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									                                               Current Practices Inventory of the First Year
                                                   Foundations of Excellence Project

                                        Part 1: Inventory of first-year structures and policies

                                                                 # of first-
                                                                 year          Proportion
Major structures that                                            students      of first-year
uniquely impact first-year                                       served        students                                               Assessment of program's
students                   Division Program description          (fall 2003)   served **     Key goals                                effectiveness

                                                                                          Improve the retention rate of
                                   Academic advising and                                  DSP and undeclared students.                Maintains the recommended 300:1
                                                                                                                                      advising ratio. Benchmark: to
                                   major and career                                       Assist undeclared students in
                                                                                                                                      bring the retention rates of
                                   exploration for students                               declaring an appropriate major.             undeclared and DSP students to
                                   enrolled in DSP classes,                               Provide advising information to             the university percentage for first-
                                   undeclared students and                                assigned students enabling                  year students of 71.3% In Aug. –
                                   students considering a                                 them to make informed choices               October, 2003, advisors logged
Academic Support Center   SA/EM    change of major.                   1673            55% about their academic programs.              2,967 student contacts.

                                                                                                                                      97% of students responded "agree" or
                                   Orientation, advising and                              Provide effective orientation,              "strongly agree" to the item "Overall the
                                   registration for first time                            advising and registration                   orientation program was helpful in
CUSTOMS Orientation       SA/EM    enrollees                          2856            94% services for new students.                  preparing me to be a student this fall."

                                   Serves students that have                                Offer courses in the areas of reading,
                                   been admitted to the                                     writing, mathematics, and learning        Fall to fall DSP freshmen retention,
                                                                                            strategies to enable students to          66%; 42% of Fall 2002 graduates were
                                   university but who are
                                                                                            achieve a level of academic               former DSP students; 39% of Spring
                                   under prepared for                                       competence that will empower them to      2003 graduates were former DSP
Developmental Studies              the college curriculum in                                work successfully in college-level        students; 39% of Summer 2003
program                   AA       specific areas.                    1055            35%   courses.                                  graduates were former DSP students.
                                   The math and writing labs                                The key goal of the labs is to offer
                                   are designed to offer                                    assistance beyond what is available in
                                                                                            the class room and in the office of the   The number of students utilizing the
                                   academic assistance to
                                                                                            instructor to all                         labs is examined each semester. Also,
                                   students through tutors,                                 DSP students to enhance their             students complete surveys regarding
Developmental Studies              computer programs,                                       chances of course success.                the tutorial assistance received.
Writing and Math labs     AA       videos, etc.                         544           18%
                                                                                 Assist first year students in
                                                                                 developing as a part of a
                                     Promotes recruitment of                     community and assist at          Approximately 70% of students
                                     new members for the                         developing life skills for the   who participate in Rush join a
Fraternity/Sorority Rush     SA/EM   campus Greek community.           450   15% future.                          fraternity or sorority.

                                     Mary C. Dunn Freshman
                                     Scholarship (Biology), Clay M.
                                     Chandler Outstanding Freshman
                                     Award (Biology), Patrick Doyle
                                     Freshman Scholarship (Biology),
                                     Outstanding non-major Freshman
                                     Biology Award, CRC Outstanding
                                     Freshman Chemistry
Freshman Academic
                                     Achievement Award, Outstanding
Achievement awards and               Freshman in Computer Science                Recognize outstanding
scholarships, Basic and              Award, Charles F. Lewis                     achievement in the sciences      No assessment of the program
Applied Sciences             AC      Freshman Mathematics Award         7     0% among first year students.       has been completed.

Freshman Academic                    Corcoran Scholarship,                       Recognize academic talent for
Achievement awards and               Murfreesboro Credit                         students studying Economics      No assessment of the program
scholarships, Business       AC      Bureau Scholarship                 2     0% and Finance or Business          has been completed.
Freshman Academic
Achievement awards and                                                           Support first-year students
scholarships, Education              Roddy Scholarship for High                  studying in the area of Human    No assessment of the program
and Behavioral Science       AC      School Seniors                     2     0% Sciences.                        has been completed.
                                     Freshman Writing Awards
                                     (3), Freshman Music
                                     Scholarships (85),
                                     Freshman Pre-Law
Freshman Academic                    Scholarships (2),                           Recognize academic talent and
Achievement awards and               Freshman International                      support achievement of        No assessment of the program
scholarships, Liberal Arts   AC      Studies Scholarship (1)           91     3% students in the Liberal Arts. has been completed.

