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					                                  TASER® Master Instructor School
                           Monday, October 15th – Friday, October 19th, 2012
                                           Charlotte, NC

                      Co-Hosted by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The TASER Training Academy is pleased to announce that we are holding a Master Instructor School,
October 15th – 19th, 2012 at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The TASER Master Instructor School is a five-day certification course for both new and recertifying
Master Instructors. The first day of the Master Instructor School is the Use of Force, Risk Management &
Legal Strategies Seminar. Master Instructor candidates are required to attend the seminar if they have
not attended in the last two years. Areas of emphasis will include legal updates, medical research,
safety considerations, scenario-based training, training drills, all TASER products, Electronic Control
Device (ECD) maintenance, crime scene investigation following ECD use, instructor development, and a
review of the new information contained in the training syllabus. All students who successfully
complete the program will be trained and certified as Master Instructors on all current TASER ECDs.
Certification is valid for two years for new Master Instructors and three years for recertifying Masters.

New Master Instructor applicants must meet the attached general requirements. All candidates must
sign a release form on the first day of training. Newly applying masters must include the registration
form, master application, resume and letter of recommendation. All four documents must be submitted
together, directly to Jennifer at 480-905-2034 (fax).

NOTE: Class is scheduled from 0800-1700 hrs each day. This is subject to change based on training and
facility needs. When making travel arrangements, please remember class will run until 1700 hrs on
Friday, October 19th and the airport is approximately 15 minutes away from the training facility.
Students who leave prior to the conclusion of the class WILL NOT have completed the requirements to
become a Master Instructor!!

The fee for the Master Instructor School is $695 whether you are new or recertifying.
Lunch will be provided each day.

Please use the attached form to register.

I look forward to training with you!

Rick Guilbault
Vice President- Training

(The TASER Master Instructor School is Open to Qualified Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Only)
                                    Master Instructor School Registration

                          Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Training Academy
                                             1770 Shopton Rd.
                                            Charlotte, NC 28217

                                Monday, October 15th – Friday, October 19th, 2012

Rank: ________Name: __________________________ Department: __________________________

Phone: ________________________________ Email: ______________________________________


New Master: _____________                                  Recertifying Master: ________________

I would like to pay the registration fee by (check one):

Master Fee:                      ______ $695 Per Person (Risk Management Seminar fee included)

                   **Payment must be submitted in advance of the school**

   Please check the type of credit card: ______Visa ______ MasterCard ______ AMEX

    Credit Card Number ________________________________ Expiration: ___________ Sec: _____

    Name on card: __________________________Authorized Signature__________________________

    Billing Address: ___________________________________________________________________

   Check (Mail checks with completed form)

   Purchase Order               PO Number: _______________________________________________


Please contact the Holiday Inn – Charlotte Center City at 704-335-5400 to make your reservation. The
hotel is located at 230 N. College St. – Charlotte, NC 28202. The room rate is $119 a night (before hotel
fees and taxes).
Please fax this completed form to 480-905-2034 attention Jennifer Bliven, or mail to TASER
International, Attn: Jennifer Bliven, 17800 N. 85th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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