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									                                                                           Existing US-CAN Agreements
GOMC Goal 1: Protect and restore habitats
Name of Agreement                                                   Binding/Non Binding   Basic Purpose

                                                                                          Collaborative Resource
                                                                                          Management of
Canada - US Transboundary Steering Committee                        Non-binding           Transboundary Fish Stocks
                                                                                          Joint Ecosystem and
                                                                                          Overview Report for the
                                               Oceans Working Group Non-binding           Gulf of Maine

                                                                                          Enhance collaboration and
                                                                                          knowledge sharing on
                                                                                          habitat issues. Developed
                                                                                          framework document that
                                                                                          guides collaborative
                                                                                          discussions and will conduct
                                                                                          a review of a benthic
                                                                                          classification model as a
                                                                                          means for guiding future
                                                                                          discussions related to
                                                                                          energy development, ocean
                                                                                          mapping and habitats of
                                                                                          particular concern.
                                               Habitat Working Group Non-binding
                                                                                     Coordination between the
                                                                                     Endangered Species Act and
                                                                                     the Species at Risk Act.
                                                                                     Recently, the group
                                                                                     completed new terms of
                                                                                     reference, explored
                                                                                     common ground regarding
                                                                                     candidate species
                                                                                     recommendations and
                                                                                     shared ideas concerning
                                                                                     right whale gear
                                                                                     modifications and research.
                                         Species at Risk Working Group Non-binding

                                                                                     Informal, joint advisory
                                                                                     process that formulates non-
                                                                                     binding guidance to the
                                                                                     New England Fishery
                                                                                     Management Council and
                                                                                     the Gulf of Maine Advisory
                                                                                     Committee. The
                                                                                     Committee provides
                                                                                     recommendations for cod,
                                                                                     haddock and yellowtail
                                                                                     flounder total allowable
                                                                                     catches based in part, on
                                                                                     advice from the
                                                                                     Transboundary Resources
Transboundary Management Guidance Committee (TMGC) - under the CA/US                 Assessment Committee.
                                    Transboundary Steering Committee Non-binding
                                                                                      Body used to peer review
                                                                                      joint Canada/US stock
                                                                                      assessments in the Georges
                                                                                      Bank transboundary area.
                                                                                      Cod, haddock, yellowtail
                                                                                      flounder and herring have
                                                                                      been the focus of the
                                                                                      assessments, with
                                                                                      expansion to other species
                                                                                      a future possibility.
Transboundary Resources Assessment Committee (TRAC)                     Non-binding

                                                                                      Interntaional cooperation in
                                                                                      research and conservation
International Convention on the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT)   Binding       of highly migratory tuna

                                                                                      international cooperation
                                                                                      on science and
                                                                                      management of migratory
North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO)                 Binding       N Atl salmon stocks.

                                                                                      Multilateral consultation
                                                                                      and cooperation on
                                                                                      scientific information and
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)                        Binding       views relating to fisheries.

                                                                                      Cooperation in
                                                                                      management, research,
                                                                                      protection, conservation,
                                                                                      and presentation of
                                                                                      National Parks and National
MOU on Nat'l Parks & Historic Sites                                     Non-binding   Historic Sites
Proj Annex 6.17                                      Non-binding           Land Cover Rem Sensing

                                                                           Long term fishing for
                                                                           salmon in Pacific
                                                                           Northwest, latest version
                                                                           includes restoration and
Pacific Salmon Treaty                                                      enhancement funds.

                                                                           Establishes Trilateral
                                                                           Committee for Wildlife and
                                                                           Ecosystem Conservation
                                                                           and Management. Focuses
                                                                           on migratory species,
                                                                           habitat conservation,
Trilateral Committee MOU                             Non-binding           ecosystem management.
                                                                           Cooperation on protection
                                                                           and recovery of endangered
Framework for Cooperation on Species at Risk         Non-binding           species

GOMC Goal 2: Foster environmental and human health
Name of Agreement                                    Binding/Non Binding   Basic Purpose
Sanitary Shellfish Agreement                         ?                     ?
TAA # 14                                             Binding               Water Sample Analysis

                                                                           Guides binational
                                                                           environmental protection
                                                                           programs, focus on water
                                                                           quality. Establishes joint
Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement                  Binding               working groups.

