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									Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring

                                          Military Survey Branch
                                                       Royal Engineers Association

                                          Spring Newsletter – No 9
                                                                 Editorial Comment

       ome members, who receive their Newsletters by e-Mail, have reported that the last Edition

S      (Christmas), which contained a full colour Santa and several other selected colour enhanced
       graphics, was either too large for their mail-box or it took a long time to download. For my part, I am
       fairly fortunate to have access to a sophisticated PC, a suite of programmes based on Windows 2000
Professional and Broadband transmission - so I seldom encounter an electronic stalemate.

Naturally, as the Editor, I would always like to publish the Newsletter in full colour and include many more
pictures, however, I have to tread a fine line between sensible presentation and the time and costs for
producing the four Newsletters we issue during the year. In fact, the Newsletter is one of the more
expensive items of our annual expenditure, but an essential link for all our members to keep in touch. In
future, I shall try to restrict the size of the Newsletter so that the total electronic content remains below 300
Kbytes - this should make the download and storage much easier for our entire electronic readership.


In this issue (Spring) we have commenced a review of the first two of the many Clubs and Societies open to
various groups of ex-military survey personnel. I am grateful to Robert Dobbie and Ron Birch, who have
supplied much useful historical information for the Defence Surveyors’ Association (DSA) and the
Association of Harrogate Apprentices (AoHA) respectively, both of which are the feature organisation for this
Newsletter Issue No 9 (Spring). Details for other societies and clubs will follow in subsequent Newsletters as
and when they become due for publication during 2003. Further comments, additional information and
personal contributions from our membership are most welcome.


This issue contains the outline programme of events for our Major Re-Union Event 2003 and AGM, which will
be held at Denison Barracks, Hermitage in tandem with the Geographic Engineer Group (GEG) Families’
Day on 6 September 2003. Please assist the Committee by completing and returning your attendance slip at
your earliest convenience.


Please note my new e-Mail address and ADSL contact phone number: -

W Miles Henry
Speen Holt East
Speen Lane
Newbury                                                   e-Mail                               mileshenry@
Berkshire RG14 1RL                                        Phone (ADSL)                         +00-44 (0)1635 32883
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
REA (Military Survey) AGM & Re-Union                                                             central focus will depend upon attendance figures
                                     PLUS                                                        and either the Officers' Mess or Sergeants’ Mess
       The Geo Families Unit Open Day                                                            may be used, however both will be open and
                       PLUS                                                                      accessible to all during the day.
Visit to the Living Rainforest for Guests during
                     the AGM                                                                     Combining the Family-day with our AGM will
                       PLUS                                                                      ensure that there will be many attractive activities
    Evening Entertainment & Buffet Supper                                                        that members can enjoy and subject to the
                        ON                                                                       exigencies (now that’s a word to make us all
                                                                                                 cringe!) the following ideas are being considered:
          Saturday 6 SEPTEMBER 2003
                                                                                                 Child oriented activities: - bouncy castle, lucky dip,
      Incorporating the Nick Cheesman                                                            face painting, assault course etc.
                  Dinner on                                                                      Army Air Corps - subject to availability, local radio,
         Friday 5 SEPTEMBER 2003                                                                 old boys rugby & hopefully others!

Many of you will all be aware of this year’s event                                               Technical displays including RSMS and field
and we now seek confirmation of your attendance                                                  deployed assets as well as an opportunity to view
at what promises to be the most adventurous get                                                  corridor displays and photos.
together, since we were formed in 2000.                                                          Mess bar facilities plus barbecue type snacks will
                                                                                                 be available throughout the day.
                                                                                                 There will be an evening social event on the day,
                                                                                                 which will include a meal of the usual high standard.
                            TH                                                                   In addition, we have arranged a tour to “The Living
                                                                                                 Rainforest Centre” at Hampstead Norreys for our
                                                                                                 ladies and guests during the period of our AGM.
                                                                                                 Transport will be provided from Denison Barracks in
                                                                                                 both directions.
                                                                                                 OUTLINE PROGRAMME and TIMINGS
ON FRIDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2003, WE HAVE THE                                                                         th
NICK CHEESMAN DINNER WHICH WILL BE HELD                                                          Friday 5 September 2003:
AT THE NEWBURY RACECOURSE.                                                                       1900hrs for 1930/2000hrs - Dinner at Newbury
The AGM, Re-union and Racecourse dinner
(arranged by Nick Cheesman-a co-opted member                                                     Saturday 6 September 2003:
of the REA Committee) will be co-ordinated with                                                  1300hrs –1400hrs - Arrival and administration
the full support and invaluable assistance of
the Commander Geographic Engineer Group -                                                        TBD – Old Boys Rugby
Col Angus Cross and his staff.
                                                                                                 1400hrs -1730hrs - Exhibitions and unit
It will be a families’ open day, a reunion and an                                                facilities open for viewing –some tours may be
AGM followed by an evening of entertainment                                                      arranged.
(TBD) and buffet supper.            This is an ideal
opportunity for members to socialise and to have                                                 1730hrs - 1930hrs - Ladies & guests to “The
an opportunity to see the current operational and                                                Living Rainforest”, for a guided tour with tea &
training capability of “Military Survey” (as we once                                             biscuits, as refreshments.
called it) demonstrated.         It will also be an
invaluable opportunity to meet and mingle with                                                   1800hrs - AGM and adjourn to the bar to await
those still serving and their families.                                                          the return of the Ladies.

