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                                             First Generation

1. William BUTTELER.

(Part 1 of 2).
It is from acorns that great oaks trees grow. So let us begin by
looking at the seedling of the Butler family tree. It will be found
in 12th century England. The paternal ancestry of the family is
traceable in unbroken succession to a certain Hervey who was living
about 1130. From the "Testa de Nevil", which was compiled a century
later, we know that Hervey had a son, Hervey Walter (which suggests a
maternal connection with someone by the name of Walter) and a daughter
Alice, to whom her father gave a dowry of about 400 acres in
Lancashire. Hervey also seems to have had various estates in East
Anglia. But the identity of his father, mother or wife has not yet
been established. It has been suggested in"The Complete Peerage" that
he may have married an aunt of Thomas Becket,
with whose family the Butlers were reputedly connected.
Theobald Blake Butler, a leading authority on the history of the
who died only this year and whose works are now available to scholars
in the National Library, Dublin, the British Museum and the Irish
Genealogical Research Society, laboriously traced back to Domesday the
lands which this family subsequently held in East Anglia and
Lancashire and discovered that at least 9 of the 16 or more holdings
which our Hervey was believed to have owned in Norfolk and Suffolk
were entered in Domesday Book under the ownership of Walter de Caen.
The discovery led him to surmise that the paternal ancestor of the
Butlers was Walter de Caen (son
of William Malet who accompanied the Conqueror and, being half Saxon,
was entrusted with the burial of King Harold after the Battle of
In his last years, however, Blake Butler was inclining to the view
Hervey in about 1130 may have acquired much of Walter de Caen's lands
by marriage, which would make Hervey, not the son or grandson, but
son-in-law of Walter de Caen. Further research on the point might
prove rewarding, particularly with reference to the most likely
candidates of the name "Herve" in 11th century France and to the
Hervey who was Becket's envoy at the Papal Court 1163 - 1166 when he
died. The scattered Keurdon MMS are unlikely to carry the matter any
further, though Carte did hint to the contrary; nor has the Buxton
Collection of hundreds of unpublished medieval charters in Cambridge
University Library helped on the point.But in Germany, the early
archives of the Buttlar family certainly need appraisal.
B. THE SAPLING, 1150 - 1200
Whether his wife was Walter de Caen's daughter or Thomas Becket's aunt
or someone else, Hervey was succeeded by his son Hervey Walter, whose
marriage was of considerable importance to the family that was taking
root. For his wife was Maud de Valognes, sister in law of Ranulph de

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Glanville, the most powerful of all Henry II's subjects; and Ranulph,
who took an avuncular interest in the upbringing of Maud's children,
so advanced them that even by the end of the 12th century the family
tree was no mean sapling.
At least one of those children, Hubert Walter, was outstanding.
Contemporary records give us some idea of him: he was tall and
stately, not exactly gifted with the eloquence of one who had kissed
the Blarney Stone and perhaps a bit too attentive to idle rumours, but
loyal, resolute, witty and wary and wise withall.
I suppose he is commonly remembered as having been mainly instrumental
in raising the enormous ransom demanded by the Emperor Henry VI for
Richard Coeur de Lion. But Hubert had other claims to fame: he
governed England ably and far better than King Richard would have
done; he even laid some of the foundations of democracy as we know it.
He enriched the See of Canterbury, he founded monasteries, he was
learned in the law and altogether his achievements were legion; but
above all, he was immensely prudent and immensely powerful.
His prudence is best illustrated by the fact that, without
any of his integrity, he managed to enjoy and retain the confidence of
Henry II, Richard I and John -- three kings of widely contrasting
characters and predilictions.
As to his power and prestige: Hubert had been Bishop of Salisbury and
had accompanied Richard on the Third Crusade; he was then Primate,
Chief Justiciar, Papal Legate and Chancellor -- and when Hubert died
in 1205, John paid him the oblique compliment: "Now for the first time
am I King of England". That was what led to Magna Carta then years
From a booklet entitled "Butler Family History"which was authored by
Lord Dunboyne. I believe it was based on a public address he
delivered in the 1960s, but was updated in 1991. It was published by
the Butler Society which is headquartered in Kilkenny,Ireland.
For anyone interested in the origins of the family in the U.K., I
recommend the publication and indeed, membership in the society.
The society's website URL is

William married Elizabeth BRADWELL.

They had one child:
       2         i.     William

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                                        Second Generation
                      Family of William BUTTELER (1) & Elizabeth BRADWELL

2. William BUTTELER.

William married Jane BACKECOTT.

They had one child:
       3         i.    George (-1551)

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                                             Third Generation
                         Family of William BUTTELER (2) & Jane BACKECOTT

3. George BOTELER. George died in 1551.

George married Mary THROCKMORTON, daughter of Richard THROCKMORTON & Joan BEAUFO. Born in
1535 in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England.

They had the following children:
       4          i.      John (1551-1612)
                 ii.      Peter.
                iii.      Raphael.
                iv.       Catherine.
                 v.       Margaret.

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                                          Fourth Generation
                       Family of George BOTELER (3) & Mary THROCKMORTON

4. John BOTELER. Born in 1551 in Shambrooke, Bedbord, England. John died in Shambrooke, Bedford, England
in 1612; he was 61.

John married Cressitt ST.JOHN, daughter of John ST.JOHN (1540-) & Ann NEVILLE (1540-). Born in 1570 in
Bletsoe, Bedford, England.

They had the following children:
       5           i.     John (1585-)
                  ii.     James.
                iii.      Elizabeth.
                 iv.      Sarah.
                  v.      Martha.
                 vi.      Mary.
                vii.      Anne.
               viii.      Jane.
                 ix.      Oliver.

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                                            Fifth Generation
                            Family of John BOTELER (4) & Cressitt ST.JOHN

5. John BOTELER. Born in 1585 in Burch Hall, Roxwell Parish, Essex Co. England.

On December 27, 1599 when John was 14, he married Jane ELLIOTT, daughter of Edward ELLIOTT (1546-1595)
& Joan GEDGE, in Roxwell Parish, Essex Co., England. Born on June 22, 1576 in Newlands Hall Roxwell Parish,
Essex Co., England.

