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									NCM2010 & IDC2010
Conference Venue : Grand Hilton Seoul (201-1 Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul, South Korea 120-710 )
   DAY 1
Registration 13:00

                               White Heron                                                       Swan                                                         Crane

                                    Session 1                                                 Session 2                                                    Session 3

                                    NCM_IS-4                                                 NCM_IS-6                                                        IDC_S5

                             Dr. Allen Y. Chang                                    Dr. Hsing-Chung Chen                                                   Dr.Yunji Na

                Combining Gradientfaces, Principal Component Analysis,          Using Threshold Method to Separate the Edge,
                                                                                                                                                   Classification of Prostatic Biopsy
                  and Fisher Linear Discriminant for Face Recognition     Coating and Body of Tongue in Automatic Tongue Diagnosis

                     Chih-Jen Lee, Tzu-Yin Chen, Jenn-Dong Sun,                                                                              Shao-Kuo Tai, Cheng-Yi Li and Yen-Chih Wu,
                                                                                     C. C. Wei, C. H. Wang, S. W. Huang
                            Tai-Ning Yang, Allen Y. Chang                                                                                          Yee-Jee Jan and Shu-Chuan Lin

                                                                               On the Faulty Sensor Identification Algorithm of            CLEAR STREAMING: Providing Quality Affordable
                   Fingerprint Identification Using Local Gabor Filters
                                                                          Wireless Sensor Networks Under the PMC Diagnosis Model             Time-Shifting Services in Live IPTV Systems

                    Chih-Jen Lee, Tai-Ning Yang, Chun-Jung Chen,
                                                                          Tzu-Liang Kunga, Hsing-Chung Chena, and Jimmy J. M. Tan            Chen Ronghua, Ye Dejian+ and Jiang Xiuyan
                        Allen Y. Chang, and Sheng-Hsuan Hsu

                    Two-Dimensional Bar Code Mobile Commerce -                   Novel Dummy Sequence Generator for PAPR                 Satellite-based Distance Education in Digital Paradigm
                      Implementation and Performance Analysis                        Reduction by DSI in OFDM Systems                                      : ISRO perspective

                           Chung-Hsin Liu, Chia-Hong Chou                                      Shu-Hong Lee                              S.L. Rajashekhar, Gayatri V. Ayyangar, Rahul Sharma
      -                   The study of Botnet attack on VoIP
                                                                                   An Enhanced Three-party Encrypted Key
                                                                                                                                     An Efficient System for Automatic Sorting of the Ceramic Tiles
                                                                                 Exchange Protocol Using Digital Time-Stamp
                                                                                   Hsing-Chung Chen, Hsien-Yun Chuang,
                             Chung-Hsin Liu, You-Sheng Li                                                                                    Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh, Mahdi Hossienzadeh
                                                                                    Tzu-Liang Kung and Yung-Fa Huang

                                                                              Performance of an MMSE based Indoor Localization                      Modulation Classification Using
                        Towards A Holistic Customer Experience
                                                                                       with Wireless Sensor Networks                   Genetic Algorithm and Radial Basis Neural Network Based

                                      Nai-Wen Kuo                          Yung-Fa Huang, You-Ting Jheng and Hsing-Chung Chen                   Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh, Reza Ghazalian

                       Information Security Issue of Enterprises                      Selected Mapping Applied Scheme                       Study on Ballistic of Acoustic Homing Torpedo
                     Adopting the Application of Cloud Computing             for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Communication Systems                     based on the Two Turnings Salvo

                            Chang-Lung Tsai, Uei-Chin Lin,
                                                                               Gwo-Ruey Lee, Chia-Hsin Cheng, Ho-Lung Hung              Song huanhuan, Wang shuzong, Chen lei, Dai zhiheng
                           Allen Y. Chang, Chun-Jung Chen

                                                                             An Interference Cancellation
                                                                                                                              Actor Based Domain Specific Privacy Model
              Technology Acceptance of Videoconferencing                  Scheme-based Carrier Frequency
                                                                                                                                       for U-Healthcare System
                                                                  Offset Estimation for OFDM Uplink Transmissions
                    Allen Y. Chang, Cheng-Hua Liu,                                                                           Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, Agilan Ravi,
                                                             Ho-Lung Hung, Chien-Chi Chao, You-Hao, and Chin-Hung Wu
                   Jenn-Dong Sun, Chang-Lung Tsai                                                                                Aparna Nayak, Sunil Thunuguntla

                                                                                                                       MyMuseum: Integrating Personalized Recommendation and
                                                                                                                          Multimedia for Enriched Human-System Interaction

                                                                                                                                 P.Alabastro, M. Ang, R. deGuzman,
                                                                                                                                     M. Muhi and M.Suarez PhD
                                                     Opening & Invited Speech (With Coffee and Cookies)

                                             1.David Siu-Yeung CHO, BEng(Hons), PhD
4:00 - 6:00        Recognizing Patterns with Structures: From low-level Features to high-level Human Perspective

                                                                    2.Jungpil Shin, Ph.D
                                                     Pen-based Interactive System and Computer Vision.