Discipline specific first-year                                                   Introductory courses for
introductory courses, Basic                                                      Aerospace and Construction       No assessment of these
and Applied Sciences           AC    AERO 1010, CM 1010                330   11% Management                       courses has been completed.
Discipline specific first-year
introductory courses,                                                            Introductory course for          No assessment of these
Business                       AC    BMOM 1400                         100    3% Business students                courses has been completed.
Discipline specific first-year
introductory courses,                                                            Introductory courses for
Education and Behavioral             FOED 1110, HSC 1010,                        Education, , and Criminal        No assessment of these
Sciences                       AC    CJA 1100                          457   15% Justice Majors                   courses has been completed.
Discipline specific first-year                                                            Introductory courses for Social
introductory courses,                SW 2510, CDIS 3050,                                  Work, Communication                   No assessment of these
Liberal Arts                   AC    THEA 2500-02                               115    4% Disorders, and Acting                 courses has been completed.
                                                                                          Introductory courses for
Discipline specific first-year                                                            Journalism, Electronic Media
introductory courses, Mass           JOUR 1020, EMC 1020,                                 Communication, and Recording          No assessment of these
Communication                  AC    RIM 1020                                  1700   56% Industry                              courses has been completed.

                                                                                          RLC’s make a large university
                                                                                                                                Freshman to sophomore
                                                                                          smaller by providing students with
                                                                                          a “home” group. Students learn to
                                                                                                                                retention rates:
                                                                                          connect their academic and social     Fall, 2000-Fall, 2001: 71%
                                     RLC’s link two courses                               lives, learn to work cooperatively,   Fall, 2001-Fall, 2002: 77%
Learning Communities                 together with a common                               become interdependent, and            Fall, 2002-Fall, 2003: 73%
programs                     SA/EM   cohort of students enrolled.               324   11% collaborative.

                                     Provides formal instruction                          Ensure an information literate
                                     in the resources, services,                          student population that can     The program is evaluated using
Library Instruction                  and organization of Walker                           effectively use and critically  the online Walker Library
Program, Walker Library              Library                                   3000   99% evaluate information resources. Evaluation System
                                     Offers assistance to
                                     students in composing and                            Goals include assisting
                                     completing writing                                   students to effectively complete
                                     assignments for any of                               assignments, promoting life-       Student evaluations of writing
                                     their classes. Located in                            long writing skills, and assisting assistants indicate an overall
MTSU Writing Lab                     Peck 325-326.                              750   25% campus instructors.                average approval rating of 98%.

                                     Provides access to graduate
                                     student tutors for assistance with                    The goals of the labs are to
                                     a variety of math courses,
                                                                          Approx.          provide additional help to
                                     including Math 1710, 1010, 1720,
                                     1730, and Calculus. Located in       15               students currently enrolled in
                                     KOM 204 and 252.                     students         math classes who are having          Evaluation process is not
MTSU Math Lab                                                             per week.        difficulty.                          currently in place.

                                                                                          Provide information and
                                                                                          resources to MTSU parents
                                                                                          and students. Provide avenue          Parent's Association annually
                                                                                          for MTSU parents to address           supports the Thanksgiving
                                     Support group for families                           student needs through service         dinner for students, as well as
Parent/Family Association    SA/EM   of MTSU students.                          400   13% projects for the campus.              other student support projects.
                                                                                                                   The MTSU president, deans,
                                    Book discussion for select               This program models life-long
                                                                                                                   department chairs, administrators
                                    UNIV 1010 courses.                       learning and a love of reading        and faculty members have
                                    Dinner with MTSU                         to freshmen and helps them to         selected books for the book club.
                                    faculty/administrators who               make a connection to a faculty        They and the students report that
                                    recommended the books                    member or administrator at            it has been a fun and worthwhile
Raider Book Club            SA/EM   used.                          115    4% MTSU.                                 experience.

