Reflection by wanghonghx



 This year I started with art club as part of my community and service it was a
really fun and tiring activity. I joined the community and service because I like
art and creative stuff so I choose art club as a community and service this year, I
really liked the project and I hope I continues with it next year.

 The Art club is a club were you can express your art skills and learn to be
creative so you can be an artist, you can make any thing you want that the
teacher wants you to do, the project was also about uncompleted pieces of art
that people didn’t complete it, you can complete it instead of them.

 In this project I was completing peoples art work that aren’t completed, my job
was to color a bench that were created by the IB student that weren’t complete,
so in this community and service I focused a lot on completing the bench with my
6 grader partner.

 In this project I was having a job of painting a bench with my 6-grader partner
we were successful together but we faced a lot of problems, there were two days
in a week for this community and service project which are Monday, and
Tuesday, I wasn’t able to come on Mondays because I had after school activity
for football practice, so I only can come on Tuesdays, my partner always come on
Mondays and never comes on Tuesdays but I don the opposite of him, I come on
Tuesdays and never comes on Mondays so we cant share our plans together, but
however we were a very good pairs. In this project I was two weeks a row
because I was sick so I missed a lot of days, if I want to express my feelings about
this project, this project was boring most of the time and also challenging
however I’m hoping that I can join the activity once again next year.

 In this community and service activity the profile word that best suits me is a
RISK-TAKER because I was taking risk’s every time I drew I piece of art work, ex.
When it’s a point of selecting colors for the piece of art work I may have some
risk of using colors that doesn’t match, it may let the piece of art work more
creative and colorful.

 My next step is to join the same activity next year or I select another one, I think
im choosing the same activity because I want to show people my nice art work
and my skills in art, I also want to join the activity next year so I express my art
work more and be a prefocional artist in the future.

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