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  Cross Country

  Boys and Girls
   Parent Survival Guide

We have a sense of urgency…
         Conference Champions
         Girls: 2004, 2005, 2006
            Boys: 2004, 2006

           Regional Qualifiers
 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

             State Qualifiers
      Girls: 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006
      Boys: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006
Dear Parents,

         Welcome to another season of the best “running” show on dirt! Please read through this
information packet, it should prove valuable as you encounter questions along the way.

         Both the boys and girls bring back two great teams this year and that thick August air we’ve been
running in may be foreshadowing something special. Your kids have high expectations for themselves and
their teams in general. We’re sure it will craft many of those priceless teenage moments full of drama and

          The coaching staff has its work cut out for them and we’ll need your help. We’ll be traveling to
Tampa on the last weekend of September and then to Charlotte, N.C. the first weekend in October. As you
glance over the rest of our schedule you will notice we have one home meet this year: The Bale-n-Trail,
will be October 13. However there is a possibility of hosting the district meet the first weekend in
November as well. With each event we’ll need help running the concession stand, directing the race,
timing and preparing a hospitality room. While each family will be assigned some responsibilities please
feel free to request a job where you’re the most comfortable. Our parent volunteer coordinator will be
contacting you soon to let you know where you can help.

         Being a parent of a runner can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Early morning meets
and practices will be a staple for the next few months and stories of sore muscles, blistered feet, and tough
coaches will probably inundate your dinner table. Through it all, your kids will want you to be there,
whether they admit it or not. Parents are the backbone to any successful high school program, and we look
forward to working with you. In fact, we will probably be coming to you individually for your help at
some point in the season.

         This packet is designed to assist you and your athlete through the upcoming season.
In it you will find:
         An explanation of Cross Country
         Info on equipment and injuries
         Team expectations
         Team phone numbers
         Schedule of races
         Directions to meets

If you have any questions please ask. We look forward to seeing you on the cross country course.

-The BTCC Coaching Staff

Head Girls Coach :         David Frank     Cell: 662-0913
Head Boys Coach:           Paul Nowicki    Cell: 465-7204
Asst. Girls Coach:         Wendy Patterson
Asst. Boys Coach           Eric Frank
What is Cross Country?

1. Cross Country is a messy, rugged, tough, mentally challenging, physically demanding TEAM sport where
competitors race for three miles over grass fields, golf courses, parks and other tough terrain. The runners race for
time as well as for place. It’s not easy! Having played many sports throughout high school and college, I have the most
respect for this one.

2. The Varsity squad consists of the top seven runners. They are selected based on their times each week. All
remaining runners will run in the JV race. If a JV athlete runs a faster time than a Varsity runner, on the same day,
then they may be selected to run on the Varsity squad for the next race. The coach reserves the right to have the
ultimate authority to choose the best seven teammates to run in the varsity race each week.

3. The top five runners for each team in the Varsity and JV races will score. Their places will be added up and the
team with the lowest total score wins.
ex. BT places = 1,2,3,4,+5=15 (lowest possible score, sometimes called a sweep)

4. All team members who meet the minimum fitness requirements and who do not run in the Varsity race will run in
the JV race, regardless of year in school. Occasionally, we will attend meets were only the JV or only the Varsity will

5. An athlete has a number of opportunities to earn a Varsity Letter but they must all finish the season in good
          A.) Finish in the top 20% at the conference meet.
          B.) Run in any state series meet.
          C.) Run under 18:00mins (boys) 22:00mins (girls) in a cross country race, on an appropriately measured

Why should my kid run Cross Country?

          Running on the Cross Country team provides your child with a unique experience outside of the classroom.
They will challenge themselves on a daily basis, learn to set and achieve goals, understand what it is to fail and succeed
and be a part of a small family at school that provides for the social and emotional needs of teenagers.

Equipment and Uniforms

1. Uniforms and all necessary equipment will be issued to each runner (with the exception of racing spikes). Its return
in good condition is essential. Any non-return of program or school property or return of damaged property will
result in a charge to the student/athlete.