                                                                           Transboundary Movement
Hazardous Waste Agreement (and amendments)           Non-binding           of Hazardous Waste
GOMC Goal 3: Support vibrant communities

Additional Agreements
Name of Agreement                                          Binding/Non Binding   Basic Purpose

                                                                                 Management of Boundary
                                                                                 Waters (International Joint
Boundary Waters Treaty                                     Binding               Commission—IJC)
Georges Bank Boundary World Court Decision                 ?                     ?

                                                                                 Group of scientists and
                                                                                 researchers representing 16
                                                                                 different federal,
                                                                                 state/provincial, academic
                                                                                 and private entities who are
                                                                                 dedicate to sharing of
                                                                                 marine data to the benefit
                                                                                 of integrated ocean
Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership                       Non-binding
MOU on Earth Sciences                                      Non-binding           Coop. Earth Sciences
Proj Annex 6.07                                            Non-binding           GIS for Minerals
Proj Annex 6.08                                            Non-binding           Climate Change
Proj Annex 6.09                                            Non-binding           Tapestry of Time Maps
Proj Annex 6.19                                            Non-binding           Framework Data Sets
Proj Annex 6.20                                            Non-binding           Beaufort Sea Data
Proj Annex 6.21                                            Non-binding           Hydrographic GIS data

MOU on Cooperation in Hydrology                            Non-binding           Hydrology
International Regulators Forum                             Non-binding           Offshore Oil & Gas
Puget Sound-Georgia Basin International Airshed Strategy   Non-binding           Air quality
                                                                      Convention between the UK
                                                                      and US for the protection of
                                                                      migratory birds in Canada
Migratory Birds Treaty                                                and the U.S.
                                                                      Amending the Convention
                                                                      of 1916 for the Protection
                                                                      of Migratory Birds in
                                                                      Canada and the United
Amendment to Migratory Birds Treaty                                   States
                                                                      Establishees the
                                                                      Commission on
                                                                      Environmental Cooperation
North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation   Non-binding   (CEC)

                                                                      Scientific and Technological
S&T Agreement                                           Non-binding   Cooperation
                                                                      Dam safety, water
MOU on Dam Safety, Water Resources and Power            Non-binding   resources and power
                                                                      Energy science and
Trilateral Energy S&T Agreement                         Non-binding   technology
Entitites Engaged               Geographic Extent

DFO- Maritimes Regions NOAA -
Northeast Region
                                Gulf of Maine
DFO- Maritimes Regions NOAA -
Northeast Region
                                Gulf of Maine

DFO- Maritimes Regions NOAA -
Northeast Region

                                Gulf of Maine
DFO- Maritimes Regions NOAA -
Northeast Region

                                       Gulf of Maine

DFO-Maritimes Regions NOAA - Northeast Gulf of Maine
DFO-Maritimes Regions NOAA -
Northeast Region               Gulf of Maine

NMFS - Dept of State - CAN…    International

NMFS , Dept of State - CAN…    North Atlantic

NMFS , Dept of State - CAN     International

                               National w/border
DOI/NPS+Parks Canada           priorities
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                   National

Pacific Salmon Commission                Regional/Pac NW

Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment
Canada & Secretariat of Environment,
Natural Resources and Fisheries of
Mexico & FWS                             North America

Ministry of Environment & DOI            National

Entitites Engaged                        Geographic Extent
?                                        ?
USGS+U of Waterloo                       National

Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs &   Great Lakes Basin
U.S. Dept of State                       Ecosystem

EC and EPA                               Border
Entitites Engaged                      Geographic Extent
                                       Canada/US Boundary
                                       Waters - St. Croix River
                                       but not including the
Canada/US                              estuary
?                                      ?

NOAA - EPA - DOI - DFO - EC            Gulf of Maine
DOI/USGS + NRC/Earth Science Sector    National
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 National
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 National
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 National
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 National
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 Regional
DOI/USGS + NRC/ESS/GSC                 Border

DOI/USGS + Env. Canada/Water Survey of
the Meteorological Service             National
MMS + Prov. NS + NEWF'D                Maritime Provinces
EPA - Environment Canada               Puget Sound
British Embassy and US Dept of State     Border

EC and EPA                               Border

U.S. & Mexican Presidents and Canadian
Prime Minister                         North America

Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs &
U.S. Dept of State                       National

Hydro-Quebec & USBR                     Border
Canadian & Mexican Ministries of Energy
& DOE                                   North America

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