12
Unknown                   Tempted                        SFG156-2
Unknown                   Can't Stop The Music           SFG156-9
Unknown                   What A Girl Wants              SFG157-13
Unknown                   Sundown                        SFG158-4
Unknown                   Sunday Morning Call            SFG167-13
Unknown                   In Demand                      SFG172-4
Unknown                   Lovelight                      SFG249-07
Us                        Electrical Storm               SFG199-08
Usher                     U-Turn                         SFG191-02
Usher                     Yeah                           SFG217-01
Usher                     Burn                           SFG218-04
Usher                     Confessions Part 2             SFG223-01
Usher                     Caught Up                      SFG227-03
Usher                     Moving Mountains               SFG269-14
Usher                     O.M.G                          SFG291-02
Usher                     There Goes My Baby             SFG294-13
Usher                     More                           SFG299-13
Usher Feat. Young Jeezy   Love In This Club              SFG267-4
V                         You stood up                   SFG225-10
V. Williams               Save The Best Till Last        EKG5-15
Val Doonican              Paddy Mc Ginty's Goat          SFG151-14
Vampire Weekend           Oxford Comma                   SFG268-3
Vampire Weekend           A-Punk                         SFG274-10
Van Morrison              Brown Eyed Girl                EKG19-15
Vandellas                 Dancing In the Street          EKG2-3
Vanessa Carlton           A Thousand Miles               SFG196-04
Vanessa Carlton           Ordinary Day                   SFG200-03
Various                   Thank Abba For The Music       SFG138-16
Various                   It's Only Rock & Roll          SFG157-7
Velvelettes               He Was Really Saying ...       EKG28-12
Vengaboys                 Boom Boom                      SFG140-7
Vengaboys                 We're Going To Ibiza           SFG142-10
Vengaboys                 Kiss (Where The Sun Don't..)   SFG154-15
Vengaboys                 Sha La La La                   SFG161-2
Vengaboys                 Uncle John From Jamaica        SFG167-8
Vengaboys                 Cheeka Bow Bow                 SFG171-8
Vengaboys                 Forever As 1                   SFG175-14
Vera Lynn                 White Cliffs Of Dover          SFG149-12
Verbalicious              Don’t Play Nice                SFG229-12
Vic Reeves                  Dizzy                               EKG3-15
Victora Beckham             A Mind Of It's Own                  SFG187-12
Village People              Y.M.C.A.                            EKG3-4
VS                          Call You Sexy                       SFG219-13
W. Houston/G.Michael        If I Told You That                  SFG167-3
Walker Bros.                Sun Ain't Goona Shine               EKG26-1
Walker Bros.                No Regrets                          EKG26-2
Wamdue Project              King Of My Castle                   SFG155-15
Wamdue Project              You're The Reason                   SFG163-4
Wayne Fontana               Game of love                        EKG40-15
Wayne Wonder                No Letting Go                       SFG208-07
Waynefontana                Game of love                        EKG40-15
We Are Scientists           After Hours                         SFG265-4
Weezer                      Pork & Beans                        SFG269-15
Westlife                    Swear It Again                      SFG138-4
Westlife                    If I Let You Go                     SFG146-11
Westlife                    Flying Without Wings                SFG152-10
Westlife                    I Have A Dream                      SFG155-13
Westlife                    Seasons In The Sun                  SFG155-16
Westlife                    Fool Again                          SFG157-14
Westlife                    I Don't Wanna Fight                 SFG163-10
Westlife                    My Love                             SFG173-3
Westlife                    What Makes A Man                    SFG175-15
Westlife                    I Lay My Love On You                SFG175-16
Westlife                    Queen Of My Heart                   SFG185-16
Westlife                    Angel                               SFG187-11
Westlife                    A World Of Our Own                  SFG189-07
Westlife                    Bop Bop Baby                        SFG192-06
Westlife                    Unbreakable                         SFG197-07
Westlife                    Miss You Nights                     SFG199-11
Westlife                    Tonight                             SFG203-15
Westlife                    Hey Whatever                        SFG209-13
Westlife                    Mandy                               SFG211-07
Westlife                    Obvious                             SFG215-09
Westlife                    Smile                               SFG226-12
Westlife                    Amazing                             SFG241-2
Westlife                    Us Against The World                SFG266-9
Westlife                    What About Now                      SFG286-08
Westlife                    Safe                                SFG298-09
Westlife                    You Raise Me Up                     SFG237-4
Westlife feat. Diana Ross   When You Tell Me That You Love Me   SFG238-3
Wet Wet Wet                 Love Is All Around                  EKG3-3
Wet Wet Wet                 Goodnight Girl                      EKG38-10
Wet Wet Wet                 Sweet Surrender                     EKG43-10
Wet Wet Wet                 If I Never See You Again            EKG43-17
Wet Wet Wet                 Somewhere, Somehow                  SFG166-9
