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									                                                                                                            EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MATRIX

                           The City of Legazpi, as the Regional Center of Bicol, shall stand as the model of a progressive community, where governance draws
Overall Vision of the City strength from an active and empowered citizenry and where social, economic and physical development is tempered by a
                           commitment to democracy, social justice, balanced ecology, cultural integrity and the welfare of the future generation.

      CDS Principle                 Goals                Issues/Challenges                Opportunities                   Strategies              Priority Investments
1. LIVABILITY            By 2010, the City shall:
  a. Social              > Provide quality educa-    > The city has only 3         > Strong, empowered            > Increase access to basic   > Const./Relocation of the
                           tional opportunities to     public secondary schools      organized groups of            services such as:            New Legazpi Fire Station
                           be more responsive to       with nine (9) extension       women & youth,                 - Increase of the total    > Public Cemetery
                           community needs             sites that has an average     elderly, differently-abled       no. of classrooms        > Legazpi City Community
                         > Attain a better quality     classroom-student ratio       persons, day care                for secondary public       College
                           of health and a way of      of 1:57                       workers and barangay             schools from 140 to      > Specialized City Hospital
                           living for Legazpeños     > Only nine (9) health          integrated health                199 at an average of       (Child & Maternal Care)
                         > Ameliorate the living       centers serving 25            workers                          6 classrooms per year    > Repair/Improvement of
                           condition of the econo-     rural barangays             > Strong linkages of line        - Establish rural health     School Building Facilities
                           mically disadvantaged     > High incidence of crime       agencies, the private            centers at a rate of 2     in Priority Barangays
                           and socially depressed      against property with         sector and the City              units per year           > Construction of Day Care
                           groups                      45 cases in 2005            > Presence of private,           - Strengthen public          Centers in Priority Brgys.
                                                     > Increasing incidence of       modern and specialized           safety program           > Legazpi Interactive
                                                       fire from nine (9) in         hospitals and training         - Provide livelihood         Children's Museum and
                                                       2000 to 14 in 2005            centers                          opportunities              City Library
                                                     > 10,386 households are       > Generally peaceful and         - Establish a public       > Crisis Intervention Ctr.
                                                       below the poverty             orderly                          cemetery in 2006           for Abused/Battered
                                                       threshold of Php11,858      > Strong urban poor                                           Women and Children
                                                     > More than 6,105               organizations                                               with Mental Illness
                                                       population of various       > SP Resolution waiving                                     > Detention Home for
                                                       religious affiliations        priority rights of the                                      Women in Conflict with
                                                       clamoring for a public        City public lands                                           the Law
                                                       cemetery                    > BP 220 allocating 20%                                     > Construction of Secon-
                                                                                     of subdivisions for                                         dary School Buildings
                                                                                     socialized housing                                        > Construction of Health
                                                                                   > Availability of land for                                    Centers in Rural Brgys.
                                                                                     relocation                                                > Livelihood Program
                                                                                                                                               > Land Banking Program
                                                                                                                                                 for Housing
                                                                                                                                               > Socialized Housing Proj.
                                                                                                                                               > Integrated Health Prog.
      CDS Principle             Goals                Issues/Challenges              Opportunities                    Strategies               Priority Investments
1. LIVABILITY         By 2010, the City shall:
  b. Environment      > Promote ecological       > Degradation of coastal     > Intensified education        > Formulate, adopt and         > Sewage Waste Treatment
                        balance that could         and marine environment       program to develop             implement a Coastal            Plant for the New
                        maintain a wholesome       as a result of the           awareness on environ-          Resource Management            Legazpi City Public
                        and hygienic environment   unrestrained cutting of      mental protection and          Program by 2007                Market
                        along the framework of     mangroves and destruct-      sustain interest among       > Convert the existing         > Legazpi City Sanitary
                        sustainable development    tion of coral reefs, as      people                         controlled dump site to        Landfill/Controlled Dump
                                                   well as, the unconscious   > Establishment of a site        sanitary landfill by 2006      Site
                                                   disposal of wastes in        for permanent landfill in    > Coordinate/network with      > Save Sagumayon-Macabalo
                                                   waterways                    conformity with environ-       neighboring municipalities     River Campaign
                                                 > Contamination of ground      mental sanitation laws         regarding the prevention       (SASAMACA)
                                                   water by lecheate/heavy      and rules                      of flood and disposal of     > Comprehensive Drainage
                                                   metals & toxic materials   > Strong enforcement &           wastes in waterways            and Flood Control
                                                 > Average incidence of         implementation of            > Establish the City             System
                                                   432 cases of illegal         existing laws & ordinances     Environment and Natural      > Construction of Material
                                                   fishing per year             on environment                 Resources Office               Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
                                                                              > Establishment of garbage                                      in Cluster Barangays
                                                                                collection & disposal                                       > Environmental and
                                                                                system particularly in the                                    Ecological Management/
                                                                                urban center                                                  Protection Program
                                                                              > Intensified stakeholder                                     > Reforestation Project
                                                                              > Establishment of waste
                                                                                segregation at source
                                                                              > Adequate source of
                                                                                construction materials
                                                                                like sand and gravel
                                                                              > Availability of natural
                                                                                resources like coastlines,
                                                                                marine, mineral, agricul-
                                                                                tural and forest resources
                                                                                like Mayon Volcano,
                                                                                beaches and untapped
      CDS Principle                   Goals                    Issues/Challenges             Opportunities                   Strategies               Priority Investments
1. LIVABILITY              By 2010, the City shall:
  c. Urban Development,    > Meet the demand for           > Inadequacy of infra-      > Strategic, geographical    > Formulate a Comprehen-        > Central Parking Square
     Transport and other     public transport in             structure facilities        location of the city vis-    sive Drainage and Flood       > Satellite Market
     Infra                   consonance to the             > Inadequate parking          a-vis the country            Control Master Plan in          Redevelopment
                             economic growth of              space                     > Gateway to the Visayas       2006                          > Comprehensive Drainage
                             the city                      > Flooding in urban areas     and Mindanao thru air,     > Provide adequate                and Flood Control System
                           > Provide a drainage and          during high tide and        sea and land transport       parking spaces                > Legazpi City IT Park
                             flood control system            heavy rainfall            > Availability of telecommu- > Amend zoning ordinance        > Road and Bridge
                             that will ensure sanitation   > Traffic congestion in       nication facilities and      and land use plan to            Construction and
                             and prevent economic            some areas during peak      services such as             indicate specific multi-use     Maintenance Program
                             losses as a result of           hours (7AM, 12NN and        telephone, telegraph,        areas for urban activities
                             flooding                        5PM)                        fax, internet, etc.          such as work areas
                           > Optimize the use of           > Absence of specified      > Advantageous water           (trade, services, etc.),
                             various land uses               multi-use areas where       gravity flow system of       leisure areas (recreatio-
                                                             urban activities and        distribution                 nal facilities, cultural),
                                                             services can converge     > Accessibility to all modes   IT parks, etc.
                                                                                         of transport

