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									                                      Title                                                Author
Heroines                                                                            Clarkes, Lincoln
Painted Lives and Shifting Landscapes: Paintings and Prints                         Tetrault, Richard
Reading the Riot Act: A Brief History of Riots in Vancouver                         Barnholden, Michael
The Door is Open                                                                    Campbell, Bart
A Little Rebellion                                                                  Moran, Bridget
Anarchy and Art: From the Paris Commune to the Fall of the Berlin Wall              Antliff, Allan
Carry Tiger to Mountain: The Tao of Activism and Leadership                         Legault, Stephen
Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl                              Marusya Bocirukiw
Dreaming in the Rain: How Vancouver Become Hollywood North by Northwest             Spaner, David
I am a Red Dress: Incantations on a Grandmother, A Mother and a Daughter            Camilleri, Anna
I, Shithead: A Life in Punk                                                         Keithley, Joey
Judgement at Stoney Creek                                                           Moran, Bridget
L.D.: Mayor Louis Taylor and the Rise of Vancouver                                  Francis, Daniel
Luck of the Draw: True-Life Tales of Lottery Winners and Losers                     Chris Gudgeon
Namely Vancouver: A Hidden History of Vancouver Place Names                         Snyders, Tom
National Dreams: Myth, Memory, and Canadian History                                 Francis, Daniel
O-bon in Chimunesu: A Community Remembered                                          Catherine Lang
One Ring Circus: Extreme Wrestling in the Minor Leagues                             Howell, Brian
Out of the Darkness: Teens and Suicide                                              Crook, Marion
Resistance and Renewal: Surviving the Indian Residential School                     Haig-Brown, Celia
Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John                                          Moran, Bridget
The Company of Others: Stories of Belonging                                         Campion, David
The Face in the Mirror: Teenagers and Adoption                                      Crook, Marion
The Greenpeace to Amchitka: An Environmental Odyssey                                Hunter, Robert
The Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture                   Francis, Daniel
The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms, Vol. 1        Sawyer, Don
The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms, Vol. 2        Sawyer, Don
The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms, Vol. 3        Sawyer, Don
The Rice Queen Diaries: A Memoir                                                    Gawthrop, Daniel
Victims of Benevolence: The Dark Legacy of the Williams Lake Residential School     Furniss, Elizabeth
Where Fire Speaks: A Visit with the Himba                                           Campion, David
Icon, Brand, Myth: The Calgary Stampede                                             Foran, Max
Imagining Head-Smashed-In: Aboriginal Buffalo Hunting on the Northern Plains        Brink, Jack W.
Le conseiller pédagogique réflexif : Un journal de bord                             Power, Michael
Lost Tracks: Buffalo National Park, 1909–1939                                       Brower, Jennifer
                                                                                    Gow, Andrew
Mountain Masculinity: The Life and Writing of Nello “Tex” Vernon-Wood in the Canadian Rockies, 1906–1938
Northern Love                                                                       Nonnekes, Paul
Northern Rover: The Life Story of Olaf Hanson                                       Karras, A.L.
One Step Over the Line : Toward a History of Women in the North American Wests      Jameson, Elizabeth
                                                                                    Carter, Sarah
The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada in 1915
The Theory and Practice of Online Learning (second edition)                         Anderson, Terry
A Corner Boy Remembers: Growing Up in St. John's                                    Kennedy, Frank J.
Atlas of Newfoundland and Labrador                                                  McManus, Gary E.
Catucto: Battle Harbour, Labrador 1832-1833                                         Poole, C. J.
Charlie Baker George: St. Martin-in-the-Woods & the Story of Sabena OOCBG           Tibbo, Frank
Crossroads Country: Memories of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland                        MacLeod, Malcolm
Doctor Olds of Twillingate: Portrait of an American Surgeon in Newfoundland           Saunders, Gary L.
Donald Brian: The King of Broadway                                                    Foster, Charles
Haulin' Rope & Gaff: Songs and Poetry in the History of the Newfoundland Seal Fishery Ryan, Shannon
Icy Battleground: Canada, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the Seal HuntBarry, Donald
In Deep Water: Based on the Real-life Story of Dobbin the Diver                       Perry, Felix Leroy
Newfoundland Portfolio: A History in Portraits                                        Sullivan, Joan
Rattles and Steadies: Memoirs of a Gander River Man                                   Saunders, Gary L.
                                                                                      Summers, 1825
Regime Change in a Resource Economy: The Politics of Underdevelopment in Newfoundland sinceValerie
S.S. Eagle: The Secret Mission 1944-45                                                Squires, Harold
The Beothuk of Newfoundland: A Vanished People                                        Ingeborg C.L. Marshall
The Dead One Touched Me From The Past: A Walk with Writers Through the Centuries Seamans, Art
The Enemy on Our Doorstep                                                             Neary, Steve
The German Canadians 1750-1937: Immigration, Settlement and Culture                   Bassler, Gerhard P.
The Labradorians : Voices from the Land of Cain                                       Fitzhugh, Lynne
The Miners of Wabana: The Story of the Iron Ore Miners of Bell Island                 Weir, Gail
The Tely 10: A History of Newfoundland's Premier Road Race 1922-2000                  Ryan, Joe
Voices of World War II: A Collection of Oral History                                  Gene Quigley
Voyages: Canada's Heritage Rivers                                                     Noel, Lynn
A Night at the Opera                                                                  Smith, Ray
A Report on the Afterlife of Culture                                                  Henighan, Stephen
boYs                                                                                  Winter, Kathleen
Cape Breton is the Thought-Control Centre of Canada                                   Smith, Ray
Cold-cocked: On Hockey                                                                Jackson, Lorna Mary
Diana: A Diary in the Second Person                                                   Smith, Russell
Flirt: The Interviews                                                                 Jackson, Lorna
Going Down Slow                                                                       Metcalfe, John
Good Morning Comrades                                                                 Ondjaki
Here Come the Moonbathers                                                             Young, Patricia
Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets                                                       Wells, Zachariah
Join the Revolution, Comrade: Journeys and Essays                                     Foran, Charles
Shut Up He Explained: A Literary Memoir, Volume 2                                     Metcalfe, John
A History of Newfoundland                                                             Prowse, D.W.
Newfoundland and its Untrodden Ways                                                   Millais, John Guille
Newfoundland Gardening                                                                Scott, Peter J.
No Need To Wear Rubbers: The 1925 Travel Diary of James O'Neil                        O'Neill, Paul
Nursery Rhymes of Newfoundland and Labrador                                           McGrath, Robin
The Oldest City: The Story of St. John's, Newfoundland                                O'Neill, Paul
Whales and Dolphins of Newfoundland and Labrador                                      Ledwell, Wayne
AIDS Activist: Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community                            Silversides, Ann
An Action a Day: Keeps Global Capitalism Away                                         Hudema, Mike
An Unauthorized Biography of the World: Oral History on the Front Lines               Riordan, Michael
Basic Income: Economic Security for All Canadians                                     Lerner, Sally
Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril                                       Pohl-Weary, Emily
Beyond the Promised Land: The Movement and the Myth                                   Noble, David F.
Booze: A Distilled History                                                            Heron, Craig
Case Critical: Social Services & Social Justice in Canada, Fourth Edition             Carniol, Ben
Case Critical: Social Services and Social Justice in Canada, Fifth Edition         Carniol, Ben
Citizens' Hall: Making Local Democracy Work                                        Carrel, André
Civil Society in Question                                                          Swift, Jamie
Closing the Circle: Democratization and Development in Africa                      Sandbrook, Richard
                                                                                    Latin Liisa
Community Rights and Corporate Responsibility: Canadian Mining and Oil Companies inNorth,America
Compass Points: Navigating the Twentieth Century                                   Chodos, Robert
Dancing on Live Embers: Challenging Racism in Organizations                        Lopes, Tina
Development and Disorder: A History of the Third World since 1945                  Mason, Mike
Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla                                       Hansen, Ann
Eating Fire: Family Life on the Queer Side                                         Riordan, Michael
Enter at Your Own Risk: Canadian Youth and the Labour Market                       Marquardt, Richard
Equal Shares: Oodi Weavers and the Cooperative Experience                          Lewycky, Dennis
Feminists Under Fire: Exchanges across War Zones                                   Giles, Wenona
Girl Trouble: Female Delinquency in English Canada                                 Sangster, Joan
Hydro: The Decline And Fall of Ontario's Electric Empire                           Swift, Jamie
McLuhan's Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media                           Dale, Stephen
Memoirs of a Media Maverick:                                                       Richardson, Boyce
Mirrors of Stone: Fragments from the Porcupine Frontier                            Angus, Charlie
My Journey with Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability                         Edelson, Miriam
No One Makes You Shop At Wal-Mart: The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice Slee, Tom
Out Our Way: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Country                                   Riordan, Michael
Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion                                            Swanson, Jean
Progress Without People: New Technology, Unemployment, and the Message of Resistance David
Race to Equity: Disrupting Educational Inequality                                  McCaskell,,Tim
Race, Space, and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society                        Razack, Sherene
Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada's Left History                           McKay, Ian
Shifting Time: Social Policy and the Future of Work                                Yalnizyan, Armine
Skills Mania: Snake Oil in Our Schools?                                            Davis, Bob
Talking About Identity: Encounters in Race, Ethnicity, and Language                James, Carl
The Culture of Nature: North American Landscape from Disney to the Exxon Valdez    Wilson, Alexander
The Mountie from Dime Novel to Disney                                              Dawson, Michael
The Second Greatest Disappointment: Honeymooning and Tourism at Niagara Falls      Dubinsky, Karen
Thinking Union: Activism and Education in Canada's Labour Movement                 Martin, D'Arcy
To Set the Captives Free: Liberation Theology in Canada                            Cole-Arnal, Oscar
User Error: Resisting Computer Culture                                             Rose, Ellen
                                                                                   Swift, First
Walking the Union Walk: Stories from the Communication, Energy, and Paperworkers Union'sJamieTen Years
Watching China Change                                                              Cosbey, Robert
We Lived a Life and Then Some: The Life, Death, and Life of a Mining Town          Angus, Charlie
Wealth By Stealth: Corporate Crime, Corporate Law, and the Perversion of Democracy Glasbeek, Harry
Whose Brave New World? The Information Highway and the New Economy                 Menzies, Heather
Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies   Kinsman, Gary
World, Beware! American Triumphalism in An Age of Terror                           Roszak, Theodore
A Bold Stroke for a Wife                                                           Centlivre, Susanna
A Description of Millenium Hall                                                    Scott, Sarah
A Feminist I: Reflections from Academia                                            Overall, Christine
A History of Old English Literature                                                Alexander, Michael
A Home for the Highland Cattle and The Antheap                                     Lessing, Doris
A Known Scribbler: Frances Burney on Literary Life                                    Frances Burney
                                                                                      Robinson, Mary
A Letter to the Women of England on the Injustice of Mental Subordination : And, the Natural Daughter
A New Woman Reader: Fiction, Articles, and Drama of the 1890s                         Carolyn Christensen Nelson
A Serious Occupation: Literary Criticism by Victorian Women Writers                   Robinson, Solveig C.
A Serious Proposal to the Ladies: Part I And II                                       Astell, Mary
A Vindication of the Rights of Men and A Vindication of the Rights of Women           Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft
Adam Bede                                                                             Waldron, Mary
Adventures of Eovaai Princess of Ijaveo: A Pre-Adamitical History                     Eliza Haywood
Animals and Ethics: An Overview of the Philosophical Debate                           Taylor, Angus
Anna Letitia Barbauld: Selected Poetry and Poems                                      Anna Letitia Barbauld
Anti-Pamela and Shamela                                                               Ingrassia, Catherine
Augusta Webster: Portraits and Other Poems                                            Sutphin, Christine
Aurora Floyd                                                                          Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Autobiography Harriet Martineau                                                       Peterson, Linda H.
Between Two Worlds                                                                    Tlali, Miriam
Blindsight and the Nature of Consciousness                                            Holt, Jason
Burning Brightly: New Light on Old Tales Told Today                                   Kay Stone
Catharine Trotter Cockburn                                                            Sheridan, Patricia
Celestina                                                                             Fletcher, Loraine
Character, Virtue Theories, and the Vices                                             McKinnon, Christine
Criminals, Idiots,Women, Minors: Victorian Writing By Women On Women, Second Edition  Hamilton, Susan
Deductive Logic in Natural Language                                                   Douglas Cannon
Desmond                                                                               Smith, Charlotte Turner
Diana of Dobson's : A Romantic Comedy in Four Acts                                    Hamilton, Cicely Mary
Dimensions of Ethics: An Introduction to Ethical Theory                               Waluchow, Wilfrid J.
East Lynne                                                                            Ellen Wood
Eikon Basilike with selections from Eikonoklastes                                     Daems, Jim
Emma Lazarus: Selected Poems and Other Writings                                       Eiselein, Gregory
Fantomina & Other Works                                                               Haywood, Eliza
Felix Holt, The Radical                                                               Eliot, George
Fleetwood: Or, the New Man of Feeling                                                 William Godwin
God, the Devil, And the Perfect Pizza: Ten Philosophical Questions                    Govier, Trudy
                                                                                      Vitto, Cindy
Grammar by Diagram: Understanding English Grammar Through Traditional Sentence DiagrammingL.
Guanya Pau: A Story of an African Princess                                            Griffiths, Gareth
Hauntings and Other Fantastic Tales                                                   Maxwell, Catherine
Her Kind: Stories of Women From Greek Mythology                                       Cahill, Jane
Hermsprong: or, Man as He is Not                                                      Perkins, Pamela
Human Rights: Concept and Context                                                     Brian Orend
Humanitarian Intervention: Moral and Philosophical Issues                             Joki´c, Aleksandar
Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations                                                     Szabados. Bela
Improved By Cultivation: An Anthology of English-Canadian Prose to 1914               Moyles, R.G.
Imre: A Memorandum                                                                    Mayne, Xavier
Infelicia and Other Writings                                                          Menken, Adah Isaacs
John Halifax, Gentleman                                                               Alexander, Lynn M.
Joseph Andrews                                                                        Henry Fielding
Jude the Obscure                                                                      Thomas Hardy
Kim                                                                                   Kipling, Rudyard
Lady Audley's Secret                                                                   Braddon, Mary Elizabeth
Lessons of Kosovo: The Dangers of Humanitarian Intervention                            Jokic, Aleksander
Letitia Elizabeth Landon: Selected Writings                                            Riess, Daniel
                                                                                       Helen Maria Williams
Letters Written in France, In the Summer 1790, To a Friend in England; Containing Various Anecdotes Relative to the French R
Leviathan Parts I and II                                                               Martinich, Aloysius P.
Life in the Sick-room                                                                  Martineau, Harriet
Literature of the Women's Suffrage Campaign in England                                 Nelson, Carolyn
Little Women                                                                           Louisa May Alcott
Lodore                                                                                 Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft
Looking Backward: 2000-1887                                                            Bellamy, Edward
Lord Jim                                                                               Joseph Conrad
Maggie, A Girl of the Streets                                                          Hunter, Adrian
Marcella                                                                               Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Robinson: Selected Poems                                                          Pascoe, Judith
Memoirs of a Coxcomb                                                                   Cleland, John
Memoirs of Modern Philosophers                                                         Hamilton, Elizabeth
Middlemarch : A Study of Provincial Life                                               Maertz, Gregory
Modern Tragedy with Introduction                                                       McCallum, Pamela
Moths                                                                                  Schroeder, Natalie
Mrs. Warren's Profession                                                               Shaw, Bernard
My Mother's Voice: Children, Literature, and the Holocaust                             Kertzer, Adrienne
News From Nowhere: An Epoch of Rest, Being some Chapters from a Utopian RomanceMorris, William
Nineteenth Century Stories by Women                                                    Stephenson, Glennis
Nothing So Absurd: An Invitation to Philosophy                                         Hoffman, Phillip
Obi; or, The History of Three-Fingered Jack                                            Aravamudan, Srinivas
Oliver Twist                                                                           Charles Dickens
Ormond : Or, the Secret Witness                                                        Brown, Charles Brockden
Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader                                              Bowerbank, Sylvia
Phoebe, Junior : A Last Chronicle of Carlingford, 1876                                 Oliphant, Margaret
Pink Snow: Homotextual Possibilities in Canadian Fiction                               Goldie, Terry
Plays on the Passions                                                                  Joanna Baillie
Reuben Sachs: A Sketch                                                                 Levy, Amy
Romola                                                                                 Eliot, George
Scarlet Letter, Second Edition                                                         Martin, John Stephen
Secresy: Or, the Ruin On the rock, Second Edition                                      Eliza Fenwick
Selections From the Girl's Own Paper, 1880-1907                                        Terri Doughty
Set in Authority                                                                       Sara Jeannette Duncan
Shakespeare's Heroines                                                                 Hoeckley, Cheri Larsen
She: A History of Adventure                                                            Haggard,H. Rider
Soldiers of Fortune                                                                    Harrison, Brady
Something New: Or, Adventures At Campbell-House                                        Plumptre, Anne
St Leon                                                                                Brewer, William D.
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town                                                     Leacock, Stephen
The Age of Innocence                                                                   Wharton, Edith
The Alexandreis                                                                        Townsend, David
The Autobiography of Ashley Bowen                                                      Vickers, Daniel
The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphan                                                  Oliphant, Margaret
The Beetle                                                                             Marsh, Richard
The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Short Stories                                     Dennis Denisoff
The Clever Woman of the Family                                                         Charlotte Mary Yonge
The Coming Race                                                                        Aldiss, Brian
The Distaff Gospels                                                                    Garay, Kathleen Ellen
The Erie Train Boy                                                                     Alger, Horatio
The Evil Genius                                                                        Wilkie Collins
The Father and Daughter & Dangers of Coquetry                                          King, Shelley
The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion                                                    Baker, William
The Governess; or, The Little Female Academy                                           Ward, Candace
The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia                                                Suits, Bernard
The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless                                                  Eliza Haywood
The Hound of the Baskervilles                                                          Conan Doyle, Arthur
The House of Mirth                                                                     Beer, Janet
                                                                                       Equiano, Olaudah
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, the African
The Keepsake for 1829                                                                  Feldman, Paula
The Last Man                                                                           Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft
The Libertarian Idea                                                                   Jan Narveson
The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: A Story of a Man of Character         Thomas Hardy
The Logic of Hegel's 'Logic'                                                           Burbidge, John
The Memoir of 1603 and the Diary of 1616-19                                            Acheson, Katherine O.
The Missionary: An Indian Tale                                                         Owenson, Sydney (Lady Morgan)
The Morality of War                                                                    Orend, Brian
The Odd Women                                                                          Gissing, George R.
The Old Manor House                                                                    Labbe, Jacqueline M.
The Pool in the Desert                                                                 Duncan, Sara Jeannette
The Rebel of the Family                                                                Eliza Lynn Linton
The Ring and the Book                                                                  Browning, Robert
The Romance of a Shop                                                                  Levy, Amy
The Siege of Valencia: A Parallel Text Edition                                         Felicia Hemans
The Tragedy of Mariam: the Fair Queen of Jewry                                         Cary, Elizabeth
The Warden                                                                             Anthony Trollope
The Way We Live Now                                                                    Trollope, Anthony
The Witlings and the Woman-Hater                                                       Burney, Frances
The Woman in White                                                                     Bachman, Maria K.
Theories of Human Nature, Third Edition                                                Loptson, Peter
                                                                                       Martin, Robert M.
There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book:A Sourcebook of Philosophical Puzzles, Paradoxes and Problems - Revised a
Trilby                                                                                 George Du Maurier
Valperga or the Life and Adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca                     Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft
Vathek: With the Episodes of Vathek                                                    William Beckford
Villette                                                                               Brontë, Charlotte
Winona                                                                                 Peterman, Michael
Wisdom of the Mythtellers, 2nd Edition                                                 Sean Kane
Within Reason: A Guide to Non-Deductive Reasoning                                      Burbidge, John
Wormwood: A Drama of Paris                                                             Corelli, Marie
Wuthering Heights                                                                      Emily Brontë
Bad Medicine: Trade treaties, Privatization and Health Care Reform in Canada           Grieshaber-Otto, Jim
                                                                                       Ervin, Alexander M.
Beyond Factory Farming: Corporate Hog Farms and the Threat to Public Health, the Environment, and Rural Communities
Beyond the Bake Sale: Exposing Schoolhouse Commercialism                               Repo, Satu
Challenging McWorld Volume 2                                                           Clarke, Tony
Conflict, Crisis and Accountability: Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement in Canada    Smith, Charles C.
Curing the Addiction to Profits: A Supply-side Approach to Phasing out Tobacco         Callard, Cynthia
Education's Iron Cage and Its Dismantling In The New Global Order                      Repo, Satu
Facing the Facts: A Guide to the GATS Debate                                           Sinclair, Scott
For Sale to the Highest Bidder: Telecom Policy in Canada                               Moll, Marita
Getting Better Health Care: Lessons from (and for) Canada                              Yalnizyan, Armine
Globalization and the North: Impacts of Trade Treaties On Canada's Northern GovernmentsSchacter, Noel
Growing Older, Working Longer: The New Face of Retirement                              Townson, Monica
Hell and High Water: An Assessment of Paul Martin's Record and Implications for the Future Todd
Home Truths : Why the Housing System Matters to all Canadians                          Jackson, Andrew
Ill-Health Canada: Promoting Food and Drug Company Profi ts Instead of Safety          McBane, Michael
Inside the Bottle: An Exposé of the Bottled Water Industry (Revised Edition)           Clarke, Tony
Labour and Social Democracy: International Perspectives                                Browne, Paul Leduc
                                                                                       Adams, Roy
Labour Left Out : Canada’s Failure to Protect and Promote Collective Bargaining as a Human Right J.
Lessons from NAFTA: The High Cost of Free Trade                                        Hansen-Kuhn, Karen
Making Kyoto Work: A Transition Strategy for Canadian Energy Workers                   Marshall, Dale
Math that Matters: Teaching Math through Social Justice Issues                         Repo, Satu
Money on the Line: Workers’ Capital in Canada                                          Carmichael, Isla
Passing the Test: The False Promises of Standardized Testing                           Moll, Marita
Putting Health First:Canadian Health Care Reform in a Globalizing World                Sanger, Matt
Redefining the Essentials: Challenging the Limits on our Schools                       Repo, Satu
Riding the Tiger of Educational Accountability in Nova Scotia                          Repo, Satu
Schooling for Democracy: One Size Does not Fit All                                     Repo, Satu
Seeking Convergence                                                                    Moll, Marita
Teacher Surveillance: The New Panopticon                                               Repo, Satu
Teaching for a Culture of Peace                                                        Repo, Satu
The Many Faces of Privatization                                                        Repo, Satu
The Myth of the Entrepreneur in Business Education                                     Repo, Satu
The Right is Wrong and the Left is Right" Cutting Through the Neoliberal Bafflegab     Finn, Ed
When Worlds Collide                                                                    Jackson, Andrew
A field guide to classify and measure aspen decay and stain                            Hiratsuka, Y.
Aboriginal plant use in Canada's northwest boreal forest                               Marles, R.J.; Clavelle, C.; Monteleone,
Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) system: user's guide                    Hirsch, K.G.
Dendroscan: a tree-ring width and density measurement system                           Varem-Sanders, T. M.
Distribution of severe dwarf mistletoe damage in west-central Canada                   Brandt, J.P.; Brett, R.D.; Knowles, K.R.;
                                                                                       Beckingham, J.D.; Futoransky, V.A.; Co
Ecological classification of Saskatchewan's mid-boreal ecoregions using resource maps and aerial photographs
Field guide to ecosites of northern Alberta                                            Beckingham, J.D.; Archibald, J.H.
Field guide to ecosites of southwestern Alberta                                        Archibald, J.H.
Field guide to ecosites of the mid-boreal upland ecoregions of Saskatchewan            Beckingham, J.D.; Nielsen, D.G.; Futor
Field guide to ecosites of west-central Alberta                                        Beckingham, J.D.; Corns, I.G.W.; Archi
Field guide to forest insects and diseases of the prairie provinces                    Hiratsuka, Y.
Field guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) system               Taylor, S.W.
Forest ecosystem classification for Manitoba: field guide                              Zoladeski, Christopher A.
Forest ecosystem toposequences in Manitoba                                             Zoladeski, Christopher A.
Forest tree diseases of the prairie provinces                                            Hiratsuka, Y.
Seed germination of indigenous trees in Tanzania                                         Msanga, H.P.
Tree and shrub insects of the prairie provinces                                          Ives, W.G.H.; Wong, H.R.
                                                                                         Poirier, Walter of Science
A Classified and Partially Annotated Bibliography of Michael Polanyi, the Anglo-Hungarian Philosopher Maben
                                                                                         Kruberg, Part 1(for Teachers)
A Handbook for Translating from English into Russian: Russian Key to Translations of the Texts ofGalina
A Laboratory Manual in Physical Anthropology, Second Edition                             Herman, Helmuth
A Lot to Learn : Girls, Women and Education in the 20th Century                          Lenskyj , Helen
A Touch Of The Zebras                                                                    Sadu, Itah
Aboriginal Voices and the Politics of Representation in Canadian Introductory SociologySteckley, John L
                                                                                         Brathwaite, Keren
Access and Equity in University Education: A Collection of Papers from the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transitional Ye
Adverse Effects : Women and the Pharmaceutical Industry                                  McDonnell , Kathleen
Afraid of the Day: A Daughter's Journey                                                  Graham, Nancy
Africville: The Life and Death of a Canadian Black Community, Third Edition              Clairmont, Donald H.
An Unexpected Journey: Women's Voices of Hope after Breast Cancer                        Galambos, Aniko
                                                                                         Rodger, Valentine
Apprendre à traduire 3rd Edition: Cahier d'exercises pour l'apprentissage de la traduction français-anglais Watson
Apprivoiser l'écrit: Techniques de l'écrit et strategies d'auto-perfectionement          Besnard, Christine
Art On Black / She In Transishun                                                         Young, D'bi
Asian Women: Interconnections                                                            Hellwig, Tineka
Aversion and Desire: Negotiating Muslim Female Identity in the Diaspora                  Khan, Shahnaz
                                                                                         Danesi, Marcel
Basic Course In Anthropological Linguistics (Studies in Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology)
Behind the Bars: Experiences in Crime                                                    Desroches, Frederick J.
Bent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales                                                Ruth, Elizabeth
Beyond Don't: Dreaming Past the Dark                                                     Danica, Elly
Beyond Their Years: Five Native Womens Stories                                           Steckley, John L
Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel                                                                  Maracle, Lee
Canada's Economic Apartheid: The Social Exclusion of Racialized Groups in the New CenturyGalabuzi, Grace-Edward
Canadian Culture: An Introductory Reader                                                 Cameron, Elspeth
Canadian Music: Issues of Hegemony and Identity                                          Diamond, Beverley
Ce qui se conçoit bien...                                                                Enjolras, Laurence
                                                                                         Sullivan, Nancy
Challenges for Social Work Students : Skills, Knowledge and Values for Social and Personal Change
Challenging Notions                                                                      Landau, Tammy
Changing Identities: Reading and Writing Ourselves                                       Fogel, Thoman
Church and Society in Documents 100–600 A.D.                                             Hayes, Alan L.
Colonial Hegemony and Popular Resistance: Princes, Peasants, and Paramount Power Singh, Hira
Community and Conflict: A Study of French-English Relations in Ontario                   Jackson, John D.
Composition et Grammaire de Texte                                                        Perramond, Dany
Conflict, Order and Action: Readings in Sociology, Third Edition                         Ksenych, Ed
Consciousness Rising: Women's Stories of Connection and Transformation                   Malmo, Cheryl
Contemporary Sociological Thought: Themes and Theories                                   Hier, Sean P.
Countering the Myths: Lesbians Write about the Men in Their Lives                        Elwin, Rosamund
Crime and Culture                                                                        Visano, Livy
Curaggia: Writing by Women of Italian Descent                                            Dileo, Domenica
Deadly Reunion: A Harriet Hubbley Mystery                                                Manthorne, Jackie
Découverte et communication: français oral pour le niveau intermediaire                  Black, Catherine
Diversity and Justice in Canada                                                          Winterdyk, John A.
                                                                                         Halstead, John G.H.
Doing Business with Europe: Canadian Trade with the European Community in a Changing World Economy
Doing Ethnography: Studying Social Life                                                  Pawluch, Dorothy
Double Day, Double Blind: Women Garment Workers                                        Gannage, Charlene
Down and Out in Canada: Homeless Canadians                                             O'Reilly-Fleming, Thomas
Dykeswords: An Anthology of Lesbian Writing                                            The Lesbian Writing and Publishing Co
Early Modern Social Theory: Selected Interpretative Readings                           Smith, Murray E.G.
Education And The Politics of Difference: Canadian Perspectives                        Ghosh, Ratna
Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue Essay on Women and Creativity                                 Echlin, Kim
Emerging Perspectives on Anti-Oppressive Practice                                      Shera, Wes
Empowerment Practice in Social Work: Developing Richer Conceptual Foundations          Shera, Wes
Enough is Enough: Aboriginal Women Speak Out                                           Silman, Janet
Equity in Schools and Society                                                          Iseke-Barnes, Judy
Exile And The Heart: Lesbian Fiction                                                   Kobayashi, Tamai
Fake ID                                                                                Tamaki, Mariko
Family Matters: Papers in Post-Confederation Canadian Family History                   Chambers, Edgar-Andre
Feminism, Political Economy & the State : Contested Terrain                            Armstrong, Pat
Final Take                                                                             Manthorne, Jackie
Fireworks: The Best of Fireweed                                                        Silvera, Makeda
Force and Fear : Robbery in Canada                                                     Desroches, Frederick
Fragment By Fragment : Feminist Perspectives on Memory and Child Sexual Abuse          Rivera, Margo
Framework for Cultural and Racial Diversity                                            Herberg, Dorothy
Full Circle: A Life with Hong Kong and China                                           Hayhoe, Ruth
                                                                                       Hodgson, James
Games Pimps Play: Pimps, Players and Wives-in-Laws: A Qualitative Analysis of Street Prostitution
Gandhi and the Gita                                                                    Bakker, J.I. (Hans)
Gay Canada: A Bibliography and Videography, 1984-2000                                  Spence, Alex
Getting Wet: Tales of Lesbian Seductions                                               Allan, Carol
Grammaire expliquée du français contemporain, Deuxieme Edition                         Mahler, Marguerite
Guerra Prolongada / Protracted War                                                     Rodríguez, Carmen
Haiti: The Breached Citadel, Revised Edition                                           Bellegarde-Smith, Patrick
                                                                                       Wright, Robert
Hip and Trivial : Youth Culture, Book Publishing and the Greying of Canadian Nationalism
Human Portraits and Behavioral Inquiries                                               Obireck, Sheila
I Know Who I am : A Caribbean Woman's Identity in Canada                               Bobb-Smith, Yvonne
Identities, State and Markets: Looking at Social Change in Latin America               Havet, Jose
Illuminated Verses                                                                     Clarke, George Elliott
Imagining Women: Short Fiction                                                         Second Story Collective
In Her Nature                                                                          Tulchinsky, Karen
Is Anyone Listening? : Women, Work, And Society                                        Jacobs, Merle
Iskwewak—Kah' Ki Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak: Neither Indian Princesses Nor Easy Squaws Acoose, Janice
It's Like the Legend: Innu Women's Voices                                              Bryne, Nympha
Jewish Families: Introduction and Annotated Bibliography                               Schlesinger, Rachel
Joy, Joy, Why Do I Sing?                                                               Madott, Darlene
Juvenile Justice Systems: International Perspectives                                   Winterdyke, John
La didactique à l'oeuvre                                                               Paterson, Janet
Last Resort                                                                            Manthorne, Jackie
Le français dans le village global: manuel de lecture et d'eciture                     Furgiuele , Rosanna
Le Français en contexte: Le chien jaune de Georges Simenon                             Elkabas, Charles
Lesbian Parenting: Living with Pride and Prejudice                                     Arnup, Katherine
Lesbian Triptych                                                                       Marchessault , Jovette
Lire Rimbaud : Approaches critiques Hommages a James R. Lauber                         Lawler, James R.
Long and Winding Road: Adolescents and Youth in Canada Today                           Tyyska, Vappu
Making The Team : Inside the World of Sport Initiations and Hazing                     Johnson , Jay
Managing Two Worlds: The Experiences and Concerns of Immigrant Youth in Ontario Anisef, Murphy
Margaret Laurence: A Gift of Grace: A Spiritual Biography                              Broughton, Noelle
Marxism and Feminism                                                                   Guettel, Charnie
Masques of Morality: Females in Fiction                                                Aitken, Johan Lyall
Media Definitions of Cold War Reality: The Caribbean Basin, 1953-1992                  Soderlund, Walter
                                                                                       Danesi, Marcel
Messages, Signs, And Meanings (Studies in Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology): A Basic Textbook in Semiotics and Commun
                                                                                       Rodger, Valentine Watson
Mieux traduire, mieux s'exprimer: Cahier d'exercises pour l'apprentissage du français écrit et parlé
Mohawk Trail: Degonwadonti                                                             Brant, Beth
Motherhood : Power and Oppression                                                      Porter, Marie
Motion in Poetry: Book and Audio CD Bundle                                             Brathwaite, Wendy
                                                                                       Isajiw, Wsevolod
Multiculturalism in North America and Europe : Comparative Perspectives on Interethnic Relations and Social Incorporation
Name Calling                                                                           Sadu, Itah
No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth                                 Bertell , Rosalie
No Magic: Readings in Social Work Field Education                                      Kenyon, G.
No More Masterpieces: Short Prose by New Writers                                       Allen, Guy
Of Silk Saris and Mini-Skirts: South Asian Girls Walk the Tightrope of Culture         Handa, Amita
Old Friend, We Made This For You                                                       Marshall, Yannick
On Women Healthsharing                                                                 Dua, Enakshi
One Proud Summer                                                                       Hewitt, Marsha
Out of Bounds: Women, Sport and Sexuality                                              Lenskyj , Helen
Out On The Field : Gender, Sport and Sexualities                                       Lenskjy, Helen
Pathways to Educational Transformation and Development: Policies, Plans, and LessonsLondon, Norrel
Peirce's Semiotics Now: A Primer                                                       Merrell, Floyd
Penal Abolition, The Practical Choice: A Practical Manual on Penal Abolition           Morris, Ruth
Petticoats and Prejudice: Women and Law in Nineteenth-Century Canada                   Backhouse, Constance
Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity: Issues and Concepts                         Galasso, Pasquale
Philosophy: The Big Questions                                                          Cunningham, Frank
Pink Palace                                                                            Sheer, Rachel
Politics and Poetics of Migration: Narratives of Iranian Women from the Diaspora       Dossa, Parin
Pratique Des Affaires                                                                  Besnard, Christine
Production, Space, Identity: Political Economy Faces the 21st Century                  Jenson, Jane
Professional Social Service Delivery in a Multicultural World                          Lie, Gwat-Yong
Profiles of Canada                                                                     Pryke, Soderlund
Pushing The Limits: Disabled Dykes Produce Culture                                     Treman, Shelley
Quebec Women: A History                                                                Dumont , Micheline
Race In Play: Understanding the Socio-Cultural World of Student Athletes               James, Carl
                                                                                       Roche, Joerg Purposes,
Reading German: A Multimedia Self-Study Course on Reading German for Professional and TechnicalMatthias Business, Com
                                                                                       Roche, Joerg Purposes,
Reading German: A Multimedia Self-Study Course on Reading German for Professional and TechnicalMatthias Chemistry, Vo
                                                                                       Roche, Joerg Purposes,
Reading German: A Multimedia Self-Study Course on Reading German for Professional and TechnicalMatthias Humanities, V
                                                                                       Roche, Joerg Purposes,
Reading German: A Multimedia Self-Study Course on Reading German for Professional and TechnicalMatthias Introduction,
                                                                                       Roche, Joerg Purposes,
Reading German: A Multimedia Self-Study Course on Reading German for Professional and TechnicalMatthias Music, Volum
Reclaiming the Future: Women's Strategies for the 21st Century                         Brodribb, Somer
Relocating Praise: Literary Modalities and Rhetorical Contexts                         Den Otter, Alice
Remember Kirkland Lake: The Gold Miners' Strike of 1941-42, Revised Edition            MacDowell, Laurel Sefton
Removing the Margins: The Challenges and Possibilities of Inclusive Schooling          Sefa Dei, George J.
Rencontre avec la poesie: Un guide pratique pour la lecture et l'analyse du poeme       Grise, Catherine
Research as Resistance : Critical, Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches           Brown, Lesley
Resist: Essays Against A Homophobic Culture                                             Oikawa, Mona
Responding to the Oppression of Addiction: Canadian Social Work Approaches              Csiernik, Rowe
Rosalie Bertell: Scientist, Eco-Feminist Visionary                                      Engels, Mary-Louise
Scratching the Surface: Canadian anti-racist Feminist Thought                           Dua, Enakshi
Serial and Mass Murder: Theory, Research and Policy                                     O'Reilly-Fleming, Thomas
Sex Change, Social Change: Reflections on Identity, Institutions and Imperialism        Namaste, Viviane
Sex, Power and Pleasure                                                                 Valverde , Mariana
Shevchenko's Unforgotten Journey                                                        Luckyj, George Stephen Nestor
Shore Life Between Fundy Tides                                                          Morton, John Edward
Social Determinants of Health : Canadian Perspectives                                   Raphael , Dennis
Social Work in Health And Mental Health: Issues, Developments and Actions               Heinonen, Tuula
Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings, Second Edition                            Holosko, M.J.
Social Work Practice With The Elderly 3                                                 Holosko, Michael
Society in Transition: Social Change in Ukraine in Western Perspectives                 Isajiw, Wsevolod
Something in My Mind Besides the Everyday: Women and Literacy                           Horsman, Jennifer
Sons Of The Movement: Risking Incoherence                                               Noble, Jean Bobby
Spirit Alive: A Woman's Healing From Cult Ritual Abuse                                  Jadelinn
Spirituality And Social Work                                                            Coates, John;
Sport, Fitness and the Law: North American Perspectives, Second Edition                 Holman, Margery
Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care                Raphael , Dennis
Stories of Transformative Justice                                                       Morris, Ruth
Strategic Planning in Social Service Organizations: A Practical Guide                   Rogers, Gayla
Structure du français moderne: Trosième edition revue: Introduction a l'analyse linguistique Pierre Bhatt
Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism                                  Andrew, Caroline
Sudden Death                                                                            Manthorne, Jackie
Sur le bout de la langue: Introduction au phonétisme du français                        Lambert, Marilyn
Survival Strategies : The Life, Demise, and Renaissance of a Canadian Teaching Hospital Magill, William Dennis
Swedish Social Democracy: A Model in Transition                                         Clement, Wallace
Sweeping the Earth: Women Taking Action for a Healthy Planet                            Wyman, Miriam
Taking It Off, Putting It On: Women in the Strip Trade                                  Bruckert, Chris
Taking Social Research To The Larger World                                              Harvey, Edward
Teaching for Equity and Diversity : Research to Practice                                Solomon, Levine
Tensions of Teaching: Beyond Tips to Critical Reflection                                Albright, Judith M.
The Aerial Letter                                                                       Brossard, Nicole
The Body in Voice                                                                       Trusso, Francesca
                                                                                        Larsen, Nick
The Canadian Criminal Justice System: An Issues Approach to the Administration of Justice
The Case for Penal Abolition                                                            West, Gordon
The Changing Face Of Canada, The                                                        Beaujot, Rod
The Colours Of Heroines                                                                 Kwa, Lydia
                                                                                        Furgiuele, Rosanna
The Converging of Two Visions: The Learning of French and English as Second Languages at the University Level
The Crime That Pays: Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Canada                     Desroches, Frederick
The Criminal Justice System: Alternative Measures                                       Hodgson, James
The Dark Side of the Nation : Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Gender        Bannerji, Himani
The French They Never Taught You, 2nd Ed.                                               Biname, J.J.
The Future of Human Reproduction                                                        Overall, Christine
The Granddaughters of Ixmucané: Guatemalan Women Speak                                 Smith-Ayala, Emilie
The Insanity of Alcohol: Social Problems in Canadian First Nations Communities         Whitehead, Paul
The Linguistic Brain                                                                   Bhatt, Parth
The Muslim Veil in North America: Issues and Debates                                   Alvi, Moodfa
The New Anti-Liberals                                                                  Borovoy, A Alan
The Power of Thirteen                                                                  McKay, Jenn
The Queen's New Shoes                                                                  Badoe, Adwoa
The Shrunken Dream                                                                     Creider , Jane Tapsubei
The Sign in Theory and Practice: An Introductory Reader in Semiotics                   Danesi, Marcel
Think of the Earth                                                                     Brooker, Betram
Thinking through Essays on Feminism: Essays on Feminism, Marxism and Anti-racism Bannerji, Himani
To Sappho, My Sister: Lesbian Sisters Write about their Lives                          Flemming, Lee
Tongues on Fire: Caribbean Lesbian Lives and Stories                                   Elwin, Rosamund
Toward a Just Civilization: A Gandhian Perspective on Human Rights and Development Bakker, J.I. (Hans)
True Lies : The Book of Bad Advice                                                     Tamaki, Mariko
Union Sisters: Women in the Labour Movement                                            Briskin, Linda
Up and Doing: Canadian Women and Peace                                                 Williamson, Janice
Using Alternative Therapies: A Qualitative Analysis                                    Low, Jacqueline
Value-Based Management for the Information Society: Some New Perspectives              Sankar, Yassin
                                                                                       Brownlee, Keith
Violence In The Family: Social Work Readings and Research from Northern and Rural Canada
Virtual Sovereignty: Nationalism, Culture and the Canadian Question                    Wright, Robert
Waltzes I Have Not Forgotten                                                           Dyer, Bernadette Gabay
Wellness and Work : Employee Assistance Programming in Canada                          Csiernik, Rick
Who da' Man?: Black Masculinities and Sporting Cultures                                Abdel-Shehid, Gamal
Women At Work Ontario, 1850-1930                                                       Acton, Janice
Women Do This Every Day: Selected Poems of Lillian Allen                               Allen, Lillian
Women's Voices in Health Promotion                                                     Denton, Margaret
Work And Labour In Canada: Critical Issues                                             Jackson, Amdrew
Writing as Resistance: The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Anthology (1988-2002)       Gaucher, Ben
Writing as Witness: Essay and Talk                                                     Brant, Beth
Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage                       Delgado, James P.
Bull of the Woods: The Gordon Gibson Story                                             Gibson, Gordon
Bush Pilot with a Briefcase: The Incredible Story of Aviation Pioneer Grant McConachie Keith, Ronald
Cedar: Tree of life to the Northwest Coast Indians                                     Stewart, Hilary
Drifting Home: A Family's Voyage of Discovery Down the Wild Yukon River                Berton, Pierre
Drink in the Wild: Teas, Cordials, Jams and More                                       Stewart, Hilary
Empires at War: The Seven Years' War and the Struggle for North America, 1754–1763 Fowler, William M.
                                                                                       Hayes, the Continent
First Crossing: Alexander Mackenzie, His Expedition Across North America, and the Opening of Derek
Flights of a Coast Dog: A Pilot's Log                                                  Schofield, Jack
Fortune's Warriors: Private Armies and The New World order                             Davis, James
Indian Fishing: Early Methods on the Northwest Coast                                   Stewart, Hilary
Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Arctic                                              Hallendy, Norman
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast                                           Stewart, Hilary
Looking at Totem Poles                                                                 Stewart, Hilary
Nine Visits to the Mythworld: Ghandl of the Qayahl Llaanas                             Mahatma Ghandi
On Island Time                                                                         Stewart, Hilary
Ortona: Canada's Epic World War II Battle                                              Zuehlke, Mark
Solitary Raven: The Selected Writings of Bill Reid                                     Reid, Bill
The Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt: Captive of Chief Maquinna             Stewart, Hilary
The Canadian Military Atlas: The Nations Battlefields from the French and Indian Wars to KosovaMark
The Clouded Leopard: Travels to Landscapes of Spirit and Desire                        Davis, Wade
The Earth's Blanket                                                                    Turner, Nancy J.
The Liri Valley: Canada's World War II Breakthrough to Rome                            Zuehlke, Mark
The Other Side of Eden: Hunters, Farmers and the Shaping of the World                  Brody, Hugh
This Heated Place: Encounters in the Promised Land                                     Campbell, Deborah
Understanding Northwest Coast Art: A Guide to Crests, Beings and Symbols               Shearar, Cheryl
"A Mill Should Be Build Thereon": An Early History of the Todmorden Mills              Darke, Eleanor
"C" Force to Hong Kong: A Canadian Catastrophe, 1941-1945                              Greenhous, Brereton
                                                                                       Campey, to Canada
"Fast Sailing and Copper-Bottomed": Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant scots they Carried Lucille H. 1774 – 1855
                                                                                       Goodwin, James
"Our Gallant Doctor": Enigma and Tragedy: Surgeon Lieutenant George Hendry and HMCS Ottawa, 1942
"Right On, You Got the Elbow Out!" Wartime Memories of the R.C.A.F.                    Monnon, Ernest F.
100 Canadian Heroines                                                                  Forster, Merna
1000 Questions about Canada                                                            Colombo, John Robert
200 Years Yonge: A History                                                             Magel, Ralph
500 Years of New Words                                                                 Sherk, Bill
A Boy's Cottage Diary, 1904                                                            Dickinson, Fred
A City in the Making: Progress, People & Perils in Victorian Toronto                   Armstrong, Frederick H.
                                                                                        Lower Canadian
A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials, and Transportation to New South Wales ofBeverley BoisseryRebels after the 183
A Few Acres of Snow: Literary and Artistic Images of Canada                            Simpson-Housley, Paul
A Gentleman of Substance: The Life and Legacy of John Redpath                          Feltoe, Richard
A Grand Eye for Glory: A Life of Franz Johnston                                        Mason, Roger Burford
A Kidnapped Mind : A Mother's Heartbreaking Memoir of Parental Alienation              Richardson, Pamela
A Kingston Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were                                          Van de Wetering, Marion
A Legacy of Caring: A History of the Children's AID Society of Toronto                 Children's Aid Society Foundation
A Name for Himself: A Biography of Thomas Head Raddall                                 Barkhouse, Joyce
A New Westminster Album: Glimpses of the City As It Was                                Hainsworth, Gavin
A Place to Walk: A Naturalist's Journal of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail           Karstad, Aleta
A Sherlock Holmes Handbook                                                             Redmond, Christopher
A Stolen Life: Searching for Richard Pierpoint                                         Meyler, Peter
A Toronto Album 2: More Glimpses of the City That was                                  Filey, Mike
A Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was                                         Filey, Mike
A Very Fine Class of Immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers 1770–1850 Campey, Lucille H.
A Waterloo County Album                                                                Walker, Stephanie Kirkwood
A Winnipeg Album: Glimpses of the Way we Were                                          Hamilton, John David
A. Y. Jackson: A Love for the Land                                                     Larsen, Wayne
A.M. Klein: Poet and Prophet                                                           Kattan, Naïm
Aboriginal Ontario: Historical Perspectives on the First Nations                       Rogers, Edward S.
Abortion Conscience & Democracy                                                        MacGuigan, Mark R
Activists and Advocates: Totonto's Health Department, 1883-1983                        MacDougall, Heather
Adelaide Hoodless: Domestic Crusader                                                   MacDonald, Cheryl
Admirals : Canada's Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century                   Whitby, Michael
After Taxes: Managing Personal Wealth, 8th edition                                     Stevens, Geoff
                                                                                       Campey, Lucille H.
After the Hector: The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 1773-1852, Second Edition
After the Rebellion: The Later Years of William Lyon Mackenzie                         Lilian F. Gates
Aftershock : Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism                                        Matas, David
Agnes Macphail: Champion of the Underdog                                           Wyatt, Rachel
Algonquin Wildlife: Lessons in Survival                                            Quinn, Norm
Allan Maclean, Jacobite General: The Life of an Eighteenth Century Career Solidier Fryer, Mary Beacock
Almaguin, A Highland History                                                       Taim, Astrid
Amiens: Dawn of Victory                                                            McWilliams, James L.
An Edmonton Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were                                     Christensen, Jo-Anne
An Ottawa Album: Glimpses of the Way we were                                       Van de Wetering, Marion
Another Path to My Garden: My Life as a Quadriplegic                               Noell, Marilyn
Another Winter, Another Spring: A Love Remembered                                  Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline
Anxious Gravity                                                                    Wells, Jeff,
Arctic Revolution: Social Change in the Northwest Territories 1935-1994            Hamilton, John David
Art of the Spirit: Contemporary Canadian Fabric Art                                Bradfield, Helen
Art Smart : The Intelligent Guide to Investing in the Canadian Art Market          Bryce, Alan D.
As She Began: An Illustrated Introduction to Loyalist Ontario                      Wilson, Bruce
Ask the Grey Sisters: Sault Ste. Marie and the General Hospital, 1898-1998         Iles, Elizabeth A.
At the End of the Shift: Mines and Single-Industry Towns in Northern Ontarion      Bray, Matthew
Battle Diary: From D-Day and Normandy to the Zuider Zee and VE                     Martin, Charles Cromwell
Battlefields of Canada                                                             Fryer, Mary Beacock
Becky Chan                                                                         Mitchell, Jared
Behind Bars: Inside Ontario's Heritage Gaols                                       Brown, Ron
Between France and New France: Life Aboard the Tall Sailing Ships                  Proulx, Gilles
Beyond Hope: An Illustrated History of the Fraser and Cariboo Gold Rush            Boissery, Beverley
                                                                                   McSherry, Peter
Big Red Fox: The Incredible Story of Norman "Red" Ryan Canada's Most Notorious Criminal
Birds of Ontario (Vol. 1)                                                          Speirs, J. Murray
Birds of the Cottage Country                                                       Mansell, William C.
Black Creek Pioneer Village                                                        Mika, Nick
Bluenose Master                                                                    Hartling, Ernest K.
Bold, Brave, and Born to Lead: Major General Isaac Brock and the Canadas           Fryer, Mary Beacock
Bon Echo: The Denison Years                                                        Savigny, Mary
Boom Town Blues: Elliot Lake_Collapse and Revival in a Single Industry Community   Mawhiney, Anne-Marie
Bowmanville: A Small Town at the Edge                                              Humber, William
Bram Stoker's Dracula: Sucking Through the Century 1897-1997                       Davison, Carol Margaret
Breakfast at the Hoito and Other Adventures in the Boreal Heartland                Wilkins, Charles
Brewed in Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 350-Year-Old Brewing Industry       Sneath, Allen Winn
Bridging the Strait: The Story of the Confederation Bridge Project                 Macdonald, Copthorne
Broadway North: The Dream of a Canadian Musical Theatre                            Atkey, Mel
Brockville: The River City                                                         Disotell, Russ
Broken Shackles: Old Man Henson from Slavery to Freedom                            Frost, John
Brown of the Globe: Statesman of Confederation 1860-1880, Volume Two               J.M.S. Careless
Buckskin & Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake 1861-1913 Sheila M.F. Johnston
Buttertea at Sunrise : A Year in the Bhutan Himalaya                               Das, Britta
Caledonia: Along the Grand River                                                   Barbara Martindale
Calgary Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were                                         Kozub, Mark
Call in Pinkerton's: American Detectives at Work for Canada                        Williams, David Ricardo
Call Me True: A Biography of True Davidson                                         Darke, Eleanor
Canada and the Liberation of the Netherlands, May 1945                             Goddard, Lance
Canada from Afar: The Daily Telegraph Book of Canadian Obituaries                       Davies, David Twiston
Canada in Afghanistan : The War So Far                                                  Pigott, Peter
Canada's Big House: The Dark History of the Kingston Penitentiary                       Hennessy, Peter H.
Canada's Enemies: Spies and Spying in the Peaceable Kingdom                             Mount, Graeme
Canada's Parliament Buildings                                                           Bourrie, Mark
Canadian Art in the Twentieth Century                                                   Murray, Joan
Canadian Exploration Literature                                                         Warkentin, Germaine
Canadian Nuclear Weapons: The Untold Story of Canada's Cold War Arsenal                 Clearwater, John
Canadian Politics Unplugged                                                             Nicol, Eric
Canadian UFO Reports : The Best Cases Revealed                                          Rutkowski, Chris A.
Canadian Way of War : Serving the National Interest                                     Horn, Bernd
Candian Medical Lives No.3: Joe Doupe, Bedside Physiologist                             Terence Moore
Candymaking in Canada: The History and Business of Canada's Confectionery Industry Carr, David
                                                                                        Kelly, Wayne
Capturing the French River: Images Along One of Canada's Most Famous Waterways, 1910–1927
Careless at Work: Selected Canadian Historical Studies                                  J.M.S. Careless
Casting Light on the Shadows: Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Forces        Horn, Bernd
Categorically Incorrect: Ethical Fallacies in Canada's War on Terror                    Borovoy, A. Alan
Celine: The Authorized Biography of Céline Dion                                         Germain, Georges-Hebert
Changing Lives: Women in Northern Ontario                                               Kechnie, Margaret
                                                                                        Marsh, John S.
Changing Parks: The History, Future and Cultural Context of Parks and Heritage Landscapes
Chefs Guerriers: Prespectives Sur Les Chefs Militaires Supérieurs Canadiens             Horn, Bernd
Christian Names in Local and Family History                                             Redmonds, George
Churches of Nova Scotia                                                                 Tuck, Robert
Citizenship and Democracy: A Case for Proportional Representation                       Leonen, Nick
Clinic of Hope: The Story of Rene Caisse and Essiac                                     Ivey, Donna M.
Colossal Canadian Failures : A Short History of Things That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Randy
Colossal Canadian Failures 2                                                            Richmond, Randy
Coming Home: Saskatchewan Remembered                                                    Evans, Ron
Confessions of a Curator: Adventures in Canadian Art                                    Murray, Joan
                                                                                        Senior, Hereward
Constabulary: The Rise of Police Institutions in Britain, the Commonwealth and the United States
Continuity With Change: Planning for the Conservation of Man-Made Heritage              Fram, Mark
Cross-Border Warriors: Canadian in American Forces, Americans in Canadian Forces Gaffen, Fred
Dads under Construction: Adventures in Fatherhood                                       Campbell, Neil Robert
Damselfish : A Novel                                                                    Ouriou, Susan
Dangerous Passage: Issues in the Arctic                                                 Kenney, Gerard
David Thompson: A Trail by Stars                                                        Shardlow, Tom
Daylight in the Swamp: Memoirs of Selwyn Dewdney                                        Dewdney, A.K.
D-Day: Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny                                         Goddard, Lance
Death in the Queen City: Clara Ford on Trial, 1895                                      Brode, Patrick
Death: The Final Mystery                                                                Fanthorpe, R. Lionel
Decades of Caring: The Big Sister Story                                                 Robinson, Helen Caister
Deceptions and Doublecross: How the NHL Conquered Hockey                                Holzman, Morey
Decouvrons Notre Patrimoine: Guide des plaques historiques de l'Ontario                 Perkins, Mary Ellen
Destined to Survive: A Dieppe Veteran's Story                                           Poolton, Jack A.
Details from a Larger Canvas                                                            McLean, Helen
                                                                                        Filey, Mike
Discover & Explore Toronto's Waterfront: A Walker's Jogger's Cyclist's Boater's Guide to Toronto's Lakeside Sites and History
Discover Your Heritage: A Guide to Provincial Plaques in Ontario                        Perkins, Mary Ellen
Dixie & the Dominion: Canada, the Confederacy, and the War for the Union               Mayers, Adam
DNA and Family History: How Genetic Testing Can Advance Your Genealogical ResearchPomery, Chris
Double Trap                                                                            Melady, John
Ebb and Flow: Tides and Life on our Once and Future Planet                             Koppel, Tom
Ecstasy of the Beats: On the Road to Understanding                                     Creighton, David
Edward James Lennox: "Builder of Toronto"                                              Litvak, Marilyn M.
Eleven Exiles: Accounts of Loyalists of the American Revolution                        Blakeley, Phyllis R.
Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe: A Biography, 1762-1850                                      Fryer, Mary Beacock
Emily Carr: Rebel Artist                                                               Braid, Kate
Emily Murphy: Rebel                                                                    Mander, Christine
Emma Albani: International Star                                                        Labrèche-Larouche, Michèle
Empire and Communications                                                              Innis, Harold A.
English Bloods: In the Backwoods of Muskoka, 1878                                      de la Fosse, Frederick
Escaping Hell: The Story of a Polish Underground Officer in Auschwitz and Buchenwald Pierkarski, Kon
Eunice Dyke: Health Care Pioneer                                                       Royce, Marion
Every Trail Has a Story: Heritage Travel in Canada                                     Henderson, Bob
F. H. Varley : Portraits into the Light                                                Atanassova, Katerina
Faces of the North: The Ethnographic Photography of John Honigmann                     Bryan Cummins
Fall of an Arrow                                                                       Peden, Murray
Family Secrets: Crossing the Colour Line                                               Slaney, Catherine
Fergus: A Scottish Town by Birthright                                                  Mestern, Pat Mattaini
Fifty Years the Queen: A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Golden Jubileeousfield, Arthur
Finch's Fortune                                                                        de la Roche, Mazo
First Person: A Biography of Cairine Wilson, Canada's First Woman Senator              Knowles, Valerie
Flim Flam: Canada's Greatest Frauds, Scams, and Con Artists                            Bourrie, Mark
Flying Canucks II: Pioneers of Canadian Aviation                                       Pigott, Peter
Flying Canucks: Famous Canadian Aviators                                               Pigott, Peter
Foundations of Faith: Historic Religious Buildings of Ontario                          Violet M. Holroyd
Fragments of War: Stories from Survivors of World War II                               Hibbert, Joyce
Frederick Banting: Hero, Healer, Artist                                                Hume, Stephen Eaton
Free Books for All: The Public Library Movement in Ontario, 1850-1930                  Bruce, Lorne
Freshwater Heritage: A History of Sail on the Great Lakes, 1670–1918                   Bamford, Don
From Burleigh to Boschink: A Community Called Stony Lake                               Bentham, Christie
From Horse Power to Horsepower: Totonto: 1890–1930                                     Filey, Mike
From Telegrapher to Titan: The Life of William Cornelius Van Horne                     Knowles, Valerie
Fulfilment: Memoris of a Criminal Court Judge                                          Vanek, David
Gabrielle Roy: A Passion for Writing                                                   Vanasse, André
GARBO: The Spy Who Saved D-Day                                                         Seaman, Mark
Generally Speaking: The Memoirs of Major-General Richard Rohmer                        Rohmer, Richard
Generation Deluxe: Consumerism and Philanthropy of the New Super-Rich                  Nowell, Iris
George Dawson: The Little Giant                                                        Barkhouse, Joyce
George Grant: Redefining Canada                                                        Rigelhof, T. F.
George Mercer Dawson: Geologist, Scientist, Explorer                                   Chalmers, William
Georges Vanier, Soldier : The Wartime Letters and Diaries, 1915-1919                   Cowley, Deborah
Get up and go: Strategies for Active Living After 50                                   McDonald, Jim
Getting What You Deserve: The Adventures of Goldhawk Fights Back                       Goldhawk, Dale
Ghost Stories of Canada                                                                Colombo, John Robert
Go to School, You're a Little Black Boy                                                   Alexander, Lincoln
Good Taxes: The Case for Taxing Foreign Currency Exchange and Other Financial TransactionsMichalos, Alex C.
Grassroots Artisans: Walter Stansell, Dan Sarazin, Henry Taylor                           Penhale, Barry Lloyd
Great Tips for Your Small Business : Increase Your Profit and Joy in Your Work            Watson, Julie V.
Greatcoats and Glamour Boots : Canadian Women at War, 1939-1945                           Gossage, Carolyn
Growing Up in the Oil Patch                                                               Schmidt, John
Guarding the Goldfields: The Story of the Yukon Field Force                               Greenhous, Brereton
Guidebook to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812                                        Collins, Gilbert
Handbook of Canadian Boarding Schools                                                     Thomson, Ashley
Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology                                                     Frederick H. Armstrong
Hard Oiler! The Story of Early Canadians' Quest for Oil at Home and Abroad                May, Gary
Haunted Childhoods                                                                        Michel, Pauline
Heading for Home                                                                          Zahava Hanan
Heartbreak and Heroism: Canadian Search and Rescue Stories                                Melady, John
Hell and High Water                                                                       Goddard, Lance
Henry John Cody: An Outstanding Life                                                      Masters, Donald Campbell
Herbie and Friends: Cartoons in Wartime                                                   Rowland, Barry D.
His Majesty's Indian Allies: British Indian Plicy in The Defence of Canada, 1774-1815     Allen, Robert
Historic Fort York, 1793-1993                                                             Benn, Carl
Historical Distillates : Chemistry at the University of Toronto since 1843                Brook, Adrian G.
How to be a Spy: The World War II SOE Training Manual                                     Denis Rigden
How to Get the Most Out of Your Divorce Financially                                       Burrows, G. Edmond
How Women Make Money: Inspirational Stories and Practical Advice from Canadian Women Julie V.
Hudson Bay Watershed: A Photographic Memoir of the Ojibway, Cree, and Oji-Cree            Macfie, John
Hurricane Hazel: Canada's Storm of the Century                                            Gifford, Jim
I Didn't Come Here to Stay: The Memoirs of Ed Parker                                      Parker, Ed
                                                                                          Kearney, Mark
I Know that Name! The People Behind Canada's Best Known Brand Names from Elizabeth Arden to Walter Zeller
I Remember Sunnyside: The Rise & Fall of a Magical Era                                    Filey, Mike
I'd Rather Live in Buxton                                                                 Karen Shadd-Evelyn
                                                                                           Individuals and Groups Wishing to ma
If I Had a Million Dollars — I'd Ease the Pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa: A How-to Manual for Douglas, Stephen
I'll Never Forget My First Car                                                            Sherk, Bill
                                                                                          Redmond, Christopher
In Bed with Sherlock Holmes: Sexual Elements in Arthur Conan Doyle's Stories of the Great Detective
In Defence of Plain English: The Decline and Fall of Literacy in Canada                   Branden, Victoria
In Search of My Father: One Woman's Search for the Father she never Knew                  Fawkes, Marion Elizabeth
In their Own Words: Canadian Choral Conductors                                            Jonas, Holly Higgins
In Your Best Interest : Fixed Income Investment Markets Explained for the Investing PublicCunningham, W. H. (Hank)
                                                                                          Rasky, Ontario
Industry in the Wilderness: The People, the Buildings, the Machines: Heritage in NorthwesternFrank
Inside Canadian Intelligence: Exposing the New Realities of Espionage and InternationalHamilton, Dwight
Isaac Brock: Larger than Life                                                             Begamudré, Ven
Isabella Valancy Crawford: We Scarcely Knew Her                                           Galvin, Elizabeth McNeill
It Made You Think of Home : The Haunting Journal of Deward Barnes, Cef: 1916-1919 Cane, Bruce
Jacques Plante: Behind the Mask                                                           Plante, Raymond
Jalna                                                                                     de la Roche, Mazo
John Diefenbaker: An Appointment with Destiny                                             Slade, Arthur
John Franklin: Traveller on Undiscovered Seas                                             Wilson, John
John Graves Simcoe, 1752-1806: A Biography                                                Fryer, Mary Beacock
John Grierson: Trailblazer of Documentary Film                                            Evans, Gary
John J. Robinette: Peerless Mentor : An Appreciation                                     Finlayson, George D.
Journey to Independence: Blindness, the Canadian Story                                   Herie, Euclid J.
Just a Little Later With Eevo and Sim                                                    Shykoff, Henry
Just Mary : The Life of Mary Evelyn Grannan                                              Hume, Margaret Anne
Kate Rice Prospector                                                                     Duncan, Helen
King's Men: The Soldier Founders of Ontario                                              Fryer, Mary Beacock
La fonction de général et l'art de l'amirauté: Perspectives du leadership militaire Canadien Bernd
Larry Volt                                                                               Tourangeau, Pierre
Le Leadership militaire Canadien français: continuité, efficacité et loyauté             Legault, Roch
Leading in an Upside-down World: New Canadian Perspectives on Leadership                 Boyer, J. Patrick
                                                                                         Denhez, Marc
Legal & Financial Aspects of Architectural Conservation: The Smolenice Castle Conference Central Europe
Legends In Their Time: Young Heroes and Victims of Canada                                Sherwood, George
Les Ecossais: The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada, 1763 – 1855                             Campey, Lucille H.
Let's Dance: A Celebration of Ontario's Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions           Young, Peter
Let's Go to The Grand!: 100 Years of Entertainment at London's Grand Theatre             Sheila M.F. Johnston
Let's Talk Wine!: An Expert Takes on Your Questions                                      Chapleau, Marc
Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806-1808                                          Lamb, W. Kaye
Life Before Stratford: The Memoris of Amelia Hall                                        Mew, Diane
Light for a Cold Land: Lawren Harris's Work and Life – An Interpretation                 Larisey, Peter
Lightkeeping on the St. Lawrence: The End of An Era                                      Lafreniere, Normand
Living with Diabetes, a Family Affair : Practical and Emotional Support Strategies       Watson, Julie V.
Lord Strathcona: A Biography of Donald Alexander Smith                                   McDonald, Donna
Losing the Empress: A Personal Journey                                                   Creighton, David
Louis Applebaum: A Passion for Culture                                                   Pitman, Walter
Louis Riel: Firebrand                                                                    Stewart, Sharon
Loyal Service: Perspectives on French-Canadian Military Leaders                          Horn, Bernd
                                                                                           the American
Loyalist Literature: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide to the Writings on the Loyalists ofAllen, Robert S.Revolution
Loyalist Mosaic: A Multi-Ethnic Heritage                                                 Magee, Joan
Lucille Teasdale: Doctor of Courage                                                      Cowley, Deborah
Lumieres sur les forces de l'ombre                                                       Horn, Bernd
Macdonald Institute: Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future                          Snell, James
MacMillan on Music: Essays on Music by Sir Ernest MacMillan                              Morey, Carl
Majesty in Canada : Essays on the Role of Royalty                                        Coates, Colin
                                                                                         Foot, William
Maps for Family and Local History: The Records of the Tithe, Valuation Office and National Farm Surveys, Second Edition
Maps That Made History: The influential, the eccentric and the sublime                   Smart, Lez
Margaret and Charley: The Personal Story of Dr. Charles Best, the Co-Discoverer of Insulin Henry B. M.
Margaret Laurence : The Making of a Writer                                               Xiques, Donez
Marshall McLuhan: Wise Guy                                                               Fitzgerald, Judith
Maurice Duplessis: Powerbroker, Politician                                               Paulin, Marguerite
Mazo de la Roche: Rich and Famous Writer                                                 Kirk, Heather
McCully's New Brunswick                                                                  Soucoup, Dan
Me n Len: Life in the Haliburton Bush 1900-1940                                          Richard Pope
Mean Streets : Confessions of a Night-Time Taxi Driver                                   McSherry, Peter
Money and Exchange in Canada to 1900                                                     McCullough, A.B.
Moose to Moccasins: The Story of ka Kita wa pa no kwe                                    Theriault, Madeline Katt
More Battlefields of Canada                                                              Fryer, Mary Beacock
More Toronto Sketches: "The Way We Were"                                                 Filey, Mike
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Second Edition                                                Filey, Mike
Much to Be Done: Private Life in Ontario from Victorian Diaries                        Frances Hoffman
Murderous Minds on Trial: Terrible Tales from a Forensic Psychiatrist's Casebook       Semrau, Stanley
Music Makers : The Lives of Harry Freedman and Mary Morrison                           Pitman, Walter
My Dearest Wife: The Private and Public Lives of James David Edgar and Matilda RidoutMcLean, Maud J.
My Home As I Remember                                                                  Lee Maracle
My Second Life: Living with Parkinson's Disease                                        Harshaw, William A.
My Year Before the Mast                                                                Davis, Annette Brock
Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons: The Story Behind the Masonic Order                Fanthorpe, Lionel
Mysteries and Secrets of the Templars: the Story Behind the Da Vinci Code              Fanthorpe, R. Lionel
Nastawgan: The Canadian North by Canoe & Snowshoe                                      Hodgins, Bruce W.
Nation Builders: Barnardo Children in Canada                                           Corbett, Gail H.
Nature First: Outdoor Life the Friluftsliv Way                                         Henderson, Bob
Nature's Year in the Kawarthas: A Guide to the Unfolding Seasons                       Monkman, Drew
Nellie McClung: Voice for the Voiceless                                                Macpherson, Margaret
Newmarket: The Heart of York Region                                                    Carter, Robert Terrence
No More: The Battle Against Human Rights Violations                                    Matas, David
No Ordinary Man: George Mercer Dawson                                                  Lois Winslow-Spragge
Norman Bethune: A Life of Passionate Conviction                                        Wilson, John
Northern Algoma: A People's Algoma                                                     Douglas, Daniel G.V.
Not All of Us Were Brave                                                               Stanley Scislowski
Not Bad for a Sergeant: The Memoirs of Barney Danson                                   Danson, Barney
Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food                                        Duncan, Dorothy
Nothing on But the Radio: A Look Back at Radio in Canada and How It Changed the World  Murray, Gil
Now You Know Christmas                                                                 Lennox, Doug
Now You Know Crime Scenes                                                              Lennox, Doug
Now You Know Extreme Weather                                                           Lennox, Doug
Now You Know More: the Book of Answers Vol 2                                           Lennox, Doug
Now You Know: the Book of Answers                                                      Lennox, Doug
Nurturing Yesterday's Child: A Portrayal of the Drake Collection of Paediatric History Spaulding, Mary
Oak Island Obsession : The Restall Story                                               Lamb, Lee
Old is In: A Guide For Aging Boomers                                                   Nicol, Eric
Old Ontario, Essays in Honour of J.M.S. Careless                                       Keane, David
Oliver Jones: The Musician, The Man                                                    Sansregret, Marthe
On Canadian Wings: A Century of Flight                                                 Pigott, Peter
On the Front Line of Life: Stephen Leacock: Memories and Reflections, 1935–1944        Bowker, Alan
                                                                                       Hodgins, Bruce W.
On the Land: Confronting the Challenges to Aboriginal Self-determinationin Northern Quebec and Labrador
Once upon a Time in Paradise: Canadians in the Golden Age of Hollywood                 Foster, Charles
Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago                                                        Shykoff, Henry
One Soldier's Story 1939-1945: From the Fall of Hong Kong to the Defeat of Japan       MacDonell, George S.
Ontario 1610-1985: A Political and Economic History                                    White, Randall
Operation Friction 1990-1991: The Canadian Forces in the Persian Gulf                  Morin, Jean H.
Opportunity Road: Yonge Street 1860 to 1939                                            Berchem, F.R.
Orangeville: The Heart of Dufferin Country                                             Townsend, Wayne
Our Young Soldier: Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812                 Fryer, Mary Beacock
Out of the Shadows: Canada in the Second World War                                     Greenhous, Brereton
Owen Sound: The Port City                                                              White, Paul
Paras Versus the Reich: Canada's Paratroopers at war, 1942–45                          Horn, Bernd
                                                                                       Mindszenthy, Bart J.
Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family: Second Edition
Parry Sound: Gateway to Northern Ontario                                               Hayes, Adrian
Patterns of the Past: Interpreting Ontario's History                                   Hall, Roger
Pauline Johnson: First Aboriginal Voice of Canada                                      Keller, Betty
Pearls & Pebbles: Catharine Parr Traill                                                Traill, Catharine Parr
Pearson's Prize : Canada and the Suez Crisis                                           Melady, John
Petrotyranny                                                                           Bacher, John
Phantom Ships                                                                          Le Bouthillier, Claude
Phyllis Munday: Mountaineer                                                            Bridge, Kathryn
Playing Sarah Bernhardt                                                                Givner, Joan
Poisoned Chalice: The Last Campaign of the Progressive Conservative Party?             Mclaughlin, David
Porcelain Moon and Pomegranates : A Woman's Trek Through Turkey                        Bilgen-Reinart, Üstün
Posted to Canada: The Watercolours of Geoge Russell Dartnell 1835-1844                 de Pencier, Honor
PR: Fifty Years in the Field                                                           Donoghue, Jack
Profiles in Canadian Literature, Volume 7                                              Heath, Jeffrey M.
Profiles in Canadian Literature, Volume 8                                              Heath, Jeffrey M.
Props On Her Sleeve: The Wartime Letters of a Canadian Airwoman                        Gossage, Carolyn
Psychics and Mediums in Canada                                                         Porche, Jean
Pucks, Pablum & Pingos: More Fascinating Facts and Quirky Quizzes from Canada's Trivia Guys Mark
Queen and Consort: Elizabeth and Phillip                                               Bell, Lynne
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1900-2002                                           Bousfield, Arthur
Reading Nijinsky                                                                       Rioux, Hélène
Reading Rock Art: Interpreting the Indian Rock Paintings of the Canadian Shield        Rajnovich, Grace
Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley: The St. Leger Expedition of 1777                       Watt, Gavin K.
Red Coats and Grey Jackets                                                             Graves, Don
Redpath: The History of a Sugar House                                                  Feltoe, Richard
Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery                                                       Heilbron, Alexandra
Remembering the Don: A Rare Record of Earlier Times Within the Don River Valley        Sauriol, Charles
René Angélil: The Making of Celine Dion: The Unauthorized Biography                    Beaunoyer, Jean
René Lévesque: Charismatic Leader                                                      Paulin, Marguerite
Reptiles and Amphibians of Prince Edward County, Ontario                               Christie, Peter
Requiem for a Giant: A.V. Roe Canada and the Avro Arrow                                Campagna, Palmiro
Rescue From Grampa Woo                                                                 Skelton, Joan
Research is a Passion with Me: The Autobiography of Margaret Morse Nice                Nice, Margaret Morse
Right Turn: How the Tories Took Ontario                                                Blizzard, Christina
Robert Dunsmuir: Laird of the Mines                                                    Bowen, Lynne
Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Corps, Canadian Command American Revolutionary Period Mary Beacock
Rouge River Valley: An Urban Wilderness                                                Garratt, James E.
Rowallan: The Autobiography of Lord Rowallan, K.T.                                     Lord Rowallan
Royal Observations: Canadians & Royalty                                                Bousfield, Arthur
Royal Spring: The Royal Tour of 1939, and the Queen Mother in Canada                   Bousfield, Arthur
Royal Transport: An Inside Look at the History of Royal Travel                         Pigott, Peter
Running The Rapids: A Writer's Life                                                    Dobbs, Kildare
Samuel de Champlain: Father of New France                                              Legaré, Francine
Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector                                            MacKay, Donald
Scoundrels, Dreamers & Second Sons: British Remittance Men in the Canadian West Zuehlke, Mark
Scrum Wars: The Prime Ministers and The Media                                         Levine, Allan
Second Sight : A Novel                                                                Szanto, George
Second to None: The Fighting 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force       Shackleton, Kevin R.
See You Next Summer: Postcard Memories of Sparrow Lake Resorts                        McCraw, Bruce
Selected Writings                                                                     Smith, A.J.M.
Seventy Years of Issues: Historical Vocal 78rpm Pressings from Original Masters 1931-2001 Tom
Ships of Wood and Men of Iron: A Norewegian-Canadian Saga of Exploration in the High Arctic Gerard
Shipwrecks and Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island                                Watson, Julie V.