Wham                        Club Tropicana                      EKG31-1
Wham                        I'm Your Man                        EKG31-3
Wham                        Last Christmas                      EKG31-4
Wham                        Young Guns (Go For It)              EKG43-2
Wham                        Wake Me Up Before You Go            EKG7-1
Wheatus                     Wannabe Gangstar                    SFG188-5
Wheatus                     Leroy                               SFG189-13
White Lies                  To Lose My Life                     SFG276-10
White Lies                  Farewell To The Fairground          SFG278-09
White Plains                My Baby Loves Loving                SFG168-6
White Stripes              Blue Orchard                        SFG232-07
White Stripes              Conquest                            SFG263-14
Whitney Houston            I Will Always Love You              EKG10-16
Whitney Houston            Greatest Love Of All                EKG16-15
Whitney Houston            I Wanna Dance .Somebody             EKG16-7
Whitney Houston            All At Once                         EKG19-8
Whitney Houston            Where Do Broken Hearts Go           EKG19-9
Whitney Houston            One Moment In Time                  EKG2-16
Whitney Houston            Saving All My Love For You          EKG5-2
Whitney Houston            My Love Is Your Love                SFG138-12
Whitney Houston            Heartbreak Hotel                    SFG148-3
Whitney Houston            I Learned From The Best             SFG157-2
Whitney Houston            Could I Have This Kiss              SFG170-6
Whitney Houston            On My Own                           SFG203-10
whitney houston            Million Dollar Bill                 SFG284-02
Who                        My Generation                       EKG41-11
Wilde & Smith              Rocking Around.Xmas Tree            SFG30-06
Wiley                      Summer Time                         SFG272-08
Wiley Ft. Emeli Sande      Never Be Your Woman                 SFG290-07
Will Smith                 Wild Wild West                      SFG144-4
Will Smith                 Freakin' It                         SFG161-3
Will Smith                 Switch                              SFG229-13
Will Smith                 Party Starter                       SFG237-14
Will Young                 Evergreen                           SFG189-17
Will Young                 Anything Is Possible                SFG190-15
Will Young                 Light My Fire                       SFG193-01
Will Young                 You & I                             SFG199-16
Will Young                 Don't Let Me Down                   SFG200-13
Will Young                 Leave Right Now                     SFG212-03
Will Young                 Your Game                           SFG215-02
Will Young                 Fridays Child                       SFG220-01
Will Young                 Love Is Only A matter Of Distance   SFG222-02
Will Young                 Changes                             SFG271-10
Will Young                 Grace                               SFG275-12
Will Young                 Let It Go                           SFG277-16
Will Young                 Jealousy                            SFG308-05
Will Young                 Switch It On                        SFG237-5
Will Young                 All Time Love                       SFG239-3
Will Young                 Who Am I                            SFG243-11
Will Young & G Gates       The Long & Winding Road             SFG196-05
William Orbit              Feel Good Time                      SFG207-05
Willow Smith               Whip My Hair                        SFG298-12
Willow Smith               21st Century girl                   SFG302-09
Wilson Picket              Repect                              EKG4-17
Wilson Picket              Midnight Hour                       EKG6-15
Wilson Picket              Mustang Sally                       EKG6-6
Wings                      Mull Of Kintyre                     EKG44-1
Wiseguys                   Ooh La La                           SFG142-12
Wiz Khalifa                No Sleep                            SFG304-14
Wizard                     I Wish It Could Be Xmas E. Day      SFG30-03
Wolfman and Pete Doherty   For Lovers                          SFG218-11
Wombats                    Moving To New York                  SFG263-10
Wretch 32                  Trakor                              SFG300-12
Wretch 32                  Unorthodox                          SFG303-02
Wretch 32                  Don’t Go                            SFG307-03
Wyclef Jean                Party Of Damascus                   SFG212-13
Wyclef Jean/Bono            New Day                    SFG152-11
Wycley Jean                 Pussycat                   SFG199-09
XFM                         Born In England            SFG219-05
X-Factor Finalists          Hero                       SFG274-16
X-Factor Finalists          You Are Not Alone          SFG287-15
X-Factor Finalists 2010     Heroes                     SFG298-17
X-Press Ft. David Byrne     Lazy                       SFG192-01
Xtm                         Fly On The Wings Of Love   SFG207-10
Yasmin                      Finish Line                SFG304-03
Yazz/Plastic Pop.           Only Way Is Up             EKG38-11
Yeah Yeah Yeahs             Zero                       SFG279-05
Yolanda Be Cool Ft. D Cup   We No Speak Americano      SFG294-07
Young Money Ft. Lloyd       Bed Rock                   SFG290-05
Young Soul Rebels           I Got Soul                 SFG286-18
Zombies                     She's Not There            EKG41-13
Zutons                      Always Right Behind You    SFG268-15
ZZ Top                      Legs                       EKG38-6
ZZ Top                      Sharp Dressed Man          SFG168-13

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