  a. Local Resource        By 2010, the City shall:
    Mobilization           > Be effective in raising       > High IRA dependency       > General revision of real    > Maximize revenue             > Information
                             revenues                        of 64% (2005)               property tax assessment       generation thru:               Communication
                                                           > Need to tap new           > Grants/borrowings/aids        - Staggered increase in        Technology (ICT)
                                                             sources of financing        from all sources                real property assessment     Development Program
                                                                                       > Existence of large-scale        thru a 30-30-40 scheme     > Revenue Generation
                                                                                         business establishments         over a 3-year period         Program
                                                                                       > Strong linkages with the      - Amend revenue code         > Real Property General
                                                                                         private sector                  to increase service fees     Revision Program
                                                                                                                         and charges                > Investment Promotion
                                                                                                                       - Conduct one-stop-shop        Program
                                                                                                                       - Expand priority invest-    > Revenue Code
                                                                                                                         ment areas & priority        Amendment
                                                                                                                         development areas
                                                                                                                     > Tap new sources of
                                                                                                                     > Public-private sector
      CDS Principle                  Goals                Issues/Challenges              Opportunities                   Strategies              Priority Investments
2. BANKABILITY            By 2010, the City shall:
  b. Capital Investment   > Maximize utilization of   > Local revenues not fully   > Available local and foreign > Leverage local resource
     Program                local revenues and          maximized                    financing institutions for    for financing
                            revenues generated        > Revenues generated           fund sourcing
                            from economic enter-        from economic enter-       > Presence of Medium
                            prises to finance deve-     prises to finance deve-      Term Public Investment
                            lopment projects            lopment projects             Plan
                                                                                   > Strong linkages with
                                                                                     non-government orgs.,
                                                                                     government organizations,
                                                                                     people organizations,
                                                                                     national government
                                                                                     agencies and the private
                                                                                   > Existence of large-scale
                                                                                     business establishments
                                                                                   > Availability of investment
                                                                                     incentive code
                                                                                   > Functional City Project
                                                                                     Monitoring Committee