Shooting Paddlers: Photographic Adventures With Canoeists, Kayakers and Rafters       Toni Harting
                                                                                      Pitchfork, Enemy Lines, 1940-1945
Shot Down and on the Run: The RCAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Who Got Home from Behind Graham
Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning in Debt                                Deveau, Sarah
Snatched! The Peculiar Kidnapping of Beer Tycoon John Labatt                          Goldenberg, Susan
Spanish John: Being narrative of the Early Life of Colonel John M'Donell of Scottos   McDonell, John
SPAtopia: Unique Spa Experiences from Around the Globe                                Rosen, Amy
Spin Doctors: The Chiropractic Industry Under Examination                             Benedetti, Paul
Star of Courage: Recognizing Canada's Heroes                                          Melady, John
Strangers at Our Gates: Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy, 1540-2006        Knowles, Valerie
Sudbury: Rail town to Regional Capital                                                C.M. Wallace
Superior Rendezvous-Place: Fort William in the Canadian Fur Trade, Second Edition     Morrison, Jean
Susanna Moodie: Pioneer Author                                                        Cimon , Anne
Syllables of Recorded Time                                                            Harrington, Lyn
Tale of a City : Re-engineering the Urban Environment                                 O'Donohue, Tony
Tales from the Great Lakes                                                            Townsend, Robert B.
Tales of the Don                                                                      Sauriol, Charles
Taming the Skies: A Celebration of Canadian Flight                                    Pigott, Peter
Temagami: A Debate on Wilderness                                                      Bray, Matthew
The Actor's Survival Kit, Third Edition                                               Newhouse, Miriam
The Anniversary Compulsion: Canada's Centennial Celebrations: A Model Mega-AnniversaryAykroyd, Peter H
The Applecross Spell                                                                  MacIntyre, Wendy
The Arctic Fox: Francis Leopold McClintock                                            Murphy, David
The Arctic: Enigmas and Myths                                                         Simpson-Housley, Paul
The Belgians in Ontario: A History                                                    Magee, Joan
The Best Gift: A Record of the Carnegie Libraries in Ontario                          Beckman, Margaret
                                                                                      Watt, Gavin K.
The Burning of the Valleys: Daring Raids from Canada Against the New York Frontier in the Fall of 1780
The Canada Company and the Huron Tract, 1826-1853: Personalities, Profits and Politicsee, Robert C.
The Canadian Federal Election of 2006                                                 Pammett, Jon H.
The Canadian General Election of 1997                                                 Frizzell, Alan
The Canadian General Election of 2000                                                 Dornan, Christopher
The Canadian General Election of 2004                                                 Pammett, Jon H.
The Canadian Home: From Cave to Electronic Cocoon                                     Denhez, Marc
The Canadian Honours System                                                           McCreery, Christopher
                                                                                      Gallander, Benjamin
The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide: How to Start and Operate Your Own Successful Business
The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing                                    Dundurn Press
The Capital Years: Niagara-On-The -Lake, 1792-1796                                    Butler, Nancy
The College on the Hill: A New History of the Ontario Agricultural College, 1874-1999 Ross, Alexander
The Condesa of M.                                                                     Szanto, George
The Consummate Canadian: A Biography of Samuel Edward Weir Q.C.                       Mason, Mary Willan
The Darling Diaries: Memoirs of a Political Career                                       Slaney, Beth
The Dave Bliss Quintet: An Inspector Bliss Mystery                                       Hawkins, D. James
The Desperate Ones: Forgotten Canadian Outlaws                                           Butts, Ed
                                                                                          Revised Pierre
The Encyclopedia of Home Winemaking: Fermentation and Winemaking Methods (NewDrapeau,Edition 2005)
The Fat Princess                                                                         Girard, Mario
The Frances Smith: Palace Steamer of the Upper Great Lakes, 1867-1896                    Cameron, Scott L.
                                                                                          Arctic Expedition
The Franklin Conspiracy: Cover-up, Betrayal, and the Astonishing Secret behind the LostLatta, Jeffrey Blair
The Genealogist's Internet                                                               Christian, Peter
The Golden Bridge: Young Immigrants to Canada, 1833-1939                                 Kohli, Marjorie
The Great Canadian Trivia Book 2                                                         Ray, Randy
The Happy Warrior: Political Memoirs                                                     MacDonald, Donald C.
The Heritage Strategy Planning Handbook: An International Primer                         Denhez, Marc
The History of Fort St. Joseph                                                           Mount, Graeme
The Inside Story: A Life in Journalism                                                   Westell, Anthony
The Invisible War: The Untold Secret Story of Number One Canadian Special Wireless Group Murray, Gil
The Jews of Windsor, 1790-1990                                                           Plaut, Jonathan V.
The Last Invasion of Canada: The Fenian Raids, 1866 – 1870                               Senior, Hereward
The Last Stand: A Journey Through the Ancient Cliff-Face Forest of the Niagara Escarpment Peter E.
The Legacy of John Waldie and Sons: A History of the victoria Harbour Lumber Company rmson, Kenneth A.
The Little Immigrants: The Orphans who Came to Canada                                    Bagnell, Kenneth
The Loghouse Nest                                                                        Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline
The Lovely and the Wild                                                                  Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline
The Lumberjacks                                                                          MacKay, Donald
The Making of Billy Bishop: The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC             Greenhous, Brereton
The Master of Jalna                                                                      de la Roche, Mazo
The Mazinaw Experience: Bon Echo and Beyond                                              Campbell, John
The North Runner                                                                         Lawrence, R.D.
The Oak Island Mystery: The Secret of the World's Greatest Treasure Hunt                 Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe
The Old Brewery Bay: A Leacockian Tale                                                   McGarvey, James A
The Old Log School                                                                       Green, Gavin Hamilton
The Ontario Book of Days                                                                 Robbins, Elliot
The Orillia Spirit: An Illustrated History of Orillia                                    Richmond, Randy
The People's Mandate: Referendums and a More Democratic Canada                           Boyer, J. Patrick
The Personal Journal of an Ordinary Person                                               Katharine Taylor Brennan
The Place in the Forest, R.D. Lawrence's Account of life in the Ontario Wilderness       Lawrence, R.D.
The Pleasures and Treasures of Britain: A Discerning Traveller's Companion               Kemp, David
The Quarriers Story: One Man's Vision That Gave 7,000 Children a New Life in Canada Magnusson, Anna
The Queen Mother and her Century                                                         Bousfield, Arthur
The Queen's Bush Settlement: Black Pioneers 1839–1865                                    Linda Brown-Kubisch
The Real Winnie: A One-Of-A-Kind Bear                                                    Shushkewich, Val
                                                                                         Richardson, Matt
The Royal Book of Lists: An Irreverent Romp through British Royal History from Alfred the Great to Prince William
The Scots Kirk                                                                           Chadwick, Andrew
The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855: Glengarry and Beyond                   Campey, Lucille H.
The Sea has no End: The Life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville                            Suthren, Victor J. H.
The Self-Completing Tree                                                                 Livesay, Dorothy
The Silver Chief: Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River ampey, Lucille H.
The Sky's the Limit: Canadian Women Bush Pilots                                          Spring, Joyce
The Strange Odyssey of Poland's National Treasures, 1939-1961                           Swager, Gordon
The Supreme Court of Canada and its Justices 1875-2000: A Commemorative Book            Supreme Court of Canada
The TTC Story: The First Seventy-Five Years                                             Filey, Mike
The Ultimate Canadian Sports Trivia Book                                                Zawadzki, Edward
The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto!                                           Shadd, Adrienne
The Underside of Stones                                                                 Szanto, George
The View From Foley Mountain                                                            McQuay, Peri Phillips
The War of 1812: The War That Both Sides Won                                            Turner, Wesley B.
The Write Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Writer in Canada, Second Edition         Wylie, Betty Jane
The Yonge Street Story: An Account from Letters, Diaries and Newspapers, 1793-1860 Berchem, F.R.
Thelon: The River Sanctuary                                                             Pelly, David F.
There Was A Piper, A Scottish Piper                                                     MacKenzie, John T.
There's Music in These Walls: A History of the Royal Conservatory of Music              Schabas, Ezra
Through Water, Ice and Fire; Schooner Nancy of the War of 1812                          Gough, Barry
Tip of the Spear: An Intimate Account of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942-1945 Horn, Bernd
To Do and to Endure: The Life of Catherine Donnelly, Sister of Service                  Beck, Jeanne R.
To Experience Wonder: Edna Staebler, a Life                                             Ross, Veronica
To Go Upon Discovery: James Cook and Canada, from 1758 to 1779                          Suthren, Victor
To the Rescue! True Stories of Tragedy and Survival                                     Matthews, Carolyn
To Whom the Wilderness Speaks                                                           Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline
Tokyo, My Everest: A Canadian Woman in Japan                                            Bauer, Gabrielle
Tom Thomson: Design for a Canadian Hero                                                 Murray, Joan
Tommy Douglas: Building the New Society                                                 Margoshes, Dave
Toronto of Old: Henry Scadding                                                          Scadding, Henry
Toronto Sketches 3: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 4: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 5: The Way We Were                                                     Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 6: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 7: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 8: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
Toronto Sketches 9: "The Way We Were"                                                   Filey, Mike
                                                                                        Mason, Roger Burford
Travels in the Shining Island: The Story of James Evans and the Invention of the Cree Syllabary Alphabet
Travels with my Daughter                                                                Ash, Niema
Treasure and Intrigue: The Legacy of Captain Kidd                                       Harris, Graham
                                                                                        Molto, Kimberly
True Tales of the Paranormal: Hauntings, Poltergeists, Near-death Experiences, and Other Mysterious Events
Turning Points: The Detroit Riot of 1967, A Canadian Perspective                        Colling, Herb
Tyranny of Niceness : Unmasking the Need for Approval                                   Sommers, Evelyn
U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Canada                                                          Clearwater, John
Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment, 1754-1953                     Greenwood, F. Murray
Under Arrest: Canadian Laws you Wont's Believe                                          Tarantino, Bob
Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea                                                           Fanthorpe, R. Lionel
Uvajuq: The Origin of Death                                                             Pelly, David F.
Vanished Villages of Middlesex                                                          Grainger, Jennifer
Visiting Elizabeth : A Novel                                                            Villeneuve, Gisèle
Voices From the Odeyak                                                                  Posluns, Michael
Voices of the Left Behind                                                               Rains, Olga
Waking Nanabijou: Uncovering a Secret Past                                              Poling, Jim
War Room : Political Strategies for Business, NGOs, and Anyone Who Wants to Win        Kinsella, Warren
Warrior Chiefs: Perspectives on Senior Canadian Military Leaders                       Horn, Bernd
Welcome to America, Mr. Sherlock Holmes: Victorian America Meets Arthur Conan Doyle    Redmond, Christopher
Whatever Happened To... ? : Catching up with Canadian Icons                            Kearney, Mark
When We Both Got to Heaven: James Atkey Among the Anishnabek at Colpoy's Bay Atkey, Mel
Where the Water Lilies Grow                                                            Lawrence, R.D.
Whisky and Ice: The Saga of Ben Kerr, Canada's Most Daring Rumrunner                   Hunt, Christopher W.
Whiteoaks of Jalna                                                                     de la Roche, Mazo
Who Killed George? The Ordeal of Olive Sternaman                                       MacDonald, Cheryl
Wilfrid Laurier: A Pledge for Canada                                                   Stewart, Roderick
William Lyon Mackenzie King: Dreams and Shadows                                        Goodall, lian
Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation                       Pigott, Peter
Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson Bay                                                     Hubbert, Mildred Young
With Axe and Bible: The Scottish Poineers of New Brunswick, 1784-1874                  Campey, Lucille H.
Women of Beaver Hall                                                                   Walters, Evelyn
Women Who Give Away Millions: Portraits of Canadian Philanthropists                    Nowell, Iris
World Enough and Time: Conversations With Canadian Women at Midlife                    Mudry, Andrea
World's Most Mysterious Castles                                                        Fanthorpe, Lionel
Worth Travelling Miles to See: Diary of a Survey Trip to Lake Temiskaming, 1886        Telfer, A.H.
                                                                                       Rogers, Bruce
You Can Say That Again! A Fun Approach to Sounding Better When You Open Your Mouth to Speak
50 Steps To Business Success: Entrepreneurial Leadership In Manageable Bites           Cleveland, Peter M.
A Season of Loss, A Lifetime of Forgiveness                                            Manasso, John
Alien: the Strange Life and Times of Mendelson Joe                                     Joe, Mendelson
Anne of Green Gables vs. G.I. Joe: Friendly Fire between Canada and the U.S.           Gould, Allan
Another Day In Showbiz                                                                 Cossette, Pierre
Apostrophe                                                                             Kennedy, Bill
Approaching the Possible : The World of Stargate SG-1                                  Storm, Jo
Ardor in the Court!: Sex and the Law                                                   Miller, Jeffrey
As For Me and My Body: A Memoir Of Sinclair Ross                                       Keath Fraser
Bad Fads                                                                               Mark A. Long
Bang Your Head : The Real Story of the Missing Link                                    Robertson, Dewey
Bedside Manners: George Cloony and ER                                                  Keenleyside, Sam
Better Medicine: Reforming Canadian Health Care                                        Dr. David Gratzer
Between the Ropes: Wrestling's Greatest Triumphs and Failures                          Fritz, Brian
                                                                                       Hicock, Larry
Beware the Grieving Warrior: A Child's Preventable Death, A Struggle For Truth, Healing, and Change
Björk: Wow and Flutter                                                                 Pytlik, Mark
Black and White and Blue                                                               Thompson, Dave
Blakwidow: My First Year As A Professional Wrestler                                    Storm, Amanda
Bodyslams! : Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman                                           Cappetta, Gary Michael
Break Point! : Life, Battles and Love on the Pro Tennis Tour                           Spadea, Vince
Bully: It's the Pits                                                                   Paul 107
Capital Dining: Anne DesBrisay's Guide to Ottawa Restaurants                           DesBrisay, Anne
Celebrity Tantrums! the Official Dirt                                                  Lisa Brandt
Claire Danes                                                                           Jennifer Ambrose
Clancy: the King's Story                                                               McFarlane, Brian
Classic Material: the Hip-Hop Album Guide                                              Oliver Wang, ed.
Contents Under Pressure: 30 Years of Rush at Home and Away                             Martin Popoff
Crash Into Me: the World of Roswell                                                    Robyn Burnett
Crooked Smile: One Family's Journey toward Healing                                     Cohen, Lainie
Dave Matthews Band Fan Fare: Stories by Fans for Fans                                  Ariel Chernin, ed.
Dave Matthews Band: Step Into the Light                                                Morgan Delancey
David E. Kelley: the Man Behind Ally McBeal                                            Cary Fagan
Depp                                                                                   Christopher Heard
Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone : A Backstage Tribute to Television's Groundbreaking Series Stewart T.
Dirty Sweet: A Mystery                                                                 McFetridge, John
Don't Call Me Joey: the Wit and Wisdom Of Albert Belle                                 Albert Belle
Down the Tube: the Dairy Of My Week in TV Hell, 200 Channels, No Escape                Brownstein, Bill
Dr. Joe and What You Didn't Know                                                       Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Ejaculations From the Charm Factory                                                    Gilbert, Sky
Finding Lost : The Unofficial Guide                                                    Stafford, Nikki
Flavourville                                                                           Lesley Chesterman
Forgiven : One Man's Journey from Self-Glorification to Sanctification                 Russo, Vince
Frank Pranks                                                                           Collins, Steve
From Someplace Else: A Memoir                                                          Ralph Osborne
From the Ground Up: An Autobiography                                                   MacMillan, Viola
Fruit                                                                                  Francis, Brian
Get Dutch!: A Biography Of Elmore Leonard                                              Challen, Paul
Ghost Rider : Travels on the Healing Road                                              Peart, Neil
Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind                                     Stencell, A.W.
Glenn Cochrane's Toronto : Neighbourhood News and Local Lore                           Cochrane, Glenn
Golden Goa                                                                             Grant Buday
Good Girls Do: Sex Chronicles of a Shameless Generation                                Chiose, Simona
Gutted                                                                                 Christie, Evie
Gwyneth Paltrow                                                                        Kathleen Tracy
Hallo Spaceboy : The Rebirth of David Bowie                                            Thompson, Dave
Health, Wealth and Happiness: You Can Control Your Destiny!                            D’Souza, Albert E.
How Linda Died                                                                         Frank Davey
How Xena Changed Our Lives: True Stories By Fans for Fans                              Nikki Stafford, ed.
Idaho Falls: the Untold Story Of America's First Nuclear Accident                      McKeown, William
In Loving Memory: A Tribute to Tim Horton                                              Tim Griggs and Lori Horton
Inside the West Wing: An Unauthorized Look at Television's Smartest Show               Challen, Paul
Intricate Preparations: Writing Leonard Cohen                                          Stephen Scobie, ed.
Jam Bands: North America's Hottest Live Group Plus How To Tape and Trade Their Shows   Dean Budnick
Japan's Favourite Mon-Star: the Unauthorized Biography Of "The Big G"                  Steve Ryfle
Jennifer Lopez                                                                         Kathleen Tracy
Jerry Seinfeld: Much Ado About Nothing                                                 Levine, Josh
Joe's Toronto : Portraiture                                                            Joe, Mendelson
Joyce Wieland: A Life In Art                                                           Iris Nowell
Joyland                                                                                Schultz, Emily
Legal Counsel, Book Four: Criminal Law                                                 Vandor, Les
                                                                                       Vandor, Les
Legal Counsel, Book One: An Introduction to the Legal System, Individual Rights, and Employment Rights
Legal Counsel, Book Three: Retirement, Representation, and Wills                       Vandor, Les
Legal Counsel, Book Two: Property Rights, Family and Divorce, and Company Rights       Vandor, Les
Let Them Eat Flax! : 70 All-New Commentaries on the Science of Everyday Food and Life  Schwarcz, Joe
Losing Mariposa: the Memoir of a Compulsive Gambler                                  Little, Doug
Making Change: Fifty Years of the Laidlaw Foundations                                The Laidlaw Foundation
Mamma Mia!: Good Italian Girls Talk Back                                             McLean, Maria Coletta
Mariah Carey: the Unauthorized Biography                                             Marc Shapiro
Melissa Etheridge: Our Little Secret                                                 Joyce Luck
Metmen in Wartime: Meteorology In Canada 1939-1945                                   Morley Thomas
Michael Moore : A Biography                                                          Schultz, Emily
Mike Harris Made Me Eat My Dog                                                       Barclay, Linwood
Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling                                                 Missy Hyatt
Mr. and Mrs. G.G.: the Media Princess and the Court Philosopher                      Davey, Frank
Much Master T: One VJ's Journey                                                      Tony Young and Dalton Higgins
Murder’s Out of Tune                                                                 Miller, Jeffrey
My Turn at Bat: the Sad Saga of the Montreal Expos                                   Stephanie Myles and Claude Brochu
Mysteries of Wrestling: Solved                                                       Kleinberg, “Sir” Adam
Natalie Portman: Queen Of Hearts                                                     Dickerson, James L.
                                                                                     Hornbaker, Tim
National Wrestling Alliance : The Untold Story of the Monopoly that Strangled Pro Wrestling
Neil Diamond : His Life, His Music, His Passion                                      Jackson, Laura
Never Too Fast: the Paul Tracy Story                                                 Paul Ferriss
no cage contains a stare that well                                                   Robinson, Matt
Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent                                                      Robert F. Barsky
Nocturnal Admissions: Sue Johanson and the Sunday Night Sex Show                     RJ Gulliver, Julia Smith, and Sue Johan
Obit                                                                                 Emery, Anne
Once Bitten: An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel                               Nikki Stafford
Our Twelve Days Before Christmas                                                     White, Christopher
Outperforming the Market: A Case Study Approach To Selecting Investments             MacDonald, Larry
Planet Of the Apes: An Unofficial Companion                                          David Hofstede
Raised by Wolves: the Story Of Christian Rock and Roll                               Thompson, John J.
Randy Newman’s American Dreams                                                       Courrier, Kevin
Rave America: New School Dancescapes                                                 Silcoff, Mireille
                                                                                     Weisleder, Mark
Real Estate Agents, Beware!: Protect Your Deals— and Increase Your Success— By Avoiding These Legal Traps
Regis!: the Unauthorized Biography                                                   Kathleen Tracy
Resto a Go-Go: 180 Cheap and Fun Places to Eat and Drink In Montreal                 Musgrave, Sarah
Russell Crowe: A Life In Stories                                                     Wylie, Gabor H.
Scribes and Scoundrels                                                               Galt, George
Secret Chicago : The Unique Guidebook to Chicago's Hidden Sites, Sounds, and Tastes Weller, Sam
Secret New York : The Unique Guidebook to New York's Hidden Sites, Sounds and Tastesietsema, Robert
Secret Portland (Oregon) : The Unique Guidebook to Portland's Hidden Sites, Sounds, and TastesAnn Carroll
                                                                                     Rogers, Barbara Radcliffe
Secret Providence and Newport : The Unique Guidebook to Providence and Newport's Hidden Sites, Sounds and Tastes
Secret Toronto : The Unique Guidebook to Toronto's Hidden Sites, Sounds and Tastes Mitchell, Scott
Secret Vancouver: the Unique Guidebook to Vancouver's Hidden Sites, Sounds and TastesAlison Appelbe
Seeking the Sacred : Leading a Spiritual Life in a Secular World                     Dallaire, Romeo
Sergeant Presley: Our Untold Story Of Elvis' Missing Years                           Mansfield, Rex
Sex Carnival : Travels in the World of Porn                                          Brownstein, Bill
Shaggy: Dogamuffin Style                                                             Locilento, Micah
Shania Twain: On My Way                                                              Williams, Dallas
Showbiz                                                                              Anderson, Jason
Sign of the Cross : A Mystery                                                        Emery, Anne
Smoke on the Water : The Deep Purple Story                                            Thompson, Dave
Stop Working... Start Living : How I Retired at 36 (Without Winning the Lottery)      Nahirny, Dianne
Taking Care of Your Money: Multi-dimensional Investing That Works                     Costello, Brian
Taking Your Pet to the Vet                                                            Seidman, David L.
Tarzan, My Father                                                                     Johnny Weissmuller Jr., William Reed,
                                                                                      Dr. Joe Schwarcz
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles: 62 All-New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life
The 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen                                                 Crouse, Richard
The Agassi Story                                                                      Dominic Cobello, Mike Agassi, and Kat
The Biker Trials                                                                      Cherry, Paul
The Coen Brothers                                                                     Cary Fagan
                                                                                      Cardy, Sandy
The Cottage, the Spider Brooch, and the Second Wife: How to Overcome the Challenges of Estate Planning
The Cowboy and the Cross                                                              Watts, “Cowboy” Bill
The Cure of Folly: A Psychiatrist's Cautionary Tale                                   Gordon Warme, M.D.
The Death of WCW                                                                      Reynolds, R.D.
The Dixie Chicks                                                                      Kathleen Tracy
The Elements of Mentality: the Foundations of Psychology and Philosophy               David Hume
The Fly in the Ointment: 70 Fascinating Commentaries on the Science of Everyday Life Schwarcz, Joe
                                                                                      Dr. Joe Schwarcz
The Genie In the Bottle: 64 All New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life
The Harmon Chronicles                                                                 Harmon, Leon
The Isiah Thomas Story: From the Back Court To the Front Office                       Challen, Paul
The Making of the Potterverse                                                         Thomas, Scott
The Molly Fire                                                                        Mitchell, Michael
The Mouth of the South: the Jimmy Hart Story                                          Jimmy Hart
The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper                                                      Mackey, Lloyd
The Portfolio Chef: Satisfy Your Investment Appetite                                  Nancy Woods
The Rip: True Stories Of Stock Brokerage Corruption                                   Aita, Bret
The Third Best Hull: I Should Have Been Fourth But They Wouldn't Let My Sister MaxineHull, Dennis
The Three Stars and Other Selections: More Amazing Lists For Trivia Lovers            Jefferson Davis and Andrew Podnieks
The Urge to Splurge: A Social History of Shopping                                     Paquet, Laura Byrne
They Don't Wanna Wait: the Stars of Dawson's Creek                                    Tony Burgess and Steve Ryfle
Thinkin' Big: The Story of James "Quick" Tillis, the Fightin' Cowboy                  Tillis, James “Quick”
To Be Continued...Volume 2                                                            Leenders, Gordon J.H.
Traveling Music: the Soundtrack to My Life and Times                                  Peart, Neil
Trekkers: True Stories By Fans For Fans                                               Nikki Stafford
UFC’s Ultimate Warriors: the Top 10                                                   Wall, Jeremy
Uncovering Alias: An Unofficial Guide                                                 Nikki Stafford and Robyn Burnett
Use My Name: Jack Kerouac's Forgotten Families                                        Jones, Jim
What’s Wrong With University                                                          Rybak, Jeff
                                                                                      Miller, Jeffrey
Where There's Life, There's Lawsuits: Not Altogether Serious Ruminations On Law and Life
Winning with the Boss from Hell: A Guide to Life in the Trenches                      Belding, Shaun
Winning with the Caller from Hell: A Survival Guide for Doing Business on the Telephone elding, Shaun
Winning with the Customer from Hell: A Survival Guide                                 Belding, Shaun
Winning with the Employee from Hell: A Guide to Life in the Trenches                  Belding, Shaun
Working Women: Portraits                                                              Mendelson Joe
World Wrestling Insanity : The Decline and Fall of a Family Empire                    Guttman, James
Wrestle Radio USA: Grapplers Speak                                                    Vinnie Carolan and Ed Symkus
WrestleCrap: the Very Worst of Pro Wrestling                                          Baer, Randy
                                                                                      Matysik, Larry
Wrestling at the Chase : The Inside Story of Sam Muchnick and the Legends of Professional Wrestling
Wrestling Babylon                                                                     Muchnick, Irvin
Wrestling With Rhinos: the Adventures of a Glasgow Vet In Kenya                       Dr. Jerry Haigh
You Don’t Need an MBA to Make Millions: Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur              Moore, Tim
You're Going to Do What?: the Memoir of Dr. W. Gifford-Jones                          Dr. W. Gifford-Jones
A Boat Called HipJoint: A Solo Atlantic Crossing                                      Parsons, Robert C.
A Sea of Mothers' Tears: Sea Stories from Atlantic Canada                             Hanrahan, Maura
A Veritable Scoff: Sources on Foodways and Nutrition in Newfoundland and Labrador Collins, Gary
Atlantic Sentinel: Newfoundland's Role in Transatlantic Communications                Cooper, Royal
Beneath the Waves: Newfoundland Sea Stories                                           McGrath, Darrin
Born Down By the Water                                                                Hanrahan, Maura
Cabot Island: The Alex Gill Story                                                     Tarrant, D. R.
Crossroads of the World: Recollections from an Airport Town                           Galgay, Frank
Domino: The Eskimo Coast Disaster                                                     Furlong, Wallace
Ferryland: The Colony of Avalonia                                                     Furlong, Tom
Final Voyages Volume I                                                                Goldie, Raymond
Final Voyages Volume II                                                               McCarthy, Michael
Final Voyages Volume III                                                              Seniors Resource Centre
From Cod to Crab: Stories and History of Hant's Harbour                               Cranford, Garry
From Red Ochre to Black Gold                                                          Murray, Hilda Chaulk
From the Ashes of My Dreams                                                           Liverman, David
Georgestown: An Historic Corner of Old St. John's                                     Bruneau, Stephen E.
Grand Bank Soldier: The War Letters of Lance Corporal Curtis Forsey                   Rideout, Brian
Habs Fan from Newfoundland                                                            McGrath, Darrin
Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland                                     Cranford, Garry
Hitching a Ride: The Unsolved Murder of Dana Bradley                                  Cook, Clayton D.
Human Beans                                                                           Seniors Resource Centre
Icebergs of Newfoundland and Labrador                                                 Miller, Elizabeth
Inco Comes to Labrador                                                                Callahan, William R.
Into the Night: The Samantha Walsh Story                                              Vautier, Clarence
Joseph Roberts Smallwood: Journalist, Premier, Newfoundland Patriot                   Martin, Willis P.
Judas in Kilkenny                                                                     Wyse, Corona
Killer Snow: Avalanches in Newfoundland and Labrador                                  Edwards, Ena Farrell
Labrador: Getting Along in the Big Land                                               Rolton, Chris
Last Dance: The Knights of Columbus Fire: St. John's, December 12, 1942               Pierson, Stuart
Leaving Newfoundland: A History of Out-Migration                                      Cranford, Garry
Looking Through My Father's Eyes                                                      Nolan, Stephen
Marconi's Miracle: The Wireless Bridging of the Atlantic                              Pumphrey, Ron
Marine Disasters and Shipwrecks: Volume 1                                             Wellman, Jim
Men Against the Sea: Ships Lost in the Newfoundland Foreign Trade                     Pickersgill, Peter
Neither Here Nor There: Reflections on the Smiling Land                               Brown, Cassie
Newfoundland Schooner: Norma & Gladys Her Story of Industry, Mutiny and Triumph Cranford, Garry
Not Too Long Ago                                                                      Wellman, Jim
                                                                                      Galgay, Frank
Not Words, But Deeds: Nano Nagle's Daring Venture and the Founding of the Presentation Sisters
Of Boats on the Collar: How It Was In One Newfoundland Fishing Community              Tarrant, D. R.
Old and Young Ahead                                                                   Bartlett, Bob
Olde St. John's: Stories from a Seaport City                                          Duke, Darrell
Omega 3: The Seal Connection                                                          Bellamy, Kathrine E.
Our Lives                                                                             Riggs, Bert
Potheads & Drum Hoops: A Folk History of New Harbour, Trinity Bay                     Cranford, Garry
River Lords: Father and Son                                                           Ho, Cosmas
Rogues and Heroes                                                                     Andrieux, Jean Pierre
Sea Dogs & Skippers                                                                   Crellin, John K.
St. John's: City of Fire                                                              Cranford, Garry
St. Lawrence and Me                                                                   Butler, Paul
Stories of Carbonear                                                                  Wellman, Jim
Sweep You Across for a Penny, Ma'am: Stories from St. John's and Beyond               Butler, Paul
Tales from a Pilot's Logbook: A Love Affair with Airplanes                            Cranford, Garry
Tales of the Rails, Volume IV: The Newfoundland Railway 1881-1988                     Walsh, Gordon
The Alphabet Fleet: The Pride of the Newfoundland Coastal Service                     Cranford, Garry
The Buchans Miners: A Mining and Hockey Legacy                                        Cranford, Garry
The Coast of Newfoundland: The Southwest Corner                                       Rompkey, Bill
The Grenfell I Knew                                                                   Fardy, B. D.
The Last Voyage of the Karluk: Shipwreck and Rescue in the Arctic                     Short, Harvey
The Life of a Cottage Hospital: The Bonne Bay Experience                              Kean, Abram
The Log of Bob Bartlett: The True Story of Forty Years of Seafaring and Exploration   Ewtushik, Marg
Tidal Wave: A List of Victims and Survivors: Newfoundland, 1929                       Hanrahan, Maura
To Johnnie with Love                                                                  Goff, Roderick B.
Tsunami: The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster                                         Ransby, Alex
Two Outports: A History of Dildo–New Harbour                                          Vautier, Clarence
Uncle Mose: The Life of Ted Russell                                                   McGrath, Darrin
Weavers of the Tapestry                                                               Smith, Ed
When We Worked Hard: Tickle Cove, Newfoundland                                        Cranford, Garry
Where Christmas is Christmas                                                          Kochan, Pearl Collis
Writing the Sea                                                                       White, Winston
Your Daughter Fanny: The War Letters of Frances Cluett, VAD                           Blunt, Theresa Lennon
All Call Iona Home, 1800 to 1950                                                      MacNeil, S
Atlantic Canada Today                                                                 Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Charles Bruce                                                                         Wainwright, Andy
Disabled                                                                              Forbes, Lewis
Energy Options for Atlantic Canada                                                    Conley, Marshall
Errand Boy in the Mooseland Hills                                                     Bjarnason, Magnus
Explosion in Halifax Harbour                                                          Flemming, David B.
Fastest in the World: the Saga of Canada's Revolutionary Hydrofoils                   Boileau, John
First Nova Scotian                                                                    Finnan, Mark
Guysboro Railway                                                                      MacDonald, Bruce
Half-hearted Enemies                                                                  Boileau, John
Halifax Champion                                                                      Ashe, Robert
Halifax Citadel                                                                       Cuthbertson, Brian
Halifax Street Names                                                                  Mackenzie, Shelagh
Halifax's Northwest Arm: An Illustrated History                                       Watts, Heather
Haligonians                                                                           Senn, Roma
Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia                                                        Archibald, Stephen
Highland Heart in Nova Scotia                                                         MacNeil, Neil
Highland Scottish folklore and beliefs                                                  MacLeod, Calum
Horse-drawn Carriages and Sleighs                                                       Dickinson, Peter
Houses of Nova Scotia                                                                   Penney, Allen
Human Development through Social Change                                                 Milner, Philip
Johnny Bluenose at the Polls                                                            Cuthbertson, Brian
Letters from a Lady Rancher                                                             Hopkins, Monica
Louisbourg                                                                              de Biagi, Susan Young
Lunenburg: Then and Now                                                                 Cuthbertson, Brian
Masters of Their Own Destiny                                                            Coady, M.M.
No Place Like Home                                                                      Conrad, Margaret
Prince Edward's Legacy                                                                  Naftel, William D.
Remembering Singalong Jubilee                                                           Dick, Ernest J.
Richard Hatfield                                                                        Starr, Richard
Rise of French New Brunswick                                                            Wilbur, Richard
Savage Years                                                                            Clancy, Peter
Sinclair Saga                                                                           Finnan, Mark
St. Paul's in the Grand Parade                                                          Emsley, Sarah Baxter
The Fighting Fisherman: The Life of Yvon Durelle                                        Fraser, Raymond
The Maroons in Nova Scotia                                                              Grant, John N.
The Politics of Madness                                                                 St-Amand, Néré
Titanic Remembered                                                                      Ruffman, Alan
(Ab)Using Power: The Canadian Experience                                                Boyd, Susan
(Re)Defining Traditions: Gender and Canadian Foreign Policy                             Keeble, Edna
A Land Without Gods: Process Theory, Maldevelopment and the Mexican Nahuas              Chevalier, Jacques M
A New Democracy: Alternatives to a Bankrupt World Order                                 Shutt, Harry
A People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide                            Melvern, Linda
A Sense of Themselves: Elizabeth Murray's Leadership in School and Community            Harris, Carol
A Voice Unheard: The Latimer Case and People with Disabilities                          Enns, Ruth
A World of Contradictions: Socialist Register 2002                                      Panitch, Leo
Aboriginal Fishing Rights: Laws, Courts, Politics                                       Sharma, Parnesh
After Iraq: War, Imperialism and Democracy                                              Harding, Jim
Alternative Budgets: Budgeting as if People Mattered                                    Loxley, John
Another American Century?: The United States and the World Since 9/11                   Guyatt, Nicholas
                                                                                        Fisher, William F.
Another World is Possible: Popular Alternatives to Globalization at the World Social Forum
Anti-Racism Education: Theory and Practice                                              Dei, George Sefa
Anti-Racist Feminism: Critical Race and Gender Studies                                  Calliste, Agnes
Apostles of Greed: Capitalism and the Myth of the Individual in the Market              Engler, Allen
Arguing with Numbers Work Book: Statistics for the Social Sciences                      Gingrich, Paul
Arguing with Numbers: Statistics for the Social Sciences                                Thiessen, Victor
Banking on Deception: The Discourse of Fiscal Crisis                                    Workman, Thom
Beyond Criminology: Taking Harm Seriously                                               Hillyard, Paddy
Beyond the Limits of the Law: Corporate Crime and Law and Order                         McMullan, John L.
Beyond Two Solitudes                                                                    Smith, David
Black Canadians: History, Experiences, Social Conditions                                Mensah, Joseph
Blaming Children: Youth Crime, Moral Panics and the Politics of Hate                    Schissel, Bernard
Borders Matter: Homeland Security and the Search for North America                      Drache, Daniel
Brave New Seeds: The Threat of Transgenic Crops to Farmers in the South                 de la Perriere, Robert Ali Brac
Calculated Kindness: Globalization, Immigration and Settlement in Canada                Folson, Rose Baaba
Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority                                        Fenton, Anthony
Canada's National Child Benefit : Phoenix or Fizzle?                                    Durst, Douglas
Canadian Critical Race Theory: Racism and the Law                                       Aylward, Carol
Care And Consequences: The Impact of Health Care Reform                                 Gustafson, Diana
Challenge and Change : A History of the Dalhousie School of Nursing, 1949-1989          Twohig, Peter
Challenging Politics: COPE, Electoral Politics and New Social Movements                 Vogel, Donna
Changing Child Care: Five Decades of Child Care Advocacy and Policy in Canada           Prentice, Susan
Changing Tides: Gender, Fisheries and Globalization                                     Neis, Barbara
Child and Family Policies: Struggles, Strategies and Options                            Pulkingham, Jane
Citizens or Consumers?: Social Policy in a Market Society                               Broad, Dave
Constructing Danger: The Mis/Representation of Crime in the News                        McCormick, Christopher
Contesting Fundamentalisms : Homeland Security and the Search for North America Schick, Carol
Crimes, Laws and Communities                                                            McMullen, John
Cuba: A Revolution in Motion                                                            Saney, Isaac
Cultivating Utopia: Organic Farmers in a Conventional Landscape                         Hetherinton, Kregg
Deadlines and Diversity: Journalism Ethics in a Changing World                          Alia, Valerie
Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy                                          Bello, Walden
Differing Visions: Administering Indian Residential Schooling in Prince Albert, 1867–1995 yck, Noel
Dismantling a Nation: The Transition to Corporate Rule in Canada, Second Edition        McBride, Steve
Divorce and Disengagement: Patterns of Fatherhood in and Beyond Marriage                Kruk, Edward
Elusive Justice: Beyond the Marshall Inquiry                                            Mannette, Joy
Environmental Illness in Nova Scotia. 1983-2003                                         Janigan, David
Experiencing Difference                                                                 James, Carl
Feminism and Families : Critical Policies and Changing Practices                        Luxton, Meg
Feminism and the Politics of Difference                                                 Gunew, Sneja
Feminist Frameworks: Building Theory on Violence Against Women                          Price, Lisa
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effect: Developing a Community Response                          Turpin, Jeanette
Fighting Identities Race, Religion and Ethno-Nationalism: Socialist Register 2003       Panitch, Leo
Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture                                            Madeley, John
Free Trade: Myth, Reality and Alternatives                                              Dunkley, Graham
From the Inside Looking Out: Competing Paradigms of Growing Old                         Auger, Jeanette
Gender and Collaboration: Communication Styles in an Engineering Classroom              Ingram, Sandra
Give & Take: What's The Matter With Foreign Aid                                         Sogge, David
Giving Youth a Voice: Rethinking Adolescent Violence                                    Barron, Christie
Global Capitalism and American Empire                                                   Panitch, Leo
Global Intelligence: The World's Secret Service Today                                   Bloch, Jonathan
Global Trade: Past Mistakes, Future Choices                                             Buckman, Greg
Globalization and Development: A Glossary                                               Mason, Greg
Globalization Unmasked: Imperialism in the 21st Century                                 Petras, James and Henry Veltmeyer
Globalization: Tame it or Scrap it?                                                     Buckman, Greg
Governing under Stress : Middle Powers and the Challenge of Globalization               Cohen, Marjorie Griffin
Grassroots Leaders Building Skills: A Course in Community Leadership                    Bishop, Anne
Healing Wounded Hearts                                                                  Graveline, Fyre Jean
                                                                                        Lister, John
Heath Policy Reform-Driving the Wrong Way: A Critical Guide to the Global Health Reform Industry
History in the Making: Raymond Williams, Edward Thompson and Radical Intellectuals, Woodhams, Steven
Hollow Work, Hollow Society: Globalization and the Casual Labour Problem in Canada Broad, Dave
Human Rights: Social Justice in the Age of the Market                                  de Feyter, Koen
Hungry for Trade: How the Poor Pay for Free Trade                                      Madeley, John
Identity, Place, Knowledge: Social Movements Contesting Globalization                  Conway, Janet
Immigration and the Legalization of Racism                                             Jakubowski, Lisa
Imperial Overstretch: George W. Bush and the Hubris of Empire                          Burback, Roger
Industry and Society in Nova Scotia: An Illustrated History                            Candow, James
Inference and Persuasion: An Introduction to Logic and Critical Reasoning              Armour, Leslie
Inside Capitalism: An Introduction to Political Economy                                Phillips, Paul
International Migration: Globalization's Last Frontier                                 Moses, Jonathon W.
Inventing Tax Rage: Misinformation in the National Post                                Patriquin, Larry
Invisible Giant: Cargill and its Transnational Strategies                              Kneen, Brewster
Issumatuq: Learning from the Traditional Healing Wisdom of the Canadian Inuit          Minor, Kit
Japan at Century's End: Changes, Challenges and Choices                                Millward, Hugh
                                                                                       Matthews, Race
Jobs of Our Own: Building a Stake-holder Society: Alternatives to the Market and the State
Juggernaut Politics: Understanding Predatory Globalization                             Gelinas, Jacques B.
Language and Hegemony in Gramsci                                                       Ives, Peter
Locating Law : Race, Class and Gender Connections                                      Comack, Elizabeth
Maid in the Market: Women's Paid Domestic Labour                                       Giles, Winona
Man's Will to Hurt: Investigating the Causes, Supports and Varieties of His Violence   Kuypers, Joseph A.
Market & Society: An Introduction to Economics                                         Baillargeon, Jeanne
Marketing Place: Culture, Politics, Regionalism and Reading                            Kelly, Ursula
Memoirs From the Left                                                                  Saville, John
Men and Power                                                                          Kuypers, Joe
Mexico in Transition: Neoliberal Globalism, the State and Civil Society                Otero, Gerardo
More Perishable than Lettuce or Tomatoes: Labour, Law Reform and Toronto's Newspapers Edward
Mothering for the State: The Paradox of Fostering                                      Miedema, Baukje
Muriel Duckworth: A Very Active Pacifist                                               Kerans, Marian
My Union, My Life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers         Parrott, Jean-Claude
Myth, Migration and the Making of Memory: Scotia and Nova Scotia, c.1700-1990          Harper, Marjorie
Names, Numbers and Northern Policy: Inuit, Project Surname and the Politics of Identity lia, Valerie
Nanotechnology: New Promises, New Dangers                                              Shelley, Toby
Neo-Liberalism or Democracy?: Economic Strategy, Markets and Alternatives for the 21st Century Arthur
News, Truth and Crime: The Westray Disaster and its Aftermath                          McMullen, John
No Going Back: Women as University Students                                            Campbell, Patricia
No Place for Violence: Canadian Aboriginal Alternatives                                Proulx, Jocelyn
Oil: Politics, Poverty and The Planet                                                  Shelley, Toby
On Time! On Task! On a Mission!: A Year in the Life of a Middle School Principal       Spence, Christopher
Open for Business/ Closed to People: Mike Harris's Ontario                             Ralph, Diana
Our Simmering Planet: What to do About Global Warming                                  Gupta, Joyeeta
Palestine/Israel: Peace or Apartheid: Occupation, Terrorism and the Future             Bishara, Marwan
Paradigm Shift : Globalization and the Canadian State                                  McBride, Steve
Partners for Progress: A Canada-African Venture in University Building                 Larsen, Michael
Passing Through: End-of-Life Decisions for Lesbians and Gay Men                        Auger, Jeanette
                                                                                       Ashton, John
Perils of Progress: The Health and Environment Hazards of Modern Technology, and What You Can Do About Them
Pieces of a Puzzle: Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse                                 Hiebert-Murphy, Diane
Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development                         Sachs, Wolfgang
Playing Left Wing: From Rink Rat to Student Radical                                    Engler, Yves
Ploughing Up the Farm: Neoliberalism, Modern Technology and the State of the World's Farmers Jerry
Politics on the Margins: Restructuring and the Canadian Women's Movement                Brodie, Janine
Power and Resistance: Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues, Third Edition     Samuelson, Les
Power, Knowledge and Anti-Racist Education: A Critical Reader                           Dei, George Sefa
Protect or Plunder: Understanding Intellectual Property Rights                          Shiva, Vandana
Protest and Globalisation: Prospects for Transnational Solidarity                       Goodman, James
Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left                                         Newman, Michael
Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism                                                  Albert, Michael
Recasting Steel Labour: The Stelco Story                                                Corman, June,
Recipes for Success: A Celebration of Food Security Work in Canada                      Kirbyson, Anna Maria
Reclaiming Development: Independent Thought and Caribbean Community                     Levitt, Kari
Reclaiming Self: Issues and Resources for Women Abused by Intimate Partners             Tutty, Leslie
Reflections: 55 Years in Public Service in Nova Scotia                                  MacKinnon, Fred
Reinventing Political Science: A Feminist Approach                                      Vickers, Jill
Remaking Canadian Social Policy: Social Security in the Late 1990's                     Pulkingham, Jane
Resist!: A Grassroots Collection of Stories, Poetry, Photos and Analysis from the FTAA Protests Jen
Restructuring and Resistance: Canadian Public Policy in the Age of Global Capitalism Burke, Mike
Rethinking Globalization : Critical Issues and Policy Choices                           Khor, Martin
Re-Thinking the Administration of Justice                                               Currie, Dawn H.
Revolution in the Americas                                                              Barlow, Barry H.
Seeds of Fire: Social Development in the Age of Globalization                           Wilson, Maureen
Shrinking the State: Globalization and Public Administration "Reform"                   Shields, John
Smoke Screen: Women's Smoking and Social Control                                        Greaves, Lorraine
Social Economy: Health and Welfare in Four Canadian Provinces                           Vaillancourt, Yves
Social Inclusion: Canadian Perspectives                                                 Richmond, Ted
Social Perspectives on Death and Dying                                                  Auger, Jeanette
Society, State and Market: A Guide to Competing Theories of Development                 Martinussen, John
Solutions That Work: Fighting Poverty in Winnipeg                                       Silver, Jim
Someone To Talk To: Care and Control of the Homeless                                    Allen, Tom
                                                                                        Lind, Christopher
Something's Wrong Somewhere: Globalization, Community and the Moral Economy of the Farm Crisis
Songlines to Satellites: Indigenous Communication in Australia, the South Pacific and Canada Helen
Star Wars in Canadian Sociology: Exploring the Social Construction of Knowledge         Nock, David
State Theories: From Liberalism to the Challenge of Feminsm                             Knuttila, Murray
Stickin' to the Union: Local 2224 vs. John Buhler                                       Smith, Doug
Stifling Debate: Canadian Newspapers and Nuclear Power                                  Clow, Michael
Stolen Fruit: The Tropical Commodities Disaster                                         Robbins, Peter
Strategies for the Year 2000: A Women's Handbook                                        Stienstra, Deborah
System in Crisis: The Dynamics of Free Market Capitalism                                Petras, James
Taxing Illusions: Taxation, Democracy and Embedded Political Theory                     Hansen, Philip
Teaching Controversy                                                                    Jakubowski, Lisa
Tech High: Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education                           Moll, Marita
Telling the Truth: Socialist Register 2006                                              Panitch, Leo
The Christmas Imperative: Leisure, Family and Women's Work                              Bella, Leslie
The David Levine Affair: Separatist Betrayal or McCarthyism North?                      Marlin, Randal
The Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport                               Kirby, Sandra
The Empire Reloaded: Socialist Register 2005                                            Panitch, Leo
The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World                      Kovel, Joel
The Fourth World: Feminism and Aboriginal Women's Activism                            Oulette, Grace
The Gardens of their Dreams : Desertification and Culture in World History            Griffith, Brian
The Globalization Decade: A Critical Reader                                           Panitch, Leo
The Illusion of Inclusion: Women In Post Secondary Education                          Stalker, Jackie
The Impasse of Modernity: Debating the Future of the Global Market Economy            Comeliau, Christian
The Mi'Kmaw Concordat                                                                 Henderson, James Sakej
The Myth of Development: Non-Viable Economics of the 21st Century                     de Rivero, Oswaldo
The New Imperial Challenge: Socialist Register 2004                                   Panitch, Leo
The People's Co-op: The Life and Times of a North End Institution                     Mochoruk, Jim
The Politics of Community Services: Immigrant Women, Class and the State              Ng, Roxanna
The Porto Alegre Experiment: Learning Lessons for a Better Democracy                  Gret, Marian
The Post-Development Reader                                                           Rahnema, Majid
The Skin I'm In: Racism, Sports and Education                                         Spence, Christopher
The Social Basis Of Law: Critical Readings in the Sociology of Law, Second Edition    Comack, Elizabeth
The Three Waves of Globalization: A History of a Developing Global Consciousness      Robertson, Robbie
The Tragedy of Progress: Marxism, Modernity and the Aboriginal Question               Bedford, David
The University As Text: Women and the University Context                              Schick, Carol
The Water Business: Corporations versus People                                        Holland, Ann-Christian
The Westray Chronicles: A Case Study in Corporate Crime                               McCormick, Christopher
The Westray Tragedy: A Miner's Story                                                  Comish, Shaun
The Women, Gender and Development Reader                                              Visvavathan, Nalini
Thin Ice: Money, Politics, and the Demise of an NHL Franchise                         Silver, Jim
Thinking Ecologically: Environmental Thought, Values and Policy                       Morito, Bruce
Thunder in My Soul: A Mohawk Women Speaks                                             Monture-Angus, Patricia
Toxic Criminology: Environment, Law and the State in Canada                           Manzies, Rober
Transforming Communities                                                              Luttrell, William
Transforming Ourselves/Transforming the World: An Open Conspiracy for Social Change   Murphy, Brian K
                                                                                      Razak, Narda
Transforming the Field: Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Perspectives for the Human Service Practicum
Truth or Profit?: The Ethics and Business of Public Accounting                        Neu, Dean
Under One Roof: Community Economic Development in Winnipeg's North End                Deane, Lawrence
Under the Gaze: Learning to be Black in White Society                                 Kelly, Jennifer
Undressing the Canadian State: The Politics of Pornography from Hicklin to Butler     Johnson, Kirsten
Up in Nipigon Country: Anthropology as a Personal Experience                          Hedigan, Edward
Voices of Nova Scotia Community: A Written Democracy                                  Milsom, Scott
                                                                                      Paul, Daniel
We Were Not the Savages: A Mi'kmaq Perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations
When Teens Abuse Their Parents                                                        Cottrell, Barbara
When the Fish are Gone: Ecological Disaster and Fishers in Northwest Newfoundland Palmer, Craig
Who Owes Who?: 50 Questions About World Debt                                          Millet, Damien
Within Our Reach : Preventing Abuse Across the Lifespan                               Ateah, Christine
Women Fishes These Days                                                               Grzetic, Brenda
Women, Medicine and Health                                                            Singh, Bolaria B.
Yesterday's News: Why Canada's Daily Newspapers are Failing Us                        Miller, John
50 Things to Make with a Broken Hockey Stick                                          Manchester, Peter
A Camera on the Banks: Frederick William Wallace and the Fishermen of the Grand Banks Taylor, M. Brook
A Good Enough Life: The Dying Speak                                                   Gabori, Susan
A Hiking Guide to New Brunswick                                                       Eiselt, Marianne
A Hiking Guide to the National Parks and Historic Sites of Newfoundland               Maryniak, Barbara
                                                                                           Smith, H.M. Scott
A Light in the Field: Lighthouses, Fishery Buildings, Barns and Mills of Prince Edward Island
A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick                                         Gair, Reavley
A Personal Calligraphy                                                                     Pratt, Mary
A Taste of Acadie                                                                          Cormier-Boudreau, Marielle
Abode of Love: Growing Up in a Messianic Cult                                              Barlow, Kate
Amazing Medical Stories                                                                    Burden, George
                                                                                           Henry, Victoria
Art at Work/L'Art au Travail: Art Bank of the Canada Council of the Arts/ Le banque d'oeuvres d'art du Conseil des Arts du Can
Beaverbrook: A Shattered Legacy                                                            Poitras, Jacques
Biking to Blissville : A Cycling Guide to the Maritimes and the Magdalen Islands           Thompson, Kent
Birds of a Feather: Tales of a Wild Bird Haven                                             Johns, Linda
Blunt Trauma: After the Fall of Flight 111                                                 Bannister, Ivy
Bruno Bobak: The Full Palette                                                              Riordon, Bernard
Bugging the Atlantic Salmon                                                                Brislain, Michael
Celebrations of Nature                                                                     Balch, Reg
Chosen: A Holocaust Memoir                                                                 Berk, Eta
Comforts of Home: Small Inns, Cottages and Bed and Breakfasts of Atlantic Canada           Fawcett, Anne
Crime and Policing in Maritime Canada : Chapters from the Urban Records                    McGahan, Peter
Currents in the Stream : Miramichi People and Places                                       Curtis, Wayne
D-Day to Carpiquet: The North Shore Regiment and the Liberation of Europe                  Milner, Marc
Deadly Frontiers : Disaster and Rescue on Canada's Atlantic Seaboard                       Beeby, Dean
Desperate Stages: New Brunswick's Theatre in the 1840s                                     Mullaly, Edward
Different Minds: Living with Alzheimer Disease                                             Drew, Lorna
Fabulous Fabrications from Busted Hockey Gear                                              Manchester, Peter
Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll                                  Lord, M.G.
Frank: The Life and Politics of Frank McKenna                                              Lee, Philip
Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate                                                       Folster, David
Great Maritime Achievers in Science and Technology                                         MacBeath, George
Great Maritime Inventions, 1833 - 1950                                                     Theriault, Mario
Hiking Trails of Cape Breton, Revised Edition                                              Haynes, Michael
Hiking Trails of New Brunswick, 3rd Edition                                                Eiselt, Marianne
Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, Eighth Edition                                               Haynes, Michael
Home Pool: The Fight to Save the Atlantic Salmon                                           Lee, Philip
Hope Restored: The American Revolution and the Founding of New Brunswick                   Dallison, Robert
Hurricane Pilot: The Wartime Letters of W.O. Harry L. Gill, DFM, 1940-1943                 Wilson, Brent
Hurricanes: What You Need to Know                                                          Goose Lane Editions
Ideas: Brilliant Thinkers Speak Their Minds                                                Lucht, Bernie
If I Could Turn and Meet Myself: The Life of Alden Nowlan                                  Toner, Patrick
Joe Norris: Painted Visions of Nova Scotia                                                 Riordon, Bernard
Larry Gorman: The Man Who Made the Songs                                                   Ives, Edward
Lost Land of Moses : The Age of Discovery on New Brunswick's Salmon Rivers                 Thomas, Peter
Magnificent Entertainments: Fancy Dress Balls of Canada's Governors General, 1876-1898     Cooper, Cynthia
Miller Brittain: Quand les étoiles jetèrent leurs lances                                   Smart, Tom
Miller Brittain: When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears                                    Smart, Tom
No Faster than a Walk: The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick                                Gillis, Stephen
Nothing Sacred: A Journey Beyond Belief                                                    Rigelhof, T.F.
On Earth as it is in Heaven: Gothic Revival Churches of Victorian New Brunswick            Finley, Gregg
Paddling in Paradise: Sea Kayaking Adventures in Atlantic Canada                           Hughes, Alison
Phantom Islands of the Atlantic                                                       Johnson, Donald S.
Random Illuminations: Conversations with Carol Shields                                Wachtel, Eleanor
Reservation X: The Power of Place in Aboriginal Contemporary Art                      McMaster, Gerald
Riding Into War: The Memoir of a Horse Transport Driver, 1916-1919                    Johnston, James Robert
River Guides of the Miramichi                                                         Curtis, Wayne
Safe and Sound : How Not to Get Lost in the Woods and How to Survive If You Do        Snow, Gordon
Saint John at Work and Play: Photographs by Isaac Erb, 1904-1924                      Kelly, Grant
Saint John Fortifications, 1630-1956                                                  Sarty, Roger
School Days: The One-Room Schools of Maritime Canada                                  Peabody, George
Showman: The Russ Whitebone Story                                                     Whitebone, Russ
Six for the Hangman                                                                   Grant, B.J.
Special Delivery: Canada's Postal Heritage                                            Amyot, Chantal
Studio Ceramics in Canada                                                             Crawford, Gail
Summers in St. Andrews                                                                Walker, Willa
Tales from Under the Rim: The Marketing of Tim Hortons                                Buist, Ron
The Age of Confession/L'Âge de la confession                                          Bissoondath, Neil
The Art of Mary Pratt: The Substance of Light                                         Smart, Tom
The Coasts of Canada: A History                                                       Choyce, Lesley
The Landscape of Craft                                                                Fry, George
The Painted House of Maud Lewis: Conserving a Folk Art Treasure                       Hamilton, Laurie
The Proceedings of the Symposium: Art and Music in New Brunswick                      Fancy, Margaret
The Real Klondike Kate                                                                Brennan, Ann
The Right Fight: Bernard Lord and the Conservative Dilemma                            Poitras, Jacques
The Road to Canada: The Grand Communications Route from Saint John to Quebec          Campbell, Gary
The Scent of Eucalyptus: A Missionary Childhood in Ethiopia                           Coleman, Daniel
The Siege of Fort Beauséjour, 1755                                                    Hand, Chris
Tracking Doctor Lonecloud: Showman to Legend Keeper                                   Holmes Whitehead, Ruth
Trails of Fredericton                                                                 Thorpe, Bill
Trails of Greater Moncton                                                             Merlin, Kate
Trimming Yankee Sails: Pirates and Privateers of New Brunswick                        Kert, Faye
Turning Back the Fenians: New Brunswick's Last Colonial Campaign                      Dallison, Bob
Wanderlust: A Social History of Travel                                                Paquet, Laura Byrne
War on the Home Front: The Farm Diaries of Daniel MacMillan, 1914-1927                Parenteau, Bill
When Things Get Back to Normal                                                        Dohaney, M.T.
Wild Apples: Field Notes from a River Farm                                            Curtis, Wayne
Wings Over the Sea : The Story of Allan Moses                                         Ingersoll, L.K.
With All Her Might: The Life of Gertrude Harding, Militant Suffragette                Wilson, Gretchen
Woodlands Canoeing : Pleasure Paddling on Woodland Waterways                          Sparkman, Rick
Addicted: Notes from the Belly of the Beast, Second Edition                           Crozier, Lorna
Fifty Mighty Men                                                                      MacEwan, Grant
                                                                                      Cannings, Sydney
Geology of British Columbia: A Journey Through Time: British Columbia: A Natural History
Good News for a Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet                    Suzuki, David
Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of Global Warming                                      Christianson, Gale
Grey Owl: The Many Faces of Archie Belaney                                            Billinghurst, Jane
In the Arms of Morpheus: The Tragic History of Laudanum Morphine and Patent Medicines Hodgson, Barbara
John Ware's Cow Country                                                               MacEwan, Grant
Life in the Pacific Ocean: British Columbia: A Natural History                        Cannings, Richard
Macular Degeneration: The Latest Scientific Discoveries and Treatments for Preserving Your SightRobert
Memory Meadows: Timeless Horse Stories                                                MacEwan, Grant
Mighty Women: Stories of Western Canadian Pioneers                                    MacEwan, Grant
Mountains and Northern Forests: British Columbia: A Natural History                   Cannings, Richard
Northern Wild: Best Contemporary Canadian Nature Writing                              Boyd, Neil
River of the Angry Moon: Seasons on the Bella Coola                                   Hume, Mark
                                                                                      Moynihan, Ray
Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning us all into Patients
Syrup Pails and Gopher Tails: Memories of the One-Room School                         Charyk, John C.
The B.C. Roadside Naturalist                                                          Cannings, Richard
                                                                                      Glavin, Terry
The Last Great Sea: A Voyage through the Human and Natural History of the North Pacific Ocean
The World of Fresh Water: British Columbia: A Natural History                         Cannings, Sydney
Vanishing Halo: Saving the Boreal Forest                                              Gowthrop, Daniel
When The School Horse was King: A Tribute to Faithful Friends and Companions          Charyk, John C.
When the Wild Comes Leaping Up: Personal Encounters with Nature                       Suzuki, David
Wisdom of the Elders                                                                  Knudtson, Peter
A Short History of Progress                                                           Wright, Ronald
Becoming Human                                                                        Vanier, Jean
Beyond Fate                                                                           Visser, Margaret
Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of DNA                                              Lewontin, Richard
Climate Change                                                                        Tanaka, Shelley
Compassion and Solidarity: The Church for Others                                      Baum, Gregory
Democracy on Trial                                                                    Elshtain, Jean Bethke
English-Speaking Justice                                                              Grant, George
Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine: How to Solve the World‘s Food Crises          Heintzman, Andrew
Fueling The Future: How The Battle Over Energy is Changing Everything                 Heintzman, Andrew
George Grant in Conversation                                                          Cayley, David
Ivan Illich in Conversation                                                           Cayley, David
Latin America: At War with the Past                                                   Fuentes, Carlos
Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies                          Chomsky, Noam
Northrop Frye in Conversation                                                         Cayley, David
Nostalgia for the Absolute                                                            Steiner, George
On the Eve of the Millennium                                                          O'Brien, Conor Cruise
Perspectives on Our Age: Jacques Ellul Speaks on his Life and Work                    Ellul, Jaques
Prisons We Choose to Live Inside                                                      Lessing, Doris
Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in AIDS-ravaged Africa                          Lewis, Stephen
Riopelle in Conversation                                                              Erouart, Gilbert
Technology and Empire                                                                 Grant, George
Technology and Justice                                                                Grant, George
The Bush Garden: Essays on the Canadian Imagination                                   Frye, Northrop
The Cult of Efficiency                                                                Stein, Janice Gross
The Educated Imagination                                                              Frye, Northrop
The Elsewhere Community                                                               Kenner, Hugh
The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit                                 Somerville, Margaret
                                                                                      Cayley, David
The Expanding Prison: The Crisis in Crime and Punishment and the search for Alternatives
The Malaise of Modernity                                                              Taylor, Charles
The Politics of the Family                                                            Laing, R.D.
The Real World of Democracy                                                           Macpherson, C.B.
The Real World of Technology                                                            Franklin, Ursula M.
The Rights Revolution                                                                   Ignatieff, Michael
The Rivers North of the Future: The Testament of Ivan Illich as told to David Cayley    Cayley, David
The Triumph of Narrative: Storytelling in the Age of Mass Culture                       Fulford, Robert
The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative                                             King, Thomas
The Unconscious Civilization                                                            Saul, John Ralston
Twenty-First Century Capitalism                                                         Heibroner, Robert
Reflections on the C-word: At the Centre of the Cancer Labyrinth                        Matthews, Carol
                                                                                        Dook, Catherine
"Darling, Call the Coast Guard, We're on Fire Again!": And Other Tales of Liveaboard Life
A Century of Grant MacEwan: Selected Writings                                           MacEwan, Grant
A Chosen Path: From Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill                                   Oberle, Frank
A Hiker's Guide to Scrambling Safely                                                    Morin, Tom
A Journey to the Northern Ocean: The Adventures of Samuel Hearne                        Hearne, Samuel
A Measure of Value: The Story of the D'Arcy Island Leper Colony                         Yorath, Chris
A Passion for Mountains: The Lives of Don and Phyllis Munday                            Bridge, Kathryn
A Western Doctor’s Odyssey: From Cariboo to Kos                                         Lee, Eldon
A World to the West: A Voyage Around the World                                          Cloughley, Maurice R.
A Year on the Wild Side                                                                 Penn, Briony
Above the Falls                                                                         Harris, John
Add Kids, Stir Briskly: Or How I Learned to Love my Life                                Owens, Jo
Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives                                                   Schoonover, Jason
Alberta Backcountry Equestrian One-Day Trail Guide                                      Asheton, Pam
Alone Against the Arctic                                                                Dalton, Anthony
Alpine Beauty: Alpine and Subalpine Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies and ColumbiaJennings, Neil L.
An Edible Journey: Exploring the Island's Fine Food, Farms and Vineyards                Levinson, Elizabeth
Arctic Workhorse: The RCMP Schooner St. Roch                                            Delgado, James P.
Around One More Point: A Journal of Paddling Adventures                                 Gazetas, Mary
Artists in their Studios: Where Art is Born                                             Amos, Robert
Avalanche Safety: For Skiers, Climbers and Snowboarders, Revised Edition                Daffern, Tony
Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies                                              Eastcott, Doug
Baychimo: Arctic Ghost Ship                                                             Dalton, Anthony
BC Provincial Police Stories, Volume One                                                Clark, Cecil
BC Provincial Police Stories, Volume Three                                              Clark, Cecil
BC Provincial Police Stories, Volume Two                                                Clark, Cecil
Bear Child: The Life and Times of Jerry Potts                                           Touchie, Rodger
Beauty in the Rocks: The Photography of David M. Baird                                  Baird, David M.
Behind the Counter                                                                      Jennings, Neil L.
Bella Coola: "…a Romantic History…"                                                     Kopas, Cliff
Between Forest and Sky: A Fire Tower Journal                                            Stratton, Sharon
Beyond the Whales: The Photographs and Passions of Alexandra Morton                     Morton , Alexandra
Bill Mason, Wilderness Artist: From Heart to Hand                                       Buck, Ken
Bird Flu: What We Need to Know                                                          Avlicino, Al
Birds of Southwestern British Columbia                                                  Cannings, Dick
Black Diamond City: Nanaimo:The Victorian Era                                           Peterson, Jan
Bligh!: The Whole Story of the Mutiny Aboard H.M.S. Bounty                              McKinney, Sam
Blisters & Bliss: The Trekker's Guide to the West Coast Trail                           Foster, David
Born for the Wild Country: Big Feet and a Mouth to Match                                Choate, Chilco
Born to Die: A Cop Killer's Final Message                                            Macdonald, Ian
Bouldering in the Canadian Rockies: 2nd Edition                                      Norman, Marcus
Bow Valley Rock                                                                      Perry , Chris
Breaking News: The Postcard Images of Geoge Alfred Barrowclough                      Thirkell, Fred
Bright Seas, Pioneer Spirits: The Sunshine Coast                                     Keller, Betty
British Columbia 100 Years Ago: Portraits of a Province                              Thirkell, Fred
British Columbia's Premiers in Profile: The Good, the Bad, and the Transient         Rayner, William
British Columbia-Yukon Sternwheel Days                                               Downs, Art
Buckaroos and Mud Pups: The Early Days of Ranching in British Columbia               Mather, Ken
Bucktails and Hoochies                                                               Colegrave, Bruce
Building Victoria: Men, Myths, and Mortar                                            Humphreys, Danda
Butter Side Up                                                                       Campbell, Gray
Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep                                                LeBlond, Paul
Calgary Goes Skiing: The Story of the Calgary Ski Club                               Mittelstadt, David
Calgary Parks and Pathways: A City's Treasures                                       Bullick, Terry
                                                                                     Seagrave, Jayne
Camping British Columbia: A Complete Guide to Provincial and National Park Campgrounds, Fifth Edition
Camping with Kids: The Best Campgrounds in British Columbia and Alberta              Seagrave, Jayne
Canadian Holy War: A Story of Clans, Tongs, Murder, and Bigotry                      Macdonald, Ian
Canadian Mountain Place Names: The Rockies and Columbia Mountains                    Boles, Glen W.
Canmore & Kananaskis Country: Short Walks for Inquiring Minds                        Daffern, Gillean
Canmore Sport Climbs                                                                 Dornian, Dave
Canoeing Safety & Rescue                                                             McKown, Doug
Captain William Moore: B.C.'s Amazing Frontiersman                                   Hacking, Norman
Cariboo Cowboy                                                                       Marriott, Harry
Cariboo Gold Rush                                                                    Heritage House
Cariboo-Chilcotin: Pioneer People and Places                                         Stangoe, Irene
Carving the Western Path: By River, Rail, and Road Through B.C.'s Southern Mountains Harvey, R.G.
Carving the Western Path: Routes to Remember                                         Harvey, R.G.
Cattle Kingdom: Early ranching in Alberta                                            Brado, Edward
Caves of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains                             Rollins, Jon
Charlie White's 103 Fishing Secrets                                                  White, Charlie
Chilcotin: Preserving Pioneer Memories                                               Witte Sisters
Close Calls on High Walls: and other Tales from the Warden Service                   Schintz, Mike
Coasters: Uchuck III, Lady Rose, Frances Barkley and Tyee Princess                   Morris, Rob
Continental Dash: The Russian-American Telegraph                                     Neering, Rosemary
Country Roads of Alberta: Exploring the Routes Less Travelled                        Bryan, Liz
Cries of the Wild: A Wildlife Rehabilitator's Journal                                Lederman, Jeff
Cursing the Basil: and other Folklore of the Garden                                  Rich, Vivian A.
Daggers Unsheathed: The Political Assassination of Glen Clark                        Tyabji Wilson, Judi
Damn the Torpedoes: And More Tales of Liveaboard Life                                Dook, Catherine
Deadly Innocent: Trouble on the Trail to Gold                                        Gallaher, Bill
Denny's Trek: A Mountie's Memoir of the March West                                   Denny, Cecil E.
Destination Cortes Island : A Sailor's Life Along the BC Coast                       Cameron, June
Destiny By Design: The Construction of the Panama Canal                              Snapp, Jeremy Sherman
Diver’s Guide : Vancouver Island South                                               Dombrowsky, Greg
Dog Creek : A Place in the Cariboo                                                   Place, Hilary
Don Forest: Quest for the Summits                                                    Calvert, Kathy
Don't Shoot from the Saddle: Chronicles of a Frontier Surgeon                        Holley, D.A.
Doukhobor Daze                                                                       O'Neail, Hazel
Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady: Fighting the Killer Flu                               Macdonald, Ian
Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats                                           Oliver, Bet
Explore Southern Alberta: Attractions, Secrets, Drives, Picnics, Walks               Elves, Joanne
Exploring Prince George: A Guide to North Central B.C. Outdoors                      Nash, Mike
Exploring the Historic Coal Branch: A Guide to Jasper's Front Ranges                 Ross, Jane
Eye Opener Bob: The Story of Bob Edwards                                             MacEwan, Grant
Far Pastures:                                                                        Patterson, R.M.
Finding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace                                         Oberle, Frank
Finlay's River:                                                                      Patterson, R.M.
Fishing for Dreams: Notes from the Water's Edge                                      Reid, D.C.
Fly Fish the Trout Lakes                                                             Shaw, Jack
Fly Fishing British Columbia                                                         Bruhn, Karl
Forgive Me My Press Passes                                                           Taylor, Jim
Forgotten Highways: Wilderness Journeys Down the Historic Trails of the Canadian Rockies Nicky
Fort de Prairies: The Story of Fort Edmonton                                         Silversides, Brock
Fort Steele: Gold Rush to Boom Town                                                  Miller, Naomi
Fortress of the Grizzlies: The Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary                  Wakeman, Dan
Frank Gowen's Vancouver: 1914-1931                                                   Thirkell, Fred
Fraser & Thompson River Canyons                                                      Downs, Art
From Grassland to Rockland: An Explorer's Guide to the Ecosystems of Southemmost AlbertaPeter Douglas
                                                                                     Seagrave, Jayne
From the Mind to the Marketplace: The Story of an Inventor, the Home Improvement Industry, His Wife and Her Lovers
Frontier Days of British Columbia                                                    Basque, Garnet
                                                                                     Millarville Horticultural Club
Gardening Under the Arch: Homespun Hints and Money-saving Tips from the Rigorous High Country of Alberta's Chinook Zon
Ghost Rock: Front Range Rock Climbs near Calgary                                     Josephson, Joe
Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of the Boundary Country                                   Basque, Garnet
Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of Vancouver Island                                       Paterson, T. W.
Ghost Towns and Drowned Towns of West Kootenay                                       Turnbull, Elsie G.
Ghosts: More Eerie Encounters                                                        Belyk, Robert C.
Ghosts: True Tales of Eerie Encounters                                               Belyk, Robert C.
Glyphs and Gallows: The Rock Art of Clo-oose and the Wreck of the John Bright        Johnson, Peter
Gold and Grand Dreams: Cariboo East in the Early Years                               Elliott, Marie
Gold Panner’s Manual                                                                 Basque, Garnet
Golden Nuggets: Roadhouse Portraits along the Cariboo's Gold Rush Trail              Patenaude, Branwen
Goldpanning in the Cariboo: The Prospector's Treasure Trail to Creeks of Gold        Lewis, Jim
                                                                                     Lewis, Jim
Goldpanning: Fraser, Thompson and Columbia River Systems: The Prospector's Treasure Trail to Creeks of Gold
                                                                                     to Creeks
Goldpanning: Southwestern B.C. and Vancouver Island: The Prospector's Treasure Trail Lewis, Jimof Gold
GPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors                      Letham, Lawrence
Grizzlies In Their Backyard:                                                         Day, Beth
                                                                                     Calvert, Kathy
Guardians of the Peaks: Mountain Rescue in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains
Guts and Go Overtime: More Great Saskatchewan Hockey Stories                         Daniels, Calvin
Guts and Go: Great Saskatchewan Hockey Stories                                       Daniels, Calvin
Haida Gwaii: The Queen Charlotte Islands                                             Horwood, Dennis
Harbour City: Nanaimo in Transition, 1920-1967                                       Peterson, Jan
Harmon's Journal: 1810-1819                                                          Williams Harmon, Daniel
Head On!: Collisions of Egos, Ethics, and Politics in B.C.'s Transportation History  Harvey, R.G.
Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin: More Stories Worth Keeping                           Wilson, Diana
Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin: Stories Worth Keeping                                Wilson, Diana
Heart of the Raincoast : A Life Story                                                Morton , Alexandra
Hell's Half Acre: Early Days in the Great Alberta Oil Patch                          Finch, David
High On A Windy Hill: The Story of the Prince of Whales Hotel                        Djuff, Ray
Hikes Around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley                                   Cameron, Aaron
Hiking Adventures with Children: Southern Vancouver Island and the Olympic PeninsulaJones, Kari
Hiking Canada's Great Divide Trail: Revised and Updated                              Lynx, Dustin
Hiking the Cariboo Goldfields                                                        Edwards, Garry
Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass                                                   Ross, Jane
History and Happenings in the Cariboo-Chilcotin: Pioneer Memories                    Stangoe, Irene
Hockey Night in Dixie: Minor Pro Hockey in the American South                        Stott, Jon C.
Home and Away: More Tales of a Heritage Farm                                         Scoones, Anny
Home from the Hill: Three Gentlemen Adventurers.                                     Murray, Peter
Honoured in Places: Remembered Mounties Across Canada                                Hulgaard, William J.