2. Runners will need at least one pair of good quality running shoes. They do not need to be expensive. More money
does not correspond to higher quality training shoes.

3. Each athlete will need a pair of racing spikes. They do provide a significant advantage to racing for the fastest
athletes. All shoes and spikes can be purchased at a sporting good store or 1st Place Sports on Baymeadows Rd near
the intersection of San Jose Blvd. 1st Place Sports is strictly a running store, whose qualified staff can assist in the
purchase of shoes. If you tell them you run for Bartram Trail they will give you a 10% discount!

4. Each runner will also need a digital wristwatch with split capabilities.
Injury Prevention
           Injuries are a fact of sport, and Cross Country is no exception. The most common type that your student
athlete may suffer from is an overuse injury. We will all suffer from these every once in a while. HAVE NO FEAR.
Most of your children will experience soreness, at some time. Shin splints are common and knee and hip joint
tenderness is not rare. The best formula for avoiding and reducing these injuries is running in proper shoes and
plentiful and proper stretching. Ibuprofen is the best pain medicine because it is an anti-inflammatory, however an
athlete should not get to the point were taking a pain medicine is a daily occurrence. Icing sore joints and shins after
ANY workout does wonders for the next day.

         Please call if you have any concerns. All injuries can get worse and we will monitor them closely, but most
can be handled with a little rest and/or some cut back in training.

1. Our runners need to drink plenty of water. Living in Florida there is no way around it. We recommend they drink
at least eight 16 oz water bottles full each day. Notice this is double than that for the average person. Gatorade is
great for after workouts, but water is better for before workouts. Bring a water bottle to school and practice. Make
sure all teachers have approved it first.

2. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it actually pulls water out of our system. When we drink a 12 oz Coke, we have
to drink 24ozs of water to get to our desirable level of hydration. Caffeine and carbonation are big no-no's to serious
Cross Country runners.

3. Runners should be eating a diet rich in carbohydrates (for energy), protein (for muscle development), calcium (for
bone strength), and iron (for oxygen transport). Oxygen is the most important food for our working muscles. There
is very little nutritional value in junk food. Also, don’t worry about counting calories; our bodies are magnificent
machines that will burn anything if the furnace is hot enough.

Race Day
          BE PREPARED! Cross country meets can be hot and humid or cold and windy. Make sure your young
runner has the right clothes for the elements; plenty of warm clothes for late in the season and plenty of dry clothes for
hot days. Between warming-up, racing and cooling down, it is a good idea to have a number of T-shirts, pairs of socks
and shorts to put on and stay as dry as possible.

            Our runners will meet early enough to walk the course and warm-up appropriately. Please do your best to
resist the urge to “hover” over the athletes on race day. It will be especially difficult right before and right after the
race. Your child will sense your nervousness for them if you hang around the team camp while they are warming up.
Also, it’s important for their bodies to ‘cool-down’ as close to the end of the race as possible. Your athletes will be
instructed to find their teammates after a race and to immediately begin that routine. Please look to congratulate your
athlete after they have had an opportunity to properly warm-down and stretch.

          Most kids will need you there for emotional support, but far enough away to give them a little space. Make
sure your kids know where you will be in case they need something special, but allow the team to spend race day

Team Travel
           This is a hot topic. There are specific rules and regulations concerning when we will take a bus. If a bus is
secured for “TEAM” travel, all athletes will ride that bus from the Bartram Trail campus. Riding a bus can sometimes
be uncomfortable, but it is a great team building experience. For in town meets that are not directly after school,
athletes are responsible for their own transportation. Under no circumstances are athletes allowed to ride home from a
meet with anyone but a family member.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco:
The use of illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol is strictly forbidden on our team and is immediate grounds for dismissal.
Girls General Team Expectations

1. There are no individuals and one person’s goals always come after the team’s. Be on your bus
and help drive it.

2. Love your teammates.

3. Trust your teammates and the training program.

4. Be on time to practice. Tardiness may be unavoidable for most of us at sometime or another,
but habitual lateness shows a lack of respect for your team and your coach’s time. Don’t make
your team suffer because of, or force a coach to deal with, your time management problems

5. Runners who miss practice without a valid excuse will be subject to suspension or other
appropriate consequences. Repeated unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team. If a
student/athlete’s excuse is within the list of acceptable excuses from school, it will be considered
acceptable for the team and coach. An athlete may not compete in practice or competition if they
have not been in school for over half of that school day.