6:30 - 8:00                                                               Conference Dinner

   DAY 2
Registration : 08 :00

                            White Heron                                                     Swan                                               Crane

                                 Session 4                                               Session 5                                          Session 6

                             NCM_WS3 - 1                                                NCM_S1-1                                            IDC_S1-1

                       Prof. Chen-Shu Wang
                  Integrated Baby-Care Recommender Platform
                                                                                Simulating the Network Dynamics
                         based on Hybrid Commonsense                                                                         Analyses of Definitions of Hidden Markov Models
                                                                              in Market-oriented Overlay Networks
                 Reasoning and Case-Based Reasoning Algorithms

                           Chen-Shu Wang, Chun-Yi Li                              Yutaka Okaie, Tadashi Nakano                                  Li Yujian

                        An Automated Semantic Annotation                Towards Comprehensive Integration Management             A Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm
                           based-on Wordnet Ontology                     of Business Continuity, Records and Knowledge              Based on Sliding Window for AVS

                            Che-Yu Yang, Hua-Yi Lin                                  Xiaomi An, Wang Wang                    Yule Yuan, Yong Zhao, Kunpeng Wang, Xuhui Bai

                   An Intelligent Handover Decision Mechanism                                                                  FPGA implementation of Gaussian-distributed
                                                                         A Hot Backup Sip Server System Based on VRRP
                       for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks                                                                         pseudo-random number generator
     -                            Shih Jung Wu                             Qingwei Yang, Zu-Kuan Wei, Jae-Hong KIM                            Minsu Kang
   10:30        Exploring Stock Market Dynamism in Multi-nations
                                                                          On Identification of Pseudo Uniform Grounds                Fingerprint Image Compression
                with Genetic Algorithm, Support Vector Regression,
                                                                           based on Similarity of Settlement History             Algorithm Based On Matrix Optimization
                         and Optimal Technical Analysis

                          Deng-Yiv Chiu, Shin-Yi Chian                            K.Saitou, S.Sakurai, H.Suzuki                    Yuyang Zhou, Tiande Guo, Min Wu

                        A Personalized Healthcare Service                                                                       Integration of Chaotic Map and Confusion
                                                                         Fault Detection for high Availability RAID System
                            on Aged Stoke-Precaution                                                                          Technique for Color Medical Image Encryption

                                                                                                                                         Nuha Omran Abokhdair,
                        Yuan-Chu Hwang, Weng-Ting Lin                 Liu Zhiming, Yang Xiaohua, Sha Jichang, Wan Yaping
                                                                                                                                 Azizah Bt Abdul Manaf, Mazdak Zamani

                   Game-based Digital Learning System Assists              Neighbor-Aware Dynamic Backoff Algorithm          Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
                 and Motivates C Programming Language Learners               for Wireless Multihop ad hoc Aetworks               for Rectangular Cutting-Stock Problem

                  Wen-Chih Chang, Yu-Min Chou, Kuen-Chi Chen                                                                          QI Ji, HUANG Lan, TAN Ying

                                                                              Capacity and Quality Improvement in                 A New Lossless Watermarking Scheme
                                                                            Reversible Image Watermarking Approach                     Based on DCT coefficients

                                                                                                                                   Hossein Rahmani, Reza Mortezaei,
                                                                     Shahidan M. Abdullah, Azizah A. Manaf, Mazdak Zamani
                                                                                                                                    Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam

10:30 -10:45                                                                    Coffee Break with Cookies

                                   Session 7                                                   Session 8                                                      Session 9

                               NCM_WS3 -2                                                     NCM_S1-2                                                        IDC_S1-2

                        Prof. Chen-Shu Wang

                                                                                                                                                 Self-Encoded Spread Spectrum with Iterative
                 Applied Social Network Anaysis to Project Curriculum        Network Performance Issues in IP Transition Phase
                                                                                                                                          Detection in Multi-Rate Multimedia Communication Systems

                                                                                                                                                       Liang Chi, Young Hoon Jung,
                    Wen-Chih Chang, Hsiao-Wen Lin, Lai-Chi Wu                                       T. Bilski
                                                                                                                                                      Won Mee Jang and Lim Nguyen

                 Exploring the Distribution and Relationship Between                                                                                  Efficient Algorithm for Handling
                                                                        A New Service Reservation Approach for Workflow Management
                             MSN and the Physical World                                                                                           Dangling Pages Using Hypothetical Node

                  Wen-Chih Chang, Te-Hua Wang, Yen-Ching Huang            Jiazao Lin, YiYang,Zhili Zhao,Caihong Li, Lian Li, Xining Li   Ashutosh Kumar, Singh Ravi Kumar P, Alex Goh Kwang Leng

                   A Framework of PBL Strategy Integrated in LMS              Feature Based Opinion Mining of Online Customer                          A Blind Watermarking Algorithm
                       and a Ubiquitous Learning Environment             Reviews Using Frequency Distribution and Bayesian Statistics       for Color Image Based on Singular Value Quantization
     -                          D. T. Ku, C-S. Chang                             Naveed Anwer, Ayesha Rashid, Syed Hassan                                 Wang Hui-Qin, Zhao Min
                                                                                        Data Warehouse Distribution                                   Precise Web Page Segmentation
                 Item Selection Strategic via Social Network Analyze
                                                                                    Fragmentation and Allocation Strategy                        based on Semantic Block Headers Detection