They had the following children:
       6          i.      Thomas I (1603-1646)
                 ii.      John. John died in 1642.
                iii.      Elizabeth.
                          Elizabeth married William CLAIBORNE.

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                                            Sixth Generation
                              Family of John BOTELER (5) & Jane ELLIOTT

6. Thomas I BUTLER. Born in 1603 in "Thobie" Little Bursted Roxwell Parish, Essex, England. Thomas I died in
Kent Island, Maryland in 1646; he was 43.

Taken from "The Virginia Gazette" - Williamsburg, VA          Friday,
February 8, 1957
Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, Genealogy Editor
My First Three Generations
Butler - Baldridge
Thomas Boteler (Butler) I, born ca. 1602-4, at "Thobie," Little
Bursted, Foxwell Parish, County Essex, England, son of John Boteler of
"Thobie," and wife, Jane Elliott (born at "Newlands Hall," Roxwell
Parish, June 22, 1576, m. Roxwell Parish, Feb 27, 1599;) Thomas became
a merchant in London, joined the "Merchant Adventurers," as a partner
with his brother, Capt. John Boteler, and their brother-in-law, Col.
William Claiborne, (who had married their sister Elizabeth Boteler) in
his Kent Island, now in Maryland, with Col. Claiborne and his wife in
1637; they had secured a charter to establish a trading post on the
Island for business with the Indians. Lord Calvert claimed Kent
Island on his later Charter for Maryland, and challenged Col.
Claiborne and the Botelers for possession. Captain John Boteler died
during the feud, in 1642, and left his Kent Island shares to Thomas
his brother who moved out to the Island with his family, dying there
in 1646. Under persecution from the Claverts, Claiborne was driven
out, and Joan, the widow Boteler, escaped with her five young Boteler
sons to Westmoreland County Va., assisted by her husband's friend
Edward Thompson, whom she later married. In Virginia, the name
Boteler became Butler, and the five young sons of Thomas I grew up in
Washington Parish, Westmoreland County Va.; they were: Thomas Butler
II, William Butler (m. Joanna Ward), Christopher Butler, (m. Margery
______,) Nathaniel Butler, (m. 1 ___Mary Adger; m 2 ___Sarah ___,) and
John Butler, d. 1684, (m 1-Ellen Burwell, and had Caleb, who m. Mary
Foxhall and had Jane Butler, who m. Augustine Washington, and had
Augustine and Lawrence Washington; m. 2-Martha_____; m. 3 -
Sarah_____;) Thomas Butler II, born in London, and brought as a child
to Kent Island, thence to Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Va.,
where he grew up married, and died, will prb. There 1678; he married
Jane Baldridge, widow of Captain Alexander Bayneham, and daughter of
James Baldridge, also a refugee from Maryland, and his wife Dorothy,
thought to have been Dorothy Cooke; with his brother, Thomas
Baldridge, James Baldridge had been and early settler in St. Mary's
Maryland, where he had been Sheriff of St. Mary's County 1637 and
1638) (by which he gives his descendants eligibility to Colonial Dames
membership)-and a member of the First General Assembly of Maryland in
1637; he made his will Nov. 26, 1658, prob. Nov. 2, 1663, naming her
three Bayneham grandchildren, Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary Bayneham, and
her Baldridge children, Jane who had married 2-Thomas Butler II, and

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William Baldridge, who had married Elizabeth, who m. 2-Captain William
Heabard, whose estate was admtrd in 1690 by his stepson. Charles
Baldridge, son of William Baldridge and Elizabeth; Charles Baldridge's
estate, in turn was admtrd in 1692 by his widow Mary, their children
being George and James Baldridge. After Thomas Butler's death in
1678, Jane married 3rd, John Berryman, dead before 1680, and she
married 4th before 1681, Joseph Harvey. By Thomas Butler II she had
issue two sons, Joshua Butler, who moved out of the County to King
George County where he died in 1725, and Thomas Butler III.
Thomas Butler III lived and died in Westmoreland County, Va., will
prb. 1714. He married 1-Anne Lancelot, daughter of John Lancelot of
Westmoreland, will 1672, and wife Jeanne Grey (who m. 2-by 1686 John
Barston, ) daughter of Captain Francis Grey of Charles Citie, Va.,
will 1667, and his wife Alice Moorman; Thomas Butler III m. 2-Anne
Harris, widow of George Borden and said to have been the aunt of
Richard Tutt of Richmond County; by Anne Lancelot he had Will IV (no
data), John (who married Katherine Price, ) and James Butler who
married Katherine--, settled in Stafford County on Aequia Creek, and
made his will April 4, 1732, prb. Stafford, June 14, 1732, naming his
children, James Jr. (?) William and Thomas to each of whom he left
land; William's land fell into Prince William County, which in that
same year 1732 was cut off from Stafford; he married Mary Mason,
daughter of Captain William Mason and wife Margaret, the widow Hallam,
of Stafford; their children, Captain James Butler, and his sisters,
Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah with their husbands and families, all moved
down to South Carolina in 1770 and settled in Edgefield District.
Captain James Butler married Mary Simpson, Mary Butler married Dr.
Enoch Grigsby, Elizabeth Butler married Nathaniel Grigsby, and Sara
Butler married Jacob Smith, Jr.
References for the above data are available upon request.
Contributed by Mrs. Glen Earle Miller, 6 Barton Avenue, Ridley Park,

On 16 JAN 1624/1625 when Thomas I was 21, he married Joan Mount- Stephen CHRISTOPHER, in London,
Middlesex, England. Born in 1605.

They had the following children:
       7          i.      Thomas II (1625-1678)
                 ii.      William.
                          William married Joanna WARD.
                iii.      Christopher.
                          Christopher first married Margery.
                          Christopher second married Sarah.
                iv.       John.
                          John first married Ellen BURWELL.
                          John second married Martha.
                          John third married Sarah.

