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									                                               3d Battalion, 24th Marines
                                                  January 2012 Edition

              From the Battalion Commander
                                                                           Major Carl Martinez now assisting with operations in addition to
                                                                           his demanding duties as the Inspector/Instructor for Weapons
                                                                           Company. Additionally, I want to congratulate Major Curcio, the
Ladies and Gentlemen,                                                      India Company Commander, on his well-deserved promotion.

 This time of year sees a heavy emphasis on annual training                I do anticipate that there will be changes in the structure of the
requirements, Toys for Tots, the celebration of the Marine Corps           Battalion in accordance with the Marine Corps drawdown and
Birthday, and the completion of hundreds of fitness reports.               realignment of facilities. That said, Marine Forces Reserve will
The dynamic involved with this time of year means that many                not lose end strength, but will create new units and eliminate
are extremely busy, while others are not so busy and simply look           some other units. As soon as I hear something solid I will let the
forward to getting back to the field. I do hope that everyone had          leadership of the Battalion know how this will affect us. In
a blessed holiday season and a happy new year.                             closing, I pray the best for all of you in 2012. If in any way you
                                                                           are concerned about the health and welfare of your Marine,
I am pleased to report that across the battalion we continue               Sailor and your family, please let us know. It is truly an honor to
make positive refinements. As Marines, it is our obligation to             serve each of you.
continually make things better within the scope of our influence.
From my vantage point we have solidified our information                   Semper Fidelis,
management processes; established a solid training plan for
Fiscal Year 12; and continue to build our staff at the battalion           LtCol. Chris Watkins
level. With the down-sizing of the Marine Corps we may also                Battalion Commander
see additional junior grade officers begin to join our rifle
companies and our weapons company.
                                                                                             Battalion Sergeant Major
This past quarter we began planning for our period of annual
training. We had several options and have chosen Quantico, VA
as our primary venue. In my estimate, this will allow the
battalion to develop our individual and small unit skill sets, while       To the Marines, Sailors, Families and Friends of 3/24,
working reporting processes and information flow in the battalion
combat operations center. We are also incorporating visits to              I hope everyone in the 3/24 family had a Merry Christmas,
the Marine Corps Museum, an Evening Parade at 8 and I                      Happy New Year and got to enjoy some well-deserved time off.
Barracks for selected Marines, and a liberty plan into the                 The last few months the Battalion have been very busy
nation’s capital. However, It is possible that due to fiscal               completing annual training requirements, Toys for Tots, and the
constraints we could be forced to execute our training plan                FY12 training schedule. I have had the pleasure of getting out
locally. Nevertheless, if approved to go to Quantico, this AT will         and visiting H&S Company, India Company, Lima Company,
enable experiences that many of our young Marines have not                 and Kilo Company. I look forward to visiting Weapons Company
had. Marines are important to our nation. I want each Marine in            this upcoming spring.
this battalion to understand they belong to an impressive
heritage while providing our citizens a sense of reassurance and           I want to take this opportunity to tell each and every one of you
hope in these difficult times.                                             how proud I am to be a member of this Battalion. My pride
                                                                           stems from the hard work that your Marines and Sailors are
While the battalion continues to prepare for AT in Quantico, Kilo          doing on a daily basis. I am in the fortunate position of being
Company is training for EXERCISE COLD RESPONSE in                          able to travel our area of operations (AO) and interact with the
Norway. This will be an extended AT this March in a cold                   Marines and Sailors from this Battalion. First, I want to tell you
weather environment. It is a multi-national exercise where the             what a fantastic job your Marines are doing. I could not be any
Marines of Kilo Company will be conducting amphibious                      more proud of the hard work, determination, and “Espirit De
operations from ship to shore. This will be a tremendous                   Corps” that each of the Marines have displayed.
challenge—particularly given the extreme cold weather. That
said, I have every confidence in the professionalism and tactical          As we start a new year, I ask every Marine to rededicate
proficiency of the Marines of Kilo. I know they will represent us          yourselves to taking care of one another. We must look out for
well.                                                                      and take care of each other whenever and wherever we are. Do
                                                                           the right thing by setting the example not only to your Marines,
From a personnel perspective, we gained Major Chad Carbone                 but to your families, friends, and your community. When they
as the Battalion Executive Officer; Captain Nickoli Johnson as             look at you, they see the Marine Corps. I encourage each of you
the Kilo Company Commander, Captain Willie Appleby as the                  to stay engaged and seek self-improvement.
Weapons Company Commander; Captain Brian Tedesco as the
H&S Company Commander; Commander Jeff Lowell as the                        In Closing, I thank all of you for your commitment, dedication,
Battalion Medical Officer; and Chief Warrant Officer Three Rob             sacrifices and all the support of our family members. Keep
Bauer as the H&S Company Executive Officer. We also have
sharpening your bayonets because YOU ARE America’s                       In October, the company executed a field training exercise in
Warriors.                                                                Weldon Springs, Missouri. The focus of this training was
                                                                         patrolling and developing tactical proficiency. Despite the fog
Semper Fidelis,                                                          and some chilly weather, I could not have been more proud, or
                                                                         impressed with the way our Marines executed. They were
SgtMaj Paul A. Morrison                                                  magnificent in the field, and I commend their performance.

