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									                                       Descendants of John Easton

John Easton occupation Mason, m. 12 May 1765, in Glasgow, Elizabeth Harvie.
I. Janet Easton ch. 31 Mar 1768, Associate Session, Glasgow.
II. John Easton MD b. 1777/8, occupation Physician/Surgeon, m. (1) ? Unknown, m. (2) 20 Jul 1812, in
    Bombay, Ellen Eliza Anne Bland, (daughter of Humphrey Dalrymple Bland and Mary Graham). John died
    22 Apr 1841, 18 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh. Assistant Surgeon 77th Regiment of Foot (E. Middlesex) 12
    May 1798 (aged 20), involved with the Battle of Seringapatam in 1799, and remained in India until at least
    1807, mostly in the south. Surgeon 47th Foot (Lancashire) 22 April 1809. 15th Kings Hussars. (exch.) 5
    Nov. 1818 in Manchester and Bolton. M.D. Glasgow 1818. Retired to York on half-pay 1 May 1822, in
    practise in Bootham. Moved to St Saviourgate House, then 27 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh in Jun 1828.
    Scotsman obituary refers to him as of Courance Hill, Dumfriesshire.
    A. John Alexander Easton MD (son of John Easton MD and ? Unknown) b. 1807, India, occupation
        Physician, m. 13 Aug 1832, in Glasgow, Mary Buckie, ch. 23 Feb 1808, (daughter of James Buckie
        and Isobel Scott). John died 12 Nov 1865, 11 Blythswood Square, Glasgow. MD Glasgow 1836,
        LFPSG 1828, MFPSG 1840. Professor of Materia Medica Anderson's College Glasgow 1840-55 &
        Glasgow University 1855-65. Medical Officer Glasgow Police 1840-59, Physician to Royal Infirmary
        1852. Introduced preparation known as Easton's Syrup.
        1. John Easton ch. 20 Jun 1833, Glasgow.
        2. Alexander Easton ch. 30 Nov 1834, Glasgow.
        3. Isabella Easton ch. 16 Jan 1837, Glasgow.
        4. John Alexander Easton MD ch. 26 Mar 1839, Glasgow. MD Glasgow 1862. of Romsey Hants,
             Ticehurst Sussex, and Petworth Sussex.
        5. Mary Easton ch. 17 Feb 1841, Glasgow.
    B. Eliza Easton (daughter of John Easton MD and ? Unknown) b. 1808/9, d. 17 Jul 1827, York, buried:
        St Saviour's, York.
    C. Caroline Eliza Easton (daughter of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 24 Sep 1813,
        Colabah, India, ch. 24 Nov 1813, Bombay, m. 2 Jan 1840, in 18 Regent Terrace, South Leith, Robert
        Andrew Macfie, b. 4 Oct 1811, ch. 15 Nov 1811, (son of John Macfie and Alison Thorburn)
        occupation Family sugar business, d. 16 Feb 1893, Dreghorn Castle. Caroline died 20 Jun 1897,
        Dreghorn Castle. Robert: of Dreghorn Castle, Colinton, Edinburgh, and Ashfield Hall, Cheshire.
        Named after a recently deceased uncle. In 1838 he left Glasgow for Liverpool, to establish a branch
        of the family sugar business, Macfie & Sons in an old sugar house in Temple Street. In 1841 the
        Batchelor Street sugar house of Wainwright & Co was acquired, and in 1846 a lease was taken on a
        William Street sugar house. By 1854 business was concentrated in Liverpool, with many of the
        Scottish houses closed. MP for Leith Burghs, then Liverpool in 1866.
        1. Ellen Bland Macfie b. 31 Dec 1840, m. 6 Jan 1869, in Wirral, James Johnston, d. 26 Oct 1905,
             St Leonards. Ellen died 15 Sep 1933.
        2. Ellison Thorburn Macfie b. 7 Mar 1843, m. 18 Oct 1877, Thomas McClure, d. 19 Jan 1893.
             Ellison died 4 Jan 1906, Wellington, New Zealand.
        3. John William Macfie b. 1 Dec 1844, m. 7 Jun 1867, Helen Wahab, d. 15 Apr 1896. John died 8
             Dec 1924, Rowton Hall, Cheshire. Succeeded John Macfie (cousin) as senior partner of the
             Macfie & Sons (Liverpool) in 1909. In 1919 it became a limited company of which he was
             a. R A Scott Macfie d. 1935. Chairman of the Liverpool sugar business from 1924 until his
                  death in 1935. James Allan Macfie was chairman until it became part of Tate & Lyle in 1938.
        4. Caroline Easton Macfie b. 26 Sep 1848, 72 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, m. 20 Oct 1869,
             in Parkgate, Cheshire, George Barbour, b. 13 Feb 1841, Manchester, (son of Robert Barbour J.P.
             and Janet Andrew Fleming of Sawmillfield) occupation Barrister, d. 3 Nov 1919, Bolesworth.