Location - Denison Barracks, Hermitage, the home                                                 2000hrs - Buffet and start of Entertainment .
of Geographic Engineer Group, which as we all
know comprises 42 Engineer Regiment (Geo) and                                                    2359hrs -            Event closes
the Royal School of Military Survey (RSMS). The

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
All timings are liable to revision but you will be                                               and guest if also attending the evening function,
notified                                                                                         total £10 each,
The gymnasium will be the administrative focus for                                               6 September: - The sum of £6 (or £5 for OAP)
membership information. It will include a Military                                               for each guest attending “The Living Rainforest”
Survey map display, historic photo albums and
rogue's gallery.                                                                                 Dress
                                                                                                 To forestall confusion and lots of questions it is
RACECOURSE DINNER – 5 December 2003                                                              anticipated you will agree that smart casual is right
The Survey Dinner on the evening of the 5 of                                                     on this occasion. Do feel free to dress up, but
September will be held at the new facilities at                                                  please do not dress down, we are considering
Newbury Racecourse; this is the only venue Nick                                                  asking members to wear name tags to assist
Cheesman can obtain that will accommodate the                                                    identification particularly of those who may have
expected numbers wishing to attend. In year                                                      changed shape, lost or gained hair etc!
2000, this dinner was held at the main
accommodation hotel, but this could only seat                                                    Security - Access
limited numbers (residents mainly) - hence the                                                   To reiterate our previous advice: owing to the
change of venue.                                                                                 ever-present security situation you will have to
                                                                                                 identify yourself on arrival at the gate, so please
Nick is no longer able to arrange block                                                          have some form of identity with you.             Be
accommodation in local hotels because of their                                                   proactive, help us by forewarning anyone
insistence that he personally produces his credit                                                whom you might be aware of who intends "just
card, so you are asked to make your own                                                          turning up" - please, please - get him or her to
arrangements. He will base himself, at the Hilton                                                contact us first!
south and looks forward to seeing you there.
                                                                                                 Finally, if you feel that you have something you
Cost                                                                                             can contribute to this event that would be of
As ever, we have kept the costs as tight as                                                      interest to all, or some, please do contact us prior
possible and are sure that you are aware that in                                                 to the event to discuss inclusion.
the modern army, with many of the services
contracted out, the cost has to reflect the true cost                                            Mick Perry
and cannot be offset against the MoD budget. In                                                  Member for Special Events
addition, owing to the heavy deployment of Unit
personnel to the Gulf PRI funds have been                                                        Problems - enquiries? – Contact Mike Perry
depleted so it is our intention to support, a                                                    01635 37510
children’s activity on the day, from our own funds.                                              e-mail:

We will also have to contribute towards extra duty                                               Dinner on 05 Sep 03 - Contact Nick Cheesman
pay and indeed the costs of contracted                                                           01622 745245
catering/Mess staff thus the £3 charge (shown                                                    e-mail
below) for all attending during the day. You are
not obliged to purchase an evening function ticket
but entrance to the reunion will require a £3
payment to assist extra duty and contractor                                                       Remember, Remember that Week
payments, any excess will be donated to the unit
PRI (sadly - it will not be much!). A subsidy will be                                                   in September !!!
made available from branch reserves to ensure
prices are kept to an absolute minimum.                                                                       Note the above dates for the next
                                                                                                                        REA functions
The charges members will be asked to pay are:                                                                        5/6 September 2003
5 September: - Nick Cheesman dinner: - £24                                                           Annual Re-Union, AGM and Families Day at
per head,                                                                                                           Hermitage
6 September: - The sum of £3 for each member
                                                                                                    Return your Yellow Form-NOW !!
and guest attending plus a further £7 per member
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
                                                                                                 In 1997, the Association became the Defence
                                                                                                 Surveyors' Association to recognise the wider
                                                                                                 applications of 'geomatics' within all Defence
                            ******************                                                   Services.