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                                          Seventh Generation
                 Family of Thomas I BUTLER (6) & Joan Mount- Stephen CHRISTOPHER

7. Thomas II BUTLER. Born in 1625 in Essex, England. Thomas II died in Westmoreland County, Virginia in
1678; he was 53.

On April 27, 1662 when Thomas II was 37, he married Jane BALDRIDGE, daughter of James BALDRIDGE
(-1659) & Dorothy COOKE (-1663). Jane died on April 5, 1718 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

They had one child:
       8         i.     Joshua (1667-1725)

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                                           Eighth Generation
                          Family of Thomas II BUTLER (7) & Jane BALDRIDGE

8. Joshua BUTLER. Born in 1667 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Joshua died in King George County,
Virginia in 1725; he was 58.

In 1695 when Joshua was 28, he married Grace PAIGE, in Westmoreland County, Virigina.

They had one child:
       9         i.     John (1710-1805)

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                                           Ninth Generation
                                Family of Joshua BUTLER (8) & Grace PAIGE

9. John BUTLER. Born in 1710 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. John died in Culpeper, Virginia in May 1805;
he was 95.

John married Elizabeth BEACH.

They had one child:
      10         i.     William (1735-1807)

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                                             Tenth Generation
                              Family of John BUTLER (9) & Elizabeth BEACH

10. William BUTLER. Born in 1735 in Prince William County, Virginia. William died in Culpeper, Virgina in
1807; he was 72.

In 1754 when William was 19, he married Mary.

They had the following children:
      11           i.     William (1756-1843)
                  ii.     Armstead. Born in 1770 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Armstead died in Crittenden
                          County, Ky in 1837; he was 67.
                          On December 6, 1801 when Armstead was 31, he married Mary WHEATLEY, in
                          Culpeper, Virginia.
                iii.      Nancy. Born in 1766 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
                 iv.      Benjamin. Born in 1768 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
                          On December 1, 1790 when Benjamin was 22, he married Mary EDWARDS, in
                          Culpeper, Virginia.
                  v.      Sarah. Born in 1760 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
                          Sarah married James GRIMSLEY.
                 vi.      John.
                vii.      Spencer.
               viii.      Joseph.
                 ix.      Charles.
                  x.      Joshua. Born about 1755.

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                                               Eleventh Generation
                                      Family of William BUTLER (10) & Mary

11. William BUTLER. Born in 1756 in Maryland. William died in Lincoln County, Missouri on August 10, 1843;
he was 87. Revolutionary War. [1]

He resided in Lincoln Co., Missouri 1830. William’s will was probated in Lincoln County, Missouri, August 10,
1843. [1]

son of william butler/mary

In 1785 when William was 29, he first married Elizabeth JACOBY, daughter of Francis Lucas JACOBY (-1788) &
Joanna Frederica LOTSPETCH (1744-1822), in Maryland. Born in 1765 in Virginia. Elizabeth died in Bourbon
County, Kentucky in 1810; she was 45.

They had the following children:
      12          i.      Francis M. (1786-1838)
      13         ii.      Dudley (1805-1886)
                iii.      Henry. Born in 1787 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Henry died in Ralls County,
                          Missouri in 1822; he was 35.
                iv.       Anna. Born in 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          She resided in Pike County, Missouri, in 1835. [1]

                             On May 6, 1809 when Anna was 21, she married Thomas BUCHANAN, in Bourbon
                             County, Kentucky.
                v.           Mary. Born in 1790 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary died in Pike County, Missouri
                             circa 1837; she was 47.
                             On August 4, 1810 when Mary was 20, she married Robert SNEDIGER, in Bourbon
                             County, Kentucky.
                vi.          Susanna. Born in 1792 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Susanna died in Ralls County,
                             Missouri circa 1837; she was 45.
                             On June 25, 1808 when Susanna was 16, she married Frederick SIDENER.
               vii.          Elizabeth. Born in 1796 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                             Elizabeth was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census in Pike County, Illinois.

                             Elizabeth married Solomon YOKEM.
      14      viii.          Moses (1798-1829)
               ix.           Amelia. Born in 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Amelia died in 1886; she was 79.
                             On November 22, 1827 when Amelia was 20, she married Thomas
                             BRAMBLE/BRAMMELL, in Pike County, Missouri.
                x.           Bledsoe. Born in 1808 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                             On December 8, 1830 when Bledsoe was 22, he married Ann MEYERS, in Lincoln
                             County, Missouri.
      15        xi.          Ichabod (1793-1853)

William second married Mary “Polly”, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

They had the following children:
                  i.      William. Born in 1819 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          On December 17, 1844 when William was 25, he married Jemima KITRON, in Lincoln
                          County, Missouri.

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                          Register Report

 ii.   Benjamin. Born in 1821 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
iii.   Thomas. Born in 1825 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
iv.    Elijah. Born in 1827 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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                                             Twelfth Generation
                            Family of William BUTLER (11) & Elizabeth JACOBY

12. Francis M. BUTLER. Born in 1786 in Maryland. Francis M. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1838; he
was 52.

On April 19, 1811 when Francis M. was 25, he first married Lydia WHEAT, daughter of Hezekiah WHEAT, in
Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1784 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

On September 11, 1822 when Francis M. was 36, he second married Matilda WHEAT, daughter of Hezekiah
WHEAT, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1778 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

On February 4, 1825 when Francis M. was 39, he third married Rachel WHEAT, daughter of Judge Zachariah
WHEAT (1764-1842) & Elizabeth Ann KENNEDY (1771->1850), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1806 in
Bourbon County, Kentucky. [2] Rachel died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1876; she was 70.

They had the following children:
      16          i.      Henry A. (1826-1897)
      17         ii.      Jeptha Dudley (1827-1913)
                iii.      Thomas Z. Born circa 1830.
                          Thomas was listed as head of a family on the 1850 Bourbon County census (District 2,
                          page 37, #181). He resided in Texas in 1882. [1]

13. Dudley BUTLER. Born on April 29, 1805 in Bourbon County, Ky. Buried in November 1886 in Ralls Co., Mo.
Dudley died in Ralls Co. Mo. on November 21, 1886; he was 81.

son of william butler and elizabeth jacoby

On October 25, 1827 when Dudley was 22, he married Matilda LITER, daughter of John LITER & Susanna
COONS, in Pike County, Missouri. Born on June 15, 1807 in Bourbon Co., Ky. Matilda died in Ralls Co., Mo. on
January 10, 1887; she was 79. Buried in 1887 in Ralls Co., Mo.