                                                                                                                   For 2002-2003 ALC students had
                                                                             Provide an enriching                  an average GPA of 2.9685.
Residence Halls:                    Linked courses plus shared               environment for Aerospace             Aerospace freshmen not
Aerospace Living Learning           residence hall floors for                freshmen to increase retention        participating in the ALC program
community                   SA/EM   Aerospace                      45     1% and academic excellence.              had an average GPA of 2.6438

                                                                             The DSF is designed to assist
                                                                             students in selecting and declaring
                                                                             an appropriate major through
                                    Designated floors within the             passive and participatory
                                    FYE halls that work with                 programming efforts on the majors     By the end of Spring, 2003,
                                    undeclared students in                   offered at MTSU, career               more than 75% of the students
Residence Halls: Deciding           identifying an appropriate               opportunities for those majors and    on the DSF had declared a
Students                    SA/EM   major field of study.          111    4% the decision making process..         major.

                                                                                                               Freshman to sophomore retention
                                                                                                               rates: Caucasian FYE
                                                                                                               participants, 75.7%; off campus
                                                                                                               Caucasian freshmen 67.3%.
                                                                                                               Freshman to sophomore retention
                                    Tutoring, academic                       Assist first year students in     rates of African American students
                                    advising and other first-                making successful academic,       FYE participants, 79.5%; Off
Residence Halls:                    year services provided in                personal and social transition to campus African American
Freshman Year Experience SA/EM      designated halls               780   26% the university.                   students 62.4%.
                                    The Honors Living
                                    Learning Center provides                 The goal of the Honors LLC is
                                    housing and programming                  to increase retention by
                                    for high ability students                providing an enriching                The program had an 83.3%
Residence Halls: Honors             enrolled in the Honors                   community and encouraging             retention rate for Fall, 2002 to
Living Learning center      SA/EM   program.                       115    4% interaction with honors faculty.      Fall, 2003.
                                                                             The community is designed to
                                                                             increase the community of
                                                                                                                     This semester study groups
                                                                             students in selected majors and to      and a listserv for RIM majors
Residence Halls:                                                             educate them on the requirements        was established in the
Recording Industry Living           Linked courses plus shared               for candidacy in the Recording          community and is being well
Learning community          SA/EM   residence hall floors for RIM   81    3% Industry program.                       used.

                                                                                                                     WISE (women in science and
                                                                                                                     engineering) participants have
                                                                                                                     been recognized as an official
                                                                                                                     organization. Dr. Judith Iriarte-
                                    Linked courses plus shared               Programming and community               Gross is the WISE chapter and the
Residence Halls: Women              residence hall floors for                development are designed to             community advisor. They have
in Math and Science Living          women in math or the                     increase retention to the               participated in several social,
Learning Community         SA/EM    sciences                        47    2% university and the sciences             academic and service activities.

                                                                             Assist the student-athlete in
                                    Provides academic                        making sound academic and
                                    support, enhances life                   personal decisions as they
                                    skills, and monitors NCAA                progress toward their degrees           Graduation rates of athletes
Student Athlete                     academic rules compliance                while they are participating in their   consistently exceed the all
Enhancement Center          SA/EM   for student-athletes.           100   3% chosen sport.                           student graduation rate.

                                    Student organization
                                    designed to provide                      Provide opportunities for all           The majority of Freshman
                                    freshmen students                        freshman students to become             Forum members move on to
Student Organization:               leadership and community                 involved in on campus activities        other leadership positions
Freshman Forum              SA/EM   service opportunities.          50    2% and service.                            within the university.