             Caroline died 11 Oct 1935, Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire. George: of Bolesworth Castle. High
             Sheriff of Cheshire 1890-91, Deputy Lieutenant from 14 Sep 1890, JP from 1870, chairman of the
             Broxton Bench . Vice- President Chesh. Agricultural Society, Chairman Chesh. Dairy Farmers
             Assoc., President British Dairy Farmers Assoc. He financed the building of the Barbour Institute

in Tattenhall. Died 2 weeks after his golden wedding celebrations at Bolesworth, ref 'A Golden
Wedding and a Golden Sunset' by his wife & daughter Gina.
a. Caroline (Cara) Elizabeth Barbour b. 5 Jan 1871, Kingslea, Farndon, m. 26 Jul 1899, in
    Tattenhall, Cheshire, Lived, 43 Manor Place, 5 Randolph Cliff, Edinb., George Freeland
    Barbour Simpson, Dr, b. 21 Sep 1874, Edinburgh, (son of Alexander Russell Simpson Sir
    and Margaret Stewart Barbour) occupation Consulting Gynaecologist, d. 8 Apr 1958,
    Edinburgh. Caroline died 24 Jan 1959, Edinburgh. George: Western Dispensary,
    Edinburgh. University assistant to his father, FRCP Ed, FRCS Ed, Fellow & vice-president
    Obstetrical Soc. of Ed. Member of the King's Bodyguard in Scotland, Royal Company of
    Archers, and rose to major in the RAMC during WW1. Edinburgh town councillor
    1923-1935, then treasurer to Royal College of Physicians for 12 years.
    (1) Alexander Rudolf*Barbour Simpson b. 6 Jan 1901, occupation Headmaster, m. 24 Sep
         1932, in Wimborne Minster, Barbara Norwood. JP, b. 12 Apr 1908, ch. 10 Feb 1901, St
         George's, Edinburgh, d. 1976. Alexander died 1977. Hillstone School, Malvern.
         Barbara: Daughter of Sir Cyril Norwood, Marlborough, Canford, Headmaster of Harrow,
         and Principal of St John's, Oxford.
         (a) Gillian (Gill) Ann Barbour Simpson b. 11 Apr 1936, m. 1968, Howard William
             Maitland* Coley, b. 14 Jul 1910, occupation Stipendary Magistrate, d. 10 Apr 1981.
             Gillian died 5 Oct 1989. Howard: Barrister & Recorder. Served with the RAF in the
             Middle East during the war.
             [1] William Barbour Maitland Coley b. 13 Sep 1969, occupation CA/Banker, m. 7
                  Aug 1993, in Cambridge, Catherine Louise Daley, b. 2 Nov 1968, (daughter of
                  John William Albert Daley and Marie Louise Jenkins) occupation Journalist.
                  Kings Scholar, Eton & Trinity, Cambridge.
                  [A] Hector Coley b. 3 Nov 2000.
         (b) Michael Lee Barbour Simpson b. 10 Apr 1940, occupation Technical Author, m.
             1965, Rosalie Christine Dent, b. 1944. Adopted.
             [1] James Edward Barbour Simpson b. 1967, occupation TEFL teacher, m. (1) 30
                  Apr 1994, in Whitchurch, Shropshire, divorced 1998, Samantha Jayne Foster, b.
                  1965, m. (2) 16 Aug 2002, in Newport, Pembrokeshire, Mary Amelia Baber.
                  [A] Joseph Dante Simpson (son of James Edward Barbour Simpson and
                      Samantha Jayne Foster) b. 1994.
             [2] Polly Juliet Barbour Simpson b. 1968, m. 12 Oct 1991, in Cheltenham, John
                  Patrick Harte, b. 1960.
                  [A] Kezia Lee Barbour Harte b. 1992.
                  [B] Jesse Patrick Barbour Harte b. 1994.
    (2) Caroline Winanda Barbour Simpson b. 1 Nov 1903, Edinburgh, ch. 6 Dec 1903, St
         George's, Edinburgh, occupation Piano teacher, m. 23 Apr 1940, Ian Douglas Black, b.
         20 Aug 1911, (son of John Robert Black and Jean Canmore Begg) occupation French
         Teacher, Edinburgh, d. 28 Jan 1967. Caroline died 19 Apr 1998, Edinburgh.
    (3) Margaret Eleanor Barbour Simpson b. 13 Oct 1906, Edinburgh, occupation Inspector of
         Monuments, m. 28 Jul 1941, in St Giles, Edinburgh, Lived, Haslemere, Surrey from
         1944, Frederick (Fred) James Root, b. 2 Jul 1906, Deptford, (son of Allan Root and
         Elizabeth Ann Claydon) occupation Dep Sec Ministry of Works, d. 2 Nov 1982. Margaret
         died 1 Nov 1994, Haslemere. Wrote the history section of the guide book to Stirling
         Castle. Frederick: Scholar at Merton College, Oxford. Tax Commissioner and involved
         with local National Trust and Preservation Society on retirement.
         (a) Marilyn Pamela Root b. 17 Apr 1943, London, occupation Computer Consultant, m.