3. COMPETITIVENESS        By 2010, the City shall:
  a. Local Economic       > Absorb the growing        > Low capacity of the        > Existence of a developed   > Conduct skills inventory    > Satellite Market
    Development             human resource              economy to absorb the        financial and banking      > Attract and boost             Redevelopment
                          > Develop Legazpi City        expanding labor force        system                       commercial activities/      > Legazpi City IT Park
                            as one of the primary     > Length of stay of          > Available manpower for       investments to absorb       > Investment Promotion
                            tourist destinations in     tourists is limited to       the agri-industry            expanding labor force         Program
                            the country                 one (1) day only           > Cheap labor                > Coordinate with adjacent      - Expansion/Development/
                                                      > High visible under-        > Competitive cost of          municipalities to come up       Operation of Legazpi
                                                        employment rate of           doing business               with a coordinated              Special Economic Zone
                                                        23.40%                     > Presence of Investment       tourism program               - Establishment of
                                                                                     Promotion Center and       > Update the Tourism              Technology and Live-
                                                                                     Investment Incentive         Master Plan                     Lihood Resource Ctr.
                                                                                     Code                       > Promote the expansion,      > Tourism Promotion
                                                                                                                  development and               Program
                                                                                                                  operation of the Legazpi      - Establishment of Techno-
                                                                                                                  Special Ecozone                 Demo Eco-Tourism
                                                                                                                                                  Site at Ligñon Hill
      CDS Principle                 Goals               Issues/Challenges               Opportunities                    Strategies             Priority Investments
3. COMPETITIVENESS       By 2010, the City shall:
  b. Agriculture         > Optimize agricultural    > Lack of pre- and post       > 59% of total land use        > Encourage and promote     > Agricultural Support
                           productivity from          harvest facilities            is dominantly agricultural     private sector invest-      Program
                           subsistence level to     > lack of wholesale           > Soil favorable to              ment in pre-and post        - Slaughterhouse Modern-
                           commercial level           market and processing         agricultural development       harvest facilities            ization
                                                      plants                      > Relatively literate          > Continue education on       - Cassava-Corn Post
                                                    > Agriculture is focused        farmers given to easy          crop and livestock            Harvest Support
                                                      on production only            supervision in technology      production                    Facility Complex
                                                    > Inadequate farm-to-           transfer                     > Promote optimum use         - Legazpi City Integrated
                                                      market roads                > Existence of community         of prime agricultural         Agricultural Development
                                                                                    structures such as             lands                         Program
                                                                                    farmers' cooperatives        > Open 21.20 kms. Of          - Const. & Operation of
                                                                                    and associations               farm-to-market roads          Ice Plant and Cold
                                                                                                                                                 Storage Facilities
                                                                                                                                               - Construction of 21.2 km.
                                                                                                                                                 Farm-to-Market Roads
                                                                                                                                                 in Southern Rural

4. GOOD GOVERNANCE       By 2010, the City shall:
   a. Transparency and   > Promote and maximize     > Feed backing mechanism      > Continuous improvement       > Formulate a feedback      > Informatiion Communi-
       Accountability      people participation       to promote accountability     of administrative              monitoring mechanism        cation and Technology
                                                      and transparency not          machinery                      to improve local            (ICT) Development
                                                      maximized                   > People empowerment             governance                  Program
                                                    > People empowerment            thru partnership in          > Implement a periodic
                                                      or participation not          governance                     reporting of the city's
                                                      maximized                   > Presence of active non-        programs and
                                                                                    government organiza-           accomplishments thru
                                                                                    tions and people               publications and the
                                                                                    organizations                  "Ulat sa Bayan"
                                                                                                                 > Consistent implement-
                                                                                                                   ation of laws and
                                                                                                                   public policies
      CDS Principle                   Goals               Issues/Challenges            Opportunities                  Strategies            Priority Investments
4. GOOD GOVERNANCE         By 2010, the City shall:
  b. Institutional         > Maximize productivity    > Lack of training needs   > Enhanced LGU and            > Conduct inventory of     > Integrated Employee
     Development             of human resource          assessment                 barangay capabilities         skills and assessment of   Development Program
                                                                                   under the Local Govt.         training needs
                                                                                   Code                        > Enhance human resource
                                                                                 > Strong inter-sectoral         capability thru
                                                                                   acceptance of the             appropriate trainings
                                                                                   10-point agenda of
                                                                                 > Availability of training
                                                                                   opportunities thru
                                                                                   various government
                                                                                 > Several schools, colleges
                                                                                   and universities offering
                                                                                   short-term vocational
                                                                                   & technical courses
                                                                                 > Center of regional
                                                                                   government offices


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