How to Catch Bottomfish                                                              White, Charlie
How to Catch Crabs: A Pacific Coast Guide                                            White, Charlie
How to Catch Shellfish                                                               White, Charlie
Hub City: Nanaimo: 1886-1920                                                         Peterson, Jan
Ice World: Techniques and Experiences of Modern Ice Climbing                         Lowe, Jeff
If More Walls Could Talk: Vancouver Island's Houses From the Past                    Green, Valerie
If These Walls Could Talk : Victoria's Houses From The Past                          Green, Valerie
Illustrated Guide to Hockey Sites & History: Toronto                                 Sandor, Steven
In the Dog Kitchen: Great Snack Recipes for Your Dog                                 Van Rosendaal, Julie
In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies                                                 Outram, James
Incredible Rogers Pass: through Glacier National Park                                Downs, Art
Irresponsible Freaks, Highball Guzzlers and Unabashed Grafters: A Bob Edwards Chrestomathy Bob
Islands in the Salish Sea: A Community Atlas                                         Harrington, Sheila
Jack Whyte: Forty Years in Canada: A Memoir                                          Whyte, Jack
Jade Fever: Hunting the Stone of Heaven                                              Leaming, Stan
John M. Horton: Mariner Artist                                                       Vassilopoulos, Peter
John Tod: Rebel in the Ranks                                                         Belyk, Robert C.
Just East of Sundown: The Queen Charlotte Islands                                    Lillard, Charles
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, Third Edition, Volume 2                              Daffern, Gillean
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, Volume 1                                             Daffern, Gillean
Kananaskis Ram: A Story from Kananaskis Country                                      Hanish, Ernst
Ken Jones: Mountain Man                                                              Tetarenko, Lorne
Klondike Cattle Drive : The Journal of Norman Lee                                    Lee, Norman
Knee-Deep in Shavings: Memories of Early Yachting and Boatbuilding on the West Coast lanchard , Norman C.
Kootenai Brown: The Unknown Frontiersman                                             Rodney, William
Kootenay National Park                                                               Hahn, Bob
Living Off the Sea                                                                   White, Charlie
Lizzie Rummel: Baroness of the Canadian Rockies                                      Oltmann, Ruth
Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog                                                Czajkowski, Chris
Long Walk Home: Paul Franklin's Journey frm Afghanistan                              Faulder, Liane
Looking Back at the Cariboo-Chilcotin                                                Stangoe, Irene
Lost Bonanzas of Western Canada : Volume 1                                           Basque, Garnet
Lost Bonanzas of Western Canada : Volume 2                                                Basque, Garnet
Magnificently Unrepentant: The Story of Merve Wilkinson and Wildwood                      Niosi, Goody
MainStays: Women Who Shaped B.C.                                                          Converse, Cathy
Many Foundations: Historic Churches of Alberta                                            Oakwell, Mary
Merchant Prince: The Story of Alexander Duncan McRae                                      Macdonald, Ian
Methods of Placer Mining                                                                  Basque, Garnet
Mixed Climbs in the Canadian Rockies                                                      Isaac, Sean
Moonrakers                                                                                Hill, Beth
More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies                                                    Nugara, Andrew
Mountain Footsteps: Hikes in the East Kootenay of Southeastern British Columbia           Strong, Janice
Mountain Odyssey: One Man's Summer in the Canadian Rockies                                Lea, Brent
Mountie Makers: Putting the Canadian in RCMP, 2nd edition                                 Teather, Robert Gordon
My Valley the Kananaskis                                                                  Oltmann, Ruth
Nahanni River Guide                                                                       Jowett, Peter
Nanaimo: The Harbour City                                                                 Niosi, Goody
Naturally Salty: Coastal Characters of the Pacific Northwest                              Scott, Marianne
Nechako Country: In the Footsteps of Bert Irvine                                          Wood, June
Never Fly Over an Eagle 's Nest: A True Story of Courage and Survival                     Garner, Joe
Newcastle Island: A Place of Discovery                                                    Merilees, Bill
No Ordinary Woman: The Story of Mary Schäffer Warren                                      Beck, Janice Sanford
Nobody's Mother: Life Without Kids                                                        Van Luven, Lynne
Nootka Sound and the Surrounding Waters of Maquinna                                       Harbord, Heather
Not Won In A Day: Climbing Canada's Highpoints                                            Bennett, Jack
Off Our Rockers and into Trouble: The Raging Grannies                                     Acker, Alison
Off the Bench and into the Game: Eight Success Strategies from Professional Sport         Walter, Ryan
Old Bill Miner: Last of the Famous Western Bandits                                        Anderson, Frank W.
Old Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies                                                 Schaffer, Mary T.S.
Old Square-Toes and His Lady: The Life of James and Amelia Douglas                        Adams, John
                                                                                          Humphreys, Danda
On the Street Where You Live: Sailors, Solicitors, and Stargazers of Early Victoria, Volume Three
On The Street Where You Live: Victoria's Early Roads and Railways, Volume Two             Humphreys, Danda
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: Recipients of the Order of British Columbia         Niosi, Goody
Outlaws & Lawmen of Western Canada, Volume One                                            Heritage House
Outlaws & Lawmen of Western Canada, Volume Three                                          Heritage House
Packhorses to the Pacific: A Wilderness Honeymoon                                         Kopas, Cliff
Paddling Through History: Sea Kayak Vancouver and Victoria                                Stalker, Aileen
Painter, Paddler: The Art and Adventures of Stewart Marshall                              Scott, Andrew
Peetz: A Reel for All Time                                                                Pollard, Douglas F.W.
Pender Harbour Cowboy: The Many Lives of Bertrand Sinclair                                Keller, Betty
Philip Timms' Vancouver: 1900-1910                                                        Thirkell, Fred
Pioneer Days in British Columbia, Volume 2                                                Downs, Art
Pioneer Days in British Columbia, Volume 4                                                Downs, Art
Planning Wilderness Trip In Canada and Alaska                                             Morton, Keith
Political Affairs                                                                         Tyabji, Judi
Popular Day Hikes: Kananaskis Country                                                     Gillean, Daffern
Postcards from the Past: Edwardian Images of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser ValleyThirkell, Fred
Powder Pioneers: Ski Stories from the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains             Scott, Chic
Prairie Beauty: Wildflowers of the Canadian Prairies                                      Jennings, Neil L.
Prairie Warships: River Navigation in the Northwest Rebellion                          Tolton, Gordon E.
                                                                                       Hacking, Norman
Prince Ships of Northern British Columbia: Ships of the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian National Railways
Pushing The Limits: The Story of Canadian Mountaineering                               Scott, Chic
R.M. Patterson: A Life of Great Adventure                                              Finch , David
Radium Ski Guide                                                                       Johnson, Ted
Ranching with Lords and Commons                                                        Craig, John R.
Red Serge and Stetsons: A Hundred Years of Mounties' Memories                          Saul, Donovan T.
Rediscovering the Prairies: Journeys by Dog, Horse, and Canoe                          Henderson, Norman
Riding the Skyline                                                                     Grainger, M. Allerdale
Robert Service: Under the Spell of the Yukon                                           Mallory, Enid
Rocky Horrors, Frozen Smiles: A Mountaineer at the End of His Rope                     Austen, Peter
Royal City: A Photographic History of New Westminster, 1858-1960                       Wolf, Jim
Sailing Uphill : An Unconventional Life on the Water                                   McKinney, Sam
Sailing with Vancouver: A Modern Sea Dog, Antique Charts and a Voyage Through TimeMcKinney, Sam
Salmon Farming: The Whole Story                                                        Robson, Peter A.
Salt of the Sea: The Pacific Coast Cod Fishery and the Last Days of Sail               Shields, Captain Ed
Salt on the Wind: The Sailing Life of Allen and Sharie Farrell                         Rubin, Dan
Salt Spring Island: A Place to Be                                                      Thorburn, Ellie
Sappers: The Royal Engineers in British Columbia                                       Hill, Beth
Scalpels & Buggywhips: Medical Pioneers of Central BC                                  Lee, Eldon
Scandal!!: 130 Years of Damnable Deeds in Canada's Lotus Land                          Rayner, William
Scarlet Tunic: On Patrol with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Volume 2              Teather, Robert Gordon
Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies                                                      Kane, Alan
Sea Kayak around Vancouver Island                                                      Alderson, Doug
Sea Kayak Barkley and Clayoquot Sounds                                                 Snowden, Mary Ann
Sea Kayak Desolation Sound and the Sunshine Coast                                      Harbord, Heather
Sea Kayak Nootka and Kyuquot Sounds                                                    Harbord, Heather
Sea Kayak Strokes: A Guide to Efficient Paddling Skills                                Alderson, Doug
Sea Kayak the Gulf Islands                                                             Snowden, Mary Ann
Selected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies                                         Dougherty, Sean
Seven Shillings a Year: The History of Vancouver Island                                Lillard, Charles
Shelter from the Storm: A Sailor's Life of Havens, High Seas, and Discovery            Cameron, June
Sitting Bull’s Boss: Above the Medicine Line with James Morrow Walsh                   Anderson, Ian
Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies                                                     Scott, Chic
Skoki : Beyond the Passes: A History of Western Canada's First Backcountry Ski Lodge Manry, Kathryn
Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend                                                  Antonson, Rick
South Pole: 900 Miles on Foot                                                          Wood, Gareth
Sport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies: 6th Edition                                      Jones, Jon
Stagecoach and Sternwheel Days in the Cariboo and Central B.C.                         West, Wlllis J.
Standing Together: Women Speak Out About Violence and Abuse                            Goyette, Linda
Stanley Park : The Year-Round Playground                                               Steele, Mike
Steele’s Scouts: Samuel Benfield Steele and the North-West Rebellion                   Brown, Wayne
Steelhead Fly Fishing : Tackle and Techniques, the Anglers and their Fly Patterns      Combs, Trey
Stella: Unrepentant Madam                                                              Eversole, Linda
Steve Nash                                                                             Arseneault, Paul
Stikine River: A Guide to Paddling the Great River                                     Voss, Jennifer
Stone by Stone: Exploring Ancient Sites on the Canadian Plains                         Bryan, Liz
Stop The Car!: Discovering Central Alberta                                           Larmour, Judy
Suburban Modern: Postwar Dreams in Calgary                                           Stamp, Robert
Summits & Icefields: Alpine Ski Tours in the Columbia Mountains                      Scott, Chic
T’shama                                                                              Purvis, Ron
Tales of a Pioneer Journalist: From Gold Rush to Governement Street in 19th Century Victoria David William
Tangled Lines and Patched Waders                                                     Jones, Robert H.
Tea Time in Alberta: 57 Great Tea Houses From Grande Prairie to Waterton Lakes       Oakwell, Mary
The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies                                                Corbett, Bill
The Battle of Alberta: A Century of Hockey's Greatest Rivalry                        Sandor, Steven
The Beaver: First Steamship on the West Coast                                        Delgado, James P.
The Book Guy: A Librarian in the Peace                                               Overend, Howard
The Buffalo Head                                                                     Patterson, R.M.
The Buffalo People: Pre-contact Archaeology on the Canadian Plains                   Bryan, Liz
The Canadian Rockies: New and Old Titles                                             Coleman, Arthur Philemon
The Cowboy Trail: A Guide to Alberta's historic cowboy country                       Andrews, D. Larraine
The David Thompson Highway: A Hiking Guide                                           Ross, Jane
The Death of Albert Johnson: Mad Trapper of Rat River                                Anderson, F. W.
The Diva & the Rancher: The Story of Norma Piper and George Pocaterra                Hamblin, Jennifer
The Edmonton Queen: The Final Voyage                                                 Hagen, Darrin
The Final Voyage of the Princess Sophia: Did they all have die?                      Macdonald, Ian
The Final Word: the Book of Canadian Epitaphs                                        Millar, Nancy
The Fire Still Burns: A Life of Trail Talk and Contrary Opinions                     Choate, Chilco
The Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta: Volume I                                    Bailey, Mary
The Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta: Volume II                                   Bailey, Mary
The Journey: The Overlanders' Quest for Gold                                         Gallaher, Bill
The Junction Country: Boston Bar to Clinton, Lower Mainland Backroads: Volume 3      Wright, Richard Thomas
The Klondike’s "Dear Little Nugget"                                                  Macdonald, Ian
The Lawman: Adventures of a Frontier Diplomat                                        Stonier-Newman, Lynne
The Life and Times of Texas Fosbery: The Cariboo and Beyond                          Fosbery, Tex
The Long and Winding Road: Discovering the Pleasures and Treasures of Highway 97 Couper, Jim
The Luckiest Girl in the World: A Memoir                                             Purdy, Verity Sweeny
The Mulligan Affair: Top Cop on the Take                                             Macdonald, Ian
The Power of Ignorance: 14 Steps To Using Your Ignorance                             Gibbs, Chris
The Rage: Reflections on Risk                                                        De Maio, Steve
The Rainbow Chasers                                                                  MacDonald, Ervin Austin
The Ranch on the Cariboo                                                             Fry, Alan
The Reluctant Psychic                                                                Grant-Francis, Dan
The Remarkable World of Frances Barkley: 1769-1845                                   Hill, Beth
The Rescue of Nanoose                                                                Borrowman, Mary
The Romance Continues: The Art and Gardens of Grant Leier and Nixie Barton           Niosi, Goody
The Skeena: River of Destiny                                                         Large, R. Geddes
The Sommers Scandal: The Felling of Trees and Tree Lords                             Macdonald, Ian
The Spell of the Midnight Sun                                                        Cloughley, Maurice R.
The Stars My Blanket                                                                 Smeeton, Beryl
The Sunshine Coast: A Place to Be                                                    Leslie, Rosella
The Valencia Tragedy                                                                 Neitzel, Michael C.
The Whaleback: A Walking Guide                                                       Blaxley, Bob
The Wolves at Evelyn: Journeys through a Dark Century                                Rhenisch, Harold
The Yam : 50 years of climbing on Yamnuska                                           Gadd, Ben
They Were Giants in Those Days: Stories from the Heart of the Cariboo                Lee, Eldon
Those Were the Days: Victoria in the 1930s                                           Stursberg, Peter
Three Against the Wilderness                                                         Collier, Eric
Totem Poles and Tea                                                                  Harold, Hughina
Trail to the Interior                                                                Patterson, R.M.
Trails of the Southern Cariboo                                                       Campbell, Colin
Trails to Gold: Roadhouses of the Cariboo, Volume One                                Patenaude, Branwen
Trails to Gold: Roadhouses of the Cariboo, Volume Two                                Patenaude, Branwen C.
Tributes to the Scarlet Riders: An Anthology of Mountie Poems                        Kuhn, Edgar A.
Triumph and Tragedy in the Crowsnest Pass                                            Wilson, Diana
Tying Flies For Trophy Trout                                                         Shaw, Jack
Uncommon Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Southern Alberta and Southeastern BC Neil L.
Under Grotto Mountain: Rat’s Nest Cave                                               Yonge, Charles J.
Underlying Vibrations: The Photography and Life of John Vanderpant                   Salloum, Sheryl
Upcoast Summers                                                                      Hill, Beth
Upstarts & Outcasts : Victoria's Not-So-Proper Past                                  Green, Valerie
Vancouver & Beyond: Pictures and Stories from the Postcard Era 1900–1914             Thirkell, Fred
Village of Unsettled Yearnings: Yarrow, British Columbia: Mennonite Promise          Neufeldt, Leonard
Voyages of Hope: The Saga of the Bride-Ships                                         Johnson, Peter
Wagon Road North : Saga of the Cariboo Gold Rush                                     Downs, Art
Walking in the Woods: A Métis Journey                                                Belcourt, Herb
War on Our Doorstep: The Unknown Campaign on North America's West Coast              Coyle, Brendan
Warped Rods and Squeaky Reels                                                        Jones, Robert H.
Water, Weather and the Mountain West                                                 Sanford, Robert
Waterfall Ice: Climbs in the Canadian Rockies                                        Josephson, Joe
Waterton and Glacier in a Snap!: Fast Facts and Titillating Trivia                   Djuff, Ray
West Kootenay: The Pioneer Years                                                     Basque, Garnet
Where Shadows Linger: The Untold Story of the RCMP's Olsen Murders Investigation Holmes, W. Leslie
Where the River Ran : The Story of the Peace                                         Irvine, Thelma
White Slaves of Maquinna: John R. Jewitt's Narrative of Capture and Confinement at Nootka John
Wild, Wild Wets: An Aquaphiliac at the End of his Paddle                             Austen, Peter
Wildlife Adventures: In the Canadian West                                            Dekker, Dick
Winging Home: A Palette of Birds                                                     Rhenisch, Harold
Winter Shoes in Springtime                                                           Smeeton, Beryl
Winter Wise: Travel and Survival in Ice and Snow                                     Alford, Monty
Wires in the Wilderness: The Story of the Yukon Telegraph                            Miller, Bill
Wish You Were Here: Life on Vancouver Island in Historical Postcards                 Grant, Peter
Yamnuska Rock: The Crown Jewel of Canadian Rockies Traditional Climbing              Genereux, Andy
You Mean I Get PAID to Do This?                                                      Taylor, Jim
¿Catastrofe o nueva sociedad? Modelo mundial Latinoamericano 30 años después         Herrera, Amílcar O.
A New World of Knowledge: Canadian Universities and Globalization                    Bond, Sheryl L.
Accountability of the International Monetary Fund                                    Carin, Barry
African Voices On Structural Adjustment: A Companion to Our Continent, Our Future Mkandawire, Thandika
African Youth on the Information Highway: Participation and Leadership in Community Ogbu, Osita
Ageing and Long-Term Care: National Policies in the Asia-Pacific                     Phillips, David R.
Agents of Change: Studies on the Policy Environment for Small Enterprise in Africa       P. English and G. Hénault
Aglomeraciones mineras y desarrollo local en América Latina                              Buitelaar, Rudolf M.
Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba                         Caridad, Maria
                                                                                         Fleury, Sonia
Agriculture urbaine en Afrique de l'ouest / Urban Agriculture in West Africa: Une contribution à la sécurité alimentaire et à l'a
AGROPOLIS: The Social, Political, and Environmental Dimensions of Urban Agriculture Mougeot, Luc J.A.
Agua: Manejo a nivel local                                                               David B. Brooks
Altered States: Globalization, Sovereignty, and Governance                               Smith, Gordon
An Assault On Poverty: Basic Human Needs, Science, and Technology                        Panel on Technology for Basic Needs o
Assessing Community Telecentres: Guidelines for Researchers                              Whyte, Anne
At the Crossroads: ICT Policymaking in East Africa                                       Etta, Florence
                                                                                         Research for International Tobacco Co
At What Cost? The Economic Impact of Tobacco Use on National Health Systems, Societies, and Individuals
                                                                                         Posey, Darrell A.
Beyond Intellectual Property: Toward Traditional Resource Rights for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
Blue Genes: Sharing and Conserving the World's Aquatic Biodiversity                      Greer, David
                                                                                         van Ameringen, Marc
Building a New South Africa: Volume 1 Economic Policy: A Report from the Mission on Economic Analysis and Policy Formulat
                                                                                         van Ameringen, Marc
Building a New South Africa: Volume 2 Urban Policy: A Report from the Mission on Urban Policy for a Democratic South Africa
                                                                                         van Ameringen, Marc
Building a New South Africa: Volume 3 Science and Technology Policy: A Report from the Mission on Science and Technology
                                                                                         Whyte, Anne V.
Building a New South Africa: Volume 4 Environment, Reconstruction, and Development: A Report from the International Miss
                                                                                         Africa, Asia, and
Building Businesses with Small Producers: Successful Business Development Services in Kapila, Sunita Latin America
Canada and Missions for Peace: Lessons from Nicaragua, Cambodia, and Somalia             Wirick, Gregory
Choix Cruciaux: les nations unies, les réseaux et l'avenir de la gouvernance mondiale Reinicke, Wolfgang H.
Cités horticoles en sursis? L'agriculture urbaine dans les grandes Niayes au Sénégal     Fall, Safiétou Touré
Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities         van Veenhuizen, René
Cities Feeding People: An Examination of Urban Agriculture in East Africa                Egziabher, Auxumite G.
                                                                                         Breton, Diversity
Coastal Resource Management in the Wider Caribbean: Resilience, Adaptation, and CommunityYvan
Comanagement of Natural Resources: Local Learning for Poverty Reduction                  Tyler, Stephen R.
Comanejo de Recursos Naturales: Aprendizaje Local Para La Reducción De La Pobreza Tyler, Stephen R.
Communities, Livelihoods, and Natural Resources: Action Research and Policy Change in Asia Stephen R.
Conocimiento Indígena: Guía para el investigador                                         Grenier, Louise
                                                                                          Guatemala y El
Construyendo la democracía en sociedades posconflicto: Un enfoque comparado entreAzpuru, DinorahSalvador
Critical Choices: the United Nations, Networks, and the Future of Global Governance Reinicke, Wolfgang H.
Cultivando mejores ciudades: agricultura urbana para el desarrollo sostenible            Mougeot, Luc J.A.
Cultivar La Paz: Conflicto y Colaboración en el Manejó de los Recursos Naturales         Buckles, Daniel
Cultivating Peace: Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management             Buckles, Daniel
                                                                                         Mougeot, Luc
Cultiver de meilleures villes : Agriculture urbaine et de développement durable (collection un_focus) J.A.
Cultiver La Paix: Conflits Et Collaboration Dans La Gestion Des Ressources Naturelles Buckles, Daniel
Cut and Run: Illegal Logging and Timber Trade in the Tropics                             Glastra, Rob
Derechos económicos, sociales y culturales en América Latina: Del invento a la herramienta Alicia
Des États Remaniés: Mondialisation, Souveraineté Et Gouvernance                          Smith, Gordon
                                                                                         Varkevisser, Corlien M.
Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects: Volume 1: Proposal Development and Fieldwork
                                                                                         Varkevisser, Corlien
Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects: Volume 2: Data Analyses and Report Writing M.
Development and Global Governance                                                        Culpeper, Roy
Development Cooperation in a Fractured Global Order: An Arduous Transition               Sagasti, Francisco
                                                                                         Smith, Olanrewaju
Développement durable de l'agriculture urbaine en Afrique francophone: Enjeux, concepts et méthodes B.
Digital Poverty: Latin American and Caribbean Perspectives                               Practical Action Publishing
Diversity, Globalization, and the Ways of Nature                                         Anton, Danilo J.
Du bureau á l'espace: Comment utiliser efficacement les listes electroniques             James, Maureen
                                                                                         Bessette, Guy
Eau, terre et vie : La communication participative pour le développement appliquée à la gestion des ressources naturelles
E-Commerce in the Asian Context: Selected Case Studies                                    Lafond, Renald
E-Governance In Africa: From Theory To Action: A Handbook on ICTs for Local Governance    Misuraca, Gianluca
Enhancing Organizational Performance: A Toolbox for Self-Assessment                       Lusthaus, Charles
                                                                                          Castillo, Gabriela
Ensayos toxicológicos y métodos de evaluación de calidad de aguase: Standarización, intercalibración, resultados y aplicacion
Entre el perdón y el paredón: Preguntas y dilemas de la justicia transicional             Rettberg, Angelika
Environmental Regulation and Food Safety: Studies of Protection and Protectionism Jha, Veena
                                                                                          Ranaboldo, Claudia
Escalonando la agroecología: Procesos y aprendizajes de cuatro experiencias en Chile, Cuba, Honduras y Perú
Ethics and the Internet in West Africa: Toward an Ethical Model of Integration            Brunet, Patrick
                                                                                          Horton, Douglas
Evaluating Capacity Development: Experiences from Research and Development Organizations Around the World
Évaluation des télécentres communautaires: Un guide à l'intention des chercheurs          Whyte, Anne
Fatal Indifference: The G8, Africa, and Global Health                                     Labonte, Ronald
Finance and Competitiveness in Developing Countries                                       Fanelli, José M.
Fishery Co-Management: A Practical Handbook                                               Pomeroy, R.S.
Fixing Health Systems                                                                     de Savigny, Don
                                                                                          Mazhar, Farhad
Food Sovereignty and Uncultivated Biodiversity in South Asia: Essays on the Poverty of Food Policy and the Wealth of the Soc
For Hunger-Proof Cities: Sustainable Urban Food Systems                                   Koc, Mustafa
                                                                                          Johnson, Nancy
Forging Links for Health Research: Perspectives from the Council on Health Research for Development
From Defence to Development: Redirecting Military Resources in South Africa               Cock, Jacklyn
From Workplace to Workspace: Using Email Lists to Work Together                           James, Maureen
Funding and Implementing Universal Access: Innovation and Experience from Uganda Uganda Communications Commission
Gender and the Information Revolution in Africa                                           Rathgeber, Eva M.
Gender Justice, Citizenship and Development                                               Mukhopadhyay, Maitrayee
                                                                                          A Handbook
Gender Mainstreaming in Poverty Eradication and the Millennium Development Goals: Kabeer, Nailafor Policy-Makers and Ot
Gender, Land, and Livelihoods in East Africa: Through Farmers' Eyes                       Verma, Ritu
Genes in the Field: On-Farm Conservation of Crop Diversity                                Brush, Stephen B.
Globalization on Trial: The Human Condition and the Information Civilization              Rajaee, Farhang
Globalization, Labour Markets and Inequality in India                                     Mazumdar, Dipak
                                                                                          McMahon, Gary
Grandes Minas Y La Comunidad: Efectos Socioeconomicos Y Ambientales En Latinoamérica, Canada Y Espana
Growing Better Cities: Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Development                      Mougeot, Luc J.A.
Health: An Ecosystem Approach                                                             Lebel, Jean
                                                                                          Nef, Underdevelopment, Second Edit
Human Security and Mutual Vulnerability: the Global Political Economy of Development andJorge
ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia: Policy and Regulatory Roadblocks                     Samarajiva, Rohan
In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization            Blaser, Mario
Indonesia's Fires and Haze: The Cost of Catastrophe                                       Glover, David
                                                                                          Thioune, Ramata Molo
Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Africa: Volume 1: Opportunities and Challenges for Comm
                                                                                          Etta, Florence
Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Africa: Volume 2: The Experience with Community Telecen
                                                                                          James, Tina
Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Africa: Volume 3: Networking Institutions of Learning -- Sc
                                                                                           pour le développement : Manuel à l’i
Intégration de la dimension genre à la lutte contre la pauvreté et objectifs du millénaireKabeer, Naila
Internet and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean                                   Bonilla, Marcelo
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Investigación y desarrollo participativo para la agricultura y el manejo sostenible de recursos naturales: Volumen 1: Compren
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Investigación y desarrollo participativo para la agricultura y el manejo sostenible de recursos naturales: Volumen 2: Facilitand
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Investigación y desarrollo participativo para la agricultura y el manejo sostenible de recursos naturales: Volumen 3: Investigan
Involving the Community: A Guide to Participatory Development Communication               Bessette, Guy
Justicía de género, ciudadanía y desarrollo                                               Mukhopadhyay, Maitrayee
Knowledge Shared: Participatory Evaluation in Development Cooperation                     Jackson, Edward T.
Knowledge Societies ... in A Nutshell: Information Technology for Sustainable Development Credé, Andreas
Knowledge Systems and Natural Resources: Management, Policy, and Institutions in Nepal Hemant R.
                                                                                          Earl, de développement
La cartographie des incidences : Intégrer l'apprentissage et la réflexion dans les programmesSarah
La cogestion des Ressources naturelles: Réduire La Pauvreté Par L'Apprentissage Local Tyler, Stephen R.
La gestion de l'eau selon lIslam                                                          Faruqui, NaserL,
La gestion des déchets urbain : des solutions pour 'lAfrique                              Onibokun, Adepoju G.
La mondialisation au banc des accusés : La condition humaine et la civilisation de l’information Farhang
La réforme du système de santé                                                            Kasale, Harun
                                                                                          Commission internationale états
La responsabilité de protéger : Rapport de la Commission internationale de l’intervention et de la souveraineté desde l’interv
La santé: Une approche écosystémique                                                      Lebel, Jean
Land & Development in Latin America: Issues and Openings for Policy Research              Baranyi, Stephen
                                                                                          Alexandre, Lucie
L'appui au développement communautaire: Une expérience de communication en Afrique rurale de l'ouest
                                                                                          McMahon, Gary
Large Mines and the Community: Socioeconomic and Environmental Effects in Latin America, Canada, and Spain
                                                                                          Groupe Crucible II
Le Débat Des Semences : Volume 1 : Solutions Politiques Pour Les Ressources Génétiques (Un Brevet Pour La Vie Revisité)
Le Développement face à la pauvreté: Réseau analyse économique et développement Mourji, Fouzi
Learning from Change: Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation   Estrella, Marisol
L'eau: Gérer localement                                                                   Brooks, David B.
                                                                                          Éditions Karthala
Les dynamiques transfrontalières en afrique de l’ouest: Analyse des potentiels de trois « pays frontières » en Afrique de l’Oue
                                                                                          Brunet, Patrick
Les enjeux éthiques d'Internet en Afrique de l'Ouest : Vers un modèle éthique d’intégration
Les politiques sociales transnationales : Les nouveaux défis de la mondialisation pour leMorales-Gómez, Daniel
Les semences du monde : L'amélioration participative des plantes                          Vernooy, Ronnie
L'inégalité Des Sexes Et La Révolution De L'information En Afrique                        Rathgeber, Eva M.
Lore: Capturing Traditional Environmental Knowledge                                       Johnson, Martha
                                                                                          Kabeer, Naila
Lugar preponderante del género en la erradicación de la pobreza y las metas de desarrollo del milenio
                                                                                          Chen, Martha Alter
Mainstreaming Informal Employment and Gender in Poverty Reduction: A Handbook for Policy-Makers and Other Stakeholde
Managing Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihoods: Uniting Science and Participation Pound, Barry
Managing Small-Scale Fisheries: Alternative Directions and Methods                        Berkes, Fikret
                                                                                          Baroudy, Forums
Managing Water Demand: Policies, Practices, and Lessons from the Middle East and North Africa Ellysar
Manejo de recursos costeros en el gran caribe: Resiliencia, adaptación y diversidad comunitariaYvan
                                                                                          Jain, Abhinandan K.
Marketing Information Products and Services: A Primer for Librarians and Information Professionals
                                                                                          Posey, recursos
Más allá de la propiedad intelectual: Los derechos de las comunidades indígenas y locales a losDarrell A. tradicionales
Measuring the Impact of Information on Development                                        Menou, Michel J.
Mining and the Environment: Case Studies from the Americas                                Warhurst, Alyson
Missing Links: Gender Equity in Science and Technology for Development                    Menou, M.
Modern and Traditional Irrigation Technologies in the Eastern Mediterranean               Biçak, Hasan Ali
Mondialisation, croissance et marginalisation                                             Bhalla, A.S.
Municipal Forest Management in Latin America                                              Ferroukhi, Lyès
Net Gain: A New Method for Preventing Malaria Deaths                                      Lengeler, Christian
Notre continent, notre avenir : Perspectives africaines sur l'ajustement structurel       Mkandawire, Thandika
Off Course: Restoring Balance Between Canadian Society and the Environment                Taylor, Duncan M.
                                                                                          James, Maureen
Oficina De Hoy, Oficina Virtual: Cómo Utilizar Las Listas Del Correo Electrónico Para Trabajar En Conjunto
On Solid Ground: Science, Technology, and Integrated Land Management                      Panel on Integrated Land Managemen
Organizational Assessment: A Framework for Improving Performance                          Lusthaus, Charles
Our Continent, Our Future: African Perspectives on Structural Adjustment                  Mkandawire, Thandika
Outcome Mapping: Building Learning and Reflection into Development Programs               Earl, Sarah
Palestinian Refugees: Challenges of Repatriation and Development                          Brynen, Rex
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: A Sourcebook Volum
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: A Sourcebook Volum
                                                                                          Gonsalves, Julian
Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: A Sourcebook Volum
Patronage or Partnership: Local Capacity Building in Humanitarian Crises                Smillie, Ian
Paz, conflicto y sociedad civil en America latina y el Caribe                           Icaria Editorial
                                                                                        Bessette, Guy
People, Land, and Water: Participatory Development Communication for Natural Resource Management
                                                                                        The Crucible II Society
People, Plants, and Patents: The Impact of Intellectual Property on Trade, Plant Biodiversity, and RuralGroup
Petites enterprises en Afrique: Clés du changement                                      English, Philip
                                                                                        Réseau INDEPTH
Population Et Santé Dans Les Pays En Développement : Population, Santé Et Survie Dans Les Sites Du Réseau Indepth
Poverty and Equity: Measurement, Policy, and Estimation with DAD                        Jean-Yves Duclos
Preserving the Dnipro River: Harmony, History, and Rehabilitation                       Shevchuk, V.Y.
                                                                                        Bass, Susan P.
Protecting Biodiversity: National Laws Regulating Access to Genetic Resources in the Americas
                                                                                        Bass, en el Perkoff
Protegiendo la biodiversidad: Leyes nacionales que regulan el acceso a losrecursos genéticos Susancontinente americano
                                                                                        Mathie, Alison
Qualitative Research for Tobacco Control: A How-to Introductory Manual for Researchers and Development Practitioners
Reforming Social Policy: Changing Perspectives on Sustainable Human Development Moher, Jennifer L.
Research for Development in the Dry Arab Region: The Cactus Flower                      Hamadeh, Shadi
Research for Development in the Middle East and North Africa                            Rached, Eglal
                                                                                        in Argentina, Brazil,
Reshaping Health Care in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis of Health Care Reform Belmartino, Susana and Mexico
Return to Resistance: Breeding Crops to Reduce Pesticide Dependence                     Robinson, Raoul
                                                                                        Haddad, Slim
Safeguarding the Health Sector in Times of Macroeconomic Instability: Policy Lessons for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Salud: Un enfoque ecosistémico                                                          Lebel, Jean
Science, Technology, and Innovation in Chile                                            Mullin, James
Season of Hope: Economic Reform Under Mandela and Mbeki                                 Hirsch, Alan
                                                                                        Patents Revisited)
Seeding Solutions: Volume 1. Policy Options for Genetic Resources (People, Plants, and The Crucible II Group
                                                                                        The Crucible II Group
Seeding Solutions: Volume 2: Options for National Laws Governing Access to and Control Over Genetic Resources
Seeds That Give: Participatory Plant Breeding                                           Vernooy, Ronnie
Semillas generosas : Mejoramiento participativo de plantas                              Vernooy, Ronnie
                                                                                        Grupo Crucible II
Siembra De Soluciones: Tomo 1: Alternativas Políticas en Materia de Recursos Genéticos (Actualización de Gente, Plantas y P
Smoke & Mirrors: The Canadian Tobacco War                                               Cunningham, Rob
                                                                                        Vernooy, Asia
Social and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Management: Learning Studies and Lessons from Ronnie
                                                                                        Torres, A.
Social Policy in a Global Society: Parallels and Lessons from the Canada-Latin America Experience D.
Socioeconomic Renovation in Viet Nam: the OrigIn, Evolution, and Impact of Doi Moi Boothroyd, Peter
Supporting Democracy: The South Africa-Canada Program on Governance                     Sutherland, S.L.
Sustainable Development at Risk: Ignoring the Past                                      Hulse, Joseph H.
                                                                                        Christie, Patrick
Taking Care of What We Have: Participatory Natural Resource Management on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
                                                                                        James, Tina
Technologies de l'information et de la communication pour le développement en Afrique : volume 3 : La mise en réseau d’ins
Telecentres, Access and Development: Experience and Lessons from Uganda and SouthParkinson, Sarah
The Female Client and the Health-Care Provider                                          Roberts, Janet Hatcher
                                                                                        Tansey, Geoff
The Future Control of Food: A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food S
The Health Gap: Beyond Pregnancy and Reproduction                                       Kitts, Jennifer
                                                                                        Harper, Sharon M.P.
The Lab, the Temple, and the Market: Reflections at the Intersection of Science, Religion, and Development
The Media and the Rwanda Genocide                                                       Thompson, Alan
                                                                                        Ayuk, Elias
The Policy Paradox in Africa: Strengthening Links between Economic Research and Policymaking T.
The Politics of Trade and Industrial Policy in Africa: Forced Consensus?                Soludo, Charles
The Power of Peer Learning: Networks and Development Cooperation                        Guilmette, Jean-H.
                                                                                        International Commission on Interven
The Responsibility to Protect: Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
                                                                                        Weiss, Thomas G.
The Responsibility to Protect: Research, Bibliography, Background: Supplementary Volume to the Report of the International
Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Development                                      Parpart, Jane L.
Thirsty Cities: Urban Environments and Water Supply in Latin America                    Anton, Danilo J.
                                                                                        Monge-González, Ricardo
TICs en las PYMEs de Centroamérica: Impacto de la adopción de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación
Tracking Gender Equity Under Economic Reforms: Continuity and Change in South Asia Mukhopadhyay, Swapna
Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Concepts and Cases                                  Inglis, Julian T.
Transnational Social Policies: The New Development Challenges of Globalization        Morales-Gómez, Daniel
Un mur contre la malaria: du nouveau dans la prévention des décès dus au paludisme Lengeler, Christian
Un Nouveau Monde De Savoir : Les Universités Canadiennes Et La Mondialisation         Bond, Sheryl L.
                                                                                      Neufeld, Le Développement
Une Santé Branchée Sur La Recherche : Perspectives Du Conseil De La Recherche En Santé Pour Victor
Viet Nam at the Crossroads: The Role of Science and Technology                        Bezanson, K.
Voices for Change: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in China                   Vernooy, Ronnie
Water Balances in the Eastern Mediterranean                                           Brooks, David B.
Water Hyacinth in Africa and the Middle East: A Survey of Problems and Solutions      Navarro, Luis A.
Water: Local-Level Management                                                         Brooks, David B.
Watershed: The Role of Fresh Water in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict                Lonergan, Stephen C.
Working with Indigenous Knowledge: A Guide for Researchers                            Grenier, Louise
A Cruel Paradise: Journals of an International Relief Worker                          Olson, Leanne
A Quilted Heart                                                                       Vaughan, R.M.
A Ruckus of Awkward Stacking                                                          Robinson, Matt
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder                                       De Mille, James
A Year in the Life: The Journals of Michelle Wright                                   Wright, Michelle
Abundantly Simple: Everywomen's Gratitude Journal                                     Kafka, Helen
Alien Invasion: How the Harris Tories Mismanaged Ontario                              Cohen, Ruth
Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery                                                 Bidulka, Anthony
Ashes Are Bone and Dust                                                               Battson, Jill
Asthmatica                                                                            Fiorentino, Jon Paul
At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say                                                  Good, Matthew
Awful Gestures                                                                        Weiss, Adrienne
Bafflegab                                                                             Rogal, Stan
Balance Act                                                                           Cormier, Ken
Being Black                                                                           Prince, Althea
                                                                                      Morton, Jennifer
Belong: A TV Journalist's Search for Urban Culture. From Beirut to Bamako, From Havana to Ho Chi Minh City.
Beneath the Beauty                                                                    Arima, Phlip
Black Like Who?: Writing Black Canada, Second Revised Edition                         Walcott, Rinaldo
                                                                                       Men and Women
Breaking Out: The Complete Guide to Building and Enhancing a Positive Gay Identity forAlderson, Kevin
Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey                         Harris, Cecil
Broken Accidents                                                                      Arima, Phlip
Bull                                                                                  Sinnett, Mark
Carnival: a Scream in High Park Reader                                                McPhee, Peter
Certifiable: (Fictions)                                                               McGimpsey, David
Chewing On Tinfoil                                                                    Ollmann, Joe
Consider Her Ways                                                                     Grove, Frederick Philip
Contract with the World                                                               Rule, Jane
Contrarian Investor 13: How to Earn Superior Returns in the Stock Market              Gallander, Benjamin
Control Freaked                                                                       Breslin, Mark
Creating Love: A Guide To Finding and Attracting Love                                 Stevens, Samantha
Creating Money: Spiritual Prescriptions For Prosperity                                Stevens, Samantha
Cupboard Love: A Dictionary of Culinary Curiosities, 2nd Revised Edition              Morton, Mark
Damaged                                                                               Arima, Phlip
Desire, High Heels, Red Wine: A Gay and Lesbian Anthology                             Archer, Timothy
Dreamwork Uncovered: How Dreams can Create Inner Harmony, Peace and Joy             Quattrocchi, Marina
Dubwise: Reasoning from the Reggae Underground                                      Walker, Klive
Dying for Veronica: A Sub-Catholic Dream With Mind Music                            Remski, Matthew
Early Poems                                                                         Moritz, A.F.
Éloise: Letters to a Lost Child                                                     Lavallee, Loise
Endless Knot: A Spiritual Odyssey through Sado-Masochism                            Styranka, Matthew
Every Inadequate Name: Poems                                                        Thran, Nick
Exstatic Almanac: A Book of Daze: AWOL Love Vibe                                    Sobol, John
Fatal Distraction                                                                   Ahlers, Sonja
Financial Self-Defense for Investors                                                Gutowski, George
Flame of Separation                                                                 Kennedy, Des
Flight of Aquavit: A Russell Quant Mystery                                          Bidulka, Anthony
Fool's Bells                                                                        D'anna, Lynnette
Gardening in the Tropics                                                            Senior, Olive
Get Stuffed Toronto : Eating Out in Toronto for under $15                           Crysler, Julie
Gifts from the Heart: Simple Ways To Make Your Family's Christmas More Meaningful Brucker, Virginia
Grade Power: The Complete Guide to Improving Your Grades Through Self-Hypnosis Alderson, Kevin
Guilty                                                                              Gilbert, Sky
Habits and Love                                                                     Schumacher, Rod
Happy Pilgrims                                                                      Finucan, Stephen
How to Survive the Recession and the Recovery                                       Farago, Anna
Iced: The New Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Friction                                 Schooley , Kerry J
if i knew, don't you think I'd tell you                                             Arden, Jann
i'll tell you one damn thing and that's all i know!                                 Arden, Jann
Julian the Magician                                                                 MacEwen, Gwendolyn
King of Egypt, King of Dreams                                                       MacEwen, Gwendolyn
Ladies of the Night and Other Stories                                               Prince, Althea
Late Capitalist Sublime                                                             Kamstra, Ryan
Lost Sanity                                                                         Kelln, Brad
Loving This Man                                                                     Prince, Althea
Man and Beast                                                                       Cole, Eric
Meet Me in the Parking Lot                                                          Leggat, Alexandra
Mental Hygiene: Essays on Writers and Writing                                       Robertson, Ray
Method of Madness                                                                   Kelln, Brad
Miscellaneous Female : The Journals of Dahmnait Doyle                               Doyle, Damhnait
                                                                                    Civil War
No One Can Stop the Rain: A Chronicle of Two Foreign Aid Workers During the Angolan Moorhouse, Karin
Now and at the Hour of Our Death                                                    Taylor, Patrick
Only the Ghost has Lasted                                                           Dembowski, Nancy
Over the Roofs of the World                                                         Senior, Olive
Parts Unknown: Wrestling, Gimmicks and Other Works                                  Holmes, Michael
Paul's Case: The Kingston Letters                                                   Crosbie, Lynn
Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life                                         Gibson, Katherine
Pedigree Girls                                                                      Tija, Sherwin
Phases and Stages: The Terri Clark Journals                                         Clark, Terri
Pink Icing and Other Stories                                                        Mordecai, Pamela
Psychic Self-Defence: Spiritual Prescriptions For Inner Peace                       Stevens, Samantha
Psychic Unrest                                                                      Allen, Lillian
Public Power: The Fight for Publicly Owned Electricity                                   Hampton, Howard
Pull Gently, Tear Here                                                                   Leggat, Alexandra
Pupa                                                                                     Graham, Catherine
Quantum Jump: A Survival Guide for the New Renaissance                                   Clement, W. R.
Reforming the Prophet: the Quest for the Islamic Reformation                             Clement, W.R.
                                                                                         Spooner, Mal
Resources Rock: How to Invest in and Profit from the Next Global Boom in Natural Resources
Restless                                                                                 Rogal, Stan
River Suite : Poems                                                                      Blades, Joe
Same-Sex Marriage: The Personal and the Political                                        Alderson, Kevin
Sap: A Mystery                                                                           Swan, John
Scavenger                                                                                Smith, Dennison
Scotch: A Journal of Single Malt Whiskies                                                Lee, Alma
Scouts are Cancelled: Annapolis Valley Poems and One Short Story                         Stiles, John
Side/Lines: A New Canadian Poetics                                                       Mclennan, Rob
Some Sunny Day                                                                           Davies, Paul
St. Stephen's                                                                            Gilbert, Sky
Stain of the Berry: A Russell Quant Mytery                                               Bidulka, Anthony
Swimming in the Ocean                                                                    Jenkins, Catherine
Tapas on the Ramblas: A Russell Quant Mystery                                            Bidulka, Anthony
Tell Him You're Married                                                                  Rogal, Stan
The Book of Emma                                                                         Agnant, Marie-Célie
                                                                                         O'Donnell, Jill
The Canadian Retirement Guide: A Comprehensive Handbook on Aging, Retirement, Caregiving and Health: How to Plan and
                                                                                         McNulty, Barry
The Canadian Small Business Owner's Guide to Financial Independence: A Comprehensive Retirement and Succession Plannin
                                                                                         McWaters, Graham
The Canadian Student Financial Survival Guide: A Comprehensive Handbook on Financial Your Education, Managing Your Exp
The Friendly Banker                                                                      Baughman, Richard
The Heart is its own Reason                                                              Caple, Natalee
The Inactivist                                                                           Eaton, Chris
The Insolent Boy                                                                         Stiles, John D.
The IV Lounge Reader                                                                     Vermeersch, Paul
The Last Word: An Insomniac Anthology of Canadian Poetry                                 Holmes, Michael
The Long Drive Home                                                                      Rogal, Stan
The Lover's Tongue: A Merry Romp Through the Language of Love and Sex                    Morton, Mark
The Mole Chronicles                                                                      Brown, Andy
The Naked Millionaire: A Women's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money yndman, Maxine
The New Investment Frontier III: A Guide to Exchange Traded Funds for Canadians          Atkinson, Howard J
The Organic Entrepreneur: Cultivating the Conscious Capitalist                           Hyndman, Maxine
The Patron Saint of Business Management: A New Management Style From a Wise Monk         Farago, Anna
The Pension Strategy for Canadians: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Investing             Springett, Andrew
The Pension Strategy: the Ultimate Guide to Personal Investing                           Springett, Andrew
The Pleasures of Time: Two Men, A Life                                                   Riggins, Stephen Harold
The Power of Appreciation: In Everyday Life                                              Nelson, Noelle
The Professional Financial Advisor II: How the Financial Services Industry Hides the Uglyde Goey, John
The Retirement Guide                                                                     O'Donnell, Jill
The Seven Rays: A Universal Guide to the Archangels                                      Lypchuk, Donna
The Uncommon Entrepreneur: How to start and operate your own successful business Gallander, Benjamin
The Uncommon Investor : A Contrarian Guide to the Stock Market                           Gallander, Benjamin
The War in Heaven                                                                        Nussey, Kent
The Woman's Guide to Money                                                              Keehn, Kelley
This Is Not For You                                                                     Rule, Jane
This Will All End in Tears                                                              Ollmann, Joe
Uncivilizing: A Collection of Poetry                                                    Davidson, Caroline
Vixen                                                                                   D'anna, Lynnette
Wealthbuilding                                                                          Rosentreter, Kurt
                                                                                        Deaves, Richard
What Kind of an Investor are You? A Guide to the Investment Solution that is Right for You
What Passes for Love: A Collection of Short Stories                                     Rogal, Stan
What's a Black Critic To Do?: Interviews, Profiles and Reviews of Black Writers         Nurse, Donna Bailey
Why I Didn't Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story                                    Kennedy, Sheldon
Why We Go To Zoos                                                                       Leznoff, Noah
A State of Minds: Toward a Human Capital Future for Canadians                           Courchene, Thomas J.
Adapting Public Policy to a Labour Market in Transition                                 St-Hilaire, France
As I Recall / Si je me souviens bien: Historical Perspectives                           Meisel, John
Beyond the Impasse: Towards Reconciliation                                              Gibbins, Roger
Busting Bureaucracy to Reclaim our Schools                                              Lawton, Stephen B.
Forging the Canadian Social Union: SUFA and Beyond                                      Fortin, Sarah
Geopolitical Integrity                                                                  Segal, Hugh
Gouverner dans une société de l'information                                             Rosell, Steven A.
Health Care Reform Through Internal Markets: Experience and Proposals                   Jerome-Forget, Monique
Health Services Restructuring in Canada: New Evidence and New Directions                Beach, Charles M.
Is the Debt War Over? Dispatches from Canada's Fiscal Frontline                         Ragan, Christopher
Le médium and les muses : la culture, les télécommunications et l'autoroute de l'information Claude E.
Les télécommunications: Problématique d'une industrie en évolution rapide               Rabeau, Yves
Maintaining a Competitive Workforce: Employer-Based Training in the Canadian Economy Derek
Money, Politics and Health Care: Reconstructing the Federal-Provincial Partnership      Lazar, Harvey
                                                                                        Cameron, Kirk
Northern Governments in Transition: Political and Constitutional Development in the Yukon, Nunavut and the Western North
Perspectives on the New Economics and Regulation of Telecommunications                  Stanbury, W.T.
Pulling Against Gravity: Economic Development in New Brunswick During the McKenna Savoie, Donald
Qui est maître à bord ? Projet de réforme du système de santé canadien                  Jerome-Forget, Monique
Rethinking the Delivery of Public Services to Citizens                                  Seidle, F. Leslie
                                                                                        Sinclair, Duncan
Riding the Third Rail: The Story of Ontario's Health Services Restructuring Commission, 1996-2000
Sortir de l'impasse: Les voies de la réconciliation                                     Laforest, Guy
Strengthening Canadian Democracy                                                        Howe, Paul
The Art of The State: Governance in a World Without Frontiers                           Courchene, Thomas J.
The Canadian Social Union without Quebec: 8 Critical Analyses                           Gagnon, Alain-G.
The Conditions of Diversity in Multinational Democracies                                Gagnon, Alain-G
The Medium and the Muse: Culture, Telecommunications and the Information HighwaySirois, Charles
The New Public Management: Canada in Comparative Perspective                            Aucoin, Peter
                                                                                        Banting, Keith
The Review of Economic Performance and Social Progress Volume 1: The Longest Decade: Canada in the 1990s
                                                                                        Banting, Keith
The Review of Economic Performance and Social Progress Volume 2: Towards a Social Understanding of Productivity
The State of Education in Canada                                                        Schweitzer, Thomas T.
The Transformation of Canada's Pacific Metropolis: A Study of Vancouver                 Hutton, Thomas A.
Who is the Master? A Blueprint for Canadian Health Care Reform                          Jerome-Forget, Monique
Workfare: Does it Work? Is it Fair?                                                     Evans, Patricia M.
Adding Feminism to Law: The Contributions of Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé              Sheey, Elizabeth
Administrative Law                                                                      Mullan, David
Advocacy and Taxation in Canada                                                   Chodikoff, David W.
Alternative Dispute Resolution                                                    Pirie, Andrew
Bank and Customer Law in Canada                                                   Ogilvie, M.H.
Canadian Family Law, Second Edition                                               Payne, Julien D.
Canadian Law and Private Investigations                                           Groot, Norman
Canadian Libel and Slander Actions                                                Potts, David A.
Canadian Manual of International Air Carriage                                     Holding, John
Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2006                                          Payne, Julien D.
Commissions of Inquiry: Praise or Reappraise?                                     Manson, Allan
Computer Law, Second Edition                                                      Takach, George
Constitutional Law, Third Edition                                                 Monahan, Patrick J.
Copyright Law                                                                     Vaver, David
Counsel for the Defence: The Bernard Cohn Memorial Lectures in Criminal Law       Greenspan, Edward L.
Criminal Law, Third Edition                                                       Roach, Kent
Environmental Law, Second Edition                                                 Benidickson, Jamie
Ethics and Canadian Criminal Law                                                  Proulx, Michel
Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: The Best of The Advocates’ Society Journal 1982–2004    Stockwood, David
Expert Evidence in Criminal Law: The Scientific Approach                          Gold, Alan D.
Family Law                                                                        Fodden, Simon
Franchise Law                                                                     Zaid, Frank
Getting Away With Murder: The Canadian Criminal Justice System                    Paciocco, David
Guide to the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act                   Halyna Perun
Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada                                         Jocelyn Downie
Immigration Law                                                                   Galloway, Donald
In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law                      Geist, Michael
In Whom We Trust: A Forum on Fiduciary Relationships                              Law Commission of Canada
Income Tax Law                                                                    Krishna, Vern
Individual Employment Law                                                         England, Geoffrey
Insurance Law                                                                     Boivin, Denis
Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patents, Trade-marks                        Vaver, David
International Human Rights Law                                                    Freeman, Mark
International Trade Law                                                           Johnson, Jon R.
Joint Ventures: Legal and Business Perspectives                                   Reiter, Barry J
Jury Selection in Criminal Trials: Skills, Science and the Law                    Tanovich, David M.
Law Society Special Lectures 2004: Corporate and Commercial Law                   Law Society of Upper Canada
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Second Edition                      Hutchinson, Allan C.
Legal Research and Writing, Second Edition                                        Tjaden, Ted
Litigating Conspiracy: An Analysis of Competition Class Actions                   Pitel, Stephen G.A.
Making Equality Rights Real: Securing Substantive Equality under the Charter      Faraday, Fay
Managing a Legal and Ethical Social Work Practice                                 Samuels, Marilyn
Maritime Law                                                                      Gold, Edgar
Media Law, Second Edition                                                         Martin, Robert
Mental Disorder and the Law: A Primer for Legal and Mental Health Professionals   Bloom, Hy
Mental Health Courts: Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill                            Richard D. Schneider
Mergers, Aquisitions, and Other Changes of Corporate Control                      Nicholls, Christopher C.
Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime                                            Hubbard, Robert
Ontario Public Service Employment and Labour Law                                  Hadwen, Timothy
Pension Law                                                                              Kaplan, Ari
Personal Property Security Law                                                           Cuming, Ronald C.C.
Public International Law                                                                 Currie, John H.
Refugee Law                                                                              Jones, Martin
Religious Institutions and the Law in Canada, Second Edition                             Ogilvie, M.H.
Remedies: The Law of Damages                                                             Cassels, Jamie
Representing Victims of Sexual and Spousal Abuse                                         DesRosiers, Nathalie
Securities Law                                                                           MacIntosh, Jeffrey G.
Speaking Freely: Expression and the Law in the Commonwealth                              Martin, Robert
Statutory Interpretation, Second Edition                                                 Sullivan, Ruth
Tax Avoidance in Canada After Canada Trustco and Mathew                                  Duff, David G.
The ABCs of Law School: A Practical Guide to Success without Sacrifice                   Ali, Ramsay
The Annotated Ontario Mental Health Statutes, Fourth Edition                             Schneider, Richard D.
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Third Edition                                        Sharpe, Robert J.
The Civil Code of Quebec in Chart Form                                                   Le May, Denis
The Colour of Justice: Policing Race in Canada                                           Tanovich, David M.
The Companies We Keep: Corporate Governance for a Democratic Society                     Hutchinson, Allan C.
The Globalized Rule of Law: Relationships between International and Domestic Law         Fitzgerald, Oonagh
The Law of Contracts                                                                     McCamus, John
The Law of Equitable Remedies                                                            Berryman, Jeffrey
The Law of Evidence, Fourth Edition                                                      Paciocco, David
The Law of Large-Scale Claims: Product Liability, Mass Torts, and Complex Litigation in Canada Jamie
The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, Second Edition                                 van Duzer, J. Anthony
The Law of Sentencing                                                                    Manson, Allan
The Law of Torts, Second Edition                                                         Osborne, Philip
The Law of Trusts, Second Edition                                                        Gillese, Eileen E.
The Law School Book: Succeeding at Law School, Second Edition                            Hutchinson, Allan C.
                                                                                         Hutchinson, Allan C.
The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2001: Constitutional and Administrative Law
                                                                                         Law Complexities
The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2002: Real Property Law, Conquering theSociety of Upper Canada
The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2003: The Law of Evidence               Law Society of Upper Canada
The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2005: The Modern Law of Damages Law Society of Upper Canada
The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2006: Family Law                        Law Society of Upper Canada
The Laws of Government: The Legal Foundations of Canadian Democracy                      Forces, Craig
The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue                     Roach, Kent
Theory of Class Actions                                                                  Jones, Craig
Tough Choices: Living and Dying in the Twenty-First Century                              McTeer, Maureen
                                                                                         Daylen, Judith
Trauma, Trials, and Transformation: Guiding Sexual Assault Victims through the Legal System and Beyond
Understanding Section 8: Search, Seizure, and the Canadian Constitution                  Boucher, Susanne
Youth Criminal Justice Law                                                               Bala, Nicholas
1005: Political Life in a Union                                                          Freeman, Bill
A History of Canadian Wealth                                                             Myers, Gustavus
A New Practical Guide to Canadian Political Economy                                      Drache, Daniel
Agnes Macphail and the Politics of Equality                                              Crowley, Terry
Air Aces: The Lives and Times of Twelve Canadian Fighter Pilots                          McCaffery, Dan
Alberta Labour: A Heritage Untold                                                        Caragata, Warren
Alternative Federal Budget Papers 1997                                                   Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative
Alternative Federal Budget Papers 1998                                                   Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative
An Unauthorized History of the RCMP                                                   Brown, Lorne
Anatomy of Big Business                                                               Park, Frank
                                                                                      McClain, Janet
And Where Do We Go From Here?: Proceedings from a Symposium on the Rental Housing Market and Housing Allowances he
Arctic Twilight                                                                       McMahon, Kevin
Arms Canada: The Deadly Business of Military Exports                                  Regehr, Ernie
Bad and the Lonely: Seven Stories of the Best--and Worst--Canadian Outlaws            Robin, Martin
Bassett: John Bassett's forty years in politics, publishing, business and sports      Siggins, Maggie
Bethune: The Montreal Years                                                           MacLeod, Wendell
                                                                                      Crane, David
Beyond the Monetarists: Post-Keynesian Alternatives to Rampant Inflation, Low Growth and High Unemployment
Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero                                                           McCaffery, Dan
                                                                                      Bregha, François
Bob Blair's Pipeline: The Business and Politics of Northern Energy Development Projects
Brian & the Boys                                                                      Siggins, Maggie
Brian Mulroney: The Boy from Baie-Comeau                                              Murphy, Rae
Business and Social Reform in the Thirties                                            Finkel, Alvin
Business Cycles in Canada: The Postwar Experience and Policy Directions               Lamontagne, Maurice
Cabbagetown: The Story of a Victorian Neighbourhood                                   Coopersmith, Penina
Canada Among Nations 1984: A Time of Transition                                       Tomlin, Brian
Canada Among Nations 1985: The Conservative Agenda                                    Tomlin, Brian
Canada Among Nations 1986: Talking Trade                                              Tomlin, Brian
Canada Among Nations 1987: A World of Conflict                                        Tomlin, Brian
Canada Among Nations 1988: The Tory Record                                            Tomlin, Brian
Canada and the Biafran Tragedy                                                        Brewin, Andrew
Canada and the Global Economy                                                         Chodos, Robert
Canada and the Nuclear Arms Race                                                      Regehr, Ernie
Canada and the Reagan Challenge: Crisis and Adjustment, 1981-85                       Clarkson, Stephen
Canada Under Free Trade                                                               Cameron, Duncan
Canada's Colonies: A History of the Yukon and Northwest Territories                   Coates, Ken
Canada's Courts                                                                       McCormick, Peter
                                                                                      Robinson, H.
Canada's Crippled Dollar: An Analysis of International Trade and Our Troubled Balance of Payments Lukin
Canada's Cultural Industries: Broadcasting, Publishing, Records and Film              Audley, Paul
Canada's Fighting Seniors                                                             Gifford, C.G.
Canada's Little War: Fighting for the British Empire in Southern Africa 1899-1902     Miller, Carman
Canada's Population Outlook: Demographic Futures and Economic Challenges              Foot, David K.
Canada's Social Economy: Co-opeartives, Non-profits, and Other Community Enterprises uarter, Jack
Canada's Unions                                                                       Laxer, Robert
Canada's Video Revolution: Pay-TV, Home Video and Beyond                              Lyman, Peter
Canada's Warplanes: Unique Aircraft in Canada's Aviation Museums                      McCaffery, Dan
Canadian Auto Workers: The Birth and Transformation of a Union                        Gindin, Sam
Canadian Capitalism: A Study of Power in the Canadian Business Establishment          Niosi, Jorge
Canadian Churches and Foreign Policy                                                  Greene, Bonnie
Canadian Fact Book on Poverty: The Canadian Council on Social Development             Ross, David
Canadian Women's Issues: Volume I: Strong Voices                                      Pierson, Ruth Roach
Canadian Women's Issues: Volume II: Bold Visions                                      Pierson, Ruth Roach
Catholics and Canadian Socialism: Political Thought in the Thirties and Forties       Baum, Gregory
Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion                                                          Finkel, Alvin
Changing Soviet Union: Implications for Canada and the World                          Dobell, Peter
Changing Workplace: Reshaping Canada's Industrial Relations System                    Drache, Daniel
Charter of Rights                                                                     Greene, Ian
                                                                                      Yee, Paul
Chinatown: An illustrated history of the Chinese Communities of Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, M
City Book: The Planning and Politics of Canada's Cities                               Lorimer, James
City for Sale: International Financiers Take a Major North American City by Storm     Aubin, Michel
Cloak of Green: The Links between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business Elaine
Confederation in Crisis                                                               Young, Robert
Constructing the Child: A History of Canadian Day Care                                Varga, Donna
Controlling Inflation: Learning from Experience in Canada, Europe and Japan           Barber, Clarence
Corporate Campus: Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada's Colleges and University James
Corporate Canada: 14 Probes into the Workings of a Branch-plant Economy               Starowicz, Mark
Costs of Constitutional Change: A Citizen's Guide to the Issues                       Fallis, George
Counting Out The Scholars: The Case Against Performance Indicators in Higher EducationBruneau, William
CPR: A Century of Corporate Welfare                                                   Chodos, Robert
Cries of Victims, Voice of God                                                        De Roo, Remi
Crossing the Line: Unionized Employee Ownership and Investment Funds                  Quarter, Jack
Dad's War: The story of a courageous Canadian youth who flew with Bomber Command      McCaffery, Dan
Dance of the Dialectic                                                                Zolf, Larry
Debating Canada's Future: Views from the Left                                         Rosenblum, Simon
Debts to Pay                                                                          Conway, John F.
Debts to Pay: English Canada and Quebec from the Conquest to the Referendum           Conway, John F.
Decline of the Superpowers: Winners and Losers in Today's Global Economy              Laxer, James
                                                                                      Laurendau, 1964-67
Diary of André Laurendeau: Written during the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and BiculturalismAndré
Dirty Business: The Inside Story of the New Garbage Agglomerates                      Crooks, Harold
Dismantling Democracy                                                                 Jackson, Andrew
Doing it Right                                                                        Munro, John
Drug Industry: A Case Study in Foreign Control                                        Gordon, Myron J.
Economic Recovery for Canada: A Policy Framework                                      Cornwall, John
Educating African Canadians                                                           Brathwaite, Karen S.
End of the Line: Inside Canada's Nursing Homes                                        Bohuslawsky, Maria
Ending Poverty: A Basic Income for All Canadians                                      Blais, Francois
                                                                                       in World War II Poland
Escape from the Nazis: The Incredible and Inspiring Saga of Two Young Jews on the RunMandelkern, Benjamin
Ethics and Economics: Canada's Catholic Bishops on the Economic Crisis                Baum, Gregory
Fall of New France: How the French lost a North American empire 1754-1763             Dale, Ronald J.
Family Violence: A Canadian Introduction                                              Duffy, Ann
Father, Son and CIA                                                                   Weinstein, Harvey
Final Appeal: Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal                            Greene, Ian
Financing the Future: Canada's Capital Markets in the Eighties                        Donner, Arthur
First Canadians                                                                       Comeau, Pauline
First Casualty: Violence Against Women in Canadian Military Communities               Harrison, Deborah
Food Banks and the Welfare Crisis                                                     Riches, Graham
Forced Growth: Five Studies of Government Involvement in the Development of Canada athias, Philip
Forgotten North: A History of Canada's Provincial Norths                              Coates, Ken
Formaldehyde on Trial: The Politics of Health in a Chemical Society                   Tataryn, Lloyd
Free Trade Deal                                                                       Cameron, Duncan
Free Trade Papers                                                                     Cameron, Duncan
From Protest to Power: Social Democracy in Canada 1900-Present                        Penner, Norman
From the Roots Up: Economic Development as if Community Mattered                      Ross, David
General for Peace                                                                      Johnson, Leonard
Giants of Garbage: The Rise of the Global Waste Industry and the Politics of Pollution Crooks, Harold
Great Economic Debate: Failed Economics and a Future for Canada                        Gonick, Cy
Gulf Within: Canadian Arabs, Racism and the Gulf War                                   Kashmeri, Zuhair
Hamilton: A People's History                                                           Freeman, Bill
Hamiltonians: 100 Fascinating Lives                                                    Houghton, Margaret
Hamilton's Hockey Tigers                                                               Wesley, David
Hard Money, Hard Times: Why Zero Inflation Hurts Canadians                             Osberg, Lars
Health and Wealth: How Social and Economic Factors Affect Our Well Being               Townson, Monica
Hell Island: Canadian Pilots and the 1942 Air Battle for Malta                         McCaffery, Dan
High Price of Health: A Patient's Guide to the Hazards of Medical Politics             York, Geoffrey
History of Quebec Nationalism                                                          Gougeon, Gilles
Honest Politics: Seeking Integrity in Canadian Political Life                          Greene, Ian
How Levesque Won                                                                       Dupont, Pierre
How Ottawa Decides                                                                     French, Richard
How Ottawa Spends Your Tax Dollars: National Policy and Economic Development 1982Doern, G. Bruce
How Ottawa Spends: The Liberals, the Opposition & Federal Priorities 1983              Doern, G. Bruce
How to Fight for What's Right                                                          Swaigen, John
Immigrants                                                                             Montero, Gloria
Industry in Decline                                                                    Starks, Richard
Inflation or Depression                                                                Gonick, Cy
Inside the East Timor Resistance                                                       Pinto, Constancio
                                                                                       Frank, David
J.B. McLachlan: A Biography: The Story of a Legendary Labour Leader and the Cape Breton Coal Miners
Joe Davidson                                                                           Davidson, Joe
Jolts: The TV Wasteland and the Canadian Oasis                                         Wolfe, Morris
Joyce Wieland: Artist on Fire                                                          Lind, Jane
Judges and Judging: Inside the Canadian Judicial System                                McCormick, Peter
Just Watch Me: Remembering Pierre Trudeau                                              Zolf, Larry
Justice for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples                                                Dupuis, Renée
Kent Rowley: The Organizer: A Canadian Union Life                                      Salutin, Rick
Labour and Capital in Canada 1650-1860                                                 Pentland, H. Clare
Labrador Doctor: My Life with the Grenfell Mission                                     Paddon, W. A.
Land and Urban Development: A Preliminary Study                                        Spurr, Peter
Let Them Eat Prozac                                                                    Healy, David
Let Us Prey                                                                            Chodos, Robert
Long Way from Home: The Story of the Sixties Generation in Canada                      Kostash, Myrna
Lost in Cyberspace?: Canada and the Information Revolution                             Chodos, Robert
Louder Voices: The Corporate Welfare Bums                                              Lewis, David
Mackenzie: A Political Biography                                                       Sewell, John
Making Schools Matter: Good Teachers at Work                                           Repo, Satu
Making the Spirit Dance Within: Joe Duquette High School and an Aboriginal Community aig-Brown, Celia
Memories are made of this: What it was like to grow up in the Fifties                  McCracken, Melinda
Mennonite Future: The Ontario Tradition in York County                                 Musson Nykor, Lynda
Merchant Princes: Halifax’s First Family of Finance, Ships and Steel                   Frost, James D.
Misguided Missiles: Canada, the Cruise and Star Wars                                   Rosenblum, Simon
Modern North: People, Politics and the Rejection of Colonialism                        Coates, Ken
Monetarist Counter-Revolution: A Critique of Canadian Monetary Policy 1975-1979        Donner, Arthur
Moscow Despatches: Inside Cold War Russia                                            Watkins, John
My Search for Catherie Anne: One Man's Story of an Adoption Reunion                  Clark, Barrie
Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman                                             Hessel, Peter
Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen: Canada and Democracy in the Age of Globalization Dobbin, Murray
Myth of the Good War: The USA in World War II                                        Pauwels, Jacques R.
                                                                                     Sharma, Nandita
National Action Committee on the Status of Women's Voters' Guide: A Women's Agenda for Social Justice
Native Children and the Child Welfare System                                         Johnston, Patrick
Negotiating with a Sovereign Quebec                                                  Drache, Daniel
                                                                                     Martell, George
New Education Politics: Bob Rae's Legacy and the Response of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
New Protectionism: Non-Tariff Barriers and Their Effects on Canada                   Lazar, Fred
No Life Like It: Military Wives in Canada                                            Harrison, Deborah
Nobody Said No: The Real Story About How the Mounties Always Get their Man           Sallot, Jeff
Northerners: Profiles of People in the Northwest Territories                         Holmes, Doug
Not Enough: The Meaning and Measurement of Poverty in Canada                         Canadian Council on Social Developme
Nothing Mat(t)ers: A Feminist Critique of Postmodernism                              Brodribb, Somer
Offshore Oil: Oppotunities for Industrial Development and Job Creation               Voyer, Roger
Oil and Gas                                                                          Laxer, James
                                                                                     van Nostrand, John
Old Naledi : The Village Becomes a Town: An Outline of the Old Naledi Squatter Upgrading Project, Gaborone, Botswana
On Strike: Six Key Labour Struggles in Canada 1919-1949                              Abella, Irving
One Woman's War: A Canadian Reporter with the Free French                            Arnold, Gladys
Orangeman: The Life & Ties of Ogle Gowan                                             Akenson, Donald
                                                                                     Cameron, Duncan
Other Macdonald Report: The Consensus on Canada's Future that the Macdonald Commission Left Out
Ottawa and the Outer Provinces: The Challenge of Regional Integration in Canada      Tomblin, Stephen
Our American Cousins: The United States through Canadian Eyes                        Axworthy, Thomas
Our Canada                                                                           Heaps, Leo
Our Land: Native Rights in Canada                                                    Purich, Donald
Our Neighbours' Voices: Will We Listen?                                              Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Co
Out of Control: Canada in an Unstable Financial World                                MacLean, Brian
Out of Work: Why there's so much unemployment, and why it's getting worse            Gonick, Cy
Over-Forty Society: Issues for Canada's Aging Population                             Wigdor, Blossom T.
Pacific Partners: The Japanese Presence in Canadian Business, Society, and Culture   Holroyd, Carin
Paul Martin: A Political Biography                                                   Chodos, Robert
Peasants in the Promised Land: Canada and the Ukrainians                             Petryshyn, Jaroslav
Pensions Under Attack: What's Behind the Push to Privatize Public Pensions           Townson, Monica
Perspectives on Social Services and Social Issues                                    Ismael, Jacqueline
Planning and the Economy: Building Federal-Provincial Consensus                      Thorburn, Hugh
Poisons in Public: Case Studies of Environmental Pollution in Canada                 Howard, Ross
Politics of Kim Campbell: From School Trustee to Prime Minister                      Dobbin, Murray
Post-Keynesian Debate: A Review of Three Recent Canadian Contributions               Gordon, Myron J.
Practical Guide to Canadian Political Economy                                        Clement, Wallace
Preston Manning and the Reform Party                                                 Dobbin, Murray
Promoters' City: Building the Industrial Town of Maisonneuve 1883-1918               Linteau, Paul-André
Quebec in a New World                                                                National Executive Council of the Part
Quebec in Question                                                                   Rioux, Marcel
Quebec Since 1930                                                                    Linteau, Paul-André
Read Canadian: A Book about Canadian Books                                           Fulford, Robert
Reader on Prevention and Social Policies                                             Canadian Council on Social Developme
Rebuilding From Within: Remedies for Canada's Ailing Economy                         Rotstein, Abraham
Rectory Murder: The Mysterious Crime that Shocked Turn-of-the-Century New Brunswick  Saunders, Kenneth
Regional Disparities                                                                 Phillips, Paul
                                                                                     of the Badgley and Fraser Reports
Regulating Sex: An Anthology of Commentaries on the Findings and Recommendations Lowman, J.
Reservations are for Indians                                                         Robertson, Heather
Revolution at Queen's Park: Essays on Governing Ontario                              Noel, Sid
Richer and Poorer: The Structure of Inequality in Canada                             Allahar, Anton
Rise and Fall of a Middle Power: Canadian Diplomacy from King to Mulroney            Andrew, Arthur
Rising Prices: Why Inflation Hasn't Been Licked                                      Robinson, H. Lukin
                                                                                     Regehr, Ernie
Road to Peace: Nuclear weapons, Canada's military policies - on NATO, NORAD, Star Wars and Arctic defence
Roll of the Dice: Working with Clyde Wells during the Meech Lake Negotiations        Coyne, Deborah
Rumours of War                                                                       Haggart, Ron
Second City Book                                                                     Lorimer, James
Selling Out: Four Years of the Mulroney Government                                   Chodos, Robert
Small Business and the Big Banks                                                     Bellan, Susan
Social Cohesion and Economic Prosperity                                              Dayton-Johnson, Jeff
Social Policies for the Eighties                                                     Canadian Council on Social Developme
Soft Target: The real story behind the Air India disaster Second Edition             Kashmeri, Zuhair
Splintered Market: Barriers to Interprovincial Trade in Canadian Agriculture         Haack, Richard
Steamboats on the Lakes                                                              Smith, Maurice D.