             14 Jun 1969, in Haslemere, Surrey, Ian Patrick William Ainslie, b. 26 Mar 1940,
             London, (son of Patrick David Lafone Ainslie and Agnes Ursula Galbraith) occupation
             Land Agent, Cheshire, d. 7 Feb 2002, Wythenshawe, Manchester. Ian: Chairman
             Congleton & Macclesfield branch, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
             [1] Alastair Patrick Simpson Ainslie b. 31 Oct 1971, Hillingdon, Middx, occupation
                  Plant Geneticist, Kent. Top scholar at Shrewsbury.
            [2] Nicola Caroline Ainslie b. 4 Sep 1973, Congleton, Cheshire, occupation CA,
                 Commercial Analyst, m. 1 Sep 2001, in North Rode, Cheshire, Stephen John
                 Absolom, b. 4 Jul 1973, (son of Raymond John Absolom and Felicity Edna
                 Margaret Collins) occupation Business Manager. Reading.
       (b) Hilary Margaret Root b. 7 Jul 1945, Hindhead, Surrey, m. 3 Aug 2001, in
            Cirencester, Francis Hetley Pearson, b. 20 Apr 1941, Copford, Essex, (son of
            Aubrey John Pearson and Mary Veronica Drummond). of London and Wiltshire.
            Stockbroker, Sheppards & Chase, London. One of the first women members of the
            Stock Exchange.
            [1] Filippa Frances Elizabeth Pearson b. 18 Feb 1976.
            [2] Fiona Charlotte Anne Pearson b. 24 Apr 1979.
            [3] Francis Oliver Charles Hetley Pearson b. 28 Jul 1981.
b. Janet Mary Barbour b. 17 May 1872, Kingslea, Farndon, d. 1947. Set up lodgings at 2
   Bramham Gardens for young working girls.
c. Eleanor Barbour b. 3 Nov 1873, Kingslea, Farndon, m. 28 Sep 1910, in Harthill Church,
   Robert (Bob) Henry Walker, Canon, b. 24 Mar 1860, York, (son of John Walker, Rev.) d.
   1939. Eleanor died 1952. Robert: Archdeacon of Uganda.
   (1) Eleanor Robina* Theodora Walker b. 1914, m. 1945, Jack Vincent, d. 1965. Eleanor
       died 1980.
       (a) Denis Robert Vincent b. 5 Jul 1946.
       (b) Alan George Vincent b. 1948.
       (c) Marian Eleanor Vincent b. 1949.
       (d) Rosemary Janette Robina Vincent b. 1953.
d. Robert Barbour of Bolesworth b. 8 Feb 1876, Kingslea, Farndon, m. 28 Oct 1909, in Cally
   House Chapel, Gatehouse of Fleet, Ida (Karki) Lavington Payne, b. 24 Feb 1889, High
   Bank, Prestwich, Manchester, (daughter of Arthur Lavington Payne and Alice Ida Dugdale) d.
   April 1985. Robert died 3 Sep 1928, Bolesworth. Wedding conducted by bride's uncle, the
   Rev Hubert Payne. Cally house was rented by the Payne family for shooting, 1908-1910.
   Honeymoon from Dec 1909 to May 1910 spent in India & the Far East. Lived at Bolesworth
   Castle. Major, Cheshire Yeomanry, served in the Boer war and WWII. High Sheriff of
   Cheshire 1925. Killed by his runaway horse after hunting at 6.30pm Ida: after Robert died
   she married William Harrison Carter, Land Agent at Bolesworth 1932 at Holy Trinity, Bickerton.
   (1) George Richard* Barbour of Bolesworth b. 3 Feb 1911, occupation Landowner, m. 3
       Dec 1944, in Garrison Chapel, Haifa, Eva Elizabeth (Lulu) Houry, (daughter of Najem N
       Houry of Limassol, Cyprus) d. 20 Nov 1983, Bolesworth. George died 25 Oct 1989,
       Bolesworth, buried: Harthill. ADC to Lord Huntingfield, Governor of Victoria, in Melbourne
       for 3 years. Joint Master Cheshire Hounds 1938/9. Served with Cheshire Yeomanry
       during WW2 in Palestine where he met and married Lulu. Introduced rents linked to the
       price of milk, and amalgamated and modernised farms. Director, then Chairman, of the
       Cheshire Observer for many years. Celebrated the 1956 Barbour centenary at Bolesworth
       with an estate party.
       (a) Anthony George Barbour b. 19 Oct 1938, m. 12 Nov 1976, Diana Caroline
            Blackwell, (daughter of David Blackwell). Son of Lulu's first husband - an English
            Army officer - and changed his name to Barbour. He inherited Bolesworth Castle.
            Director of Bolesworth Estate Company. President Cheshire CLA since 1999,
            Chairman '86-87, High Sheriff of Cheshire '87-88. Chairman Lady Verdin Trust.
            [1] Nina Caroline Barbour b. 1980.
            [2] Cleo Diana Barbour b. 1986.
       (b) Adèle Janet Barbour b. 13 Apr 1946, m. 1974, George Howard Joseph Nicholson,
            b. 4 Apr 1936, occupation Appeals Secretary. George: British Olympic Association
            [1] Joseph William Nicholson b. 12 Sep 1975, occupation Solicitor.
            [2] Oliver Christian Nicholson b. 8 Mar 1977, occupation Computer Consultant.