They had the following children:
                   i.     Catherine. Born on June 23, 1828.
                          Catherine married Thomas W. EVANS.
                  ii.     Susannah Elizabeth. Born on August 5, 1829.
                          Susannah Elizabeth married Jesse LITER.
                iii.      Mary Ann. Born on August 30, 1831.
                          Mary Ann married Francis BUTLER.
      18         iv.      John Henry (1833-1910)
                  v.      William Dudley. Born on November 11, 1835. William Dudley died on March 20, 1903;
                          he was 67.
                          William Dudley married Margaret Ann LITER.
                 vi.      Matilda. Born on September 6, 1837. Matilda died on March 15, 1838.
                vii.      Louisa. Born on May 11, 1842.
                          Louisa married James GREGG.
               viii.      Abraham. Born on January 15, 1845.
                          Abraham married Martha CLARK.
                 ix.      Francis M. Born on May 21, 1847.
                          Francis M. married Nancy HAZELWOOD.

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                                               Register Report

14. Moses BUTLER. Born in 1798 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Moses died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in
1829; he was 31.

MOSES BUTLER-Will Book H, page 292-Those mentioned-wife, Margaret; children, Susan, Catherine, Henry,
Alexander, Sarah, Elizabeth and Stephen Waller Butler. Written July 10th, 1828. Proved October 6th, 1829.
Executrix, wife, Margaret. Witnesses -Silas Stark, Samuel Stark. [3]

On August 19, 1822 when Moses was 24, he married Margaret MILLER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Susan.
                 ii.      Catherine.
                iii.      Henry.
                iv.       Alexander.
                 v.       Sarah.
                vi.       Elizabeth.
               vii.       Stephen Waller.

15. Ichabod BUTLER. Born in 1793 in Bourbon County, Ky. Ichabod died in Pike County, Missouri on September
9, 1853; he was 60.

This is from Goldena Howard's book: History of Ralls Co. now out of
print and hard to come by. A lady copied for me:
"Ichabod & Dudley Butler
The Butler family lived in Bourbon Co., KY. There was Ichabod, the
eldest, Dudley, about 20 and their sister Amelia, 16; four
half-brothers, the father and step-mother. Ichabod married and moved
into another house.
Dudley hauled goods from one city to another, from an early age. John
Liter was a neighbor. Liter and the 2 Butlers decided to move West. in
1824. Ichabod decided they could not leave their sister, but instead
of discussing it with her father, he stole her away. He climbed in her
upstairs window, filled a pillowcase with clothes, took her away
behind him on his horse, to his own home. When they sorted the
clothes, some of them belonged to the stepmother, so they left them
The party consisted of Ichabod, his wife, their 6 yr. old daughter,
Susan; Dudley, Amelia, and the John Liter family, which included a
daughter Matilda, 18 or 19 yrs. old. They traveled by wagons, little
Susan riding a horse all the way. The Butlers had intended to stop in
IL where they had 2 sisters but they kept on and the whole party
stopped at Spencersburg (MO).They stayed...2 yrs..
Dudley was tall and fair with blue eyes; Matilda was heavy set with
dark hair and eyes; her parents were of German birth. Dudley courted
her; after the marr. her father bought them 80 A. of land one and a
half miles S. of Madisonville, where they built a home and stayed the
rest of their lives. They had 9 children.
There was a log school at Madisonville, taught in turn by
(various ones).
Children had to learn everything in the old blue-back speller before
theycould get a reader.
Amelia married a man named Bramblette and lived in IL; she
came to visit Dudley in 1886 and died while there. A maiden lady, Miss

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                                              Register Report

Fannie Almond, lived with the Dudley Butler family. In those days
single women found a family to live with, and helped with the work and
became a part of the family.
Susan Butler, dau. of Ichabod, mar. Wilburn Neal. Ichabod &
wife died in 1854, leaving Susan their estate; Susan & Wilburn lived
on the Ichabod Butler palce for 63 yrs. before moving to Vandalia,
Missouri. After his death, she lived North of Vandalia with a dau..
About 1888, Dudley Butler died; his wife and Miss Almond died
soon afterwards. The old Dudley Butler Cemetery remains.
The Butler cemetery is near Madisonville in Ralls Co. MO and
was on their home place. It has suffered some neglect in the past few
years. Slaves were buried at Dudley's feet or outside the E. wall of
the cemetery. It had a cement fence around it with an iron gate & was
overgrown with big trees and poison ivy. Other Butler relatives were
buried in the other parts of the cemetery and that portion was never
cared for, even though some of the descendants lived fairly close by.
There was a picture of Dudley & Matilda (Liter) Butler. He had the
curliest hair you ever saw, looked like heavy sheep's wool on his head
& light eyes. This was when it was white in later years, but a full
head of hair. His son, John Henry Butler had straight hair and it
thinned in later years, but also got white.

Ichabod married Susan LITER, daughter of John LITER & Susanna COONS. Born in 1796. Susan died in Pike
County, Missouri in 1851; she was 55.

They had one child:
                 i.      Susan.
                         Susan married Wilburn NEAL.

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                                                  Register Report

                                             Thirteenth Generation
                              Family of Francis M. BUTLER (12) & Rachel WHEAT

16. Henry A. BUTLER. Born in March 1826 in Hutchinson Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Henry A. died in
Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1897; he was 70. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

H. A. BUTLER, [4] farmer; P. 0. Paris; is among the self-made men of this county. He was born in March, 1826, in
Hutchinson Precinct; the eldest child born to Francis M. Butler and Rachel Wheat. By the death of his father he was
left in care of his mother, who was unable to provide for her three children left upon her hands without any visible
means of support. When a youth of twelve, he embarked for himself, working out by the month at very low wages.
His school advantages were very limited indeed. Upon his attaining the years of manhood, he was employed to drive
and handle stock for other parties; during this time he made fifty trips to New Orleans and forty to New York,
eleven of which were performed on foot, the trips occupying seventy days each. In 1863 he purchased 150 acres in
Menard County, III., for eighteen dollars per acre; two years and a half after he sold it and realized thirty-six dollars
per acre; he then purchased 170 acres in Fayette County, which he kept a short time, then purchased 140 acres in
Clintonville Precinct. In 1876 he purchased 220 acres, where he now resides, situated on the Flat Rock Pike, which
farm he now owns. During the war he was engaged in the mule trade, in a small way on his own account, also was
engaged in the hog trade, buying and shipping, which business he followed for several years and proved successful.
May, 1868, he married Sarah Kennedy, born in Flat Rock, daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Goodwin) Kennedy. She
(Nancy) was a daughter of "Tige" (Enoch) Goodwin, who was one of the early settlers in Flat Rock Precinct.
Thomas and Nancy Kennedy had four children: John W., Mrs. Butler, Polly and Mary E., both sisters married Smith
brothers. Mary, wife of J. T; Polly, of George Smith. Mr. Butler has three children: Nannie R., Jephthah D., and
Thomas H. Mrs. Butler is a member of the Reformed Church.