Clubs and Societies                                                                              The Council
Clubs and Societies open to former members of                                                    The affairs of the Association are directed by a
the Military Survey Service – a summary of their                                                 Council of elected and nominated members in
histories, aims and objectives: -                                                                accordance with the 'Articles of Association'
                                                                                                 approved by the Charity Commission.
In this Issue
Defence Surveyors’ Association (DSA)                                                             Current elected Officers of the Association are: -

Association of Harrogate Apprentices (AOHA)                                                     Chairman         Colonel John A. N. Croft
                                                                                                                 David Wallis Esq. ARICS
To Follow                                                                                                        FInstM
                                                                                                                 Lieutenant Colonel Morris G.
Late Entry Commissioned Officers                                                                                 Felton
                                                                                                The current nominated members of Council are:
Bryn Howell Dining Club
                                                                                                Nominated by
                                                                                                                              Colonel D. N. Challis RA
Feltham Garrison Sports and Social Club                                                         DRA
                                                                                                Nominated by                  Lieutenant Colonel John. F.
Chartered Surveyors/Sappers Club                                                                DGIA                          Prain RE
                                                                                                Nominated by
                                                                                                                              Cmdr V. A. Nail RN
Chepstow Apprentice re-Unions (Various)                                                         Hydrographer

                                                                                                 Further information: -
Defence Surveyors’                                                                               Defence Surveyors’ Association (DSA)
Association (DSA)                                                                                Royal School of Military Survey,
                                                                                                 Denison Barracks,
                                                                                                 Hermitage, Berkshire

     his Association was formed in 1927 as the
     Sound Ranging Association, its founders
     being for the most part Officers who had                                          
served, during the First World War, as Sound
Rangers.                                                                                                            ***************************
In 1928 the Association was re-constituted to
include all Officers and ex-Officers associated with                                                    Association of Harrogate
Field Survey Work. The aim was to keep retain
the expertise that had been built up during World
                                                                                                          Apprentices (AOHA)
War I in the art of Flash Spotting and Sound
                                                                                                        he Association of Harrogate Apprentices was
Ranging done by the Field Survey Battalions, the
Observation Groups and Sound Ranging Sections.
The work of these small units had an importance
that was out of all proportion to the small numbers
                                                                                                 T      an innovation from Colonel R N Thicknesse,
                                                                                                        Commandant of the Army Apprentices
                                                                                                 School from 1950 to 1954. Membership was
of personnel so engaged.                                                                         primarily for the benefit of past and present
                                                                                                 apprentices, but civilian and military permanent
On the outbreak of The Second World War in                                                       staff were also encouraged to join as associate
1939 the Association's register of members found                                                 members. The Association was formalised on
immediate application in the provision of qualified                                              June 1952 with HRH the Princess Royal becoming
Officers in all branches of Field Survey.                                                        the first Patron and Field Marshal Sir John Harding

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
the President. Their inaugural General Meeting
was held on 1 February 1953. The Association                                           
thrived until the late 1960s with a membership in
excess of over 2000 students.                                                                                              *******************
Decline                                                                                          Veterans Agency
However, in the summer of 1968 during one of the
many changes and handovers that occurred                                                           he Veterans Agency is an Executive Agency
during the reorganisation of Army Training that                                                    operating under the auspices of the Ministry of
responsibility for the management of the                                                           Defence (MOD) UK and offers service
Association was lost, but although casual                                                        information and free advice to ex-members of the
meetings were recorded to all intents and                                                        Armed Forces.
purposes the association ceased to exist.
                                                                                                 Contract details:
Rejuvenation                                                                                     HELPLINE:        0800 169 2277
In 1994, pressure was applied to the last
Commandant - Colonel CJ Walters, together with                                                   Textphone                       0800 169 3458
a formal letter submitted by Douglas Dickason of
intake 54A – which resulted in the resurrection of
the Association. The official date of the new                                                    Tel (Overseas) + 44 1253 866043
Association of Harrogate Apprentices (AOHA) can
be said to be 9 October 1999, when the first AGM                                       
was held at Uniacke Barracks, Harrogate.
The Association of Harrogate Apprentices is now                                                  Email:
once again up and running with a Weekend
Reunion, Church Parade, and General Meeting                                                                                  ******************
being held annually to which all members and their
partners are cordially invited.      Unlike most
associations members’ wives are welcomed in the
                                                                                                 Bill Blewett
AGM although, they have no voting rights.
                                                                                                 Contemporary friends and former colleagues, who
Membership Rules                                                                                 served in Military Survey with Bill Blewett, will be
Eligibility for membership is that one must have                                                 sorry to learn that Bill is now living in a residential
served as an Apprentice or Instructor (Military or                                               home and somewhat bound to a wheel chair
Civilian) at the Army Apprentices School (later                                                  suffering from the effects of MS. He can be
College) Harrogate between its opening in 1947 to                                                contacted in the first instance on 02380-402168.
the closure in 1994.                                                                             He lives adjacent to Junction 8 on the M27
                                                                                                 (Hamble turnoff) address "Bonhomie", Dudwell
Although the association is now affiliated to the                                                Lane, Bursledon.
Royal Signals Association, it still has a large
membership from the Corps of Royal Engineers.                                                    Fortunately his residential accommodation is also
Most RE Trades (including all survey trades)                                                     near his wife and former family home so he has
comprised the majority training programmes                                                       regular visitors. Pat (Bill's wife) lives at 12 Aspen
between 1947 and 1962 when Harrogate College                                                     Close, Hedgend, Southampton SO34 Q5 and may
became an exclusive establishment for the Royal                                                  be contacted on 01489-7811308.
Signals and AAC Chepstow became responsible
for teaching potential Sappers.                                                                  Bill is now a member of our Association and Pat is
                                                                                                 hoping that he will be able to attend our re-Union
                                                                                                 in September. In the meantime she says he would
For Further information: -                                                                       appreciate telephone calls or visits from some of
                                                                                                 his old army mates. He is more than willing to
Mr Douglas Dickason                                                                              combine these visits to his local pub !!
Hon Secretary AOHA
25 Cherry Waye                                                                                   Please contact Bill directly or give Pat a call to
Eythorne                                                                                         arrange a convenient time for your visit.
Dover CT15 4BY
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
The Branch Annual Award                                                                               Outline Diary of Events – 2003

