STORY by wanghonghx


									We were walking hand in hand, fingers intertwined. Our palms were adhered to each other, separated
merely by a film of perpetually dripping sweat. The night was wonderful, the air was warm, and we were
alone. It was a perfect Saturday night.

The park was mostly a ravine—trees lined the pathways and small divides in the forests gave way to
leafy paths that led to small hideouts, usually complete with a fire pit and a bench. This was the path we
took—we turned right and crouched below the branches of the oak trees, our hands still entwined
despite the floral obstacles.

We came to a park bench, where the tree canopy gave way to the stars of the night sky. Our emotions
remained unspoken, yet we knew exactly what we were here to do.
He reached his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. His blue eyes were like pools of ocean
water that met my gaze.

Slowly caressing my body, looking deep in my eyes he whispered “I want you” with that sweet and
seductive smile. Laying me down slowly on the bench, he began nibbling on my ear and then gently
down my neck. I moaned and whispered to him…“take me”. Slowly and passionately he kissed me,
while he traced his fingers up and down my stomach.

Stealthily, his hand slid under my shirt and he began massaging my left breast. He began easing off my
shirt and unhooking my bra at the same time, placing my hands above my head pinning it down against
the bench and continued kissing me… on my lips, on my neck, on my breast… I broke our kiss as a wave
of lust was about to completely devour me.

As I pull his t-shirt clear off his body, I threw it on the grass before lightly scratching down his back,
making him quiver with desire.

He carefully places his hand on my thigh, and gradually moves it up my skirt to my underwear. I could
feel my stomach twist, and my body trembling as he inches closer and closer to my secret garden.

Moving my underwear aside, he brushes his fingers over my clit twice, then inserts one…two…then
three fingers inside of me. I moaned so hard birds began to flutter out of the trees. Then with a sudden
switch in mood things began to get crazy.

We rolled over and I was now on top. I pressed closer to him, feeling the beginning of a very promising
hard on within the confines of his jeans.

While twisting his nipples I began to work my way down his body. Then what I’m sure he was waiting
for, finally happened. I unzipped his pants and let loose his hard erection. Instinctually I put it in my
mouth and began to work my lips around it, guiding my lips with one hand. He then injected it
completely inside, touching my throat, invoking my gag reflex. I thought it would be repulsing but it was
quite comfortable.

With one swift motion he was back on top. As he positioned himself on top of me, he commenced
kissing me deeply, his tongue dancing with mine. He began to work his way down my stomach, causing
the hairs on the back of my neck to rise immediately, affected by his warm, short breaths. He stroked
my inner thigh delicately as his tongue penetrated my insides; stimulating my clitoris with the rough yet
gentle movements.
As my breathing became more laboured, I stopped and wrapped my arms around his neck, brought
myself up to straddle his saddle, feeling his erection slip inside of my soaking wet aperture of bliss. We
simultaneously gasped and he began to move slowly within me.

I was incredibly close to orgasm, and this was unlike any sex I had ever experienced. I took a shaky
breath. He was encouraged by this and he began to move faster. As he pumped it within me, I lightly ran
my fingernails up and down his back, digging my nails in as my orgasm started to build up. I completely
relaxed into him, feeling the warm wind blowing through my body as I hit blast off.

He slowed down, allowing me to enjoy my orgasm, kissing my neck and face. I kissed him back,
encouraging him to begin again and have his own orgasm. He needed no further encouragement; he
was so close to exploding inside me that it wouldn’t take long. He moved, slowly at first but building up
so quickly that I barely had time to catch my breath before he was biting my neck, and murmuring my
name against it. He slowly lowered his body on top of mine, and buried his head in my neck. Lying in a
heap, panting, we both smiled, completely satisfied...

Although we hadn’t fully recovered from the intense fucking we had just done, on a highly
uncomfortable bench, might I add - I could sense that round two was in the horizon.

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