On May 26, 1868 when Henry A. was 42, he married Sarah C. CANADAY (KENNEDY), daughter of Thomas
CANADAY (1793-1850) & Nancy GOODWIN (1822-). Born in 1846 in Flat Rock Precinct, Bourbon County,
Kentucky. Sarah C. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1926; she was 80.

They had the following children:
      19          i.      Nannie Rachel (1869-1908)
      20         ii.      Thomas H.
                iii.      Jephthah D. Born in 1870. Jephthah D. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1895;
                          he was 25. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

17. Jeptha Dudley BUTLER. Born on May 18, 1827 in Hutchinson Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jeptha
Dudley died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1913; he was 85.

J. D. BUTLER, [5] farmer; P. 0. Paris; was born May 18,1827, in Hutchinson Precinct; son of Frank and Rachel
(Wheat) Butler; Frank Butler emigrated to this State, with his father, from Maryland, and located in this county; he
settled on the land now owned by J. W. Ferguson, in this Precinct. There were three sons: Frank, Dudley and Moses.
Dudley settled in Ralls County, Mo.; Moses in Hutchinson Precinct. Rachel Wheat was a daughter of Zechariah
Wheat. The parents of J. 0. died as follows: father, 1838; his mother survived him until 1876; they had three children
who came to maturity; J. D., Thomas Z and Henry; 'Thomas Z resides in Texas; the others in this Precinct. At the
death of his father, he being the eldest of the family, the care of the family devolved upon him and his mother, and
from that time he was thrown upon his own resources; he worked out and made the best use of his time and his
limited opportunities; April, 1851, he married Miss Margaret Johnson, daughter of John and Helen (Kenney)
Johnson; he was born in 1800, his wife four years later, eleven children were born to them, eight of whom grew to
maturity; John Johnson died Oct. 1853, at Calhoun's Mills, in the State of Carolina, while absent with a drove of
mules. Mr. Butler located on the farm he now owns, in 1851; during the war he was engaged in purchasing mules
for the government; he has 565 acres of land; he is engaged in farming and raising short-horns, which are called the
"Willow Dale herd" of good strains of blood, also pure Cotswold sheep. Young stock for sale. Correspondence

                                                        Page 18
                                              Register Report

solicited. He has been successful in his business from the commencement; he is a member of the Reformed Church,
and elder of the same; he has six children: James H., Charles E., Birdie, Minnie M., Landon V. and Archie L.

In April 1851 when Jeptha Dudley was 23, he married Margaret JOHNSON, daughter of John JOHNSON
(1800-1858) & Helena L. KENNEY (1804-1849). Born in 1832. Margaret died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in
1913; she was 81.

They had the following children:
                  i.      James H.
                 ii.      Charles E.
                iii.      Birdie.
                iv.       Minnie M.
                 v.       Landon V.
                vi.       Archie L.

                              Family of Dudley BUTLER (13) & Matilda LITER

18. John Henry BUTLER. Born on June 23, 1833. John Henry died on November 11, 1910; he was 77.

In 1855 when John Henry was 21, he first married Lucinda Frances RICE. Born on November 8, 1836. Lucinda
Frances died in Ralls Co., Mo. on February 20, 1874; she was 37. Buried in 1874 in Ralls Co., Mo.

They had the following children:
                   i.     Fanny. Born in 1856. Fanny died in 1905; she was 49.
                          Fanny married Lewis Albert ANDERSON.
                  ii.     Matilda Elizabeth. Born on October 7, 1858. Matilda Elizabeth died on January 9, 1888;
                          she was 29.
                          Matilda Elizabeth married Aza T. FOWLER.
                iii.      Mary Susan. Born on September 27, 1860. Mary Susan died on February 23, 1907; she
                          was 46.
                          Mary Susan married James Wright FOWLER.
                 iv.      Lucy. Born on February 7, 1862.
                          Lucy married John NICHOLS.
                  v.      Martha Catherine. Born on August 8, 1863. Martha Catherine died on March 19, 1913;
                          she was 49.
                          Martha Catherine married James L. TOLBERT.
                 vi.      Emma. Born on February 13, 1865. Emma died on October 10, 1951; she was 86.
                          Emma married Alvin Edward WEBB. Born on September 12, 1867. Alvin Edward died
                          on July 23, 1940; he was 72.
                vii.      Jane. Born on December 9, 1866. Jane died on October 23, 1955; she was 88.
                          Jane married John Hendrix CLARK.
               viii.      girl. Born on November 25, 1867. girl died on November 25, 1867.
                 ix.      Dudley Catron. Born on October 11, 1871. Dudley Catron died on February 17, 1926; he
                          was 54.
                          Dudley Catron married Frances FROST.
                  x.      Alice Rob. Born on September 17, 1872. Alice Rob died in November 1941; she was 69.
                          Alice Rob married J. T. COSS.
                 xi.      James Edward.
                          James Edward married Mary WYCOFF.

In 1877 when John Henry was 43, he second married Elizabeth Ann Waddell JOHNSON.

They had the following children:

                                                    Page 19
                                Register Report

       i.   Infant. Born in 1878.
21    ii.   Pearl Cordelia (1878-1963)
     iii.   Jesse S. Born on November 2, 1881. Jesse S. died on May 17, 1905; he was 23.
     iv.    girl. Born in 1884. girl died in 1884.

