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International Reading Association

Budget Committee Chair

The budget committee chair, in conjunction with the budget committee, keeps records
of the income and expenditures of the council, prepares the annual budget, and
examines the yearly financial records.

Budget Committee Chair's Checklist
                                                        Target Date      Completion Date
• Renew your membership in the International
  Reading Association, your state/provincial
  association and your local council.                  _______________   _______________

• Serve as treasurer of the council.                   _______________   _______________

• Examine financial procedures and make
  recommendations for changes to the board.            _______________   _______________

• Examine current financial records of the council
  to become familiar with budget lines and             _______________   _______________

• Pay all bills in a timely manner—within 30 days
  unless an alternate payment schedule has been
  authorized.                                          _______________   _______________

• Obtain a second signature on all checks,
  according to council policy.                         _______________   _______________

• Deposit all income immediately.                      _______________   _______________

• Reconcile bank statements monthly.                   _______________   _______________

• Keep an up-to-date statement of income and
  expenditures listing the assets and liabilities of
  the council.                                         _______________   _______________

• Attend all council board meetings and present a
  detailed report of income and expenditures.          _______________   _______________

• Have all expenses exceeding the budget amount
  approved by the board of directors before funds
  are expended.                                        _______________   _______________
Budget Committee Chair's Checklist (continued)

                                                      Target Date      Completion Date
• Make recommendations to the board on the best
  financial institution to use for deposit and
  disbursement of funds.                             _______________   _______________

• Keep the board informed on the status of any
  council investments; make recommendations for
  liquidating or reinvesting.                        _______________   _______________

• Prepare a realistic budget for the coming year
  based on projected income and funds needed by
  officers and committee and task force chairs.      _______________   _______________

• Present the proposed budget to the president and
  the board for revision, approval, and adoption.    _______________   _______________

• Send letters of appreciation to all committee
  members at the end of your term.                   _______________   _______________

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