Stepmothers: Exploring the Myth                                                      Morrison, Kati
Storms Below: The Turbulent Life and Times of Hugh Garner                            Stuewe, Paul
Strange Empire: Louis Riel and the Métis People                                      Howard, Joseph
Stroke: The Inside Story of Olympic Contenders                                       Clarke, Heather
Supreme at Last: The Evolution of the Supreme Court of Canada                        McCormick, Peter
Supreme Court Decisions on the Canadian Constitution                                 Supreme Court of Canada
Teacher Activism in the 1990's                                                       Robertson, Susan
Teaching English: Theory and Practice from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve              Gutteridge, Don
The Age of Ecology: The Environment on CBC Radio's Ideas                             Cayley, David
The Age of Mackenzie King                                                            Ferns, Henry
The Arrow                                                                            Dow, James
The Assassination of Pierre Laporte                                                  Vallieres, Pierre
The Beds of Academe: A Study of the Relation of Student Residences and the UniversityEdelman, Howard
The Bloc                                                                             Cornellier, Manon
The Canadian Ethical Money Guide                                                     Ellmen, Eugene
The Caribbean Connection                                                             Chodos, Robert
The Developers                                                                       Lorimer, James
The Fur Trade in Canada: An Illustrated History                                      Payne, Michael
The Future of Canada's Auto Industry: The Big Three and the Japanese Challenge       Perry, Ross
The Future of Grain: Canada's Prospects for Grains, Oilseeds and Related Products    Veeman, Michele
The Inuit and Their Land: The Story of Nunavut                                       Purich, Donald
The Liberal Idea of Canada: Pierre Trudeau and the Question of Canada's Survival     Laxer, James
The Metis                                                                            Purich, Donald
The New Canadian Constitution                                                        Milne, David
The New Innovators: How Canadians are shaping the knowledge-based economy            Voyer, Roger
                                                                                     Thompson, the
The Olivieri Report: The Complete Text of the Report of the Independent Inquiry Commissioned by Jon Canadian Association
The Politics of Food                                                                 Mitchell, Don
The Politics of the Canadian Public School                                             Martell, George
The Quebec Decision: Perspectives on the Supreme Court Ruling on Secession             Schneiderman, David
The Real World of City Politics                                                        Lorimer, James
The Tiny Perfect Mayor: David Crombie and Toronto's Reform Alderman                    Caulfield, Jon
The Working Poor: Wage Earners and the Failure of Income Security Policies             Ross, David
The World Economy in Crisis: Unemployment, Inflation and International Debt            Tarshis, Lorie
The World Trade Organization: A Citizen's Guide                                        Shrybman, Steven
Their Town: The Mafia, the Media and the Party Machine                                 Hewitt, Marsha
They Were Hanged                                                                       Hustak, Alan
Time's Up!: Mandatory Retirement in Canada                                             Gillin, C.T. (Terry)
Tommy Burns: Canada's Unknown World Heavyweight Champion                               McCaffery, Dan
Transition to Reality: Directions for Canadian Industrial Strategy                     Shepherd, John
Trickster: Robert Bourassa and Quebecers 1990-1992                                     Lisée, Jean-François
Tug of War: Ottawa and the Provinces Under Trudeau and Mulroney                        Milne, David
                                                                                       Crean, Susan
Two Nations: An Essay on the Culture and Politics of Canada and Quebec in a World of American Pre-eminence
Ultimate Evil: The Fight to Ban Nuclear Weapons                                        Roche, Douglas
Under Siege: The Federal NDP in the Nineties                                           McLeod, Ian
Universities for Sale: Resisting Corporate Control over Canadian Higher Education      Tudiver, Neil
Unmaking of Canada: The Hidden Theme in Canadian History since 1945                    Chodos, Robert
                                                                                       Osberg, debt
Unnecessary Debts: 8 leading economists explain why cutbacks are not the answer to Canada's Lars and deficit problem
Up Against City Hall                                                                   Sewell, John
Vancouver Ltd.                                                                         Gutstein, Donald
Vanishing Jobs                                                                         Osberg, Lars
Vive Quebec!: New Thinking and New Approaches to the Quebec Nation                     Venne, Michel
                                                                                       Holm, Wendy
Water and Free Trade: The Mulroney Government's Agenda for Canada's Most Precious Resource
Water: The Emerging Crisis in Canada                                                   Foster, Harold
What Does Quebec Want?                                                                 Bernard, Andre
Who Pays?: University Financing in Ontario                                             Hanly, Charles
William Irvine: The Life of a Prairie Radical                                          Mardiros, Anthony
Winners, Losers                                                                        Brown, Patrick
Women and Housing: Changing Needs and the Failure of Policy                            McClain, Janet
Women and Social Change: Feminist Activism in Canada                                   Wine, Jeri Dawn
Women and Work: Inequality in the Canadian Labour Market                               Phillips, Paul
Your Worship: The Lives of Eight of Canada's Most Unforgettable Mayors                 Levine, Allan
                                                                                       Ross, Malcolm
You've got ten minutes to get that flag down...: Proceedings of The Halifax Conference:A National Forum on Canadian Cultura
"Hello, Central?": Gender,Technology, and Culture in the Formation of Telephone SystemsMartin, M.
"Nations Are Built of Babies": Saving Ontario's Mothers and Children 1900–1940         Comacchio, C.
"New Mecca, New Babylon": Paris and the Russian Exiles, 1920 – 1945                    Johnston, R.
"The Old Dualities": Deconstructing Robert Kroetsch and His Critics                    Tiefensee, D.
                                                                                       Cook, S.
"Through Sunshine and Shadow: The Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Evangelicalism, and Refrom in Ontario, 1874-193
A Bibliography of John Rastell                                                         Devereux, E. J.
A Border Within: National Identity, Cultural Plurality, and Wilderness                 Angus, I.
A Bridge Built Halfway: A History Memorial University College, 1625-1650               MacLeod, M.
A Case of Witchcraft: the Trial of Urbain Grandier                                     Rapley, R.
A Certain Difficulty of Being: Essays on the Quebec Novel                              Purdy, A.
A City of Farmers: Informal Urban Agriculture in the Open Spaces of Nairobi, Kenya     Freeman, D.
A Democracy of Despots                                                                 Murray, D.
A Devotion to Their Science: Pioneer Women of Radioactivity                            Rayner-Canham
A Different Kind of Care: The Social Pediatrics Approach                               Julien, Gilles
A Different Point of View: Sara Jeannette Duncan                                       Dean, M.
A Diplomacy of Hope: Canada and Disarmament 1945-1988                                  Legault, Albert
A Disciplined Intelligence: Critical Inquiry and Canadian Thought in the Victorian Era McKillop, A.B.
A Dream of Sulphur                                                                     Haller, Aurian
A Female Economy: Women's Work in a Prairie Province ,1870-1970                        Kinnear, M.
A Fur Trader's Photographs: A.A. Chesterfield in the District of Ungava, 1901-4        James, W.
                                                                                       Blindenbacher, Raoul
A Global Dialogue on Federalism Booklet Series: Dialogues on Constitutional Origins, Structure, and Change in Federal Countr
A Great Place to Raise Kids: Interpretation, Science, and the Urban-Rural Debate       Bonner, K.
A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk                                               Marshall, I.
A History of Canadian Catholics: Gallicanism, Romanism, and Canadianism                Fay T.J.
A History of Canadian Literature: Second Edition                                       New, W.H.
A History of Slovak Literature                                                         Petro, P.
A House of Words: Jewish Writing, Identity and Memory                                  Ravvin, N.
A Life of Propriety: Anne Murray Powell and Her Family, 1755–1849                      McKenna, K.
A Long Way from Home: The Tuberculosis Epidemic among the Inuit                        Grygier, P.
A Manner of Correspondence: A Study of the Scriblerus Club                             Brückmann, P.
A Measure of Wealth: the English Land Tax in Historical Analysis                       Ginter, D.
A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998 MacLeod, Roderick
A Most Pernicious Thing: Gun Trading and Native Warfare in the Early Contact Period Given, B.J.
A National Soul: Canadian Mural Painting, 1860s-1930s                                  McKay M.J.
A Nation's Navy: In Quest of Canadian Naval Identity                                   Hadley, M.
A Place to Belong: Community Order and Everyday Space in Calvert, Newfoundland         Pocius, G.
A Political Space: Reading the Global through Clayoquot Sound                          Magnusson, Warren
A Portrait of the Artist as Australian                                                 St Pierre, Matthew
A Public Purpose: An Experience of Liberal Opposition and Canadian Government          Kent, T.
A Rabbi Talks with Jesus                                                               Neusner, J.
A Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway 1833-1920                  Angus, J.
A Rich Broth: Memoirs of a Canadian Diplomat                                           Reece, David.Chalmer
A Seat at the Table: Persons with Disabilities and Policy Making                       Boyce, William
A Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron and the Public Trust                    Kaplan, William
A Selection of Modern Italian Poetry in Translation                                    Payne, Roberta L.
A Sense of Their Duty: Middle-Class Formation in Victorian Ontario Towns               Holman, A.
                                                                                        Orient, 1881–1925
A Sensitive Independence: Canadian Methodist Women Missionaries in Canada and theGagan, R.
A Short History of Modern Ireland                                                      Killeen, Richard
A Small Town in Modern Times: Alexandria,Ontario                                       Rayside, David M.
A Social History of the Cloister                                                       Rapley, Elizabeth
A Sovereign Idea: Essays on Canada as a Democratic Community                           Whitaker, R.
A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder: Found in a Copper Cylinder            De Mille, James
A Wampum Denied: Procter's War of 1812                                                 Antal, S.
                                                                                       Wright, R.A.
A World Mission: Canadian Protestantism and the Quest for a New International Order,1918-1939
                                                                                        American Perspective
Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government: The Canadian and Mexican Experience in NorthCook, Curtis
Aeschylus' Use of Psychological Terminology: Traditional and New                       Sullivan, S.D.
Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists: Aspects of a Poetic Influence                Trehearne, B.
African Exploits: the Diaries of Williams Stairs, 1887-1892                            MacLaren, R.
After the Terror: Expanded, Revised Edition                                            Honderich, Ted
Against Rousseau                                                                         De Maistre, Joseph
Against the Current: the Memoirs of Boris Ragula                                         Ragula Boris
Ahead of His Time: Wilhelm Pfeffer Early Advances in Plant Biology                       Bünning, Erwin
Ahmadis: Community, Gender, and Politics in a Muslim Society                             Gualtieri, Antonio
Alejandro Malaspina: Portrait of a Visionary                                             Kendrick, John
Alexander Kennedy Isbister: A Respectable Critic of the Honourable Company               Cooper, B.
All the Difference: A Development Economist's Quest                                      Higgins, B.
Alone in Silence: European Women in the Canadian North before World War II               Kelcey, Barbara E..
Amassing Power : J. B. Duke and the Saguenay River, 1897-1927                            Massell, D.
Amateurs, Professionals, and Serious Leisure                                             Stebbins, R.
An Element of Hope: Radium and the Response to Cancer in Canada, 1900-1940               Hayter, Charles
An Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland: the Career of Sir Archibald Alison          Michie, M.
                                                                                         Van Die,
An Evangelical Mind: Nathanael Burwash and the Methodist Tradition in Canada, 1839–1918 Marguerite
                                                                                         De Maistre, Joseph
An Examination of the Philosophy of Bacon: Wherein Different Questions of Rational Philosophy Are Treated
An Irish History of Civilization, Volume 1, Comprising Books 1 and 2                     Akenson, D.H.
An Irish History of Civilization, Volume 2, Comprising Books 3 and 4                     Akenson, D.H.
Anatomy of a Naval Disaster: The 1746 French Expedition to North America                 Pritchard, James
Anatomy of a Seance : A History of Spirit Communication in Central Canada, 1850-1950McMullin, Stanley Edward
And on That Farm He Had a Wife: Ontario Farm Women and Feminism, 1900-1970               Halpern, Monda
André Malraux: Towards the Expression of Transcendence                                   Bevan, D.
André Thevet's North America: A Sixteeth-Century View                                    Schlesinger/Stabler
Angel in the Sun: Turner's Vision of History                                             Finley, Gerald
Anglicans and the Atlantic World                                                         Vaudry, Richard W.
Anthropology, Public Policy, and Native Peoples in Canada                                Dyck, Noel
Antoinette de Mirecourt or Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing, A Canadian Tale         Leprohon, Rosanna
Anxious Allegiances: Legitimizing Identity in the Early Canadian Long Poem               Mazoff, C.
Aphorism in the Francophone Novel of the Twentieth Century                               Bell, M.
Apocalypse Soon?: Wagering on Warnings of Global Catastrophe                             Haller, S.F.
Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses, and Women, 1870–1900                    Adams, A.
Architecture in Transition: From Art to Practice, 1885-1906                              Crossman, K.
Architecture, Ethics, and Technology/Architecture Éthique et Technologie                 Pelletier, Louise
Arctic Artist: The Journal and Paintings of George Beck, Midshipman with Franklin, 1819–1822 C.
Arctic Clothing of North America-Alaska, Canada, Greenland                               King, J.C.H.
Arctic Justice : On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet 1923                                    Grant, S.D.
Arctic Migrants/Arctic Villagers : The Transformation of Inuit Settlement in the Central Arctic D.
Arctic Ordeal: the Journal Of John Richardson Surgeon-Naturalist with Franklin 1820-1822 Houston, C.
Aristotle's Poetics                                                                      Aristotle
Art and Work: A Social History of Labour in the Canadian Graphic Arts Industry to the 1940s A.
Arthur Lismer: Visionary Art Educator                                                    Grigor A.N.
Artists in Dylan Thomas's Prose Works: Adam Naming and Aesop Fabling                     Mayer, A.
Arvida au Saguenay: Naissance D'une Ville Industrielle                                   Igartua, J.
As Though Life Mattered: Leo Kennedy's Story                                             Morley, P.
Aspects of the Canadian Evangelical Experience                                           Rawlyk, G.
Assassination, Politics, and Miracles: France and the Royalist Reaction of 1820          Skuy, David
Assisting Emigration to Upper Canada: The PetWorth Project 1832-1837                     Cameron, Wendy
At Face Value: The life and Times of Eliza McCormack/John White                          Akenson, Donald Harman
At Home in Time: Forms of Neo- Augustanism in Modern English Poetry                      Deane, P.
                                                                                        Jonker, Until
At Home on the World Markets: Dutch International Trading companies from the 16th Century Joost the Present
At the Global Crossroads: The Sylvia Ostry Foundation Lectures                          White, Peter
At the Origin of the Christian Claim                                                    Giussani, L.
Austria in World War II: An Anglo-American Dilemma                                      Keyserlingk, R.
Authors and Audiences: Popular Canadian Fiction in the Early Twentieth Century          Karr, Clarence
Autonomy and Schooling                                                                  Callan, E.
Away: Maritimers in Massachsetts, Ontario, and Alberta: An Oral History of Leaving Home Burrill, G.
Bamboo Church                                                                           Sternberg, Ricardo
Banana Bending: Asian-Australian and Asian-Canadian Literatures                         Khoo, Tseen-Ling
Barbarous Dissonance and Images of Voice in Milton's Epics                              Sauer, E.
Bare and Impolitic Right: Internment and Ukrainian-Canadian Redress                     Kordan, Bohdan S.
Battle Exhaustion: Soldiers and Paychiatrists in the Canadian Army, 1939-1945           Copp, Terry
Becoming Bamboo: Western and Explorations of the Meaning of Life                        Carter, R.
Becoming Prominent: Regional Leadership in Upper Canada,1791–1841                       Johnson, J.
Before We Had Words                                                                     Zitner, S.P.
Behold the Hero: General Wolfe and the Arts in the Eighteenth Century                   McNairn, A.
Belonging: The Meaning and Future of Canadian Citizenship                               Kaplan, William
Beneath Flanders Fields: The Tunnellers' War 1914-18                                    Barton, Peter
Benedict Arnold: A Traitor in Our Midst                                                 Wilson, B.
Best Left as Indians: Native-White Relavations in the Yukon Territory, 1840-1973        Coates, K.
Best-Laid Plans: Health Care's Problems and Prospects                                   McFarlane, Lawrie
                                                                                        Greene, John P.
Between Damnation and Starvation: Priests and Merchants in Newfoundland Politics, 1745–1855
                                                                                        Swirski, Peter
Between Literature and Science: Poe, Lem, and Explorations in Aesthetics, Cognitive Science, and Literary Knowledge
Between Principle and Practice: Human Rights in North-South Relations                   Gillies, David
Between State and Market: Essay on Charities Law and Policy in Canada                   Phillips, Jim
Between the Temple and the Cave: The Religious Dimensions of the Poetry of E.J. Pratt McAuliffe, A. T.
                                                                                        Calder, R.L.
Beware the British Serpent : The Role of Writers in British Propaganda in the United States, 1939-1945
                                                                                        Gunn, J.
Beyond Liberty and Property: The Process of Self- Recognition in Eighteenth-Century Political Thought
Beyond Mexico: Changing Americas Volume 1                                               Daudelin, Jean
Beyond Nuclear Thinking                                                                 Malcolmson, R.
Beyond Quebec: Taking Stock of Canada                                                   McRoberts, K.
Bibliography of Emblematic Manuscripts                                                  Sider, Sandra
                                                                                        Osler, Sir William
Bibliotheca Osleriana: A Catalogue of Books Illustrating the History of Medicine and Science Collected, Arranged, and Annotat
Bishop's University, 1843-1970                                                          Nicholl, C.
Black Then: Blacks and Montreal, 1780s-1880s                                            Mackey, Frank
                                                                                        Igersheimer, during
Blatant Injustice: the Story of a Jewish Refugee from Nazi Germany Imprisoned in Britain and CanadaWalter World War II
Blood and Religion : The Conscience of Henri IV, 1553-1593                              Love, R.
                                                                                        Elbourne E.
Blood Ground: Colonialism, Missions, and the Contest for Christianity in the Cape Colony and Britain, 1799-1853
                                                                                        Jorland, Gerard
Body Counts: Medical Quantification in Historical and Sociological Perspective/La quantification medicale, perspectiveshistoriq
Bounty and Benevolence: A History of Saskatchewan Treaties                              Tough, Frank
Boys and Girls Apart: Children's Play in Canada and Poland                              Richer, S.
Boys in the Pits : Child Labour in Coal Mining                                          McIntosh, R.
Brian Moore: A Critical Study                                                           O'Donoghue, J.
Brigh an Òrain - A Story in Every Song: The Songs and Tales of Lauchie MaClellan        MacLellan, Lauchie
Britain, France, and the Financing of the First World War                               Horn, Martin
British Generals in the War of 1812: High Command in the Canadas                        Turner, W.
Builders and Deserters: Students, State, and Community in Leningrad, 1917–1941          Konecny, P.
Building Cities That Work                                                              Fowler, E.
Bullets on the Water: Refugee Stories                                                  Grouev, Ivaylo
Business and Politics: A Study of Collective Action                                    Coleman, W.
By Loving our Own: George Grant and the Legacy of Lament for a Nation                  Emberley, P.C.
C.P. Snow and the Struggle of Modernity                                                De La Mothe, J.
                                                                                       Smith, Allan
Canada – An American Nation? Essys on Continentalism, Identity, and the Canadian Frame of Mind
Canada Among Nations, 1989: The Change of Change                                       Molot, Maureen Appel
Canada Among Nations, 1990-91: After the Cold War                                      Hampson, Fen Osler
Canada Among Nations, 1993-94: Global Jeopardy                                         Hampson, Fen Osler
Canada Among Nations, 1994: A Part of the Peace                                        Molot, Maureen Appel
Canada Among Nations, 1997: Asia Pacific Face-Off                                      Hampson et al
Canada Among Nations, 2004: Setting Priorities Straight                                Carment, David
Canada Among Nations, 2005: Split Images                                               Cooper, Andrew F.
Canada and Immigration: Public Policy and Public Concern, Second Edition               Hawkins, F.
                                                                                       Bryce, Finance
Canada and the Cost of World War II: the International Operations of Canada's Department ofRobert 1939-1947
Canada and the Global Economy: The Geography of Structural and Technological Changeritton, J.
Canada and the Great War: Western Front Association Papers                             Busch, Briton C.
Canada and the Idea of North                                                           Grace, Sherrill E.
Canada and the International Seabed: Domestic Determinants and External ConstraintsRiddell-Dixon, E.
Canada and the Ukrainian Question, 1939-1945                                           Kordan, Bohdan S.
Canada Enters the Nuclear Age: A Technical History of Automic Energy of Canada Limited Hurst, D.G.
Canada in the Global Village                                                           Menzies, H.
                                                                                       Stevenson, Brian J. R.
Canada, Latin America and the New Internationalism : A Foreign Policy Analysis, 1968-1990
Canada: the State of the Federation 2002: Reconsidering the Institutions of Canadian Federalism J. Peter
Canada's Century: Governance in a Maturing Society, Essays in Honour of John Meisel Franks, C.E.S.
Canada's Changing North                                                                Wonders, W.C.
Canada's Cold Environments                                                             French, Hugh M.
Canada's Department of External Affairs, Volume 1: The Early Years, 1909-1946          Hilliker, John
Canada's Department of External Affairs, Volume 2: Coming of Age, 1946–1968            Hilliker, John
Canada's Early Nuclear Policy: Fate, Chance, and Character                             Buckley, B.
Canada's Forests: A History                                                            Drushka, Ken
                                                                                        of School Governance
Canada's Francophone Minority Communities: Constitutional Renewal and the WinningBehiels, M. D.
                                                                                        Human Resources D.
Canada's Greatest Wartime Muddle : National Selective Service and the Mobilization ofStevenson, MichaelDuring World War
Canada's Jews: A Social and Economic Study of Jews Canada in the 1930s                 Rosenberg, Louis
Canada's National System of Innovation                                                 Niosi, J.
Canada's Regional Innovation System: the Science-Based Industries                      Niosi, J.
Canada's Vegetation: A World Perspective                                               Scott, G.
Canadian Banks and Global Competitiveness                                              Darroch, James L.
Canadian Baptists and Christian Higher Education                                       Rawlyk, G.
Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains                                       Traill/Schieder
Canadian Economic Forecasting: In a World Where All's Unsure                           Daub, M.
Canadian Federalist Experiment: From Defiant Monarchy to Reluctant Republic            Vaughan, Frederick
Canadian Health Care and the State: A Century of Evolution                             Naylor, C.
Canadian International Development Assistance Policies: An Appraisal                   Pratt, Cranford
Canadian Marxists and the Search for a Third Way                                       Campbell, P.
Canadian Odyssey: A Reading of Hugh Hood's The New Age/Le nouveau siècle               Keith, W.J.
Canadian Policy toward Khrushchev's Soviet Union                                       Glazov, Jamie
Canadian Social Welfare Policy: Federal and Provincial Dimensions                         Ismael, J.
Cancer Stories: On Life and Suffering                                                     Gregory/Russell
Capital Culture: A Reader on Modernist Legacies, State Institutions, and the Value(s) of Berland, Jody
Capturing Women: The Manipulation of Cultural Imagery in Canada's Prairie West            Carter, S. A.
                                                                                          Neatby, Nicole
Carabins ou activistes?: L'idealisme et la Radicalisation de la Pensée étudiante à l'Université de Montréal au temps du dupless
Career Paths of Nursing Professionals: A Study of Employment Mobility                     Hiscott, R.
                                                                                          Desaulniers, M.
Carlyle and the Economics of Terror: A Study of Revisionary Gothicism in the French Revolution
Catholic Cults and Devotions: A Psychological Inquiry                                     Carroll, M.
Catholic Power in the Netherlands                                                         Bakvis, H.
Censorship in Canadian Literature                                                         Cohen M.
Centring the Periphery: Chaos, Order, and the Ethnohistory of Dominica                    Baker, P.
Challenging Canada : Dialogism and Narrative Techniques in Canadian Novels                Helms, G.
Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income                          Stanford, Jim
Challenging Times:The Women's Movement in Canada and the United States                    Backhouse, Constance
Champions of the Truth: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and the Maritime Baptists              Rawlyk, G.
Champlain: The Birth Of French America                                                    Litalien, Raymonde
Changing Canada: Political Economy as Transformation                                      Clement/Vosko
Changing Face of War: Learning From History                                               English, Allan D.
Changing Ideals in Modern Architecture, 1750–1950                                         Collins, P.
Changing Structures of Inequality: A Comparative Perspective                              Lemel, Yannick
Changing Women, Changing History: A Bibliography of the History of Women in CanadaPederson, D.
Charles Baillairgé: Architect & Engineer                                                  Cameron, C.
Charles Clarke, Pen and Ink Warrior                                                       Dewar, Kenneth C.
Charlevoix: Two Centuries At Murray Bay                                                   Dube, Philippe
Charter Conflicts : What Is Parliament's Role?                                            Hiebert J.L
Charter versus Federalism: The Dilemmas of Constitutional Reform                          Cairns, A.
Charting Northern Waters : Essays for the Centenary of the Canadian Hydrographic Service  Glover, William
                                                                                          Banks, K.
Chasing Empire Across the Sea : Communications and the State in the French Atlantic, 1713-1763
Chaucer and Language : Essays in Honour of Douglas Wurtele                                Myles/Williams
Cheap Wage Labour: Race and Gender in the Fisheries of British Columbia                   Muszynski, A.
Chee Chee: A Study of Aboriginal Suicide                                                  Evans, A.
Chief Justice W.R. Jackett: By the Law of the Land                                        Pound, R.
Children of Peace                                                                         McIntyre, W.
Choosing Canada's Capital: Conflict Resolution in a Parliamentary System                  Knight, D.B.
Chora 1: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture                                      Pérez-Gómez, Alberto
Chora 2: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture                                      Pérez-Gómez, Alberto
Chora 3: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture                                      Pérez-Gómez, Alberto
Chora 4: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture                                      Pérez-Gómez, Alberto
Christian Attitudes towards the State of Israel                                           Merkley P.C.
Christian Ethics and Political Economy in North America: A Critical Analysis              Kroeker, P.
Christian Plain Style: The Evolution of a Spiritual Ideal                                 Auski, P.
Christians in a Secular World: The Canadian Experience                                    Bowen, Kurt
                                                                                          Fraser, B.
Church, College, and Clergy: A History of Theological Education at Knox College, Toronto, 1844–1994
Citizenship, Diversity, and Pluralism: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives              Cairns, Alan C.
Civil War Years: Canada and the United States                                             Winks, Robin W.
Civil Wars in Africa: Roots and Resolution                                                Ali, Taiser M.
Class, Ethnicity, and Social Inequality                                                   Mcall, C.
                                                                                        Dowler, Wayne
Classroom and Empire : The Politics of Schooling Russia's Eastern Nationalities, 1860-1917
Claude Buffier and Thomas Reid: Two Common-Sense Philosophers                           Marcil-Lacoste, L.
Claude Jutra: Filmmaker                                                                 Leach, J.
Close Ties: Railways, Covernment, and the Board of Railway Comissioners, 1851-1933 Cruikshank, K.
                                                                                        Cook, J.
Coalescence of Styles: The Ethnic Heritage of St John River Valley Regional Furniture,1763-1851L.
Cold Comfort: My Love Affair with the Arctic                                            Rowley, G.
Coleridge and the Inspired Word                                                         Harding, A.J.
Collective Bargaining and the Public Interest: A Welfare Economics Assessment           Winch, D.
                                                                                        Belshaw, John Working
Colonization and Community: The Vancouver Island Coalfield and the Making of the British ColumbianDouglas Class
Columbia Journals: David Thompson                                                       Thompson, David
Comings and Goings : University Students in Canadian Society, 1854-1973                 Levi, C.M.
Commissioned Ridings: Designing Canada's Electoral Districts                            Courtney, John C.
                                                                                        Moran, James E.
Committed to the State Asylum: Insantity and Society in Nineteenth-Century Quebec and Ontario
Communion and Liberation: A Movement in the Church                                      Rondoni, Davide
Community Besieged: The Anglophone Minority and the Politics of Quebec                  Stevenson, G.
Concrete: The Vision of a New Architecture                                              Collins, Peter
Confrontation at Winnipeg: Labour, Industrial Relations, and the general Strike         Bercuson, D.
Conor: A Biography of Conor Cruise O'Brien, Volume I                                    Akenson, D.H.
Conor: A Biography of Conor Cruise O'Brien, Volume II                                   Akenson, D.H.
                                                                                        Lovell, G.
Conquest and Survival in Colonial Guatemala: A Historical Geography Of the Cuchumatán Highlands, 1500-1821
Consent, Coercion, and Limit: the Medieval Origins of Parliamentary Democracy           Monahan, A.
Constitutional Origins, Structure, and Change in Federal Countries                      Kincaid, John
Constitutional Predicament: Canada after the Referendum of 1992                         Cook, C.
Constructing Colonial Discourse: Captain Cook at Nootka Sound                           Currie N. E.
Contemplation and Incarnation : The Theology of Marie-Dominique Chenu                   Potworowski C.F.
                                                                                        Sandwell, R.W.
Contesting Rural Space: Land Policy and the Practices of Resettlement on Saltspring Island 1859-1891
Continentalizing Canadian Telecommunications: The Politics of Regulatory Reform         Rideout, Vanda
Controversy and Complexity: Canadian Immigration Policy during the 1980s                Dirks, G.
Convergence or Divergence?: Comparing Recent Social Trends in Industrial Societies Langlois et al
                                                                                        Stevens, D.
Corporate Autonomy and Institutional Control:The Crown Corporation as a Problem in Organization design
Corpus and the Cortex : The 3-D Mind                                                    Chevalier, J.M.
                                                                                        Halseth, G.
Cottage Country in Transition: A Social Geography of Change and Contention in the Rural-Recreational Countryside
Count Not the Dead: The Popular Image of the German Submarine                           Hadley, M.
Counterweights: The Failure of Canada's German and European Policy, 1955–1995           Rempel, R.
Courtship, Love, and Marriage in Nineteenth-Century English Canada                      Ward, P.
Cowboys, Gentlemen and Cattle Thieves: Ranching on the Western Frontier                 Elofson, W.M.
Crafting Identity: the Development of Professional Fine Craft in Canada                 Alfoldy, Sandra
Cream of the Crop: Canadian Aircrew 1939-1945                                           English, Allan D.
Creating Carleton                                                                       Neatby, Blair
Creating Societies: Immigrant Lives in Canada                                           Hoerder, D.
Creating the Welfare State in France, 1880–1940                                         Smith, Timothy B.
Credo                                                                                   Starnino, Carmine
Cree Narrative : Expressing the Personal Meaning of Events                              Preston, Richard J.
Creed and Culture: The Place of English-Speaking Catholics in Canadian Society, 1750–1930
Crimes, Constables, and Courts: Order and Transgression in a Canadian City, 1816-1970Weaver, J.
Crisis and War                                                                          James, P.
Critical Humanism and the Politics of Difference                                        Noonan, Jeff
                                                                                        Schmidt, R.
Critical Images: The Canonization of Don Quixote through Illustrated Editions of the Eighteenth Century
Critical Political Studies: Debates and Dialogues from the Left                         Bakan, Abagail B.
Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared                            Hawkins, F.
                                                                                        Little, J.
Crofters and Habitants: Settler Society, Economy, and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881
Cryptomimesis: The Gothic and Jacques Derrida's Ghost Writing                           Castricano, Jodey
Culture, Identity, Commodity: Diasporic Chinese Literatures in English                  Khoo, Teseen
                                                                                        McQuillan, K.
Culture, Religion, and Demographic Behaviour: Catholics and Lutherans in Alsace, 1750-1870
Cultures of Citizenship in Post-war Canada, 1940 - 1955                                 Christie/Gauvreau
Current Perspectives on Nutrition and Health                                            Carroll, K.
Cyber-Diplomacy: Managing Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century                    Potter, Evan H.
Cystic Fibrosis and You: A Guide for Adolescents, 2nd Edition                           Korneluk et al
D. H. Lawrence and Survival : Darwinism in the Fiction of the Transitional Period       Granofsky, R.
                                                                                        Podnieks, E.
Daily Modernism: The Literary Diaries of Virginia Woolf, Antonia White, Elizabeth Smart, and Anaïs Nin
Damned Women: Lesbians in the French Novel                                              Waelti-Walters, Jennifer
De Witt Clinton and the Rise of the People's Men                                        Hanyan, Craig
Dead Boys Can't Dance : Sexual Orientation, Masculinity, and Suicide                    Dorais, Michel
Death Talk : The Case Against Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide                 Somerville, Margaret A.
Deep Futures: Our Prospects for Survival                                                Cocks, Doug
Deep Waters: The Ottawa River and Canada's Nuclear Adventure                            Krenz, K.
Deformed Discourse: the Function of the Monster in Mediaeval Thought and LiteratureWilliams, D.
Degrees of Freedom: Canada and the United States in a Changing World                    Banting et al
Delayed Impact : The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community                        Bialystok, F.
Democracy in Kingston: A Social Movement in Urban Politics 1965-1970                    Harris, R.
                                                                                         Mélanges En L'Honneur de Khayyam
Democracy with Justice: Essays in Honour of Khayyam Zev Paltiel / La juste démocratie:Gagnon, Alain-G.
Democratic Legitimacy: Plural Values and Political Power                                Barnard, Frederick M.
Demography, State and Society: Irish Migration to Britain, 1921-1971                    Delaney, Enda
Depression and the Social Environment: Reasearch and Intervention with Neglected Populations
Depth Psychology, Interpretation and the Bible : An Ontological Essay on Freud          Polka, Brayton
Des pouvoirs et des hommes: l'administration Municipale de Montréal, 1900-1950          Dagenais, M.
Descartes and the Enlightenment                                                         Schouls, P.
Determining Boundaries in a Conflicted World : The Role of Uti Possidetis               Lalonde, S.N.
Development of Elites in Acadian New Brunswick, 1861-1881                               Andrew, S.
Dialectic of Love: Platonism in Schiller's Aesthetics                                   Pugh, D.
Dialogues on Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries           Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on Legislative, Executive and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries        Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on the Practice of Fiscal Federalism: Comparative Perspectives                Blindenbacher, Raoul
                                                                                        Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues sur les origines, structures et changements constitutionnels dans les pays fédéraux
Diary of a European Tour, 1900                                                          Addison, Margaret
Diet, Nutrition, and Health                                                             Carroll, K.
Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture, and Marketing                     Kline et al
Dilemmas of Trust                                                                       Govier, T.
Distant Relation: Time and Identity in Spanish American Fiction                         Thomson, Eoin Scott
                                                                                        Gafni, Eli
Distributed Algorithms on Graphs: Proceedings of the 1st International workship on Distributed Algorithms Ottawa, Canada,
Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries                        Majeed, Akhtar
Divorcing Marriage: Unveiling the Dangers in Canada's New Social Experiment             Cere, Daniel
Dmitri Shostakovich, Pianist                                                            Moshevich, S.
Do Conventions Matter? Choosing National Party Leaders in Canada                        Courtney, J.
Do Think Tanks Matter? Assessing the Impact of Public Policy Institutes                Abelson, Donald E.
Do We Care?: Renewing Canada's Commitment to Health                                    Somerville, M.
Documentary Television in Canada: From National Public Service to Global MarketplaceHogarth, David
Documents of Protest and Compassion: The Poetry of Walter Bauer                        Arend, A.
Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home                                               Porteous, Douglas
Don't Tell : The Sexual Abuse of Boys                                                  Dorais, Michel
Drama and Intelligence: A Cognitive Theory                                             Courtney, R.
Dread Talk: the Language of Rastafari                                                  Pollard, V.
Drink in Canada: Historical Essays                                                     Warsh, C.
Drum Songs: Glimpses of Dene History                                                   Abel, K.
Dystopian Fiction East and West: Universe of Terror and Trial                          Gottlieb, Erika
Early Canadian Gardening: An 1827 Nursery Catalogue                                    Woodhead, E.
Economic Intelligence and National Security                                            Potter, E.H.
Economic Theory, Welfare and the State: Essays in Honour of John C. Weldon             Asimakopulos, Athanasios
Economics, Enlightenment, and Canadian Nationalism                                     Wright, R.W.
Edgar Allan Poe: Rhetoric and Style                                                    Zimmerman, Brett
Education in New France                                                                Magnuson, R.
Education of a Canadian: My Life as a Scholar and Activist                             Skilling, H. G.
Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay                                           Houston, C. Stuart
Ellen Smallboy: Glimpses of a Cree Woman's Life                                        Flannery, R.
Embattled Shadows: A History of Canadian Cinema 1895-1939                              Morris, P.
                                                                                       Ferland, Guylaine
Emotional and Interpersonal Dimensions of Health Services: Enriching the Art of Care with the Science of Care
Enabling Engagements: Edmund Spenser and the Poetics of Patronage                      Owens, Judith
Enemy Aliens, Prisoners of War: Internment in Canada During the Great War              Kordan, B.S.
                                                                                       Dalton, S.
Engendering the Republic of Letters : Reconnecting Public and Private Spheres in Eighteenth-Century Europe
English Immigrant Voices                                                               Cameron, Wendy
Enlightenment and Community: Lessing, Abbt, Herder, and the Quest for a German Public  Redekop, Benjamin W.
Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Development : Exploring the Link               Diochon, Monica C.
Equity and Efficiency in Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Benjamin Higgins Savoie, Donald J.
Era of Emancipation: British Government of Ireland, 1812-1830                          Jenkins, B.
Escott Reid                                                                            Donaghy, Greg
Essayes in Divinity                                                                    Donne, John
Essays for Richard Ellmann: Omnium Gatherum                                            Dick et al
Essays on the Early History of Plant Pathology and Mycology in Canada                  Estey, R.
                                                                                       MacFadyen, D.
Estrada?! : Grand Narratives and the Philosophy of the Russian Popular Song since Perestroika
Ethical Canary: Science, Society and the Human Spirit                                  Somerville, M.
Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur'an                                                Izutsu T.
Ethnic Relations in Canada: Institutional Dynamics                                     Breton Raymond
Ethnicity in the Mainstream: Three Studies of English Canadian Culture in Ontario      Greenhill, P.
Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory                                 Turner, Lucien M.
Euripides' Use of Psychological Terminology                                            Sullivan, S.D.
                                                                                       Great Depression
Evangelical Century: Collage and Creed in English Canada from the Great Revival to the Gauvreau, M.
                                                                                       Reimer, the
Evangelicals and the Continental Divide: The Conservative Protestant Subculture in Canada and SamUnited States
Evangelism and Apostasy: The Evolution and Impact of Evangelicals in Modern Mexico Bowen, K.
Ex Uno Plures: Federal -Provincial Relations Canada ,1867-1896                         Stevenson, Garth
                                                                                       Gwyn, J.
Excessive Expectations: Maritime Commerce and the Economic Development of Nova Scotia, 1740–1870
Exiles and Islanders : The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island                      O'Grady, B.
Fabriqué au Canada: Métiers d'art et design dans les années soixante                   Elder, Alan
Faces in the Forest: First Nations Art Created on Living Trees                         Blackstock M.D.
Facts of Life: The Social Construction of Vital Statistics, Ontario 1869-1952          Emery, George
Faithful Intellect Samuel S. Nelles and Victoria University                            Semple, Neil
Faking Death: Canadian Art Photography and the Canadian Imagination                    Cousineau-Levine, P.
Fall and Rise of the Market in Sandinista Nicaragua                                    Ryan, P.
Families in Transition: Industry and Population in Nineteeth-Century Saint-Hyacinthe Gossage, P.
                                                                                       Noël, F.
Family Life and Sociability in Upper and Lower Canada, 1780–1870: A View from and Family Correspondence
Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland                                             Seary, E.
Far Eastern Tour : The Canadian Infantry in Korea 1950-1953                            Watson, B.B.
Far in the Waste Sudan: On Assignment in Africa                                        Coghlan Nicholas
                                                                                       Goldie, T.
Fear and Temptation: The Image of the Indigene in Canadian,Australian, and New Zealand Literatures
Fear's Folly: (Les demi-civilisés)                                                     Harvey/Glassco
                                                                                       Blindenbacher, Raoul
Federalism in a Changing World: Learning from Each Other: Scientific Background, Proceedings and Plenary Speeches of the In
Federalism, Bureaucracy, and Public Policy: The Politics of Highway Transport Regulationchultz, R.J.
Federal-Provincial Collaboration: The Canada-New Brunswick General Development Agreement
Feminist Politics on the Farm: Rural Catholic Women in Southern Quebec and Southwestern France
                                                                                       Tancred-Sheriff, P.
Feminist Research Prospect and Retrospect/Recherche Féministe Bilan et Perspectives D'avenir
Ferranti-Packard: Pioneers in Canadian Electrical Manufacturing                        Ball, Norman R.
Figuring Grief: Gallant, Munro, and the Poetics of Elegy                               Smythe, K.
First Nations? Second Thoughts                                                         Flanagan, T.
Flexible Design: Revisionary Poetics in Blake's Vala or The Four Zoas                  Pierce, J.
Flexible Innovation: Technological Alliances in Canadian Industry                      Niosi, Jorge
                                                                                       of the Dependent Aged in Late Ninete
Foisted upon the Government? State Responsibilities, Family Obligations, and the Care Montigny, E.
Fontanka 16: the Tsars' Secret Police                                                  Ruud/Stepanov
For an Amerindian Autohistory: An Essay on the Foundations of a Social Ethic           Sioui, G.
                                                                                       Miedema Gary
For Canada's Sake: Public Religion, Centennial Celebrations, and the Re-making of Canada in the 1960s
For Patients of Moderate Means : A Social History of the Voluntary Public General Hospital in Canada, 1890-1950
For the Love of the Game: Amateur Sport in Small-Town Ontario,1838–1895                Bouchier, N.B.
For the People: A History of St Francis Xavier University                              Cameron, J.
Forkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858                                 Madden, Kyla
Form and Transformation: A Study in the Philosophy of Plotinus                         Schroeder, F.
Four Contemporary Novelists                                                            McSweeney, K.
Four Quarters of the Night: The Life-Journey of an Emigrant Sikh                       Bains, Tara Singh
Fragile Social Fabric?: Fairness, Trust, and Commitment in Canada                      Breton, Raymond
Framing Our Past: Canadian Women's History in the Twentieth Century                    Cook, Sharon Ann
Frank Manning Covert                                                                   Cahill, Barry
Franklin's Passage                                                                     Solway, David
Franz Rosenzweig and Jehuda Halevi: Translating, Translations, and Translators         Galli, Barbara Ellen
Free Trade: Risks and Rewards                                                          MacDonald, L. Ian
From Barrow to Boothia: The Arctic Journal of Chief Factor Peter Warren Dease 1836-1839 W.
From Bourassa to Bourassa: Wilderness to Restoration                                   MacDonald, L. Ian
From Liberal to Labour With Women's Suffrage: The Story of Catherine Marshall          Vellacott, J.
From Lowbrow to Nobrow                                                                 Swirski, Peter
From Migrant to Acadian : A North American Border People, 1604-1755                    Griffiths, N.E.S.
                                                                                       Ommer, R.
From Outpost to Outport: A Structural Analysis of the Jersey-Gaspé Cod Foshery, 1767-1886
From Peacekeeping to Peacemaking : Canada's Response to the Yugoslav Crisis            Gammer, Nicholas
                                                                                        Monahan, 1300-1600
From Personal Duties Towards Personal Rights: Late Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought,A.
From Politics to Profit: The Commercialization of Canadian Daily Newspapers,1890–1920   Sotiron, Minko
From Power Sharing to Democracy: Post-Conflict Institutions in Ethnically Divided Societies Sid
From Rogue to Everyman : A Foundling's Journey to the Bastille                          Bongie, Laurence L.
                                                                                        Mitchell, M.
From Talking Chiefs to a Native Corporate Élite: The Birth of Class and Nationalism among Canadian inuit
From Wooden Ploughs to Welfare: Why Indian Policy Failed in the Prairie Provinces       Buckley, H.
                                                                                        Elofson, Warren M.
Frontier Cattle Ranching in the Land and Times of Charlie Russell: A re-examination of the free-range cattle ranching era in M
Full of Hope and Promise: The Canadas in 1841                                           Ross, Eric
Full-Orbed Christianity: The Protestant Churches and Social Welfare in Canada 1900-1940 Christie, Nancy
Gael Force: A Century of Football at Queen's                                            Daub, M.
Game Planners: Transforming Canada,s Sport System                                       Macintosh, Donald
Gender and Land Reform: the Zimbabwe Experience                                         Goebel, Alison
General Consent in Jane Austen: A Study of Dialogism                                    Seeber, K.
Generative Thought: An Introduction to the Works of Luigi Giussani                      Buzzi, Elisa
Gentle Eminence: A Life of Cardinal Flahiff                                             Platt, P. W.
George Costakis: A Russain Life in Art                                                  Roberts, P.
George-Etienne Cartier: Montreal Bourgeois                                              Young, B.
Germany as Model and Monster                                                            Argyle, Gisela
Getting Down to Business: A History of Business Education at Queen's 1889–1999          Daub, Mervin
Getting it Done: A Memoir                                                               Burney, Derek
Getting It Right: Regional Development in Canada                                        McGee, R.
Getting on Track: Social Democratic Strategies for Ontario                              Drache, D.
                                                                                        Blum, Rony
Ghost Brothers: Adoption of a French Tribe by Bereaved Native America: A transdisciplinary Longitudinal multilevel integrate
Giving Canada a Literary History: A Memoir by Carl F. Klinck                            Djwa, S.
God's Assassins: State Terrorism in Argentina in the 1970s                              Marchak, M. Patricia
Good Citizens: British Missionaries and Imperial States, 1870–1918                      Greenlee, James G.
Governance in a Changing Environment                                                    Peters, B. Guy
Governance in the Twenty-first Century: Revitalizing the Public Service                 Peters, Guy
Governing Charities: Church and State in Toronto's Catholic Archdiocese, 1850-1950 Maurutto, P.
                                                                                        Holroyd C.L.
Government, International Trade, and Laissez-Faire Capitalism: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand's Relations with Japan
Graham Greene's Thrillers and the 1930s                                                 Diemert, B.
                                                                                        Kuffert, L.B.
Great Duty : Canadian Responses to Modern Life and Mass Culture in Canada, 1939-1967Modern Life and Mass Culture, 1939
Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-1900                           Weaver, J.C.
Great Peace of Montreal of 1701 : French-Native Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century    Havard/Aronoff
Greater Game: India's Race with Destiny and China                                       Van Praagh, David
Greek Scepticism: Anti-Realist Trends in Ancient Thought                                Groarke, L.
Grillparzer's Libussa: The Tragedy of Separation                                        Reeve, William C.
Gross National Product, Canada, 1870–1926: The Derivation of the Estimates              Urquhart, M.
Grounded in Eire: The Story of Two Raf Fliers Interned in Ireland during World War II Keefer R.
Growing a Race: Nellie L.McClung and the Fiction of Eugenic Feminism                    Devereux Cecily
Guide des pays fédéraux, 2005                                                           Griffiths, Anne L.
Guide des pays fédérés, 2002: Forum des Fédérations                                     Griffiths, Ann L.
Habitants and Merchants in Seventeenth-Century Montreal                                 Dechéne, L.
Half-Brain Fables and Figs in Paradise : The 3-D Mind                                   Chevalier, J.M.
Handbook of Federal Countries, 2005                                                     Griffiths, Anne L.
Hanna's Diary, 1938-1941: Czechoslovakia to Canada                                      Spencer, Hanna
Harold Innis in the New Century: Reflections and Refractions                            Acland, Charles R.
Harpoon of the Hunter                                                                  Markoosie
Harriet Brooks: Pioneer Nuclear Nuclear Scientist                                      Rayner-Canham, Marelene F.
Harvest of Souls: The Jesuit Missions and Colonialism in North America, 1632-1650      Blackburn, C.
Healing through Art                                                                    Ferrara, Nadia
Heavens are Changing : Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missions and Tsimshian Christianity S.
Henri Bergson and British Modernism                                                    Gillies, Mary A.
Henry Goulburn, 1784-1856: A Political Biography                                       Jenkins, B.
Her Festival Clothes                                                                   Jones, Mavis
Herder on Nationality, Humanity, and History                                           Barnard, F.M.
Herman Melville: Starqazer                                                             Zimmerman, B.
Historical Essays on British Columbia                                                  Friesen/Ralston
Historical Essays on Upper Canada: New Perspectives                                    Johnson, J.K.
History for the Future                                                                 Létourneau, J.
History of Emily Montague                                                              Brooke, Frances
History of Histories of German Literature, 1835–1914                                   Batts, M.
History of Stikeman Elliott                                                            Pound, Richard W.
                                                                                       Williams, Gomer
History of the Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque with an Account of the Liverpool Slave Trade, 1744-1812
Holocaust, Israel, and Canadian Protestant Churches                                    Genizi, Haim
Home Medicine: The Newfoundland Experience                                             Crellin, J.
Honest Sins: Georgian Libertinism and the Plays and Novels of Henry Fielding           Potter, T.
Hot Money and the Politics of Debt                                                     Naylor, R.T.
House, Home and Community: Progress in Housing Canadians, 1945-1986                    Miron, J.
Households of Faith : Family, Gender and Community in Canada, 1760-1969                Christie, N.
Housing in Postwar Canada: Demographic Change Household Formation and Housing Demand J.Miron,
Housing the North American City                                                        Doucet, Michael
How Much Price Competition: The Prerequisites of an Effective Canadian Competition Policy M.
How Ottawa Spends, 2004-2005: Mandate Change and Continuity in the Paul Martin Era oern, G. Bruce
How Ottawa Spends, 2005-2006: Managing the Minority                                    Doern, G.Bruce
Hugh MacDiarmid: The Poetry of Self                                                    Baglow, J.
Human Rights and Social Technology: The New War on Discrimination                      Knopf, R.
Human Security and the New Diplomacy: Protecting People, Promoting Peace               McRae, Robert Grant
Humanism Betrayed: Theory, Ideology, and Culture in the Contemporary University        Good, Graham
Hungochani : The History of a Dissident Sexuality in Southern Africa                   Epprecht, Marc
Hurt Thyself                                                                           Steinmetz, Andrew
Ideology and Class Conflict in Jamaica: The Politics of Rebellion                      Bakan, A.
Ill-Made Alliance: Anglo-Turkish Relation 1939-1940                                    Millman, Brock
Images of Goethe through Schiller's Egmont                                             John, D.
Imaginative Structure of the City                                                      Blum, A.
Imagined Nations : Reflections on Media in Canadian Fiction                            Williams, D.
Imagining Culture: New World Narrative and the Writing of Canada                       Turner, M.
Imagining Nature: Blake's Environmental Poetics                                        Hutchings, Kevin
Immigrants and the Labour Force: Policy, Regulation, and Impact                        Pendakur, Ravi
In Armageddon's Shadow: The Civil War and Canada's Maritime Provinces                  Marquis, Greg
In Between Countries: Australia, Canada and the Search for Order in Agricultural Trade Cooper, A.
                                                                                       Wuttunee, W.
In Business for Ourselves: Northern Entrepreneurs: Fifteen Case Studies of Successful Small Northern Businesses
In Defence of Open-Mindedness                                                          Hare, W.
In Defence of Religious Schools and Colleges                                           Thiessen, Elmer John
In Good Hands: The Women of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild                                McLeod, E.
In His Name: The Anglican Experience in Upper Canada, 1791-1854                           Fahey, C.
In Its Corporate Capacity: The Seminary of Montreal as a Business Institution,1816-1876   Young, B.
In Pursuit of the Public Good: Essays in Honour of Allan J. MacEachen                     Kent, T.
In Search of Cinema : Writings on International Film Art                                  Cardullo, Bert
In Search of Elegance Towards an Architecture of Satisfaction                             Lincourt, M.
In Search of Paradise: The Odyssey of an Italian Family                                   Gabori, S.
In Subordination: Professional Women 1870-1970                                            Kinnear, M.
In the Chamber of Risks: Understanding Risk Controversies                                 Leiss, William
In War and Famine: Missionaries in China's Honan Province in the 1940s                    Christensen, Erleen
In Whose Interest?: Quebec's Caisses Populaires 1900-1945                                 Rudin, R.
                                                                                          Beylerian, Onnig
Inauspicious Beginnings: Prinicipal Power and International Security Insstitutions after the Cold War 1989–1999
Inauthentic Culture and Its Philosophical Critics                                         Newman, J.
Incorporating the Familiar: An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities in Nunavik          Drummond, Susan G.
Infected Christianity: A Study of Modern Racism                                           Davies, A.
Infinity, Faith, and Time: Christian Humanism and Renaissance Literature                  Hill, J.
Informal Logic: Issues and Techniques                                                     Grennan, W.
Ingmar Bergman: Magician and Prophet                                                      Gervais, M.
Innovation Systems in a Global Context: The North American Experience                     Anderson, Robert
Inside Ethnic Families: Three Generations of Portuguese-Canadians                         Noivo, E.
Insights, Discoveries, Surprises                                                          Caiserman-Roth, Ghitta
Institutions of Isolation: Border Controls in the Soviet Union and Its Successor States, 1917–1993 A.
                                                                                          Schuetze, Hans and
Integrating School and Workplace Learning in Canada: Principles and Practices of Alternation EducationG. Training
Interactive Realism: The Poetics of Cyberspace                                            Downes, Daniel
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Canadian Society: A Guide to the Literature               Artibise, A.
Interests of State: The Politics of Language, Multiculturalism, and Feminism in canada Pal, L.
Intimate Citizenship: Private Decisions and Public Dialogues                              Plummer, Ken
Into the House of Old: A History of Residential Care in British Columbia                  Davies, Megan J.
Intolerance: A General Survay                                                             Noël, Lise
Inventing Secondary Education: The Rise of the High School in Nineteenth-Century Ontario  Gidney, R.D.
                                                                                          Grace, Sherrill
Inventing Tom Thomson: From Biographical Fictions to Fictional Autobiographies and Reproductions
Invisible Empire                                                                          Rens, Jean-Guy
                                                                                          Kendle, J.
Ireland and the Federal Solution: The Debate Over the United Kingdom Constitution, 1870-1921
Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality                                                       Nasby, J.
Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach                                             Elliott, B.S.
Iron and Blood: Civil Wars in Sixteenth-Century France                                    Heller, H.
Irving Layton and Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence,1953–1978                   Faas, Ekbert
Is Jesus Your Personal Saviour?: In Search of Canadian Evangelicalism in the 1990s        Rawlyk, G.
Is Quebec Nationalism Just?: Perspectives from Anglophone Canada                          Carens, J.
Isak Dinesen and Narrativity: Reassessments for the 1990s                                 Woods, G.A.
Ishtar Gate: Last and Selected Poems                                                      Brebner, Diana
Islam and Bosnia: Conflict Resolution and Foreign Policy in Multi-Ethnic States           Shatzmiller Maya
Island Doctor: John Mackieson and Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Prince Edward Island     Shephard, David A. E.
Isotopes and Innovation: MDS Nordion's First Fifty Years,1946-1996                        Litt, P.
Istvan Anhalt : Pathways and Memory                                                       Elliott, Robin
Italians in Toronto: Development of a National Identity,1875-1935                         Zucchi, J.
It's a Working Man's Town: Male Working -Class Culture in Northwestern Ontario            Dunk, Thomas W.
J.B. Collip and the Development of Medical Research in Canada                         Li. A.
Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity                                          Hinde, J. R.
James McGill of Montreal                                                              Frost, S.
James's Will-To-Believe Doctrine: A Heretical View                                    Wernham, J.
Jena Romanticism and Its Appropriation of Jakob Böhme: Theosophy, Hagioraphy Literature P.
Jessie Luther at the Grenfell Mission                                                 Luther, Jessie
Jewish Presences in English Literature                                                Cohen, Derek
Johan Schrøder's Travels in Canada, 1863                                              Overland, O
John Case and Aristotelianism in Renaissance England                                  Schmitt, C.
John Clare and the Bounds of Circumstance                                             Clare, J.
John Toland: His Methods, Manners, and Mind                                           Daniel, S.H.
John William Dawson: Faith, Hope, and Science                                         Sheets-Pyenson, S.
Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque                                                        MacFadyen, D.
Joseph Brodsky and the Soviet Muse                                                    MacFadyen, D.
Joseph de Maistre's Life, Thought, and Influence: Selected Studies                    Lebrun, R.A.
Joseph Howe, Conservative Reformer 1804–1848                                          Beck, J.
Joseph Howe: The Briton Becomes Canadian 1848–1873                                    Beck, J.
Journey to Vaja: Reconstructing the World of a Hungarian-Jewish Family                Naves, E.
Journeys of Fear: Refugee Return and National Transformation in Guatemala             North, Liisa L.
Judging Obscenity: A Critical History of Expert Evidence                              Nowlin, Christopher
Judicial Power and Canadian Democracy                                                 Howe/Russell
Justice for Natives: Searching for Common Ground                                      Morrison, A.
Justice in Paradise                                                                   Clark, Bruce
Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics                                                  Baum, G.
Keeping Heads Above Water: Salvadorean Refugees in Costa Rica                         Basok, T.
Keeping the Dream Alive: The Survival of the Ontario CCF/NDP, 1950-1963               Azoulay, D.
Keeping to the Marketplace: The Evolution of Canadian Housing Policy                  Bacher, J.
Kierkegaard as Humanist: Discovering My Self                                          Come, A.
Kierkegaard's Living-Room: The Relation between Faith and History in Philosophical Fragments D.E.
King Edward II: His Life, His Reign, and Its Aftermath,1284–1330                      Haines, R.M.
Kit's Kingdom:The Journalism of Kathleen Blake Coleman                                Freeman, B.M.
Kleist on Stage, 1804–1987                                                            Reeve, William C.
Kleist's Aristocratic Heritage and Das Käthchen von Heilbronn                         Reeve, William C.
Knowledge Matters: Essays in Honour of Bernard J. Shapiro                             Axelrod, Paul
La Famille McCord: Une vision passionnée/The McCord Family: A passionate vision       Miller et al
La Frénésie des fusions: une attaque à la démocratie locale                           Sancton, A.
La Prairie en Nouvelle-France, 1647-1760: Étude d'histoire sociale                    Lavallée, L.
Labeling People : French Scholars on Society, Race and Empire, 1815-1848              Staum, Martin S.
Labour in the Laboratory: Medical Laboratory Workers in the Maritimes, 1900-1950 Twohig, Peter
Labour, Love, and Prayer: Female Piety in Ulster Religious Literature, 1850-1914      Brozyna, A.
Labour's Apprentices: Working-Class Lads in Late Victorian and Edwardian England      Childs, M.
                                                                                       of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893
Labrador Odyssey : The Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second VoyageRompkey, R.
L'Acadie de 1686 a 1784: Contexte d'une histoire                                      Griffiths N.
Land of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon                                      Coates, Ken
Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada                            Clarke, John
Land, Settlement, and Politics on Eighteenth-Century Prince Edward Island             Bumsted, J.
                                                                                      Gaffield, C.
Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict: The Origins of the French-Language Controversy in Ontario
Law, Policy, and International Justice: Essays in Honour of Maxwell Cohen                  Kaplan, William
                                                                                           Worton, au canada,
Le Bureau fédéral de la statistique: Les Origines et l'évolution du bureau central de la statistique David A. 1841-1972
Le Carré's Landscape                                                                       Hoffman T.
Le Pari de la Franchise: Discours et écrits sur l'unité canadienne                         Dion, S.
Le Privilege Parliamentaire au Canada                                                      Maingot, J.
Leadership and Responsibility in the Second World War                                      Vogel, Robert
Learning to Look: A Visual Response to Mavis Gallant's Fiction                             Clement, Leslie
Leo : A Life                                                                               Kolber, Leo
Leonard and Reva Brooks: Artists in Exile in San Miguel de Allende                         Virtue J.
Les récoltes des forêts publiques au Québec et en Ontario, 1840-1900                       Gaudreau, G.
Letters to a Québécois Friend                                                              Resnick, Philip
Letting the People Decide: Dynamics of a Canadian Election                                 Johnston et al
Leviathan Transformed: Seven National States in the New Century                            Caplow, Theodore
Liberal Education and the Small University in Canada                                       Storm, Christine
Lieutenant Owen William Steele of the Newfoundland Regiment                                Facey-Crowther, D.R.
Life and Death under Stalin: Kalinin Province, 1945–1953                                   Boterbloem, K.
Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Vol 1                                             Skelton, O.D.
Life and Religion at Louisbourg, 1713-1758                                                 Johnston, A.
Life through a Lens: Memoirs of a Cinematographer                                          Borradaile, Osmond
Lifelines: Marian Engel's Writings                                                         Verduyn, C.
Like Our Mountains: A History of Armenians in Canada                                       Kaprielian-Churchill, Isabel
Limiting Rights: The Dilemma of Judicial Review                                            Hiebert, J.
Listening In: The First Decade of Canadian Broadcasting,1922-1932                          Vipond, M.
Listening to Old Woman Speak: Natives and alterNatives in Canadian Literature              Groening, Laura Smyth
Literary Sisterhoods: Imagining Women Artists                                              Heller, Deborah
Literature and Ethics                                                                      Wihl, Gary
Lives and Landscapes: A Photographic Memoir of Outport Newfoundland and Labrador,Harp, E.   1949–1963
Living and Learning in the Free School                                                     Novak, M.
Living Prism: Itineraries in Comparative Literature                                        Kushner, Eva
Living Rhythms: Lessons in Aboriginal Economic Resilience and Vision                       Wuttunee, Wanda
Local Hospitals in Ancien Régime France: Rationalization, Resistance, Renewal, 1530-1789   Hickey, D.
Logging the Globe                                                                          Marchak, M.P.
Long Eclipse                                                                               Gidney, Catherine
Lord for the Body: Religion, Medicine, and Protestant Faith Healing in Canada, 1880-1930 James
Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy                        Carter, S. A.
Louis XV's Navy, 1748–1762: A Study of Organization and Administration                     Pritchard, J.
Lying about the Wolf: Essays in Culture and Education                                      Solway, David
Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication                          Powell, Douglas
Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: the Perils of Poor Risk communication                          Leiss, William
Made in Canada: Craft and Design in the Sixties                                            Elder, Alan C.
Making a Middle Class: Student Life in English Canada During the Thirties                  Axelrod, Paul
Making Fast Food: From the Frying Pan into the Fryer                                       Reiter, Ester
Making Knowledge Count: Advocacy and Social Science                                        Harries-Jones, P.
Making Ontario: Agricultural Colonization and landscape Re-Creation Before the Railway ood, J. D.
Making Public Pasts : The Contested Terrain of Montreal's Public Memories, 1891-1930Gordon A.
Making Public Transport Work                                                               Bunting, P.M.
Malaysian Development: A Retrospective                                                     Rudner, M.
Malcolm MacDonald: Bringing an End to Empire                                            Sanger, C.
Management of the Mentally Disordered Offender in Prisons                               Conacher, G.
Manitoba's French-Language Crisis: A Cautionary Tale                                    Hébert, Raymond M.
Mapping Our Selves: Canadian Women's Autobiography in English                           Buss, H.
Mapping the Margins: The Family and Social Discipline in Canada, 1700-1975              Christie, Nancy
Maps of Difference: Canada, Women, and Travel                                           Roy, Wendy
Margaret Addison: A Biography                                                           O'Grady J.
Margaret Macdonald: Imperial Daughter                                                   Mann Susan
Margaret McWilliams: An Interwar Feminist                                               Kinnear, M.
Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal, 1640-1665                                            Simpson, P.
Marguerite Bourgeoys and the Congregation of Notre Dame, 1665-1700                      Simpson Patricia
Maritime Capital: The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada 1820-1914                    Sager, Eric W.
                                                                                        Brown, Douglas
Market Rules: Economic Union Reform and Intergovernmental Policy-Making in Australia and Canada
                                                                                        Stayer, J.
Martin Luther, German Saviour: Garman Evangelical Theological Factions and the Interpretation of Luther, 1917–1933
Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity : A Sourcebook on Ancient Pyrotechnology          Rehder, J.E.
Maturing in Hard Times: Canada's Department of Finance through the Great Depression     Bryce, R.
McGill Medicine, Volume 1: The First Half Century 1829-1885                             Hanaway, Joseph
McGill Medicine, Volume II, 1885-1936                                                   Hanaway Joseph
McGill University: For the Advancement of Learning, Volume I: 1801-1895                 Frost, S.
McGill University: For the Advancement of Learning, Volume II: 1895-1971                Frost, S.
Mediated Associations: Cinematic Dimensions of Social Theory                            O'Connor, Daniel
Medieval Arts Doctrines on Ambiguity and Their Places in Langland's Poetics             Chamberlin, J.
Medieval Miscellany                                                                     Labarge, M.W.
Men at Play : A Working Understanding of Professional Hockey in Canada                  Robidoux, M.
Merger Mania: The Assault on Local Government                                           Sancton, Andrew
Methodist Church on the Prairies, 1896-1914                                             Emery, George
Methodists and Women's Education in Ontario, 1836–1925                                  Selles, Johanna M.
Michael Power: the Struggle to Build the Catholic Church on the Canadian Frontier       McGowan, Mark
Michael Walzer on War and Justice                                                       Orend, Brian
Middle Power Internationalism: The North-South Dimension                                Pratt, C.
                                                                                        Jeeves, A.
Migrant Labour in South Africa's Mining Economy: the Struggle for the Gold Mines' Labour Supply 1890-1920
Milosevic and Markovic                                                                  Djukic, Slavoljub
Milton Acorn: In Love and Anger                                                         Lemm
Mimic Fires: Accounts of Early Long Poems on Canada                                     Bentley, D.
Minding the Public Purse: The Fiscal Crisis, Political Trade-offs, and Canada's Future  MacKinnon, Janice
Minerva's Message: Stabilizing the French Revolution                                    Staum, Martin S.
Missed Opportunities: A Story of Canada's Broadcasting Policy                           Raboy, M.
Missing in Action: An RCAF Navigator's Story                                            Harvie, J.
Modern Philosophy: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries                             Francks, Richard
Modernity and the Dilemma of North American Anglican Identities, 1880-1950              Katerberg, W.
                                                                                        Warsh, C.
Moments of Unreason: The Practice of Canadian Psychiatry and the Homewood Retreat, 1883–1923
Money and Banking in Canada                                                             Neufeld, E.P.
Mothers of Invention: Feminist Authors and Experimental Fiction in France and QuebecSantoro, Miléna
Mr Simson's Knotty Case: Divinity, Politics, and Due Process in Early Eighteenth-CenturySkoczylas, Anne
My First Years in the Fur Trade: the Journals of 1802-1804                              Nelson G.
My Life at the Bar and Beyond                                                           Paterson Alex K.
National Identity and the Varieties of Capitalism: the Danish Experience                Campbell, John L.
National Survival in Dependent Societies: Social Change in Canada and Poland            Breton, R.
Nationalism and Minority Identities in Islamic Societies                                Shatzmiller, Maya
Nationalism from the Margins: Italians in Alberta and British Columbia                  Wood, Patricia K.
Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colonization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec: The Upper St Little, J. District
Nationalism, Religion, and Ethics                                                       Baum, Gregory
                                                                                        Clark, B.
Native Liberty, Crown Sovereignty: The Existing Aboriginal Right of Self-Government in Canada
Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Reconsidered                               Trigger, Bruce G.
NATO and the Bomb: Canadian Defenders Confront Critics                                  Simpson, Erika
Natural Selections : National Parks in Atlantic Canada, 1935-1970                       MacEachern, A.
Nature as Landscape: Dwelling and Understanding                                         Von Maltzahn, K.
Negotiating Disease: Power and Cancer Care, 1900-1950                                   Clow, Barbara
New England and the Maritime Provinces: Connections and Comparisons                     Hornsby, Stephen J.
New Lease on Life: Landlords,Tenants,and Immigrants in Ireland and Canada               Wilson, C.
New World Myth: Postmodernism and Postcolonialism in Canadian Fiction                   Vautier, M.
Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949                                     Neary, P.
Newton's Dream                                                                          Stayer, Marcia S.
Niagara's Changing Landscapes                                                           Gayler, H.J.
Nietzsche and the Rhetoric of Nihilism: Essays on Interpretation, Language and Politics Darby, Tom
Night Voices : Heard in the Shadow of Hitler and Stalin                                 Laskey, H.
Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography                                  Hornsby, S.
No Balm in Gilead: A Personal Retrospective of Mandate Days in Palestine                Gelber, S.M.
No Justice, No Peace: The 1996 OPSEU Strike Against the Harris Government in OntarioRapaport, D.
Norbert Elias and Human Interdependencies                                               Salumets, Thomas
Normal Bad Boys: Public Policies, Institutions, and the Politics of Client Recruitment  Rains, Prue
                                                                                        Keith, 1800-1821
North of Athabasca: Slave Lake and Mackenzie River Documents of the North West Company,Lloyd
Northern Experience and the Myths of Canadian Culture                                   Hulan, R.
Northern Lights against POPs: Combatting Toxic Threats in the Arctic                    Fenge, Terry
Now: Images of Present Time / Maintenant: Images du temps présent                       Lavoie, Vincent
Nuclear Fallacies: How We Have Been Misguided since Hiroshima                           Malcolmson, R.
Nuclear Pursuits: The Scientific Biography of Wilfrid Bennett Lewis                     Fawcett, R.
Nuremberg Forty Years Later: The Struggle against Injustice in Our Time                 Cotler, I.
Nuvisavik: The Place Where We Weave                                                     von Finckenstein, Maria
Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec                           Bennett, Margaret
Obligation and Opportunity: Single Maritime Women in Boston, 1870-1930                  Beattie, Betsy
O'Callaghan: The Making and Unmaking of a Rebel                                         Verney, J.
Old Age Pensions and Policy-Making in Canada                                            Bryden, K.
Old and New World Highland Bagpiping                                                    Gibson, John G.
On the Job: Confronting the Labour Process in Canada                                    Heron/Storey
On the Political Economy of Social Democracy: Selected Papers of J.C. Weldon            Weldon, J.
On Their Own? Making the Transition from School to Work in the Information Age          Crysdale et al
Once and Future Canadian Democracy : An Essay in Political Thought                      Ajzenstat, Janet
One of the Boys : Homosexuals in the Military in World War II                           Jackson, Paul
Ontario Cancer Institute : Successes and Reverses at Sherbourne Street                  McCulloch, E.A.
Ontario Hydro at the Millennium                                                         Daniels, R.
Openings: A Meditation on History, Method, and Sumas Lake                               Cameron, L.
Open-Mindedness and Education                                                           Hare, W.
Order and Place in a Colonial City                                                      De Barros, J.
Organizing Rural Women: The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario, 1897-1919 Kechnie, Margaret C.
                                                                                        Jersild, Austin
Orientalism and Empire: North Caucasus Mountain Peoples and the Georgian Frontier, 1845-1917
Origin and Evolution of the Universe: Evidence for Design?                              Robson, J.
Orthodoxy and Enlightenment                                                             Suderman J.M.
Orwell: the Road to Airstrip One                                                        Slater, I.
Our Own Agendas: Autobiographical Essays by Women Associated with McGill University     Gillett, Margaret
Our Son a Stranger: Adoption Breakdown and its Effects on Parents                       Adams, Marie
Outposts of Empire Korea, Vietnam, and the Origins of the Cold War in Asia, 1949-1954Lee, S.
Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Survival in the Waters off Newfoundland, 1583-1893 Baehre, R.
Outside the Lines: Issues in Interdisciplinary Research                                 Salter, Liora
Padres in No Man's Land: Canadian Chaplains and the Great War                           Crerar, D.
Paine and Cobbett: The Transatlantic Connection                                         Wilson, D.
Painting the Map Red: Canada and the South African War 1899-1902                        Miller, Carman
Parallel Destinies: Canadian-American Relations West of the Rockies                     Findlay, John M.
                                                                                        Burley, D.
Particular Condition in Life: Self- Employment and Social Mobility in Mid-Victoriam Brantford, Ontario
Partners in Furs: A History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870             Francis/Morantz
                                                                                        Del Negro,
Passeggiata and Popular Culture in an Italian Town: Folklore and the Performance of Modernity Giovanna P.
Patchworks of Purpose: The Development of Provincial Social Assistance Regimes in CanadaBoychuk, G.
Patriots and Proletarians: Politicizing Hungarian Immigrants in Interwar Canada         Patrias, Carmela
Pauline Jewett: A Passion for canada                                                    McKenzie, J.
                                                                                        Levitt, J.
Pearson and Canada's Role in Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control Negotiations, 1945-1957
Pearson: The Unlikely Gladiator                                                         Hillmer, N.
Peasant Economic Development within the English Manorial System                         Raftis, J.
Peeking through the Keyhole: The Evolution of North American Homes                      Friedman, Avi
                                                                                        Pitseolak, Peter
People from Our Side: A Life Story with Photographs by Peter Pisteolak and Oral Biography
Peter M. Pringle, Master Decoy Maker                                                    Reeve, William C.
Philosophy of Language                                                                  Miller, A.
Physician's Guide to Coping with Death and Dying                                        Swanson, Jan
Physics and the Rise of Scientific Research in Canada                                   Gingras, Y.
Pierre - Esprit Radisson: Merchant Adventurer 1636-1710                                 Fournier M.
                                                                                        Clayton, J.
Pierrot in Petrograd: The Commedia dell'Arte/Balagan in Twentieth-Century Russian Theatre and Drama
Pietro Bembo                                                                            Kidwell, C.
                                                                                        Clarke, B.
Piety and Nationalism: Lay Voluntary Associations and the Creation of an Irish-Catholic Community in Toronto, 1850-1895
Pilgrims in Lotus Land: Conservative Protestantism in British Columbia 1917-1981        Burkinshaw, R.
Pitseolak: Pictures Out of My Life                                                      Eber, Dorothy Harley
Planet Earth: Problems and Prospects                                                    Leith et al
                                                                                         Eighteenth Century
Planets, Potions, and Parchments: Scientifica Hebraica from the Dead Sea Scrolls to theLevy, B.
Planners and Politicians: Liberal Politics and Social Policy 1957–1968                  Bryden, P.
Plunder, Profit, and Paroles: A Social History of the War of 1812 in Upper Canada       Sheppard, G.
Poetic Argument: Studies in Modern Poetry                                               Kertzer, J.
Poetics of Place: The Poetry of Ralph Gustafson                                         McCarthy, D.
Polar Castaways: The Ross Sea Party of Sir Ernest Shackleton, 1914-17                   McElrea, Richard
Polar Pioneers: John Ross and James Clark Ross                                          Ross, M. J.
                                                                                        Archer, K.
Political Choices and Electoral Consequences: a Study of Organization Labour and the New Democratic Party
Politics and Ideology in Canada: Elite and Public Opinion in the Transformation of a Welfare StateMichael
Politics of Collegiality: Retrenchment Strategies in Canadian Universities              Hardy, C.
Politics of the Northwest Passage                                                       Griffiths, F.
Popular Music in England, 1840–1914: A Social History                                      Russell, D.
Popular Politics and Political Culture in Upper Canada, 1800–1850                          Wilton, Carol
                                                                                           McLeod, T.
Post Secondary Education in a Technological Society/L'enseignement Post-secondaire dans une société technologique
Postmodern Canadian Fiction and the Rhetoric of Authority                                  Deer, G.
Postmodernism and the Ethical Subject                                                      Gabriel, Barbara
Poverty Reform in Canada, 1958–1978: State and Class Influences on Policy Making           Haddow, R.
Power and Pleasure: Louis Barthou and the Third French Republic                            Young, R.
Power at Cost: Ontario Hydro and Rural Electrification, 1911-1958                          Fleming, K.
Power versus Prudence: Why Nations Forgo Nuclear Weapons                                   Paul, T.V.
Pragmatic Idealism: Canadian Foreign Policy,1945-1995                                      Melakopides, C.
Prelude to Quebec's Quiet Revolution: Liberalism Versus Neo-Nationalism, 1945-1960 Behiels, M.
Preparing for Post-Secondary Education: New Roles for Governments and Families             Sweet, Robert
Prince Michael Vorontsov: Viceroy to the Tsar                                              Rhinelander, A.
Principles and Methods in Historical Phonology: From Proto-Algonkian to Arapaho            Picard, M.
                                                                                           Naylor, C. David
Private Practice, Public Payment: Canadian Medicine and the Politics of Health Insurance 1911–1966
Problems of Cartesianism                                                                   Lennon et al
Profiting the Crown: Canada's Polymer Corporation 1942-1990                                Bellamy, Matthew J.
Protecting Biological Diversity: Roles and Responsibilities                                Seutin, Gilles
Protecting Canadian Democracy: The Senate You Never Knew                                   Joyal, S.
Protegér la démocratie canadienne: Le Senat, en vérité                                     Joyal, Serge
Pseudo-Martyr                                                                              Donne, John
Psychological Activity in Homer: A Study of Phren                                          Sullivan, S.D.
Public Violence in Canada, 1867-1982                                                       Torrance, J.
Putting the Charter to Work: Designing a Constitutional Labour Code                        Beatty, D.
Quebec Identity : The Challenge of Pluralism                                               Maclure, J.
Quebec National Cinema                                                                     Marshall, B.