                                      Page 20
                                              Register Report

                                              14th Generation
                  Family of Henry A. BUTLER (16) & Sarah C. CANADAY (KENNEDY)

19. Nannie Rachel BUTLER. Born on March 31, 1869. Nannie Rachel died in 1908; she was 38.

On September 8, 1888 when Nannie Rachel was 19, she married William Peck FISHER, son of William H. FISHER
(1829-1903) & Emma Stephens PECK (1844-1923). Born on December 21, 1867 in Sharpsburg, Kentucky. William
Peck died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on June 18, 1934; he was 66. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris,

WILLIAM's occupation: farmer Lawton, Oklahoma. He grew peanuts, nectarines, and other vegetables.

 WILLIAM's occupation: Owner Fisher Transfer Co. Paris, Ky., 1917. 606 Main street. Heavy Hauling of all

He resided Paris, Ky. 1917, 135 Pine Crest Ave. He resided Paris, Ky. 1926, 244 Mt. Airy Ave.

His body was interred 6/23/1934 Paris, Ky., Paris Cemetry. He was buried on a Wednesday at 3:30. The Rev. J.W.
Clotfelter of the First Presbyterian Church officated.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Emily Brooks. Born on August 13, 1889. Emily Brooks died on February 25, 1890.
                 ii.      Julian Hartwell. Born on March 26, 1891 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Julian
                          Hartwell died in Youngstown, Ohio on October 16, 1916; he was 25. Buried on October
                          19, 1916 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky--Paris Cemetery.
                iii.      Owen Dudly. Born on December 4, 1895 in Ruddell’s Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                          Owen Dudly died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on November 30, 1972; he was
                          76. Served Indiana World War I.
                          Notes on Owen Fisher: [6]
                          OWEN served in the military. World War I CPL57 SVC CO SIGC
                              Land inherited from H. A. Butler is sold. Feb.19 1927

                            Owen D. Fisher, & Co. to R. P. Hopkins 58.45 A. $ 5961.90

                            THIS DEED, made and entered into this February 19th, 1927, by and between Owen
                         D. Fisher and his wife, Mamie Fisher; Henry Peck Fisher and his wife, Katherine Fisher;
                         Nannie Bell Determan and her husband, Alfred Determan; Willie Flynn and her husband,
                         George Flynn; Louise Fisher Florence, widow; W. P. Fisher and his wife, Lillian Fisher,
                         parties of the first part, and R. P. Hopkins, part of the second part,

                             WITNESSETH: For and in consideration of One Hundred and Two Dollars
                         ($102.00) per acre, aggregating Five thousand Nine hundred and Sixty-one dollars and
                         ninety cents ($5961.90) Five-sixths of which, or $4968.25 in cash in hand paid receipt of
                         which is acknowledged, and the remaining one-sixth, being the share of Louise Fisher
                         Florence, is evidenced by the non-negotiable promissory note of second party payable to
                         her for $993.65 of even date herewith, due and payable January 3, 1928, with interest
                         from March 1, 1927, until paid, at the rate of 6% per annum, to secure the payment of
                         which a lien is retained on the property hereby conveyed, and the said note to be paid
                         upon the said Louise Fisher Florence, who is now under twenty-one years of age, but who
                         will be twenty-one years of age on the 2nd day of January, 1928, executing a conveyance
                         confirming this deed, after she becomes twenty-one years of age, the parties of the first
                         part have bargained and sold, and hereby grant and convey unto the part of the second

                                                    Page 21
                      Register Report

part a tract of 58.45 acres of land located in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and bounded and
described as follows:

    A certain tract of land situated in Bourbon County, Kentucky, bounded and described
as follows: Beginning in the center of the Paris & Flat Rock turnpike at M corner to No.
1; thence with the center of said turnpike S 73 1/4 E 2812 P. thence S 17 E 166.12 poles
to G, a stake in Steele's line; thence with Steele's line S 78 W 44.68 poles to H, a nail in a
walnut tree; thence N 15 l/2 W 80.40 poles to Q, a stake; thence with Dodge's line S 75
1/4 W 4.68 p. to a stake corner to No. 1; thence with three lines of No. 1, N 4 3/4 W
64.28 p. to O, a stake; thence S 85 1/4 W 3.48 p. to N., a stake; thence N 2 W 116.96 p. to
the beginning, containing 58.45 acres.

   The said lands were devised in remainder by Henry A. Butler by will of record in the
office of the Clerk of the Bourbon County Court in Will Book _ page_ , to the children
of his daughter, Nancy Butler Fisher, deceased, who left surviving her Owen D. Fisher, a
son; Peck Fisher, a son; Nannie Bell Determan, a daughter; Willie Flynn, a daughter;
Louise Fisher Florence, a daughter, and J. H. Fisher, a son, who subsequently died
leaving W. P. Fisher, his father as his only heir-at-law, and the first parties acquired said
lands as above indicated; and in the partition of the lands of the said Henry A. Butler in
the action above referred to in the Bourbon County Court, the tract of 58.45 acres hereby
conveyed was allotted to first parties and conveyed to them by deed of partition executed
by Special Commissioner of the Bourbon County Court. Said deed of partition has been
lodged for record in the office of the Clerk O. D. in the Bourbon County Court and will
be recorded in Deed Book 112, page 632.

   To have and to hold the property aforesaid with all of its appurtenances unto second
party, his heirs and assigns forever, with convenant of General Warranty.

   Witness the hand of the first parties the day and year first above written.

         Owen D. Fisher      Mamie Fisher      Henry Peck Fisher      Katherine
Fisher      Nannie Bell Determan      Alfred Determan       George Flynn      Willie
Flynn      Louise Fisher Florence     W. P. Fisher     Lillian Fisher

   State of Kentucky: County of Bourbon: Sct.

   I, Lillian Hough, a Notary Public in and for the State and County aforesaid, certify that
the foregoing deed from Owen D. Fisher and others to R. P. Hopkins, was this day
produced before me in this County and acknowledged and delivered by Owen D. Fisher
and his wife, Mamie Fisher; Henry Peck Fisher and his wife, Katherine Fisher; Nannie
Bell Determan and her husband, Alfred Determan; Willie Flynn and her husband, George
Flynn, Louise Fisher Florence, widow; W. P. Fisher and his wife, Lillian Fisher, to be
their act and deed, and they and each of them consented that the same might be recorded.