       he Committee has now chosen and funded a
       suitable prize to be awarded annually to a
       serving Junior Rank who, in the opinion of                                                April                           Spring Newsletter Issued
the Commanding Officer of 42 Engineer Regiment
(Geo) has made a notable contribution to his                                                     21 May                          AGM Committee Meeting
military unit during the previous twelve months.
                                                                                                 27 - 28 May                     Beating Retreat London
The award is an illuminated scroll of Corps
uniforms and activities throughout the ages and                                                  Jun                             Summer Newsletter AGM
official words of the Corps March – the CRE. The
artwork for this scroll was executed by that well-                                               30 May - 6 Jun                  REA Families- Spring
known military artist Charles Stradden, a former                                                                                 Reunion at Sand Bay
war-time and TA soldier, who has been
responsible for many military pictures and art-work                                              31 May                          Major General's Review'
contained in a number of Corp publications. An
historic book publication on Sound Ranging                                                       5 Jun                           Royal Hospital Chelsea
Surveys accompanies the award.                                                                                                   Founders Day Parade

Editor’s note: We are very grateful to our DGIA                                                  7 Jun                           Trooping the Colour -
representative – Rod Siggs who has been able                                                                                     'Colonel's Review'
to negotiate a special copyright and limited
edition print run for this prize. We hope to                                                     14 Jun                          Queen's Birthday Parade
announce a winner and display a copy of this
award (suitably framed) during our next AGM.                                                     28 - 29 Jun                     Minley Show and Aldershot
                                                                                                 26 – 27 Jul                     Korean Veterans’ Weekend,

                                                                                                 5 - 7 Sep                       Corps Memorial Weekend,

                                                                                                 5 - 6 Sep                       REA (Military Survey) AGM
                                                                                                                                 REA and GEO Families Day
                                                                                                                                 Weekend at Hermitage

                                                                                                 9 Oct                           Hermitage post AGM
                                                                                                                                 Committee Meeting

                                                                                                 5 Oct                           Central Southern Group
                                                                                                                                 AGM, Minley (Provisional)

                                                                                                 11 Oct                          REA AGM and Dinner*

                                                                                                 12 Oct                          Sapper Sunday at Royal
                                                                                                                                 Hospital Chelsea

                                                                                                 6 Nov                           Field of Remembrance,

                                                                                                 9 Nov                           Remembrance Sunday

                                                                                                 4 Dec                           Hermitage Committee
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
                                                                                                 I am pleased to have been told that our
                                                                                                 Newsletter has become such an effective
                                                                                                 recruiting instrument. Several of our latest
                                                                                                 members have been encouraged to join our
                                                                                                 Survey Branch, having received a copy of the
New Members                                                                                      latest Newsletter from other subscribing
We welcome the following new members                                                             colleague.
into our Association: -

Evans, Terry: Served as an Air Survey
Technician from 1957 to 1978. His tours
included Cyprus, Fernhurst, BAOR,
Hermitage and Barton Stacey. He started
Army life as an Apprentice at Harrogate
and finished his career as RSM of 42 Svy
Engr Regt at B/Stacey.

Glinn, John: Currently working as a civil
servant in the Reprographic Support
Department. He has been at Hermitage
since 1977 and is due to end his service
in January 2004.