6. We expect runners to inform us if they will be absent form practice. Doctor’s appt., dentist
trips, etc. are understandable and expected. Proper communication with the coaches will eliminate
any possible problems.

7. Practice won’t be canceled because of bad weather. (Emergency weather withstanding)

8. Bring water and a watch to practice each day!

Boys General Team Expectations
1. Be present.

2. Be on time. The only way to be on time is to be ahead of time. When you are late, you
are displaying a lack of respect and commitment to your TEAM.

3. Conduct yourselves as gentlemen, in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in all
other aspects of your life. Represent your family, Bartram Trail High School, and your
TEAMmates in a positive manner at all times.

when you make a decision, you are making it for everyone on the TEAM.
Girls Bartram Trail Cross Country Phone List
  LastName    FirstName    Phone     Grade     Neighborhood
     Batt        Emily    230-9514    11        Cimaronne
    Briggs       Katie    287-9533    10            JCP
   Cooper        Callie   284-9587    11        Orangedale
     Dale       Kelsey    230-4131     9
     Doll       Bianca    287-3295    12        Cunn. Ck PL.
   Dunbar        Katey    287-8836    11      Mallard Landing
    Gross      Natasha    230-1858    12             JCP
    Gubitz      Allison   287-3409    10             JCP
    Heirs     Stephanie   284-7350    11         Orangedale
   Mackie        Diana    287-0716    12       Fruit Cove Rd.
   Maurice       Emily    287-4062    11             JCP
    Meier      Michelle   955-0818    11             JCP
   Novack       Kristin   823-9704    12       St. Johns Golf
   Novack      Melanie    823-9704    11       St. Johns Golf
  Patterson     Natalie   230-3837    11             JCP
    Perez       Alaina    342-0279     9             JCP
    Pruett       Katie    287-2476    10        Roberts Rd.
   Ragland       Laura    287-7692    12      Remington Oaks
     Roth       Cassie    342-0356    11        South Creek
   Sexton      Lyndsey    230-7331    11     Bartram Plantation
   Waldrip       Elena    287-9421    11         River Oaks
   Walker       Rachel    807-6566    11             JCP
    Wood        Mariah    287-5170    10         Maplewood
Boys Bartram Trail Cross Country Phone List
             Name                 Home Phone
             Andrew Mosier        230-7572
             Andy Daugherty       230-8677
             Anthony Popiel       825-0044
             Arthur Pottenger     825-2894
             Austin Smith         230-9313
             Bryan Jagermen       230-1863
             Chad Worrell         287-6098
             Chase Burke          230-6642
             Chase Sumrall        940-8804
             Chris Dendor         287-0105
             Daniel Young         230-8628
             Eric Ochoa           230-4322
             Jared Shuman         342-0663
             Joe Hellriegel       829-1101
             Jonathan Boswell     230-0741
             Matt Rocheleau       380-0297
             Michael Fiorentino   230-9881
             Mike Thompson        287-2277
             Paul Miller          287-9026
             Peter Coggeshall     230-4781
             Phillip Skelley      230-0224
             Ryan Torp            230-9272
             Sean Daugherty       230-8677
             Tyler Blair          230-1292
             Yamil Morales        217-0279
Directions to meets

University of Florida Mountain Dew Invite. – 1.5 – 2 hours
       Hwy 301 south to the city of Waldo. Take Rd. 26 to Gainesville. Once in town
take University Blvd. (west) through downtown Gainesville.

Bishop Kenny H.S. –30 mins-
       -Take I-95 N -Take Exit 104- turn right on Emerson Street
       -At next Traffic Light-turn leftcon Spring Park Road
       -Go 2 blocs- Turn left on Ridgewood -Go 1/2 Block-turn right on Ridgewood Plaza
       -At stop light-turn left on Atlantic Boulevard
       -At stop light-turn right on Kingman Avenue

Ridgeview H.S. -30 mins-
        Head North on I-295, across the river. Turn south, left, on Blanding Blvd. Go past the
mall and Orange Park H.S.. Take a right on Madison Ave. (approx. 10-15 mins from 295) The
school is on the right.