    (c) Christina Maree Barbour b. 3 Nov 1947, m. (1) 6 Jan 1973, Peter Henry Shelley
        Barker, b. 24 Mar 1940, d. 6 Nov 1991, m. (2) 30 Sep 1995, in Stoke-on-Trent, Tom
        Bartlam, occupation Travel Agent. Peter: Stockbroker, BWD Rensburg, Liverpool.
        [1] Robert Shelley Barker (son of Peter Henry Shelley Barker and Christina Maree
             Barbour) b. 29 Dec 1973, m. Mar 2001, in France, Noémi Manent. Noémi: Of
             Nogent le Roi, France.
        [2] Michael Peter Barker (son of Peter Henry Shelley Barker and Christina Maree
             Barbour) b. 17 Jun 1975.
        [3] Andrew Henry Barker (son of Peter Henry Shelley Barker and Christina Maree
             Barbour) b. 21 Mar 1977.
(2) David Charles Barbour, Brig, OBE, DL b. 1 Oct 1912, m. 21 Dec 1940, Antoinette
    Mary Daphne* Alston, b. 15 Jan 1913, (daughter of Francis G Alston, Brig-Gen, CMG,
    DSO and Harriet Antoinette Tarn). David died 1988. Served WWII in N Africa & Italy,
    commanded Sherwood Rangers '51-53, 17/12 Lancers '53-56, Col. 22 Armoured Brigade
    (TA) '58
    (a) Sarah Philippa Barbour b. 10 Nov 1941, m. 1970, St John Anthony Yorke, b. 1942.
        Living in New Zealand.
        [1] Toby Yorke b. 26 Nov 1972.
        [2] Miranda Isabel Yorke b. 2 Feb 1975.
    (b) Lydia Rosamund Barbour b. 3 Aug 1943, m. 26 Sep 1970, Charles Roger
        Charrington, b. 1942, (son of Peter Charrington) occupation Chartered Surveyor.
        [1] Holly Sophia Charrington b. 17 Feb 1974, occupation Sales Executive.
        [2] Simon Charles David Charrington b. 25 Aug 1977, occupation Undergraduate.
    (c) Robert (Robin) David Barbour b. 10 Aug 1945, occupation Chartered Surveyor, m.
        1975, Lavinia Bingham, b. 1949. of Dorchester, Dorset.
        [1] Henry Barbour b. 10 May 1979.
        [2] Alexandra Barbour b. 19 Aug 1981.
(3) Elizabeth Langley Barbour b. 6 Jan 1915, m. (1) 1938, in Tattenhall, Joseph Gurney
    Fowell Buxton, b. 5 Jul 1913, (son of Henry Fowell Buxton and Katharine Tayspel
    Round) occupation Bill-broker, London, d. 23 Apr 1943, KIA Mejez El Blab, Tunisia, m. (2)
    9 Apr 1946, in St Mark's, North Audley Street, Alexander (Sandy) Ludovic Grant, b. 26
    Mar 1901, (son of John Peter Grant of Rothiemurchus and Mary Augusta Perrepont, Lady)
    occupation Director of Barclays Bank, d. 1986, Marbury. Elizabeth died 27 Aug 1994.
    Called Langley after the Park in Norfolk where her father was stationed (source: her
    mother's diary) Joseph: Capt. 5th Btn Grenadier Guards. Alexander: Of Rothiemurchus.
    Half-brother of Ian Grant.
    (a) Andrew Robert Fowell Buxton (son of Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton and Elizabeth
        Langley Barbour) b. 5 Apr 1939, Victoria Road, London W8, m. 3 May 1965, in
        Rothiemurchus, Jane Margery Grant, b. 2 Feb 1943, (daughter of Ian John Peter
        Grant, Lt-Col MBE and Katherine Greaves, Lady). 2nd Lt Grenadier Guards.
        Chairman, Barclays Bank, director FI Group. Of Bentley Park, Ipswich. Jane: from
        Rothiemurchus, great-niece of Sandy.
        [1] Tessa R Buxton b. 19 Apr 1966, m. 1993, Athanasios Deriziotis, (son of
             Eustache Deriziotis and Constantinia Deriziotis).
             [A] Anthony Eustace Dezeriotis b. 14 Jun 1996. Twin.
             [B] Theodore Andrew Dezeriotis b. 14 Jun 1996. Twin.
             [C] Constantinia Rose Dezeriotis b. Aug 2000.
        [2] Veronica Mary Buxton b. 31 Dec 1970, m. 23 Aug 1997, in St Mary the Virgin, E
             Berholt, Andrew Michael Kemp Barlow, (son of John Barlow, Sir).
    (b) Meriel Rose Buxton (daughter of Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton and Elizabeth
        Langley Barbour) b. 16 Apr 1940, Bolesworth, m. (1) 7 Jan 1964, in Holy Trinity,
        Brompton, Robert Ivan Kenyon-Slaney, b. 5 Oct 1926, (son of Robert Orlando
        Rodolph Kenyon-Slaney and Mary Cecilia Rhodesia Hamilton, Lady) d. 30 Jan 1984,
         Shrewsbury, m. (2) 15 Dec 1985, in Shifnal, Shropshire, Peter Maurice Afia, b. 5 Oct
         1938, (son of Victor Afia and Rose Lydia Cowan). Lady-in-waiting to Princess
         Alexandra. Robert: Resided Hatton Grange, Shifnal.