                                                                                                                     65 Phi Eta Sigma members have
                                                                                                                     reached graduation. 24% of these
                                                                                                                     members graduated Summa Cum
                                    Phi Eta Sigma is a national              Encourage and reward                    Laude, 33% graduated Magma
Student Organization: Phi           honor society for college                academic excellence among               Cum Laude and 13% graduated
Eta Sigma                   SA/EM   freshmen.                       50    2% first-year students                     Cum Laude.
                                                                              To provide a unifying experience
                                  Each year a common text                     for the entering class of students,
                                  is chosen for all incoming                  to partner with Murfreesboro
                                  students to read over the                   community organizations, to
                                                                              encourage intellectual interaction
                                  summer before the
                                                                              among students, to provide
                                  beginning of the Fall term.                 students with the opportunity to
                                  The author is customarily                   read and personally interact with      In Fall, 2003, the summer
                                  the convocation speaker.                    critically-acclaimed authors, and to   reading text was used in over
                                  The text is used in many                    affirm the importance of reading to    100 sections of freshman level
Summer reading program    SA/EM   first-year courses.             3037   100% a successful and fulfilling life.      classes.
                                  Gathers data designed to
                                  improve the programs and
                                  services offered by the                      To determine students'
                                  Division of Student Affairs.
                                                                              awareness and utilization of
                                  The survey assists in
                                  implementation of the
                                                                              programs sponsored by
                                  institutional effectiveness                 Student Affairs, and to
                                  plans adopted by the division               determine whether the division         Unknown at this point as the
                                  as a whole and by the                       is adequately meeting the              survey will not be administered
Surveys: A Closer Look    SA/EM   individual departments.         3037   100% needs of students.                     until early Spring 2004.
                                                                              To assess satisfaction in 15
                                                                                                                     MTSU has improved significantly
                                                                              Factor areas. To compare               on 14 of the 15 factors assessed.
                                                                              results with national norms,           (Dining services was the only area
                                                                              selected peer institutions and         not improved.) For the Fall, 2002
Surveys: ACUHO-I for              Satisfaction survey for                     longitudinal data from previous        administration, the survey had a
residence hall students   SA/EM   residence hall students         1841    61% administrations.                       70+% return rate.
                                  Gathers data regarding
                                  student satisfaction with
                                  orientation and                             Provide planning data
                                  advisement, plans for                       regarding campus activities and
                                  involvement in various                      services. Provide feedback             Data collected is used annually
                                  student activities, and                     and planning data regarding            to make adjustments to help
                                  plans to use various                        orientation and advisement             campus programs and services
Surveys: CUSTOMS survey SA/EM     campus services.                2692    89% services.                              become more effective.
                                      Gathers data regarding how
                                      students spend their time,
                                      what they feel they've gained
                                      from classes, their                                                                           The NSSE provides information
                                      assessment of the quality of                                                                  about MTSU's strengths, areas in
                                      their interactions with faculty                   The NSSE is designed to                     which the educational experience
                                      and friends, and other                            provide reliable and credible               of students may be improved, and
                                      important measures of                             information about the quality of            an opportunity to compare MTSU
Surveys: NSSE                 SA/EM   student engagement.                    1500   49% the undergraduate experience.               to national benchmarks.

                                      National Merit Finalist, Chancellor,
                                      Presidential, Buchanan,
                                      Academic Service, Provost, and
                                      Raider Scholarships for incoming
                                      freshmen. Foundation                                Support MTSU attendance by
University Scholarships for           scholarships and privately funded                   students with demonstrated
first-year students           SA/EM   scholarships are also available.                    records of academic excellence.

                                                                                          The University Seminar 1010 program
                                                                                          aims to assist students in making the
                                                                                          transition to active membership in and    Program will assess students' learning
                                      Provides information to                             appreciation for the community of         and development of college success
                                      ease the transition to                              scholars at Middle Tennessee State        skills as measured by responses on
                                      college during the first                            University; enhance academic skills;      the U1010 Exit Survey on items related
                                                                                          provide growth through self-awareness,    to increased clarification of educational
                                      semester on campus.
                                                                                          opportunities for participation and       and career goals and items indicating
                                      Helps students develop                              knowledge and use of resource tools;      learning to use University resources.
                                      strategies for a successful                         increase student success both in          Exit survey administered end of Fall
University Seminar 1010       AA      college career.                        1493   49%   college and after college graduation.     2003 semester.
                                                                                                                                    Convocation is required of new
                                      Convocation serves as the                                                                     students, and families are
                                      academic welcome to new                           Introduce academic traditions               urged to attend. In 2002,
                                      students and official                             of the university, showcase the             approximately 5000 attended;
                                      opening of the new                                author of the book used in the              in 2003, approximately 3500
University Convocation        SA/EM   academic year.                         2000   66% summer reading program.                     attended.

                                                                                          Provide events that are fun and will
                                                                                          assist students in getting to know one
                                                                                          another and the campus community.
                                                                                          Activities range include a Street Fair,
                                      Provide welcome activities
                                                                                          picnics, athletic events, comedy
                                      to assist new students and                          showcase, student organization fair,      Focus groups report high levels
                                      their families in acclimating                       Volunteerism fair, and fair with local    of satisfaction with Welcome
Welcome Week programs         SA/EM   to the MTSU campus.                    3000   99%   Murfreesboro merchants.                   Week activities.
                             *SA/EM--Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
                             *AA--Academic Affairs
                             *AC--Academic Colleges

                             **Fall 2003, total first time freshmen: 3037

                                                                                 # of first-   of first-
Major policies that                                                              year          year       Description of enforcement.
uniquely impact first-year     Description of policy. When was                   students      students   Who has authority to               Assessment of policy's
students                             policy established?                         affected?     affected? change/cancel policy?               effectiveness