                        Ming-Hsiung Ying, Hao-Hsuan Huang                    Tekaya Karima, Abdelaziz Abdellatif, Habib Ounalli               Aihua Zhang, Jiwu Jing, Le Kang, Lingchen Zhang

                IT/IM Academic Network in Taiwan via Social Networks             Construction of an Efficient Ring-Tree-based                     A Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm
                         Analyze of Conference Committees                             Peer-to-Peer Streaming Platform                               Combined with The Genetic Algorithm

                                                                                       Nen-Fu Huang, Yih-Jou Tzang,
                            Chen-Shu Wang, Yu-Chieh Li                                                                                      Xiaoping Li, Lei Zhang, Yinxiang Li, Zhenghong Wang
                                                                                      Hong-Yi Chang and Chih-Shun Ma

                                                                                   Addressing Secure Data Routing Scheme                             The Improve of Multicast Based on
                                                                                     for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks                                of Collaboration Coding in WSNs

                                                                                    Pardeep Kumar, Md. Iftekhar Salam,                                Xiaoping Li, Tao JIN, Feng LING,
                                                                                        Sang-Gon Lee, HoonJae Lee                                      Shuaizong Wang, Xiaoxing LV

                                                                                                                                                  Research on the KOTP Authentication and
                                                                                                                                                     its Application in Financial Systems

                                                                                                                                                  Xiaoping Li, Yinxiang Li, Shuaizong Wang,
                                                                                                                                                          Lizhi Zhong, Yuhuan Jing

12:20 - 13:50                                                                                     Lunch

                           Session 10                                                    Session 11                                                   Session 12

                            NCM_S3-1                                                       NCM_S2                                                      IDC_S1-3

                   Hierarchical Structure Based Service                   Classification Students with Learning Disabilities
                                                                                                                                  Sentence based Semantic Similarity Measure for Blog-Posts
                     Semantic Relationship Discovery                      Using Naive Bayes Classifier and Decision Tree

                                                                               Nittaya Muangnak, Wannapa Pukdee
                     Anping Zhao, Yu Yu, Yuhui Qiu                                                                                             Mehwish Aziz, Muhammad Rafi
                                                                                    and Thapani Hengsanunkun

                   Emergency Service Warning System                 Study of Ecological Sustainable Development for Urban Built           Human Action Detection and Classification
                     Using SIP for Integrated Media                             Environment Based on GIS and RS                          using Optimal Bag-of-Words Representation

                  Narongrit Waraporn, Tuul Triyason,                                                                                       Bashar Tahayna, Mohammed Belkhatir,
                                                                             LUO Jing, JIN Xiao-chun, DANG An-rong
            Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee, Patchara Tilkanont                                                                                   Saadat M Alhashmi, Thomas O’Daniel

                                                                                                                                         Combining Content and Context Information
           Leakage-Resilient Identity-Based Encryption Scheme            FDAE: A Failure Detector for Asynchronous Events
                                                                                                                                         for Video Events Classification and Retrieval

                                                                                                                                           Bashar Tahayna, Mohammed Belkhatir,
          Xizhao Luo, Peide Qian, Yanqin Zhu, ShangpingWang           Alfonso Farruggia, Marco Ortolani, and Giuseppe Lo Re
                                                                                                                                            Saadat M Alhashmi, Thomas O’Daniel

              The Design of Storage Structure for Sequence                 End-to-End Performance Measurement Model                          A Fast Mode Prediction of Multi-view
14:00           in Incremental Sequential Patterns Mining                      on DiffServ Domain in IPv6 Network                            Video Coding using Region Analysis
            Jiaxin Liu, Shuting Yan, Jiadong Ren, Jiadong Ren                      Juan Zhou, Yi Wang, Gang Hu                         Kwangmu Shin, Sunghwan Chun, Kidong Chung
                  Interoperability between a Relational                        Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques                      Secure Migration of IPTV Services from a STB to
                   Data Model and an RDF Data Model                          based on an Enhanced Rough Set Model                          Mobile Devices for Pay per View Video

                  Mi-Young Choi, Chang-Joo Moon,                                                                                        Aymen Abdullah Alsaffar,Tien-Dung Nguyen,
                                                                                    Ping-Feng Pai, Ming-Fu Hsu
            Doo-Kwon Baik, Young-Jun Wie, Joong-Hee Park                                                                                    Young-Rok Shin and Eui-Nam Huh

              A Comparison of Data Encryption Algorithms
                                                                            The Most Frequent Closed Sequence Mining              Computer Simulation on Elastro-plastic Collision of Spheres
             with the Proposed Algorithm: Wireless Security

                  Shadi R. Masadeh, Shadi Aljawarneh,
                                                                               Panida Songram, Sasitorn Kaewman                       Deng Xiao, Wan Shaojun, Hu Qitu, Zhang Xiaoling
                   Nedal Turab, Aymen M. Abuerrub

                    A Comparative Study for Fast-Flux
                                                                     Knowledge-first Web Services - An E-Government Example           Senior - Friendly Icon Design for the Mobile Phone
                       Service Networks Detection