Malkinson, Ian: Served in the RAPC
from 1948 to 1973. His first three years
was with the RAOC, he then became the
Pay Sergeant at SMS Hermitage from
1951 to 1958 (Known as 'Pay'). He
completed his Army career as a WO1
Chief Clerk at Worthy Down. Now retired
and locally.

Noble, Brian: National Serviceman who
spent his Army service as a Topo D'man
in 42 Svy Engr Regt in Fayid, Egypt from
Sept 1953 to Sept 1955. Now retired.

Robertson, Steven:- Retired, as a WOII,
from the Regiment in 1998 and is
currently living in Dundee, Scotland.


Editor’s Note
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
Current news from the Civilian                     August 2003. Her replacement will be Mr Stuart
                                                   Haynes, currently D Geo International and well
Front                                              known to most civilian and military staff at
                                                                                                 Feltham. Mrs Maggie Jacobs has held the post of
Major regrouping at Feltham                                                                      DDGC, basically all the Feltham/Tolworth site
      he Geographic Information Group (Tolworth                                                  assets, since the reform of Military Survey under

T     and Feltham), together with Replication
      Branch and Feltham Stores Section are
currently moving into the newly completed
                                                                                                 the new title of the Defence Geographic Imagery
                                                                                                 Intelligence Agency.

MacLeod Building. The relocation process will                                                    Partial closure of GSMB
continue for approximately a month or more into                                                  As part of the Short Term Planning (STP) process
early April 2003.                                                                                we have ceased the production of briefing
                                                                                                 graphics for the Central Staffs and the FCO at the
Old map presses have been dusted off and new                                                     Geographic Section Main Building. Other MoD
ones acquired for the future home of the MOD                                                     elements and facilities are also under review to
Map Library, Repmat Library and residual former                                                  see where other costs and savings can best be
elements from the Tolworth location.      Other                                                  undertaken.
printing equipment has been taken apart or
relocated from the Redman Building and then                                                      Change of Chief Executive DGIA
refurbished along with all the appropriate                                                       Brigadier Peter Walker OBE is due to relinquish
supporting elements.                                                                             his post as Chief Executive DGIA, in April 2003.
                                                                                                 The new Chief Executive will be Air Commodore
Occupation of the MacLeod Building                                                               Martin Hallam, RAF, who has been recently
In common with all the buildings on the Feltham                                                  promoted from his former post of Officer
site, the new building has been named after a                                                    Commanding JARIC (UK) at RAF Brampton.
distinguished military surveyor - Major General
Malcolm Naynoe MacLeod CMC, who was                                                              Rod SIGGS
originally responsible for some important early                                                  DGIA
developments in military surveying, including the
introduction of map production equipment
                                                                                                 Feltham, MX
associated with the application of aerial
photography for reviewing and updating maps.                                                                                *********************

He also established a realistic policy for the                                                   Call for Items – AGM Agenda 2003
various map scale requirements deemed                                                            In our next Newsletter (Summer) we shall be
necessary for the conduct of various operations in                                               publishing a full programme of items for discussion
wartime. Finally as Director-General Ordnance                                                    at our forthcoming AGM on 6 September 2003.
Survey, he supervised the printing of over 100                                                   Members are now invited to submit items for
million maps during the Second World War, more                                                   inclusion at this AGM. Written proposals should
than three times the quantity that were printed                                                  reach the Honorary Secretary by 31 May 2003 at
during the First World War                                                                       the address given below: -

Tolworth finally closes                                                                          Address and e-Mail contact
Tolworth staff held a ‘wake’ on Saturday 8 Feb                                                   All members are reminded to notify the Hon
2003, attended by almost 200 present and                                                         Secretary of any changes to their postal address.
previous employees to mark the closure of an
historic site. Stuart Haynes, the current Director of                                            We would also appreciate having details of their e-
International Geographic Business, gave a                                                        Mail contact for the efficient distribution of our
memorable speech that recounted many events                                                      Newsletter. We now have approximately 100+
and recalled the antics from bye-gone days.                                                      members receiving our electronic Newsletter in
                                                                                                 colour and some 200+ members who have a B&W
Change in Director Defence                                                                       version sent by regular mail.
Geographic Centre (DDGC)
Hot off the press comes the announcement of the                                                  Hon Secretary
retirement of Mrs Maggie Jacobs with effect from                                                 REA (Military Survey Branch)
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
Street Farm Cottage, Barton Stacey,                Profile of Rod Siggs - our current
Nr Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3RT
Tel No :- 01962-760497
                                                   DGIA representative
e-Mail :-                                                                                        Rod Siggs was born and received his primary                                                                education in Chichester, Sussex. In 1964, AAC
                                                                                                 Chepstow provided him with an opportunity to
                         *******************                                                     begin an apprenticeship as a Lithographic Printer
                                                                                                 and the initial start to technical education that has
                                                                                                 persisted for nearly 40 years of service with both
                                                                                                 military and civil components of Military Survey.

