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					Social Realism
        Katie Maud
     Characteristics of Social
Social realism presents the real problems caused by
  society :-
• Unemployment
• Lack of money
• Drugs
• Abuse
• Illness
• Death
Having pointed the features of social realism, they
  do like to add humour in the films to lift up the
  characters unfortunate positions.
 What I am going to present?
I am going to present the social
  realism genre in three films:-

• Bend it like Beckham
• Adulthood
• This is England
   ‘Bend it like Beckham’2002
         Film openings!
                                  Here is a screenshot representing
                                  the reality of life and the culture
                                  of the British/Indian woman that
                                  she is living. This is also
                                  representing how she is living two
                                  lives in secret, demand and loyalty
                                  but betraying her family religion
                                  and tradition.

‘Bend It like Beckham’ takes these themes and adds extra
ingredients to the dish – football, Shakespearean confusions over
identity and sexuality, in-jokes about both British pop culture and
the Sikh way of life, and a music soundtrack mixing a range of
East/West sounds and musical style
                                   … This screenshot here is showing the
                                     difference of her traditional life and
                                     the life she has been bought in to the
                                     life she wants. This is representing her
                                     dreams and how the position she is in is
                                     disrespecting her family and again their

Always a rich mine for comedy, the film not only looks at the differences
between the British and Asian lifestyles, but also the clashes within the
Punjabi community itself. British people trying to ‘get’ the Asian culture
are gently mocked, particularly when Jess arrives to see Jules, Mrs Paxton
responds with a feeble ‘Oooh, I made a lovely curry yesterday’ and tells her
that her mum will obviously be ‘fixing her up with a nice handsome doctor’,
as of course, according to English people, all professional Asian men are
doctors! Joe arrives at Jess’ house to explain about the crucial match and
Pinky, Jess’ sister, asks why she has brought home a ‘Gora’ (slang for a
white person). ‘He’s Irish’ says Jess, to which Pinky replies ‘Yeah well
they all look the bloody same’, which turns the traditional stereotype on its
head. This represents the way the social realism film is showing the clashes
between different culture and religions.
          ‘Bend it like Beckham’
Bend It Like Beckham fits into the Social Realism genre because of social realism being
    able to show a single issue or many. These range from and are not limited to racial
    differences, religious differences, phobias, class issues, problems from teenagers and
    so on.
Bend it like Beckham is more specific to the elements of Religion, Sports and integrating.
                                                 This is social realism because it is
                                                 showing their religion with the use of
                                                 their clothing and how it is tradition
                                                 to hide your face before you get married
                                                 to show your innocence.
                                                 his is representing their religion,
                                                 being English/Indians they are portrayed
                                                 in this way to be proud of their
                                                 religion, past and background.
Having a church in
the background is
emphasizing on
religions, but
showing elements of
different religions.
This is also
portraying social
realism in way in
which it is showing
the location of this
scene being in an
open area with a
church hidden in the

Having men playing in front of a woman with their shirt of is portraying how they
are rebellious to the fact that she has her pride however she is rebelling from her
religion status in being around men with no tops on, whereas in the movie there is
a scene where her mother is disgusted with the site of her playing with these
outrageous men.
This is presenting ‘Jess’ the character playing football with a group of boys on
the field. Whereas above is showing her sister being innocent and looking sad for
the last day of her innocence. This is portraying social realism as it is showing
the reality between the differences of what they believe in and their dreams.

This screen shot here is representing the character
‘Jess’ juggling her dream life of being a professional
footballer to her traditional life and religion. This scene
is when her football team is helping her get ready for her
sister’s religious wedding.
religious wedding.

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