        Jiayan Wu, Liwei Zhang, Jian Liang, Sheng Qu, Zhiqiang Ni                Peter Salhofer, Bernd Stadlhofer                     Y. Batu Salman, Young – Hee Kim, Hong-In Cheng

             Blink: Large-scale P2P Network Monitoring and                      Data Quality issues in Accounting                              A Graphics Library for Delivering
              Visualization System Using VM introspection                 Information Systems Adoption-Theory Building                          3D Contents on Web Browsers

            Ruo Ando,Youki Kadobayashi and Yoichi Shinoda                          Manirath Wongsim, Jing Gao                                   E. Pinto, G. Amador, A. Gomes

                         Design of Conceptual Search Engine Using                                                                                            Subjective Problems Judgment
                                                                                       Implementing FFT using SPMD style of OpenMP
                           Hierarchy of Attributes and Concepts                                                                                         Based on BM Algorithm and Decision Tree

                                                                                            Tien-Hsiung Weng, Sheng-Wei Huang,
                     Sang C. Suh, Sri Ganesh Anaparthi, Gayatri Appana                                                                                Xiaoping Li, Lei Zhang, Yushu Wu, Wenbo Mei
                                                                                                 Won Woo Ro, Kuan-Ching Li

15:50 - 16:10                                                                            Coffee Break with Cookies

                                     Session 13                                                       Session 14                                                    Session 24

                                       NCM_S4                                                IDC_IS-2 & NCM_S2                                                         IDC_S4

                             A Study on Secure and Fair Escrow
                                                                                VoIP Network Forensic Analysis with Digital Evidence Procedure     Topology Based Fragile Watermark for Binary Image
                               Services for Digital Commerce

                                Min-Hua Shao, Shu-Hui Wen                          I-Long Lin, Yun-Sheng Yen, Bo-Lin Wu, Hsiang-Yu Wang                          Tieniu Gao and Ming Su

                 An Efficient Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor              Providing Every Student with an iPad as                           A Novel Watermarking Algorithm
   16:10                    Network Using Public Key Cryptography                   a Means of Helping Develop Korean EFL Digital Literacy            for Protecting Audio Aggregation Based on ICA
                     Md. Iftekhar Salam, Pardeep Kumar, HoonJae Lee                                   Robert C. Meurant                                        Rangding Wang, Yiqun Xiong
                         Research of Ship Oil Spill Risk Monitoring &
                                                                                         A Dynamic ID-based Authentication Scheme                 A Robust Defense Against Content-Sniffing XSS Attacks
                  Evaluation System in Shanghai Yangshan Port Water Area

                                Sun Yongming, Han Houde                               Tien-Dung Nguyen, Aymen Al-Saffar, Eui-Nam Huh             Misganaw Tadesse Gebre, Kyung-Suk Lhee, ManPyo Hong

                                                                                           Performance Enhancement of Tunneling                    Energy-Efficient Protection of Video Surveillance Data
                       Vector Map Digital Watermarking Using Angles
                                                                                        Protocol in Mobile Network with Mobile Router                     Using Multicore-based Video Sensors

                                                                                          Rama Mohan Babu K N, Prathima Mabel J,                         Sungju Lee, Eunji Lee, Yongwha Chung,
                                       Jungyeop Kim
                                                                                            K.N.Balasubramanya Murthy Mamatha                                Hyeonjoong Cho, Byoungki Min

                                                                                         Open Real-time Tracking Teaching Approach                    An Image Encryption System by 2D Memorized
                Adaptive Signal Management using Event Processing Networks
                                                                                          for Undergraduates in Chinese Mainland                          Cellular Automata and Chaos mapping

                             Cesar D. Velandia-Briñez, S.Don,
                                                                                    Yang SHEN, Huijuan FU, Xiaodong REN, Shangru WU                 M.Habibipour, R.Maarefdoust, M.Yaghobi, S.Rahati
                            Na-Yun Cho, Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min

                         Biological Cell Communications Technology                          Digital Audio Watermarking Using an                          Automating Customs Verification Process
                                 : An Architecture Overview                            Improved Patchwork Method in Wavelet Domain                               Using RFID Technology

                               Tadashi Nakano, Tatsuya Suda                                    Jing-Jing Jiang and Chi-Man Pun                          Joseph K.Siror,Sheng Huanye,Wang Dong

 A Novel Scheduling for (m, k)-firm      Reversible Image Watermarking Using Integer     Evaluation of RFID Based Tracking Systems
Streams in Wireless Sensor Networks        Transform on Lifting Wavelet Coefficients      for Securing Transit Goods in East Africa

             Ki-Il Kim                Chi-Man Pun, Nopporn Hemman and Xiao-Chen Yuan      Joseph K.Siror,Sheng Huanye,Wang Dong

                                             Digital Image Watermarking Scheme         Key-Frame Based Video Summarization Using QR-
                                             Based on Histogram in DWT Domain                         Decomposition

                                              Xiao-Chen Yuan and Chi-Man Pun               Ali Amiri, Mahmood Fathy, Atusa Naseri

   DAY 2
Registration : 08 :00

                                       Room A                                                       Room B                                                    Room C

                                     Session 16                                                  Session 17                                                Session 18

                                     NCM_S1-1                                                    NCM_S1-2                                                  NCM_S1-3