                             Freshman admission is guaranteed to
                             applicants who completed the 14 required units                              The University Admissions and
                             plus a minimum 3.0 GPA OR a minimum                                         Standards Committee makes           New freshman enrollment
                             composite ACT of 22 OR a minimum 2.7 GPA                                    recommendation to change            numbers validate the
                             and minimum ACT of 19 OR satisfy the NCAA
                             standards for student athletes who are
                                                                                                         admission standards. TBR            effectiveness of this policy.
                             qualifiers or partial qualifiers under Division I                           approval is required before         Fall 2004 enrollment not yet
Admissions requirements      guidelines.                                         all                100% implementing new standards.         available.

                             Degree-seeking students 21 years or less are                                   Students are able to challenge
                             assessed for DSP placement based on valid
                                                                                                            their placement through
                             ACT scores. Other students may present valid
                             ACT scores or complete assessment tests in                                     subsequent testing. Policies
                             reading writing, and math. Students required to                                and guidelines governing
                             take DSP courses in two academic areas must                                    Developmental Studies are         Approximately 40% of MTSU
                             also take the DSP Learning Strategies course.                                  established by the TBR and are    graduates each semester have
                             Students required to take DSP courses must do
                             so upon their initial terms of enrollment.
                                                                                                            enforced by the DSP               had at least one
Developmental studies        Program established 1985.                                                      department.                       Developmental Studies course
requirements                                                                            1055          35%                                     during their academic career.
                             Students must complete with a C- in order to        All students in English    This policy can’t be              The English department
                             progress in their English Department                1010 and 1020 are          contravened. There are no         believe that the policy ensures
                             requirements. Students who complete all the
                             work and meet attendance requirements, but
                                                                                 held to this policy.       exceptions. Any change in the that students will have a higher
                             fail to write well enough to pass the class,        Approximately 10-15%       policy would need to be initiated rate of success in their
                             receive a grade of N. The N grade requires the      of the students in 1010    in the English Department and subsequent courses; however
                             repeat, but it does not affect Quality Hours and,   fail the course and        forwarded to and approved by no objective assessment has
                             therefore, the students’ gpas. Established 1995.
                                                                                 approximately 10-15%       the University Curriculum         been completed
                                                                                 of the students receive    Committee and Admissions
Grading policy for ENG                                                           an N.                      personnel.
1010 and 1020
                                                                                              Policy established by the Tennessee
                                                                                              Board of Regents. A registration hold
                               Any student admitted without                                   is placed on students with high school
                               completion of the 14 high school units                         deficiencies. This hold interacts with
                               required by the TBR must complete                              the A89 screen in SIS to enforce the
                                                                                              registration for a course to complete
                               those courses with a minimum grade
                                                                                              the deficiency. College
                               of C- within the first 64 hours of                             Counselors/Academic Support Center       Deficiency is most often in the
High School Deficiency         enrollment. TBR policy enacted in                              can release this hold on a semester      areas of foreign language or
policy                         1989.                                             243     8%   basis.                                   performing arts.
                               Eligible students include entering freshmen who                                                         Will be assessed by the
                               1.) are Tennessee residents for one year prior                                                          number of eligible students and
                               to application 2.) have an unweighted 3.0GPA
                                                                                                                                       the number who maintain
                               AND a college core unweighted GPA or 3.0
                               AND completed all college core and university
                                                                                            Policy established by the                  eligibility and are retained to
Hope Scholarship               track courses OR 19 ACT/890 SAT. Program                     Tennessee Education Lottery                graduation.
requirements                   began fall 2004.                                  2580   85% Scholarship Program (TSAC).

                            Federal regulations require that                                At MTSU we provide for such
                            disbursements to first-time freshmen                            students by issuing a voucher
Loan disbursement for first borrowers cannot be made to the                                 for them to use for book/supply
time borrowers              student until thirty days into the term.             1215   40% purchases at Phillips Bookstore.