                                                                                                 He writes – “I have always enjoyed sport, watching
                                                                                                 or partaking and played rugby more regularly than
                                                                                                 was sensible. I often recollect how I might have
                                                                                                 felt had I continued with fencing. At 16 years old
                                                                                                 and being 6’ 3” tall, I had a fair (or unfair) reach
                                                                                                 advantage, especially at Epee.

                                                                                                 My military service was kind to me; I had three
                                                                                                 tours with 14 Sqn (which seemed to have changed
                                                                                                 its title every time I joined it,) and one with HQ
                                                                                                 BAOR. During this latter tour, I tasked Survey
                                                                                                 Production Centre (BAOR), to produced sufficient
                                                                                                 quantities of good quality ‘Letterheads’ and ‘At
                                                                                                 Home Cards’ for sufficient Senior Officers to
                                                                                                 ensure I obtained a series of strong
                                                                                                 recommendations for commissioning.

                                                                                                 During my final tour with the 14 Sqn as a Troop
                                                                                                 Officer, 1988 - 91, Nick Rigby generously took a
                                                                                                 few others, and me on a trip with him to Saudi
                                                                                                 Arabia. I felt at last I had returned the benefits of
                                                                                                 some of the training heaped upon me throughout
                                                                                                 the years. However, I felt sufficiently in credit that
                                                                                                 when the chance came along to hand in my spurs
                                                                                                 I took it and replaced John Rylatt as Head of
                                                                                                 Establishment       Survey     Production     Centre
                                                                                                 (Germany). There followed 8 years of the most
                                                                                                 rewarding time of my Military Survey career.

                                                                                                 Disappointingly, I was the one chosen to close the
                                                                                                 organisation down, due to the perceived ‘Peace
                                                                                                 Dividend’, which was to have emanated from the
                                                                                                 end of the Cold War. However, I must have made
                                                                                                 a good job of the closure because I was then
                                                                                                 posted back to 8 Map & Chart Depot Guildford, to
                                                                                                 close that and relocate the assets to form the
                                                                                                 MOD Map & Air Chart Depot at Feltham, where I
                                                                                                 still currently reside.

                                                                                                 Married to Sheila, for what is now the greater part
                                                                                                 of my life, we have two sons - Clive married for
                                                                                                 nearly 3 years and Nigel who is to be married later
                                                                                                 this year. Grandchildren are still awaited.

eb5d0cbe-c1e5-4fa6-ad0c-ed27ceae9d49.doc                                                                        - 10 -
     Created March 03
Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
                                                                                                 I am very happy to be the Civilian Representative
                                                                                                 on the Committee for Royal Engineers Association
                                                                                                 (Military Survey Branch) because it is only recently
                                                                                                 that I have come to appreciate the total
                                                                                                 professionalism of both camps. Previously I was
                                                                                                 not fully aware of the flexibility and cohesive team
                                                                                                 spirit displayed by so many of my civilian
                                                                                                 colleagues -here at Feltham”

                                                                                                                           In Memoriam

                                                                                                 Carmody, PJ, (Lt Col, RE), Professor, granted an
                                                                                                 emergency commission in the Royal Engineers
                                                                                                 during World War II as an undergraduate student
                                                                                                 from Oxford University and then continued to
                                                                                                 served with Military Survey as a Regular Officer in
                                                                                                 a career which included tours with OSGB and

                                                                                                 He completed a tour as Chief Instructor at the
                                                                                                 SMS Hermitage during the early 1950s. He retired
                                                                                                 early to found and establish the Department of
                                                                                                 Surveying at Newcastle University as their first
                                                                                                 Reader of Surveying. He developed the faculty
                                                                                                 and subsequently was appointed the first
                                                                                                 Professor of Surveying at Newcastle and in fact
                                                                                                 the first Professor of Survey for any university
                                                                                                 within the United Kingdom.

                                                                                                 Keay, John L., initially enlisted with the OS
                                                                                                 battalion as a topographic surveyor and during
                                                                                                 World War II served with 512 Fd Coy in the Middle
                                                                                                 East. After demobilisation he joined Fairey Air
                                                                                                 Surveys Ltd. at their White Waltham office and
                                                                                                 was then posted to their Rhodesia office in the late
                                                                                                 1940s for work on the Kariba dam project.

                                                                                                 Returning to UK, he became an expert on flight
                                                                                                 planning and its associated aerial photography.
                                                                                                 He was a skilled estimator for aerial and terrestrial
                                                                                                 photogrammetric projects – eventually, he became
                                                                                                 the Chief Contracts Estimator for the whole Clyde
                                                                                                 Survey Group (formerly Fairey Air Surveys) until
                                                                                                 his retirement in late 1991.