         [1] Rupert David Kenyon-Slaney (son of Robert Ivan Kenyon-Slaney and Meriel
             Rose Buxton) b. 1 Mar 1965.
         [2] Thomas Alexander Kenyon-Slaney (son of Robert Ivan Kenyon-Slaney and
             Meriel Rose Buxton) b. 13 Oct 1966.
         [3] Natasha Vivien Kenyon-Slaney (daughter of Robert Ivan Kenyon-Slaney and
             Meriel Rose Buxton) b. 29 Aug 1969, m. 1 Aug 1998, in Shifnal, Shropshire,
             Barnabus Martin Henry Branston.
    (c) Joseph William Henry Buxton (son of Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton and Elizabeth
         Langley Barbour) b. 30 Mar 1943, Tring, Herts., occupation Wine Agent, m. (1) 12 Apr
         1972, Sarah Louse Smyly, b. 31 May 1951, (daughter of Richard Patrick Pilkington
         Smyly MC and Jill Savile) d. 3 Jun 1974, Yugoslavia, m. (2) 18 Jul 1981, in Thurston,
         Suffolk, Ann Boggis-Rolfe, b. 21 Apr 1952, (daughter of Paul Boggis-Rolfe and Anne
         Verena Collins). Capt, Grenadier Guards. Sarah: Drowned in the sea in Yugoslavia
         whist on holiday following a preiod of illness.
         [1] William Paul Buxton (son of Joseph William Henry Buxton and Ann
             Boggis-Rolfe) b. 21 Apr 1983, Gloucester.
         [2] Robert Alexander Buxton (son of Joseph William Henry Buxton and Ann
             Boggis-Rolfe) b. 22 Aug 1984, Gloucester.
         [3] Laura Elizabeth Verena Buxton (daughter of Joseph William Henry Buxton and
             Ann Boggis-Rolfe) b. 30 Dec 1990, Gloucester.
    (d) Carolin Mary Grant (daughter of Alexander (Sandy) Ludovic Grant and Elizabeth
         Langley Barbour) b. 24 Feb 1947, occupation Farms at Marbury Hall, m. 19 Aug 1967,
         in Marbury, William (Bill) R Paton-Smith, (son of Norman Paton-Smith) occupation
         Racehorse Breeder. Carolin: Chairman of the Cheshire Hunt. William: from Essex.
         Regional Chairman of the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association.
         [1] Benjamin Paton-Smith b. 21 Jul 1968.
         [2] Harry Paton-Smith b. 9 Aug 1972, Germany, m. 2 Dec 2000, in Kent, Emily
    (e) Alexandra Jean Grant (daughter of Alexander (Sandy) Ludovic Grant and Elizabeth
         Langley Barbour) b. 1 Oct 1949, m. Peter Jamieson, occupation Director of Peter
         [1] Marina Jamieson b. 31 Dec 1976.
         [2] Lucy Jamieson b. 2 Jun 1979.
         [3] Sophia Jamieson b. 29 Jun 1984.
(4) Rosamund Lavington Barbour b. 17 Jan 1918, m. 1 Dec 1945, in Chester Cathedral,
    divorced 1971, Robert Charles Michael Vaughan Wynn, b. 24 Apr 1917, (son of Robert
    Vaughan Wynn and Ruby Irene Severne) d. 11 Oct 1998. Lady Newborough Robert: 7th
    Lord Newborough 1965, DSC 1942, of Rhug, Corwen. One-time owner of Bodfean Hall,
    Pwllheli, and Bardsey Island (Lleyn Peninsula). Commander of MTB 40 in The St Nazaire
    raid, March 1942. Prisoner at Colditz, escaped Jan 1945. High Sheriff of Merionethshire
    (a) Ann Patricia Rosamund Wynn b. 14 Sep 1947, Manor House, Barford St John, m.
         1970, Anthony George (Tommy) Budgen, (son of G N Budgeon) occupation Motor
         Trade etc.
         [1] Mark George Budgen b. 30 Mar 1972.
         [2] Nadine Patricia Mary Budgen b. 1975.
    (b) Robert Vaughan Wynn b. 11 Aug 1949, m. (1) 1981, divorced, Sheila Christine
         Wilson, (daughter of William A. Massey) m. (2) 1988, Susan Hall. of Peplow Hall,
         Shropshire, 8th Lord Newborough, 1998. MD Wynn Electronics Ltd.
         [1] Lucinda Rosamund Wynn (daughter of Robert Vaughan Wynn and Sheila
             Christine Wilson) b. 1982.
               (c) Diana Heather Marion Wynn b. 3 Mar 1951, m. 14 Jul 1979, in St James's,
                    Piccadilly, Ralph Peter Kinloch Carmichael, Capt., b. 20 Apr 1950, (son of Peter O
                    Carmichael, Major and Diana Carmichael). Ralph: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
                    [1] Sophie Emma Carmichael b. 22 Oct 1980.
                    [2] William Ralph Carmichael b. 10 Jan 1983.