                            REMO: A RGPS-based Requirements                             Approach on Modeling Crosscutting                  The Application of One-Time Password Technology
                     Modeling Process for Service Oriented Architecture                   Features in Concurrent System                     in the Security of Electronic Accounting System

                          Bo Hu, Keqing He, Peng Liang, Rong Li                                  SU Yang, QIN Jun                             Li Yinxiang, SunXinxin, Li Xiaoping, Qiong Xu

                        Application of SOA-based Business Process                       Extracting Traversing Features at              Research on the S / KEY One-Time Password Authentication
                       Management in Outage Management System                    Requirements Level from Software Legacy System        System and its Application in Banking And Financial Systems

                                     WU Bo, WANG Lei                                                  SU Yang                              Li Yinxiang, Lizhi Zhong, Xiaoping Li, Yuhuan Jing

                              A Location-Based Push Service                          Understanding Crosscutting Concerns From                      The Key Technology of the Next
                            Architecture with Clustering Method                 Various Perspectives in Software Reverse Engineering         Generation Distance Education Mobile Platform

   09:00             Tongyu Zhu, Yuan Zhang, Fei Wang , Weifeng Lv                                   SU Yang                                              Xiaoping Li, Kai Wu
                           A Collaborative Performance Tuning
   10:30                   Approach for Portal-based Web Sites
                                                                                    A Calendar Oriented Service for Smart Home                Research of Mobile IP Tunneling Mechanism

                                  Li, Shanping Tong, Jiaqi                       Yuan-Chih Yu, Shing-chern D. You, Dwen-Ren Tsai                          Xiaoping Li, Kai Wu

                            An Efficient Service Search Strategy                         Speed and Rotor Flux Estimation of                     Robustness Analysis of a New Distributed
                         in Decentralized E-business Environments                Induction Motors based on Extended Kalman Filter           Scheduling Approach - Relprox Model Using Mosix

                                                                                                                                            Suhaas Kaul, Udita Shukla, S. Karthik Sriharsha,
                           Wei He, Yongqing Zheng, Lizhen Cui                                Zhang Wei , Luo Jian Jun
                                                                                                                                                     Vishal Sonkar, Krishna Kant

                                                                                   The Study of Network Layer Topology Discovery               A Practical Incentive towards Efficient Data
               A Remote Data Disaster Recovery System Model based on Undo
                                                                                 Algorithm for Optimization Problem Based on SNMP                   Sharing in Large Scale Enterprise

                Guo Lin, Yu Zhi-hai, Li Hai-bo, Zhang Le-jun, Zhang Jian-pei       Xiaoping Li, Yinxing Li, Jinghui Chen, Qiong Xu                    Saumay Pushp, Priya Ranjan

                                                                                     A Node Cooperation Based Random Linear                     Research on technologies of Event Graph
                                                                               Network Coding Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks            Based Parallel Discrete Event Simulation

                                                                                            Xiaoping LI, Hu Xu, Hao Lu                  Wei Xia, Yiping Yao, Xiaodong Mu, Bing Wang, Fei Xing

10:30 -10:45                                                                        Coffee Break with Cookies
                                     Session 19                                                   Session 20                                                    Session 21

                                       NCM_S2                                                       NCM_S3                                                       NCM_S3-2

                Information Security Risks in a Customer Service Call Center     Recognizing Human Actions Using Bag-of-Features                    A Study new Challenge for Billing System
                      Infrastructure. Guidelines for Security Managers            and Intersection Kernel Support Vector Machines                        in Converged Service Platform

                                                                                                                                                         Soo-Duek Kim, Seon-Ho Park,
                                       Manuel Tupia                            Jia Liu, Weidong Zhong, MinQing Zhang, Xiaoyuan Yang
                                                                                                                                                      ChangSup Keum, Tai-Myoung Chung

                    Cardinality Constraint Analyse and Implementation                                                                                  Unit Technology Integration Scenario
                                                                                     An Approach for Tracking Privacy Disclosure
                                  in Access Control Model                                                                                         for the Application in Construction Work Sites

                                                                                                                                                            Il Oh, Oh, Chang Shik, K
                        Zhikun Zhang, Youping Geng , Jianguo Xiao                           Feng Gao, Jingsha He, Xu Wu
                                                                                                                                                      im, Jae Sun, Park, Mu Wook, Pyeon

                         A Soft Handover Approach using Multiple               A Diversity-guided Heuristic-based Genetic Algorithm for                     Evaluate the Performance
                           Network Interfaces for QoS Support                             Triangulation of Bayesian Networks                          of Cardholders' Repayment Behaviors

   10:45                         Inwhee Joe, Juhyeon Han
                                                                                            Xuchu Dong, Haihong Yu,
                                                                                                                                                                   I-Fei, Chen
                                                                                    Dantong Ouyang, Yuxin Ye, Yonggang Zhang
                        Mobility Management for Mobile Sinks using             The Research of Information Security Risk Assessment                 An Advanced H.264/AVC CAVLC Decoding
   12:15                Soft Handover in Large-Scale Sensor Fields                         Method Based on Fault Tree                              Architecture forLlow Power Implementation