  Given under my hand and seal of office this the 24th. day of February, 1927. My
commission expires on the 7 day of January, 1930.

  (SEAL)     Lillian Hough, Notary Public, Bourbon County, KY State of Kentucky:
County of Bourbon: Sct.

   I, Pearce Paton, Clerk of the County Court of the County aforesaid, certify that on this
day this Deed was received and lodged in my office for record, and that I have truly
recorded same, together with this and the certificate thereon endorsed, in my said office.

   Witness my hand this 16th day of April, 1927

                            Page 22
                                               Register Report

                                Pearce Paton      Clerk

                           In the margin:

                            The within mentioned notes due me having been long since paid, I hereby release the
                         lien retained to secure same, this October 28, 1933. ATT: Pearce Paton, CBCC Louise
                         Fisher Florence Louise Fisher

                         Owen Dudly first married Mattie B..

                         When Owen died Mattie meet Henry Peck at the funeral and they married soon after.
                         On September 23, 1926 when Owen Dudly was 30, he second married Mayme
                         FITZGERALD, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on September 23, 1885. Mayme
                         died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 1, 1970; she was 84.
               iv.       Henry Peck. Born on April 15, 1899 in Ruddell’s Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
                         Henry Peck died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on December 21, 1975; he was 76.
                         HENRY was listed as a member of a church Paris, Ky., 11/8/1914. First Presbyterian of
                             He resided in Paris, Ky. 40361 1974, 1533 High St.

                         On November 6, 1926 when Henry Peck was 27, he first married Katherine KENNEDY.
                         Born in 1897. Katherine died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on June 22, 1956; she
                         was 59.
                         Henry Peck second married Mattie B..

                         When Owen died Mattie meet Henry Peck at the funeral and they married soon after.
      22        v.       Willie Margaret (1905-)
               vi.       Louise Catherine. Born on January 2, 1907 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Louise
                         Catherine died in 1937; she was 29.
                         Notes on Louise Fisher: [6]
                         She resided in Georgetown, Ky.. LOUISE's occupation: Grocery Store owner in
                         Georgetown, Ky. No children
                             LOUISE was listed as a member of a church Paris, Ky., 1/4/1920. First Presbyterian
                         of Paris

                         Louise Catherine married Delbert ROBEY.
      23      vii.       Nannie Belle (1902-1994)

20. Thomas H. BUTLER.

Thomas H. married Delia PERNFLERMAN.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Thomas H.
                          Thomas H. married Margaret.
                 ii.      Lucy.
                          Lucy married J. A. ALEXANDER.

                 Family of John Henry BUTLER (18) & Elizabeth Ann Waddell JOHNSON

21. Pearl Cordelia BUTLER. Born on May 21, 1878. Pearl Cordelia died on July 2, 1963; she was 85.

On February 19, 1899 when Pearl Cordelia was 20, she married James Thomas GASTON. Born on May 3, 1875.

                                                   Page 23
                                              Register Report

James Thomas died on December 1, 1938; he was 63.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Willoughby Henry. Born on June 1, 1909. Willoughby Henry died on November 29,
                          1980; he was 71.
                          On December 21, 1931 when Willoughby Henry was 22, he married Maude Lorene
                 ii.      Curtis Lee. Born on October 10, 1915. Curtis Lee died on February 14, 1986; he was 70.
                          Curtis Lee married Kathleen Marie KILLIAN. Born on February 19, 1915. Kathleen
                          Marie died in December 1990; she was 75.

                                                    Page 24
                                             Register Report

                                             15th Generation
                      Family of Nannie Rachel BUTLER (19) & William Peck FISHER

22. Willie Margaret FISHER. Born on July 8, 1905 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Willie Margaret married George FLYNN.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Lillie Margaret
                 ii.      George William
                iii.      Biddy Ann

23. Nannie Belle FISHER. Born on June 1, 1902 in Ruddles Mills, Ky. Nannie Belle died on August 3, 1994; she
was 92.


On June 25, 1918 when Nannie Belle was 16, she married Alfred Charles Stevenson DETERMAN, son of Alois
DETERMAN (1861-1915) & Sophia Rose BAPPERT (1864-1922), in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born on May 5, 1897 in
Cincinnati, Ohio. Alfred Charles Stevenson died in Batavia, Ohio on January 21, 1975; he was 77. Buried on
January 24, 1975 in Batavia, Ohio.

Notes on Alfred Determan: [6]
POP was born Cincinnati, Ohio 5/5/1897. POP was the son of ALOIS DETERMAN and SOPHIA ROSE
BAPPERT . POP died 1/21/1975 Batavia, Ohio, at 77 years of age. He died of a Myvcardial Infarction caused by
Bronchogenis Carcinoma.(stroke and lung cancer)

His body was interred 1/24/1975 Batavia, Ohio, Batavia Cemetery.

NANCY was listed as a member of a church Paris, Ky., 11/8/1914. First Presbyterian of Paris

 She resided Paris, Ky. 1917, 135 Pine Crest Ave. NANCY's occupation: grocery and restaurant owner Cincinnati,
Ohio. She owned grocery stores and restaurants with her husband.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Anna Rachel (1936-)
                 ii.      Alfred William (1922-)
                iii.      Rose Marie Catherine (1925-)
                iv.       Richard Peck (1924-1924)

                                                   Page 25
                                              Register Report

1. Alan Dorschug Genealogy, dated May 20, 1999.
2. Family Search Ancestral File sent to Bob Francis by Alan Durschug 5/29/99 has the birthdate as “1801.”
3. Kentucky Records, Volume I, BOURBON COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS, Contributed by Mrs. William
Breckenridge Ardery, Jemima Johnson Chapter, Paris, Kentucky), p. 24.
4. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin
& County, Chicago, 1882, pp. 450-451
5. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin
& County, Chicago, 1882. p. 450.
6. Fisher Genealogy, Alan Dorschug,, April 9, 2000