           (5) Robert James Barbour, Lieut. b. 7 Nov 1920, Bankhead, Broxton, occupation 3rd Btn
               Welsh Guards., d. 11 Feb 1944, KIA. KIA in his first battle on Mount Cerasole behind
               Castleforte (Monte Cassino), Anzio campaign. Mentioned in despatches in London
               Gazette 11 Jan 45.
       e. Margaret (Daisy) Gibson Fleming Barbour b. 5 Jul 1878, Kingslea, Farndon, d. 1963.
           Spent considerable time abroad, eg India 1916-19, and missed her parents' golden wedding
           celebrations due to travel delays.
       f. Alison Macfie Barbour b. 29 Aug 1881, m. 23 Feb 1909, Richard Norman Harrison Verdin,
           b. 20 May 1877, Darnhall, Cheshire, (son of William Henry Verdin and Emily Jane Harrison) d.
           22 Oct 1956, Garnstone, Weobley, Herefordshire. Alison died 6 Sep 1969.
           (1) Elizabeth Rachel* Verdin b. 12 Jul 1910, d. 4 Oct 1981, Garnstone House, Weobley,
               buried: Weobley. of Garnstone House, Canon Pyon. In the Red Cross throughout the
               war and prominent in it thereafter, including running the Hereford and Worcester branch.
           (2) Richard (Dick) Bertram Verdin. Sir b. 1 Aug 1912, m. 1960, Margaret Helen Wynn, d.
               1983. Richard died 16 Aug 1978, buried: Weobley. Landowner in
               Cheshire/Herefordshire. President of the Country Landowners Association. OBE &
               knighted for services to Agriculture. Race horse owner. Commanded the Cheshire
               Yeomanry. Lived at the Rigi, Tattenhall.
               (a) Alistair Richard Norman Verdin b. 29 Aug 1963.
           (3) William (Bill) Robert Douglas Verdin b. 28 Apr 1913, d. 1 Dec 1981, buried: Weobley.
               Lived at Wistaston, Kings Pyon. In the Ghurkas during the war and farmed in
               Herefordshire until his death.
           (4) Philip George Verdin, Major OBE b. 27 May 1917, m. 1961, Juliet (Timbo) Ormiston,
               (daughter of John FitzAdam Ormiston). Soldier in the 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards,
               wounded twice in the war, won the MC & mentioned in despatches. Invalided out of the
               army in 1950, became a farmer & involved in various organisations in Herefordshire.
               Chairman of Hereford Racecourse for 28 years.
               (a) Richard James* Verdin b. 26 Oct 1962. Qualified Land Agent, landowner in
                    Cheshire (Darnhall) and Herefordshire and a large farmer.
               (b) Michael John Verdin b. 30 Jun 1965. Scholar at Harrow. Editor of various
                    magazines in London.
       g. Georgina (Gina) Louisa Barbour b. 5 Dec 1884, d. 8 Nov 1966, Bankhead, Broxton. Lived
           at Bankhead, Broxton. In 1901 census a pupil at Miss Metcalfe's school, Highfield, Little
           Highfield Av, Golders Green, Hendon, Middx
       h. Isabel (Bel) Easton Barbour b. 7 Dec 1888, d. 30 Dec 1980, London, buried: Harthill,
           Cheshire. Lived at Allen House, Kensington. Involved with Church Missionary Society, VAD
           and Girl Guides.
   5. Robina Mary Macfie b. 14 Oct 1850, d. 17 Nov 1850.
   6. Henry Robert Andrew Macfie b. 1 Jun 1853, d. 16 Jun 1853.
   7. Robert Andrew Macfie b. 9 Sep 1854, m. May 1877, Pauline Keating. Robert died 27 Jan
       1925, Luthersville.
D. Alexander Thomas Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 30 Oct 1815, ch.
   10 Jan 1816, Bombay. An Alexander Easton, Surgeon in Scarborough, was an informant re
   Weaverthorpe Asylum 1843-56.
E. George Frederick Easton MD Ed. Lrc Ed. (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 11
   Feb 1819, Ipswich, Suffolk, ch. 31 Aug 1819, St John's Church, Deansgate, occupation Physician &
   Surgeon, m. Elizabeth ?, b. 1830/1, Liverpool, d. bef 1901 census. George died aft 1901 census.
   Widowed in 1901 census living in Bondgate Without, Alnwick St Pauls, with 5 unmarried daughters.

     1. Rachel E Easton b. 1857/8, Alnwick, Northumberland. Unmarried, living with widowed father and
         4 sisters in 1901 census.
     2. Eleanor G Easton b. 1858/9, Alnwick, Northumberland. Unmarried, living with widowed father
         and 4 sisters in 1901 census.
     3. Agnes Isabel Easton b. 1860 Q1, Alnwick, Northumberland, occupation Nurse. Unmarried in
         1901, living in a hospital in St Pancras, London.
     4. Georgina C Easton b. 1861/2, Alnwick, Northumberland, occupation Miniature Painter.
         Unmarried, living with widowed father and 4 sisters in 1901 census.
     5. Esther Louisa Beatrice Easton b. 1864 Q1, Alnwick, Northumberland. Unmarried, living with
         widowed father and 4 sisters in 1901 census.