                               Inwhee Joe, Sang-Woo Kim                           Huang Xiao Tao, Cai Liang, Wu Chi, Huang Li Qun                        Byung-Yup Lee, Kwang-Ki Ryoo

                         A Method to Support Multiple Interfaces                                                                                     A Behavior-Aware Matchmaking Model
                                                                                     Research of Flex-based WebGIS Application
                    a Mobile Node in Next Generation Wireless Network                                                                                 for Semantic Web Services Discovery

                             Hyun-Jong Kim, Seong-Gon Choi                           ZuKuan Wei, JingRong Zhao, Jae-Hong KIM                            Jun-cheng Yang, Hao-peng Chen

                           An Analysis of Hidden Node Problem                             A Deployment Platform the SDP
                                                                                                                                          A Dynamic Navigation Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
                            in IEEE 802.11 Multihop Networks                             Using Enablers in Presence Service

                 Jangkeun Jeong, Hyuntai Kim, Sangtae Lee and Jitae Shin                    Jae-Hyoung Cho, Jae-Oh Lee                                   Yan-Jing Wu, Wei-Cheng Sung

                                                                                                                                          IT Capability, Strategic Flexibility and Enterprise Performance
                  A Secure Examination Management System on Internet                  Modified SET Protocol for Mobile Payment                             : The Empirical Evidence from
                                                                                                                                               The Manufacturing Enterprises in Pearl River Delta

                     Bo SUN, Zhiyi FANG, Lingxi ZHOU and Binbin HE                               Sabrina M. Shedid                         Weihong Xie, Yongjian Wang, Luan Jiang, Guangyu Zhang

12:20 - 13:50                                                                                         Lunch

                                    Session 22                                                   Session 23                                                     Session 24

                                      NCM_S6                                                       NCM_S8                                                     IDC_S1 & S2
                       Design and Realization of Mobile Government                      A System Design of the Tahe's                             Intelligent Ontological Agent
                       Information Services Platform based on SMS               Forest -Fire -Prevention Management System             for Traffic Light Control of Isolated Intersections

                          Fayu Wang, Hua Zhang, Guangping Xu                         Xindan Gao,Nihong Wang, Jun Li                      Maryam Keyarsalan, Gholam Ali Montazer

                    The study of video conference transmission security                                                                        "Education-Based Social Game"
                                                                            The Earthwork Plan Application of 3D Geospatial Data
                             as an example on Windows Live                                                                            : The New Ways of Developing Educational Games

                               Chung-Hsin Liu, Wu-Fan Hsu                 Lee Jin-nyung, Pyun Moo-uk, Lee Byung-kil, Eo Yang-dam                  Qunfeng Gui, Sujing Zhang

                         The Study for Home Surveillance System                                                                    Improving Space Time Diversity in A Fixed Point-to-Point
                                                                               U-Forest based Service Model Derived Strategy
                                   of Attacks Analysis                                                                                  Link Using LMS Based Interference Cancellers

   14:00                     Chung-Hsin Liu, Po-Cheng Teng
                                                                                     Tae-Woong Jung, Sang-Moo Lee,
                                                                                                                                                  Amna Shabbir, M.Ali Yasir
                                                                                      Mu-Wook Pyeon, Jee-Hee Koo
                             The Analysis on the Effectiveness                                                                              A Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based
   15:50                    for the Handoff of WLAN and RFID
                                                                                Maintenance System of Mail Sorting Machine
                                                                                                                                               on Ordered Logistic Regression

                                                                                                                                             Weiguo Li, Cuiying Li, Xiaoping Du,
                          Chung-Hsin Liu, Sheng-Shiang Chang                Jeong-Hyun Park, Hoyon Kim, and Jong-Heung Park
                                                                                                                                            Kun Qian, Hanjie Zhang , Dezao Hou

                                                                                    A Hierarchical Approach to Traffic                   An Intelligent Model for the Assessment of
                  The study for the WLAN with ZigBee Positioning System
                                                                           Anomaly Detection using Image Processing Technique          Chinese E-government Based on Content Mining

                               Chung-Hsin Liu, Jian-Yun Lo                 Chi Yoon Jeong, Beom-Hwan Chang and Jung-Chan Na         Huijuan FU, Xiaodong REN, Shangru WU, Xincai WANG

                                                                            Degree and Resource-Constrained Routing Algotithm
                 CSCW-based Supply Chain Performance Analysis System                                                                 Organization Reform: Re-Engineer ICTs Back Office
                                                                             for Application Layer Multicast in Ad hoc Networks

                        Yanping WANG, Bo SUN and Guannan QU                        Wang Juan, Qin Zheng, Zhang jinxue                          Hau-Dong Tsui, Chong-Yen Lee

                 CSCW Based Customer Relationship Management System           Fire Monitoring System based on Open Map API         The Research on Trade of Education Services in Shanghai

                                                                                 Kyung Jun Gil, Radius Bhayu Prasetiyo,
                Naiji REN, Zhiyi FANG, Hongyu SUN, Bo SUN and Yang Zhao                                                                          Qiang CHEN, Li-ming WANG
                                                                               Hyun Ju Park, Sang Boem Lim, Yang Dam Eo

15:50 - 16:10                                                                   Coffee Break with Cookies

                                    Session 25                                               Session 26                                               Session 27