Queen's University, Volume I 1841-1917: To Strive, to Seek, to Find and Not to Yield Neatby, Hilda
Queen's University, Volume II 1917–1961: To Serve and Yet be Free                          Gibson, Frederick W.
Questions of Miracle                                                                       Larmer, R.
Race and Racism: Canada's Challenge                                                        Driedger/Halli
                                                                                           Marchak, M.P.
Racism, Sexism, and the University: The Political Science Affair at the University of British Columbia
Random Walks: Essays in Elective Criticism                                                 Solway, D.
Ravished by the Spirit: Religious Revivals, Baptists, and Henry Alline                     Rawlyk, G.
Reading Mansfield and Metaphors of Form                                                    New, W.
Reading Nelligan                                                                           Talbot, Émile J.
Reasonable Self-Esteem                                                                     Keshen, R.
Recent Social Trends in Bulgaria 1960–1995                                                 Genov, Nikolai
Recent Social Trends in Canada, 1960-2000                                                  Roberts Lance W.
Recent Social Trends in France, 1960-1990                                                  Forsé et al
Recent Social Trends in Greece 1960–2000                                                   Charalambis, Dimitris
Recent Social Trends in Italy, 1960-1995                                                   Chiesi, Antonio M.
Recent Social Trends in Quebec, 1960-1990                                                  Langlois et al
Recent Social Trends in Russia 1960–1995                                                   Boutenko, I.
Recent Social Trends in West Germany, 1960-1990                                            Glatzer et al
                                                                                           Mendell, Marguerite
Reclaiming Democracy: the Social Justice and Political Economy of Gregory Baum and kari Polanyi Levitt
Reclaiming William Morris: Englishness, Sublimity, and the Rhetoric of Dissent             Weinroth, M.
Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society: Essays in Pluralism, Religion, and Public PolicyFarrow, Douglas
Reconceiving Midwifery                                                                  Bourgeault et al
Reconciling the Solitudes: Essays on Canadian Federalism and Nationalism                Taylor, C.
Reconstructed World: A Feminist Biography of Gertrude Richardson                        Roberts, B.
Red Stars : Personality and the Soviet Popular Song, 1955-1991                          MacFadyen, D.
Redesigning Life?: The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering                       Tokar, Brian
Redressing the Past : The Politics of English-Canadian Womens' Drama, 1880-1920         Bird, K.
Reforming Parliamentary Democracy                                                       Seidle, Leslie
Reigns of Terror                                                                        Marchak, Patricia
Reimagining Canada: Language, Culture, Community, and the Canadian Constitution Webber, J.
Relations of Ruling: Class and Gender in Postindustrial Societies                       Clement, Wallace
                                                                                        Himka, J-P.
Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 186
                                                                                        Ferguson, B.
Remaking Liberalism: The Intellectual Legacy of Adam Shortt, O.D.Skelton, W.C.Clark, and W.A.Mackintosh, 1890–1925
René Lévesque and the Parti Québécois in Power                                          Fraser, Graham
Rent Boys: the World of Male Sex Workers                                                Dorais, Michel
Repairing Eden: Humility, Mysticism and the Existential Problem of Religious Diversity McLeod-Harrison Mark S.
                                                                                        Evans, M.
Rereading Middle English Romance: Manuscript Layout, Decoration, and the Rhetoric of Composite Structure
Resistance and Revolution: Václav Havel's Czechoslovakia                                McRae, R.
Respectable Burial: Montreal's Mount Royal Cemetery                                     Young, B.
Restructuring Societies: Insights from the Social Science                               Knight, David B.
Revival in the City: the Impact of American Evangelists in Canada, 1884-1914            Crouse Eric R.
Revolution in Military Affairs: Implications for Canada and NATO                        Sloan Elinor C.
                                                                                        Miller, M.
Rewind and Search: Conversations with the Makers and Decision-makers of CBC Television Drama
Rewriting Apocalypse in Canadian Fiction                                                Goldman Marlene
Rewriting Germany from the Margins : "Other" German Literature of the 1980s and 1990s   Fachinger, Petra
Rhodes and Rhodesia: the White Conquest of Zimbabwe 1884-1902                           Keppel-Jones, A.
Ringing in the Common Love of Good: The United Farmers of Ontario, 1914–1926            Badgely, K.
Risk and Responsibility                                                                 Leiss, William
Risk, Science, and Politics: Regulating Toxic Substances in Canada and the United StatesHarrison, Kathryn
Risks, Dangers, and Rewards in the Nova Scotia Offshore Fishery                         Binkley, M.
Rites of Privacy and the Privacy Trade: On the Limits of Protection for the Self        Neill, Elizabeth
Rivermen: A Romantic Iconography of the River and the Source                            Colwell, F.
Robert and Frances Flaherty: A Documentary Life, 1883-1922                              Christopher Robert J.
Robert Creeley                                                                          Faas E.
Robert Edwards Holloway Newfoundland Educator, Scientist, Photographer, 1874-1904Gough, Ruby
Robert Emmet: A Life                                                                    Geoghegan, Patrick M.
Robert Laird Borden: His Memories Volume 1                                              Macquarrie, H.
Rockefeller Foundation Funding and Medical Education in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax  Fedunkiw, Marianne
Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Canada: American Philanthropy and the Arts and Letters in Canada Jeffrey
Role Quests in the Post–Cold War Era: Foreign Policies in Transition                    Le Prestre, P.
Romantic Aversions: Aftermaths of Classicism in Wordsworth and Coleridge                Kneale, J.
Roughing it in the Bush or Life in Canada                                               Moodie, Susanna
                                                                                        Shkandrij M.
Russia and Ukraine : Literature and the Discourse of Empire from Napoleonic to Postcolonial Times
Russian Entrepreneur: Publisher Ivan Sytin of Moscow 1851-1934                          Ruud, Charles A.
Saddest Country: On Assignment in Colombia                                              Coghlan, Nicholas
Saint Saul: A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus                                      Akenson, Donald Harman
Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of three Inuit Women                                    Wachowich, N.
Saviours of the Nation: Serbia's Intellectual Opposition and the Revival of Nationalism Dragovic-Soso, Jasna
Schiller, Hegel, and Marx: State, Society, and the Aesthetic Ideal of Ancient Greece     Kain, P.
Schools and Work                                                                         Day, C.
Schools of Sympathy: Gender and Identification Through the Novel                         Roberts, N.
                                                                                          North America
Science and Social Context: The Regulation of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone inMills, Lisa N.
Scorpions and the Anatomy of Time : The 3-D Mind                                         Chevalier, J.M.
                                                                                         Kuehn, M.
Scottish Common Sense in Germany, 1768–1800: A Contribution to the History of Critical Philosophy
Sculptors and Physicians in Fifth-Century Greece: A Preliminary Study                    Metraux, G.
Sea Has Many Voices: Oceans Policy for a Complex world                                   Lamson, C.
Seafaring Labour: The Merchant Marine of Atlantic Canada,1820-1914                       Sager, E.
Search Out the Land: The Jews and the Growth of Equality in British Colonial America, 1740-1867Sheldon J.
Sécurité humaine et nouvelle diplomatie: Protection des personnes, promotion de la paix  McRae, Robert Grant
Security and Defence in the Terrorist Era: Canada and North America                      Sloan Elinor C.
Seeking New Horizons: A Perceptual Approach to Geographic Education                      Castner, H.
Seize the Day: Lester B. Person and Crisis Diplomacy                                     Pearson, G.A.H.
Self, Nation, Text in Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children"                             ten Kortenaar, Neil
Self-Employed Workers Organize: Law, Policy, and Unions                                  Cranford, Cynthia
September 11 : Consequences for Canada                                                   Roach, Ken
Service in the Field: The World of Front-Line Public Servants                            Carroll, Barbara Wake
Serving the Present Age: Revivalism, Progressivism, and the Methodist Tradition in CanadaAirhart, P.
Setting in the East : Maritime Realist Fiction                                           Creelman, D.
Setting the Stage: Montreal Theatre 1920-1949                                            Whittaker, H.
Shall We Dance?: A Patriotic Politics for Canada                                         Blattberg, Charles
Shame and Humiliation: Presidential Decision Making on Vietnam                           Steinberg, B.
Shifting Sands: Government-Group Relationships in the Health Care Sector                 Boase, J.
Short History of Quebec                                                                  Dickinson, John Alexander
Silenced Sextet: Six Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women Novelists                         MacMillan, Carrie
Silent Surrender: The Multinational Corporation in Canada                                Levitt, Kari
Singing Story, Healing Drum: Shamans and Storytellers of Turkic Siberia                  Van Deusen, Kira
Sir John George Bourinot, Victorian Canadian: His life, Times, and Legacy                Banks, M.
                                                                                         Lee, Jo-Anne
Situating "Race" and Racisms in Space, Time, and Theory: Critical Essays for Activists and Scholars
Six Hundred Years of Reform: Bishop and the Church, 1190-1789                            Hayden J. Michael
Small Differences: Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants 1815–1922                       Akenson D.H.
So Obstinately Loyal: James Moody 1744-1809                                              Shenstone, Susan Burgess
Social and Environmental Impacts of the James Bay Hydroelectric Project                  Hornig, J.
Social Classes and Social Credit in Alberta                                              Bell, E.
Social Discredit: anti-Semitism Social Credit and the Jewish Response                    Stingel, J.
Social Scientists and Politics in Canada: Between Clerisy and Vanquard                   Brooks, Stephen
Social Trust and Human Communities                                                       Govier, T.
Sods, Soil, and Spades: The Acadians at Grand Pré and Their Dykeland Legacy              Bleakney, J. Sherman
                                                                                         Lord, U.
Solitude Versus Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad: Political and Epistemological Implications of Narrative Innovation
Something New in the Air: The Story of First Peoples Television Broadcasting in Canada Roth, Loma
                                                                                         MacFadyen, D.
Songs for Fat People : Affect, Emotion, and Celebrity in the Russian Popular Song, 1900-1955
Sophocles' Use of Psychological Terminology: Old and New                                 Sullivan, S.D.
Sourcebook of Canadian Media Law: Second Edition                                         Martin, Robert
Speculative Fictions : Contemporary Canadian Novelists and the Writing of History        Wyile H.
Spenser and the Poetics of Pastoral: A Study of the World of Colin Clout                 Shore, D.
Sphaerae Mundi: Early Globes at the Stewart Museum                                       Dahl, Edward H.
Sport and Canadian Diplomacy                                                             Macintosh, Donald
Sport and Politics in Canada: Federal Government Involvement since 1961                  Macintosh et al
Spreading Misandry : The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture                 Nathanson, Paul
St Mary's: The History of a London Teaching Hospital                                     Heaman, E.A.
St Petersburg Dialogues: Or Conversations on the Temporal Government of ProvidenceMaistre, J.
St. Ursula's Convent or The Nun of Canada                                                Hart, Julia C.B.
Stage-Bound : Feature Film Adaptations of Canadian and Quebecois Drama                   Loiselle, A.
Stages and Playgoers: From Guild Plays to Shakespeare                                    Hill J.
Staples, Markets, and Cultural Change                                                    Innis, Harold A.
                                                                                         Little, J.
State and Society in Transition: The Politics of Institutional Refrom in the Eastern Townships 1838–1852
State and Status: the Rise of the State and Aristocratic Power in Western Europe         Clark, S.
State, Class, and Bureaucracy: Canadian Unemployment Insurance and Public Policy Pal, L.
Stauffenberg: A Family History, 1905-1944                                                Hoffmann, P.
Stealing the Show: Seven Women Artists in Canadian Public Art                            Lambton, G.
Steamboat Connections: Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843                               Mackey, Frank
Steering the Course                                                                      Hughes, S.
Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic                                                       Diubaldo, R.
Stephen Leacock: Humour and Humanity                                                     Lynch, G.
Steps on the Road to Medicare: Why Saskatchewan Led the Way                              Houston, C. Stuart
Sterling Public Servant : A Global Tribute to Sylvia Ostry                               Ryten, J.
Straight Talk: On Canadian Unity                                                         Dion, S.
Straits of Malacca : Gateway or Gauntlet?                                                Freeman, D.B.
Strange Death of the Liberal Empire: Lord Selborne in South Africa                       Torrance, D.
Strange Things Done : Murder in Yukon History                                            Coates/ Morrison
Stranger Gods: Salman Rushdie's Other Worlds                                             Clark, Roger Y.
Strangers Among Us                                                                       Woodman, D.
Strategies of Public Engagement: Shaping a Canadian Agenda for international Co-operation D.
                                                                                          Spenser to Matthew Arnold
Strict Metrical Tradition : Variations in the Literary Iambic Pentameter from Sidney and Keppel-Jones, D.
Struggle to Serve : A History of the Moncton Hospital, 1895 to 1953                      Godfrey, W.G.
Styles of Meaning and Meanings of Style in Richardson's Clarissa                         Fulton, G.
Subaltern Appeal to Experience: Self-Identity, Late Modernity, and the Politics of Immediacy Craig
Such Hardworking People: Italian Immigrants in Postwar Toronto                           Iacovetta, F.
Sun in Winter: A Toronto Wartime Journal: 1942 to 1945                                   Lambton, G.
                                                                                         Marble, A.
Surgeons, Smallpox, and the Poor: A History of Medicine and Social Conditions in Nova Scotia, 1749-1799
Surpassing Wonder: The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds                            Akenson, Donald Harman
Survival and Consolidation: The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russion 1918-1921               Debo, R.
Survival by Association: Supply Management Landscapes of the Eastern Caribbean           Welch, B.
Suspended Conversations: The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums                  Langford, M.
Swinburne and His Gods: The Roots and Growth of an Agnostic Poetry                       Louis, M.
Swinging the Maelstrom: New Perspectives on Malcolm Lowry                                Grace, S.E.
                                                                                         Leith, J.
Symbols in Life and Art: The Royal Society of Canada Symposium in Memory of George Whalley/Les Symboles Dans La Vie Et
T.A. Crerar: A Political Life                                                            Rea, J.
Taking Stock: Assessing Public Sector Reforms                                            Peters, B. Guy
Tales for an Unknown City: Stores from One Thousand and One Friday Nights of StorytellingYashinsky, Dan
Tales Until Dawn: the World of a Cape Breton Gaelic Story-Teller                         MacNeil, J.
Talking in Context: Language and identity in Kwakwaka'wakw Society                       Goodfellow Anne Marie
Teaching as Activism: Equity Meets Environmentalism                                      Tripp, Peggy
Teaching for Commitment: Liberal Education, Indoctrination, and Christian Nurture        Thiessen, E.
                                                                                         Niosi, J.
Technology and National Competitiveness: Oligopoly, Technological Innovation, and International Competition
Tecumseh's Bones                                                                         St-Denis, Guy
Telecom Nation : Telecommunications, Computers and Governments in Canada                 Mussio, L.
Tense, Reference, and Worldmaking                                                        McGilvray, J.
Thackeray's Cultural Frame of Reference: Allusion in the Newcomes                        McMaster, R.
The Accidental Indies                                                                    Finley, R.
The Afterlife of Trees                                                                   Bartlett, Brian
The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl with One Spoon, Volume One Hall, A.
The Anatomy of Gender: Women's Struggle for the Body                                     Currie/Raoul
The Ancient Books of Ireland                                                             Slavin, Michael
The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan Adventure                         McGhee R.
The Artisan Republic: Revolution, Reaction, and Resistance in Lyon 1848-1851             Stewart-McDougall, Mary L.
The Backwoods of Canada                                                                  Traill, Catharine Parr
                                                                                         Watts, George S.
The Bank of Canada: Origins and Early History /La Banque du Canada Origins et Premiéres années
The Beaver Bites Back?: American Popular Culture in Canada                               Flaherty, D.
The Birth of Modernism: Ezra Pound, T.S Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and the Occult                Surette, L.
The Blacks in Canada: A History, Second Edition                                          Winks, R.
The Boundaries of the Canadian Confederation                                             Nicholson, N.
The Buried Astrolabe: Canadian Dramatic Imagination and Western Tradition                Walker, Craig Stewart
                                                                                          Life and Culture
The Burning Bush and a Few Acres of Snow: The Presbyterian Contribution to Canadian Klempa, W.
The Callisto Myth from Ovid to Atwood: Initiation and Rape in Literature                 Wall, K.
The Canada Fire: Redical Evangelicalism in British North America, 1775-1812              Rawlyk, G.
The Canadian Brothers or the Prophecy Fulfilled, A Tale of the late, American War        Richardson/Stephens
The Canadian Defence Industry in the New Global Environment                              Edgar, Alistair D.
The Canadian Quandary: Economic Problem and Policies                                     Johnson, Harry
The Captive Court: A Study of the Supreme Court of Canada                                Bushnell, I.
                                                                                         Cumberland, G.
The Captive of the Castle of Sennaar: In Two Parts Part 1 The Sophans (printed in 1798 and 1810), Part 2 The Reformed (Man
The Career of Toleration: John Locke, Jonas Proast, and After                            Vernon, R.
                                                                                         Morris, R.
The Carnivalization of Politics: Quebec Cartoons on Relations with Canada, England, and France, 1960–1979
The Cassock and the Crown: Canada's Most Controversial Murder Trial                      Monet, J.
The Catholic Origins of Quebec's Quiet Revolution, 1931-1970                             Gauvreau Michael
The Centrality of Agriculture: Between Humankind and the Rest of Nature                  Duncan, C.
The Challenge of Arctic Shipping: Science, Environmental, Assessment, and Human Values   VanderZwaag, David L.
The Challenge of Direct Democracy: The 1992 Canadian Referendum                          Johnston, Richard
The Changing Social Geography of Canadian Cities                                         Bourne, Larry S.
                                                                                         Hay, E.
The Chignecto Covenanters: A Regional History of Reformed Presbyterianism in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, 1827–1905
                                                                                         Little, J.
The Child Letters: Public and Private Life in a Canadian Merchant-Politician's Family, 1841–1845
The Children of Aataentsic: A History of the Huron People to 1660                        Trigger, B.
                                                                                         Noël, F.
The Christie Seigneuries: Estate Management and Settlement in the Upper Richelieu Valley,1760-1854
The Clockmaker: Series One, Two, and Three                                               Haliburton, Thomas Chandler
The Coast Way: A Portrait of the English on the Lower North Shore of the St Lawrence Abbott, L.
                                                                                         Codignola, L.
The Coldest Harbour of the Land: Simon Stock and Lord Baltimore's Colony in Newfoundland, 1621–1649
The Communitarian Third Way: Alexandre Marc's Ordre Nouveau,1930–2000                    Hellman, J.
The Complete Plays of Frances Burney: volume 2 Tragedies                                 Burney, F.
The Contexts of Acadian History, 1686-1784                                               Griffiths, N.
The Contribution of Methodism to Atlantic Canada                                         Scobie, Charles H.H.
The Contribution of Presbyterianism to the Maritime Provinces of Canada                   Scobie, Charles H.H.
The Development of Postwar Canadian Trade Policy: the Failure of the Anglo-European Muirhead, B.
The Development of the Idea of History in Antiquity                                       Press, Gerald A.
The Development of the Pacific Salmon-Canning Industry: A Grown Man's Game                Newell, D.
The Dévotes: Women & Church in Seventeenth-Century France                                 Rapley, E.
The Diary of a Country Clergyman 1848-1851                                                Reid, James
The Diplomacy of Prudence: Canada and Israel, 1948–1958                                   Kay, Zachariah
The Disturbed State of the Russian Realm                                                  Bussow, C.
                                                                                          Shortt, S.
The Doctor Dilemma: Public Policy and the Changing Role of Physicians under Ontario Medicare
The Domestic Battleground: Canada and the Arab-Israeli Conflict                           Taras, David
The Domination of Nature                                                                  Leiss, W.
                                                                                          Worton, D.
The Dominion Bureau of Statistics: A History of Canada's Central Statistical Office and Its Antecedents, 1841-1972
The Dream of Nation: A Social and Intellectual History of Quebec                          Mann, Susan
The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney: Volume IV the Streatham Years Part II . Burney/Rizzo
The Early Origins of the Social Sciences                                                  McDonald, L.
The English Fact in Quebec, Second Edition                                                Arnopoulos, Sheila McLeod
The English Housewife                                                                     Markham, G.
The English River Book: The North West Company Journal And Account Book of 1786 Duckworth, Harry W.
The Epic of Qayaq: the Longest Story Ever Told by My People                               Oman et al
The Ethical World of British MPs                                                          Mancuso, Maureen
The Ethics of Catholicism and the Consecration of the Intellectual                        Bélanger, A.
The Excluded Wife                                                                         Woon, Y.
The Failure of l'Action libérale nationale                                                Dirks, P.
The Fate of the Nation State                                                              Seymour, Michel
                                                                                          Reeve, William C.
The Federfuchser/Penpusher from Lessing to Grillparzer: A Study Focused on Grillparzer's Ein Bruderzwist in habsburg
The Feminist Challenge to the Canadian Left, 1900-1918                                    Newton, J.
The Flying Tiger: Women Shamans and Storytellers of the Amur                              Van Deusen, K.
The Founding Moment: Church, Society, and the Construction of Trinity College             Westfall, W.
The Franco-Americans of New England: Dreams and Realities                                 Roby, Yves
The Freedom to Smoke: Tobacco Consumption and Identity                                    Jarrett, Rudy
The French - Canadian Heritage in New England                                             Brault, G.
The Future of NATO: Enlargement, Russia, and European Security                            David, Charles-Philippe
The Future's Back: Nuclear Rivalry, Deterrence Theory, and Crisis Stability after the ColdHarvey, F.
The Gate of Heaven: The Story of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim of Montreal 1846-1996      Shuchat, W
The Gaullist Attack on Canada, 1967–1997                                                  Bosher, J. F.
The German Peasants' War and Anabaptist Community of Goods                                Stayer, J.
The Gilded Youth of Thermidor                                                             Gendron, F.
The Glory of Ottawa: Canadia's First Parliament Buildings                                 Young, C.
The Good Regiment: The Carignan-Saliéres Regiment in Canada, 1665-1668                    Verney, J.
The Government of Edward Schreyer: Democratic Socialism in Manitoba                       McAllister, J.
The Grammar Schools of Medieval England: A.F. Leach in Historiographical Perspective Miner, J.
The Greenland Mummies                                                                     Hansen et al
The Grow Home                                                                             Friedman, A.
                                                                                          Long, Edward
The History of Jamaica: Reflections on its Situation, Settlements, Inhabitants, Climate, Products, Commerce, Laws and Govern
                                                                                          Long, Edward
The History of Jamaica: Reflections on its Situation, Settlements, Inhabitants, Climate, Products, Commerce, Laws and Govern
                                                                                          Long, Edward
The History of Jamaica: Reflections on its Situation, Settlements, Inhabitants, Climate, Products, Commerce, Laws and Govern
The History of McMaster Meighen                                                           Mitchell, D.
The History of the German Resistance, 1933-1945                                           Hoffmann, P.
The Holy Fool : Christian Faith and Theology in J. M. R. Lenz                             Pope, T.F.
The Idea of Loyalty in Upper Canada, 1784–1850                                            Mills, D.
The Ignorance Explosion: Understanding Industrial Civilization                            Lukasiewicz, J.
The Imperial Challenge: Quebec and Britain in the Age of the American Revolution          Lawson, P.
The Institutionalized Cabinet: Governing the Western Provinces                            Dunn, C.
The Integrated Circus: The New Right and the Restructuring of Global Markets              Marchak, M.P.
The Irish in Ontario: A Study in Rural History                                            Akenson D.H.
The Irish War of Independence                                                             Hopkinson, Michael
The Iron Wedge: L'appel de la race                                                        Groulx/Gaulin
The Irony of Theology and the Nature of Religious Thought                                 Wiebe, D.
The Jena System, 1804-5: Logic and Metaphysics                                            Hegel, G.
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: A Selection                                    Mealing. S.R.
The Jesuit Series: Part One, A-C                                                          Daly, Peter M.
The Journals of Yaakov Zipper, 1950–1982: The Struggle for Yiddishkeit                    Zipper, Y.
The Knight-Monks of Vichy France: Uriage, 1940–1945                                       Hellman, J.
The Labrador Memoir of Dr Harry Paddon, 1912–1938                                         Paddon, Harry
The Land of Feast and Famine                                                              Ingstad, H.
                                                                                          McSweeney, K.
The Language of the Senses Sensory-Perceptual Dynamics in Wordsworth, Cleridge, Thoreau, Whitman, and Dickinson
The Language of the Skies: The Bilingual Air Traffic Control Conflict in Canada           Borins, S.
The Largest Amount of Good: Quaker Relief in Ireland 1654–1921                            Hatton, H.
                                                                                          Vaugeois, D.
The Last French and Indian War: An Inquiry into a Safe-Conduct Issued in 1760 that Acquired the Value of a Treaty in 1990
The Last Well Person : How to Stay Well Despite the Health-Care System                    Hadler, Nortin M.
The Laugh-Makers: Stand-up Comedy as Art, Business, and Life-Style                        Stebbins, Robert A.
The Law of Multi-Bank Financing                                                           Mugasha, A.
The Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen                                                        Johannsen, A.
                                                                                          Loebel, Thomas
The Letter and the Spirit of Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Justice, politics, and Theology
The Letters of Brendan Behan                                                              Mikhail, E.
The Life and Times of Andrei Zhdanov, 1896-1948                                           Boterbloem, K.
The Light of Nature and the Law of God: Antislavery in Ontario 1833-1877                  Stouffer, A.
The Limits to Satisfaction: An Essay on the Problem of Needs and Commodities              Leiss, W.
The Lion, the Eagle, and Upper Canada: A Developing Colonial Ideology                     Errington, E.J.
The Little Slaves of the Harp: Italian Child Street Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Paris,Zucchi, J. and New York
The Lives of Dalhousie University: Volume I: 1818-1925 Lord Dalbousie's College           Waite, P.
The Lives of Dalhousie University: Volume II.1925-1980: The Old College Transformed Waite, P.
                                                                                          Kent P.C
The Lonely Cold War of Pope Pius XII : The Roman Catholic Church and the Division of Europe, 1943-1950
The Long Road to Reform: Restructuring Public Education in Quebec                         Milner, H.
The Lord's Dominion: The History of Canadian Methodism                                    Semple, N.
The MacKenzie Pipeline: Arctic Gas and Canadian Energy Policy                             Pearse, P.H.
The Main Philosophical Writings and the Novel Allwill                                     Jacobi, Friedrich H.
The Making and Unmaking of a University Museum: The McCord 1921–1996                      Young, Brian J.
The Making of an Explorer : George Hubert Wilkins and the Canadian Arctic Expedition, Jenness, Stuart E.
The Making of Canadian Food Aid Policy                                                    Charlton, M.
The Making of the Alice Books: Lewis Carroll's Uses of Earlier Children's Literature      Reichertz, Ronald
The Making of the English Literary Canon: From the Middle Ages to the Late EighteenthRoss, Trevor
The Man in the Ivory Tower: F. Cyril James of McGill                                      Frost, S.
The Maritime Rights Movement, 1919-1927: A Study in Canadian Regionalism                  Forbes, E.
                                                                                         Coates, Ken
The Marshall Decision and Native Rights: The Marshall Decision and Mi'kmaq Rights in the Maritimes
The Masks of Proteus: Canadian Reflections on the State                                  Resnick, Philip
The Mephibosheth Stepsure Letters                                                        McCulloch, T.
The Metamorphoses of Landscape and Community in Early Quebec                             Coates, C.
The Mind in Creation: Essays on English Romantic Literature in Honour of Ross G. WoodMan J.
The Missionary Oblate Sisters: Vision and Mission                                        Bruno-Jofré, Rosa
                                                                                         Laselva, S.
The Moral Foundations of Canadian Federalism: Paradoxes, Achievements, and Tragedies of Nationhood
The More Moderate Side of Joseph de Maistre: Views on Political Liberty and Political Economy Cara
                                                                                         Martin, Our Demoracy
The Most Dangerous Branch: How the Supreme Court of Canada Has Undermined Our Law and Robert
The Mystic Leeway                                                                        Gregg, Frances
The Myth of the Sacred: The Charter, the Courts, and the Politics of the Constitution in Canada Donald E.
The National Gallery of Canada: Ideas Art Architecture                                   Ord, D.
The Native Peoples of Atlantic Canada: A History of Indian-European Relations            McGee, H.F.
The New Canadian Political Economy                                                       Clement, Wallace
The New Era of Global Competition: State Policy and Market Power                         Drache, Daniel
The New World Order: Corporate Agenda and Parallel Reality                               Yovanovich, Gordana
The Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948: Volume Two: Reports and Papers Hiller, James K.
The Old English Elegies: A Critical Edition and Genre Study                              Klinck, Anne L.
                                                                                         Forsdyke D.R.
The Origin of Species Revisited: A Victorian Who Anticipated Modern Developments in Darwin's Theory
The Origins of Walter Rauschenbusch's Social Ethics                                      Smucker, D.
The Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641                                              Perceval-Maxwell, M.
The People of Denendeh: Ethnohistory of the Indians of Canada's Northwest TerritoriesHelm, June
The People of Glengarry: Highlanders in Transition, 1745-1820                            McLean, M.
The Persistence of Unemployment: Hysteresis in Canadian Labour Markets                   Jones, S.
The Picturesque and the Sublime: A Poetics of the Canadian Landscape                     Glickman, Susan
The Picturesque and the Sublime: A Poetics of the Canadian Landscape                     Glickman, S.
The Picturesque Prison: Evelyn Waugh and his Writing                                     Heath, J.
The Pioneer Woman: A Canadian Character Type                                             Thompson, E.
The Pleasure of Fools: Essays in the Ethics of Laughter                                  Gantar, Jure
The Poet and the Critic: A Literary Correspondence between D.C. Scott and E.K. Brown McDougall, R.L.
The Political Thought of Lord Durham                                                     Ajzenstat, J.
The Politics and Economics of Eric Kierans: A Man for all Canadas                        McDougall, J.
The Politics of Codification: The Lower Canadian Civil Code of 1866                      Young, Brian
The Politics of Development: Forests, Mines and Hydro-Electric Power in Ontario 1849-1941 H.V.
                                                                                          Global World
The Politics of Postal Transformation: Modernizing Postal Systems in the Electronic andCampbell, Robert M.
The Politics of Transport in Twentieth-Century France                                    Jones, J.
The Politics of Visual Language: Deafness, Language Choice and Political Socialization Roots, J.
The Polliticke Courtier: Spenser's The Faerie Queene as a Rhetoric of Justice            Dixon, M.
The Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware           Collard, E.
The Pursuit of Division: Race, Gender, and Preferential Hiring in Canada                 Loney, M.
The Quest of the Folk: Antimodernism and Cultural Selection in Twentieth-century Nova Scotia I.
The Recovery of Wonder: The New Freedom and the Asceticism of Power                      Schmitz, Kenneth
The Reformation of Canada's Schools: Breaking the Barriers to Parental Choice            Holmes, M.
The Religious Sense                                                                      Giussani, L.
The Road to Egdon Heath: The Aesthetics of the Great in Nature                           Bevis, R.
The Road to Nunavut: The Progress of the Eastern Arctic Inuit since the Second World War R. Quinn
The Rockingham Connection and the Second Founding of the Whig Party, 1768–1773 Elofson, W.M.
The Role of Transportation in the Industrial Revolution: A Comparison of England and France R.
The Royal Vic: The Story of Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital, 1894-1994             Terry, N.
The Rule of Law, Justice, and Interpretation                                          Tremblay, L.
The Sad Comedy of Èl'dar Riazanov: An Introduction to Russia's Most Popular Filmmaker acFadyen, David
The Search for Good Government: Understanding the Paradox of Italian Democracy Sabetti, F.
The Secession of Quebec and the Future of Canada                                      Young, R.A.
The Seigneurial System in Early Canada: A Geographical Study                          Harris, R.
The Serbian Project and Its Adversaries: A Strategy of War Crimes                     Gow, James
The Shape of Irish History                                                            Stewart, A. T. Q.
The Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776: An Episode in the American Revolution             Clarke, E.
The Silver Palace Restaurant                                                          Abley, Mark
The Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985                                   Kasozi, A.
The Sociology of Work in Canada: Papers in Honour of Oswald Hall                      Wipper, A.
The Struggle for Quebec: From Referendum to Referendum?                               Young, R.A.
The Struggle for Swazi Labour, 1890-1920                                              Crush, J.
The Suffering Gene: Environmental Threats to our Health                               Burdon, Roy
The Surface Climates of Canada                                                        Bailey et al
The Syntactic Recoverability of Null Arguments                                        Roberge, Y.
The Tancook Schooners: An Island and Its Boats                                        O'Leary, W.
The Theatre of Apollo: Divine Justice and Sophocles' Oedipus the King                 Griffith, R.
The Theology of the Oral Torah: Revealing the Justice of God                          Neusner, J.
The Theory and History of Ocean Boundary-Making                                       Johnston, D.
The Thin Smoke of the Heart                                                           Bowling, Tim
The Three Pillars of Public Management: Secrets of Sustained Success                  Ingstrup, Ole
The True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7                                       Treaty 7 Elders
The Tudor Housewife                                                                   Sim, Alison
The Unemployment Crisis: All for Nought?                                              MacLean, Brian K.
The Valour and the Horror Revisited                                                   Bercuson, David J.
The Valparaíso School: Open City Group                                                Rispa, Raúl
The Veterans Charter and Post-World War II Canada                                     Neary, Peter M.
                                                                                      Stagni, Pellegrino
The View From Rome: Archbishop Stagni's 1915 Reports on the Ontario Bilingual Schools Question
The View from Xanadu: William Randolph Hearst and United States Foreign Policy        Mugridge, I.
The Voyage to Newfoundland                                                            Thoulet, Julien
The Waning of the Green: Catholics, the Irish, and Identity in Toronto, 1887-1922     McGowan, M.
The War Diary of Clare Gass: 1915-1918                                                Gass, Claire
The Weariness, the Fever, and the Fret: The Campaign against Tuberculosis in Canada 1900-1950 K.
The White Man's Gonna Getcha: The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in Quebec           Morantz T.
The Woman Who Mapped Labrador: the Life and Expedition Diary of Mina Hubbard Hubbard, Mina
The Work of Words: The Writing of Susanna Strickland Moodie                           Thurston, J.
The World as Event: The Poetry of Charles Tomlinson                                   John, B.
The World of the Gift                                                                 Godbout, Jacques T.
The Yugoslav Drama                                                                    Crnobrnja, M.
The Zoroastrian Faith: Tradition and Modern Research                                  Nigosian, S.
Theopompus The Historian                                                              Shrimpton, Gordon S.
Third Solitudes: Tradition and Discontinuity in Jewish- Canadian Literature           Greenstein, M.
This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Women's Winter at Baffin Island,1857-1858 Ross, W.
This Kindred People: Canadian-American Relations and the Anglo-Saxon Idea, 1895–1903  Kohn, Edward P.
This Unfriendly Soil: the Loyalist Experience in Nova Scotia 1783-1791                   MacKinnon, N.
Thomas Attwood: The Biography of a Radical                                               Moss, D.
Tin-Pots and Pirate Ships: Canadian Naval Forces and German Sen Raiders 1880-1918 Hadley/Sarty
To the Arctic by Canoe 1819-1821                                                         Houston, C.
Tolerant Allies: Canada and the United States, 1963-1968                                 Donaghy, Greg
Top Secret Exchange: the Tizard Mission and the Scientific War                           Zimmerman, D.
Toronto Architect Edmund Burke: Redefining Canadian Architecture                         Carr, A.
Tortillas and Tomatoes: Transmigrant Mexican Harvesters in Canada                        Basok, Tanya
Toward the Charter: Canadians and the Demand for a National Bill of Rights, 1929-1960MacLennan, Christopher
Tower under Siege: Technology, Power, and Education                                      Lewis, Brian
Town House, Country House: Recollections of a Quebec Childhood                           Boswell, H.
Traditional Gaelic Bagpiping, 1745-1945                                                  Gibson, J.G.
Trans-Atlantic Partners: Canadian Approaches to the European Union                       Potter, E.H.
Transforming Psyche                                                                      Huber, B.
Tremblay Report                                                                          Kwavnick, D.
Trials of Labour: The Re-emergence of Midwifery                                          Burtch, B.
Trudeau and the End of a Canadian Dream                                                  Laforest, G.
True Poetry: Traditional and Popular Verse in Ontario                                    Greenhill, P.
Tulip in the Desert: A Selection of the Poetry of Muhammad Iqbal                         Iqbal, Muhammed
Turtle Hypodermic of Sickenpods: Liberal Studies in the Corporate Age                    Solway, David
Twentieth-Century Shore-Station Whaling: In Newfoundland and Labrador                    Dickinson, Anthony
Twenty-First Century Democracy                                                           Resnick, Philip
Two Worlds: The Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century Ontario                         Westfall, W.
Tyendinaga Tales                                                                         Rustige, R.
Types of Interpretation in the Aesthetic Disciplines                                     Carlshamre, Staffan
U-Boats Against Canada: German Submarines in Canadian Waters                             Hadley, M.
                                                                                         Anctil, Pierre
Un Homme Grand: Jack Kerouac at the Crossroads of Many Cultures/Jack Kérouac à la confluence des cultures
Under Technology's Thumb                                                                 Leiss, W.
Understand and Control Your Asthma                                                       Boutin, Hélène
Understanding Canada: Building on the New Canadian Political Economy                     Clement, W.
Understanding Military Culture: A Canadian Perspective                                   English, Allan D.
Undisciplined Women: Tradition and Culture in Canada                                     Greenhill/Tye
Une mort très digne: L'Historie du Cimetiére Mont-Royal                                  Young, B.
Unfulfilled Union: Canadian Federalism and National Unity, Fourth Edition                Stevenson, G.
University: International Expectations                                                   Alexander, F. King
Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony                                        Woodman, D.
Unreal Country : Modernity in the Canadian Novel in English                              Willmott, G.
Unthinking Modernity: Innis, McLuhan, and the Frankfurt School                           Stamps, Judith
Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut                                                    Bennett, John
Urban Affairs: Back on the Policy Agenda                                                 Andrew, Caroline
Urban Policing in Canada: Anatomy of an Aging Craft                                      Martin, M.
Values in Conflict: The University, the Marketplace, and the Trials of Liberal Education Axelrod, Paul
Vancouver's Chinatown: Racial Discourse in Canada, 1875-1980                             Anderson, K.
Vasil Bykaŭ: His Life and Works                                                          Gimpelevich Zina J.
V-Bombs and Weathermaps: Reminiscences of World War II                                   McElheran, B.
Verbal Art: A Philosophy of Literature and Literary Experience                           Pettersson, Anders
Victory Harvest: Diary of a Canadian in the Women's Land Army, 1940–1944                 Kelsey, M.
Village Politics and the Mafia in Sicily                                                  Sabetti, Filippo
                                                                                          Depatie / al
Vingt ans après Habitants et marchands: Lectures de l'histoire des XVII et XVIII siècles Canadienset Habitants et marchands Tw
Virtual Marshall McLuhan                                                                  Theall, Donald F.
Visible Histories: Women and Environments in a Post-war British City                      Mackenzie, S.
Visions of Canada: The Alan B. Plaunt Memorial Lectures, 1958 - 1992                      Ostry, Bernard
Voice of the Vanishing Minority: Robert Sellar and the Huntington Gleaner 1863-1919 Hill, R.
                                                                                          Beck, Gregor Gilpin
Voices for the Watershed: Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes–St Lawrence Drainage Basin
Voices from French Ontario                                                                Arnopoulos, S.
Voices from Hudson Bay: Cree Stories from York Factory                                    Beardy/Coutts
W. Stanford Reid: An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy                                 MacLeod, A. Donald
Wacousta or, the Prophecy; A Tale of the Canadas                                          Richardson/Cronk
Wages of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance, and the Underworld Economy                Naylor, R.T.
Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism                                        Azzi, S.
Walter Long, Ireland, and the Union, 1905-1920                                            Kendle, J.
Watching Quebec: Selected Essays                                                          Cook, Ramsay
Water into Wine?: An Investigation of the Concept of Miracle                              Larmer, R.
Welfare, Property Rights and Economic Policy: Essays and Tributes in Honour of H.ScottRymes, T.
West Indians of Costa Rica: Race, Class, and the Integration of an Ethnic Minority        Harpelle, Ronald N.
What Really Matters                                                                       O'Grady, Thomas
When the North Was Red: Aboriginal Education in Soviet Siberia                            Bartels, Dennis A.
When the Whalers Were Up North:Inuit Memories from the Eastern Arctic                     Eber, Dorothy Harley
Where Have the Old Words Got Me?: Explications of Dylan Thomas's Collected Poems Maud, Ralph
While the Women Only Wept: Loyalist Refugee Women                                         Potter-MacKinnon, J.
Whiplash and Other Useful Illnesses                                                       Malleson, Andrew
                                                                                          Ward, P.
White Canada Forever, Third Edition : Popular Attiudes and Public Policy Toward Orientals in British Columbia
White Siberia: The Politics of Civil War                                                  Pereira, N.
Why Botswana Prospered                                                                    Leith, J. Clark
Why the Church?                                                                           Giussani, Luigi
William R. McIntyre: Paladin of Common Law                                                McConnell, W.
                                                                                          Novels, 1870-1897
Wisdom of Eccentric Old Men: A Study of Type and Second Character in Galdós's Social Bly, Peter Anthony
With Scarcely a Ripple: Angalo-Canadian Migration into the United States and Western Widdis, R.
With Skilful Hand : The Story of King David                                               Barnard, David T.
                                                                                          Errington, E.J.
Wives and Mothers, SchoolMistresses and Scullery Maids: Working Women in Upper Canada 1790–1840
Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador                                                      Hubbard, M.B.
Women and Narrative Identity: Rewriting the Quebec National Text                          Green, Mary J.
Women and the Canadian State/Les femmes et l'Etat canadien                                Andrew, Caroline
Women and Well-Being/Les Femmes et le Mieux-Être                                          Dhruvarajan, V.
Women and Work                                                                            Chaykowski/Powell
Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra: Challenging the Chill                              Hannah, Elena
Women in Zones of Conflict: Power and Resistance in Israel                                Jacoby, Tami Amanda
Women Who Made the News: Female Journalists in Canada,1880-1945                           Lang, M.
Women, Feminism and Development / Femmes, Féminisme et Développement                      Dagenais, H.
Women, Health, and Nation: Canada and the United States since 1945                        Feldberg, Georgina
Women, Work, and Coping: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Workplace stress                 Long, Bonita C.
Women, Work, and Place                                                                    Kobayashi, A.
Women, Work, and the French State: Labour Protection and Social Patriarchy,1879-1919      Stewart, M.
Women's Organizing and Public Policy in Canada and Sweden                                 Briskin, Linda
Women's Struggle for Higher Education in Russia, 1855-1900                              Johanson, C.
Workers and Canadian History                                                            Kealey, Gregory S.
Working light: the Wandering Life of Photographer                                       Rooney, F.
Works by A.Y. Jackson from the 1930s                                                    Groves, N.J.
Wrapped up in God: A Study of Several Canadian Revivals and Revivalists                 Rawlyk, G.
Writing Lovers: Reading Canadian Love Poetry by Women                                   Cook, Meira
Writing the Everyday : Women's Textual Communities in Atlantic Canada                   Fuller, Danielle
Wyndham Lewis and the Avant-Garde: The Politics of the Intellect                        Foshay, T.
Yellow Crocodiles and Blue Oranges: Russian Animated Film Since World War Two           MacFadyen, David
                                                                                        the United States
Young Man's Benefit: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Sickness Insurance in Emery, George and Canada 1860–1
                                                                                        Axelrod, Paul
Youth, University, and Canadian Society: Essays in the Social History of Higher Education
                                                                                        Anglin, Douglas
Zambian Crisis Behaviour: Confronting Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence, 1965–1966 G.
A History of Port Royal / Annapolis Royal 1605–1800                                     Dunn, Brenda
Acadian Root Baskets of Atlantic Canada                                                 Gordon, Joleen
An Illustrated History of Nova Scotia                                                   Bruce, Harry
                                                                                        Nature Lovers
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia: A Comprehensive Year-Round Guide for Birders and Other Maybank, Blake
Bluenose: The Ocean Knows Her Name                                                      Getson, Heather-Anne
Butterbox Survivors: Life After the Ideal Maternity Home                                Hartlen, Robert
Genius at Work: Images of Alexander Graham Bell                                         Eber, Dorothy Harley
Gentlemen and Jesuits: Quests for Glory and Adventure                                   Jones, Elizabeth
Grand-Pré: Heart of Acadie                                                              Johnston, A.J.B.
Helen Creighton: Canada's First Lady of Folklore                                        Croft, Clary
Images of our Past: Historic Black Nova Scotia                                          Pachai, Bridglal
James Robinson Johnston: The Life, Death and Legacy of Nova Scotias First Black Lawyerohnston, Justin Marcus
Land of the Red Soil: A Popular History of Prince Edward Island                         Baldwin, Douglas
Lighthouse Legacies: Stories of Nova Scotia's Lightkeeping Families                     Mills, Chris
Louisbourg: An 18th Century Town                                                        Johnston, A.J.B.
Marco Polo: The Story of the Fastest Clipper                                            Hollenberg, Martin J.
Micmac Medicines: Remedies and Recollections                                            Lacey, Laurie
Mi'kmaq: People of the Maritimes                                                        Davis, Stephen A.
Mi'kmaq: Hieroglyphic Prayers: Readings In North America'S First Indigenous Script      Schmidt, David
Oak Island Gold                                                                         Crooker, William S.
Pier 21: The Gateway that Changed Canada                                                Mitic, Trudy
Port-Royal Habitation: The Story of the French and Mi'kmag at Port-Royal 1604-1613 Kerr, W.P.
Quite a Curiosity: The Sea Letters of Grace Ladd                                        Nichols, Louise
Sable Island Shipwrecks: Disaster and Survival at the North Atlantic Graveyard          Campbell, Lyall
Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion and the Road to Recovery                          Janet F. Kitz
Steam Lion: A Biography of Samuel Cunard                                                Langley, John G.
Stories From the Six Worlds: Micmac Legends                                             Whitehead, Ruth Holmes
Survivors: Children of the Halifax Explosion                                            Kitz, Janet F.
The Acadians of Nova Scotia: Past and Present                                           Ross, Sally
The Life of Boston King                                                                 Whitehead, Ruth Holmes
The Old Man Told Us: Excerpts from Mikmaw History 1500-1950                             Whitehead, Ruth Holmes
The Story of the Chestnut Canoe: 150 Years of Canadian Canoe Building                   Solway, Kenneth
The Years Before "Anne"                                                                 Bolger, Francis W.P.
Trees of Nova Scotia: A Guide to the Native and Exotic Species                          Saunders, Gary L.
Underground Halifax                                                                     Erickson, Paul A.
Valiant Hearts: Atlantic Canada and the Victoria Cross                                   Boileau, John
We Keep A Light                                                                          Richardson, Evelyn M.
Weeds of the Woods: Small Trees and Shrubs of the Eastern Forest                         Blouin, Glen
Woman of Labrador: Elizabeth Goudie                                                      Goudie, Elizabeth
Women at Sea in the Age of Sail                                                          Baird, Donald
A Catalog of Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera), Supplement 2 (1995–1999)          Bright, Donald E.
                                                                                         Arnason, J.T.
Biodiversity & Health: Focusing Research to Policy / Biodiversité & Santé : De la recherche aux politiques
Blue Grouse: Their Biology and Natural History                                           Zwickel, Fred C.
Calcium: The Grand-Master Cell Signaler                                                  Whitfield, James F.
Canadian Medicinal Crops                                                                 Small, Ernest
Checklist of the Hemiptera of Canada and Alaska                                          Maw, H.E.L.
Coleoptera Histeridae                                                                    Bousquet, Yves
                                                                                         Schweitzer, C.E.
Cretaceous and Eocene Decapod Crustaceans from Southern Vancouver Island, British Columia, Canada
Culinary Herbs for Short-Season Gardeners                                                Small, Ernest
Ecophysiology of Northern Spruce Species : The Performance of Planted Seedlings          Grossnickle, Steven C.
Flora of the Hudson Bay Lowland and its Postglacial Origins                              Riley, John L.
Flora of the Yukon Territory (2nd ed.)                                                   Cody, William J.
Flower Guide for Holiday Weekends in Eastern Canada and Northeastern U.S.A               Larsen, Ellen Wynne
Genera of the Trichoptera of Canada and Adjoining or Adjacent United States              Schmid, F.
George J. Klein: The Great Inventor                                                      Bourgeois-Doyle, Richard I.
Gerhard Herzberg: An Illustrious Life in Science                                         Stoicheff, Boris
                                                                                         BΘrard--Therriault, Lyse
Guide d'identification du phytoplancton marin de l'estuaire et du golfe du Saint--Laurent incluant également certains protozo
Herbes Culinaires pour nos Jardins de Pays Froid                                         Small, Ernest
High Performance Computing Systems and Applications & OSCAR Symposium                    International Symposium on High Perf
                                                                                         Jin, Jisuo
Late Ordovician Articulate Brachiopods from the Red River and Stony Mountain Formations, Southern Manitoba
Le système canadien de classification des sols                                           Conseil national de recherches du Can
Les cultures médicinales canadiennes                                                     Small, Ernest
Les légumes du Canada                                                                    Munro, Derek B.
Ludlow and Pridoli (Upper Silurian) Graptolites from the Arctic Islands, Canada          Lenz, Alfred C.
Mycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell Biology                                                    Peterson, R. Larry
Orb-Weaving Spiders of Canada and Alaska                                                 Dondale, C. D.
Phillipsastreid Corals from the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) of Western Canada              McLean, Ross A.
Photographic Atlas of Fish Otoliths of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean                      Campana, Steven E.
Physiological Changes Associated with the Diadromous Migration of Salmonids              Høgåsen, Helga R.
Plant Adaptation: Molecular Genetics and Ecology                                         Cronk, Q.C. B.
Poplar Culture in North America                                                          Dickmann, Donald I.
Proceedings of the SUNY Institute of Technology Conference on Theoretical High Energy Physics Mohammad R.
Renaissance II: Canadian Creativity and Innovation in the New Millennium                 Doyle, Richard I.
Renaissance II: Créativité et innovation canadiennes au cours du nouveau millénaire Doyle, Richard I.
                                                                                         Crawford, Stephen S.
Salmonine Introductions to the Laurentian Great Lakes: An Historical Review and Evaluation of Ecological Effects
Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)                                                  Li, Thomas S. C.
                                                                                         Copper, Paul
Silurian (Late Llandovery-Ludlow) Atrypid Brachiopods from Gotland, Sweden, and the Welsh Borderlands, Great Britian
Smaller Orders of Insects of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: Evolution, Ecology, and DiversityStewart B.
                                                                                         Pyle, Leanne J.
Taxonomy, Evolution, and Biostratigraphy of Conodonts from the Kechika Formation, Skoki Formation, and Road River Group
The Beetles of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador                                            Peck, Stewart B.
The Canadian System of Soil Classification (third edition)                               Soil Classification Working Group Staff
The Emergence of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics: Fredlund Volume                             Clifton, A.W.
Towards Sustainable Management of the Boreal Forest                                    Burton, Philip J.
Vegetables of Canada                                                                   Small, Ernest
Workshop on Rebuilding Abalone Stocks in British Columbia                              Campbell, Alan
A Death Feast in Dimlahamid                                                            Glavin, Terry
A Ghost in the Water                                                                   Glavin, Terry
A Voice Great Within Us                                                                Lillard, Charles
All Possible Worlds: Utopian Experiments in British Columbia                           Brown, Justine
Amongst God's Own: The Enduring Legacy of St. Mary’s Mission                           Glavin, Terry
Chiwid                                                                                 Birchwater, Sage
High Slack: Waddington’s Gold Road and the Bute Inlet Massacre of 1864                 Williams, Judith
Indians at Work: An Informal History of Native Labour in British Columbia, 1858-1930 Knight, Rolf
Kokanee: The Redfish and the Kootenay Bioregion                                        Gayton, Don
Maria Mahoi of the Islands                                                             Barman, Jean
McGowan's War                                                                          Hauka, Donald
No Way to Live: Poor Women Speak Out, 2nd Edition                                      Baxter, Sheila
Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver’s Newspaper Monopoly                Edge, Marc
Rebel Life: The Life and Times of Robert Gosden, Revolutionary, Mystic, Labour Spy     Leier, Marc
The Heart of the Community: The Best of the Carnegie Newsletter                        Taylor, Paul
The IWA in Canada: The Life and Times of an Industrial Union                           Neufeld, Andrew
The Old Red Shirt: Pioneer Poets of British Columbia                                   Klan, Yvonne
The Small Cities Book: On the Cultural Future of Small Cities                          Garrett-Petts, W.F.
This Ragged Place: Travels Across the Landscape                                        Glavin, Terry
Two Wolves at the Dawn of Time: Kingcome Inlet Pictographs, 1893-1998                  Williams, Judith
Above All Be Kind: Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times                         Weil, Zoe
Alliances, Coalitions and Partnerships : Building Collaborative Organizations          Roberts, Joan M.
                                                                                       Albert, David
And the Skylark Sings with Me : Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education
Better Not Bigger : How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community odor, Eben
Building Without Borders : Sustainable Construction for the Global Village             Kennedy, Joeseph F.
Chasing the Sun: Solar Adventures Around the World                                     Williams, Neville
Chiva / A Village Takes on the Global Heroin Trade                                     Glendinning, Chellis
                                                                                       Christian, Diana Leafe
Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities
Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil Ruppert, Michael C.
Cruise Ship Blues: The Underside of the Cruise Industry                                Klein, Ross A.
Dancing with the Tiger : Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step                  Nattrass, Brian
                                                                                       Hughes, K.
Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun : Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood
Design for Water / Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment and Alternate Water ReuseKinkade-Levario, Heather
Dumbing us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling                         Gatto, John
Earthbag Building : The Tools, Tricks and Techniques                                   Hunter, Kaki
EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth                                       Chiras, Dan
EcoVillage at Ithaca: Pioneering a Sustainable Culture                                 Walker, Liz
Electric Water / The Emerging Revolution in Water and Energy                           Swan, Christopher
Extreme Weather Hits Home / Protecting Your Buildings from Climate Change              Banta, John
Global Profit and Global Justice : Using Your Money to Change the World                Abbey, Deb
Green Building A to Z / Understanding the Language of Green Building                   Yudelson, Jerry
Heal the Ocean : Solutions for Saving Our Seas                                         Fujita, Rod
Homes That Heal (and Those That Don't) : How Your Home Could Be Harming Your Family's Health Athena
How Green is Your City? / The SustainLane U.S. City Rankings                           Karlenzig, Warren
How To Re-Imagine The World / A Pocket Guide For Practical Visionaries                   Weston, Anthony
                                                                                         Morris, Douglas
It's a Sprawl World After All: The Human Cost of Unplanned Growth -- and Visions of a Better Future E.
More Straw Bale Building : A Complete Guide to Designing and Building with Straw         Magwood, Chris
Not Just a Pretty Face / The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry                            Malkan, Stacy
Off The Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy                       Glendinning, Chellis
Peak Everything / Waking Up to the Century of Declines                                   Heinberg, Richard
Petrodollar Warfare : Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar                             Clark, William R.
Powerdown : Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World                                  Heinberg, Richard
Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth                                   Merkel, Jim
Rural Renaissance : Renewing the Quest for the Good Life                                 Kivirist, Lisa
Superbia! : 32 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods                                  Chiras, Dan
Taking a Stand : A Guide to Peace Teams and Accompaniment Projects                       Boardman, Elizabeth F.
The Cohousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community                                   ScottHanson, Chris
The Economics of Happiness / Building Genuine Wealth                                     Anielski, Mark
The Great Neighborhood Book / A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Placemaking                      Walljasper, Jay
The Healing Heart ~ Communities: Storytelling to Build Strong and Healthy Communities ox, Allison M.
The Healing Heart ~ Families: Storytelling to Encourage Caring and Healthy Families      Cox, Allison M.
The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money by Making Your House Energy-Smart                Scheckel, Paul
The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart                                              Hunt, Jan
The Natural Plaster Book: Earth, Lime and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes              Guelberth, Cedar Rose
The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution                                       Robert, Karl-Henrik
The New Village Green / Living Light, Living Local, Living Large                         Morris, Stephen
The Next Sustainability Wave : Building Boardroom Buy-In                                 Willard, Bob
The Party's Over : Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies                         Heinberg, Richard
The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift                              Edwards, Andrés R.
Toward Sustainable Communities : Resources for Citizens and Their Governments            Roseland, Mark
Urban Meltdown / Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual                            Doucet, Clive
Webs of Power : Notes from the Global Uprising                                           Starhawk
Women and the U.S. Budget : Where the Money Goes and What You Can Do About It Midgley, Janet
Your Green Home / A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, New Home ilson, Alex
Once Upon A Time: My Life with Children's Books                                          Egoff, Sheila
Affecting Eternity: Origins of the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Education Calam, John
"First the Bow is Bent in Study..." Dominican Education before 1350                      Mulchahey, M. Michèle
A Book of British Kings: 1200 BC - 1399 AD                                               Rigg, A.G.
A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich, 2 Volume Set                      Julian of Norwich
A Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Optical Manuscripts                              Lindberg, David C.
A Check-list of Middle English Prose Writings of Spiritual Guidance                      Jolliffe, P.S.
                                                                                          the Thesaurus Linguarum Septentrion
A Chorus of Grammars: The Correspondence of George Hickes and his Collaborators onHarris, Richard L.
A Chronicle of all that Happens: Voices from the Village Court in Medieval England       Olson, Sherri
A Durham Book of Devotions                                                               Bestul, Thomas H.
A Small Town in Late Medieval England Godmachester 1278-1400                             Raftis, J. Ambrose
A Survey of the Vatican Archives and of its Medieval Holdings                            Boyle, Leonard E.
A Thirteenth-Century Preacher's Handbook: Studies in Ms Laud Misc. 511                   O’Carroll, Mary E.
                                                                                         Silano, Selected
Acts of Gubertinus de Novate, Notary of the Patriarch of Aquileia, 1328-1336: A Calendar with Giulio Documents
Aging and the Aged in Medieval Europe                                                    Sheehan, Michael M.
Alahan An Early Christian Monastery in Southern Turkey: Based on the Work of MichaelGough, Mary
Albertus Magnus and the Sciences: Commemorative Essays 1980                              Weisheipl, James A.
                                                                                        Principe, Walter Thirteenth Century,
Alexander of Hales’ Theology of the Hypostatic Union: The Theology of the Hypostatic Union in the EarlyH.
Algazel's Metaphysics: A Mediaeval Translation                                          Muckle, J.T.
                                                                                        Jones, G111 Ward
An Aeneid Commentary of the Mixed Type: The Glosses in MSS Harley 4946 and Ambrosianus Julian inf.
Anemurium: Roman and Early Byzantine Pottery                                            Williams, Caroline
Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver: Studies in Medieval Jewish Exegesis and Polemics Talmage, Frank Efrahim
                                                                                         English Church
Archbishop John Stratford: Political Revolutionary and Champion of the Liberties of the Haines, Roy M. ca. 1275/80 - 1348
Archéologie du Signe                                                                    Brind’Amour, Lucie; Vance, Eugene
Arts and Sciences at Padua: The Studium of Padua Before 1350                            Siraisi, Nancy G.
Assart Data and Land Values: Two Studies in the East Midlands 1200-1350                 Raftis, J. Ambrose
Avitus the Fall of Man: De Spiritalis Historiae Gestis Libri I-III                      Avitus
                                                                                        Bartholomaeus Anglicus
Bartholomaeus Anglicus on the Properties of Soul and Body: De Proprietatibus Rerum Libri III Et IV
Basil of Caesarea: Christian, Humanist, Ascetic: A Sixteen-Hundredth Anniversary Symposium Paul
Being and Knowing: Studies in Thomas Aquinas and Later Medieval Philosophers            Maurer, Armand
Biblical and Liturgical Symbols within the Pseudo-Dionysian Synthesis                   Rorem, Paul
Biographical Register of Paris Doctors of Theology 1500-1536                            Farge, James K.
Boccaccio In Defence of Poetry: Genealogiae Deorum Gentilium Liber XIV                  Boccaccio
                                                                                        Pryor, John Marseilles, 1248
Business Contracts of Medieval Provence: Selected Notulae from the Cartulary of Giraud Amalric ofH.
Business, Banking and Finance in Medieval Montpellier                                   Reyerson, Katherine L.
By Women, for Women, about Women: The Sister-Books of Fourteenth-Century Germany        Lewis, Gertrud Jaron
Calendar of the Letters of Arnaud Aubert Camerarius Apostolicus 1361-1371               Williman, Daniel
Calgary Aquinas Studies                                                                 Parel, Anthony
                                                                                        Kosto, Adam J.; Winroth, Anders
Charters, Cartularies, and Archives: The Preservation and Transmission of Documents in the Medieval West
Christian Philosophy: An Introduction                                                   Gilson, Etienne
Chronicle, Part 1 and Part 2                                                            Pere III of Catalonia
Cogs, Cargoes, and Commerce: Maritime Bulk Trade in Northern Europe, 1150-1400 Berggren, Lars
                                                                                        Fra Nicola da Milano
Collationes de Beata Virgine: A Cycle of Preaching in the Dominican Congregation of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Imola, 1286–1
Collection of Papers on Old English Literature                                          Stanley, Eric
Commentum Sedulii Scotti in Maiorem Donatum Grammaticum                                 Sedulius Scotus
                                                                                        Gervers, Michael; Bikhazi, Ramzi J.
Conversion and Continuity: Indigenous Christian Communities in Islamic Lands Elighth to Eighteenth Centuries
Cummian’s Letter De controversia paschali                                               Walsh, Maura
Dante’s Monarchia                                                                       Dante
De ortu sceintiarum                                                                     Robert Kilwardby
Doctor Bernard de Gordon: Professor and Practitioner                                    Demaitre, Luc E.
Domestic Society of Medieval Europe                                                     Sheehan, Michael M.; Murray, Jacque
Early Huntingdonshire Lay Subsidy Rolls                                                 Raftis, J. Ambrose; Hogan, Patricia A.
Early Tudor Godmanchester Survivals and New Arrivals                                    Raftis, J. Ambrose
                                                                                        Webster, Jill R.
Els Menorets: The Franciscans in the Realms of Aragon From St. Francis to the Black Death
Emendatio vitae Orationes ad honorem nominis Ihesu                                      Rolle, Richard
England’s Earliest Sculptors                                                            Bailey, Richard N.
Eriugena’s Commentary on the Dionysian: Celestial Hierarchy                             Rorem, Paul
Essays in Honour of Anton Charles Pegis                                                 O'Donnell, J. Reginald
Etienne Gilson                                                                          Shook, Lawrence K.
Etienne Gilson: A Bibliography/Une Bibliographie                                        McGrath, Margaret
                                                                                         from F. Thirteenth to the Sixteenth
Excommunication and the Secular Arm in Medieval England: A Study in Legal ProcedureLogan,theDonald
                                                                                        Holcot, Robert
Exploring the Boundaries of Reason: Three Questions on the Nature of God by Robert Holcot, op
Faire les nopces: Le mariage de la noblesse française (1375-1475)                       Ribordy, Geneviève
First Latin Translation of Euclid’s Elements Commonly Ascribed to Adelard of Bath       Adelard of Bath
Friars in the Cathedral: The First Franciscan Bishops 1226-1261                           Thomson, Williell R.
G. B. Phelan Selected Papers                                                              Phelan, G.B.
                                                                                          Rigg, A.G.
Gawain on Marriage: The Textual Tradition of the De Coniuge Non Ducenda with Critical Edition and Translation
Gerhoch of Reichersberg: Letter to Pope Hadrian About the Novelties of the Day            Gerhoch of Reichersberg
Germanic Kinship Structure: Studies in Law and Society in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Alexander C.
Graceful Reason: Essays in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy                                Gerson, Lloyd P.
Guerric of Saint-Quentin Quaestiones de quolibet                                          Guerric of Saint-Quentin
Hisperica Famina II Related Poems                                                         Herren, Michael W.
                                                                                          Union in Walter H.
Hugh of Saint-Cher’s Theology of the Hypostatic Union: The Theology of the Hypostatic Principe, the Early Thirteenth Century
Humbert of Romans his Life and Views of Thirteenth-Century Society                        Brett, Edward Tracy
In the Garden of Evil: The Vices and Culture in the Middle Ages                           Newhauser, Richard
                                                                                          Herren, Michael
Insular Latin Studies: Papers on Latin Texts and Manuscripts of the British Isles: 550-1066
Intonation of Formulas of Western Chant                                                   Bailey, Terence
Introductiones dictandi                                                                   Transmundus
                                                                                          Moore, Paul
Iter Psellianum: A Detailed Listing of Manuscript Sources for all Works Attributed to Michael Psellos, Including a Comprehens
Jews and Saracens in the Consilia of Oldradus de Ponte                                    Zacour, Norman
Joachim of Fiore: Enchiridion Super Apocalypsim                                           Joachim of Fiore
Jordanus de Nemore and the Mathematics of Astrolabes: De Plana Spera                      Thomson, Ron B.
Joseph d'Arimathie: A Critical Edition of the Verse and Prose Versions                    de Boron, Robert
Karlamagnúa Saga the Saga of Charlemagne and his Heroes, Volume 2 : Part IV               Hieatt, Constance B.
Karlamagnúa Saga the Saga of Charlemagne and his Heroes, Volume 3, Parts V – X            Hieatt, Constance B.
Karlamagnúa Saga the Saga of Charlemagne and his Heroes, Volume One: Parts I – III Hieatt, Constance B.
La Communauté Juive de Salon-de-Provence: d'après les actes notariés 1391-1435            Wernham, Monique
                                                                                          Ford, Japheth
La Vengeance de Nostre-Seigneur: The Old and Middle French Prose Versions: The Version ofAlvin E.
                                                                                          Ford, Japheth
La Vengeance de Nostre-Seigneur: The Old and Middle French Prose Versions: The Version ofAlvin E.
Late Medieval Liturgical Offices: Sources & Chants                                        Hughes, Andrew
Late Medieval Liturgical Offices: Texts                                                   Hughes, Andrew
Latin Colloquies from Pre-Conquest Britain                                                Gwara, Scott
Les poésies de Guilhem de Montanhagol: Troubadour Provençal du XIIIe Siècle               Guilhem de Montaghnol
Liber Poenitentialis: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Notes                      Robert of Flamborough
Life and Works of Clarembald of Arras: A Twelfth-Century Master of the School of Chartres Clarembald of Arras
Life of Saint Augustine by John Capgrave                                                  Capgrave, John
Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain                                                        Donovan, Richard B.
Logos Islamikos: Studia Islamica in Honorem Georgii Michaelis Wickens                     Savory, Roger M.; Agius, Dionisius A.
                                                                                          Amstutz, Renate
Ludus De Decem Virginibus: Recovery of The Sung Liturgical Core of The Thuringian Zehnjungfrauenspiel
                                                                                          Klingelhofer, Eric
Manor, Vill, and Hundred: The Development of Rural Institutions in Early Medieval Hampshire
Manuscripts of the Evangelium Nicodemi a Census                                           Izydorcyk, Zbigniew
Master Grergorius the Marvels of Rome                                                     Master Gregorius
Mediaeval Liar: A Catalogue of the Insolubilia-Literature                                 Spade, Paul Vincent
Medieval Heresies a Bibliography 1960-1979                                                Berkhout, Carl T.; Russell, Jeffrey B.
Medieval Philosophy                                                                       Maurer, Armand A.
Mélanges offerts à Étienne Gilson                                                         Gilson, Étienne
Men and Women at Toulouse in the Age of the Cathars                                       Mundy, John Hine
Middle French Proverbs, Sentences, and Proverbial Phrases                                 Hassell, James Woodrow, Jr
Mikhail, Prince of Chernigov and Grand Prince of Kiev 1224-1246                           Dimnik, Martin
Miracles and the Venerable Bede                                                           McCready, William D.
Missale Ragusinum: The Missal of Dubrovnik (Oxfore, Bodleian Library, Canon. Liturg. 342) Richard F.
                                                                                            of the Oscar James
Natural Rectitude and Divine Law in Aquinas: An Approach to an Integral InterpretationBrown,Thomistic Doctrine of Law
                                                                                           Hansen, Bert
Nicole Oresme and the Marvels of Nature: A Study of His De Causis Mirabilium with Critical Edition, Translation, and Commen
                                                                                           Nigel of Marie, Versifice
Nigel of Canterbury Miracles of the Virgin Mary, in Verse: Miracula Sancte Dei Genitricis VirginisCanterbury
Nine Medieval Thinkers: A Collection of Hitherto Unedited Texts                            O’Donnell, J. Reginald
Ocelli Nominum: Names and Shelf Marks of Famous/Familiar Manuscripts                       Fitzgerald, Wilma
On "Insoluble" Sentences: Chapter One of his Rules for Solving Sophisms                    Heytesbury, William
                                                                                            Codex Veronensis
On the Communion of Damasus and Meletius: Fourth-Century Synodal Formulae in the Field, Lester L., Jr Lx
Pagan Survivals, Superstitions, and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature Filotas, Bernadette
Parisian Questions and Prologues                                                           Master Eckhart
Peter the Venerable: Selected Letters                                                      Peter the Venerable
                                                                                           Principe, Walter H.
Philip the Chancellor's Theology of the Hypostatic Union: The Theology of the Hypostatic Union in the Early Thirteenth Centur
Philippe de Mèzières' Campaign for the Feast of Mary's Presentation                        Phillippe de Mézière
Philosophy and the God of Abraham                                                          Long, R. James
Piers Plowman: The Z Version                                                               Langland, William
Preachers, Florilegia and Sermons: Studies on the Manipulus Florum of Thomas of Ireland    Rouse, Richard H.
Processions of Sarum                                                                       Bailey, Terence
Psalterium alias Laudatorium Papae Benedicto XIII Dedicatum                                Eiximenis
                                                                                           Bernard of Trilia
Quaestiones de Cognitione Animae Separate a Corpore: A critical Edition of the Latin Text with an Introduction and Notes
                                                                                           Burman, Thomas E.
Religion, Text and Society in Medieval Spain and Northern Europe: Essays in honor of J.N. Hillgarth
Remarks and Admonitions: Translated from the Original Arabic with an Introduction and NotesIbn Sina
Reportatio et Lectura Super Sententias: Collatio ad Librum Primum et Prologus              Chatton, Walter
Reportatio super Sententias: Liber I, distinctiones 10-48                                  Chatton, Walter
Reportatio super Sententias: Liber I, distinctiones 1-9                                    Chatton, Walter
Robert Grosseteste Templum Dei                                                             Robert Grosseteste
                                                                                            the Ramesy Abbey Banlieu
Royal Justice and the Medieval English Countryside: The Huntingdonshire Eyre of 1286, DeWindt, Edwin Brezette Court of 1
                                                                                           Ryan, Gregorian
Saint Peter Damiani and his Canonical Sources: A Preliminary Study in the Antecedents of the J. Joseph Reform
Saints’ Lives by Walter of Châtillon                                                       Walter of Châtillon
Seeing the Future Clearly: Questions on Future Contingents                                 Holcot, Robert
Selected Sermons of Stephen Langton                                                        Stephen Langton
Signs of Sanctity: Miracles in the Thought of Gregory the Great                            McCready, William D.
Simon of Faversham Quaestiones Super Libro Elenchorum                                      Simon of Faversham
Society and Government at Toulouse in the Age of the Cathars                               Mundy, John Hine
Sources of Social History: Private Acts of the Late Middle Ages                            Brezzi, Paolo
Speeches from the Oculus pastoralis                                                        Tunberg, Terence O.
St. Thomas and the Problem of the Soul in the Thirteenth Century                           Pegis, Anton Charles
                                                                                           Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas Aquinas Quaestiones De Anima: A Newly Established Edition of the Latin Text with an Introduction and Notes
St. Thomas Aquinas, 1274 – 1974: Commemorative Studies, 2 Volumes Set                      Maurer, Armand A.
Stella Clericorum                                                                          Reiter, Eric H.
Studies in the Sermons of Stephen Langton: Stephanus de Lingua-Tonante                     Roberts, Phyllis Barzillay
Summa Super Priscianum (2 volume set)                                                      Petrus Helias
Tenure and Mobility: Studies in the Social History of the Mediaeval English Village        Raftis, J. Ambrose
                                                                                           Dinkova-Brun, 1:1-17)
The Ancestry of Jesus: Excerpts from Liber Generationis Iesu Christi Filii David Filii Abraham (Matthew Greti
The Anglo-Norman Lyric: An Anthology                                                       Jeffrey, David L.
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 1394-1464                                       Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 1464-1521                                       Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 1522-1538                                       Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 1539-1545                                       Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 1546-1555                                     Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - Documents 492–1404                                      Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews - History                                                 Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Apostolic See and the Jews: Addenda, Corrigenda, Bibliography and Indexes            Simonsohn, Shlomo
The Booke of Gostlye Grace of Mechtild of Hackeborn                                      Mechtilde of Hackeborn
The Canterbury Hymnal                                                                    Wieland, Gernot R.
The Chronicle of Zuqnin                                                                  Harrak, Amir
                                                                                         Wright, J. Robert
The Church and the English Crown 1305-1334: A Study based on the Register of Archbishop Walter Reynolds
The Church in Late Medieval Norwich 1370-1532                                            Tanner, Norman P.
The Cistercians: Studies in the Geography of Medieval England and Wales                  Donkin, R.A.
                                                                                         the South-Italian Collection in Five Boo
The Collectio canonum Casinensis duodecimi seculi (Codex terscriptus): A Derivative of Reynolds, Roger E.
The Collection in Seventy-Four Titles: A Canon Law Manual of the Gregorian Reform Gilchrist, John
The Commentaries on Boethius, 2 Volume Set                                               Gilbert of Poitiers
The Correspondence of Edward Lye                                                         Ross, Margaret Clunies
The Court and Household of Eleanor of Castile in 1290                                    Parsons, John Carmi
The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove and Bury, 1268-1600                               DeWindt, Edwin Brezette
The Dialogues of Gregory the Great in Their Late Antique Cultural Background             Petersen, Joan M.
                                                                                         Gyug, Richard
The Diocese of Barcelona During the Black Death: The Register Notule Communium 15 (1348-1349) F.
                                                                                         Owens, Joseph
The Doctrine of Being in the Aristotelian 'Metaphysics': A Study in the Greek Background of Mediaeval Thought
The Dynasty of Chernigov 1054-1146                                                       Dimnik, Martin
The Early Councils of Pope Paschal II 1100-1110                                          Blumenthal, Uta-Renate
The Estates of Ramsey Abbey: A Study in Economic Growth and Organization                 Raftis, J. Ambrose
The Ethics of Saint Thomas Aquinas Two Courses                                           Eschmann, Ignatius Theodore
The Fables of 'Walter of England'                                                        Walter of England
The Fairs of Medieval England: An Introductory Study                                     Moore, Ellen W.