     6. Katharine J L Easton b. 1867/8, Alnwick, Northumberland. Unmarried, living with widowed
         father and 4 sisters in 1901 census.
     7. John Easton b. 1871 Q3, Alnwick, Northumberland. Not found in 1901 census.
     8. Jane Eliza Easton b. 1874 Q3, Alnwick, Northumberland.
     9. William Frederick Easton b. 1878/9, Alnwick, Northumberland. Not found in 1901 census.
F.   Frederick Charles Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 16 Oct 1820, ch.
     31 Oct 1820, St Peter's Church, Bolton.
G.   Henry Edward Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 29 Oct 1822, ch. 15
     Apr 1823, St Olave, York.
H.   Ellen Louisa Easton (daughter of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 1 Jun 1824, ch. 10
     Aug 1824, St Olave, York.
I.   Isabella Maria Easton (daughter of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 14 Apr 1826, ch.
     21 May 1826, St Olave, York, m. 20 Oct 1853, in South Leith, Edinburgh, John McLaren.
J.   Julia Emily Easton (daughter of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) b. 24 Feb 1828, ch. 23
     Mar 1828, St Saviour, York, m. 30 Jan 1851, in Birkenhead or Greenock West/Old, Alan Ker, ch. 16
     Feb 1823, Greenock Old or West, (son of John Ker and Isabella Turnbull) d. bef 1881. Julia died aft
     1901 census. in 1881 and 1901 a widow living at 10 Forest Road, Claughton With Grange,
     Birkenhead (parish of St Oswald) with niece Mabel Easton aged 35.
     1. Eleanor Eliza Ker ch. 16 Dec 1851, Greenock West or Old, m. 1877, in Wirral, William Gamble,
         b. 1852/3, St Helens, occupation Alkali Mnfr, Magistrate, d. bef 1909?. William: Living at Rainhill,
         Lancs, in 1901.
     2. John Alan Ker ch. 6 Mar 1853, Greenock West or Old.
     3. Alan Ker ch. 12 Jun 1855, Greenock Middle or New.
     4. Isabella Martha Ker b. 1857, buried: 20 Apr 1863, Bidston, Wirral, aged 6.
     5. Julia Maria Ker b. 1859, Birkenhead. Unmarried in 1901 census, living with her widowed mother
         at 10 Forest Road, Claughton With Grange, Birkenhead, with cousin Mabel Easton.
     6. Alfred George Ker b. 1861, occupation Commercial Clerk Shipownr, m. 1891, in Wirral, civil
         marriage, Margaret Edith Murray, b. 1871/2, Scotland. Married, living in Great Missenden in
         1909. Living in Dacostone Road, Heswall cum Oldfield, Wirral (parish of St Peter) in 1901
         a. Allen M Ker b. 1892/3, Heswall, Cheshire.
         b. Margaret E M Ker b. 1895/6, Heswall, Cheshire.
         c. Ian M Ker b. 1901, Heswall, Cheshire.
     7. Caroline Mary Ker b. 1864/5, Birkenhead, m. 1886 Q4, in Wirral, Frederick William Finlay.
     8. Annie Isabel Ker b. 1867/8, Birkenhead, m. 1891, in St Oswald, Bidston, Arthur Gamble,
         occupation Vicar of Ashbourne?. Annie died Aft 1908.
K.   Neville Bland Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) ch. 6 Apr 1830, South
     Leith, Edinburgh.
L.   Loftus Otway Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) ch. 17 Nov 1831, South
     Leith, Edinburgh.
M.   Thomas Ogilvy Easton (son of John Easton MD and Ellen Eliza Anne Bland) ch. 1 Oct 1833, South
     Leith, Edinburgh, m. 1859 Q1, in Clifton, Bristol, Elizabeth A ?, b. 1838/9, Scotland, d. aft 1908.
     Thomas died aft 1901 census. Living at 36 Princes Road (Alexander Terrace), Toxteth Park,
     Liverpool in 1881 and 1901. Elizabeth: Living at 20 Falkner Square, Liverpool in 1909.
          1. Mary Richsord Easton b. 1860 Q3, Liverpool, occupation Hospital Matron. Unmarried, living
               with parents in Toxteth Park, Liverpool in 1901 census.
          2. Eleanor M Easton b. 1863/4, Liverpool. Unmarried, living with parents in Toxteth Park, Liverpool
               in 1901 census.
          3. Mabel Easton b. 1865/6, Liverpool. Unmarried, living with aunt Julia Ker in Birkenhead in 1901
          4. James Marshall Easton b. 21 Apr 1867, Liverpool, occupation Barrister, m. 18 Dec 1901, in
               Manchester, Ethel Gertude Copinger, b. 9 Oct 1874, Manchester, (daughter of Walter Arthur
               Copinger and Caroline Agnes Stewart) d. June 1952. In 1881 a scholar at King Williams College,
               Malew, Isle of Man. Unmarried, living with parents in Toxteth Park, Liverpool in 1901 census.