                                       IDC_S1                                                  IDC_S2                                                    IDC_S4

                      An Extracting Algorithm for Classification Rule                   An Algorithm for Clustering                        Application of GA based Neuro -Fuzzy
                             Based on Frequent Concept Set                     Uncertain Data Streams over Sliding Windows             Automatic Generation for Teleoperation Systems

                                                                                      Guoyan Huang, Dapeng Liang,
                            Yang Hai, Wei He, Xin Liu, Lei Fan                                                                             Sara Manifar, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorhedeli
                                                                                 Jiadong Ren, Changzhen Hu, Jiadong Ren
                        Efficient Transport of Packets                                   A Noval Cross-Dimension                               GODAC Graph-cut based Outlier Detection
                     with Multicast Mechanism in GPON                             Indexing Structure for Query by Singing                       Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

                                                                                                                                                 Jiadong Ren, Hongna Li, Haitao He, J
                Shuai ZHANG, Zu-Kuan WEI, Jae-Hong KIM                             Wang Wei, Xu LiZhen, Dong Yisheng
                                                                                                                                                      iadong Ren, Changzhen Hu

                                                                                    All-Zero Block Detecting Algorithm                           A Combined Just Noticeable Distortion
            Research on Clonal Growth Model of Sabina vulgaris
                                                                               based on Look-Up Threshold Tables in H.264                         Model Guided Image Watermarking

                                                                                                                                                  Yaqing Niu, Qin Zhang, Yaqing Niu,
                 Zhen-jie Jiang, Jin-xiang Li, Wen-hua Zhou                                Yong Zhao,Yule Yuan
                                                                                                                                                   Matthew Kyan, Sridhar Krishnan

16:10   A Solution for Improving the Effect of Tracking Moving-Object
                                                                                  Research on Spectrum based Scalable                       HMM Training by a Hybrid of Chaos Optimization
                                                                                Video Coding Algorithm in AVS Framework               and Baum-Welch Algorithms for Automatic Speech Recognition
                                                                                        Yong ZHAO, Wenbin ZOU,                                   Somayeh Cheshomi, Saeed Rahati-Q,
18:00                   Zhengxi Wei, Jinming Liang
                                                                                  Xuhui BAI, Ling SHEN, Weiwei ZHANG                                Mohammah-R Akbarzadeh-T

                    An Adaptive De-interlacing Algorithm                          High Capacity Robust Forensic Marking                       E-commerce Personalized Recommendation
                   Based on Motion Morphologic Detection                          Using Computer Generated Hologram                              Technology Based on Expert System

                  Jinming Liang , Yun Deng, Shaorong He                                    Li De, JongWeon Kim                                                  Luo Ya

                       Research on Applying Podcast                              Student Experience in Using Project-based                    Research of the Structural-Learning-Based
                    Technology for on-Campus Students                               Learning (PBL) in Higher Education                  Symbol Recognition Mechanism for Engineering Drawings

        Yushun Li, Meina Zhu, Lin Wu, Jiangjian Ma, Ronghuai Huang                         Jingxuan Wu, Lei Fan                                    YANG Ruo-Yu, Su Feng, LU Tong

           Research and Implementation on Overtaking Behavior                      The Theoretical and Empirical Study on
                                                                                                                                             Estimation of Multimedia Fingerprinting Image
           Model of Autonomous Virtual Vehicle with Individuation       Value-oriented Marketing Strategy Based on Product Benefits

                               Nanyue Yang                                               Jingdong Chen, Wei Han                                           Kang Hyeon RHEE

                                                                                                                                                           Monitoring System of
                                                                                       Utility-Based k-Anonymization
                                                                                                                                              Ventilation and Lighting for High Way Tunnel

                                                                         Qingming Tang, Yinjie Wu, Shangbin Liao, Xiaodong Wang              ChangQing Cai, Xuemin Zhang, Yoo Kyong Kon
   DAY 3
Registration : 08 :30

                                 White Heron                                                         Swan                                                          Crane

                                 Session 28                                                    Session 29                                                     Session 30

                              NCM_S6 & S7                                                        NCM_S8                                                        IDC_S2-1

                            Secure Health Monitoring using                                 Automatic Damaged-Function                          We Should Forget the Search Results from Far Past
                           Medical Wireless Sensor Networks                          Alternation among Wireless Sensor Nodes                 : A Computer Ethical View in the Era of Search Engines

                    Pardeep Kumar, Young-Dong Lee, HoonJae Lee                          Toshiaki Miyazaki, and Daiki Shitara                                  ToshihikoYamakami

                                                                                                                                               A Stage Model of Evolution of Open Source Software
                    IT Applications in Healthcare Information System       Internal Forwarding Scheme for Consistent Event Transmission
                                                                                                                                            : Implications for the Next Stage of Open Source Software
                       - A Case Study of Medical Center in Taiwan                        in Distributed Multi-User Systems

                                     Nai-Wen Kuo                                                    Mingyu Lim                                                Toshihiko Yamakami