The Fleury Play of Herod                                                                 Bailey, Terence
                                                                                         Godfrey of Saint Victor
The Fountain of Philosophy: A Translation of the Twelfth-Century Fons Philosophiae of Godfrey of Saint Victor
The Frescoes of Mar Musa al-Habashi A Study in Medieval Painting in Syria                Dodd, Erica Cruikshank
The Glosae Super Platonem of Bernard of Chartres                                         Dutton, Paul Edward
The Gospel of Nicodemus: Gesta Salvatoris                                                Kim, H.C.
                                                                                         Philological Commentary
The Hisperica Famina: I. The A-Text: A New Critical Edition with English Translation and Herren, Michael W.
The Historical Constitution of St. Bonaventure's Philosophy                              Quinn, John F.
                                                                                         Gervers, Michael
The Hospitaller Cartulary in the British Library (Cotton MS Nero E VI): A Study of the Manuscript and its Composition with a Cr
The Icelandic Legend of Saint Dorothy                                                    Wolf, Kirsten
The Land Legislation of the Macedonian Emperors                                          McGeer, Eric
                                                                                         Franklin, Carmela Vircillo
The Latin Dossier of Anastasius the Persian: Hagiographic Translations and Transformations
The Latin Glosses on Arator and Prudentius in Cambridge University Library, MS GG.5.35 ieland, Gernot R.
The Latin Poems of Richard Ledrede, O.F.M.: Bishop of Ossory, 1317-1360                  Ledrede, Richard
The Latin Rhetorical Commentariesby Thierry of Chartres                                  Thierry of Chartres
The Latin Writings of John Wyclyf: An Annotated Catalog                                  Thomson, Williell R.
The Liber Gersumarum of Ramsey Abbey: A Calender and Index of B.L. Harley MS 445 Dewindt, Edwin Brezette
The Life of Gundulf Bishop of Rochester                                                  Thomson, Rodney
The Life of St. Norbert by John Capgrave, O.E.S.A. (1393-1464)                           Capgrave, John
The Mirror of the New Christians (Espelho de ChristÃos Novos) of Francisco Machado Francisco Machado
The Monastic Discourses: Theoleptos of Philadelpheia                                     Theoleptos of Philadelphia
The Mosaics of Anemurium                                                                 Campbell, Sheila D.
The Mosaics of Antioch                                                                   Campbell, Sheila D.
The Mosaics of Aphrodisias in Caria                                                    Campbell, Sheila D.
The Necrology of San Nicola Della Cicogna: Montecassino, Archivio della Badia 179, pp. Hilken, Charles
The Norman Conquest of Pious Neustria: Historiographic Discourse and Saintly Relics 684-1090 Felice
The Old French Évangile de l’enfance                                                   Boulton, Mary Barry McCann
The One Hundred and Fifty Chapters                                                     Palamas, Gregory
The Oxford Poems of Hugh Primas and the Arundel Lyrics                                 Hugh Primas
The Philosophy of William of Ockham: In the Light of Its Principles                    Maurer, Armand
The Poems of Walter of Wimborne                                                        Walter of Wimborne
                                                                                       Hillgarth, J.N.; Silano, Giulio
The Register Notule communium 14 of the Diocese of Barcelona (1345-1348): A Calendar with Selected Documents
The Register of Richard Clifford Bishop of Worcester, 1401-1407: A Calendar            Smith, Waldo E.L.
The Religious Roles of the Papacy: Ideals and Realities, 1150-1300                     Ryan, Christopher
The Repression of Catharism at Toulouse: The Royal Diploma of 1279                     Mundy, John Hine
The Rise of British Logic                                                              Lewry, P. Osmund
The Rule of St. Benedict: The Abingdon Copy                                            Chamberlin, John
The Scholar's Guide                                                                    Alfonso, Pedro
The Songs of Jaufré Rudel                                                              Rudel, Jaufré
The Summa Parisiensis on the Decretum Gratiani                                         McGlaughlin, Terence P.
The Tradition of Medieval Logic and Speculative Grammar                                Ashworth, E.J.
The Vengeance of Our Lord: Medieval Dramatizations of the Destruction of Jerusalem Wright, Stephen K.
                                                                                        of Orpheus
The 'Vulgate' Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses: The Creation Myth and the StoryCoulson, Frank T.
                                                                                       Sheehan, Michael J.
The Will in Medieval England: From the Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to the End of the Thirteenth Century
The Works of Richard of Campsall                                                       Richard of Campsall
The Works of Richard of Campsall: Questiones Super Librum Priorum Analeticorum, Volume I of Campsall
The Works of William Herebert, OFM                                                     Herebert, William
                                                                                       Guillaume de Immediata Ecclesiastice
Theory of Papal Monarchy in the Fourteenth Century: Guillsume de Pierre Godin, Tractatus de Causa Pierre Godin
Thirteenth-Century Anthology of Rhetorical Poems: Glasgow Ms Hunterian V.8.14          Harbert, Bruce
Thomism the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas                                               Gilson, Etienne
Three Latin Comedies                                                                   Bate, Keith
Three Lives of English Saints                                                          Winterbottom, Michael
Through A Gloss Darkly: Aldhelm's Riddles in the British Library MS Royal 12.C.xxiii   Stork, Nancy Porter
To the Image of the Trinity: A Study in the Development of Aquinas Teaching            Merriell, D. Juvenal
Travail et travailleurs en Europe au Moyen Âge et au début des temps modernes          Dolan, Claire
Two Alcuin Letter-Books                                                                Chase, Colin
Two Greek Aristotelian Commentators on the Intellect                                   Schroeder, Fredric M. – Todd, Robert
Un Éloge de Jacques le frère du Seigneur: par un pseudo-André de Crète                 Pseudo-André de Crète
Un Signe des temps: Accroissement des crises familiales autour du patrimoine à fin du XIIIe siècleFrancine
                                                                                       Armstrong, Lawrin
Usury and Public Debt in Early Renaissance Florence: Lorenzo Ridolfi on the Monte Comune
Walter Burley Quaestiones super librum Posteriorum                                     Burley, Walter
Warboys: Two Hundred Years in the Life of an English Mediaeval Village                 Raftis, J. Ambrose
Warner of Rouen Moriuht: A Norman Latin Poem from the Early Eleventh Century           Warner of Rouen
                                                                                       Lee, Harold
Western Mediterranean Prophecy: The School of Joachim of Fiore and the Fourteenth-Century Breviloquium
William De Montibus (c. 1140-1213): The Schools and the Literature of Pastoral Care Goering, Joseph
William of Auvergne De Trinitate                                                       William of Auvergne
William of Auxerre's Theology of the Hypostatic Union                                  Principe, Walter H.
Ystoria Sancti Thome de Aquino de Guillaume de Tocco (1323)                            Guillaume de Tocco
A Gathering of Flowers from Shakespeare                                                a Brandis, G. Brender
A Lover's Quarrel: Essays and Reviews                                                  Starnino, Carmine
An Artist's Garden                                                                       Brender a Brandis, G.
An Illustrated Alphabet for the Illiterate                                               Kurz, Rudolf
Canadian Literature in English, Volume One                                               Keith, W.J.
Canadian Literature in English, Volume Two                                               Keith, W.J.
Cells of Ourselves                                                                       Urquhart, Tony
Director's Cut                                                                           Solway, David
Facsimiles of Time: Essays on Poetry and Translation                                     Ormsby, Eric
Hand Luggage: A Memoir in Verse                                                          Page, P.K.
How Stories Mean                                                                         Metcalf, John
Images from the Neocerebellum                                                            Walker, George A.
Looking for Snails on a Sunday Afternoon: Thirty-Six Etchings and Three Stories          Kurz, Rudolf
Mother Goose Eggs: Sunnyside Up                                                          Westergard, Jim
Portraits of Flowers                                                                     a Brandis, G. Brender
Ripostes: Reflections on Canadian Literature                                             Marchand, Philip
The Inverted Line                                                                        Walker, George A.
The Names of Things: A Memoir                                                            Helwig, David
The Point of the Graver                                                                  Bates, Wesley W.
This Is Our Writing                                                                      Rigelhof, T.F.
When Words Deny the World: The Reshaping of Canadian Writing                             Henighan, Stephen
Wood, Ink and Paper                                                                      Brender a Brandis, G.
Writers Talking                                                                          Metcalf, John
                                                                                         Guerre mondiale
1939: L'alliance de la dernière chance : une réinterprétation des origines de la Seconde Carley, Michael J.
À l'ombre de L'Orford                                                                    DesRochers, Alfred
Agrippine, Arthur et compagnie: En vedette aux Belles soirées et à la radio              Proulx, Mario
Alimentation et vieillissement                                                           Ferland, Guylaine
Anatomie de la prison contemporaine 2e édition                                           Lemire, Guy
Anatomie fonctionnelle de l'appareil locomoteur - os, articulations, muscles, 3e éditionMichel Guay
Angéline de Montbrun                                                                     Conan, Laure
Approches critiques de la pensée japonaise du XXe siècle                                 Monnet, Livia (dir.)
Avant le chaos et autres nouvelles                                                       Grandbois, Alain
Barcelone: ou comment refaire une ville                                                  Sokoloff, Béatrice
Ces voix qui m'assiègent: …en marge de ma francophonie                                   Djebar, Assia
Chroniques I                                                                             Buies, Arthur
Chroniques II                                                                            Buies, Arthur
Chronopharmacologie: rythmes biologiques et administration des médicaments               Labrecque, Gaston
Cioran - un héroïsme à rebours                                                           David, Sylvain
Colins et le socialisme rationnel                                                        Angenot, Marc
Comprendre le suicide                                                                    Mishara, Brian
Condamner à mort: les meurtres et la loi à l'écran                                       Mavrikakis, Catherine
Confucius: du profane au sacré                                                           Fingarette, Herbert
Contes                                                                                   Ferron, Jacques
Contes vrais                                                                             Le May, Pamphile
Contestation et mondialisation - repenser la culture et la communication                 Cameron, David R.
Correspondance                                                                           Grandbois, Alain
Cours de Morphologie Générale: Théorique et Descriptive, Volume V                        Mel'çuk, Igor
Culture mobile: les nouvelles pratiques de communication                                 Caron, André H.
Dans un gant de fer                                                                      Martin, Claire
Décentralisation, politiques publiques et relations de pouvoir                        Lemieux, Vincent
                                                                                      Monière, Denis
Démocratie médiatique et représentation politique: Analyse comparative de quatre journaux télévisés: Radio-Canad, France
                                                                                      Vaillancourt, Jean-Guy
Développement durable et participation publique: De la contestation écologiste aux défis de la gouvernance
Dictionnaire analytique de la distribution = Analytical dictionary of retailing       Dancette, Jeanne
                                                                                      Mel'çuk, Igor
Dictionnaire explicatif et combinatoire du français contemporain: recherches lexico-sémantiques
Discours                                                                              Parent, Étienne
Diversité et indépendance des médias                                                  Gusse, Isabelle
Drogue et criminalité - une relation complexe, Deuxième Edition                       Brochu, Serge
Écrits                                                                                Dessaulles, L.-A.
Écrits I                                                                              Borduas, Paul-Émile
Écrits II, vol.1                                                                      Borduas, Paul-Émile
Écrits II, vol.2                                                                      Borduas, Paul-Émile
Éléments de logique contemporaine                                                     Lepage, François
Éloge du flou: Aux frontières des mathématiques et de l'intelligence artificielle     Sangalli, Arturo
Émile Nelligan et son Œuvre                                                           Dantin, Louis
Emploi et salaire                                                                     Cousineau, Jean-Michel
                                                                                      Saint-Arnaud, Jocelyne
Enjeux éthiques et technologies biomédicales: Contribution à la recherche en bioéthique
Entre science et culture: introduction à la philosophie des sciences                  Gauthier, Yvon
Essais critiques I                                                                    Dantin, Louis
Essais critiques II                                                                   Dantin, Louis
Et si nous dansions? Pour une olitique du bien commun au Canada                       Blattberg, Charles
Ethique de l'information - fondements et pratiques au québec depuis 1960              Saint-Jean, Armande
Éthique et soins infirmiers                                                           Blondeau, Danielle
Faire dire: L'interview à la radio-télévision                                         Sauvé, Claude
Faulkner, une expérience de retraduction                                              Chapdelaine, Annick
Frontière du roman : le personnage realiste et ses fictions                           Daunais, Isabelle
Gérer l'environnement: Défis constants, solutions incertaines                         Parson, Edward A.
Globalization Governance and Identity: The Emergence of New Partnerships              Lachapelle, Guy
Grands projets et innovations technologiques au Canada                                Faucher, Philippe
Guide de la recherche documentaire                                                    Farley-Chevrier, F
Guide de procédure des assemblées délibérantes                                        Secrétariat général Université de Mon
Histoire de la didactique des langues au siècle des Lumières                          Caravolas, J.A.
Histoire de l'éthique médicale et infirmière: contexte socioculturel et scientifique  Durand, Guy
Histoire du livre et de l'imprimé au Canada: de 1840 à 1918                           Lamonde, Yvan, (et al.)
Histoire du Livre et de L'imprimé Au Canada: Des dèbuts á 1840, volume I              Fleming, Gallichan, Lamonde
                                                                                      Delvaux, Martine
Histoires de fantomes - spectralité et témoignage dans les récits de femmes contemporains
IIntroduction aux relations internationales                                           Éthier, Diane
Images et sociétés - le progrès, les médias et la guerre                              Catherine Saouter
Immigration et diversité à l'école: Le débat québécois dans une perspective comparative cAndrew, Marie
Initiation à la recherche géographie: Aménagement, développement territorial, environnementClaude
Introduction à la pharmacoéconomie                                                    Crochard-Lacour, Anne
Introduction à la politique africaine                                                 Gazibo, Mamoudou
Introduction à la victimologie                                                        Wemmers, Jo-Anne
Introduction aux littératures francophones                                            Ndiaye, Christiane
Journal                                                                               Dessaulles, Henriette
Journal d'un voyage I                                                                 Charlevoix, F.-X. de
Journal d'un voyage II                                                                Charlevoix, F.-X. de
L' approche Systémique en santé mentale                                                  Blanchette, Louise (dir.)
La bataille des memoires: seconde guerre mondiale et le roman                            Hamel, Yan
La Capacité de choisir: Le Canada dans une nouvelle amérique du nord                     Hoberg, George
La chasse-galerie et autres récits                                                       Beaugrand, Honoré
La Chine imaginaire: La Chine vue par les Occidentaux de Marco Polo á nos jours          Spence, Jonathan D.
La cité au bout du fil: Le téléphone à Montréal de 1879 à 1930                           Claire Poitras
La Corée: le peuple et ses valeurs culturelles d'hier á aujourd'hui                      Seong-Sook, Yim
La différenciation sociale: modèles et processus                                         Juteau, Danielle
La face cachée de l'organisation: Groupes, cliques et clan                               Brunet, Luc
La faucille et le condor - le discours français sur l'amérique latine (1950-1985)        Segura, Mauricio
                                                                                         Lemire, critiques
La gestion des ressources humaines dans les organisations publiques: Études de cas et facteurs Louise de succès
La gestion écologique des déchets                                                        Vaillancourt, Jean-Guy
La gestion environnementale et la norme ISO                                              Gendron, Corinne
La langue de papier: Spéculations linguistiques au Québec (1957-1977)                    Larose, Karim
                                                                                         Arroyas, Frédérique
La lecture musico-littéraire: à l'écoute de Passacaille de Robert Pinget et de Fugue de Roger Laporte
La malédiction littéraire - du poète crotté au génie malheureux                          Brissette, Pascal
La politique comparée: Fondements, enjeux et approches théoriques                        Gazibo, Mamoudou
                                                                                         Martens, André
La politique économique du développement et les modèles d'équilibre général calculable: Une introduction à l'application de
La population chinoise: Mythes et réalités                                               Lee, James Z.
La psychocriminologie: Apports psychanalytiques et applications cliniques                Casoni, Dianne
La radio à l'ère de la convergence: Actes du colloque tenu à Ottawa le 11 octobre 2000 Radio-Canada
La religion dans la sphère publique                                                      Lefebvre, Solange
La Scouine                                                                               Laberge, Albert
La societe efficiente: pourquoi fait-il si bon vivre au Canada?                          Heath, Joseph
La terminologie : principes et techniques                                                L'Homme, Marie-Claude
L'absence du maître: Saint-Denys Garneau, Ferron, Ducharme                               Biron, Michel
L'aide Au Conditionnel: La Contrepartie Dans Les Mesures Envers Les Personnes Sans Emploi En Europe Et En Amérique Du No
Langues du roman: Du plurilinguisme comme stratégie textuelle                            Gauvin, Lise (dir.)
L'Année politique au Québec 1997-1998                                                    Boily, Robert
L'Art de soigner en soins palliatifs. Perspectives infirmières 2e édition                Foucault, Claudette
L'arythmie cardiaque: guide d'apprentissage                                              Dominguez, Dubuc
L'autoformation. Pour apprendre autrement                                                Tremblay, Nicole Anne
L'Avènement de la médecine clinique moderne en Europe                                    Keel, Othmar
Le cannabis: Rapport du Comité spécial du Sénat sur les drogues illicites                Comité spécial du Sénat sur les drogue
Le Cognitif en didactique des mathématiques                                              Lemoyne, Gisèle
Le désengagement de l'État providence                                                    Bernier, Nicole F.
Le fantasme métropolitain: L'architecture de Ross Et Macdonald                           Lachapelle, Jacques
Le fédéralisme canadien contemporain - fondements, traditions, institutions              Gagnon, Alain-G.
Le grand voyage du pays des Hurons, suivi de Dictionaire de la langue huronne            Sagard, Gabriel
Le leadership partagé - modèle d'apprentissage et d'actualisation                        Luc, Édith
Le livre avalé - de la littérature entre mémoire et culture                              Méchoulan, Éric
Le modele ludique - le jeu, l'enfant ayant une déficience physique et l'ergothérapie     Ferland, Francine
                                                                                         Hazan, Olga
Le mythe du progrès artistique: étude critique d'un concept fondateur du discours sur l'art depuis la Renaissance
Le nouveau monde numerique: le cas des revues universitaires                             Boismenu, Gérard
Le pas de l'aventurier - a propos de rimbaud                                             Vadeboncoeur, Pierre
Le régime monétaire canadien - institutions, théories et politiques                      Élie, Bernard
                                                                                         Lamonde, Yvan
Le rouge et le bleu: Une anthologie de la pensée politique au Québec de la Conquête à la Révolution tranquille
Le Savoir des livres                                                                      Melançon, Benoît (dir.)
Le sourire d'Anton, ou, L'adieu au roman: Carnets, 1975-1992                              Major, André
Le sport et les hommes: Texte du film Le sport et les hommes d'Hubert Aquin               Barthes, Roland
Le Survenant                                                                              Guèvremont, Germaine
Le système de santé québécois: Un modèle en transformation                                Bégin, Clermont
Le système politique américain                                                            Orban, Edmond
Le temps aboli - l'occident et ses grands récits                                          Hentsch, Thierry
Le vagabond Stoïque: Louis Hémon                                                          Bleton,Paul
Le Wen zi: à la lumière de l'histoire et de l'archéologie                                 Le Blanc, Charles
L'éducation pour tous - une anthologie du rapport Parent                                  Corbo, Claude
Les anciens Canadiens                                                                     Aubert de Gaspé, Ph.
Les constructions meconnues du français                                                   Tellier, Christine
Les demi-civilisés                                                                        Harvey, Jean-Charles
Les dérèglements de l'art: Formes et procédures de l'illégitimité culturelle en France : 1715-1914Pierre
Les dictionnaires Larousse - genèse et évolution                                          Cormier, Monique
Les dictionnaires le Robert - genèse et évolution                                         Cormier, Monique
Les lettres romaines de Du Bellay: Les Regrets et la tradition épistolaire                Bizer, Marc
Les Masques                                                                               La Rocque, Gilbert
Les Mayas et Cancùn                                                                       Dufresne, Lucie
Les meurtriers sexuels - analyse comparative et nouvelles perspectives                    Proulx; Cusson
Les mouvements sociaux: Diversité, action collective et globalisation                     Farro, Antimo L.
Les nouvelles frontières de l'âge                                                         Lefrançois, Richard
Les paradoxes et de la démocratisation en afrique: analyse institutionnelle et stratégiqueGazibo, Mamoudou
Les psychotropes: pharmacologie et toxicomanie                                            Léonard, Louis
Les raisons fortes: Nature et signification de l'appui à la souveraineté du Québec        Gagné, G.
Les relations ethniques en question: ce qui a change depuis 11 septembre                  Renaud, Jean
Les sciences infirmieres: genese d'une discipline                                         Cohen, Yolande
Les sciences sociales de l'environnement: Analyses et pratiques                           Dumas, Brigitte
Les sextants de Pékin                                                                     Waley-Cohen, Joanna
Les temps du paysage                                                                      Poullaouec-Gonidec, Philippe
Les territoires de la culture scientifique                                                Schiele, Bernard
Les troubles liés aux événements traumatiques - dépistage, évaluation et traitements Guay, Stéphane
Les visages de la police - pratiques et perceptions                                       Brodeur, Jean-Paul
Les zoonoses parasitaires - l'infection chez les animaux et chez l'homme                  Villeneuve, Alain
L'Esprit et la nature                                                                     Laurier, Daniel
L'état des citoyennetés - en Europe et dans les Amériques                                 Jenson, Jane
L'éthique de la recherche: Guide pour le chercheur en sciences de la santé                Doucet, Hubert
L'ethnicité et ses frontières                                                             Juteau, Danielle
Lettres à Paul-Émile Borduas                                                              Gauvreau, Claude
Lexicologie et sémantique lexicale - notions fondamentales                                Polguere, Alain
L'hôpital en restructuration - regards croisés sur la France et le québec                 Contandriopoulos, A-P et al
                                                                                          Corbo, Claude
L'idée d'université: Anthologie des débats sur l'enseignement supérieur au Québec de 1770 à 1970
L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderne                                          Potvin, Maryse
L'institution du langage                                                                  Seymour, Michel
L'Interaction Professionnelle: efficacité et coopération                                  St-Arnaud, Yves
L'intervention en santé mentale - le pouvoir thérapeutique de la famille                  Villeneuve, Claude
Littératures mineures en langue majeure: Quebec / Wallonie-bruxelles                      Bertrand, J-P
L'univers social des adolescents                                                           Claes, Michel
Maladies des poissons d'eau douce du Québec: Guide de diagnostic                           Uhland, Carl
Marie-Didace                                                                               Guèvremont, Germaine
Mark Twain et la parole noire                                                              Lavoie, Judith
Menaud, maître-draveur                                                                     Savard, F.-A.
Mesure intégrée du risque dans les organisations                                           Aubert, Benoît A.
Méthodes de planification en transport                                                     Nobert, Ouellet, Parent
Mœurs, coutumes et religion des Sauvages d’Amérique septentrionale                         Perrot, Nicolas
Mon cher maître: Lettres d'Ernest Vizetelly à Émile Zola 1891-1902                         Speirs, D. E.
Musique et modernité en France (1900-1945)                                                 Caron, Sylvain,
Naissance de la littérature française IXe-XVe siècle                                       Walter, Philippe
Né à Québec                                                                                Grandbois, Alain
Nouvelle relation de la Gaspésie                                                           Leclercq, Chrestien
Nouvelles valeurs et gouvernance au Canada                                                 Nevitte, Neil (dir.)
Œuvres                                                                                     Lenoir, Joseph
Œuvres complètes I                                                                         Lahontan
Œuvres complètes II                                                                        Lahontan
Œuvres poétiques complètes                                                                 Lozeau, Albert
Œuvres poétiques complètes                                                                 Morin, Paul
On Being Human: Where Medicine, Ethics and Spirituality Converge                           Ikeda, Simard, Bourgeault
Parole d'historiens - anthologie des réflexions sur l'histoire au Québec                   Bédard, Éric
Partir du bas de l'échelle: des pistes pour atteindre l'égalité sociale en matière de santéGinette Paquet
Paysages en perspective                                                                    Poullaouec-Gonidec, Philippe
Pharmacologie de la douleur                                                                Beaulieu, Pierre
Pièces d'identité: Signets d'une décennie allemande, 1989-2000                             Kolboom, Ingo
Plaisirs de la prose                                                                       Mailhot, Laurent
Poèmes en prose                                                                            Dugas, Marcel
Poésie I                                                                                   Grandbois, Alain
Poésie II                                                                                  Grandbois, Alain
Pour comprendre le nationalisme au Québec et ailleurs                                      Monière, Denis
Pour un nouvel art de vivre: Entretiens sur la vie, la santé, l'éthique biomédicale et l'éducationSimard, Bourgeault
Préparer la relève. Neuf études de cas sur l'entreprise au Québec                          St-Cyr, Louise
Profession astronome                                                                       Wesemael, François
Profession criminologie                                                                    Proulx, Jean
Profession ethicien                                                                        Weinstock, Daniel M.
Profession infrmière: Une histoire des soins dans les hôpitaux du Québec                   Cohen, Yolande
Profession lexicographe                                                                    De Villers, Marie-Éva
Profession philosophe                                                                      Seymour, Michel
Profession sinologue                                                                       Le Blanc, Charles
Prokaryotology: A Coherent Point of View                                                   Sonea, Sorin
Proses diverses                                                                            Grandbois, Alain
Protection sociale et fédéralisme. L'Europe dans le miroir de l'Amérique du Nord           Théret, Bruno
Proust épistolier                                                                          Robitaille, Martin
Publicités à la carte - pour un choix stratégique des médias publicitaires                 Dorion, Jacques
Qui a peur de l'état ? Le Canada dans un monde aux structures polycentriques de pouvoir    Smith, Gordon
Raconter et mourir: Aux sources narratives de l'imaginaire occidental                      Hentsch, Thierry
Radioscopie de l'information télévisée au Canada                                           Monière, Denis
Regards: sur l'art Quèbècois                                                             Lemieux, A
Relation des avantures de Mathieu Sagean, Canadien                                       Sagean, Mathieu
Relation du voyage du Port Royal de l’Acadie suivi de Poésies diverses                   Diéreville
Relations                                                                                Cartier, Jacques
René Char et la métaphore Rimbaud: La lecture à l'oeuvre                                 Fortier, Anne-Marie
                                                                                         Corbo, Claude
Repenser l'école: Une anthologie des débats sur l'éducation au Québec de 1945 au rapport Parent
Rictus romantiques. Politiques du rire chez Victor Hugo                                  Prévost, Maxime
Satires et polémiques I                                                                  Fréchette, Louis
Satires et polémiques II                                                                 Fréchette, Louis
Savoir entreprendre: Douze modèles de réussite - études de cas                           Filion, Louis-Jacques
Sociologie et société québécoise: présences de Guy Rocher                                Saint-Pierre, Céline
Sociologie et valeurs - quatorze penseurs québécois du xxe siècle                        Gagné, Gilles
Statistiques: Concepts et applications                                                   Haccoun, Robert R.
Traité de criminologie empirique, Troisième édition                                      Marc Leblanc
Trente arpents                                                                           Ringuet
Un homme et son péché                                                                    Grignon, Claude-Henri
Un modèle québécois? Gouvernance et participation dans la gestion publique               Hamel, Pierre
Vieillissement et évolution démographique au Canada                                      Cheal, David (Sous la dir.)
Violences au travail: diagnostic et prévention                                           Courcy, Savoie, Brunet
Visages du monde                                                                         Grandbois, Alain
Voyages de Marco Polo (Les)                                                              Grandbois, Alain
Workshop Liban: Saïda en projets de paysage                                              Poullaouec-Gonidec, Philippe (dir.)
Workshop Marrakech - la palmeraie en paysages                                            Poullaouec-Gonidec, Philippe
1000 symboles du Québec                                                                  Bochud, Gérard
1001 symboles du Québec                                                                  Bochud, Gérard
5 ans de réponse aux catastrophes                                                        Boucher, Marcel-M.
À chacun sa quête : Essais sur les nouveaux visages de la transcendance                  Boisvert, Yves
Abrégé des règles de grammaire et d'orthographe (ARGO)                                   Bossé Andieu, Jacqueline
Abrégé sur les méthodes de recherche et la recherche expérimentale                       Laurencelle, Louis
Accompagnement socioconstructiviste : Pour s'approprier une réforme en éducation Lafortune, Louise
Activités sensorielles et motrices : Éducation rééducation                               Gagnon-Bouchard, Isabelle
Agriculture et développement dans l'est du Québec                                        Jean, Bruno
Altermondialisation, économie et coopération internationale                              Favreau, Louis
Amour, violence et adolescence                                                           Fernet, Mylène
Analyse des tableaux de contingence en épidémiologie                                     Bernard, Paul-Marie
Apprendre : Formation expérientielle stratégique                                         Côté, Richard L.
Apprendre autrement : Pourquoi et comment                                                Mandeville, Lucie
Apprendre de son expérience                                                              Bourassa, Bruno
                                                                                         Henri, France
Apprentissage collaboratif à distance : Pour comprendre et concevoir les environnements d'apprentissage virtuels
Apprentissage des sports collectifs                                                      Caron, Jacques
Art et biotechnologies                                                                   Poissant, Louise
Attachement et développement : Le rôle des premières relations dans le développement humain George M.
                                                                                         Poupart, Jean
Au-delà du système pénal : L'intégration sociale et professionnelle des groupes judiciarisés et marginalisés
                                                                                         de la Communauté
Autonomie et mondialisation : Le Québec et la Catalogne à l'heure du libre-échange et Tremblay, Gaëtan européenne
Autoroutes de l'information et dynamiques territoriales                                  Lefebvre, Alain
Beau Sauvage et autres contes de la Mauricie                                             Legaré, Clément
Bioéthique : Méthode et complexité                                                       Cleret de Langavant, Ghislaine
Biologie de l'allaitement : Le sein - le lait - le geste                                 Beaudry, Micheline
Cartographie dans les médias / Cartography in the media                                  Gauthier, Majella J.
Catharsis et transformation sociale dans la théorie politique de Gramsci                 Jouthe, Ernst
                                                                                         Debresson, Christian
Changement climatique, flux technologiques, financiers et commerciaux : Nouvelles directions d'analyse d'entrée-sortie
Changement planifié et développement des organisations : Index thématique et onomastique Roger
Changement planifié et évolution spontanée : Tome 6                                      Tessier, Roger
Chères mathématiques : Susciter l'expression des émotions en mathématiques               Lafortune, Louise
                                                                                          lutte contre la pauvreté
Citoyenneté et pauvreté : Politiques, pratiques et stratégies d'insertion en emploi et deUlysse, Pierre-Joseph
Claude Castonguay : Architecte social et gestionnaire                                    Dussault, Gaston
CLSC et communautés locales : La contribution de l'organisation communautaire            Favreau, Louis
Collaborer pour apprendre et faire apprendre : La place des outils technologiques        Deaudelin, Colette
Comme on fait son lead, on écrit                                                         Char, Antoine
Comment comprendre l'actualité : Communication et mise en scène                          Stoiciu, Gina
Comment enseigner les concepts : Vers un système de modèles d'enseignement               Desrosiers, Rachel
Communication : Horizons de pratiques et de recherche                                    Saint-Charles, Johanne
Communication : Horizons de pratiques et de recherche - Volume 2                         Mongeau, Pierre
Communications en temps de crise                                                         Maisonneuve, Danielle
Comprendre la famille II : Actes du 2e symposium québécois de recherche sur la famillePronovost, Gilles
Comprendre la famille V : Actes du 5e symposium québécois de recherche sur la familleSimard, Marie
Comprendre la famille VI : Actes du 6e symposium québécois de recherche sur la familleacharité, Carl
Comprendre la famille VII : Actes du 7e symposium québécois de recherche sur la famille  Lacharité, Carl
Comprendre la famille VIII : Actes du 8e symposium québécois de recherche sur la famille Alain
Comprendre l'acte terroriste                                                             Casoni, Dianne
Conceptions, croyances et représentations en maths, sciences et technos                  Lafortune, Louise
Concertation éducation travail : Politiques et expériences                               Hardy, Marcelle
                                                                                          Colloque Diane-Gabrielle
Concertation et performance économique : vers de nouveaux modèles ? : Actes du 12eTremblay,de l'Association d'économie
Connaître la météorologie                                                                Leduc, Richard
Constructivisme : choix contemporains : Hommage à Ernst von Glasersfeld                  Jonnaert, Philippe
Contestation transnationale, diversité et citoyenneté dans l'espace québécois            Labelle, Micheline
                                                                                         Klein, Juan-Luis
Contre l'exclusion. Repenser l'économie : Actes du 13e Colloque de l'Association d'économie politique
Contribution à la critique de la persuasion politique                                    Laflamme, Simon
Conventions collectives et changements environnementaux                                  Boucher, Claude R.
Crise d'identité professionnelle et professionnalisme                                    Legault, Georges A.
Croissance végétale et morphogénèse                                                      Jean, Roger V.
Culture organisationnelle                                                                Bertrand, Yves
Culture populaire et enseignement des arts : Jeux et reflets d'identité                  Richard, Moniques
Culture populaire et sociétés contemporaines                                             Pronovost, Gilles
Darwin après Darwin                                                                      Lévy, Joseph J.
De la conciliation emploi-famille à une politique des temps sociaux                      Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
De la créativité à l'intrapreneuriat                                                     Carrier, Camille
De la curatelle au curateur public : 50 ans de protection                                Forget, Nicolle
De la décentralisation au partenariat : Administration en milieu scolaire                St-Pierre, Marjolaine
De l'étude des idées politiques                                                          Prévost, Jean-Guy
Défi au développement régional : Territorialité et changement social au Nicaragua sandiniste Juan-Luis
                                                                                         Jouve, Bernard
Démocraties métropolitaines : Transformations de l'État et politiques urbaines au Canada, en France et en Grande-Bretagne
Dénouer les conflits relationnels en milieu de travail                                   Cormier, Solange
Des campagnes de communication réussies : 43 études de cas primés                        Kugler, Marianne
Des flux et des territoires : Vers un monde sans États                                      Jouve, Bernard
Des machines et des hommes : Télécommunications                                             Brunel, Louis
Des salles d'asile aux centres de la petite enfance : La petite histoire des services de garde au Québec Micheline
Desjardins : une entreprise et un mouvement ?                                               Lévesque, Benoît
Développement économique communautaire : Économie sociale et intervention                   Favreau, Louis
Développement local, économie sociale et démocratie                                         Tremblay, Marielle
Disparition ou réorganisation du travail ?                                                  Leclerc, Michel
Dominique-Marie Varlet : Lettres du Canada et de la Louisiane (1713-1724)                   Thériault, Serge
Droit du tourisme au Québec, 2e édition                                                     Jolin, Louis
Du crayon à l'imprimante : Alphabétisation, micro-informatique et sémiotique                Blais, Hélène
Du dessin aux arts plastiques : L'héritage moderniste d'Irène Senécal                       Lemerise, Suzanne
Eau douce : La nécessaire refondation du droit international                                Paquerot, Sylvie
Eaux et territoires, 2e édition : Tension, coopérations et géopolitique de l'eau            Lasserre, Frédéric
École et entreprise : Vers quel partenariat ?                                               Landry, Carol
Économie du Québec et choix politiques                                                      Centre de recherche en développeme
Économie managériale : Marchés - Soutien à la décision - Concurrence                        LeGoff, Jean-Pierre
                                                                                             du bien-être :
Économie sociale et transformation de l'État-providence dans le domaine de la santé etJetté, Christian Une recension des écri
Écotourisme et gouvernance participative                                                    Lequin, Marie
Écotoxicologie moléculaire : Principes fondamentaux et perspectives de développement elletier, Émilien
Éducation à la foi chrétienne et développement humain                                       Girard, Raymond
Éduquer le sujet éthique : Par des pratiques novatrices en enseignement et en animation     Bouchard, Nancy
Éléments d'analyse complexe                                                                 Gélinas, Réal
Éléments de programmation structurée                                                        Villardier, Louis
Empire du sacre québécois : étude sémiolinguistique d'un intensif populaire                 Legaré, Clément
Emploi, économie sociale et développement local : Les nouvelles filières                    Comeau, Yvan
                                                                                            Leclerc, Jean
En éducation, la nécessité d'une autre gestion : La qualité totale des processus pour l'amélioration des résultats
Enfance et milieux de vie : Initiatives communautaires novatrices                           Gagnier, Jean-Pierre
Enfants à protéger - Parents à aider : Des univers à rapprocher                             Chamberland, Claire
Enjeux de l'éthique professionnelle - Tome I : Codes et comités d'éthique                   Patenaude, Johane
Enjeux du progrès                                                                           Duchesne, Raymond
Enjeux psychosociaux de la santé                                                            Lévy, Joseph J.
Enseignement programmé. Enseignement modulaire                                              Marquis, Danielle
Enseigner avec les technologies : Favoriser les apprentissages, développer des compétences  Depover, Christian
Enseigner le management public : Expériences internationales                                Didacthèque internationale en manag
Entraide et services de proximité : L'expérience des cuisines collectives                   Fréchette, Lucie
Entraînements à courant continu                                                             Joos, Géza
Entre la métropolisation et le village global : Les scènes territoriales de la reconversion Fontan, Jean-Marc
Entrepreneuriat et stratégie des PME : Recueil de cas                                       Carrier, Camille
Entrepreneuriat régional et économie de la connaissance : Une métaphore des romans Julien, Pierre-André
Épistémologie de la science politique                                                       Olivier, Lawrence
Éros au féminin. Éros au masculin : Nouvelles explorations en sexoanalyse                   Crépault, Claude
État des flux de trésorerie                                                                 Fortin, Anne
États-Unis/Cuba : Les interventions d'un empire, l'autodétermination d'un peuple            Cruz Herrera, Dulce María
Éthique et culture religieuse à l'école                                                     Bouchard, Nancy
Éthique, travail social et action communautaire                                             Lamoureux, Henri
Éthiques : Dit et non-dit, contredit, interdit                                              Bourgeault, Guy
Évaluation du niveau conceptuel par la méthode du paragraphe à compléter                    Desrosiers, Rachel
                                                                                         Desrosiers, Rachel
Évaluation du niveau conceptuel par la méthode du paragraphe à compléter : Formulaire du test d'opinions personnelles
Évaluation du potentiel humain dans les organisations                                    Pettersen, Normand
Exercices pratiques de style                                                             Bossé Andieu, Jacqueline
Exercices pratiques de style - Solutionnaire                                             Bossé Andieu, Jacqueline
Face au nucléaire                                                                        Maranda, Marie-France
Face aux Colbert : Les Le Tellier, Vauban, Turgot. . . et l'avènement du libéralisme     Tellier, Luc-Normand
Femmes et maths, sciences et technos                                                     Lafortune, Louise
                                                                                         Racicot, François-Éric
Finance computationnelle et gestion des risques : Ingénierie financière avec applications <i>Excel</i> (<i>Visual Basic</i>) et
Finances internationales : Théorie, politique et pratique, 2e édition                    Nyahoho, Emmanuel
Fondements et pratiques de l'éducation à la petite enfance                               Lalonde-Graton, Micheline
Formation des adultes aux cycles supérieurs : Quête de savoirs, de compétences ou de sens ? Carol
                                                                                         Langevin, Louise
Formation et soutien à l'enseignement universitaire : Des constats et des exemples pour inspirer l'action
Génies des lieux : Enchevêtrement culturel, clivages et ré-inventions du sujet collectif Boudreault, Pierre-Wilfrid
Géographie et société : Vers une géographie citoyenne                                    Laurin, Suzanne
Gérer son projet : En sciences humaines et au quotidien                                  Théorêt, Yves
Gérer une revue de presse                                                                Chartier, Lise
Gérer, c'est créer au quotidien : Points de repère - Outils de réflexion - Références    Wener, Normand
Gérez un projet de changement technologique : Un guide, une démarche et des outils Préfontaine, Lise
Gestion étrangère du développement de l'Afrique                                          Lavoie, Jean-Yves
                                                                                         Carrier, Mario
Gouvernance et territoires ruraux : Éléments d'un débat sur la responsabilité du développement
Grands projets urbains et requalification                                                Sénécal, Gilles
Graphisme et géométrie                                                                   Fleury, Michel
Groupe, pouvoir et communication                                                         Hogue, Jean-Pierre
                                                                                         Brossard, Michel
Groupes semi-autonomes de travail et dynamique du pouvoir ouvrier : L'évolution du cas Steinberg
Guide de conjugaison                                                                     Makdissi, Marie
Guide de l'intervenant municipal 1988                                                    Tellier, Luc-Normand
Guide de présentation d'un travail de recherche : 2e édition                             Bernier, Benoît
Guide pratique de podologie : Annoté pour le diabétique                                  Pothier, Denise
Hasard, nombres aléatoires et méthode Monte Carlo                                        Laurencelle, Louis
                                                                                         Prud'Homme, Julien
Histoire des orthophonistes et des audiologistes au Québec : 1940-2005 : Pratiques cliniques, aspirations professionnelles et
Histoire du sport de l'Antiquité au XIXe siècle                                          Massicotte, Jean-Paul
Historique et prospective du changement planifié : Tome 1                                Tessier, Roger
Homosexualités : Variations régionales                                                   Julien, Danielle
Huit clés pour la prévention du suicide chez les jeunes                                  Falardeau, Marlène
Images du récit                                                                          Sohet, Philippe
Images en mouvement : Stockage - Repérage - Indexation                                   Turner, James M.
Imaginaires métissés en littérature pour la jeunesse                                     Sorin, Noëlle
Innovation, technologie et qualification : Multidimension et complexité du processus d'innovationDiane-Gabrielle
                                                                                         Assogba, Yao
Insertion des jeunes, organisation communautaire et société : L'expérience fondatrice des Carrefours jeunesse-emploi au Qué
Institutions administratives locales au Québec : structures et fonctions                 Gravel, Robert J.
Interfaces et sensorialité                                                               Poissant, Louise
Intervenir auprès d'élèves ayant des besoins particuliers : Quelle formation à l'enseignement ? Pierre-André
Intervention sociale en cas de catastrophe                                               Maltais, Danielle
Introduction à la méthodologie de la pensée écrite : Édition revue et corrigée           Lacharité, Normand
Introduction à l'analyse fonctionnelle                                                   Reischer, Corina
                                                                                          et enjeux Jean-Marie
Introduction aux analyses sociologiques du temps hors travail : Fondements théoriquesLafortune, sociaux du temps libre, du l
Je joue avec les mots, 4e année : Édition revue et corrigée                              Makdissi, Marie
Je joue avec les mots, 5e année : Édition revue et corrigée                                  Makdissi, Marie
Je joue avec les mots, 6e année                                                              Makdissi, Marie
Jeu, simulation et jeu de rôle                                                               Chamberland, Gilles
Justine Lacoste-Beaubien et l'Hôpital Sainte-Justine                                         Forget, Nicolle
La capacité internationale des états : L'exercice du «jus tractatuum»                        Patry, André
La cité coopérative canadienne-française : Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice, 1955-1963 Collin, Jean-Pierre
                                                                                             Déry, Steve
La colonisation agricole au Viêt Nam : Contribution à l'étude de la construction d'un État moderne; du bouleversement à l'int
La communication des risques : Un nouveau défi                                               Maisonneuve, Danielle
La communication et la gestion : 2e édition revue et corrigée                                Cormier, Solange
La communication politique : État des savoirs, enjeux et perspectives                        Gingras, Anne-Marie
La compétitivité urbaine à l'ère de la nouvelle économie : Enjeux et défis                   Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
La conduite d'une étude de besoins en éducation et en formation : Une approche systémique    Lapointe, Jacques Jean
La conscience : Perspectives pédagogiques et psychologiques                                  Pons, Francisco
La convention collective : Savoir la négocier, l'interpréter, l'appliquer                    Bernatchez, Jean-Claude
La culture contre l'art : Essai d'économie politique du théâtre                              Féral, Josette
La culture populaire chez les jeunes : Entre projets artistiques et projets pédagogiques Richard, Moniques
La CUM et la région métropolitaine : L'avenir d'une communauté                               Bélanger, Yves
La dette extérieure des pays en développement : La renégociation sans fin                    Deblock, Christian
La didactique du français oral au Québec : Recherches actuelles et applications dans lesPlessis-Bélair, Ginette
La face cachée de la perestroïka                                                             Giguère, Monique
La femme de l'organisation                                                                   Baudoux, Claudine
                                                                                             contexte des réformes par compéten
La formation à l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies au secondaire : Dans le Hasni, Abdelkrim
La formation continue : De la réflexion à l'action                                           Lafortune, Louise
La formation en alternance : État des pratiques et des recherches                            Landry, Carol
                                                                                             Rivard, votre organisation
La gestion de la formation en entreprise : Pour préserver et accroître le capital compétence de Patrick
La gestion des archives informatiques                                                        CREPUQ
La gestion des archives photographiques                                                      Charbonneau, Normand
La gestion des ressources humaines pour la réussite scolaire                                 Moisset, Jean-Joseph
La gestion des ressources humaines sur la scène stratégique : 19e congrès annuel de l'APRHQ  Beaulieu, Paul
                                                                                             St-Pierre, Josée
La gestion du risque : Comment améliorer le financement des PME et faciliter leur développement
La gestion d'un centre d'archives : Mélanges en l'honneur de Robert Garon                    Gagnon Arguin, Louise
La gestion financière des PME : Théories et pratiques                                        St-Pierre, Josée
La gestion publique sous le microscope                                                       Charih, Mohamed
La gloire et la faute : Essai psychanalytique sur le conflit entre narcissisme et culpabilitéLussier, André
La guerre mondiale de l'information                                                          Char, Antoine
La jeunesse en difficulté : Comprendre pour mieux intervenir                                 Hanigan, Patricia
La linguistique en cour de justice                                                           Tousignant, Claude
La lutte pour le développement : Le cas du Nord-Est                                          Savoie, Donald J.
La météo en photos                                                                           Gervais, Raymond
La mission continue de Jésus et le bérullien Jean Eudes : Sémiotique du discours religieux   Legaré, Clément
La morale, l'éthique, l'éthicologie : Une triple façon d'aborder les questions d'ordre moral Fortin, Pierre
La mort : Condition de la vie                                                                Gendron, Colette
La motivation dans la création scientifique                                                  Viau, Rolland
La nef marrane : Essai sur le retour du judaïsme aux portes de l'Occident                    Polo, Anne-Lise
La nouvelle économie : Où ? Quoi ? Comment ?                                                 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
La participation dans les entreprises : Les expériences québécoises et ontariennes           Nightingale, Donald V.
La pédagogie de l'inclusion scolaire                                                         Rousseau, Nadia
La pédagogie prospective : Nouveau paradigme                                                 Boivin, Maurice
La persistance au doctorat. Une histoire de sens                                             Bourdages, Louise
La persistance aux études supérieures : Le cas du doctorat, édition revue et augmentéeBourdages, Louise
La planification financière personnelle : 2e édition mise à jour 2001                        Lamontagne, Roger A.
La planification stratégique à l'université : 2e édition                                     Arguin, Gérard
La politique fiscale : À la recherche du compromis, 2e édition                               Tremblay, Pierre-P.
La politique par le détour de l'art, de l'éthique et de la philosophie                       Beaudry, Lucille
La pratique de l'action communautaire : 2e édition, revue et augmentée                       Lamoureux, Henri
La pratique de l'intervention de groupe : Perceptions, stratégies et enjeux                  Berteau, Ginette
La présidence des États-Unis                                                                 Vallet, Élisabeth
La prévention du suicide à l'école                                                           Parent, Ghyslain
La prévision-prospective en gestion : Tourisme, loisir, culture. 2e édition revue et corrigéeStafford, Jean
La recherche création : Pour une compréhension de la recherche en pratique artistiqueGosselin, Pierre
La recherche participative : Multiples regards                                               Anadón, Marta
La recherche qualitative en éducation                                                        Poisson, Yves
La recherche touristique : Introduction à la recherche quantitative par questionnaire Stafford, Jean
La recherche-action : Ses fonctions, ses fondements et son instrumentation                   Goyette, Gabriel
La recherche-intervention éducative : Transition entre famille et CPE                        Tochon, François
                                                                                             Fecteau, Pour une problématique hist
La régulation sociale entre l'acteur et l'institution / Agency and Institutions in Social Regulation : Jean-Marie
La rue attractive : Parcours et pratiques identitaires des jeunes de la rue                  Parazelli, Michel
La sécurité d'emploi dans le secteur public : Essai                                          Borgeat, Louis
La social-démocratie en cette fin de siècle / Late Twentieth-Century Social Democracy Prévost, Jean-Guy
La surdité vue de près                                                                       Dubuisson, Colette
La technologie médicale hors-limite : Le cas des xénogreffes                                 Saint-Germain, Christian
                                                                                              des États-Unis
La télévision mène-t-elle le monde? : Le mythe de l'effet CNN sur la politique étrangèrePrémont, Karine
La théorie de la Gestalt et l'art visuel : Essai sur les fondements de la sémiotique visuelle aint-Martin, Fernande
La transition en Roumanie                                                                    Tessier, Roger
La variation sociolinguistique : Modèle québécois et méthode d'analyse                       Tousignant, Claude
La vie dans les organisations : Des indicateurs de succès                                    Laflamme, Roch
La ville autrement                                                                           Delorme, Pierre
                                                                                             Paquin, Maryse
La violence au préscolaire et au primaire : Les défis et les enjeux de la collaboration entre l'école et les parents
La violence conjugale : Développer l'expertise infirmière                                    Lachapelle, Hélène
L'accompagnement en éducation : Un soutien au renouvellement des pratiques                   L'Hostie, Monique
L'acquisition d'entreprises : Dynamisme et facteurs de succès                                Rousseau, Léontine
L'administration de l'éducation : Une perspective historique                                 Barnabé, Clermont
L'administration publique québécoise : Évolutions sectorielles 1960-1985                     Bélanger, Yves
L'affectivité dans l'apprentissage                                                           Lafortune, Louise
                                                                                             Favreau, Louis
L'Afrique qui se refait : Initiatives socioéconomiques des communautés et développement en Afrique noire
L'agent de voyages à l'ère du commerce électronique : Une profession à réinventer            Bédard, François
L'Algonquin au XVIIe siècle                                                                  Daviault, Diane
L'amour en patience : La sexualité adolescente au Québec - 1940-1960                         Desjardins, Gaston
L'analyse de l'enseignement                                                                  Dussault, Gilles
L'analyse multivariée avec SPSS                                                              Stafford, Jean
L'appréciation des performances au travail : De l'individu à l'équipe                        Bernatchez, Jean-Claude
L'apprentissage par projet                                                                   Proulx, Jean
L'archivistique : Son histoire, ses acteurs depuis 1960                                      Gagnon Arguin, Louise
L'arsenal des subventions à l'exportation et l'OMC                                           Nyahoho, Emmanuel
L'astronomie et son histoire                                                              Roy, Jean-René
L'autonomie des équipes d'intervention communautaire : Modèles et pratiques               Boisvert, Daniel
L'autonomie humaine : une victoire sur l'organisme                                        Morin, Jocelyne
Le bébé en garderie                                                                       Martin, Jocelyne
Le brevet sur l'animal : Xénotransplantation                                              Obadia, Alexandra
                                                                                          Racicot, Basic), 2e édition
Le calcul numérique en finance empirique et quantitative : Ingénierie financière et Excel (Visual François-Éric
Le changement organisationnel : Théorie et pratique                                       Collerette, Pierre
Le choc des patois en Nouvelle-France : Esssai sur l'histoire de la francisation au CanadaBarbaud, Philippe
Le cinéma québécois. À la recherche d'une identité ? - Tome 1 : L'imaginaire filmique Poirier, Christian
                                                                                          Poirier, Christian
Le cinéma québécois. À la recherche d'une identité ? - Tome 2 : Les politiques cinématographiques
Le combat du patrimoine à Montréal (1973-2003)                                            Drouin, Martin
Le commerce électronique : Y a-t-il un modèle québécois ?                                 Lafrance, Jean-Paul
Le commerce international : Théories, politiques et perspectives industrielles, 3e édition yahoho, Emmanuel
Le Congrès des États-Unis                                                                 Gagnon, Frédérick
Le contribuable. Héros ou malfaiteur ?                                                    Tremblay, Pierre-P.
Le contrôle financier du capitalisme canadien                                             Niosi, Jorge Eduardo
Le défi du monde de la santé : Comment humaniser les soins et les organisations           Gravel, Chantal
                                                                                          Rivard, processus,
Le développement de systèmes d'information : Une méthode intégrée à la transformation des Suzanne 3e édition
                                                                                          Gendron, Corinne
Le développement durable comme compromis : La modernisation écologique de l'économie à l'ère de la mondialisation
Le développement social : Un enjeu pour l'économie sociale                                Tremblay, Marielle
Le développement social au rythme de l'innovation                                         Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la
Le devoir de mémoire et les politiques du pardon                                          Labelle, Micheline
Le groupe de codéveloppement professionnel                                                Payette, Adrien
                                                                                          Epoque, Martine
Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire en mémoires, 1968-1982 : Les coulisses de la nouvelle danse au Québec
Le jardin d'ombres : La poétique et la politique de la rééducation sociale                Desjardins, Michel
                                                                                          Dominique, Richard
Le langage de la chasse : Récit autobiographique de Michel Grégoire, Montagnais de Natasquan
Le libéralisme classique                                                                  Liebich, André
Le loisir contemporain : Essai de philosophie sociale                                     Bellefleur, Michel
Le loisir public au Québec : Une vision moderne                                           Laboratoire en loisir et vie communau
Le mal-né : Seize études sur la poésie québécoise                                         Chatillon, Pierre
Le management                                                                             Crener, Maxime
Le manuel scolaire : d'ici et d'ailleurs, d'hier à demain                                 Lebrun, Monique
Le manuel scolaire : Un outil à multiples facettes                                        Lebrun, Monique
Le marché culturel à l'ère de la mondialisation                                           Nyahoho, Emmanuel
                                                                                          Collin, Johanne
Le médicament au coeur de la socialité contemporaine : Regards croisés sur un objet complexe
Le modèle québécois de développement : De l'émergence au renouvellement                   Bourque, Gilles L.
Le monde dans tous ses États : Une approche géographique                                  Klein, Juan-Luis
Le monopole public de l'éducation : L'économie politique de la médiocrité                 Migué, Jean-Luc
Le mouvement coopératif au coeur du XXIe siècle                                           Gagnon, Alain-G.
Le mouvement familial au Québec 1960-1990                                                 Lemieux, Denise
Le parti colonial français : Éléments d'histoire                                          Lagana, Marc
Le plan de communication : Une approche pour agir en société                              Corriveau, Raymond
Le problème de l'homme chez Jean-Jacques Rousseau                                         Vinh-De, Nguyen
Le processus budgétaire au Québec                                                         Lachapelle, Guy
                                                                                          Goyette, Martin
Le projet Solidarité Jeunesse : Dynamiques partenariales et insertion des jeunes en difficulté
Le quatrième registre de Tadoussac                                                        Hébert, Léo-Paul
Le Québec en changement : Entre l'exclusion et l'espérance                                Bruneau, Pierre
Le questionnement en équipe-cycle : Questionnaires, entretiens et journaux de réflexionafortune, Louise
Le registre de Sillery : (1638-1690)                                                     Hébert, Léo-Paul
Le Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean face à son avenir                                                Proulx, Marc-Urbain
Le sang jaune de Bombardier : La gestion de Laurent Beaudoin                             Tremblay, Miville
Le savoir à domicile : Pédagogie et problématique de la formation à distance             Henri, France
Le savoir pratiqué : Savoir et pratique du changement planifié                           Tessier, Roger
Le sens du langage visuel : Essai de sémantique visuelle psychanalytique                 Saint-Martin, Fernande
                                                                                         Salam Fall, Abdou
Le Sud... et le Nord dans la mondialisation. Quelles alternatives ? : Le renouvellement des modèles de développement
Le suicide : Interventions et enjeux éthiques                                            Fortin, Pierre
Le tempérament de l'enfant : Cinq études                                                 Tarabulsy, George M.
Le temps de l'ambiguïté : Le contexte politique du changement                            Vaillancourt, Raymond
Le temps de l'incertitude : Du changement personnel au changement organisationnel Vaillancourt, Raymond
Le temps en éducation : Regards multiples                                                St-Jarre, Carole
Le territoire pensé : Géographie des représentations territoriales                       Lasserre, Frédéric
Le texte automatiste                                                                     Fisette, Jean
                                                                                         Tourisme Canada
Le tourisme c'est votre affaire - Guide d'étude : Un programme de gestion financière établi pour l'industrie hôtelière canadien
                                                                                         Hillali, Mimoun
Le tourisme international vu du Sud : Essai sur la problématique du tourisme dans les pays en développement
Le tourisme métropolitain : Le cas de Montréal                                           Pilette, Danielle
Le travail en équipe                                                                     Proulx, Jean
Le travail indépendant : Un révélateur des mutations du travail                          D'Amours, Martine
Le travail professoral démystifié : Du rapport Angers au rapport Archambault             Bertrand, Denis
Le travail professoral reconstruit : Au-delà de la modulation                            Bertrand, Denis
                                                                                         et organisationnelles
Le travailleur forestier québécois : Transformations technologiques, socioéconomiques Legendre, Camille
Le troisième registre de Tadoussac : Miscellaneorum Liber                                Hébert, Léo-Paul
Le virage ambulatoire : Défis et enjeux                                                  Pérodeau, Guilhème
L'échiquier touristique québécois                                                        Gagnon, Serge
L'école actuelle face au changement : instruire, éduquer ou socialiser                   Montoya, Yves
L'école alternative et la réforme en éducation : Continuité ou changement ?              Pallascio, Richard
L'économie des territoires au Québec : Aménagement, gestion, développement               Proulx, Marc-Urbain
L'économie sociale dans les services à domicile                                          Vaillancourt, Yves
                                                                                         Gagnon, Christiane
L'écotourisme, entre l'arbre et l'écorce : De la conservation au développement viable des territoires
L'écriture de presse                                                                     Naville-Morin, Violette
L'écrivain scénique                                                                      Vaïs, Michel
Lecture publique et culture au Québec : XIXe et XXe siècles                              Lajeunesse, Marcel
L'éducation géographique : Formation du citoyen et conscience territoriale, 2e édition Klein, Juan-Luis
L'éducation morale à l'école : Une approche par le jeu dramatique et l'écriture          Bouchard, Nancy
L'éducation psychomotrice : Source d'autonomie et de dynamisme                           Lauzon, Francine
L'Église et le loisir au Québec : Avant la Révolution tranquille                         Bellefleur, Michel
L'empire blessé : Washington à l'épreuve de l'asymétrie                                  Courmont, Barthélémy
L'enfant : Une approche globale pour son développement                                   Hendrick, Joanne
L'enfant et son environnement : Une étude fonctionnelle de la première enfance           Pomerleau, Andrée
L'enjeu de la réussite dans l'enseignement supérieur                                     Doray, Pierre
L'enseignant, un professionnel                                                           Gohier, Christiane
L'enseignement des sciences de la nature au primaire                                     Caillé, André
L'enseignement et l'hémisphère cérébral droit                                            Desrosiers, Rachel
L'entreprise de presse et le journaliste                                                 Leclerc, Aurélien
L'entreprise-réseau : Dix ans d'expérience de la Chaire Bombardier Produits récréatifs Raymond, Louis
L'entrevue structurée : Pour améliorer la sélection du personnel                          Pettersen, Normand
L'environnement traductionnel : La station de travail du traducteur de l'an 2001          Clas, André
L'épidémiologie sans peine : 2e édition revue corrigée et augmentée                       Goldberg, Marcel
                                                                                          Prévost, Jean-Guy
L'ère du chiffre / The Age of Numbers : Systèmes statistiques et traditions nationales/Statistical Systems and National Traditio
Les fonctions de l'archivistique contemporaine                                            Couture, Carol
Les autoroutes de l'information : Un produit de la convergence                            Lacroix, Jean-Guy
Les centres de la petite enfance : Un mode de gestion féministe en transformation         Gravel, Anne Renée
Les champions des femmes : Examen du discours sur la supériorité des femmes 1400-1800     Angenot, Marc
                                                                                          2e édition
Les conditions d'intégration des enfants en difficultés d'adaptation et d'apprentissage : Lavallée, Marcel
Les conduites antisociales des filles : Comprendre pour mieux agir                        Verlaan, Pierrette
Les constitutions arabes et l'Islam : Les enjeux du pluralisme juridique                  Lavorel, Sabine
Les Coopérants : Le rêve inachevé d'un leadership démocratique                            Hafsi, Joëlle
                                                                                          Perrenoud, Philippe
Les cycles d'apprentissage : Une autre organisation du travail pour combattre l'échec scolaire
Les décisions d'investissement dans les PME : Comment évaluer la rentabilité financière   St-Pierre, Josée
Les défis et les options de la relance de Montréal                                        Tellier, Luc-Normand
Les didactiques des disciplines : Un débat contemporain                                   Jonnaert, Philippe
                                                                                          interpersonnelle et biologique, 2e édi
Les dysfonctions sexuelles : Évaluation et traitement par des méthodes psychologique, Trudel, Gilles
Les églises du Québec : Un patrimoine à réinventer                                        Noppen, Luc
Les élections présidentielles américaines                                                 Vallet, Élisabeth
Les émotions à l'école                                                                    Lafortune, Louise
Les enfants de parents affectés d'une dépendance : Problèmes et résilience                Vitaro, Frank
Les enjeux de la supervision pédagogique des stages                                       Boutet, Marc
Les espaces dégradés : Contraintes et conquêtes                                           Sénécal, Gilles
Les fondements de la discipline archivistique                                             Rousseau, Jean-Yves
Les grands esprits du management                                                          Boisvert, Jean
Les groupes de discussion                                                                 Martineau, Stéphane
                                                                                          Gravel, Robert
Les institutions administratives locales et régionales au Québec : Structures et fonctions, 2e édition J.
Les parents et le statut confessionnel de l'école au Québec                               Caron, Anita
Les PME à forte croissance : L'exemple de 17 gazelles dans 8 régions du Québec            Julien, Pierre-André
Les poids du monde : Évolution des hégémonies planétaires                                 De Koninck, Rodolphe
Les réformes curriculaires : Regards croisés                                              Jonnaert, Philippe
Les régions périphériques : Défi au développement du Québec                               Dugas, Clermont
Les relations du travail au Québec : 2e édition                                           Leclerc, Michel
Les relations publiques : Le syndrome de la cage de Faraday                               Maisonneuve, Danielle
Les relations publiques dans une société en mouvance : 3e édition                         Lamarche, Jean-François
Les relaxations : Théories et pratiques de quelques solutions de rechange aux médications Chenard, Jean-René
Les six mois qui ont ébranlé le monde                                                     Legault, Albert
Les stratégies d'apprentissage à l'université                                             Boulet, Albert
Les TIC... au coeur des pédagogies universitaires : Diversité des enjeux pédagogiques etKarsenti, Thierry
Les traitements antirétroviraux : Expériences et défis                                    Lévy, Joseph J.
Les transformations des universités du XIIIe au XXIe siècle                               Gingras, Yves
Les troubles d'apprentissage                                                              Schoning, Frances
Les valeurs des jeunes                                                                    Pronovost, Gilles
Les villes moyennes au Québec : Leur place dans le système socio-spatial                  Bruneau, Pierre
L'espace économique mondial : Les économies avancées et la mondialisation                 Rodrigue, Jean-Paul
L'espace touristique                                                                      Cazelais, Normand
L'État québécois au XXIe siècle                                                           Bernier, Robert
L'État québécois et les universités : Acteurs et enjeux                                   Beaulieu, Paul
L'éthique professionnelle en enseignement : Fondements et pratiques                       Desaulniers, Marie-Paule
L'étude de cas comme méthode de recherche : Guide de réalisation                          Gagnon, Yves-Chantal
L'évaluation créative : Une approche systémique des valeurs                               Ouellet, André
L'évaluation de programmes en prévention du suicide                                       Chagnon, François
L'éveil du dragon : Les défis du développement de la Chine au XXIe siècle                 Lasserre, Frédéric
L'évolution de la population étudiante à l'université : Facteurs explicatifs et enjeux    Chenard, Pierre
L'évolution de la protection de l'enfance au Québec : Des origines à nos jours            Joyal, Renée
L'évolution du loisir au Québec : Essai socio-historique                                  Bellefleur, Michel
L'évolution graphique : Du premier trait gribouillé à l'oeuvre plus complexe              Joyal, Bruno
L'expérience touristique contemporaine : Fondements sociaux et culturels                  Laplante, Marc
L'expertise psycholégale : Balises méthodologiques et déontologiques                      Brunet, Louis
L'exposé oral en enseignement                                                             Bujold, Nérée
L'extrême prématurité : Les enjeux parentaux, éthiques et légaux                          Giroux, Michel T.
                                                                                          Boudreault, Pierre-Wilfrid
L'imaginaire urbain et les jeunes : La ville comme espace d'expériences identitaires et créatrices
L'impact référendaire                                                                     Lachapelle, Guy
L'inconduite en recherche : Enquête en sciences de l'administration                       Cossette, Pierre
L'industrie touristique : Stratégie concurrentielle des entreprises                       Sabourin, Vincent
L'ingénierie pédagogique : Pour construire l'apprentissage en réseau                      Paquette, Gilbert
L'injection électronique - Tutoriel, guide et cahiers                                     Gagné, Pierre
L'innovation en formation à l'enseignement : Pistes de réflexion et d'action              Loiselle, Jean
L'innovation sociale : Émergence et effets sur la transformation des sociétés             Klein, Juan-Luis
L'insertion professionnelle des diplômés des cycles supérieurs : Réflexions               Mamboundou, Wenceslas
L'intégration pédagogique des TIC dans le travail enseignant : Recherches et pratiques Karsenti, Thierry
Lire Étienne Parent (1802-1874) : Notre premier intellectuel                              Bergeron, Gérard
L'Occident imaginaire : La vision de l'Autre dans la conscience politique arabe           Samir El-Husseini, Nassib
L'oeil sans paupière : Écrire l'émotion pornographique                                    Saint-Germain, Christian
Loisir et société : Traité de sociologie empirique, 2e édition                            Pronovost, Gilles
L'organisation communautaire : Fondements, approches et champs de pratique                Bourque, Denis
L'Université en réseau - Souple : Les 25 ans de l'Université du Québec                    Ferretti, Lucia
                                                                                          Rhéaume, Denis
L'université possible : Un regard personnel et prospectif porté sur l'université québécoise
L'urbain. Un enjeu environnemental                                                        Boisvert, Michel A.
L'urgence d'agir, volume 1 : Des ruptures sociales importantes                            Observatoire du Québec
L'urgence d'agir, volume 2 : Une économie interpellée par la mondialisation               Observatoire du Québec
L'urgence d'agir, volume 3 : La société québécoise en quête de repères                    Observatoire du Québec
L'utilisation de méthodes quantitatives en vérification : 3e édition                      Cormier, Denis
                                                                                          Ulysse, Pierre-Joseph
Lutte contre la pauvreté, territorialité et développement social intégré : Le cas de Trois-Rivières
Management des organisations publiques : Théorie et applications                          Proulx, Denis
Management public : Comprendre et gérer les institutions de l'État                        Parenteau, Roland
Manuel de réadaptation psychiatrique                                                      Lecomte, Tania
Manuel de techniques virologiques : 2e édition                                            Payment, Pierre
                                                                                          Ibnlkhayat, Nozha
Marketing des systèmes et services d'information et de documentation : Traité pour l'enseignement et la pratique du market
Marketing international : Synergie, éthique et liens                                      Hénault, Georges-Maurice
Médias et démocratie : Le grand malentendu - 2e édition revue et augmentée                Gingras, Anne-Marie
Mesurer l'insaisissable : Méthode d'analyse du discours de presse                         Chartier, Lise
Mesures statistiques en épidémiologie                                                     Bernard, Paul-Marie
Méthodes d'évaluation des projets publics                                                 Tellier, Luc-Normand
Méthodes d'intervention. Consultation et formation : Tome 7                             Tessier, Roger
Méthodes d'intervention. Développement organisationnel : Tome 8                         Tessier, Roger
Méthodologie de l'analyse développementale de contenu : Méthode GPS et concept deL'Écuyer, René
Microéconomie du tourisme                                                               Stafford, Jean
                                                                                        négociation d'une convention collecti
Misez sur l'intelligence de vos employés et osez communiquer : 8 règles pour réussir la Lavoie, Sylvie
Modèles contemporains en gestion : Un nouveau paradigme, la performance                 Chaput, Luc
Modèles de mesure : L'apport de la théorie des réponses aux items                       Bertrand, Richard
Modèles probabilistes d'aide à la décision                                              Nedzela, Michel
                                                                                        Paquette, Gilbert
Modélisation des connaissances et des compétences : Un langage graphique pour concevoir et apprendre
Mondialisation de l'économie et PME québécoises                                         Julien, Pierre-André
                                                                                        Deblock, Christian
Mondialisation et régionalisation : La coopération économique internationale est-elle encore possible ?
Mondialisation, économie sociale, développement local et solidarité internationale      Favreau, Louis
Motricité approche psychophysiologique                                                  Rigal, Robert
                                                                                        Rigal, Robert
Motricité humaine. Fondements et applications pédagogiques - Tome 1 : Neurophysiologie perceptivomotrice, 3e édition rev
                                                                                        Rigal, Robert
Motricité humaine. Fondements et applications pédagogiques - Tome 2 : Développement moteur, 3e édition
                                                                                        Guay, Louis
Mouvements sociaux et changements institutionnels : L'action collective à l'ère de la mondialisation
Musiciens cadiens et créoles - Rigide / The Makers of Cajun Music                       Ancelet, Barry Jean
Neuropsychologie : Cognition et développement de l'enfant                               Nolin, Pierre
Normalisation comptable : réalité canadienne                                            Fortin, Jacques
Nos façons de parler : Les prononciations en français québécois                         Dumas, Denis
Nouvelles avenues en sexologie clinique                                                 Crépault, Claude
Nouvelles perspectives en sexoanalyse                                                   Crépault, Claude
Objectif plein emploi : Le marché, la social-démocratie ou l'économie sociale ?         Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
Observer les oiseaux au Québec : 2e édition                                             David, Normand
Observer les réformes en éducation                                                      Lafortune, Louise
Odyssée Internet : Enjeux sociaux                                                       Lajoie, Jacques
Orwell a-t-il vu juste ? : Une analyse sociopsychologique de 1984                       Cohen, Henri
Parcs de planche à roulettes                                                            Laboratoire en loisir et vie communau
Parents d'ailleurs, enfants d'ici : Dynamique d'adaptation du rôle parental chez les immigrants Louise
Pas de retraite pour l'engagement citoyen                                               Charpentier, Michèle
Pédagogie des poqués                                                                    Baby, Antoine
Pédagogie et psychologie des émotions : Vers la compétence émotionnelle                 Lafortune, Louise
Pédagogie et thérapie : Convergence des chemins                                         Féger, Robert
Pé : L'essor des communautés virtuelles d'apprentissage                     Taurisson, Alain
Pensée et réflexivité : Théories et pratiques                                           Pallascio, Richard
Petites sociétés et minorités nationales : Enjeux politiques et perspectives comparées Thériault, Joseph-Yvon
Pierre Bourque : Le jardinier et l'ingénieur                                            Cyr, André
Place et rôle de la communication dans le développement international                   Lafrance, Jean-Paul
Planification, aménagement et loisir : 2e éditon                                        Soubrier, Robert
Politique et gestion des finances publiques : Québec et Canada                          Bernard, André
Politiques de l'eau : Grands principes et réalités locales                              Brun, Alexandre
Politiques et management publics : L'heure des remises en question                      Charih, Mohamed
Pour comprendre l'appareil judiciaire québécois : Un portrait de la justice au Québec Giard, Monique
Pour guider la métacognition                                                            Lafortune, Louise
Pour l'apprentissage d'une pensée critique au primaire                                  Daniel, Marie-France
Pour un renouvellement des pratiques d'éducation morale : Six approches contemporaines  Bouchard, Nancy
Pour une communication efficace : Quoi dire et comment le dire                          Devirieux, Claude Jean
Pour une pédagogie active et créative : 2e édition                                           Amégan, Samuel
Pour une pensée réflexive en éducation                                                       Pallascio, Richard
Pouvoir, leadership et autorité dans les organisations                                       Collerette, Pierre
Pouvoirs et cultures organisationnels : Tome 4                                               Tessier, Roger
Pratique de l'analyse statistique des données                                                Bertrand, Richard
Pratiques d'action communautaire en CLSC : Acquis et défis d'aujourd'hui                     Favreau, Louis
Pratiques émergentes en déficience intellectuelle : Participation plurielle et nouveaux rapports Jean-Pierre
Précis de télédétection - Volume 3 : Traitements numériques d'images de télédétectionCaloz, Régis
Prenez part au changement technologique : Guide d'accompagnement des intervenants agnon, Yves-Chantal
                                                                                             Vitaro, Frank
Prévention des problèmes d'adaptation chez les enfants et les adolescents - Tome 1 : Les problèmes internalisés
                                                                                             Les problèmes
Prévention des problèmes d'adaptation chez les enfants et les adolescents II - Tome 2 : Vitaro, Frank externalisés
Priorités actuelles et futures : Tome 2                                                      Tessier, Roger
Priver ou privatiser la vieillesse ? : Entre le domicile à tout prix et le placement à aucun Charpentier, Michèle
Problèmes politiques : Canada et Québec, édition revue et corrigée                           Bernard, André
Problèmes sociaux - Tome I : Théories et méthodologies                                       Dorvil, Henri
Problèmes sociaux - Tome II : Études de cas et interventions sociales                        Dorvil, Henri
Professionnalisme et délibération éthique : Manuel d'aide à la décision responsable Legault, Georges A.
Profil organisationnel de l'UQAM : Approche théorique et étude comparée                      Bertrand, Denis
Protoféminité et développement sexuel : Essai sur l'ontogénèse sexuelle et ses vicissitudes  Crépault, Claude
Psychologie de l'apprentissage-enseignement : Une approche individuelle ou de groupeSaint-Yves, Aurèle
                                                                                             Boulard, de psychologie du travail de
Psychologie du travail et nouveaux milieux de travail : Actes du quatrième Congrès internationalRené
Quand l'école se prend en main                                                               Koffi, Vivi
Quand Tocqueville et Siegfried nous observaient...                                           Bergeron, Gérard
Québec : Une ville et sa population au temps de la Nouvelle-France                           Gauvreau, Danielle
Québec 2000. Quel développement ?                                                            Bélanger, Yves
Quebec under Free Trade : Making Public Policy in North America                              Lachapelle, Guy
Québec. Le défi économique                                                                   Fortin, Jacques
Quel avenir pour quelles églises ? / What future for which churches?                         Morisset, Lucie K.
