Newsletter 2 by jamesmant


									                                                                                             September 2008
Chaptter 2…
Chap er 2…
After a lot of ‘email tennis’ making arrangements for
funds allocations and the organising of people and
equipment on the Katolo side, first up on the list was
a 3 classroom school building.

Each classroom has a lockable door and a huge
window for lots of fresh air and natural light. Most
definitely a wonderful learning environment.             “Yes just there!” James gives some instructions…

“Like this… See…” demonstrates James.
                                                         This should fit everyone in quite comfortably and
Check out that natural light… Can’t wait to see some    What a lovely day to be outside kids!
kid-covered furniture in here!
                                                        For more information, purchases and
With the school building now complete on with the       donations or just a general chat about the
business of learning.
                                                        project please contact us at:
As most of these children are from very poor and
unfortunate circumstances and with food being in
high demand but in short supply many of these
children would go hungry of it were not for the         FUND RAISERS in ACTION
function and support from places such as this           As money makes the world go round currently there
nursery school. While here at the school the children   are:
will receive at least one basic nutritious meal in
conjunction with their education for the day.               •   Freddos by the box load are always a winner

                                                            •   A movie night is in the near future

                                                            •   Paper necklaces are always available and
                                                                great for gifts, anyone started their
                                                                Christmas shopping yet!!!

Some eager students watching on excitedly!

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