                               The freshman meal plan has been a                            The plan is sold by Housing to             The freshman meal plan is an essential
                               requirement since the early 1960's, and it has               exempt students from sales                 part of the foodservice picture. It gives
                               been modified four times since 1988.                                                                    dining services and MTSU needed
                                                                                            tax. Housing makes some
                               Modifications have provided more dining                                                                 base revenue and serves as a
                               options (meal plans and flex dollars) and
                                                                                            decisions regarding                        guarantee to freshman parents that
Meal plan requirements for     increased venue access due to lack of newly                  exemptions, but most decisions             their child will have some meals during
first-year students            constructed facilities.                           1450   48% are referred to ARAMARK.                   the critical first year.
                               MTSU notifies the parent/guardian when
                               students under the age of 21 have been found                 Policy is enforced by the office
                               responsible for possession of drugs or drug                  of Judicial Affairs and
                               paraphernalia. A third violation of the alcohol              Mediation Services and can be
                               policy results in the notification of                        changed with approval by the
                               parents/guardians as does a situation where
                               the health or safety of a student has been
                                                                                            Vice-President for Student
                               threatened either by the student's own acts or               Affairs and Vice-Provost for               Effectiveness of policy has not yet
Parental Notification policy   the acts of others.                               2795   92% Enrollment Management.                     been evaluated.
                                                                                                  All students have the right to appeal
                                                                                                 an academic suspension. If approval is
                                                                                                 granted the student does not have to
                                                                                                 sit out of school for the suspended
                                                                                                 period. However, appropriate notations
                                                                                                 are entered on the student's transcript.
                                                                                                 Students who attend another institution
                                Academic retention standards are set                             during their suspension from MTSU will
                                                                                                 be readmitted if they have raised their
                               by MTSU with approval of TBR. Upon
                                                                                                 cumulative grade point average
                               the first suspension from any school                              (including MTSU work) to 2.00 or
                               (transfer institutions included) a                                greater, or have completed a minimum
                               student must remain unenrolled at                                 of 12 semester hours at the
                               MTSU for one term. Summer term                                    instiutions(s) attended since MTSU
                                                                                                 enrollment with a grade point average
                               does not count as a term to serve                                 of 2.00 or higher.
                               suspension. Upon multiple
Readmittance suspension        suspensions a student must remain
policy                         unenrolled at MTSU for an entire year.

                               All freshmen are required to receive                             Policy decision was determined              Effectiveness of policy has not
                               academic advising prior to registration                          in conjunction with Deans and               yet been evaluated. Positive
Required advising prior to     for their entering term. Established                             Provost. Provost is overriding              impact on retention and
first time registration        2003-04.                                             3037   100% authority.                                  graduation rates is expected.

                               Developmental studies students, students in
                               some specific majors, and undeclared students                                                                Computerized assignment of
                               are required to see their academic advisor prior
Required advising for          to registration for second term of the first year.
                                                                                                Policy is set by chair, Dean or             registration permission
special populations prior to   Policy established at various times for particular               director of the particular                  provides to up to 100%
continuing registration.       areas.                                               2600    86% department, college or area.                compliance.

                               Freshmen who have earned less than 30 hours
                               must maintain a 1.5 GPA or will be placed on
                               academic probation. Failure to meet the GPA                                                                  Data indicates that students returning
                               requirement after one semester of probation will                                                             after suspension do no better
                               result in suspension. Students previously                                                                    academically than students who are
Retention standards for        suspended are not eligible for probationary                                                                  not required to sit out suspension (due
freshmen                       status.                                                                                                      to successful appeal of their status.)

                               Institutional scholarship requirements are set by
                               MTSU. Beginning Fall 2005 basically all
                               scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid                         University policy is set by
                               Office will require a 2.75 for the first semester                 Division of Student Affairs and
                               and a 3.00 thereafter to retain the scholarship.                  Enrollment Management.
                               Foundation scholarships awarded by individual
                               departments or private donors may have some
                                                                                                 Foundation or departmental
University Scholarship         requirements in addition to the minimum grade                     scholarship policies are set by
eligibility                    point average.                                                    the funding agencies.
                                                                                                              UNIV 1010 has a demonstrated
                           Undeclared freshman must enroll in                                                 positive impact on retention and
                           UNIV 1010. A hold placed on their                                                  academic success. Referrals are
                                                                                                              made to career specialists in the
                           record enforces the policy reinforced              Director of Academic Support
                                                                                                              Academic Support Center. ASC
University 1010            by the academic advisors in their                  Center may waive the            advisors present workshops on
requirement for undeclared advising meetings. Policy                          requirement on a case-by-case   registration and the decision making
students                   implemented by Provost, 1999.           1898   62% basis                           process to all U1010 classes.

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