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Step Aerobics - Study Guide


									                             Personal Fitness Study Guide
                                             Step Aerobics
Step aerobics is a cardiovascular activity with dance origins. Workouts consist of a series of combinations
performed on a raised bench to the timing of music. Even tempo music is needed to perform a fluid step aerobics
routine. The music is usually broken down into 8-count measures.

The main benefits of step aerobics include an increased cardiovascular endurance, improved agility, and an
increase in coordination. Workouts can be adjusted to fit most endurance levels. The intensity of a step aerobics
routine can be increased or decreased by adding/removing arm movements, raising/lowering the height of the
step, and by increasing/decreasing the tempo of the music. So whatever intensity level you enjoy working out at,
step aerobics offers a fun and               challenging workout that can be altered to fit your intensity!

Getting Started - Safety Tips to Remember
     Proper warm-up and cool-down should begin and end every workout Step aerobics can be an intense
      workout for your heart and leg muscles, so ease into and out of the workout to reduce the risk of muscle
      soreness and heart complications. (You should never end a workout if your heart rate is still above 120
     When you step up onto the bench it is important to step your whole foot on to the bench, and to step heel
      to toe. If you do not get your whole foot up on the bench (meaning your heel is hanging off the edge)
      then you may strain your Achilles tendon located in the back of your ankle.
     It is also important that you step straight up on the bench so that the bench does not slide
      out from under you.
     The last thing to remember when performing a step routine is to keep your breathing even.
      This helps to regulate your heartbeat and circulate oxygen to your muscles.

Types of Step Aerobic Workouts
     Basic Step   -   In basic step a step routine is performed with all of the benches set up facing
        the instructor and every participant stays on his/her own step for the entire workout
                      -
        Double Step In double step each participant has 2 steps that they travel between
        throughout the whole routine. Adding a second step increases the intensity of step aerobics
        because more traveling is required in completing this routine.
                 -
        Line Step In line step all of the participants line up their benches in a straight line, either single file
        or side by side. The participants are then taught a step routine when they perform down the line of steps.
        When a participant reaches an end step then he/she sprints to the other end of the line of steps. This sprint
        adds intensity to the workout.
                 -
        Box Step Box step is similar to line step because the participants learn a routine and then travel it
        around to each step. The only difference is that the steps are arranged in a square, which eliminates the
        sprinting since there is no end.
       Partner Step - The last type of step is a partner step. In this type of step routine two people perform a
        routine on one bench, often times facing one another. This type of step routine is fun because it requires
        teamwork and concentration.
      Left        Right                                                              Left

 BASIC STEP                              V STEP                            TURN STEP
 Up, Up, Down, Down                      Up Wide, Up Wide, D, D             Up, Up, Down, Down
 (RLRL or LRLR)                          (RLRL or LRLR)                     (RLRL or LRLR)

 ALTERNATE KNEES                        TRAVELING KNEES                    REPEATER KNEES
 Up, Knee, Down, Down                   Up, Knee. Down, Down               Up, 3 Knees, Down, Down
 (Lead Right/Lift Left Knee,            moving on the diagonal             staying center or on diagonal
 Lead Left/Lift Right Knee)             (Lead Right/Lift Left Knee,        (Lead Right/Lift Left Knee,
                                        Lead Left/Lift Right Knee)         Lead Left/Lift Right Knee)
 Can modify replacing KNEES             Can modify replacing KNEES         Can modify replacing KNEES
 with HAMSTRING CURLS,                  with HAMSTRING CURLS,              with HAMSTRING CURLS,

                                                                          Can do Repeaters in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, or 5’s



       L KNEE STEP                                             UP TAP DOWN TAP
       Up, Knee, Off End Down, Down,                           From Side: Up, Up, Down, Down
       Up, Knee, Off Back Down, Down                           (RLLR or LRRL)
       (Alternate R, L lead as in Traveling Knees)
       Can modify replacing KNEES with HAMSTRING CURLS, SIDE

 OVER THE TOP                           ACROSS THE TOP                     A STEP
 From Side: Up, Up, Over and            From the End: Over Top the         From Side: Up, Up, Down,
 Down, Down                             “long way"                         Down in "A" shaped pattern
 (RLRL or LRLR)                         (RLRL or LRLR)                     (RLRL or LRLR)

PIVOT TURN                           1/4 TURN                      U STEP
Up, Knee 1/2 Turn around both        Up, Knee 1/4 Turn arouud      Turn Step with smaller range
Corners, Down, Down                  corner, Down, Down            of motion (RLRL or LRLR)

CORNER TO                            TURN STEP                           T STEP
CORNER                               STRADDLE                            From End: Up, Up, Down
From Side: Over the top              Turn Step ending in                 Straddle, Down Straddle,
                                     StraddIe (R, L, Stradd1e,           Up, Up, Down Back, Down
in a diagonal direction                                                  Back (RLRLRLRL or
(RLRL or LRLR)                       Straddle or L, R, Straddle,


                                        Left       Right                    '

  SIDE LUNGES                     BACK LUNGES                      STRADDLE DOWN
  From Top Facing Side:           From Top Facing Front:           From Top Facing Side:
  Alternate R, L Touching Foot    Alternate R, L Touching          Down Straddle, Down
  to Floor on Side of Bench in    Foot to Floor behind bench.      Straddle,
  slight diagonal direction       Can also do doubles: 2           Up, Up (RLRL or LRLR.
  Can also do doubles: 2 lunges   lunges each side. Can do         same leg keeps leading)
  each side                       FAST or SLOW

  SQUATS                          BASIC DOWN                       STRADDLE DOWN
  SIDE LUNGES                     Down, Down, Up, Up               KNEES
  performed slowly with           (RLRL or LRLR)                   Similar to above:
  larger range of motion                                           Down Straddle, Down Straddle,
                                                                   Up, Knee Lift (alternating lead
I-STEP                         MAMBO
Up, Up, Jack, Down, Down,      Crossover right foot step up on step right foot,
Jack can also perform Up,      down on left, then step down right, tap left, up
Up, Jack, Over Jack            on step left, down right, down left, tap right and

                               MAMBO STRADDLE
                               Crossover right foot step up on step right foot,
Cross over right foot corner
                               down on left, then step over and straddle right,
kick, back lunge, cross over
                               down left, step up on step right, down left, down
left foot corner kick, back
                               right, tap left, step on floor right, up on step left,
                               down right, then step over and straddle left, down
                               right, step up on step left, down right, down left,
                               tap right and repeat

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