Ramsar : Pour l'amour de la mer                                                              Michaud, Robert
Réalités nationales et mondialisation                                                        Bernier, Robert
                                                                                             Morin, Richard
Réanimation urbaine et pouvoir local : Les stratégies des municipalités de Montréal, Sherbrooke et Grenoble en quartiers anc
Recherche psychosociale : Pour harmoniser recherche et pratique. 2e édition                  Bouchard, Stéphane
Recherche sociale, 4e édition : De la problématique à la collecte des données                Gauthier, Benoît
Récits exemplaires de pratique enseignante : Analyse typologique                             Desgagné, Serge
Réclusion et Internet                                                                        Pelletier, Jean-François
Reconnaissance et citoyenneté : Au carrefour de l'éthique et du politique                    Larouche, Jean-Marc
Reconversion économique et développement territorial                                         Fontan, Jean-Marc
Recueil d'activités de loisir culturel                                                       Boivin, Robert
Recueil d'activités de loisir scientifique                                                   Boivin, Robert
Rédaction d'une convention collective : Guide d'initiation 2e édition                        Tremblay, Serge
                                                                                             Bédard, François
Réduction de la fracture numérique en tourisme : Le rôle des grandes organisations internationales
Regards philosophiques sur la mondialisation                                                 Couture, Jocelyne
Repenser la qualité des services en santé mentale dans la communauté : Changer de perspective Lourdes
Responsabilité sociale d'entreprise et finance responsable : Quels enjeux ?                  Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
Responsabilité sociale et environnementale de l'entreprise                                   Turcotte, Marie-France B.
Revenu minimum garanti : Comparaison internationale, analyses et débats                      Groulx, Lionel-Henri
Robinson à la conquête du monde : Du lieu pour soi au chemin vers l'autre                    Perraton, Charles
Roland Arpin et le Musée de la civilisation                                                  Sicotte, Geneviève
Ruptures, segmentations et mutations du marché du travail                                    Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle
Sam Pollock et le Canadien de Montréal                                                       Hafsi, Taïeb
Santé, sécurité et transformation du travail : Réflexions et recherches sur le risque professionnel Camille
Sémiologie du langage visuel                                                                 Saint-Martin, Fernande
Sexologie : perspectives actuelles : Actes du Congrès international de sexologie, Montréal, 1976 André
Sexologie contemporaine                                                                      Crépault, Claude
Sisyphe et le financement de l'État                                                          Tremblay, Pierre-P.
Solidarités renouvelées : Faut-il tuer le messager?                                          Rodriguez, Sandra
Sondage : compilation et corrélation                                                         Diegel, Adolf
Souffrance et médecine                                                                       Daneault, Serge
Sports et villes : Enjeux économiques et socioculturels                                      Lefebvre, Sylvain
SPSS 11.0 pour Windows : Guide d'autoformation                                               Plaisent, Michel
SPSS 12.0 pour Windows : Guide d'autoformation                                               Plaisent, Michel
Stress et adaptation chez l'enfant                                                           Dumont, Michelle
Surdité et société : Perspectives psychosociale, didactique et linguistique                  Daigle, Daniel
Survivre : La dynamique de l'inconfort                                                       Mongeau, Pierre
Syndicalisme et société : rapports nouveaux ?                                                Desmarais, Jacques
                                                                                             Beaucage, André
Syndicats, salaires et conjoncture économique : L'expérience des fronts communs du secteur public québécois de 1971 à 198
Systèmes partisans et partis politiques                                                      Lemieux, Vincent
Tableaux de bord de gestion et indicateurs de performance : 2e édition                       Voyer, Pierre
Télédétection de l'environnement dans l'espace francophone                                   Bonn, Ferdinand
Télévision : Deuxième dynastie                                                               Tremblay, Gaëtan
                                                                                             Pronovost, Gilles
Temps culture et société : Essai sur le processus de formation du loisir et des sciences du loisir dans les sociétés occidentales
Temps sociaux et pratiques culturelles                                                       Pronovost, Gilles
Territoires d'avenir : Pour une sociologie de la ruralité                                    Jean, Bruno
Théâtres québécois et canadiens-français au XXe siècle : Trajectoires et territoires         Beauchamp, Hélène
Théorie des probabilités : Problèmes et solutions                                            Reischer, Corina
Théorie et pratiques en organisation communautaire                                           Doucet, Laval
Théories de l'organisation. Personnes, groupes, systèmes et environnement : Tome 3 Tessier, Roger
                                                                                             Rouleau, Linda
Théories des organisations - Revue et augmentée : Approches classiques, contemporaines et de l'avant-garde
Théories du changement social intentionnel. Participation, expertise et contraintes : Tome 5 Roger
Théories et modèles comptables : Développement et perspectives, 2e édition                   Tremblay, Doria
Théories et pratiques actuelles du management                                                Delorme, Pierre
Théories et pratiques de la lecture littéraire                                               Gervais, Bertrand
Thérapie de milieu en institution psychiatrique : Une approche behaviorale                   Trudel, Gilles
Traité de gestion bancaire                                                                   Théoret, Raymond
                                                                                             Avec applications Excel
Traité de gestion de portefeuille, 4e édition : Titres à revenus fixes et produits dérivés - Racicot, François-Éric (Visual Basic)
Traité d'économétrie financière : Modélisation financière                                    Racicot, François-Éric
Trajectoires de déviance juvénile : Les éclairages de la recherche qualitative               Brunelle, Natacha
Transferts massifs d'eau : Outils de développement ou instruments de pouvoir ?               Lasserre, Frédéric
Transformation des pratiques éducatives : La recherche sur l'inclusion scolaire              Dionne, Carmen
Travail, affection et pouvoir dans les groupes restreints : Le modèle des trois zones dynamiquesSimone
Travailler dans le communautaire                                                             Deslauriers, Jean-Pierre
Travailler en équipe-cycle : Entre collègues d'une école                                     Lafortune, Louise
Trois essais de méthodologie quantitative                                                    Laurencelle, Louis
Trouble déficitaire de l'attention avec hyperactivité : Soigner, éduquer, surtout valoriser hevalier, Nicole
                                                                                          Delisle, Marie-Andrée
Un autre tourisme est-il possible? : Éthique, acteurs, concepts, contraintes, bonnes pratiques, ressources
Un monde sans fil : Les promesses des mobiles à l'ère de la convergence                   Fusaro, Magda
Un paradis de la pollution                                                                Rogel, Jean-Pierre
Un pays de distance et de dispersion                                                      Dugas, Clermont
Un siècle de marxisme : Avec deux textes inédits de Karl Polanyi                          Beaudry, Lucille
Un siècle de propagande ? : Information - Communication - Marketing gouvernementalBernier, Robert
Une histoire de l'archivistique                                                           Delsalle, Paul
Une région dans la turbulence                                                             Proulx, Marc-Urbain
Université du Québec et sa présence en région                                             Tremblay, Jacques
                                                                                          Rousseau, Nadia
Vaincre l'exclusion scolaire et sociale des jeunes : Vers des modalités d'intervention actuelles et novatrices
Valeurs et sentiments des 2 à 5 ans : Comment parler des émotions avec votre enfant Schleifer, Michael
Veille stratégique et PME : Comparaison des politiques gouvernementales de soutien Bergeron, Pierrette
Vers de nouveaux modes de formation professionnelle ? : Rôle des acteurs et des collaborations Diane-Gabrielle
Vers l'organisation du XXIe siècle                                                        Salvet, Jean-Marc
Vers une transformation des relations industrielles en Amérique du Nord                   Bernatchez, Jean-Claude
Vie politique au Canada                                                                   Bernard, André
Violence parentale et violence conjugale : Des réalités plurielles, multidimensionnelles et interreliées Claire
A Pour of Rain: Stories from a West Coast Fort                                            Meilleur, Helen
British Columbia: An Illustrated History                                                  Molyneux, Geoffrey
Cabin at Singing River                                                                    Czajkowski, Chris
Chasing Clayoquot: A Wilderness Almanac                                                   Pitt-Brooke, David
Dancing in the No-Fly Zone: A Woman's Journey Through Iraq                                Ditmars, Hadani
Doctor on Everest                                                                         Steele, Peter
Empire of the Soul: Some Journeys in India                                                Roberts, Paul William
Fire Into Ice: Charles Fipke and the Great Diamond Hunt                                   Frolick, Vernon
Greenpeace                                                                                Weyler, Rex
Haida Gwaii: Journeys through the Queen Charlotte Islands                                 Gill, Ian
Hiking on the Edge: The West Coast Trail, The Juan de Fuca Trail                          Gill, Ian
Journey of the Magi: In Search of the Birth of Jesus                                      Roberts, Paul William
Lost Patrol: The Mounties' Yukon Tragedy                                                  North, Dick
Medicine Madams and Mounties: Stories of a Yukon Doctor 1933-1947                         Duncan, Allan
Nervous System: Or, Losing My Mind in Literature                                          Jensen, Jan Lars
No Need to Trouble the Heart: A Loving Journey Through Sickness and Health                Conlon, Patrick
Picking Up the Pieces: Survivors Moving Forward After Cancer                              Magee, Sherri
Redress: Inside the Japanese Canadian Call for Justice                                    Miki, Roy
River in the Desert: A Modern Traveller in Ancient Egypt                                  Roberts, Paul William
Safe Teen: Powerful Alternatives to Violence                                              Roberts, Anita
Super Pills: The Prescription Drugs and How We've Been Trained to Love Them               Manners, Steven
The Devil and the Disappearing Sea: How I Tried to Stop the World's Worst Ecological CatastropheRob
The Magdalene Moment:                                                                     Manning, Joanna
The Man Who Mapped the Arctic                                                             Steele, Peter
The True Intrepid: Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents                          MacDonald, Bill
Walking After Midnight                                                                    Hutchison, Katy
Weird Sex & Snowshoes: And Other Canadian Film Phenomena                                  Monk, Katherine
A Change of Plans: Women's Stories of Hemorrhagic Stroke                                  Stone, Sharon Dale
A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing Native Womanhood                                   Anderson, Kim
Back To The Drawing Board: African-Canadian Feminisms                                     Wane, Njoki Nathani
Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs                                     Edelson, Miriam
Cashing In On Pay Equity: Super Market Restructuring and Gender Equality              Kainer, Jan
Cracking The Gender Code: Who Rules the Wired World?                                  Millar, Melanie Stewart
D is for Daring: The Women behind the Films of Studio D                               Vanstone, Gail
Doing I.T. : Women Working in Information Technology                                  Scott-Dixon, Krista
Double Jeopardy: Motherwork and the Law                                               Turnbull, Lorna A.
Feminism, Law, Inclusion: Intersectionality in Action                                 Macdonald, Gayle
Finding Home: In the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers                                Culiner, Jill
Growing up Degrassi: Television, Identity and Youth Cultures                          Byers, Michele
Inside Corporate U: Women in the Academy Speak Out                                    Reimer, Marilee
Madeleine Parent: Activist                                                            Lévesque, Andrée
Out of the Ivory Tower: Feminist Research for Social Change                           Martinez, Andrea
Redefining Motherhood: Changing Identities and Patterns                               Abbey, Sharon M.
Strong Women Stories: Native Vision and Community Survival                            Kim Anderson
Thinking like a Woman: Personal Life and Political Ideas                              Overall, Christine
Trans/Forming Feminisms: Trans/Feminist Voices Speak Out                              Scott-Dixon, Krista
Troubling Women’s Studies: Pasts, Presents and Possibilities                          Braithwaite, Ann
Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms                                                 Mitchell, Allyson
Weaving Connections: Educating for Peace, Social and Environmental Justice            Goldstein, Tara
Wild Fire: Art as Activism                                                            Barndt, Deborah
Women In The Office: Transitions in the Global Economy                                Eyerman, Ann
Women Working The NAFTA Food Chain: Women, Food and Globalization                     Barndt, Debra
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Lives: Health, Well-Being and Body Image                      Miedema, Baukje
Women's Changing Landscapes: Life Stories from Three Generations                      Nemiroff, Greta Hofmann
                                                                                      Maud, Ralph
A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend: A Short History of Myth-Collecting and a Survery of Published Texts
A Record of Writing: An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography of George Bowering Miki, Roy
ABC of Reading TRG                                                                    Jaeger, Peter
American Notebooks: A Writer's Journey                                                Blais, Marie-Claire
An Error in Judgement: The Politics of Medical Care in an Indian/White Community      Speck, Dara Culhane
Anarcho-Modernism: Toward a New Critical Theory in Honour of Jerry Zaslove            Angus, Ian
Anatolia Junction: A Journey into Hidden Turkey                                       Reed, Fred A.
Bambi and Me                                                                          Tremblay, Michel
Baseball Love                                                                         Bowering, George
Beyond Recall                                                                         Meigs, Mary
Birth of a Bookworm                                                                   Tremblay, Michel
Bonbons Assortis / Assorted Candies                                                   Tremblay, Michel
bpNichol: What History Teaches                                                        Scobie, Stephen
Bridges of Light: Otto Landauer of Leonard Frank Photos, 1945-1980                    Leonoff, Cyril E.
Building the West: The Early Architects of British Columbia, Revised Edition          Luxton, Donald
Canadian Drama and the Critics, Revised Edition                                       Conolly, L.W.
Coast Salish Essays                                                                   Suttles, Wayne
Conversations in Tehran                                                               LaFond, Jean-Daniel
Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944–1950Bacque, James
Essays on George F. Walker: Playing with Anxiety                                      Johnson, Chris
Gabriel Dumont Speaks                                                                 Dumont, Gabriel
George Bowering: Bright Circles of Colour                                             Kröller, Eva-Marie
Great Lakes Suite                                                                     McFadden, David W.
In Plain Sight: Reflections on Life in Downtown Eastside Vancouver                      Robertson, Leslie A.
In the Company of Strangers                                                             Meigs, Mary
In the Midst: Writings 1962-1992                                                        Tallman, Warren
                                                                                          Boas' 1895
Indian Myths & Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America: A Translation of FranzBoas, Franz Edition of Indianische Sag
Justice in Our Time: The Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement                           Miki, Roy
Lasagna: The Man Behind the Mask                                                        Cross, Ronald
Lily Briscoe: A Self-Portrait                                                           Meigs, Mary
Lions Gate                                                                              D'Acres, Lilia
Living by Stories: A Journey of Landscape and Memory                                    Robinson, Harry
Lost in North America: The Imaginary Canadian in the American Dream                     Gray, John
Margaret Atwood: A Feminist Poetics                                                     Davey, Frank
Meanwhile: The Critical Writings of bpNichol                                            Nichol, bp
Nature Power: In the Spirit of an Okanagan Storyteller                                  Robinson, Harry
No Plaster Saint: The Life of Mildred Osterhout Fahrni                                  Knickerbocker, Nancy
Outsider Notes: Feminist Approaches to Nation State Ideology, Writers/Readers and Publishing Lynnette
Paul Martin & Companies: Sixty Theses on the Alegal Nature of Tax Havens                Deneault, Alain
Performing National Identities: International Perspectives on Contemporary Canadian TheatreSherrill
Persian Postcards: Iran after Khomeini                                                  Reed, Fred A.
Phyllis Webb and the Common Good: Poetry / Anarchy / Abstraction                        Collis, Stephen
Poet to Publisher: Charles Olson's Correspondence with Donald Allen                     Maud, Ralph
                                                                                        McCaffery, Research Group, 1973-19
Rational Geomancy: The Kids of the Book-Machine, The Collected Research Reports of the TorontoSteve
Re: Producing Women's Dramatic History: The Politics of Playing in Toronto              Hadfield, D.A.
Salonica Terminus: Travels into the Balkan Nightmare                                    Reed, Fred A.
Shattered Images: The Rise of Militant Iconoclasm in Syria                              Reed, Fred A.
Signs of Literature: Language, Ideology, and the Literary Text                          Hughes, Kenneth James
Sliammon Life, Sliammon Lands                                                           Kennedy, Dorothy
Spectacle of Empire: Marc Lescarbot's Theatre of Neptune in New France                  Wasserman, Jerry
Takeover in Tehran: The Inside Story of the 1979 U.S. Embassy Capture                   Ebtekar, Massoumeh
The Box Closet                                                                          Meigs, Mary
The Burden of Office: Agamemnon and Other Losers                                        Tussman, Joseph
The Chilliwacks and Their Neighbors                                                     Wells, Oliver N.
The Decline of the Hollywood Empire                                                     Fischer, Hervé
The Medusa Head                                                                         Meigs, Mary
The Pleasure of the Crown: Anthropology, Law and First Nations                          Culhane, Dara
The Porcupine Hunter and Other Stories: The Original Tsimshian Texts of Henry W. TateMaud, Ralph
The Recovery of the Public World: Essays on Poetics in Honour of Robin Blaser           Watts, Charles
The Salish People, Volume I: The Thompson and the Okanagan                              Hill-Tout, Charles
                                                                                        Maud, Ralph
The Salish People: The Local Contribution of Charles Hill-Tout: The Mainland Halkomelem, Volume III
                                                                                        Maud, Ralph
The Salish People: The Local Contribution of Charles Hill-Tout: The Sechelt and the South-Eastern Tribes of Vancouver Island,
                                                                                        Maud, Ralph
The Salish People: The Local Contribution of Charles Hill-Tout: The Squamish and the Lillooet, Volume II
                                                                                         the Gulf Islands, 1849-1863
The Terror of the Coast: Land Alienation and the Colonial War on Vancouver Island and Arnett, Chris
Theatre and AutoBiography: Writing and Performing Lives in Theory and Practice          Grace, Sherrill
                                                                                          British Columbia
They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever: Rock Writings in the Stein River Valley ofYork, Annie
This Is My Own: Letters to Wes and Other Writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-1948 Kitagawa, Muriel
Timothy Findley and the Aesthetics of Fascism: Intertextual Collaboration and ResistanceBailey, Anne Geddes
Too Good to be True: Alcan's Kemano Completion Project                                  Christensen, Bev
Tracing the Paths: Reading ≠ Writing The Martyrology                                    Miki, Roy
Transmission Difficulties: Franz Boas and Tsimshian Mythology                         Maud, Ralph
Twelve Opening Acts                                                                   Tremblay, Michel
                                                                                      Cryer, Beryl Mildred
Two Houses Half-Buried in Sand: Oral Traditions of the Hul’qumi’num’ Coast Salish of Kuper Island and Vancouver Island
Vancouver: A Visual History                                                           Macdonald, Bruce
Women in a World at War: Seven Dispatches from the Front                              Gagnon, Madeleine
Write It on Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller                     Robinson, Harry
My Life in a Kwagu't Big House                                                        Jacobson, Diane
                                                                                      Venne, Sharon Helen
Our Elders Understand Our Rights: Evolving International Law Regarding Indigenous People
A Bargain for Humanity: Global Security by 2000                                       Roche, Douglas
                                                                                      Pieroth, Doris
A Canadian's Road to Russia: The Letters of Stuart Ramsey Tompkins: Letters from the Great War Decade
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Bension Collection of Sephardic Manuscripts            Aranov, Saul I.
A History of Boeotia                                                                  Buck, Robert J.
A History of the University of Alberta                                                Johns, Walter H.
A Lithuanian Bibliography                                                             Adam Kantautas
A Mind Forever Voyaging: Wordsworth at Work Portraying Newton and Science             Thomas, W. K.
A Painter's Year in the Forests of Bhutan                                             Hellum, A. K.
                                                                                      Sandilands, John
A Western Canadian Dictionary and Phrasebook: Picturesque Language of the Cowboy and the Broncho-Buster
Adapted Physical Activity                                                             Steadward, Robert D.
Alberta Newspapers 1880-1982: An Historical Directory                                 Strathern, Gloria
Alberta's Petroleum Industry and the Conservation Board                               David Breen
Alice Munro: Paradox and Parallel                                                     Martin, W. R.
An Ark of Koans                                                                       Blodgett, E. D.
Anglo-American Relations in the 1920's: The Struggle for Supremacy                    McKercher, B.
Aquatic Invertebrates of Alberta                                                      Clifford, Hugh F.
Archbishop A.-A. Taché of St. Boniface: The "Good Fight" and the Illusive Vision      Huel, Raymond J.A.
Artists of Alberta                                                                    Baker, Suzanne Devonshire
Atlas of Alberta Lakes                                                                Mitchell, Patricia
Between Anxiety and Hope: The Writings and Poetry of Czeslaw Milosz:                  Mozejko, Edward
Boiotia and the Boiotian League, 432-371 B.C                                          Buck, Robert J.
Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice                                Roche, Douglas
Buffalo                                                                               Foster, John
Building Sustainable Peace                                                            Keating, Tom
Canada and the Arab World                                                             Ismael, Tareq
Canadian Newspaper Ownership in the Era of Convergence: Rediscovering Social Responsibility Walter C.
Canadian Television Policy and the Board of Broadcast Governors, 1958-1968            Stewart, Andrew
Challenging Territory: The Writing of Margaret Laurence                               Riegel, Christian
China Beckons: An Insight to the Culture and National Language                        Phillips, Clifford H.
Civilizing the West: The Galts and the Development of Western Canada                  A. A. den Otter
Contested Classrooms: Education, Globalization, and Democracy in Alberta              Harrison, Trevor
Costumes and Scripts in the Elizabethan Theatres                                      MacIntyre, Jean
Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country                                              Fabijancic, Tony
Culture and Adult Education: Study of Alberta and Quebec                              Roberts, Hayden
Damselflies of Alberta: Flying Neon Toothpicks in the Grass                           Acorn, John
Developing the West                                                                   Foster, John
Developments in Dual System Estimation of Population Size and Growth                  Krotki, Karol
Edmonton's Urban Villages: The Community League Movement                              Kuban, Ron
Elegy                                                                                 Blodgett, E. D.
Environment and Economy: Essays on the Human Geography of Alberta                       Barr, B. M.
Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada                                         Truscott, Derek
Folk Furniture of Canada’s Doukhobors, Hutterites, Mennonites and Ukrainians            Fleming, John
Founders: Innovators in Education, 1830-1980                                            Stabler, Ernest
From the Great River to the Ends of the Earth                                           McCarthy, Martha
Frontier Justice                                                                        Baldwin, Ged
                                                                                        Corbet, Elise
Frontiers of Medicine: A History of Medical Education and Research at the University of Alberta
Generalissimos of the Western Roman Empire                                              O'Flynn, John Michael
Germany: Phoenix in Trouble?                                                            Zimmer, Matthias
Government and Politics in Alberta                                                      Tupper, Allan
Gunner Jingo's Jubilee {Western Canada Reprint Series, 0820-9561 ; 5}                   Strange, T. Bland
Health Care Reform and the Law in Canada: Meeting the Challenge                         Caulfield, Timothy
Henry Marshall Tory, A Biography                                                        Corbett, E. A.
High River and the Times: An Alberta Community and Its Weekly Newspaper, 1905–1966      Voisey, Paul
Island Forest Year: lk Island National Park:                                            Deirdre Griffiths
Japanese Economic Policies and Growth: Implications for Businesses in Canada and North America Masao
Jean-Paul Sartre: Bibliography of International Criticism                               Wilcocks, Robert
Les Oblats de Marie Immacule dans l'Ouest et le Nord du Canada, 1845-1967               Levasseur, Donat
Lifelines: Culture, Spirituality, and Family Violence                                   Boehm, Reinhild
Mathematical Essays on Growth and the Emergence of Form                                 Antonelli, Peter
Menander to Marivaux: The History of a Comic Structure                                  Greene, E. J.H.
Ms. Holmes of Baker Street: The Truth About Sherlock                                    Bradley, C. Alan
Multilingual Lexicon for Universiade Sports                                             Busch, R.
Muslim Families in North America                                                        Abu-Laban, Sharon
Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie                                                       City of Edmonton
North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980                                 Beard, William
Northern Ecology and Resource Management: Memorial Essays Honouring Do Gill             Olson, Rod
Oil Sands Scientist: The Letters of Karl A. Clark, 1920-1949                            Sheppard, Mary Clark
Ordinary Heroes: The Journal of a French Pioneer in Alberta by Marcel Duriex            Motut, Roger
Ostia: Aspects of Roman City Life                                                       Hermansen, Gustav
Outdoor Pursuits Programming: Legal Liability and Risk Management                       Hanna, Glenda
                                                                                        Claude Canada
Paddling with the Current: Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Étienne Parent, Liberalism, and Nationalism inCouture
Peacekeeping in Vietnam: Canada, India, Poland, and the International Commission        Thakur, Ramesh
People, Patients, and Nurses: A Guide for Nurses Toward Improved Interpersonal Relationships Jennie
Perpetuum Mobile: A Study of the Novels and Aesthetics of Michel Butor                  Lydon, Mary
Phenomenology of Consciousness and Sociology of the Life-World                          Wagner, Helmut R.
PhotoGraphic Encounters: The Edges and Edginess of Reading Prose Pictures and VisualGarrett-Petts, William F.
Polio '53: A Memorial for Russell Frederick Taylor                                      Taylor, Russell F.
Politics and Public Debt: The Dominion, the Banks and Alberta's Social Credit           Ascah, Robert
Portage Lake: Memories of an Ojibwe Childhood                                           Kegg, Maude
Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition                                                  Antonelli, Marylu
Prairie Water: Wildlife at Beaverhills Lake, Alberta                                    Dekker, Dick
Precarious Balance: Print Voice II                                                      Jule, Walter
Printmaking in Alberta, 1945-1985                                                       Bente Roed Cochran
Privatization and Provincial Social Services in Canada                                  Ismael, Jacqueline S.
Proclaiming the Gospel to the Indians and the Metis                                     Huel, Raymond J.A.
ReCalling Early Canada: Reading the Political in Literary and Cultural Production       Blair, Jennifer
Red Serge and Polar Bear Pants: The Biography of Harry Stallworthy, RCMP               Barr, William
Reforming Fiscal Federalism for Global Competition: A Canada-Australia Comparison Boothe, Paul
Response to Death: The Literary Work of Mourning                                       Riegel, Christian
ReThinking DisAbility: New Structures, New Relationships                               Gadacz, Rene
Rhubarb: More Than Just Pies                                                           Vitt, Sandi
Rima the Monkey's Child                                                                Little, Harry
Risk of Death in Canada: What We Know and How We Know It                               Thomas, Simon P.
Rob Nixon, the Old White Trapper                                                       Kingston, W. H.G.
Rudy Wiebe and the Historicity of the Word                                             van Toorn, Penny
Shadow and Substance in British Foreign Policy 1895-1939: Memorial Essays Honoring D. J. Moss B.
Spoken Cree: Level II: West Coast of James Bay                                         Ellis, C. Douglas
Standing on New Ground: Women in Alberta                                               Catherine Cavanaugh
Strength in Adversity : A Study of the Alberta Economy                                 Mansell, Robert L.
Studies in the Romanization of Italy                                                   Torelli, Mario
Sunfield Painter: The Reminiscences of John Davenall Turner                            Turner, John
Supplement to A Lithuanian Bibliography                                                Adam Kantautas
Swords and Ploughshares: War and Agriculture in Western Canada                         Macleod, R.C.
Teaching the World: A Celebration of Textbooks                                         Distad, Merrill
                                                                                       Phillips, W.
The Conservation of the California Tule Elk: A Socioeconomic Study of A Survival Problem
The Contemporary Study of the Arab World                                               Sullivan, Earl L.
                                                                                       Demers, Patricia
The Creating Word: Papers from an International Conference on the Learning and Teaching of English in the 1980s
The Dynamics of Hutterite Society: An Analytical Approach                              Peter, Karl A.
The Fishes of Alberta                                                                  Nelson, Joseph S.
The Future Japan                                                                       Soho, Tokutomi
The German Language in Alberta                                                         Prokop, Manfred
The Historical Development of Diptera                                                  Boris Rohdendorf
The Household Book of Queen Isabella of England, 1311-1312                             DeCoste, F. C.
The Human Sciences: Their Contribution to Society and Future Research Needs            Baha Abu-Laban
                                                                                       Clara Vyvyan
The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat: Travels on the Athabasca, Mackenzie, Rat, Porcupine, and Yukon Rivers in 1926
The Law of Nations and the New World                                                   Green, L. C.
The Making of a Socialist: The Recollections of T.C. Douglas                           Thomas, Lewis H.
The Mormon Presence in Canada                                                          Brigham Young Card
The Muslim Community in North America                                                  Waugh, Earl
The Neuropsychology of Stuttering                                                      Boberg, Einer
The New Majority: Adult Learners in the University                                     Campbell, Duncan
The Poetry of Criticism: Horace Epistles II and the Ars Poetica                        Kilpatrick, Ross
The Poetry of Friendship: Horace Epistles I                                            Kilpatrick, Ross
The Politics of Canadian Urban Development                                             David G. Bettison
The Power of Greed: Collective Action in International Development                     Rosberg, Michael
                                                                                       Macleod, R.C.
The Reminiscences of a Bungle by One of the Bunglers: And Two Other Northwest Rebellion Diaries
The Servant in German Enlightenment Comedy                                             Alison Scott Prelorentzos
The Snowbird Poems                                                                     Kroetsch, Robert
The Spirit of the Huckleberry: Sensuousness in Henry Thoreau                           Friesen, Victor Carl
The Studhorse Man                                                                      Kroetsch, Robert
The Unwanted: Great War Letters from the Field                                         Hughes, John McKendrick
                                                                                       Friesen, Victor Carl
The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites
Theatre and Politics in Modern Quebec                                                  Nardocchio, Elaine F.
Time Sequence Analysis in Geophysics: Third Edition                                        Kanasewich, E. R.
Town Life: Main Street and the Evolution of Small Town Alberta, 1880-1947                  Wetherell, Donald G.
Tree Mycoplasmas and Mycoplasma Diseases                                                   C. Hiruki
Truelove Lowland, Devon Island, Canada: A High Arctic Ecosystem                            Bliss. L.
Unnamed Country: The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction                               Harrison, Dick
Urban Affairs in Alberta                                                                   David G. Bettison
Wake Up Canada: Reflections on Vital National Issues                                       C. W. Peterson
Western Canada in the International Economy                                                Chambers Edward J.
Writing Quebec: Selected Essays by Hubert Aquin                                            Purdy, Anthony
Zucchini: You Can Never Have Enough                                                        Butler, John
"Here Is Hell”: Canada’s Engagement in Somalia                                             Dawson, Grant
"It's Up to You": Women at UBC in the Early Years                                          Stewart, Lee
1985 Pacific Salmon Treaty: Sharing Conservation Burdens and Benefits                      Shepard, M. P.
A Bookman's Catalogue, A to L                                                              Bose, Tirhankar
A Bookman's Catalogue, M-End                                                               Colbeck, R. N.
                                                                                           Tougas, Gerard
A Checklist of Printed Material Relating to French-Canadian Literature 176-1968 / Liste de Référence d'imprimés Relatifs à la
A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau: Traditional Stl'atl'imx Resource Use Hayden, Brian
                                                                                            L'Annuaire Canadien de Droit interna
A Consolidated Index To the Canadian Yearbook of International Law/Index Refondu deDunkley, David
A Dynamic Balance: Social Capital and Sustainable Community Development                    Dale, Ann
A Heart at Leisure from Itself: Caroline Macdonald of Japan                                Prang, Margaret
A History of Domestic Space: Privacy and the Canadian Home                                 Ward, Peter
A History of Migration from Germany to Canada, 1850-1939                                   Wagner, Jonathan
A Narrow Vision: Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada Brian
A Passion for Wildlife: The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service                       Burnett, J. Alexander
A People’s Dream: Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada                                     Russell, Dan
A Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia: The Recollections of Susan Allison              Ormsby, Margaret A.
A Sarcee Grammar                                                                           Cook, Eung-Do
A Stake in the Future: Redefining the Canadian Mineral Industry                            McAllister, Mary Louise
A Thousand Blunders: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British Columbia Leonard, Frank
A Trading Nation                                                                           Hart, Michael
A Voyage to the North West Side of America: The Journals of James Colnett, 1786-89 Colnett, James
A War of Patrols                                                                           Johnston, William
                                                                                           Roy, Patricia E.
A White Man's Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants,1858-1914
Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada: Essays on Law, Equality, and Respect for Difference Michael
Aboriginal Autonomy and Development in Northern Quebec-Labrador                            Scott, Colin H.
Aboriginal Conditions: Research as a Foundation for Public Policy                          White, Jerry P.
Aboriginal Education                                                                       Castellano, Marlene Brant
Aboriginal Peoples and Politics: The Indian Land Question in British Columbia, 1849-1989   Tennant, Paul
Academic Freedom and the Inclusive University                                              Kahn, Sharon E.
Achieving Sustainable Development                                                          Dale, Ann
Adaptive Co-Management: Collaboration, Learning, and Multi-Level Governance                Armitage, Derek
Advances in Research and Services for Children with P. R. Special Needs                    Schwartz, Geraldine
Advocacy Groups                                                                            Young, Lisa
Against the Grain                                                                          Sandberg, Anders
Agenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada                                                          Soroka, Stuart N.
                                                                                           South India
Agrarian Class Conflict: The Political Mobilization of Agricultural Labourers in Kuttanad, Tharamangalam, Joseph
Alan Crawley and Contemporary Verse                                                        McCullagh, J.
Alex Lord's British Columbia: Recollections of a Rural School Inspector,1915-36        Calam, John
Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World, 1945-1984                                 Bothwell, Robert
Anatomy of a Conflict                                                                  Satterfield, Theresa A.
Animals and Nature: Cultural Myths, Cultural Realities                                 Preece, Rod
Another Kind of Justice: Canadian Military Law From Confederation to Somalia           Madsen, Chris
As Long as the Sun Shines and the Water Flows: A Reader in Canadian Native Studies Getty, Ian L.
                                                                                       Tough, Frank
As Their Natural Resources Fail: Native Peoples and the Economic History of Northern Manitoba,1870-1930
Asia Pacific: New Geographies of the Pacific Rim                                       Watters, R. F.
Asia-Pacific Diplomacy: Nongovernmental Organizations and International Relations Woods, Lawrence T.
Asia-Pacific Legal Development                                                         Johnston, Douglas M.
Assu of Cape Mudge: Recollections of a Coastal Indian Chief                            Assu, Harry
At Home with the Bella Coola Indians                                                   Barker, John
At the Edge                                                                            Dale, Ann
Atlas of British Columbia: People, Environment, and Resource Use                       Farley, Albert L.
Attitudinal Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada                             Ostberg, C. L.
Avoiding Armageddon                                                                    Richter, Andrew
Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb                                                   Preece, Rod
Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada                                              Pyne, Stephen J.
Balancing Act: Environmental Issues in Forestry, 2nd Edition                           Kimmins, Hamish
Bar Codes: Women in the Legal Profession                                               McKenzie Leiper, Jean
Battle Grounds: The Canadian Military and Aboriginal Lands                             Lackenbauer, P. Whitney
Be of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish                                            Miller, Bruce Granville Miller
Being a Tourist                                                                        Harrison, Julia
Betrayed: Scandal, Politics, and Canadian Naval Leadership                             Mayne, Richard O.
Between Justice and Certainty: Treaty Making in British Columbia                       Woolford, Andrew
Between the Summit and the Sea: Central Veracruz in the Nineteenth Century             Siemens, Alfred H.
Beyond Mothering Earth: Ecological Citizenship and the Politics of Care                MacGregor, Sherilyn
Beyond the City Limits: Rural History in British Colunbia                              Sandwell, R. W.
Bill Reid: Beyond the Essential Form                                                   Duffek, Karen
Biodiversity and Democracy                                                             Wood, Paul M.
Bioregionalism and Civil Society: Democratic Challenges to Corporate Globalism         Carr, Mike
Biotechnology Unglued: Science, Society, and Social Cohesion                           Mehta, Michael D.
Birds of British Columbia : Passerines, Flycatchers through Vireos                     Campbell, R. Wayne
Birds of British Columbia: Nonpasserines, Diurnal Birds of Prey through Woodpeckers Campbell, R. Wayne
Birds of British Columbia: Nonpasserines, Introduction, Loons through Waterfowl        Campbell, R. Wayne
Birds of British Columbia: Wood-Warblers through Old World Sparrows                    Campbell, R. Wayne
Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status                   Sandilands, Al
Birds of the Yukon Territory                                                           Sinclair, Pamela H.
Bitter Feast: Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America,1600-64          Delage, Denys
Borderlands: How we Talk About Canada                                                  New, W. H.
Britain and the Origins of Canadian Confederation, 1837-1867                           Martin, Ged
British Columbia Place Names                                                           Akrigg, G. P. V.
Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution: Historical Status of Animals                 Preece, Rod
Building Health Promotion Capacity: Action for Learning, Learning from Action          McLean, Scott
                                                                                       Guppy, Crispin A.
Butterflies of British Columbia: Including Western Alberta, Southern Yukon, the Alaska Panhandle, Washington, Northern Ore
Cabinets and First Ministers                                                           White, Graham
Canada and Quebec: One Country Two Histories                                           Bothwell, Robert
Canada and the Beijing Conference on Women                                           Riddell-Dixon, Elizabeth
Canada and the British World: Culture, Migration, and Identity                       Buckner, Philip
Canada and the End of Empire                                                         Buckner, Philip
Canada Home: Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredericton Letters, 1867-1869                  Blom, Margaret Howard
Canada's Community Colleges: A Critical Analysis                                     Dennison, John D.
Canada-United States Trade in Forest Products                                        Uhler, Russell S.
Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes                           Cutler, A. Claire
Canadian Foreign Policy and the Law of the Sea                                       Johnson, Barbara
                                                                                     Hessing, Melody
Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy: Political Economy and Public Policy, Second Edition
Canadian Oceans Policy: National Strategies and the New Law of the Sea               McRae, Donald M.
                                                                                     Bond, Mary E.
Canadian Reference Sources: An Annotated Bibliography/Ouvrages de Référence Canadiens: une bibliographie annotée
Canadian Travellers in Europe, 1851-1900                                             Kroller, Eva-Marie
Canadian Urban Growth Trends: Implications for a National Settlement Policy          Robinson, Ira M.
Canadian Writers in 1984: The 25th Anniversary Issue of Canadian Literature          New, W. H.
                                                                                     Bourne, C. B.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1963: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
                                                                                     Bourne, C. B.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1964: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
                                                                                     Bourne, C. B.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1965: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
                                                                                     Bourne, C. B.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1966: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1967: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1968: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1969: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1970: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1971: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1972: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
                                                                                     Bourne, C. B.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1973: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1974: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1975: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1976: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1977: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1978: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1979: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1980: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1981: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1982: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1983: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1984: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1985: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1986: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1987: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1988: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1989: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1990: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1991: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1992: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1993: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1994: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
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Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1995: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1996: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1997: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1998: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 1999: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 2000: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 2001: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
Canadian Yearbook of International Law, 2002: Annuaire Canadien de Droit International McRae, Donald M.
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Communities, Development, and Sustainability across Canada                             Pierce, John
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Companion to Under the Volcano                                                         Ackerley, Christopher
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Demography in Canada in the Twentieth Century                                           Wargon, Sylvia
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Distant Dominion: Britain and the Northwest Coast of Nortrh America, 1579-1809          Gough, Barry M.
Diversity and Equality: The Changing Framework of Freedom in Canada                     Eisenberg, Avigail
Do Glaciers Listen? Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social Imagination        Cruikshank, Julie
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Driven Apart                                                                            Timpson, Annis May
Duff: A Life in the Law                                                                 Williams, David Ricardo
Eagle Down Is Our Law: Witsuwit'en Law, Feasts and Land Claims                          Mills, Antonia
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Ecology and Management of Sitka Spruce,Emphasizing Its Natural Range in British ColumbiaPeterson, E. B.
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Elections                                                                               Courtney, John C.
Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History                      Matson, R. G.
English Renaissance Tragedy                                                             McAlindon, T.
Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy: Decision Making in Free Socities          Bates, David V.
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Fatal Consumption                                                                      Woollard, Robert
Federalism                                                                             Smith, Jennifer
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Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court: Legal Mobilization and the Women's Legal Education andChristopher P.
Feminists and Party Politics                                                           Young, Lisa
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Field Experiments and Measurement Programs in Geomorphology                            Slaymaker, Olav
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Fighting from Home: The Second World War in Verdun, Quebec                             Durflinger, Serge
Fiji: Race and Politics in an Island State                                             Howard, Michael C.
First Do No Harm: Making Sense of Canadian Health Reform                               Sullivan, Terrence
First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds                                  Battiste, Marie
First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts                                          Ross, Michael Lee
Flexible Crossroads: The Restructing of British Columbia's Forest Economy              Hayter, Roger
                                                                                       Roy, Reginald H.
For Most Conspicuous Bravery: A Biography of Major-General George R. Pearkes, V.C. through Two World Wars
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Four Centuries of Special Geography: An annotated Guide to Books the Purport to Discribe all the F. G.
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From UI To EI: Waging War on the Welfare State                                         Campeau, Georges
From World Order to Global Disorder: States, Markets, and Dissent                      Brunelle, Dorval
Fur Trade and Exploration: Opening the Far Northwest 1821-1852                         Karamanski, Theodore J.
Gamblers and Dreamers: Women,Men and Community in the Klondike                         Porsild, Charlene
Game in the Garden                                                                     Colpitts, George W.
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Gay Male Pornography: An Issue of Sex Discrimination                                   Kendall, Christopher N.
Gender and Change in Hong Kong: Globalization ,Postcolonialism and Chinese Patriarchyee, Eliza W. Y.
Gender in the Legal Profession: Fitting or Breaking the Mould                          Brockman, Joan
Gendering Government                                                                   Chappell, Louise
                                                                                       Andree, Peter
Genetically Modified Diplomacy: The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment
                                                                                       Morgenstern, E. Kristian
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Global Biopiracy: Patents, Plants, and Indigenous Knowledge                            Mgbeoji, Ikechi
Global Goes Local                                                                      Craig, Timothy J.
Globalization and Well-Being                                                           Helliwell, John F.
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Gold at Fortymile Creek: Early Days in the Yukon                                       Gates, Michael
Good Government? Good Citizens?: Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing CanadaBogart, W. A.
Good Intentions Gone Awry: Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest CoastHare, Jan
Gordon Shrum: An Autobiography with Peter Stursberg                                    Shrum, Gordon
Governing Ourselves? The Politics of Canadian Communities                              McAllister, Mary Louise
Governing with the Charter: Legislative and Judicial Activism and Framers’ Intent     Kelly, James B.
Grassroots Politicians: Party Activists in British Columbia                           Blake, Donald E.
Green Gold: The Forest Industry in British Columbia                                   Marchak, Patricia
Growing Up British in British Columbia: Boys in Private School                        Barman, Jean
Growth and Governance of Canadian Universities                                        Clark, Howard C.
Guarding the Gates: The Canadian Labour Movement and Immigration, 1872-1934           Goutor, David
Gunboat Frontier: Britain Maritime Authority and Northwest Coast Indians,1846-90      Gough, Barry M.
Gutenberg in Shanghai: Chinese Print Capitalism,1876-1937                             Reed, Christopher A.
                                                                                       Iron People
Haida Gwaii: Human History and Environment from the time of Loon to the Time of theFedje, Daryl W.
Haida Monumental Art: Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands                         MacDonald, George F.
Harsh and Lovely Land: The Major Canadian Poets and the Making of a Canadian TraditionMarshall, Tom
Heavy Traffic: Deregulation, Trade, and Transformation in North American Trucking     Madar, Daniel
Hidden Agendas: How Journalists Influence the News                                    Miljan, Lydia
Hidden Dimensions: The Cultural Significance of Wetland Archaeology                   Bernick, Kathryn
Historicizing Canadian Anthropology                                                   Harrison, Julia
Hobnobbing with a Countess and Other Okanagan Adventures                              Jones, Jo Fraser
Holding the Line: Borders in a Global World                                           Nicol, Heather N.
Hollywood North                                                                       Gasher, Mike
Hometown Horizons: Local Responses to Canada's Great War                              Rutherdale, Robert
Houser: The Life and Work of Catherine Bauer                                          Oberlander, H. Peter
Houses for All: The Struggle for Social Housing in Vancouver, 1919-50                 Wade, Jill
Humanitarianism, Identity, and Nation: Migration Laws in Canada and Australia         Dauvergne, Catherine
                                                                                      Nadasdy, Paul
Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon
                                                                                      Sandlos, John
Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories
Huron-Wendat: The Heritage of the Circle                                              Sioui, Georges E.
Hymns and the Christian Myth                                                          Adey, Lionel
If I Had a Hammer: Retraining That Really Works                                       Little, Margaret Hillyard
Images in Asian Religions: Texts and Contexts                                         Granoff, Phyllis
Imagining Difference                                                                  Robertson, Leslie A.
In Search of Canadian Political Culture                                               Wiseman, Nelson
In Search of Sustainability: British Columbia Forest Policy in The 1990s              Cashore, Benjamin
In the Long Run We're All Dead                                                        Lewis, Timothy
In the Way: A Study of Christian Missionary Endeavours                                Burridge, Kenelm
Independence and Economic Security in Old Age                                         Denton, Frank T.
Indian Education in Canada, Volume 1: The Legacy                                      Barman, Jean
Indicator Plants of Coastal British Columbia                                          Klinka, Karel
Injury and the New World of Work                                                      Sullivan, Terrence
Insiders and Outsiders: Alan Cairns and the Reshaping of Canadian Citizenship         Kernerman, Gerald
Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability: A Farming Systems Analysis                  Filson, Glen C.
Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts                               Bell, Catherine
International Environmental Law and Asian Values: Legal Norms and Cultural InfluencesMushkat, Roda
Introduction to Forestry Economics                                                    Pearse, Peter H.
Invisible and Inaudible in Washington: American Policies toward Canada                Mahant, Edelgard
Invocations: The Poetry and Prose of Gwendolyn MacEwen                                Bartley, Jan
Islands of Truth: The Imperial Fashioning of Vancouver Island                         Clayton, Daniel W.
Jack Shadboldt and the Coastal Indian Image                                           Halpin, Marjorie M.
Japan at the Millennium                                                               Edgington, David W.
Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600-1945: The Age of the Gods and Emperor Jinmu John S.
Japan's Foreign Policy                                                                  Langdon, Frank
Japan's Modern Prophet: Uchimura Kanzô, 1861-1930                                       Howes, John F.
Journey to the Ice Age: Discovering an Ancient World                                    Storck, Peter L.
Journeys to the Japanese, 1952-1979                                                     White, Morton
Judicial Decision Making in Child Sexual Abuse Cases                                    Wright, Margaret M.
                                                                                        Deur, Douglas
Keeping It Living: Traditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America
Kewa Tales                                                                              LeRoy, John
                                                                                        Ford, John K. B.
Killer Whales: The Natural History and Genealogy of Orcinus Orca in British Columbia and Washington, Second Edition
Kiumajut (Talking Back): Game Management and Inuit Rights, 1900-70                      Kulchyski, Peter
Kwakiutl String Figures                                                                 Averkieva, Julia P.
                                                                                        Van Kooten,
Land Resource Economics and Sustainable Development: Economic Policies and the Common Good G. Cornelis
Land: The Central Human Settlement Issue                                                Oberlander, H. Peter
Law and Citizenship                                                                     Law Commission of Canada
Law and Risk                                                                            Law Commission of Canada
Laws and Societies in the Canadian Prairies West, 1670-1940                             Knafla, Louis
Leaf upon the Sea: A Small Ship in the Mediterranean, 1941-1943                         Stead, Gordon W.
Legends of Our Times: Native Cowboy Life                                                Baillargeon, Morgan
Legislatures                                                                            Docherty, David
Letters From Windermere, 1912-1914                                                      Harris, R. Cole
                                                                                        Pulleyblank, Edwin
Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation: In Early Middle Chinese,Late Middle Chinese and Early Mandarin G.
Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship: Essays on the Problem of Political Community      Beiner, Ronald
Life in 2030: Exploring a Sustainable Future for Canada                                 Robinson, John B.
Life in Stone: A Natural History of British Columbia's Fossils                          Ludvigsen, Rolf
Life Spaces : Gender, Household, Employment                                             Andrew, Caroline
Limiting Arbitrary Power: Vagueness Doctrine in Canadian Constitutional Law             Ribeiro, Marc
Linking Industry and Ecology: A Question of Design                                      Cote, Ray
Longitude and Empire: How Captain Cook's Voyages Changed the World                      Richardson, Brian W.
Lord of Point Grey: Larry Mackenzie of U.B.C.                                           Waite, P. B.
Lyric Poets of the Southern T'ang: Feng Yen-ssu, 903–960 and Li Yü, 937–978             Bryant, Daniel
Making Native Space: Colonialism, Resistance and Reserves in British Columbia           Harris, Cole
Making Vancouver: Class ,Status and Social Boundaries, 1863-1913                        McDonald, Robert A.J.
Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia: Markets, Regulations and Sustainable Scott, Anthony
Manlike Monsters on Trial: Early Records and Modern Evidence                            Halpin, Marjorie M.
Mapping Marriage Law in Spanish Gitano Communities                                      Drummond, Susan G.
Margaret Atwood: Language, Text, and System                                             Grace, Sherrill E.
Masculinities without Men? Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Fictions             Noble, Jean Bobby
Masters of Tradition: Consequences of Customary Land Tenure in Longana, Vanuatu Rodman, Margaret C.
Mega Urban Regions of Southeast Asia                                                    McGee, T. G.
Middle Chinese: A Study in Historical Phonology                                         Pulleyblank, Edwin G.
Misplaced Distrust: Policy Networks and the Environment in France, the United States, and CanadaEric
Misrecognized Materialists: Social Movements in Canadian Constitutional Politics        James, Matt
Modern Women Modernizing Men                                                            Brouwer, Ruth Compton
Morals and the Media: Ethics in Canadian Journalism, Second edition                     Russell, Nick
Morals and the Media: Ethics in Canadian Journalism, Second Edition                     Russell, Nick
Mr. Smith Goes to Ottawa: Life in the House of Commons                                  Docherty, David C.
Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States                        Joshee, Reva
Multicultural Nationalism: Civilizing Difference, Constituting Community                Kernerman, Gerald
                                                                                        Robinson, Andrew
Multiculturalism and the Foundations of Meaningful Life: Reconciling Autonomy, Identity, and CommunityM.
Murdering Holiness: The Trials of Franz Creffield and George Mitchell                   Phillips, Jim
Musqueam Reference Grammar                                                              Suttles, Wayne
Myth and Memory: Stories of Indigenous-European Contact                                 Lutz, John Sutton
National Visions, National Blindness: Canadian Art and Identities in the 1920s          Dawn, Leslie
Native Writers and Canadian Writing                                                     New, W. H.
Natural Resource Revenues: A Test of Federalism                                         Scott, Anthony
Natural Women, Cultured Men: A Feminist Perspective on Sociological Theory              Andrew, R. A.
Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse                                 Rak, Julie
Negotiating Buck Naked: Doukhobor, Public Policy, and Conflict Resolution               Cran, Gregory J.
                                                                                        Bradbury, History
Negotiating Identities in 19th- and 20th-Century Montreal: A Collection of Essays by the MontrealBettina Group
New Challenges for ASEAN: Emerging Policy Issuess                                       Amitav, Acharya
New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide                                           Law Commission of Canada
Ninstints: Haida World Heritage Site                                                    MacDonald, George F.
No Bleeding Heart : Charlotte Whitton: A Feminist on the Right                          Rooke, P. T.
No Place to Go: Local Histories of the Battered Women’s Shelter Movement                Janovicek, Nancy
No Place To Learn: Why Universities Aren't Working                                      Pocklington, Tom
No Place To Run: The Canadian Crops and Gas Warfare in the First World War              Cook, Tim
Northern Exposures: Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920–45               Geller, Peter
Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939                                                   Ostry, Aleck Samuel
Obedient Autonomy: Chinese Intellectuals and the Achievement of Orderly Life            Evasdottir, Erika E. S.
Objects of Concern: Canadian Prisoners of War Through The Twentieth Century             Vance, Jonathan F.
Obstructed Labour: Race and Gender in the Reemergence of Midwifery                      Nestel, Sheryl
Ocean of Destiny: A Concise History of the North Pacific 1500-1978                      Lower, Arthur
On the Northwest: Commercial Whaling In the Pacific Northwest 1790-1967                 Webb, Robert Lloyd
Once upon an Oldman: Special Interest Politics and the Oldman River Dam                 Glenn, Jack
Organizing the Transnational: Labour, Politics, and Social Change                       Goldring, Luin
Our Box Was Full: An Ethnography for the Delgamuukw Plaintiffs                          Daly, Richard
Our Chiefs and Elders: Words and Photographs of Native Leaders                          Neel, David
Our Tellings: Interior Salish Stories of the Nlha7kápmx People                          Hanna, Darwin
Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar                                                    Pulleyblank, Edwin G.
Overland from Canada to British Columbia                                                Leduc, Joanne
Pacific Empires: Essays in Honour of Glyndwr williams                                   Frost, Alan
Pacifism in Japan: The Christian and Socialist Tradition                                Bamba, Nobuya
Paddling to Where I Stand: Agnes Alfred, Qwiqwasutinuxw Noblewoman                      Reid, Martine J.
Painting the Maple: Essays on Race,Gender and the Construction of Canada                Strong-Boag, Veronica
Paradoxes of Rationality and Cooperation: Prisoner's Dilemma and Newcomb's Problem      Campbell, Richard
Parties Long Estranged                                                                  MacMillan, Margaret
Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections                   Sayers, Anthony Michael
Passing the Buck: Federalism and Canadian Environmentel Policy                          Harrison, Kathryn
Paul Kane's Great Nor-West                                                              Eaton, Diane
People and Place: Historical Influences on Legal Culture                                Swainger, Jonathan
People, Politics, and Child Welfare in British Columbia                                 Foster, Leslie T.
Pepper in Our Eyes: The Apec Affair                                                     Pue, W. Wesley
Personal Relationships of Dependence and Interdependence in Law                         Law Commission of Canada
Peter Stent, London Printseller Circa 1642-1665                                         Globe, Alexander V.
Philip Larkin and English Poetry                                                        Whalen, Terry
Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place: Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions                    Granoff, Phyllis
                                                                                         Practice in Australia
Planning and Building Down Under: New Settlement Strategy and Current ArchitecturalSeidler, Harry
Planning Canadian Regions                                                               Hodge, Gerald
Planning the New Suburbia                                                               Friedman, Avi
Policy and Practices for Biodiversity in Managed Forests: The Living Dance              Bunnell, Fred L.
Political Parties                                                                       Cross, Bill
Politics of Agricultural Co-Operativism: Peru, 1969-1983                                Korovkin, Tanya
Politics, Policy and Government in British Columbia                                     Carty, Ken
                                                                                        Christophers, Brett
Positioning the Missionary: John Booth Good and the Confluence of Cultures in Nineteenth-Century British Columbia
Potlatch at Gitsegukla: William Beynon's 1945 Field Notebooks                           Anderson, Margaret
Poverty: Rights, Social Citizenship, and Legal Activism                                 Young, Margot
Preserving What Is Valued                                                               Clavir, Miriam
                                                                                        Auger, Martin F.
Prisoners of the Home Front: German Pows and "Enemy Aliens: in Southern Quebec, 1940-1946
Private Eye: Observing Snow Geese                                                       Burns, Mary
Privileging the Past: Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art                     Ostrowitz, Judith
Processing Varieties in English: An Examination of Oral and Written Speech across GenresMacaulay, Marcia
Pro-Family Politics and Fringe Parties in Canada                                        MacKenzie, Chris
Professional Child and Youth Care, Second Edition                                       Ferguson, Roy V.
Prometheus Wired: The Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network Technology               Barney, Darin
Prophecy of the Swan: Upper Peace River Fur Trade of 1794-1823                          Burley, David V.
Protecting Aboriginal Children                                                          Walmsley, Christopher
Public Funds, Private Provision: The Role of the Voluntary Sector                       Rekart, Josephine
Qualities of Mercy: Justice, Punishment and Discretion                                  Strange, Caroline
Quasi-Democracy                                                                         Stewart, David
Queer Youth in the Province of the Severely Normal                                      Filax, Gloria
Race and the City: Chinese Canadian and Chinese American Political Mobilization         Fernando, Shanti
Racing to the Bottom?: Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation            Harrison, Kathryn
Reaction and Resistance: Feminism, Law, and Social Change                               Chunn, Dorothy E.
Rebuilding Canadian Party Politics                                                      Carty, R. Kenneth
Reclaiming Adat: Contemporary Malaysian Film and Literature                             Cheng, Khoo Gaik
Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision                                                  Battiste, Marie
Red Capitalism in South China: Growth and Development of the Pearl River Delta          Lin, George C. S.
                                                                                        Meligrana, John
Redrawing Local Government Boundaries: An International Study of Politics, Procedures, and Decisions
Regenerating British Columbia's Forests                                                 Lavender, D. P.
Regional Economic Impact Analysis and Project Evaluation                                Davis, H. Craig
Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade                          Barry, Donald
Regulating Lives: Historical Essays on the State, Society, the Individual, and the Law  McLaren, John
Rehabilitating the Old City of Beijing: A Project in the Ju'er Hutong Neighbourhood     Liangyong, Wu
Relocating Middle Powers: Australia and Canada in a Changing World Order                Cooper, Andrew
Representation and Democratic Theory                                                    Laycock, David
Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift uokkanen, Rauna
Resisting Manchukuo: Chinese Women Writers and the Japanese Occupation                  Smith, Norman
Restoration of the Great Lakes                                                          Sproule-Jones, Mark
Rethinking Domestic Violence                                                            Dutton, Donald G.
Rethinking Federalism: Citizens,Markets and Governments in a Changing World             Knop, Karen
Roaring Days: Rossland's Mines and the History of British Columbia                      Mouat, Jeremy
Roasting Chestnuts: The Mythology of Maritime Political Culture                            Stewart, Ian
Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition                                 Hayman, John
Robertson Davies, Playwright: A Search for Self on the Canadian Stage                      Stone-Blackburn, Susan
Robes of Power: Totem Poles on Cloth                                                       Doreen, Jensen
                                                                                           Barratt, Glynn
Russia in Pacific Waters, 1715-1825: A Survey of the Origins of Russia's Naval Presence in the North and South Pacific
                                                                                            of Rejection of
Russian Shadows on the British Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1890: A StudyBarratt, Glynn Defence Responsibiliti
Russians and Australia: Volume 1 of Russia and the South Pacific, 1696-1840                Barratt, Glynn
Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers: Canada's Second World War                                   Keshen, Jeffrey A.
Sam Selvon's Dialectal Style and Fictional Strategy                                        Wyke, Clement H.
Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice: Canadian Sanctuary Incidents, Power, and Law            Lippert, Randy K.
Scars of War: The Impact of Warfere on Modern China                                        Lary, Diana
Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia                    Markey, Sean
Securing Borders: Detention and Deportation in Canada                                      Pratt, Anna
Selling British Columbia: Tourism and Consumer Culture, 1890-1970                          Dawson, Michael
Settlement Planning and Development: A Strategy for Land Policy                            Lichfield, Nathaniel
Sex and Borders                                                                            Jeffrey, Leslie Ann
Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back                                                     Jeffrey, Leslie Ann
Shaped by the West Wind                                                                    Campbell, Claire Elizabeth
Shifting Boundaries: Aboriginal Identity, Pluralist Theory, and the Politics of Self-Government Tim
Ships and Memories: Merchant Seaferers In Canada's Age of Steam                            Sager, Eric W.
Showing the Flag: The Mounted Police and Canadian Sovereignty in the North, 1894-1925      Morrison, William R.
                                                                                           McMillan, Alan
Since the Time of the Transformers: The Ancient Heritage of the Nuu-chah-nulth, Ditidaht and Makah D.
Sinews of Survival: The Living Legacy of Inuit Clothing                                    Issenman, Betty Kobayashi
So Much To Do, So Little Time: The Writings of Hilda Neatby                                Hayden, Michael
Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State                                           Kay, Fiona M.
Social Policy and the Ethic of Care                                                        Hankivsky, Olena
Southern and Eastern Polynesia: Volume 2 of Russia and the South Pacific 1696–1840 Barratt, Glynn
Sovereignty or Security?: Government Policy in the Canadian North,1936-1950                Grant, Shelagh
Special Places: Changing Ecosystems of the Toronto Region                                  Roots, Betty I.
Spuzzum: Fraser Canyon Histories, 1808-1939                                                Laforet, Andrea
States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century                    Loo, Tina
Stepping Stones To Nowhere                                                                 Perras, Galen
Strangers in Blood: Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country                           Brown, Jennifer H.
Street Protests and Fantasy Parks                                                          Cameron, David R.
Student Affairs: Experiencing Higher Education                                             Andres, Lesley
Supporting Indigenous Children's Development                                               Ball, Jessica
Surveying the Canadian Pacific: Memoir of a Railroad Pioneer                               Rylatt, R. M.
Sustainable Production: Building Canadian Capacity                                         Toner, Glen
Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast: Forging Truces in the War in the Woods        Salazar, Debra J.
Switchbacks: Art, Ownership, and Nuxalk National Identity                                  Kramer, Jennifer
Taking Control: Power and Contradiction in First Nations Adult Education                   Haig-Brown, Celia
Taking Stands                                                                              Reed , Maureen G.
Taking the Air: Ideas and Change in Canadas National Parks                                 Kopas, Paul
Tales of Ghosts                                                                            Hawker, Ronald W.
Tales of Two Cities: Women and Municipal Restructuring in London and Toronto               Bashevkin, Sylvia
Talk and Log: Wilderness Politics in British Columbia,1965-96                              Wilson, Jeremy
Tammarniit (Mistakes): Inuit Relocation in the Eastern Arctic,1939-63                      Tester, Frank
Taxing Choices: The Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood, and the Law              Johnson, Rebecca
Technology on the Frontier: Mining in Old Ontario                                       Newell, Dianne
Telling Tales: Essays in Western Women's History                                        Cavanaugh, Catherine A.
Tense and Aspect in Modern Colloquial Japanese                                          Soga, Matsuo
The Alaska Highway: Papers of the 40th Anniversary Symposium                            Coates, Kenneth
The Archive of Place: Unearthing the Pasts of the Chilcotin Plateau                     Turkel, William J.
The Athenians and Their Empire                                                          McGregor, Malcolm F.
The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout                                    Quinn, Thomas P.
The Big Red Machine: How the Liberal Party Dominates Canadian Politics                  Clarkson, Stephen
The Burden of History: Colonialism and the Frontier Myth in a Rural Canadian Community  Furniss, Elizabeth
The Canadian Department of Justice and the Completion of Confederation, 1867-78 Swainger, Jonathan
                                                                                        Brown, Katrina
The Causes of Tropical Deforestation: The Economic and Ststistical Analysis of Factors giving Rise to the Loss of The Tropical F
The Challenge of Child Welfare                                                          Levitt, Ken
The Chinese in Cambodia                                                                 Willmott, William E.
The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80: The Pursuit of Identity and Power                    Ng, Wing Chung
The Chinese State at the Borders                                                        Lary, Diana
The Cinema of Malcolm Lowry: A Scholarly Edition of Lowry's "Tender Is the Night"       Mota, Miguel
The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry                                                   Scherf, Kathleen Dorothy
The Cost of Climate Policy                                                              Jaccard, Mark
The Courts                                                                              Greene, Ian
The Courts and Federalism: Judicial Doctrine in the United States, Australia, and CanadaBaier, Gerald
The Courts and the Colonies: The Litigation of Hutterite Church Disputes                Esau, Alvin J.
The Co-Workplace                                                                        Johnson, Laura C.
The Cult of Happiness: Nianhua,Art and History in Rural North China                     Flath, James A.
The Culture of Flushing: A Social and Legal History of Sewage                           Benidickson, Jamie
The Culture of Hunting in Canada                                                        Manore, Jean L.
The Curtain Within: Haida Social and Mythical Discourse                                 Boelscher, Marianne
The Domestic Assault of Women: Psychological and Criminal Justice Perspectives          Dutton, Donald G.
The Dominion and the Rising Sun                                                         Meehan, John D.
The Early Greek Poets and Their Times                                                   Podlecki, Anthony J.
The Early Years of Native American Art History The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting erlo, Janet Catherine
The Emergence of Social Security in Canada                                              Guest, Dennis T.
The Ermatingers: A 19th-Century Ojibwa-Canadian Family                                  Stewart, W. Brian
The First Nations of British Columbia                                                   Muckle, Robert J.
The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd Ed.: An Anthropological Survey               Muckle, Robert J.
The Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30                                                      Maclachlan, Morag
The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney                                                     Titley, Brian
The Great Blue Heron: A Natural History and Ecology of a Seashore Sentinel              Butler, Robert
                                                                                        Buitenhuis, Peter
The Great War of Words : British, American and Canadian Propaganda and Fiction, 1914-1933
The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy                                       Armstrong, John Griffith
The Heiress vs the Establishment: Mrs. Campbell's Campaign for Legal Justice            Backhouse, Constance
The Indian Association of Alberta                                                       Meijer Drees, Laurie
The Inner Bird: Anatomy and Evolution                                                   Kaiser, Gary W.
The Integrity Gap                                                                       Lee, Eugene
The International Politics of Whaling                                                   Stoett, Peter J.
The Klondike Stampede                                                                   Adney, Tappan
The Last Word: Media Coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada                            Sauvageau, Florian
The Letters of Malcom Lowry and Gerald Noxon, 1940-1952                                 Tiessen, Paul
The Lifeline of the Oregon Country: The Fraser-Columbia Brigate System,1811-47          Gibson, James R.
The Lillooet Language: Phonology,Morphology,Syntax                                      Van Eijk, Jan
The Limits of Labour: Class Formation and the Labour Movement in Calgary ,1883-1929Bright, David
The Love of a Prince: Bonnie Prince Charlie in France, 1744-1748                        Bongie, Laurence L.
The Manly Modern: Masculinity in Postwar Canada                                         Dummitt, Christopher
The Middle Power Project: Canada and the Founding of the United Nations                 Chapnick, Adam
The Mysteries of Montreal: Memoirs of a Midwife by Charlotte Fuhrer                     Ward, W. Peter
The Myth of the North American City: Continentalism Challenged                          Goldberg, Michael
The Northwest Coast: British Navigation, Trade, and Discoveries to 1812                 Gough, Barry M.
The Oriental Question: Consolidating a White Man’s Province, 1914-41                    Roy, Patricia E.
The Origins of Canadian Politics: A Comparative Approach                                Stewart, Gordon T.
The Other Quiet Revolution: National Identities in English Canada, 1945-71              Igartua, Jose E.
The Pacific Rim: Investment, Development, and Trade, Second Edition                     Nemetz, Peter N.
                                                                                        and the Richard Lee
The Political Economy of Pensions: Power, Politics and Social Change in Canada, Britain Deaton, United States
The Political Economy of Productivity: Thai Agricultural Development, 1880–1975         Feeny, David H.
The Political Economy of the Environment: The Case of Japan                             Tsuru, Shigeto
The Politics of Resentment                                                              Resnick, Philip
The Power of Symbols: Masks and Masquerade in the Americas                              Crumrine, N. Ross
The Power of Words: Literacy and Revolution in South China, 1949-95                     Peterson, Glen
                                                                                        Eitinger, Leo
The Psychological and Medical Effects of Concentration Camps and Related Persecutions on Survivors of the Holocaust: A Res
The Railway King of Canada: Sir William Mackenzie, 1849-1923                            Fleming, R. B.
The Raven's Tail                                                                        Samuel, Cheryl
The RCN in Retrospect, 1910-1968                                                        Boutilier, James A.
The RCN in Transition 1910-1985                                                         Douglas, W. A. B.
The Red Man's on the Warpath: The Image of the "Indian" and the Second World War Sheffield, R. Scott
The Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken                                     Blakey-Smith, Dorothy
The Resettlement of British Columbia: Essays on Colonialism and Geographical Change Harris, Cole
The Six National Histories of Japan                                                     Sakamoto, Taro
The Soldiers' General: Bert Hoffmeister at War                                          Delaney, Douglas E.
The Struggle for Social Justice in British Columbia: Helena Gutteridge ,the Unknown Reformer Irene
The Subarctic Fur Trade: Native Social and Economic Adaptations                         Krech III, Shepard
The Subarctic Indians and the Fur Trade, 1680-1860                                      Yerbury, Colin
The Transforming Image: Painted Arts of Northwest Coast First Nations                   McLennan, Bill
The Triumph of Citizenship: The Japanese and Chinese in Canada, 1941-67                 Roy, Patricia E.
The Vancouver Achievement: Urban Planning and Design                                    Punter, John
The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar              Johnston, Hugh
The Voyage that Never Ends: Malcolm Lowry's Fiction                                     Grace, Sherrill E.
The Way of the Masks                                                                    Levi-Strauss, Claude
The Wealth of Forests: Markets,Regulation and Sustaineble Forestry                      Tollefson, Christopher
They Call Me Father: Memoirs of Father Nicolas Coccola                                  Whitehead, Margaret
This Blessed Wilderness                                                                 Cole, Jean Murray
This Elusive Land: Women and the Canadian Environment                                   Hessing, Melody
Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian: Small Shoes for Feet Too Large                         Bolt, Clarence R.
Thomas Hobbes: The Unity of Scientific and Moral Wisdom                                 Herbert, Gary B.
Tibet and Nationalist China’s Frontier: Intrigues and Ethnopolitics, 1928-49            Lin, Hsiao-ting
To the Charlottes: George Dawson's 1878 Survey of the Queen Charlotte Islands           Cole, Douglas
Totem Poles: An Illustrated Guide                                                       Halpin, Marjorie M.
Tournament of Appeals: Granting Judicial Review in Canada                               Flemming, Roy B.
Trading Beyond the Mountains: The British Fur Trade on the Pacific1793-1843             Mackie, Richard Somerset
Training the Excluded for Work                                                          Cohen, Marjorie Griffin
                                                                                        Ford, John K. B.
Transients: Mammal-Hunting Killer Whales of British Columbia, Washington, and Southeastern Alaska
Transnational Identities and Practices in Canada                                        Satzewich, Vic
Treaty Talks in British Columbia, First Edition                                         McKee, Christopher
                                                                                        McKee, Christopher
Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Second Edition: Negotiating a Mutually Beneficial Future
Trees of Vancouver: A Guide to the Common and Unusual Trees of the City                 Straley, Gerald
Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed                                                 Sterritt, Neil J.
Tsawalk: A Nuu-chah-nulth Worldview                                                     Atleo, E. Richard (Umeek)
Tuamotu Islands and Tahiti: Volume 4 of Russia and the South Pacific                    Barratt, Glynn
Turn Up the Contrast: CBC Television Drama Since 1952                                   Miller, Mary Jane
Two Political Worlds: Parties and Voting in British Columbia                            Blake , Donald E.
Un/Covering the North: News, Media, and Aboriginal People                               Alia, Valerie
                                                                                        Beattie, Judith Hudson
Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-58
Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy                         Boyd, David R.
Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies: Infanticide in Canada                               Kramar, Kirsten Johnson
Vancouver Island Letters of Edmund Hope Verney: 1862-65                                 Pritchard, Allan
Vancouver Past : Essays in Social History                                               McDonald, Robert A. J.
Vancouver Short Stories                                                                 Gerson, Carole
Vanishing British Columbia                                                              Kluckner, Michael
Varieties of Exile: The Canadian Experience                                             Dahlie, Hallvard
Visitors Who Never Left: The Origin of the People of Damelahamid                        Harris, Kenneth B.
Voices Rising: Asian Canadian Cultural Activism                                         Li, Xiaoping
Walking in Indian Moccasins: The Native Policies of Tommy Douglas and the CCF           Barron, F. Laurie
Ways of Knowing: Experience,Knowledge and Power Among the Dene Tha                      Goulet, Jean-Guy A.
What Is a Crime?: Defining Criminal Conduct in Contemporary Society                     Law Commission of Canada
When Coal Was King: Ladymith and the Coal-Mining Industry on Vancouver Island           Hinde, John R.
When I Was Small - I Wan Kwikws                                                         Matthewson, Lisa
White Gold: Hydroelectric Power in Canada                                               Froschauer, Karl
                                                                                        Dickerson, Mark O.
Whose North? Political Change, Political Development and Self-Government in the Northwest Territories
Will To Power: The Missionary Career of Father Morice                                   Mulhall, David
Wired to the World, Chained to the Home                                                 Gurstein, Penny
With Good Intentions: Euro-Canadian and Aboriginal Relations in Colonial Canada         Haig-Brown, Celia
Women and the White Man's God                                                           Rutherdale, Myra
Women Filmmakers                                                                        Levitin, Jacqueline
Words We Call Home: Celebrating Creative Writing at UBC                                 Svendsen, Linda
Workers, Capital, and the State in British Columbia: Selected Papers                    Warburton, Rennie
Written and Unwritten: A New History of the Buddhist Caves at Yungang                   Caswell, James O.
Zina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women               Khan, Shahnaz
"I Will Fear No Evil": Missionary-Ojibwa Encounters along the Berens River, 1875-1940 Gray, Susan Elaine
A Baltic Odyssey: War and Survival                                                      von Rosen, Jürgen
A Business History of Alberta                                                           Klassen, Henry C.
A Common Hunger: Land Rights in Canada and South Africa                                 Fairweather, J.G.
A Family Heritage: The Story and Songs of LaRena Clark                                  Fowke, Edith
A Grammar of the Kabardian Language                                                     Colarusso, John
A History of the Edmonton City Market 1900–2000: Urban Values and Urban Culture Merrett, Kathryn Chase
A Voice of Her Own                                                                     Poirier, Thelma
Akak'stiman: A Blackfoot Framework for Decision-Making and Mediation Processes         Crowshoe, Reg
Alequiers: The History of a Homestead                                                  Schintz, Mike
Alliance and Conflict: The World System of the Iñupiaq Eskimos                         Burch, Jr., Ernest S.
An Alberta Bestiary: Animals of the Rolling Hills                                      Hanan, Zahava
                                                                                       MacGuigan, Mark
An Inside Look at External Affairs During the Trudeau Years: The Memoirs of Mark MacGuigan
An Unsettled Spirit: The Life and Frontier Fiction of Edith Lyttleton (G.B. Lancaster) Sturm, Terry
Ancestral Portraits: The Colour of My People                                           McDonald, Frederick R.
Archaeology on the Edge: New Perspectives from the Northern Plains                     Kelley, Jane H.
As I Remember Them: Childhood in Quebec and Why We Came West                           Olsen, Jeanne-Elise
As Long as This Land Shall Last: A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 1870–1939        Fumoleau, Réne
Ask Now of the Days that are Past                                                      Segal, Eliezer
At Home Afloat: Women on the Waters of the Pacific Northwest                           Pagh, Nancy
Bearing Witness: Partition, Independence, End of the Raj                               Kamra, Sukeshi
Betrayal: Agricultural Politics in the Fifties                                         Schultz, Herbert
Blackfoot Ways of Knowing: The Worldview of the Siksikaitsitapi                        Bastien, Betty
Breaking Ice: Renewable Resource and Ocean Management in the Canadian North            Berkes, Fikret
Bronze Inside and Out: A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver                            Scriver, Mary Strachan
Building a Partnership: The Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement                  Kreinin, Mordechai E.
Building/Art                                                                           King, Andrew
Calgary's Grand Story                                                                  Smith, Donald B.
Canada and the New American Empire: War and Anti-War                                   Melnyk, George
                                                                                       Mannik, Lynda
Canadian Indian Cowboys in Australia: Representation, Rodeo, and the RCMP at the Royal Easter Show, 1939
Canadian Television Today                                                              Beaty, Bart
Canadian-Based Multinationals                                                          Globerman, Steven
Challenging Frontiers: The Canadian West                                               Felske, Lorry
Chilkoot: An Adventure in Ecotourism                                                   Ingelson, Allan
                                                                                       Connaughton, Brian F.
