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 Balance Bike
                        STRIDER ST-3
                 The Rough and Tumble Balance Bike
The Strider ST-3 is the latest model from Strider Sports, replacing last
year’s Strider preBike. Strider has introduced a number of new
features that improve upon its previous model, including:
•    Vertical adjustment on the handlebars with quick-clamp
•    Replacing nut/bolt seat adjustment with a tool-free quick-clamp
•    New smaller, more narrow seat to better fit youngsters
•    Additional padding on the handlebars for safety
•    Contoured mini-handgrips for small hands
 All these features are welcome on a balance bike that was already
extremely popular with balance bike enthusiasts. Strider has always
distinguished itself by providing one of the lightest balance bikes
available at 6.4 lbs.
The light weight coupled with its low seat height of 11” makes it one of
the few bikes that kids younger than two can straddle and ride.
The bike works for older kids too, with an adjustable seat that can be
raised to 16” and Strider does offer an optional seat post that will
increase seat height to 19”.
The Strider bike also has puncture-proof foam tires so you never have
to worry about flats or keeping air in the tires. This is definitely
convenient, but if you live in a neighborhood with very rough asphalt
where your kids will ride, you may want to consider another model with
air tires as foam tires can get “chewed up” from the rough surface.
Unlike some other models, the Strider balance bike doesn’t feature a
handbrake. This is not a huge deal. In our experience, kids don’t us
the handbrakes to stop that often. They tend to use their feet instead.
The Strider ST-3 doesn’t feature a limiter for the handlebars that would
control how much a child can turn the handlebars. This is an important
safety feature to some parents. In our experience, kids tend to make
turns that are too sharp at lower speeds, not faster speeds. So unlike
a helmet, limiters are an optional safety feature and not a deal-breaker.
The Strider balance bike comes in six different colors to suit your child’s
Assembly of the bike is easy. It comes in four parts. You will need to
install the handlebars, seat and front wheel. Instructions are
straightforward and include pictures.
Our Take: Already a great balance bike for very young kids, Strider
has improved its bike with a number of safety and convenience
features. It's the lightest bike on the market and has the lowest seat
making it a great option for toddlers who are ready to ride.
Our Grade: B
Price for the Strider ST-3: $99.00
                           Glide Bikes
                      Mini Glider and Go Glider
Glide Bike has two bikes available that are targeted at the 2-5 age
range and school age kids 5-10. The Mini Glider, designed for kids
age 2-5, is a durable balance bike with an aluminum alloy frame and
EVA foam tires. Its seat adjusts down to 12" and it weighs under 8 lbs.
making it a bike that’s compatible with very young riders. The child-size
handbrake is easier to operate than most other models and Glide bikes
feature "mountain bike geometry" that puts the rider's weight over the
back tire, improving balance.
For kids age 5-10, Glide Bike offers the Go Glider. The bike is an
excellent balance bike for kids who started to learn to ride late. This
model has 16” wheels but still employs a lightweight design (10 lbs.)
and seat height range of 17.5" to 23" making it well-suited to teaching
school age children to learn how to ride.
Neither of these bikes provide a steering limiter. Both the Mini Glider
and the Go Glider have an integrated footrest for coasting. The bikes
are available in blue, red and pink. The bikes are easy to assemble
following the detailed instruction manual.
Our Grade: A-
Price for the Mini Glider: $99.99
Price for the Go Glider: $129.99
                   KaZAM Balance Bike
                 European Styling at an Affordable Price
Kids ages 3 to 6 will appreciate the smooth ride offered by the KaZAM
balance bike. This metal balance bike has Euro-styling and an
integrated, large center footrest for coasting. The bike supports riders
up to 55 lbs. and the seat adjusts from 14" to 16.75". The bike weighs
just under 10 lbs and features 12” air tires that offer better traction that
models with foam tires.
 The KaZAM balance bike is available in four colors: red, blue, green
and pink.
This is a solid choice for kids in the 3-6 age group who haven't started
riding yet. It's a well-made bike that's easy-to-assemble and comes at
an affordable price.
Our Grade: B+
Price: $99.95
               Kiddimoto Balance Bikes
                A Bike Design for Any Kid's Personality
If variety is the spice of life, then Kiddimoto has you covered. Inspired
by real vehicles from police motorcycles to signature Motocross bikes,
these painted wood balance bikes are sure to delight a child’s
imagination. That can be a great tool for motivating a child to begin
their bike riding journey.
The Kiddimoto balance bike is a good choice for kids ages 3-6 who
may be inspired by the colorful, inspired designs. With a low seat height
of 12.5”, this bike is not one you’ll want to purchase for kids under 3 or
who are small for their age.
Assembling the Kiddimoto bikes requires adjustment of the handlebars
and putting on both wheels and since the manufacturer uses a metric
system in its manual, it is not as easy to follow for U.S. consumers.
Parents considering this wooden balance bike, or any wood bike for
that matter, should be sure they have a dry space for storage as wood
bikes will not stand up to the elements the way a metal balance bike
Kiddimito offers a huge selection of finely crafted wood bikes that are
sure to offer a match to your child’s own unique personality. The
combination of a traditional wood toy and modern motor bike designs
make them especially appealing for those looking for a unique gift for
their child.
Our Grade: B
Price: $149.99 - 169.99
             Smart Gear Balance Bikes
                    A Quality Bike at a Great Price
The Smart Gear balance bike line has six different wood bike models.
For the girls, Smart Gear offers the Floral Hearts and Bubbleicious
Boys can exercise their bodies and their imagination on the Police,
Blue Rider and Cruiser models. Either boy or girl will enjoy the simple
Classic model. Smart Gear bikes have a seat that adjusts from 12.5" to
15.5" and the bikes weigh a maneuverable 11 lbs.
There’s a built-in handle for easy transport around your neighborhood
or park. The Smart balance bike from Smart Gear is an eco-friendly
product that is manufactured using wood from a replenishable source,
non-toxic paints and lacquers and is shipped using recycled materials.
This wood bike supports riders up to 60 lbs. on a comfortable
leatherette seat. It offers a limited steering radius and spoke-less disc
wheels to prevent crashes and injuries. At $89.99 it's one of the lowest
priced balance bikes on the market and offers great value at an
affordable price point.
Our Grade: B
Price: $89.99

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