          5. Agnes H Easton b. 1869/70/1, Liverpool, occupation Scholl Teacher. Unmarried in 1901, a
               school teacher living with Ethel Harvey and a cook at 75 Florence Road, Preston, Brighton.
          6. Robert Macfie Easton b. 1871 Q2, Liverpool, occupation Sugar Refinery Manager. Unmarried,
               living with parents in Toxteth Park, Liverpool in 1901 census.
          7. Isobel Katherine Easton b. 1873 Q2, Liverpool. Unmarried, living with parents in Toxteth Park,
               Liverpool in 1901 census.
          8. Emily E Napier Easton b. 1876 Q4, Liverpool. In 1901 census unmarried, a music student
               boarding at 7 Algernon Road, Birmingham with Eliza M and Alice Frost (sisters aged 68 & 66).
          9. Neville L R Easton b. 1879/80, Liverpool, occupation Ship Broker Clerk. Unmarried, living with
               parents in Toxteth Park, Liverpool in 1901 census.
III. Thomas Easton, Rev. DD b. 1779, Killearn, Stirlingshire, occupation Minister, Kirriemuir, m. (1) 15 May
     1810, Jane Brown Alexander, (daughter of John Alexander) d. 25 Feb 1818, m. (2) 9 Jan 1819, in Forfar,
     Margaret Cruickshank, d. 23 Feb 1856. Thomas died 5 Apr 1856, The Manse, Kirriemuir, buried:
     Kirriemuir churchyard. 3rd son. MA Glasgow 1798. "In him learning and knowledge were entwined with
     the most unassuming modesty, and moral worth which peculiarly enhanced his character." Jane: Eldest
     A. John Easton (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Jane Brown Alexander) b. 8 May 1811, ch. 11 Jun
          1811, Kirriemuir, d. young.
     B. Christina Snodgrass Easton (daughter of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Jane Brown Alexander) b. 2
          Sep 1814, ch. 5 Oct 1814, Kirriemuir, d. 19 Jan 1815.
     C. Thomas Andrew Alexander Easton, Rev. (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Jane Brown
          Alexander) b. 31 Aug 1816, ch. 1 Oct 1816, Kirriemuir, occupation Minister of Kemback, d. 1847,
          Cupar (will proved 16/11/1847).
     D. Andrew Alexander Easton, DD (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Jane Brown Alexander) b. 20
          Nov 1817, ch. 15 Dec 1817, Kirriemuir, occupation Min. St Mary's, Demerara, m. 6 Sep 1842, in St
          Andrews, Margaret Gray. Andrew died 1860, Edinburgh (will dated 27/6/1860).
          1. Thomas Easton ch. 23 May 1844, St Andrews.
     E. Henrietta Easton (daughter of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Margaret Cruickshank) b. 17 Apr 1820,
          Kirriemuir, ch. 5 May 1820, Kirriemuir. Blind. Visitor at Newhills Manse, Aberdeen, unmarried, in
          1881 census.
     F. James Cruickshank Easton, Rev. (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Margaret Cruickshank) b.
          19 Oct 1822, Kirriemuir, ch. 1 Nov 1822, Kirriemuir, occupation Minister of Meldrum, m. 24 Aug 1853,
          in Old Meldrum, Aberdeen, Mary Marion Montgomerie Loudon.
          1. Thomas George Easton ch. 21 Jun 1854, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
          2. Mary Margaret Easton ch. 26 Aug 1855, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
          3. George Thomas Easton ch. 28 Jan 1858, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
          4. James Robert Easton ch. 5 Jan 1860, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
          5. John Loudon Easton ch. 18 Dec 1862, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
          6. Harry Montgomerie Easton ch. 31 Aug 1867, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen.
     G. Alexander Easton (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Margaret Cruickshank) b. 25 Apr 1825,
          Kirriemuir, ch. 12 May 1825, Kirriemuir, d. 17 Jun 1827.
     H. George Frederick Easton (son of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Margaret Cruickshank) b. 5 Feb
          1827, Kirriemuir, ch. 23 Feb 1827, Kirriemuir, occupation Minister, m. 14 May 1856, in Tradeston,
          Glasgow, Marianne Eliston Hamilton, b. 1830/1, Glasgow. Chaplain to Board of Northern Lights
     (Lighthouse chaplain). Visiting Fladda Lighthouse, Argyll, at time of 1881 census. Lived at Viewfield,
     Bothwell, Lanarks in 1881.
     1. Jessie Hamilton Easton b. 9 Aug 1857, Bothwell, Lanarks.
     2. Thomas James Easton b. 29 Oct 1859, Bothwell, Lanarks., d. young?.
     3. Thomas G Easton b. 1860/1, Bothwell, Lanarks.
     4. Alexander Hamilton Easton b. 4 Feb 1865, Bothwell, Lanarks.
     5. Marianne Margaret Easton b. 14 May 1866, Bothwell, Lanarks.
     6. Marianne (Etta) Harriet Eliza Easton b. 4 Nov 1869, Bothwell, Lanarks.
I.   Elizabeth Easton (daughter of Thomas Easton, Rev. DD and Margaret Cruickshank) b. 1829, ch. 22
     Apr 1831, Kirriemuir, m. George Birrel Blane of Kilbricane, Tip.


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