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                                             Mattresses For Every Taste And Need
                                                                By Barney Garcia

   Matresses are very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Today there are many kinds of
mattresses available in the market, each designed specifically for your need and requirement. Good
quality mattresses usually last for a long time, provided that you follow certain guidelines.

Choosing the Right Mattresses

The kind of mattress you need depends on your body and sleeping habits. You would need a firm
mattress if you sleep on your stomach. Those who sleep on their sides will need a soft mattress
because it causes less stress on their pressure points. Ask the salesman about the basic differences
between each mattress. Before you purchase any mattress try it for atleast ten minutes by lying down
in different postures.

Types of Mattresses

There are several types of mattresses available in the market, of which the spring matresses are the
most popular. They have upholstery layers that separate the body from the steel coils to give you
greater comfort. Pillow top mattresses come in a wide variety of firmness levels. Foam mattresses are
made up of either layers of foam that are laminated together, or have a solid core of foam to give you
more comfort and support. Air mattresses form a very small fragment of the mattress business. They
are basically used for temporary purposes, like camping. Water mattresses are the rarely used
because they are hard to adjust and most of the homes are not designed to take the weight in one
place. Futon mattresses are great space savers, as you can use them as a couch or a mattress to
sleep on. The adjustable mattresses work wonders for people having back problems. These are
electrical mattresses that change position with a hand control.

Maintenace of Your Mattresses

To ensure long life of your mattress you need to follow certain guidelines. Do not put stress on a
particular area of your mattress; therefore, avoid standing or jumping. Rotate your mattress atleast
every three month. Use a mattress pad because it adds another layer of protection for your mattresses
and block the dust particles that may cause harm to your mattresses. Be careful not to remove the
mattress tag as it establishes your warranty rights. To ensure a longer life of your mattress try to spend

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as little time as posible on bed. While cleaning it, follow the instructions of the manufacturer rather than
applying your own techniques.

A good mattress will help you wake up rested. But maintaining your health is your concern and for that
you would need to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Barney Garcia writes about many different adjustable and mattress topics.
http://www.matresses-galore.info, http://www.mattresses-now.info and

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                            The Special Features Of A Full Size Mattress
                                            By Tori A Hewitt

 Mattress size would be the key feature or factor to consider when purchasing a mattress, particularly if
you are shopping for a mattress as a couple. Mattresses come in different sizes: king size mattress,
queen size mattress, full size mattress, single size mattress and twin size mattress. A full size mattress
has dimensions that are close to the dimensions of other mattresses; you may find it difficult to tell the
difference between a full size mattress and its other counterparts.

Similar to other mattress types, a full size mattress is composed of several layers of fibers, foam or any
other forms used as mattress stuffing. Full size mattresses are typically available worldwide, most
especially in the United States and other advanced countries. When it comes to thickness, full size
mattresses and other large size mattresses are usually between 6 to 18 inches thick.

Different Sizes of Full Size Mattresses

Typically, a full size mattress is just the same as a double size mattress. A full size mattress has a
width of 54 inches and length of 75 inches. These measurements apply in North American and Europe.
However, in other countries such as those in Asia, full size mattresses have a width of 48 inches and
length of 78 inches -- a slight reduction in width and a slight addition in length.

Another kind of full size mattress is the full extra large mattress, which is only found in North America.
A full extra large mattress has a width of 54 inches and length of 80 inces, longer than the length of the
Asian full size mattresses.

People often get confused between a full size mattress and a queen size mattress due to how close
their dimensions are. A queen size mattress typically has a width of 60 inches and length of 80 inches,
almost similar to the width and length of a full size mattress. Generally, the size of a full size mattress
can vary in the United Kingdom and the other European countries, but the width of both queen size
and full size mattress is the same.

Tips When Buying a Full Size Mattress

One major consideration in purchasing a full size mattress is the general finish, the padding and
materials used, which must be of good quality. Like queen size mattresses, full size mattresses come
in three different comfort levels. In the United States, full size mattresses have a two-year warranty so
make sure that the full size mattress you buy is covered with a warranty that is no less than two years.

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