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					VCP agreement letter

       To Debra Zatz,
       President-elect, IPSO

       Dear Ms. Zatz,

       I am writing on behalf of the Institute ……………………………………….. to assert our wish
       to participate in the Visiting Candidate Program offered by IPSO. The Board has discussed
       and approved our participation and we agree to fulfill the requirements listed below:

          The visiting candidate will be allowed to attend classes as well as any other programs that a
           matriculated candidate would attend.
          We will provide two hours of supervision to the visiting candidate, negotiated at the time
           the visit with the analyst chosen by the candidate if possible.
          We will provide these benefits pro bono.
          We understand that participation by a candidate from our Institute visiting another institute
           through the VCP obligates us to receive a candidate.
          If community extension activities are going on during the visit, the candidate will be
           allowed to participate, if appropriate.
          Only IPSO members can take part in the program
          Air fare costs will be the candidate’s responsibility
          Lodging will be arranged by the IPSO representative in the receiving Institute

       For its part the Institute……………………… has declared itself ready to meet the housing
       requirement for a visiting candidate. The contact person for the Visiting Candidate Program is
       the IPSO representative in the local Institute .

       Thank you very much for your cooperation and assistance in this.

       Sincerely yours,

       Director of institute

       Date and place

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