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
                                                      Current news from the Military

                                                                                                 THE GEOGRAPHIC ENGINEER GROUP

                                                                                                        he Geographic Engineer Group (GEG),
                                                                                                        comprising HQ GEG, 42 Engr Regt (Geo)
                                                                                                        and the Royal School of Military Survey
                                                                                                 (RSMS), is mainly based in Denison Barracks,
                                                                                                 Hermitage, with deployed units such as 14 Geo
                                                                                                 Sqn in Monchengladbach, 135 Indep Geo Sqn (V)
                                                                                                 in Ewell and the Air Survey Liaison Section
                                                                                                 located in Marham. Some of our recent major
                                                                                                 military activities are detailed below.

                                                                                                 THE ROYAL SCHOOL OF MILITARY SURVEY

                                                                                                 The RSMS is co-located with and benefits from,
                                                                                                 the experience of operational geographic support
                                                                                                 units, whilst keeping pace with the leading edge of
                                                                                                 technology in this field. The facilities, equipment
                                                                                                 and professional tuition from a blend of military
                                                                                                 and civilian instructional staff ensure world-class
                                                                                                 training and this is confirmed by its continuing
                                                                                                 international reputation.

                                                                                                 Following the trade review in 2000 and the revised
                                                                                                 requirements for Geographic Data Technician,
                                                                                                 Production Technician and Terrain Analyst, the
                                                                                                 School has had to work hard to ensure that the
                                                                                                 training reflects these new trades. A complete
                                                                                                 overhaul and redesign of all the courses at basic
                                                                                                 and higher levels has been completed.

                                                                                                 Additionally all existing technicians have to be
                                                                                                 converted to the new trade structure; this has
                                                                                                 meant running a series of conversion courses for
                                                                                                 each trade, which is now due to be completed by
                                                                                                 December 2003. We also have the opportunity to
                                                                                                 gain degree status for our military qualifications.
                                                                                                 The Class 2 and Class 1 syllabi are in the process
                                                                                                 of being adapted to enable soldiers who
                                                                                                 successfully complete their full technical training to
                                                                                                 be awarded an ordinary foundation degree.

                                                                                                 In addition to these conversion courses, the
                                                                                                 School has been involved in training the RAF in
                                                                                                 photogrammetric techniques for their new mission
                                                                                                 planning systems as well as giving training support
                                                                                                 to those Geographic personnel and units
                                                                                                 deploying on operations.       With the training
                                                                                                 requirement for BOWMAN and the other digital
                                                                                                 systems for defence, new courses for all defence
                                                                                                 personnel are also being developed.

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
Changes to Territorial Army requirements also                                                    42 ENGINEER REGIMENT (GEOGRAPHIC)
mean more training courses need to be designed
and taught.                                                                                      A resume of the Regiment’s present operational
                                                                                                 commitments is as follows:

                                                                                                 Op Oculus-HQ MNB(C).
                                                                                                 The Regt provides a Geo Section to support HQ
                                                                                                 Multi-National Brigade (Central) MNB(C), Kosovo.
                                                                                                 The section is equipped with a Tactical Printing
                                                                                                 System (TACIPRINT), a mobile printing press
                                                                                                 housed in a container mounted on an 8 Tonne
                                                                                                 Bedford,    a    Tactical  Information     System
                                                                                                 (TACISYS), a mobile computer system providing
                                                                                                 various geographic products housed in a container
                                                                                                 mounted on a 4 Tonne Daf, and a Map Supply
                                                                                                 Point (MAPSP), a 4 Tonne vehicle capable of
                                                                                                 carrying up to 72,000 maps. The section also
                                                                                                 plays host to the Geo Sgt of the resident UK Bde,
                                                                                                 currently 12 Mech Bde, with his organic Geo

                                                                                                 In addition, one JNCO supports HQ Kosovo Force
                                                                                                 (KFOR).      Both Headquarters are located in
                                                                                                 Pristina. The section continues to be heavily
                                                                                                 tasked providing geo support to, amongst other
                                                                                                 things, rapid contingency planning and cordon and
                                                                                                 search operations.

                                                                                                 Op Oculus-HQ MND (N/W).
                                                                                                 The Regt provides one technician in support of the
                                                                                                 Canadian led Geo Section at HQ Multi National
                                                                                                 Division (NorthWest), (HQ MND (N/W) in Banja
                                                                                                 Luka, Bosnia. In April 2003, a SNCO will deploy
                                                                                                 to Bosnia to work in Sarajevo at HQ SFOR.

                                                                                                 British Forces Falkland Islands (HQBFFI).
                                                                                                 The Regt has one JNCO deployed to HQ BFFI on
                                                                                                 a rotational basis to provide Geographic Support.