Southern Stars (Tampa) – Ed Radice Sports Complex

Wendy’s Invite (Charlotte, NC) – McAlpine Park

St. Johns River Conference Championships -45mins (Pedro Menendez)
       Take I-95 south to St. Johns CR 206, go east, or right under the overpass. The school is
about one mile down on the left.

District @ TBA

Region Meet @ Santa Fe CC

State Little Everglades Park, Dade City -3 hours-
         S.R. 13 south to Hwy 16 West (right), through Green Cove Springs, to US 301 South
(left). The Park is on US 301 just North of Dade City, about 75-90 minutes at this point. If you
chose to take I-75 south once you get into Ocala, (will be faster this way, just follow signs to I-75)
you will want to exit for Dade City onto SR 50, ironically this exit is also #301. Take SR 50 east
back to US 301 and turn south.
                                                          Bartram Trail
                                                          Cross Country
                                                2007 Meet Schedule
Date              Event                                Place                   Start Time
Sept. 1           Devil Take the Hindmost              BTHS Track              8:00am
Sept. 7           Mountain Dew Invite                  University of Florida   4:00pm
Sept. 15          Katie Caples                         Bishop Kenny            8:00am
Sept. 22          practice                             TBA                     7:00am
Sept. 29          Bob Hans Invite.                     Ridgeview HS            8:00am
Sept. 29          Southern Stars                       Tampa                   4:00pm
Oct. 6            Wendy’s Invite.                      Charlotte, NC           9:00am
Oct. 13           Bale-n-Trail                         BTHS                    8:00am
Oct. 20           practice                             TBA                     7:00am
Oct. 23           Conference Champs                    Pedro Menendez          4:30pm
Oct. 27           practice                             TBA                     7:00am
Oct. 3            District Meet                        TBA                     TBA
Nov. 10           Region Meet                          Santa Fe CC             8:00am
Nov. 17           State Meet                           Dade City               8:00am
All times are approximations of event start and not athlete arrival.

Good dates to take the ACT:          10/27, 12/8
Good dates to take the SAT:          12/1, 1/26/08

Conflicting ACT dates:               09/15, (varsity only)
Conflicting SAT dates:               10/6, 11/3 (varsity only)

Girls Practice Schedule:
Mon: 6:00pm @ Durbin/Julington Reserve
Tues: 6:00am @ BTHS & 3:45 @ ???? for varsity only
Wed: 3:15pm @ BTHS
Thurs: 6:00am @ BTHS & 3:45 @ ???? for varsity only
Fri:    3:15pm @ BTHS
Sat:    TBA

*note: Practice schedule subject to change as it gets cooler.

Boys Practice Schedule:
M-F:   6:15 am @ BTHS
Sat:   TBA
                               Bartram Trail
                               Cross Country

                           The Fees Collection Sheet

                                        Bill Day
There’s no such thing as a free lunch! So here’s an attempt to put all our money
collections on one sheet. I was always one to pull the band-aid off fast and get it over
with quick.

Pay to Participate              ………………           $ 40.00         1st sport
                                                 make 1st separate check payable to
                                                 Bartram Trail

Booster Club Membership         ………………           $ 15.00         per family per school year
                                                 make 2nd separate check payable to
                                                 Bartram Trail Booster Club

Bear Affair Fund Raiser         ……………….          $ 5.00
                                                 make 3rd separate check payable to
                                                 MayBeth Ragland

CC Team Stuff
    T-Shirt                     ……………            $ 12.84          quantity & size ___________

    Jog-bra                     …………….           $ ???            quantity & size ___________

    Team Sack-pack                               $ 12.84          quantity         ___________

                                                 make 4th separate check payable to
                                                 Orlando Team Sports

All checks are due at practice
Friday Aug. 30th a.k.a. “BILL DAY”

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