   09:00               Modeling Chinese Stock Markets??Volatility
                                                                           Direction to Support Ubiquitous City Input/Output System with             A Stage Model of Mobile Video Services
                                                                                                 Geospatial Image                             : Implications from Emerging Data Services in Japan
                                                                                Sun-Woong Kim, Tae-Woong Jung, Seong-Pil Kong,
   10:30                   Shu Quan Lu, Shiyu Xie, Takao Ito
                                                                                    Shin Kim, Mu-Wook Pyeon, Yang-Dam Eo
                                                                                                                                                              Toshihiko Yamakami

                                                                                      Development Platform in the Design of                          Application of Blog for setting Metadata
                         The Outliers of Chinese Stock Markets
                                                                                        Embedded Automotive Electronics                             of Digital Archives- A Value Added Aspect

                                                                                        Santiago Otero, Francisco Poza,
                                Shu Quan Lu, Takao Ito                                                                                                     Zih-Ping Ho, Huei-Ju Lee
                                                                                    Miguel A. Domínguez and Perfecto Mariño

                                    CAOWL-SAI                                        Learning Shape-Proportion Relationships                           Thai Heritage Images Classification
               : Context Aware OWL based Semantic Association Inference                 from Labeled Humanoid Cartoons                                  by Naive Bayes Image Classifier

                         Saqib Nazir, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal,
                                                                                Md. Tanvirul Islam, Yong Peng Why, Golam Ashraf                    Jantima Polpinij and Chumsak Sibunruang
                       Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Hermann Maurer

               Trusted Business System Model Using Context Sensitiveness              Fractal Attractor Based Digital Signature            Flower Image Recognition Based on Image Rotation and DIE

               Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, Sankarbharathy Ponnusamy,                                                                                  Rong-Guo Huang, Sang-Hyeon Jin, Y
                                                                                Nadia M. G. AL-Saidi, Mohamad Rushdan Md. Said
                      Agilan Ravi, Hanumanth Praveen Ravindran                                                                                         ing-Li Han and Kwang-Seok Hong

10:30 -10:45                                                                       Coffee Break with Cookies

                                 Session 31                                                    Session 32                                                     Session 33
                                      NCM_S5                                                          IS3                                                 IDC_S2-2

                                                                                      Prof. Chun-Te Chen
                          The Bound of bandwidth reqirementment                       An Analysis Model of Botnet Tracking             An Implementation of Multimodal Gaze Direction Recognition
                       in circuit-based switching optical ring networks            based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm                       System using Image and EOG

                                      Chuan-Kang Liu                          Ping Wang Tzu Chia Wang, Pu-Tsun Kuo Chin Pin Wang         Sang-Hyeon Jin, Kue-Bum Lee, and Kwang-Seok Hong

                                                                                                                                                     A Research on the Influences
                                                                                      AODV Protocol with Scheduling Priority
                    Capturing Order Book Dynamics with Kalman Filters                                                                           of Personal Characteristics on Network
                                                                                         Flow in Mac Layer (AODV-SPF)
                                                                                                                                             Community's Knowledge Sharing and Creating

                                  Jian Jiang, Wing Lon Ng                      So-Tsung Chou, Hann-Tzong Chern, Cheng-Mu Shiao                       Pei-Hsuan Hsieh; Yu-Lun Kao

                                 Automated DCI Compliance                                                                                      ECG Compression Using Wavelet Transform
                                                                              A Hybrid Algorithm Applied to Classify Unbalanced Data
                           Test System for Digital Cinema Entities                                                                                   and Three-Level Quantization
                              Taehyun Kim, Dongho Won,
     -                  Kwangwoo Lee, Hogab Kang, Seungjoo Kim
                                                                                   C.Y. Lee, M.R.Yang, L.Y. Chang, and Z. J. Lee                 Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh, Milad Azarbad
   12:15                                                                                                                                       The Comparison of Learning Effectiveness
                                 On the SaaS Servers and                            An Advanced Approach for Vehicle Routing
                                                                                                                                             between Traditional Face-to-Face Learning and
                             Their Service_Selection Strategies                           Problem with Time Windows
                                                                                                                                                e-Learning among Goal-Oriented Users

                      Suresh Byanjankar, Pinata Winoto, Woojin Paik                C.Y. Lee, S.W. Lin, K.C. Ying, and M.R. Yang                             Ching-Hong Liu

                     Study on the Random Characteristics of Joint FBC
                                                                                       Vehicle Routing Planning for Logistics                  A Guiding System with Highly Interactivity
                      and CFO in an Asynchronous MC-CDMA System

                           Joy Iong-Zong Chen, Kao-Ming Liu,
                                                                                         Wei-You Liu, Shan-Ping Chuang                                      Hsien-Tang Lin
                         Meng-Ta Lu, Yu-Ju Liu, Ching-Chuan Chiu

                             Cross Referencing Algorithm for                                                                                   Agent Behavior, Embedded Strategies and
                          Identifying Group Completeness in RFID                                                                               Resulting Welfare in Networked e-Auctions

                             Chong-Yen Lee, Hau-Dong Tsui,
                                                                                                                                                        Seokjoo Andrew Chang
                        Ching-Bang Ya, Hsin-Ju Lin, Yuei-Dah Wang

                High Frequency Trading Strategy Using the Hilbert Transform

                                  A. Kablan, and W.L. Ng

12:20 - 13:50                                                                                       Lunch

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