                                                                                                 Op Telic. – Geo Support to THE GULF WAR
                                                                                                 The Regt has 114 personnel deployed on Op
                                                                                                 Telic, with 14 Geo Sqn fulfilling the role of the
                                                                                                 GSG (Geographic Support Group). There are
                                                                                                 numerous Geo assets that are not part of the main
                                                                                                 GSG but are supporting other units such as 1(UK)
                                                                                                 Div, 3 Cdo Bde, and 16 Air Assault Brigade
                                                                                                 amongst others. CO 42 Engr Regt (Geo) is
                                                                                                 working as Chief Geographic Officer (CGO) at the
                                                                                                 newly established United Kingdom National
                                                                                                 Command Component HQ (UKNCCHQ) in Qatar.
                                                                                                 There are also Geo personnel supporting Op Telic
                                                                                                 in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and
                                                                                                 The Regiment has important additional standby
                                                                                                 commitments to operations as follows:

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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF).                                                                          Division Champions
42 Engr Regt (Geo) are fulfilling their JRRF
commitments, with a section from 13 Geo Sqn at                                                   Hockey:
Readiness 1. If required they can deploy with a                                                       Indoor Sixes Sapper Cup Champions
Digital Geographic System (Light) (DGS(L) - a                                                         Army Major Units Runners Up 01-02
high specification laptop, A1 Plotter and scanner.                                                    Sapper Cup Champions 01-02

Specialist Survey Teams (SST).
SST are fully operational with the first section
providing 2 personnel on 3hrs NTM to support the
IRF, the remainder of the section is on 6hrs NTM.
The second SST section is at 12hrs NTM. The
Survey Advisor and Assistant Survey Advisor are
on 24hrs NTM in support of Gold Command; in
addition 2 technicians from the Regt are
nominated to support Gold Command if deployed.

Op Telic has placed a serious additional workload
on the Regiment and its ability to continue this on
the level of previous years.

Continuing with its tradition, the GEG has
maintained a high level of achievement on the
sports field. Both the football and rugby teams are
the current minor unit Army Champions, the rugby
for the last 2 years. With plenty of young talent
coming through and some of the “Old Boys”
hanging on, it is hoped to continue this success for
next year.      The cricket team has won the
Divisional Cup and made the semi-finials in the
Sapper and Army Cups. This is considered a
great improvement after their frustrating season
for 2001. The hockey team, has dipped in the
number of victories it has experienced in recent
years, however, it has retained the all-important
Sapper Cup and the Sapper Sixes.

A summary of last year’s achievements is as

Army Minor Units Cup Champions
     4 Div Minor Units Cup Champions
     4 Div Division 1 League Winners

      Army Minor Units Cup Champions 01-02
      Army Minor Unit Cup Champions 02-03
      Sapper Cup Runners Up 01-02
      RE Games Rugby League 9's Runners Up
(Cpl Reeve RE - Player of the Tournament)
      4 Div 3/4 Cup Runners Up
      Army Cup Semi-finalist
      Sapper Cup Semi-finalist
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Newsletter No 9                                                                  Spring
In addition to the above, WO2 Andy Rudd is the
Army Paragliding Champion and came 3 in the                                                                               ************************
Tri-Service Championships. In Judo WO1 Bill
Tweedie and WO2 (SSM) Dave Campey entered
the Army Open and Army Championships
respectfully, both finishing well WO2 (SSM) Dave
Campey achieving Silver. We have also had
personnel represent the unit at Army and Corps
Hockey, Football, Rugby and Rugby League.

In regards to adventure training, the Unit
undertakes a major overseas expedition every 2
years, Last year Captain “Arnie” Arnison (2i/c 16
Geo Sp Sqn) lead an expedition to Patagonia.
The expedition was a great success even though
some initial aims and goals were not achieved due
to weather and logistic constraints; much useful
data was obtained and the developmet of the
soldiers was immeasurable.

Smaller ventures were sent to the Ascension
Islands (diving) and Norway (skiing).

Andrew. TURLEY
Regimental Sergeant Major
Hermitage Garrison

The Branch Standard
At our last AGM, our Branch Chairman - Chris
Nash, having taken advice on the various
materials and range of prices quoted for the
manufacture of a Standard, stated that he was
going ahead with the design phase and near
immediate purchase of a Survey Branch Standard.

We have now obtained some additional technical
details and information, which has led us to place
a hold on an immediate purchase.


New Appointment for Brigadier Peter
Walker, OBE.
We understand that when our former Chief
Executive (Director) - Brigadier Walker leaves his
post at DGIA Feltham, in April 03, he will take up
the appointment of Director of Standards and
Case Work (Army) (DOSC (A). This is a Central
MoD post, currently located at the former RAF
Barracks in Upavon, Wiltshire.
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