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									                          LEADERSHIP & SUSTAINABILITY SEMINAR
                                  19 & 20 MARCH 2012
                                      9.30am TO 4.30pm

 With support from the Northern Leadership Academy we are pleased to announce our inaugural
   seminar on Leadership & Sustainability. This two day event will demonstrate how these two
themes are closely linked and investigates both academic theory and the implementation of this in
                                  your own business practice.

Day 1                                            Day 2
On the theme of Leadership                       On the theme of Sustainability

Key note Speaker – Dr Thomas Lawton              Key Note Speaker – Rebecca Willis
‘Leading through Innovation and Strategic        ‘Sustainability & Business Practice’

Workshop 1 Strategic Planning with Thomas        Workshop 4 Overcoming Challenges with
Lawton & Dr John Luffrum. How businesses         Rebecca Willis & Dr John Luffrum. The barriers
can use various strategic planning models as     faced in sustainable practices and how to use
part of their leadership approach in achieving   them to best advantage
a sustainable business model

Workshop 2 Behavioural Changes with              Workshop 5 Reflective Thinking with Jonathan
Jonathan Bowyer. The impact customers,           Bowyer. Applying reflective thinking techniques
employees and stakeholders can have on           to solve leadership challenges
achieving a sustainable business model

Workshop 3 Triple Bottom Line with Nigel         Workshop 6 Sustainable Clients with the
Catterson & Elspeth Lees. Measuring the          Cumbria Green Business Forum. What do
effects and benefits of sustainable practices    customers want and how to encourage their
within small organisations                       sustainable practices

World Café                                       World Café
This event gives delegates the opportunity to    This event gives delegates the opportunity to
speak with support organisations from both       speak with support organisations from both
leadership and sustainability backgrounds        leadership and sustainability backgrounds

Each delegate will be given the opportunity to   Each delegate will be given the opportunity to
attend 2 out of 3 of these workshops. We will    attend 2 out of 3 of these workshops. We will
make every effort to ensure you attend your      make every effort to ensure you attend your
first choice of workshop but cannot make any     first choice of workshop but cannot make any
guarantee.                                       guarantee.
Thomas Lawton

                          Thomas Lawton is a consultant, writer and educator who has advised some of
                          the world's best companies. His expertise in building leadership capabilities and
                          restructuring strategic operating systems has enabled clients to achieve market
                          breakout and business success. He has been Academic Director of the global
                          Executive MBA in International Financial Services Management for JP Morgan
                          Asset Management. He leads executive and graduate programs on corporate
                          strategy, leadership, and international business dynamics at corporations and
                          universities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

                          Professor Lawton works with visionary managers and entrepreneurs to unleash
                          market growth and chart strategic trajectories. His current and previous clients
include the Arab Air Carriers Organization, Bank of Chongqing, Bombardier Transportation, EDF Energy,
Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi, IBM, the International Air Transport Association, International Union of
Railways, the Singapore High Technology Association, Volvo Trucks and WYG Group.

  Rebecca Willis
                            Rebecca Willis is an independent researcher. Her work focuses on
                            environmental politics and policymaking at both a national and local level.
                            Rebecca convenes Green Alliance’s Climate Leadership Programme for
                            MPs, and advises the Lake District National Park on climate change. In May
                            2011 she was appointed as a Council Member of the Natural Environment
                            Research Council. She writes on issues such as climate change, energy
                            policy, public attitudes to the environment, government spending and
                            taxation, and the environmental and social impact of new technologies.
                            From 2004-11 Rebecca was Vice-Chair of the UK Sustainable Development
                            Commission, working with government ministers, advisers and officials to
                            ensure that government policy reflects sustainability goals.

Her freelance portfolio has included work with a range of organisations including Co-operatives UK,
Ashridge Business School, Cranfield University and The University of Leeds.
Rebecca is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, and has contributed to a range of media
including BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme, The Guardian, New Statesman and specialist
environmental press. She is an Associate of the think-tank Demos, and of environmental group Green
Alliance. From 2001-4 she was Green Alliance’s Director. Previously, Rebecca spent two years as a
policy adviser at the European Parliament in Brussels, specialising in international environmental issues

Workshop facilitators include:

Nigel Catterson of the west Cumbria Derwent Forest Development Consortium. The project aims to
convert a former MoD site into a model of sustainable living, working, learning and leisure.

Dr John Luffrum
Senior lecturer at the University of Cumbria with responsibility for the MBA in Leadership & Sustainability.
He is also involved in the development of relationships with international partners.

With the support of the Northern Leadership Academy a limited number of SMEs will qualify for the
discounted price of only £50 per person for one day and £100 per person for two days. This discounted
price is open to SMEs across the north west.

The standard price for one day is £150 per person and for two days is £300 per person.

To reserve your place please email for a booking form. If you have further
questions please contact either or


Day One – Leadership

9.00 Registration
9.30 Welcome – Peter Strike
9.45 Tom Lawton
11.15 Coffee
11.35 Q & A
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Welcome back and instructions
1.15 Workshop 1 Workshop 2 World cafe
2.15 Workshop 1 Workshop 3 World cafe
3.15 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 World cafe
4.15 Close

Day 2 – Sustainability

9.00 Registration
9.30 Welcome
9.45 Rebecca Willis
11.15 Coffee
11.35 Q & A
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Welcome back and instructions
1.15 Workshop 4 Workshop 5 World cafe
2.15 Workshop 4 Workshop 6 World cafe
3.15 Workshop 5 Workshop 6 World cafe
4.15 Close

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