Clerical Ideology in a Revolutionary Age: The Guadalajara Church and the Idea of the Mexican Nation, 1788-1853
Community Music in Alberta: Some Good School House Stuff!                              Lyon, George W.
Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy Anderson, R. D.
Concepts of Culture: Art, Politics, and Society                                        Muller, Adam
Corporate Decision-Making in Canada: The Industry Canada Research Series               Daniels, R. J.
Cowboys, Ranchers and the Cattle Business: Cross-Border Perspectives on Ranching History Simon
Creating Citizens: History and Identity in Alberta's Schools, 1905-1980                von Heyking, Amy
Crossing Over: Genomics in the Public Arena                                            Einsiedel, Edna
Danger, Death, and Disaster in the Crowsnest Pass Mines 1902-1928                      Buckley, Karen
Dark Storm Moving West                                                                 Belyea, B.
Death Drive through Gaia Paris                                                         Noble, Charles
Developing Alberta's Oil Sands: From Karl Clark to Kyoto                               Chastko, Paul
Dialogues on Cultural Studies: Interviews with Contemporary Critics                    Xie, Shaobo
Doubt's Boots: Even Doubt's Shadow                                                     Noble, Charles
Drones, Clones, and Alpha Babes: Retrofitting Star Trek's Humanism, Post-9/11          Relke, Diana M.A.
Empire of Dust: Settling and Abandoning the Prairie Dry Belt                           Jones, David C.
Eric J. Hanson's Financial History of Alberta, 1905-1950                               Boothe, Paul
Eugene A. Forsey: An Intellectual Biography                                            Milligan, Frank
Eye on the Future: Business People in Calgary and the Bow Valley, 1870—1900            Klassen, Henry C.
Faculty of Nursing on the Move: Nursing at the University of Calgary, 1969–2004          Boschma, Geertje
Far From Home: A Memoir of a Twentieth-Century Soldier                                   Williams, Jeffery
                                                                                         Khouri, of Canada, 1939-1946
Filming Politics: Communism and the Portrayal of the Working Class at the National Film Board Malek
Financing Growth in Canada                                                               Halpern, Paul J. N.
Foundations of Justice: Alberta's Historic Courthouses                                   Mittelstadt, David
France, 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide                              Anderson, James S.
Frederic Baraga's Short History of the North American Indians                            MacDonald, Graham A.
French Sound Structure                                                                   Walker, Douglas C.
Galapagos: A Natural History                                                             Jackson, Michael H.
Give Your Other Vote to the Sister: A Woman's Journey into the Great War                 Marshall, D.
Gordon Atkins: Architecture, 1960-95                                                     Livesey, Graham
Grassroots Governance? Chiefs in Africa and the Afro-Caribbean                           Ray , Donald I.
Greenwor(l)ds: Ecocritical Readings of Canadian Women's Poetry                           Relke, Diana M. A.
Guardians of the Wild: A History of the Warden Service of Canada's National Parks        Burns, Robert J.
Harm's Way: Disasters in Western Canada                                                  Rasporich , Anthony
                                                                                         Crichton, Anne
Health Care: A Community Concern? Developments in the Organization of Canadian Health Services
Heritage Covenants and Preservation: The Calgary Civic Trust                             McMordie, Michael
Home/Bodies: Geographies of Self, Place and Space                                        Schissel, Wendy
How Canadians Communicate                                                                Taras, David
How Canadians Communicate II: Media, Globalization and Identity                          Taras, David/Bakardjieva, Maria/Pann
How Skeptics Do Ethics: A Brief History of the Late Modern Linguistic Turn               Neal, Aubrey
In Those Days, At This Time: Holiness and History in the Jewish Calendar                 Segal, Eliezer
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada: From Family Businesses to Multinationals James J.
Inside Law School: Two Dialogues about Legal Education                                   Lyon, Noel
International Agricultural Trade Disputes: Case Studies in North America                 Schmitz, Andrew
Jemmy Jock Bird: Marginal Man on the Blackfoot Frontier                                  Jackson, John C.
Just Dummies: Cruise Missile Testing in Canada                                           Clearwater, John Murray
La Croissance fondée sur le savoir et son incidence sur les politiques microéconomiques  Howitt, Peter
La politique de concurrence et les droits de propriété intellectuelle dans l'économie du Anderson, R. D.
La Région de l'Asie-Pacifique et l'économie mondiale: Perspectives canadiennes           Harris, Richard G.
Landscapes of Encounter: The Portrayal of Catholicism in the Novels of Brian Moore Gearon, Liam
Law, Politics and the Judicial Process in Canada: 3rd Edition                            Morton, Frederick L.
Le Financement de la croissance au Canada                                                Halpern, Paul J. N.
                                                                                         Perron, de 1964 á
Le nouveau roman de l'energie nationale: Analyse des discours promotionnels d'Hydro-QuebecDominique1997
Learning Japanese in the Network Society                                                 Nakajima, Kazuko
Les enjeux de la productivité au Canada                                                  Rao, Someshwar
Les Industries de services et l'économie de savoir                                       Lipsey, Richard
Les Liens en Amérique du Nord - Aspects sociaux et marches au travail                    Harris, Richard G.
Les liens en Amérique du Nord: Occasions et défis pour le Canada                         Harris, Richard G.
Les Multinationales canadiennes                                                          Globerman, Steven
Lily Lewis: Sketches of a Canadian Journalist: A Biocritical Study                       Martin, Margaret Kathleen
Linked Histories: Postcolonial Studies in a Globalized World                             McCallum, Pam
Lobsticks and Stone Cairns: Human Landmarks in the Arctic                                Davis, Richard C.
Looking for Country: A Norwegian Immigrant's Alberta Memoir                              Merriken, Ellenor Ranghild
Looking Reality in the Eye: Museums and Social Responsibility                            Janes, Robert R.
Luther H. Holton: A Founding Canadian Entrepreneur                                       Klassen, Henry C.
Magic off Main: The Art of Esther Warkov                                                 Rasporich , Beverly J.
                                                                                         Frink, Lisa
Many Faces of Gender: Roles and Relationships through Time in Indigenous Northern Communities
                                                                                         Fraser, Linda at
McCarter & Nairne: Significant British Columbia Projects: An Inventory of the Architectural Drawings M. the Canadian Architec
                                                                                         Norris, Marjorie Barron
Medicine and Duty: The World War I Memoir of Captain Harold W. McGill, Medical Officer, 31st Battalion C.E.F.
Memories, Dreams, Nightmares: Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor                            Weiss, Jack
Mendel's Children: A Family Chronicle                                                    Smith, Cherie
Mind Technologies: Humanities Computing and the Canadian Academic Community Siemens, R./Moorman, D.
Missing Pieces: My Life as a Child Survivor of the Holocaust                             Verrall, O.
                                                                                         Eggermont-Molenaar, M.
Missionaries Among Miners, Migrants & Blackfoot: The Van Tighem Brothers’ Diaries, Alberta 1875-1917
Montana 1911: A Professor and his Wife among the Blackfeet                               Eggermont-Molenaar, Mary
Monuments of Progress: Modernization and Public Health in Mexico City, 1876-1910 Agostoni, Claudia
                                                                                          Mountain West
Mountains So Sublime: Nineteenth-Century British Travellers and the Lure of the RockyAbraham, Terry
Multinationales en Amérique du Nord: Documents de recherche d'industrie Canada Eden, Lorraine
Multinationals in North America: The Industry Canada Research Series                     Eden, Lorraine
Muskox Land: Ellesmere Island in the Age of Contact                                      Dick, Lyle
NAFTA in Transition                                                                      Randall, S. J.
Negotiating Identities in Modern Latin America                                           Kraay, Hendrik
Never Far Away: The Auschwitz Chronicles of Anna Heilman                                 Heilman, Anna
New Directions in African Education: Challenges and Possibilities                        Dlamini, S. Nombuso
New Essays in the Philosophy of Language and Mind                                        Escurdia, Maite
No One Awaiting Me: Two Brothers Defy Death During the Holocaust in Romania              Alpern, Joil
                                                                                         Higham, Carol L.
Noble, Wretched and Redeemable: Protestant Missionaries to the Indians in Canada and the United States, 1820-1900
North American Linkages: Opportunities and Challenges for Canada                         Harris, Richard G.
NUNAVIK: Inuit-Controlled Education in Arctic Quebec                                     Vick-Westgate, Ann
One West, Two Myths II: Essays on Comparison                                             Higham, Carol/Thacker, Robert
Passages: Explorations of the Contemporary City                                          Livesy, Graham
Permeable Border: The Great Lakes Basin as Transnational Region, 1650–1990               Bukowczyk, John J.
                                                                                         Lin, Zhiqiu
Policing the Wild North-West: A Sociological Study of Provincial Police in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1905-32
Portugal 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide                             Anderson, James M.
Productivity Issues in Canada: The Industry Canada Research Series                       Rao, Someshwar
                                                                                         Nelson, J. Gordon
Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America: Integrating Nature Conservation and Sustainable De
                                                                                         Robinson, I.
Rabbis and their Community: Studies in The Eastern European Orthodox Rabbinate in Montreal, 1896-1930
Reading the Entrails: An Alberta Ecohistory                                              Conrad, Norman Charles
Rediscovering the British World                                                          Buckner, Phillip
Relocating Identities in Latin American Cultures                                         Montes Garces, Elizabeth
Roland Gissing: The Peoples' Painter                                                     Foran, Max
                                                                                         Gow, Sandy
Roughnecks, Rock Bits, and Rigs: The Evolution of Oil Well Drilling Technology in Alberta, 1883-1970
Scholarly Journals in the New Digital World                                              Boismenu, Gérard
Service Industries and the Knowledge-Based Economy                                       Lipsey, Richard
Sexualizing Power in Naturalism: Theodore Dreiser and Frederick Philip Grove             Gammel, Irene
                                                                                         Forkey, Neil S.
Shaping the Upper Canadian Frontier: Environment, Society, and Culture in the Trent Valley
Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture                              Belton, Robert J.
Social and Labour Market Aspects of North American Linkages                              Harris, Richard G.
Songs of the North Woods: As Sung by O.J. Abbott and Collected by Edith Fowke            Vikár, Laszlo
Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology                                                Robertson, Elizabeth C.
Spain, 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide                               Anderson, James M.
Staying Human Through the Holocaust:                                                     Mózes, Teréz
Suitable for the Wilds: Letters from Northern Alberta, 1929-1931                         Jackson, Mary Percy
                                                                                       Harding, Women
Surviving in the Hour of Darkness: The Health and Wellness of Women of Colour and Indigenous G. Sophie
The African Diaspora in Canada: Negotiating Identity and Belonging                     Tettey, Wisdom J.
                                                                                       Russell, A. P.
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Alberta: A Field Guide and Primer of Boreal Herpetology, Second Edition
The Bar U and Canadian Ranching History:                                               Evans, Simon
The Beribboned Bomb: The Image of Woman in Male Surrealist Art                         Belton, Robert J.
The Changing Tradition: Women in the History of Rhetoric                               Sutherland, Christine M.
The Citizen's Voice: Twentieth-Century Politics and Literature                         Keren, Michael
The Clever Body                                                                        Csepregi, Gabor
The Complete Holistic Guide to Working Out in the Gym                                  Pichas, Yigal
The Eloquence of Mary Astell                                                           Sutherland, Christine M.
The First Dutch Settlement in Alberta: Letters from the Pioneer Years, 1903–14         Sinnema, Donald
The French Play: Exploring Theatre "Re-creatively" with Foreign Language Students      Essif, Les
The Garden of Art: Vic Cicansky Sculptor                                               Kerr, Don
The Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War            Granatstein, J.L.
The Honourable Member for Vegreville: The Memoirs and Diary of Anthony Hlynka, M.P.    Gerus, Oleh W.
The Kingdom of Alwa                                                                    Zarroug, Mohi El-Din Abdalla
                                                                                       Ganzevoort, Herman
The Last Illusion: Letters from Dutch Immigrants in the "Land of Opportunity," 1924-1930
The Letters of Margaret Butcher: Missionary-Imperialism on the North Pacific Coast Kelm, Mary-Ellen
The Limits of Participation: Members and Leaders in Canada's Reform Party              Ellis, Faron
The Madwoman in the Academy: 43 Women Boldly Take on the Ivory Tower                   Schnitzer, Deborah
The People Who Own Themselves: Aboriginal Ethnogenesis in a Canadian Family, 1660-1900 Heather
The Prairie West as Promised Land                                                      Francis, R.D.
                                                                                       Farrugia, Past
The River of History: Trans-national and Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on the Immanence of thePeter
                                                                                        Red River
The Road to the Rapids: Nineteenth-Century Church and Society at St. Andrew's Parish, Coutts, Robert J.
The Spirit of Hidalgo: The Mexican Revolution in Coahuila                              Pasztor, Suzanne B.
The War on Weeds in the Prairie West: An Environmental History                         Evans, Clinton L.
The Way it Was: Vignettes from My One-Room Schools                                     Van Kleek, Edith/Dobson, Thelma Jo
The Wild Rose Anthology of Alberta Prose                                               Melnyk, George
To Be a Cowboy: Oliver Christensen's Story                                             Holliday, Barbara
Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada? Kerr, William
Trails and Trials: Markets and Land Use in the Alberta Beef Cattle Industry, 1881–1948 Foran, Maxwell L.
Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America         Loucky, James/Alper, Donald K./Day, J
Treasures: The Stories Women Tell about the Things They Keep                           Cairns, Kathleen
                                                                                       Recognized as Nations
Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream Is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Cardinal, Harold
                                                                                       Livesey, Graham
Twelve Modern Houses 1945-1985: From the Collections of The Canadian Architectural Archives
Understanding New Media: Augmented Knowledge and Culture                               Veltman, Kim H.
Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites                                     Kooyman, Brian P.
Unifarm: A Story of Conflict and Change                                                Jaques, Carrol
Unsettled Pasts: Reconceiving the West through Women's History                         Carter, Sarah
                                                                                       Koth, Karl
Waking the Dictator: Veracruz, the Struggle for Federalism and the Mexican Revolution, 1870-1927
War North of 80: The Last German Arctic Weather Station of World War II                Dege, Wilhelm
Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies: A History of Waterton Country                   MacDonald, Graham A.
With Heart and Soul: Calgary's Italian Community                                       Fanella, Antonella
Wolf Mountains: A History of Wolves along the Great Divide                             Jones, Karen R.
Writing Geographical Exploration: James and the Northwest Passage, 1631–33             Davies, Wayne K. D.
Writing the Terrain: Travelling Through Alberta with the Poets                         Stamp, Robert
                                                                                        to 1986
"A National Crime": The Canadian Government and the Residential School System,1879Milloy, John S.
"A Very Remarkable Sickness": Epidemics in the Petit Nord, 1670-1846                  Hackett, Paul
                                                                                      Brown, 1823
"The Orders of the Dreamed": George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth,Jennifer S.H.
A Great Restlessness: The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen                         Johnston, Faith
A Thousand Miles of Prairie: The Manitoba Historical Society and the History of Western Canada Jim
Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada: Historical and Legal Aspects                       Abel, Kerry
                                                                                      Wolfart, H.C.
âh-âyîtaw isi ê-kî-kiskêyihtahkik maskihkiy/They Knew Both Sides of Medicine: Cree Tales of Curing and Cursing Told by Alice
Alien Heart: The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence                                   Powers, Lyall
Arapaho Historical Traditions: Hinono'einoo'itoono                                    Moss, Paul
                                                                                      Waldram, James B.
As Long as the Rivers Run: Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada
Attorney for the Frontier: Enos Stutman                                               Gibson, Dale
Constructing Tomorrows Federalism: New Perspectives on Canadian Governance            Peach, Ian
                                                                                      Ellis, C. Douglas
Cree Legends and Narratives: From the West Coast of James Bay / âtalôhkâna nêsta tipâcimôwina
Curling Capital: Winnipeg and the Roarin' Game, 1876 to 1988                          Mott, Morris
Dictionary of Manitoba Biography                                                      Bumsted, J.M.
Edda: A Collection of Essays                                                          Glendinning, Robert J.
Formidable Heritage: Manitobas North and the Cost of Development, 1870 to 1930        Mochoruk, Jim
From the Inside Out: The Rural Worlds of Mennonite Diarists, 1863 to 1929             Loewen, Royden
Hidden Worlds: Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s                         Loewen, Royden
History, Literature and the Writing of the Canadian Prairies                          Calder, Alison
Icelanders in North America: The First Settlers                                       Thor, Jonas
In Her Own Voice: Childbirth Stories from Mennonite Women                             Thomas, Joan
In Order to Live Untroubled: Inuit of the Central Artic 1550 to 1940                  Fossett, Renée
Intimate Strangers: The Letters of Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy                Socken, Paul G.
Íslendinga Saga: A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth                          Jóhannesson, Jón
                                                                                      Dennis, Andrew
Laws of Early Iceland: The Codex Regius of Grágás with Material from Other Manuscripts, Grágás II
Like the Sound of a Drum: Aboriginal Cultural Politics in Denendeh and Nunavut        Kulchyski, Peter
Living the Changes                                                                    Turner, Joan
Mac Runciman: A Life in the Grain Trade                                               Earl, Paul D.
Making Ends Meet: Farm Women's Work in Manitoba                                       Van de Vorst, Charlotte
Making it Home: Place in Canadian Prairie Literature                                  Keahey, Deborah
Manitoba Medicine: A Brief History                                                    Carr, Ian
Mennonites, Politics, and Peoplehood: Europe - Russia - Canada 1525-1980              Urry, James
Monuments to Faith: Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba                                    Rotoff, Basil
Muskekowuck Athinuwick: Original People of the Great Swampy Land                      Wardhaugh, Robert
My Parents: Memoirs of New World Icelanders                                           Bjarnadóttir, Birna
Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene                         Bussidor, Ila
North American Icelandic: The Life of a Language                                      Arnbjörnsdóttir, Birna
O Little Town: Remembering Life in a Prairie Village                                  Jones, Harlo L.
One Man’s Documentary: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board         Mclnnes, Graham
One Version of the Facts: My Life in the Ivory Tower                                  Duckworth, Harry E.
Preserving the Sacred: Historical Perspectives on the Ojibwa Midewiwin                Angel, Michael
Providence Watching: Journeys from Wartorn Poland to the Canadian Prairies            Patalas, Kazimierz
                                                                                      Bumsted, J.M.
Reporting the Resistance: Alexander Begg and Joseph Hargrave on the Red River Resistance
River Road: Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History                                    Friesen, Gerald
Rural Life: Portraits of the Prairie Town, 1946                                       Giffen, P. James
                                                                                      Pettipas, Katherine
Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies
Social Democracy in Manitoba: A History of the CCF-NDP                                Wiseman, Nelson
St. John's College: Faith and Education in Western Canada                              Bumsted, J. M.
Tell the Driver: A Biography of Elinor F.E. Black, M.D.                                Vandervoort, Julie
The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók                                                   Pálsson, Hermann
The Counselling Speeches of Jim Kâ-Nîpitêhtêw / ana kâ-pimwêwêhahk okakêskihkêmowina   Ahenakew, Freda
The Dog's Children: Anishinaabe Texts told by Angeline Williams                        Bloomfield, Leonard
The Force of Vocation: The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman                            Panofsky, Ruth
The Geography of Manitoba: Its Land and its People                                     Welsted, John
The Iron Rose: The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, M.D.                          Edge, Fred
The New Buffalo: The Struggle for Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education in Canada        Stonechild, Blair
The New Peoples: Being and Becoming Métis in North America                             Peterson, Jacqueline
The North End: Photographs by John Paskievich                                          Paskievich, John
The Ojibwa of Western Canada, 1780 to 1870                                             Peers, Laura
The Organ in Manitoba: A History of the Instruments, the Builders, and the Players     Hartman, James B.
The People's Clearance: Highland Emigration to British North America, 1770-1815        Bumsted, J. M.
The Plains Cree: Trade, Diplomacy and War, 1790 to 1870                                Milloy, John S.
The University of Manitoba: An Illustrated History                                     Duckworth, Henry E.
The Winnipeg School of Art: The Early Years                                            Baker, Marilyn
Thomas Scott's Body: And Other Essays on Early Manitoba History                        Bumsted, J. M.
Toward Defining the Prairies: Region, Culture, and History                             Wardhaugh, Robert
                                                                                       Eigenbrod, Renate
Travelling Knowledges: Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada
Travelling Passions: The Hidden Life of Vilhjalmur Stefansson                          Pálsson, Gísli
Western Icelandic Short Stories                                                        Wolf, Kirsten
Wild Mother Dancing: Maternal Narrative in Canadian Literature                         Brandt, Di
Winnipeg 1912: Diary of a City                                                         Blanchard, Jim
Winnipeg Modern: Architecture, 1945 to 1975                                            Peach, Ian
Women of the First Nations: Power, Wisdom, and Strength                                Miller, Christine
Writing Grief: Margaret Laurence and the Work of Mourning                              Riegel, Christian
Writings by Western Icelandic Women                                                    Wolf, Kirsten
                                                                                       Dennie, de Sudbury (1890-1972)
À l'ombre de l'Inco: Étude de la transition d'une communauté canadienne-française de la régionDonald
A Quarter-Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization: Evolution and Impact Flynn, Robert J.
A Theology for the Earth: The Contributions of Thomas Berry and Bernard Lonergan Dalton, Anne Marie
Aboriginal People and Other Canadians: Shaping New Relationships                       Todd, Roy
Accounting for Culture: Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship                          Andrew, Caroline
Acute Resuscitation and Crisis Management: Acute Critical Events Simulation            Neilipovitz, David T.
Anne Hébert: Architexture Romanesque                                                   Paterson, Janet
Anne Hébert: Le secret de vie et de mort                                               Brochu, André
Apperception, Knowledge, and Experience                                                Bossart, W. H.
Artisans de la modernité: Les centres culturels en ontario français                    Diane Farmer
Ashore and Afloat: The British Navy and the Halifax Naval Yard Before 1820             Gwyn, Julian
Assisted Suicide: Canadian Perspectives                                                Prado, C. G.
At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination: A Reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan Moss, John
Atlas historique des pratiques religieuses: Le Sud-Ouest du Québec au XIXe siècle      Rousseau, Louis
                                                                                       Huneault, Estelle
AU FIL DES ANS: L'Union catholique des fermières de la province d'Ontario, de 1936 à 1945
Au service du Canada: Histoire du Royal Military College depuis la Deuxième Guerre mondiale Richard A.
Aux origines de l'identité franco-ontarienne: éducation, culture et économie           Gaffield, Chad
Between Actor and Presence: The European Union and the Future for the Transatlantic Maclean, George A.
Bliss Carman: A Reappraisal                                                            Lynch, Gerald
Bolder Flights: Essays on the Canadian Long Poem                                         Tierney, Frank M.
Borderlands: Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe                       Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel
                                                                                         Keshen, Jeff
Building New Bridges / Batir de nouveaux ponts: Sources, Methods, and Interdisciplinarity / Sources, methodes et interdiscipl
Calling for Change : Women, Law and the Legal Profession                                 Sheehy, Elizabeth A.
Canada's Religions: An Historical Introduction                                           Choquette, Robert
Canadian Migration Patterns from Britain and North America                               Messamore, Barbara J.
Caring and Curing: Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada                Dodd, Dianne
Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era                                  Simon, Sherry
Charting the Future of Translation History                                               Bastin, Georges L.
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public / Frontier Religions in Public Space            Côté, Pauline
                                                                                         Guindon, Roger
Coexistence difficile: La dualité linguistique à l'Université d'Ottawa, Volume 1: 1848-1898
Coexistence équitable: La dualité linguistique à l'Université d'Ottawa, Volume 4: depuisGuindon, Roger
Coexistence féconde: La dualité linguistique à l'Université d'Ottawa, Volume 3: 1936-1965Guindon, Roger
Coexistence menacée: La dualité linguistique à l'Université d'Ottawa, Volume 2: 1898-1936Guindon, Roger
Computer-Aided Translation Technology: A Practical Introduction                          Bowker, Lynne
                                                                                           organisations féministes et communa
Conscience subalterne, conscience identitaire: La voix des femmes assistées au sein desMichaud, Jacinthe
Constructions identitaires et pratiques sociales                                         Wallot, Jean-Pierre
Construire une capitale - Ottawa - Making a Capital                                      Keshen, Jeff
Context North America: Canadian/U.S. Literary Relations                                  LaBossière, Camille R.
Creation or Evolution: Correspondence on the Current Controversy                         Dodson, Edward O.
Cyberidentities: Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace                            d'Haenens, Leen
De France en Nouvelle-France: Société Fondatrice et Société Nouvelle                     Watelet, Hubert
De l'écrit à l'écran: Les réécritures filmiques du roman africain francophone            Tcheuyap, Alexie
De Paris à Nuremberg: Naissance de l'interprétation de conférence                        Baigorri, Jesus
Dear Marian, Dear Hugh: The Maclennan-Engel Correspondence                               Verduyn, Christl
Descartes and Foucault: A Contrastive Introduction to Philosophy                         Prado, C. G.
Dislocation et permanence: L'invention du Canada au quotidien                            Caroline Andrew
Dominant Impressions: Essays on the Canadian Short Story                                 Lynch, Gerald
Du corps des femmes: Contrôles, surveillances et résistances                             Frignon, Sylvie
D'une écriture à l'autre: Les femmes et la traduction sous l'ancien régime               Beaulieu, Jean-Philipe
Echoing Silence: Essays on Arctic Narrative                                              Moss, John
e-Government in Canada: Transformation for the Digital Age                               Roy, Jeffrey
Enseignement de la traduction et traduction dans l'enseignement                          Delisle, Jean
Esthétique et recyclages culturels: Explorations de la culture contemporaine             Klucinskas, Jean
États Généraux de la Recherche Sur la Francophonie à l'extérieur du Québec               Grisé, Yolande
Ethical Deliberation in Multiprofessional Health Care Teams                              Larouche, Jean-Marc
Europe Et Traduction                                                                     Ballard, Michel
Famille et fragmentation                                                                 Tahon, Marie-Blanche
Feminist Success Stories/Célébrons nos réussites féministes                              Blackford, Karen A.
Femmes de carrière, carrières de femmes: Étude des trajectoires familiales, scolaires etCoderre, Cécile des gestionnaires qu
Femmes et Politiques: L'état en Mutation                                                 Masson, Dominique
Femmes francophones et pluralisme en milieu minoritaire                                  Adams, Dyane
Forest and Other Gleanings: The Fugitive Writings of Catharine Parr Traill               Traill, Catharine Parr
                                                                                          75th Birthday
From Arabye to Engelond: Medieval Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Manzalaoui on His Canitz, A. E. Christa
From Cognition to Being: Prolegomena for Teachers                                        McHenry, Herny Davis Jr.
                                                                                         Freeborn, Dennis
From Old English to Standard English: A Course Book in Language Variation Across Time, Second Edition
From Subjects to Citizens: A Hundred Years of Citizenship in Australia and Canada        Boyer, Pierre
From the Heart of the Heartland: From the Fiction of Sinclair Ross                         Moss, John
Future Indicative: Literary Theory and Canadian Literature                                 Moss, John
                                                                                           Vachon, Heraldic
Genealogica and Heraldica: Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Genealogical and Auguste Sciences in Ottawa A
Germaine Guèvremont: La tentation autobiographique                                         Lepage, Yvan
God and Argument / Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique                                   Sweet, William
God And The Grounding of Morality                                                          Nielsen, Kai
Gomery’s Blinders and Canadian Federalism                                                  Hubbard, Ruth
Governance Through Social Learning                                                         Paquet, Gilles
Home-Based Care, The Elderly, The Family, and The Welfare State: An International Comparison Frederic
Home-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature                              Sugars, Cynthia
Homo Interrogans: Questioning and the Intentional Structure of Cognition                   Bruin, John
Husserl and the Sciences: Selected Perspectives                                            Feist, Richard A.
Images of Canadianness: Visions on Canada's Politics, Culture, and Economics               d'Haenens, Leen
In an Iron Glove: An Autobiography by Claire Martin                                        Stratford, Philip
                                                                                           Roland, Ruth A.
Interpreters as Diplomats: A Diplomatic History of the Role of Interpreters in World Politics
Is There a Canadian Philosophy? Reflections on the Canadian Identity                       Madison, G. B.
Jacques Poulin: La création d'un espace amoureux                                           Hébert, Pierre
Kierkegaard's Romantic Legacy: Two Theories of the Self                                    Gupta, Anoop K.
La Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Ottawa: Histoire, architecture, iconographie                    Pagé, Normand
La démocratie à l'épreuve de la gouvernance                                                Cardinal, Linda
La formation à la traduction professionnelle                                               Mareschal, Geneviève
La francophonie canadienne: Renouveau constitutionnel et gouvernance scolaire              Behiels, Michael
La gouvernance linguistique: le Canada en perspective                                      Wallot, Jean-Pierre
                                                                                           Carr, David
La philosophie de l'histoire et la pratique historienne d'aujourd'hui/Philosophy of History and Contemporary Historiography
La photographie malgré l'image                                                             Lauzon, Jean
La révolution française au Canada français                                                 Simard, Sylvain
                                                                                           Martinez, Andrea
La tension tradition-modernité: Construits socioculturels de femmes autochtones, francophones et migrantes
La traduction raisonnée Livre du maître: 2e édition.                                       Delisle, Jean
                                                                                           Vers le Jean
La traduction raisonnée: Manuel d'initiation à la Traduction Professionnelle de l'anglais Delisle, Français, 2e édition.
La violence, la peur et le crime                                                           Plante, Jacques
L'adulte en quête de son identité                                                          Artaud, Gérard
Language Testing Reconsidered                                                              Fox, Janna
Le Chevalier des dames: Du Dolent Fortuné Allégorie en vers de la fin du XVe siècle        Miquet, Jean
Le counselling: Stratégies et interventions                                                Poirier, Pierre
Le débat qui n'a pas eu lieu: La Commission Pepin-Robarts, quelque vingt ans après         Wallot, Jean-Pierre
                                                                                           Martel, Marcel
Le deuil d'un pays imaginé: Rêves, luttes et déroute du Canada français: Les rapports entre le Québec et la francophonie cana
Le processus politique: Environnements, prise de décision et pouvoir                       Arend, Sylvie
Le statut juridique du français en Ontario: La législation et la jurisprudence provincialesLevasseur, Gilles
Le suicide assisté: Héraut des moralités changeantes                                       Martel, Joane
Le Traducteur, l'église et le Roi                                                          Foz, Clara
Learning to Practise: Professional Education in Historical and Contemporary Perspective    Heap, Ruby
L'écologisme retrouvé: Essor et déclin de la Commission de la conservation du Canada Girard, Michel
Les écrits de Pierre Potier                                                                Potier, Pierre
Les études de la Commission Romanow, Volume 1: L'avenir fiscal du système de santé canadienMarchildon, Gregory
                                                                                           Marchildon, Gregory
Les études de la Commission Romanow, Volume 2: Les forces de changement dans le système de santé canadien
Les études de la Commission Romanow, Volume 3: La gouvernance du système de santé canadien Gregory
Les femmes en milieu universitaire: Liberté d'apprendre autrement                          Ouellette, Jeannine
Les flambeurs: Trajectoires d'usagers de cocaïne                                         Parent, Isabelle
Les Franco-Ontariens: Ontario Historical Studies Series                                  Jaenen, Cornelius
Les immigrants préférés: Les Belges                                                      Jaumain, Serge
                                                                                         Boulanger, médiévaux
Les inventeurs de dictionnaires: De l'eduba des scribes mésopotamiens au scriptorium des moines Jean-Claude
Les Traducteurs Dans I'Histoire                                                          Delisle, Jean
                                                                                         Côté, Pauline
Les Transactions Politiques Des Croyants: Charismatiques et Témoins De Jéhovah Dans le Québec Des Années 1970 et 1980
Lexiocography, Terminology and Translation: Text-based Studies in Honour of Ingrid Meyer Bowker, Lynne
L'Expérience sociale du quotidien: Corps, espace, temps                                  Haicault, Monique
L'habillé et le nu: Pour une éthique du vêtir et du dénuder                              Guindon, André
Looking after Children : A Practitioner’s Guide                                          Lemay, Raymond A.
Luther's First Front: The Eucharist as Sacrifice                                         Croken, Robert C.
Margaret Laurence: Critical Reflections                                                  Staines, David
Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter: British and Mi'kmaq in Acadia, 1700–1867           Reid, Jennifer
Myths We Live By                                                                         Grant, Colin
Néologie canadienne de Jacques Viger: Manuscrits de 1810                                 Blais, Suzelle
New Age Thinking: A Psychoanalytic Critique                                              Faber, M. D.
New Readings of Yiddish Montreal / Traduire le Montréal yiddish                          Anctil, Pierre
New Women: Short Stories by Canadian Women, 1900-1920                                    Campbell, Sandra
Not Just A Game: Essays in Canadian Sport Sociology                                      Harvey, Jean
Not Written in Stone: Jews, Constitutions, and Constitutionalism in Canada               Brown, Michael
On All Frontiers: Four Centuries of Canadian Nursing                                     Bates, Christina
On Religious Freedom                                                                     Newman, Jay
Osteoporosis: The Long Road Back, One Woman's Story                                      Horner, Pamela
Pensee, ideologie et politique: Mélanges offerts à André Vachet                          Labelle Gilles
Personal Construct Psychology in the Clinical Context                                    Blower, Geoffrey H.
Philosophical Theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights                       Sweet, William
Pioneering Women: Short Stories by Canadian Women, Beginnings to 1880                    McMullen, Lorraine
Pluralisme et délibération: Enjeux en philosophie politique contemporaine                Mellos Koula
Poles Apart: A Study in Contrasts                                                        Lewkowicz, Antoni G.
Portraits de traductrices                                                                Delisle, Jean
Promoting Resilience in Child Welfare                                                    Flynn, Robert
Psychologie clinique de la personne âgée                                                 Cappeliez, Philippe
                                                                                         Côté, Luc
Publicité de masse et masse publicitaire: Le marché québécois des années 1920 aux années 1960
Quebec and its Historians: The Twentieth Century                                         Gagnon, Serge
Re(dis)covering Our Foremothers                                                          Mcmullen, Lorraine
Recherche en éducation en milieu minoritaire francophone                                 Herry, Yves
Reflections: Autobiography and Canadian Literature                                       Stich, K. P.
                                                                                         Garceau, Marie-Luce
Relevons le Défi!: Actes du colloque sur l'intervention féministe dans le Nord-Est de l'Ontario
Rethinking the Future of the University                                                  Jeffrey, David Lyle
Robertson Davies: A Mingling of Contrarieties                                            LaBossière, Camille R.
Roch Carrier: Aimer la vie, conjurer la mort                                             Dorion, Gilles
Roman Ingarden's Ontology and Aesthetics                                                 Mitscherling, Jeff
Sans frontières: Quatre siècles de soins infirmiers au Canada et par le monde            Bates, Christina
Shaping Nations: Constitutionalism and Society in Australia and Canada                   Cardinal, Linda
Sociologie des rapports de sexe                                                          Tahon, Marie-Blanche
Something To Reckon With: The Logic of Terms                                             Englebretsen, George
Sortir du Labyrinthe: Femmes, développement et vie quotidienne en Colombie andine Labrecque, Marie France
Stephen Leacock: A Reappraisal                                                            Staines, David
Stories Subversive: Through the Field with Gloves Off: Short Fiction by Nellie L. McClung McClung, Nellie
Subjects Or Citizens? The Mennonite Experience                                            Ens, Adolf
Suppression of the Erotic in Modern Hebrew Literature                                     Ben-Ari, Nitsa
Taking It to the Hill: The Complete Guide to Appearing Before Parliamentary Committees    McInnes, David
Teaching Translation from Spanish to English: Worlds Beyond Words                         Beeby Lonsdale, Allison
Témoigner de sa foi, dans les médias, aujourd'hui                                         Marchessault, Guy
The Beloved: St. Mungo, Founder of Glasgow                                                Hale, Reginald B.
The Callaghan Symposium                                                                   Staines, David
                                                                                          Gaffield, XXIE
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century / La Distinction Canadienne Au Tournant DuChad Siècle
The Canadian Modernists Meet                                                              Irvine, Dean
The Chevalier de Montmagny (1601–1657): First Governor of New France                      Dubé, Jean-Claude
The Conflict Resolution Syndrome: Volunteerism, Violence, and Beyond                      Abdennur, Alexander
The Crawford Symposium                                                                    Tierney, Frank M.
The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab: Text and Context                                            Lutz, Hartmut
The Duncan Campbell Scott Symposium                                                       Stich, K. P.
The Ethel Wilson Symposium                                                                McMullen, Lorraine
The Existence of the External World: The Pascal-Hume Principle                            Vernes, Jean-Rene
The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah                                                         Kramer, Naomi
The Fictions of John Fowles: Power, Creativity, Femininity                                Cooper, Pamela
The Gay-Grey Moose : Essays on the Ecologies & Mythologies of Canadian Poetry, 1690-1990 D. M. R.
The Grove Symposium                                                                       Nause, John
The Mandarin Syndrome: The Secret Life of Senior Bureaucrats                              Henrie, Maurice
The New Geo-Governance: A Baroque Approach                                                Paquet, Gilles
The Oblate Assault on Canada's Northwest                                                  Choquette, Robert
The Origins of Simultaneous Interpretation: The Nuremberg Trial                           Gaiba, Francesca
The Other Deeper You                                                                      Mahrer, Alvin R.
The Quebec Anthology: 1830-1990                                                           Cohen, Matt
The Quintessence of Sartrism / La quintessence de Sartre                                  Cranston, Maurice
The Race and Other Stories by Sinclair Ross                                               Ross, Sinclair
The Social Question and the Democratic Revolution: Marx and the Legacy of 1848            Moggach, Douglas
The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Volume I                                            Horral, Sarah M.
The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Volume II                                           Fowler, Roger R.
The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Volume III                                          Stauffenberg, Henry J.
The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Volume V                                            Eldredge, Laurence M.
The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi: Volume IV Lines 17289-21346                         Mous, Peter H. J.
The Thomas Chandler Haliburton Symposium                                                  Tierney, Frank M.
The Viandier of Taillevent: An edition of all Extant Manuscripts                          Scully, Terrence
To Serve Canada: A History of the Royal Military College of Canada                        Preston, Richard A.
Traduction littéraire et sociabilité interculturelle au Canada: (1950-1960)               Godbout, Patricia
                                                                                          Imbert, Patrick
Trajectoires culturelles transaméricaines: Médias, publicité, littérature et mondialisation
Translation and Gender: Translating in the 'Era of Feminism'                              von Flotow, Luise
Translation Quality Assessment: An Argumentation-Centred Approach                         Williams, Malcolm
Understanding History: An Introduction to Analytical Philosophy of History                Gorman, Jonathan
                                                                                          Mendenhall, Vance
Une introduction à l'analyse du discours argumentatif: Des savoirs et savoir-faire fondamentaux
Une langue Qui Pense: La Recherche en Milieu Minoritaire Francophone Au Canada            Cardinal, Linda
Vision/division: L'œuvre de Nancy Huston                                                  Dvořàk, Marta
Voyages: Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie                                             Moodie, Susanna
Whence They Came: Deportation from Canada 1900 - 1935                                   Roberts, Barbara
Windows and Words: A Look at Canadian Children's Literature in English                  Hudson, Aida
Women and Political Representation in Canada                                            Tremblay, Manon
Worlds of Wonder: Readings in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature           Leroux, Jean-Francois
Atlantic Canada, Fifth Edition                                                          Prieur, Benoit
Cycling in Ontario, Third Edition                                                       Lynes, John
Fabulous Québec: Capture the Excitement of Québec!                                      Collective
Hiking in Ontario, Second Edition                                                       Arial, Tracey
Hiking in Québec, Fourth Edition                                                        Séguin, Yves
Montréal                                                                                Collectif
Québec                                                                                  Collective
Québec City, Third Edition                                                              Séguin, Yves
Randonnée pédestre au Québec                                                            Séguin, Yves
Toronto, Fourth Edition                                                                 Collective
"A Few Acres of Snow'' : Documents in Pre-Confederation Canadian History, 2nd Edition   Thorner, Thomas
A Bibliography of Canadian Imprints, 1751-1800                                          Tremaine, Marie
A Bird-Finding Guide to Ontario                                                         Goodwin, Clive
A Brefe Dialoge bitwene a Christen Father and his stobborne Sonne                       Roye, William
A Civil Society? Collective Actors in Canadian Political Life                           Smith, Miriam
A Comparative Study of Old English Mete                                                 Whitman, Frank
A Compendium of Effective, Evidence-Based Best Practices in the Prevention of Neurotrauma Richard
A Conjunction of Interests: Business, Politics, and Tariffs 1825-1879                   Forster, J. J. B.
A Dentist and a Gentleman: Gender and the Rise of Dentistry in Ontario                  Adams, Tracey L.
A Dictionary of Literary Devices: Gradus, A-Z                                           Dupriez, Bernard
A Diversity of Women: Women in Ontario since 1945                                       Parr, Joy
A Good and Wise Measure: The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary, 1783-1842arroll, Francis M.
A Good Book, in Theory: A Guide to Theoretical Thinking                                 Sears, Alan
A Great Effusion of Blood'?: Interpreting Medieval Violence                             Meyerson, Mark D.
A Guide to Planning and Support for Individuals Who Are Deafblind                       McInnes, John M.
A Handbook of Economic Indicators                                                       Grant, John A.G.
A Heritage of Light: Lamps and Lighting in the Early Canadian Home                      Russell, Loris
A History of Ukraine                                                                    Magocsi, Paul Robert
                                                                                        Chipman, John G.
A Law Unto Itself: How the Ontario Municipal Board Has Developed and Applied Land-Use Planning Policy
A Love Story from Nineteenth Century Quebec: the Dairy of George Stephen Jones          Ward, W. Peter
A Measured Pace: Toward a Philosophical Understanding of the Arts of Dance              Sparshott, Francis
A Mennonite Family in Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union 1789-1923                     Rempel, David
A Mirror for Magistrates and the De Casibus Tradition                                   Budra, Paul
A Poetics of Social Work: Personal Agency and Social Transformation in Canada, 1920-1939Moffatt, Ken
A Polity on the Edge: Canada and the Politics of Fragmentation                          Clarke, Harold D.
A Postmodern Revelation: Signs of Astrology and the Apocalypse                          Chevalier, Jacques M.
A Profusion of Spires: Religion in Nineteenth-Century Ontario                           Grant, John
A Proper dyaloge betwene a Gentillman and an Husbandman                                 Parker, Douglas
A Prophet in Politics: A Biography of J.S. Woodsworth                                   McNaught, Kenneth
                                                                                        Rose, Elliot
A Razor for a Goat: A Discussion of Certain Problems in the History of Witchcraft and Diabolism
A Recursive Vision: Ecological Understanding and Gregory Bateson                        Harries-Jones, Peter
A Rhetoric of the Decameron                                                             Migiel, Marilyn
A Science on the Scales: The Rise of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939       Hubbard, Jennifer M.
A Season of Opera: From Orpheus to Ariadne                                                Lee, M. Owen
A Smile in His Mind's Eye: A Study of the Early Works of Lawrence Durrell                 Morrison, Ray
A Stubble-Jumper in Striped Pants: Memoirs of a Prairie Diplomat                          Drake, Earl
A Theory of Physical Probability                                                          Johns, Richard
A Vision of the Orient: Texts, Intertexts, and Contexts of Madame Butterfly               Wisenthal, Jonathan
A Woman's Words: Emer and Female Speech in the Ulster Cycle                               Findon, Joanne
A World of Relationships: Itineraries, Dreams, and Events in the Australian Western DesertPoirier, Sylvie
                                                                                          Klein, A.M.
A.M. Klein: Complete Poems: Part I: Original poems 1926-1934; Part II: Original Poems 1937-1955 and Poetry Translations
A.M. Klein: The Second Scroll                                                             Klein, A.M.
A.M. Klein: the Story of the Poet                                                         Pollock, Zailig
Academic Freedom in Canada: A History                                                     Horn, Michiel
Access to Care, Access to Justice: The Legal Debate Over Private Health Insurance in Canada Colleen
Accountability for Criminal Justice: Selected Essays                                      Stenning, Philip
Activism and Social Change : Lessons for Community and Local Organizing                   Shragge, Eric
Acts of Narrative: Textual Strategies in Modern German Fiction                            O'Neill, Patrick
Aeschylus Oresteia: A Literary Commentary                                                 Conacher, Desmond J
After Poststructuralism: Writing the Intellectual History of Theory                       Rajan, Tilottama
After Rome's Fall: Narrators and Sources of Early Medieval History                        Murray, Alexander C.
Against the Odds: The Public Life and Times of Louis Rasminsky                            Muirhead, Bruce
Against the Tide: Battling for Economic Renewal in Newfoundland and Labrador              House, J.D.
Aggressive in Pursuit: The Life of Justice Emmett Hall                                    Vaughan, Frederick
Aging and Demographic Change in Canadian Context                                          Cheal, David
Aging: Canadian Perspectives                                                              Marshall, Victor
Alfred Valdmanis and the Politics of Survival                                             Bassler, Gerhard P
Almost Home: Reforming Home and Community Care in Ontario                                 Baranek, Patricia M.
Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief Among North American Indians and Inuit           Mills, Antonia
An Audience of One: Dorothy Osborne's Letters to Sir William Temple, 1652-1654            Hintz, Carrie
                                                                                          Parker, Douglas
An exhortation to the diligent studye of scripture and An exposition into the seventh chaptre of the pistle to the Corinthians
An Irish Working Class: Explorations in Political Economy and Hegemony, 1800-1950 Silverman, Marilyn
An Italian Renaissance Sextet: Six Tales in Historical Context                            Martines, Lauro
Analytical Political Philosophy: From Discourse, Edification                              Braybrooke, David
Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movement                                    George Woodcock
Andreas and the Ambiguity of Courtly Love                                                 Cherchi, Paolo
Andrés González de Barcia and the Creation of the Colonial Spanish American Library Carlyon, Jonathan E.
Angelic Echoes: Hervé Guibert and Company                                                 Sarkonak, Ralph
Anglo-Saxon England in Icelandic Medieval Texts                                           Fjalldal, Magnus
Animal Rights, Human Rights: Ecology, Economy, and Ideology in the Canadian Arctic Wenzel, George
Annotated Bibliography of Quaternary Vertebrates of Northern North America                Harington, C.R.
Anti-Italianism in Sixteenth-Century France                                               Heller, Henry
Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses                                      Penton, M. James
                                                                                           Baffin Years, 1894-1905
Apostle to the Inuit: The Journals and Ethnographic Notes of Edmund James Peck - The Laugrand, Fredric
Appointing Judges in an Age of Judicial Power: Critical Perspectives from around the WorldMalleson, Kate
Appropriating the Lonergan Idea                                                           Crowe, Frederick E.
Architectonics of Imitation in Spenser, Daniel, and Drayton                               Galbraith, David
Are We 'Persons' Yet?: Law and Sexuality in Canada                                        Lahey, Kathleen A.
                                                                                          Waddington, Raymond B.
Aretino's Satyr: Sexuality, Satire, and Self-Projection in Sixteenth-Century Literature and Art
Ariosto Today: Contemporary Perspectives                                               Beecher, Donald
Aristotle's Theory of the Unity of Science                                             Wilson, Malcolm
Arresting Images: Crime and Policing in Front of the Television Camera                 Doyle, Aaron
Art and Architecture in Canada: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature to 1981, Part 1 & 2 Loren R.
                                                                                       Kay, Carolyn
Art and the German Bourgeoisie: Alfred Lichtwark and Modern Painting in Hamburg, 1886-1914
Art History: Its Use and Abuse                                                         Johnson, W. McAllister
Artificial Ice : Hockey, Commerce and Cultural Identity                                Whitson, David
Artistic Integration in Gothic Buildings                                               Raguin, Virginia Chieffo
Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium BC I (1114-859 BC), Vol 1                Grayson, A. Kirk
Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium BC I (1114-859 BC), Vol 2                Grayson, A. Kirk
                                                                                       Grayson, A. Kirk
Assyrian Rulers of the Third and Second Millenium BC (to 1115 BC): The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Assyrian Periods,
Athena Sings: Wagner and the Greeks                                                    Lee, M. Owen
Aural Images of Lost Tradition: Sharps and Flats in the Sixteenth Century              Toft, Richard
Awaiting the Millennium: The Children of Peace and the Village of Hope, 1812-1889 Schrauwers, Albert
Babel and the Ivory Tower: The Scholar in the Age of Science                           Shaw, W. David
Baby's First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects                    Mitchell, Lisa M.
Back Door Java: State Formation and the Domestic in Working Class Java                 Newberry, Janice
Bad Attitude/s on Trial: Pornography, Feminism, and the Butler Decision                Cossman, Brenda
Balzacian Montage Configuring                                                          Pasco, Allan H
Barbarian Play: Plautus' Roman Comedy                                                  Anderson, William
Beasts of Love: Richard de Fournival's Bestiaire d'amour and the Response              Beer, Jeannette
Becoming Canadian: Memoirs of an Invisible Immigrant                                   Horn, Michiel
                                                                                       Walden, Keith
Becoming Modern in Toronto: The Industrial Exhibition and the Shaping of a Late Victorian Culture
Before Malory: Reading Arthur in Later Medieval England                                Moll, Richard J.
Begins with the Oboe: A History of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra                      Warren, Richard
                                                                                       Jean-Guy Goulet
Being Changed by Cross-Cultural Encounters: the Anthropology of Extraordinary Experience
                                                                                       Safarian, Asia,
Benchmarking the Canadian Business Presence in East Asia: Hongkong Bank of Canada Papers onA.E. Volume 1
Benedetto Croce and Italian Fascism                                                    Rizi, Fabio
Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1838-1841, Volume 3                                         Disraeli, Benjamin
Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1842-1847, Volume 4                                         Disraeli, Benjamin
Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1848-1851, Volume 5                                         Disraeli, Benjamin
Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1852-1856, Volume 6                                         Disraeli, Benjamin
Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1857-1859, Volume 7                                         Wiebe, M.G.
                                                                                       Malloy, Jonathan
Between Colliding Worlds: The Ambiguous Existence of Government Agencies for Aboriginal and Women's Policy
Between History and Histories: The Making of Silences and Commemorations               Sider, Gerald
Between Reason and Irrationality                                                       Tarnawsky, Maxim
Beyond Poverty and Affluence: Towards and Canadian Economy of Care                     De Lange, Goudzwaard
Beyond Sambation: Selected Essays and Editorials 1928-1955                             Klein, A.M.
                                                                                       McElligott, Greg
Beyond Service: State Workers, Public Policy, and the Prospects for Democratic Administration
Beyond Spectacle: Eliza Haywood's Female Spectators                                    Merritt, Juliette
Beyond the Vote: Canadian Women and Politics                                           Kealey, Linda
Biblical and Classical Myths: The Mythological Framework of Western Culture            Frye, Northrop
Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies, Third Edition                                 Ingles, Ernie B.
Bienfait: The Saskatchewan Miners' Struggle of '31                                     Endicott, Stephen Lyon
Biodiversity in Canada: Ecology, Ideas and Action                                      Bocking, Stephen
Biographical Index of Artists in Canada                                                McMann, Evelyn de R.
Black Eyes All of the Time: Intimate Violence, Aboriginal Women, and the Justice SystemMcGillvray, Anne
Blackfoot Grammar                                                                       Frantz, Donald G.
Blood on the Hills: The Canadian Army in the Korean War                                 Bercuson, David J.
Blue Politics: Pornography and the Law in the Age of Feminism                           Lacombe, Dany
Body Fascism: Salvation in the Technology of Physical Fitness                           Pronger, Brian
Body Language in Literature                                                             Korte, Barbara
Bookrolls and Scribes in Oxyrhynchus                                                    Johnson, William A.
Bora Laskin: Bringing Law to Life                                                       Girard, Philip
Border Crossings: Thomas King's Cultural Inversions                                     Davidson, Arnold E.
Borderland Religion: The Emergence of an English-Canadian Identity, 1792-1852           Little, J.I.
Boyle on Atheism                                                                        MacIntosh, J.J.
Broken Time, Fragmented Space: A Cultural Map of Postwar Italy                          Torriglia, Anna Maria
Brothers and Sisters in India: A Study of Urban Adult Siblings                          Ramu, G.N.
                                                                                        and Publications
Browsing Science Research at the Federal Level in Canada: History, Research Activities, Wilks, Brian
Building a Community-Controlled Economy: The Evangeline Co-operative Experience Wilkinson, Paul
Building Canada: A History of Public Works                                              Ball, Norman
Building New Democracies: Economic and Social Reform in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico Duquette, Michel
Buller Men and Batty Bwoys: Hidden Men in Toronto and Halifax Black Communities Crichlow, Wesley
Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head tax           Dyzenhaus, David
Can Prisons Work? The Prisoner as Object and Subject in Modern Corrections              Duguid, Stephen R.
Canada and the United States: Differences that Count, 2nd Edition                       David M. Thomas
Canada's Changing Families: Implications for Individuals and Society                    McQuillan, Kevin
Canada's Flying Heritage                                                                Ellis, Frank H.
Canada's Founding Debates                                                               Ajzenstat, Janet
Canada's Governors General, 1847-1878: Biography and Constitutional Evolution           Messamore, Barbara
Canada's Navy: The First Century                                                        Milner, Marc
Canada's Ukrainians: Changing Perspectives, 1891-1991                                   Luciuk, Lubomyr Y.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1961                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1962                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1963                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1964                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1965                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1966                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1967                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1968                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1969                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1970                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1971                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1972                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1973                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1974                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1975                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1976                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1977                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1978                              Saywell, John
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1979                              Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1980                              Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1981                              Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1982                            Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1984                            Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1985                            Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1986                            Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1987                            Byers, R.B.
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1988                            Leyton-Brown, David
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Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1992                            Leyton-Brown, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1993                            Leyton-Brown, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1994                            Leyton-Brown, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1995                            Leyton-Brown, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1996                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1997                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1998                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1999                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 2000                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 2001                            Mutimer, David
Canadian Communication Thought: Ten Foundational Writers                              Babe, Robert E.
                                                                                      Pendakur, Manjunath
Canadian Dreams and American Control: The Political Economy of the Canadian Film Industry
Canadian Energy Policy and the Struggle for Sustainable Development                   Doern, G. Bruce
Canadian Family Policies: Cross-National Comparisons                                  Baker, Maureen
Canadian Film and Video: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature                   Lerner, Loren R.
Canadian Forest Policy: Adapting to Change                                            Howlett, Michael
Canadian Historical Review Index Volumes LII-LXXI 1971-1990                           Macleod, Laura
Canadian History: A Reader's Guide Volume 2: Confederation to the Present             Owram, Doug
Canadian History: a Reader's Guide: Volume 1: Beginnings to Confederation             Taylor, M. Brook
Canadian Intellectuals, the Tory Tradition, and the Challenge of Modernity, 1939-1970 Massolin, Philip
Canadian Missionaries, Indigenous Peoples: Representing Religion at Home and AbroadAustin, Alvyn
Canadian Multinationals                                                               Niosi, Jorge
Canadian Nuclear Energy Policy: Changing Ideas, Institutions, and Interests           Doern, G. Bruce
Canadian Politics, Fourth Edition                                                     Bickerton, James
Canadian Who's Who: 1910, Volume I                                                    The Times Publishing Company
Canadian Who's Who: 1949-1951, Volume V                                               Tunnell, A.L.
Canadian Who's Who: 1958-1960, Volume VIII                                            Tunnell, A.L.
Canadian Who's Who: 1961-1963, Volume IX                                              Tunnell, A.L.
Canadian Who's Who: 1967-1969, Volume XI                                              Tunnell, A.L.
Canadian Who's Who: 1970-1972, Volume XII                                             Tunnell, A.L.
Canadian Who's Who: 1973-1975, Volume XIII                                            Tunnell, A.L.
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Canadian Who's Who: 2006, Volume XLI                                                 Lumley, Elizabeth
Canadian Woods: Their Properties and Uses                                            Mullins, E.J.
Cannabis: Report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs                    Nolin, Pierre Claude
Capacity for Choice: Canada in a New North America                                   Hoberg, George
Cape Bretoniana: An Annotated Bibliography                                           Tennyson, Brian Douglas
Capitalizing Knowledge: Essays on the History of Business Education in Canada        Austin, Barbara
Capitalizing on Culture: Critical Theory for Cultural Studies                        Gunster, Shane
                                                                                     Haslam, Jason
Captivating Subjects: Writing Confinement, Citizenship, and Nationhood in the Nineteenth Century
Caring for Lesbian and Gay People: A Clinical Guide                                  Peterkin, Allan D.
Caring For/Caring About: Women, Home Care and Unpaid Caregiving                      Karen R. Grant
Carol Shields, Narrative Hunger, and the Possibilities of Fiction                    Eden, Edward
Carolingian Civilization, Second Edition                                             Dutton, Paul Edward
Carved in Stone: Holocaust Years - A Boy's Tale                                      Drukier, Manny
Cases Material Criminal Law Procedure                                                Friedland, Martin L
Catullus                                                                             Thomson, D.F.S.
Challenge to Mars: Pacifism from 1918 to 1945                                        Brock, Peter
Challenging Racism in the Arts: Case Studies of Controversy and Conflict             Tator, Carol
Challenging the Public/Private Divide: Feminism, Law, and Public Policy              Boyd, Susan B.
Chamber Music: Elizabethan Sonnet-Sequences and the Pleasure of Criticism            Kuin, Roger
Change of Plans: Towards a Non-Sexist Sustainable City                               Eichler, Margrit
Changing Health Care in Canada: The Romanow Papers, Volume 2                         Forest, Pierre-Gerlier
Changing Methods: Feminists Transforming Practice                                    Burt, Sandra
Changing Regulatory Institutions in Britain and North America                        Doern, Bruce
Changing Roles of Women within the Christian Church in Canada                        Muir, Elizabeth Gillan
Charlemagne's Courtier: The Complete Einhard                                         Paul Dutton
Chasing Reality: Strife over Realism                                                 Bunge, Mario
Chaucer and his French Contemporaries: Natural Music in the Fourteenth Century       Wimsatt, James I.
                                                                                     Eckhardt, Caroline D.
Chaucer's General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales: An Annotated Bibliography 1900-1984
Chaucer's Knight's Tale: An Annotated Bibliography 1900-1985                           McAlpine, Monica E.
Chaucer's Miller's, Reeve's, and Cook's Tales: An Annotated Bibliography 1900-1992 Burton, T.L.
Chaucer's Pardoner's Prologue and Tale: An Annotated Bibliography, 1900-1995           Sutton, Marilyn
Chaucer's Queer Poetics: Rereading the Dream Trio                                      Schibanoff, Susan
Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale: An Annotated Bibliography 1900 - 1995 Beidler, Peter G.
Childhood Abuse and Chronic Pain: A Curious Relationship?                              Roy, Ranjan
Chronic Pain, Loss, and Suffering: A Clinical Perspective                              Roy, Ranjan
Cinema and Semiotic: Peirce and Film Aesthetics, Narration, and Representation         Ehrat, Johannes
Citizenship and Participation in the Information Age                                   Manjunath Pendakur
Citizenship in Transformation in Canada                                                Hebert, Yvonne M.
City Form and Everyday Life                                                            Caulfield, Jon
City Lives and City Forms: Critical Research and Canadian Urbadism                     Caulfield, Jon
City Politics, Canada                                                                  Lightbody, Jim
Classical Economics                                                                    Hollander, Samuel
Clio in the Clinic: Doctors' Stories of Using History in Medical Practice              Duffin, Jacalyn
Closely Guarded: A Life in Canadian Security and Intelligence                          Starnes, John
Cold Comfort: Mothers, Professionals, and Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder Malacrida, Claudia
Cold War Canada: the Making of a Nation                                                Whitaker, Reg
                                                                                        adversus rhapsodias
Collected Work of Erasmus: Responsio ad epistolam paraeneticam Alberti Pii ; ApologiaMinnich, Nelson H. Alberti Pii ; Brevi
Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: For a New Political Economy                       Lonergan, Bernard
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Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: Insight: A Study of Human Understanding           Lonergan, Bernard
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Collected Works of Erasmus: New Testament Scholarship: Paraphrases on Romans and Erasmus  Galatians
Collected Works of Erasmus: Patristic Scholarship: The Edition of St Jerome               Erasmus
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Collected Works of Erasmus: Spiritualia and Pastoralia: Disputatiuncula de taedio, pavore, tristicia Iesu / Concio de immensa D
                                                                                          / Paean
Collected Works of Erasmus: Spiritualia and Pastoralia: Precatio ad virginis filium Iesum Erasmus Virgini Matri / Obsecratio ad
Collected Works of Erasmus: Spiritualia: Enchiridon / De contemptu mundi / De vidua christiana
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Collected Works of George Grant: Volume 2 (1951-1959)                                     Grant, George
Collected Works of George Grant: Volume 3 (1960-1969)                                     Davis, Arthur
Collective Action and Radicalism in Brazil: Women, Urban Housing and Rural Movements      Duquette, Michel
Collective Encounters: Documentary Theatre in English Canada                              Filewod, Alan
Colonial 'Reformation' in the Highlands of Central Sulawesi Indonesia,1892-1995           Schrauwers, Albert
Come and I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Songbook                                         Lehr, Genevieve
Come, bright Improvement!: The Literary Societies of Nineteenth-Century Ontario           Murray, Heather
Community Development Around the World: Practice, Theory, Research, Training              Campfens, Hubert
                                                                                          Apostle, Richard
Community, State, and Market on the North Atlantic Rim: Challenges to Modernity in the Fisheries
Companions of the Peace: Diaries and Letters of Monica Storrs, 1931-1939                  Storrs, Monica
Compassionate Canadians: Civic Leaders Discuss Human Rights                               Howard-Hassmann, Rhoda E.
Compatible Cultural Democracy : The Key to Development in Africa                          Osabu-Kle, Daniel T.
Concise Historical Atlas of Canada                                                        Harris, R. Cole
Conduct Unbecoming: The Story of the Murder of Canadian Prisoners of War in Normandy      Margolian, Howard
Configuring Gender: Explorations in Theory and Politics                                   Marshall, Barbara
Conscience and History: A Memoir                                                          Mcnaught, Kenneth
                                                                                          Andrew, Edward G.
Conscience and Its Critics: Protestant Conscience, Enlightenment Reason, and Modern Subjectivity
Consequences: The Impact of Law and Its Complexity                                        Bogart, W.A.
Constance Lindsay Skinner: Writing on the Frontier                                        Barman, Jean
Constant Minds: Political Virtue and the Lipsian Paradigm in England, 1584-1650           McCrea, Adriana
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Contacts, Opportunities, and Criminal Enterprise                                          Morselli, Carlo
                                                                                          Bietenholz, Peter
Contemporaries of Erasmus: A Biographical Register of the Renaissance and Reformation, Volume 1 - A-EG.
                                                                                          Bietenholz, Peter G.
Contemporaries of Erasmus: A Biographical Register of the Renaissance and Reformation, Volume 2 - F-M
                                                                                          Bietenholz, Peter
Contemporaries of Erasmus: A Biographical Register of the Renaissance and Reformation, Volume 3 - N-ZG.
Contemporary Antisemitism: Canada and the World                                           Penslar, Derek J.
                                                                                          Gieri, Manuela
Contemporary Italian Filmmaking: Strategies of Subversion: Pirandello, Fellini, Scola, and the Directors of the New Generation
Contesting Canadian Citizenship: Historical Readings                                      Adamoski, Robert
Continentalizing Canada: The Politics and Legacy of the Macdonald Royal Commission Inwood, Gregory J.
Contingent Work, Disrupted Lives: Labour and Community in the New Rural Economy Winson, Anthony
Controlling Common Property: Regulating Canada's East Coast Fishery                       Matthews, David Ralph
                                                                                          Andrews, Edna
Conversations with Lotman: The Implications of Cultural Semiotics in Language, Literature, and Cognition
Conversing with God: Prayer in Erasmus' Pastoral Writing                                  Pabel, Hilmar M.
Cool: The Signs and Meanings of Adolescence                                            Danesi, Marcel
Corporate Crime: Contemporary Debates                                                  Pearce, Frank
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Correspondance générale d'Helvétius, Volume IV: 1774-1800 / Lettres 721-855            Smith, David W.
Correspondance générale d'Helvétius, Volume V: Index                                   Smith, David W.
Corresponding Influence: Selected Letters of Emily Carr and Ira Dilworth               Morra, Linda M.
Cosmopoiesis: The Renaissance Experiment                                               Mazzotta, Giuseppe
Court Revels 1485-1559                                                                 Streitberger, W.R.
Creating Knowledge, Strengthening Nations: The Changing Role of Higher Education Jones, Glen A.
Creating States: Studies in the Performative Language of John Milton and William BlakeEsterhammer, Angela
Creative Entanglements: Gadda and the Baroque                                          Dombroski, Robert
Creditor Rights and the Public Interest: Restructuring Insolvent Corporations          Sarra, Janis
Crimes of Colour: Racialization and the Criminal Justice System in Canada              Chan, Wendy
Critical Reflections on Transnational Organized Crime, Money Laundering, and CorruptionBeare, Margaret E.
Cross Culture and Faith: The Life and Work of James Mellon Menzies                     Dong, Linfu
Cross-Cultural Encounters on the Ukrainian Steppe: Settling the Molochna Basin, 1784-1861 John R.
Crossword Italian!: Have Fun Learning Italian by Solving Crossword Puzzles             Danesi, Marcel
Crown and Ritual: The Royal Insignia of Ngoyo                                          Volavka, Zdenka
Cultural Aging: Life Course, Lifestyle, and Senior Worlds                              Katz, Stephen
Cultural Imperialism: Essays on the Political Economy of Cultural Domination           Hamm, Bernd
Culture and Authority in the Baroque                                                   Ciavolella, Massimo
Culture of Ecology: Reconciling Economics and Environment                              Babe, Robert E.
Culture of Prejudice: Arguments in Critical Social Science                             Blackwell, Judith C.
Culture, Communication and National Identity: The Case of Canadian Television          Collins, Richard
Cultures and Ecologies: A Native Fishing Conflict on the Saugeen-Bruce Peninsula       Koenig, Edwin C.
Cultures at War: Moral Conflicts in Western Democracies                                Smith, T. Alexander
Curriculum as Cultural Practice: Postcolonial Imaginations                             Kanu, Yatta
Dante, Cinema, and Television                                                          Iannucci, Amilcare A.
Dante: Contemporary Perspectives                                                       Iannucci, Amilcare A.
Darwin Sex Status: Biological Approaches to Mind and Culture                           Barkow, Jerome H
Deadbeat Dads: Subjectivity and Social Construction                                    Mandell, Deena
Deafened People: Adjustment and Support                                                Woodcock, Kathryn
Death and the Adolescent: A Resource Handbook for Bereavement Support Groups in Schools Grant W.
                                                                                       Warkentin, Germaine
Decentring the Renaissance: Canada and Europe in Multidisciplinary Perspective 1500-1700
Decline of Deference: Canadian Value Change in Cross-National Perspective              Neil Nevitte
Deflating Information: From Science Studies to Documentation                           Frohmann, Bernd
                                                                                       Ayres, Jeffrey
Defying Conventional Wisdom: Political Movements and Popular Contention Against North American Free Trade
Democracy in Alberta: Social Credit and the Party System                               Macpherson, C B
Democracy off Balance: Freedom of Expression and Hate Propaganda Law in Canada Braun, Stefan
Democracy, Power, and Legitimacy: The Critical Theory of Jürgen Habermas               Payrow Shabani, Omid A.
Democratic Equality: What Went Wrong?                                                  Broadbent, Ed
                                                                                       Biro, Andrew
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Nature from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond
Designing Women: Gender and the Architectural Profession                               Adams, Annmarie
Desire and Discipline: Sex and Sexuality in the Premodern West                         Eisenbichler, Murray
Developing the Lonergan Legacy: Historical, Theoretical, and Existential Themes        Crowe, Frederick E.
Diaspora, Memory, and Identity: A Search for Home                                      Agnew, Vijay
Dictionary of Newfoundland English: Second Edition with supplement                      Story, G.M.
Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English                                              Pratt, T.K.
Dictionary of the Theatre: Terms, Concepts, and Analysis                                Pavis, Patrice
Difficult Justice: Commentaries on Levinas and Politics                                 Horowitz, Asher
Dilemmas of Solidarity: Rethinking Distribution in the Canadian Federation              Choudhry, Sujit
Disability, Self, and Society                                                           Titchkosky, Tanya
Discourses of Domination: Racial Bias in the Canadian English-Language Press            Henry, Frances
Discourses of Poverty: Social Reform and the Picaresque Novel in Early Modern Spain Cruz, Anne J
                                                                                         Ondaatje, Winfried
Discoveries of the Other: Alterity in the Work of Leonard Cohen, Hubert Aquin, MichaelSiemerling,and Nicole Brossard
                                                                                        Mosher, Clayton
Discrimination and Denial: Systemic Racism in Ontario's Legal and Criminal Justice System, 1892-1961 James
Disraeli's Disciple: The Scandalous Life of George Smythe                               Millar, Mary S.
Divine Dialectic: Dante's Incarnational Poetry                                          Raffa, Guy P.
                                                                                        Archives of Ontario,
Documenting a Province/Chronique d'une province: The Archives of Ontario at 100/le centenaire des Archives publiques d'On
Doing Medicine Together: Germany and Russia Between the Wars                            Soloman, Susan Gross
Doing Time on the Outside: Deconstructing the Benevolent Community                      Maidment, Madonna R.
Dolls of Canada: A Reference Guide                                                      Strahlendorf, Evelyn Robson
Domestic Goods: The Material, the Moral, and the Economic in the Postwar Years          Parr, Joy
Down To Earth People: Beyond Class Reductionism and Postmodernism                       Wally Seccombe
Downsizing in Academic Libraries: The Canadian Experience                               Auster, Ethel
Downtown Canada: Writing Canadian Cities                                                Edwards, Justin D.
Drama Education in the Lives of Girls: Imagining Possibilities                          Gallagher, Kathleen
Drama, Performance, and Polity in Pre-Cromwellian Ireland                               Fletcher, Alan J.
Dramatic Texts and Records of Britain: A Chronological Topography to 1558               Lancashire, Ian
Drawn from Life: Science and Art in the Portrayal of the New World                      Dickenson, Victoria
Drifting Together: The Political Economy of Canada-US Integration                       McDougall, John
Due Process and Victims' Rights: The New Law and Politics of Criminal Justice           Roach, Kent
Durable Peace: Challenges for Peacebuilding in Africa                                   Ali, Taisier M.
Dying & Death In Canada                                                                 Herbert Northcott
Dying Justice: A Case for Decriminalizing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada     Downie, Jocelyn
E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose                    Johnson, E. Pauline
E.J. Pratt: Complete Poems, Part 1 and Part 2                                           Pratt, E.J.
                                                                                         Imprints, 1751 - Lockhart
Early Canadian Printing: A Supplement to Marie Tremaine's 'A Bibliography of CanadianFleming, Patricia 1800'
Early Christian Chapels in the West: Decoration, Function, and Patronage                Mackie, Gillian
Early Modern Catholicism: Essays in Honour of John W. O'Malley, S.J.                    Comerford, Kathleen M.
Earning and Caring: In Canadian Families                                                Rod Beaujot
East Asia in Transition: Economic and Security Challenges                               Safarian, A.E.
                                                                                        Safarian, A.E.
East Asian Capitalism: Diversity and Dynamism: Hongkong Bank of Canada Papers on Asia, Volume 2
Ecological Education in Everyday Life: ALPHA 2000                                       Hautecoeur, Jean-Paul
Eco's Chaosmos: From the Middle Ages to Postmodernity                                   Farronato, Christina
                                                                                        Winearls, Joan
Editing Early and Historical Atlases: Papers given at the Twenty-ninth Annual Conference on Editorial Problems University of T
Editing Robert Grosseteste                                                              Goering, Joseph
                                                                                        Rummel, Erika
Editing Texts From the Age of Erasmus: Papers Given at the Thirtieth Annual Conference on Editorial Problems University of T
Educational Outcomes for the Canadian Workplace: New Frameworks for Policy and Research Jane
Educational Regimes and Anglo-American Democracy                                        Manzer, Ronald
Eh, Paesan!: Being Italian in Toronto                                                   Harney, Nicholas DeMaria
Einarr Skúlason's Geisli: A Critical Edition                                            Chase, Martin
Eldorado: Canada's National Uranium Company                                             Bothwell, Robert
Elizabeth Jane Weston: Collected Writings                                             Weston, Elizabeth Jane
Emergence and Convergence: Qualitative Novelty and the Unity of Knowledge             Bunge, Mario
Emigre Feminism: Transnational Perspectives                                           Heitlinger, Alena
Empowering Children: Children's Rights Education as a Pathway to Citizenship          Howe, R. Brian
                                                                                      Ty, 1796-1812
Empowering the Feminine: The Narratives of Mary Robinson, Jane West, and Amelia Opie, Eleanor
Enchanted Ground: Reimagining John Dryden                                             Lewis, Jayne
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Literary Theory: Approaches, Scholars, Terms             Makaryk, Irena R.
Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada                                                  New, W.H.
Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture                                             Magocsi, Paul Robert
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media, and Communication                        Danesi, Marcel
Endless Propaganda: The Advertising of Public Goods                                   Rutherford, Paul
Enemies Within: Italian and Other Internees in Canada and Abroad                      Iacovetta, Franca
Engendering The State: Family, Work, and Welfare in Canada                            Christie, Nancy
England's Disgrace: J.S. Mill and the Irish Question                                  Kinzer, Bruce L.
English Biography in the Seventeenth Century: A Critical Survey                       Pritchard, Allan
Equal at the Creation: Sexism, Society, and Christian Thought                         Martos, Joseph
Erasmus' Annotations on the New Testament                                             Rummel, Erika
Erasmus as a Translator of the Classics                                               Rummel, Erika
Erasmus in the Twentieth Century: Interpretations 1920-2000                           Mansfield, Bruce
Erasmus on Women                                                                      Rummel, Erika
Erasmus: His Life, Works, and Influence                                               Augustin, Cornelis
Ernest Lapointe and Quebec's Influence on Canada's Foreign Policy                     MacFarlane, John
Ernest Lapointe: Mackenzie King's Great Quebec Lieutenant                             Betcherman, Lita-Rose
Essays on Life Writing: From Genre to Critical Practice                               Kadar, Marlene
Establishing Our Boundaries: English-Canadian Theatre Criticism                       Wagner, Anton
Establishing the Rules of the Game: Election Laws in Democracies                      Massicotte, Louis
Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography                                                    Stouck, David
Ethical Issues in Community-Based Research with Children and Youth                    Leadbeater, Bonnie
Ethics and Capitalism                                                                 Bishop, John D.
Ethnicity, Politics, and Public Policy: Case Studies in Canadian Diversity            Troper, Harold
European Literary Careers: The Author from Antiquity to the Renaissance               Cheney, Patrick
Everybody Does It!: Crime by the Public                                               Gabor, Thomas
                                                                                      Bernier, Luc
Executive Styles in Canada: Cabinet Structures and Leadership Practices in Canadian Government
Exiled From Light: Divine Law, Morality, and Violence in Milton's Samson Agonistes    Wood, Der