                                                    Page 26
                                  Register Report

    Mary                              spouse of 10
    Mary “Polly”                      spouse of 11
    Jane                              spouse of 2
    Jane ( - 1718)                    spouse of 7
    Elizabeth                         spouse of 9
    Anne                              child of 4
    Catherine                         child of 3
    Elizabeth                         child of 5
    Elizabeth                         child of 4
    George ( - 1551)                  3
    James                             child of 4
    Jane                              child of 4
    John (1585 - )                    5
    John (1551 - 1612)                4
    John ( - 1642)                    child of 5
    Margaret                          child of 3
    Martha                            child of 4
    Mary                              child of 4
    Oliver                            child of 4
    Peter                             child of 3
    Raphael                           child of 3
    Sarah                             child of 4
    Elizabeth                         spouse of 1
    Abraham (1845 - )                 child of 13
    Alexander                         child of 14
    Alice Rob (1872 - 1941)           child of 18
    Amelia (1807 - 1886)              child of 11
    Anna (1788 - )                    child of 11
    Archie L.                         child of 17
    Armstead (1770 - 1837)            child of 10
    Benjamin (1821 - )                child of 11
    Benjamin (1768 - )                child of 10
    Birdie                            child of 17
    Bledsoe (1808 - )                 child of 11
    Catherine                         child of 14
    Catherine (1828 - )               child of 13
    Charles                           child of 10
    Charles E.                        child of 17
    Christopher                       child of 6
    Dudley (1805 - 1886)              13
    Dudley Catron (1871 - 1926)       child of 18
    Elijah (1827 - )                  child of 11

                                      Page 27
                                  Register Report

Elizabeth (1796 - )                   child of 11
Elizabeth                             child of 14
Emma (1865 - 1951)                    child of 18
Fanny (1856 - 1905)                   child of 18
Francis M. (1786 - 1838)              12
Francis M. (1847 - )                  child of 13
girl (1867 - 1867)                    child of 18
girl (1884 - 1884)                    child of 18
Henry (1787 - 1822)                   child of 11
Henry                                 child of 14
Henry A. (1826 - 1897)                16
Ichabod (1793 - 1853)                 15
Infant (1878 - )                      child of 18
James Edward                          child of 18
James H.                              child of 17
Jane (1866 - 1955)                    child of 18
Jephthah D. (1870 - 1895)             child of 16
Jeptha Dudley (1827 - 1913)           17
Jesse S. (1881 - 1905)                child of 18
John (1710 - 1805)                    9
John                                  child of 10
John                                  child of 6
John Henry (1833 - 1910)              18
Joseph                                child of 10
Joshua (1667 - 1725)                  8
Joshua (~1755 - )                     child of 10
Landon V.                             child of 17
Louisa (1842 - )                      child of 13
Lucy                                  child of 20
Lucy (1862 - )                        child of 18
Martha Catherine (1863 - 1913)        child of 18
Mary (1790 - ca1837)                  child of 11
Mary Ann (1831 - )                    child of 13
Mary Susan (1860 - 1907)              child of 18
Matilda (1837 - 1838)                 child of 13
Matilda Elizabeth (1858 - 1888)       child of 18
Minnie M.                             child of 17
Moses (1798 - 1829)                   14
Nancy (1766 - )                       child of 10
Nannie Rachel (1869 - 1908)           19
Pearl Cordelia (1878 - 1963)          21
Sarah                                 child of 14
Sarah (1760 - )                       child of 10
Spencer                               child of 10
Stephen Waller                        child of 14
Susan                                 child of 14
Susan                                 child of 15
Susanna (1792 - ca1837)               child of 11
Susannah Elizabeth (1829 - )          child of 13
Thomas (1825 - )                      child of 11
Thomas H.                             20
Thomas H. Jr.                         child of 20
Thomas I (1603 - 1646)                6
Thomas II (1625 - 1678)               7

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                                           Register Report

  Thomas Z. (ca1830 - )                        child of 12
  William (1756 - 1843)                        11
  William (1819 - )                            child of 11
  William (1735 - 1807)                        10
  William                                      child of 6
  William Dudley (1835 - 1903)                 child of 13
  William                                      2
  William                                      1
  Sarah C. (1846 - 1926)                       spouse of 16
  Joan Mount- Stephen (1605 - )                spouse of 6
  Alfred Charles Stevenson (1897 - 1975)       spouse of 23
  Alfred William (1922 - )                     child of 23
  Anna Rachel (1936 - )                        child of 23
  Richard Peck (1924 - 1924)                   child of 23
  Rose Marie Catherine (1925 - )               child of 23
  Jane (1576 - )                               spouse of 5
  Emily Brooks (1889 - 1890)                   child of 19
  Henry Peck (1899 - 1975)                     child of 19
  Julian Hartwell (1891 - 1916)                child of 19
  Louise Catherine (1907 - 1937)               child of 19
  Nannie Belle (1902 - 1994)                   23
  Owen Dudly (1895 - 1972)                     child of 19
  William Peck (1867 - 1934)                   spouse of 19
  Willie Margaret (1905 - )                    22
  Biddy Ann                                    child of 22
  George                                       spouse of 22
  George William                               child of 22
  Lillie Margaret                              child of 22
  Curtis Lee (1915 - 1986)                     child of 21
  James Thomas (1875 - 1938)                   spouse of 21
  Willoughby Henry (1909 - 1980)               child of 21
  Elizabeth (1765 - 1810)                      spouse of 11
  Elizabeth Ann Waddell                        spouse of 18
  Margaret (1832 - 1913)                       spouse of 17
  Matilda (1807 - 1887)                        spouse of 13
  Susan (1796 - 1851)                          spouse of 15
  Margaret                                     spouse of 14
  Grace                                        spouse of 8

                                               Page 29
                                  Register Report

  Delia                               spouse of 20
  Lucinda Frances (1836 - 1874)       spouse of 18
  Cressitt (1570 - )                  spouse of 4
  Mary (1535 - )                      spouse of 3
  Lydia (1784 - )                     spouse of 12
  Matilda (1778 - )                   spouse of 12
  Rachel (1806 - 1876)                spouse of 12

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