                                                                         In November, we mourned the loss of one of our own. However,
                                                                         we had an opportunity to celebrate his life with his family.
                                                                         November also marked the Marine Corps’ 236 birthday. It was
                                                                         an intense month for all of us, which will not be soon forgotten. I
                                                                         know it left a deep impression on the company, as well as on me
Unit members, family and friends of 3/24,
Happy New Year! Hopefully, everyone had a great holiday and              In January, we started the first phase of an aggressive training
didn’t let the stress of the season get the better of you. Vets 4
                                                                         plan focused on honing our military proficiency. As a unit, we
Warriors is a new resource that has just been announced for
                                                                         will ensure tactical and technical excellence, while preparing to
military veterans and can be reached at 1-855-838-8255 or                support the battalion during this summer’s Annual Training (AT) They offer peer counseling, on-going              Exercise. The road ahead towards AT is going to be long and
support and offer a wide range of referral services. Google
                                                                         challenging. H&S Company will not only support ourselves, but
employees are providing a new service to military veterans and
                                                                         have the responsibility to support the other four companies
their families at                      within the battalion. Our Marines will be more than up to the
Please make note of my new office phone number (the Navy                 challenge, and I look forward to working with them to achieve
upgraded and since my office is on the “blue” side, I got a new
                                                                         this goal.
phone). Each Company within the Battalion is always looking
for volunteers to assist with the Family Readiness Program.              To the families out there, you all have my thanks and deepest
Please contact your Company Family Readiness Officer (1                  gratitude for your support and encouragement. We cannot do
Sergeant) or myself if you’re interested in assisting. Although it
                                                                         what we do without our families. To the Marines of H&S, it is my
continues to be a work-in-progress, please check the new
                                                                         deepest honor to stand before you, and I look forward to tackling
Battalion website regularly for updates and information:                 the challenges of the future with you. Until
the next newsletter, take care of yourself and each other:
                                                                         Warm Regards,
Marines take care of Marines (and their families)!
                                                                         Brian Tedesco
Semper Fidelis,                                                          Commanding Officer, H&S Company
Russ Avery
                                                                         UPCOMING EVENTS:
Battalion Family Readiness Officer
                                                                         Feb 11-12: Section training, tactical skills sustainment
                                                                         March 10-11: Defensive operations, MWR
URGENT DEADLINE-SPOUSE SCHOLARSHIP                                       Apr 4: Veterans Career Fair (Union Station, Kansas City, MO)
The link below contains information about a scholarship for              Sep 1-3: Veteran’s Festival in Forest Park (St. Louis, MO)
military spouses. Scholarships are up to $1000. Application
deadline is 31 January 2012. There were MANY scholarships                                         Employment
given to military spouses in 2011 so opportunities are plentiful.
                                                                         Contact Russ Avery if you’re looking for a civilian job. I receive
                                                                         notices frequently. also offers an excellent
scholarships/                                                            web site for military-friendly employers, as does USA Jobs who
                     H & S Company                                       offers a variety of federal jobs. For anyone interested in
                                                                         employment opportunities as a Civilian Police Officer, GS-0083-
                                                                         07, the below links are provided to apply for seven (7) vacancies
                                                                         within MARFORRES. If you are interested in these positions
                                                                         apply through announcement#EA20083-07-
                                                                         NO586901-D. These jobs aren’t posted for long, so act quickly.
                                                                         Finally, in December 2011, DoD Reserve Affairs introduced its
                                                                         Hero2Hired (H2H) website ( to connect job-
H & S Company Commander
                                                                         seeking Reserve Component Service members and veterans
Dear friends and family of Headquarters and Service (H&S)
                                                                         with employers.
                                                                         Read More:
My name is Captain Brian Tedesco. I joined the unit back in              H & S Company Contact Info:
July of 2009 as the Supply Officer and deployed with the unit to         FAMILY READINESS OFFICER:
Iraq. Upon our return, I assumed my responsibilities as the
                                                                         Russ Avery Office: (314) 524-9531, Cell: (314) 225-3022
Assistant Inspector-Instructor.    Last November I had the
privilege of taking the reins from Captain Chack and now have
the honor of being the new Commanding officer of H & S                   FAMILY READINESS COMMAND TEAM ADVISOR:
                                                                         Mrs. Karen Avery: (314) 591-6432
                                                                         H & S COMPANY 24-HOUR DUTY PHONE: (314) 401-0219

                      India Company
                                                                                    PFC Grigsby, P. J.
                                                                                    PFC Haas, J. H.
                                                                                    LCpl Jewell, J. A.
                                                                                    Cpl Lawrence, M. A.
                                                                                    LCpl Mitchell, B. J.
                                                                                    LCpl Norton, R. N.
                                                                                    PFC Parker, M. W.
India Company Commander                                                             PFC Perdue III, D. R.
India Company Family,                                                               PFC Stewart, J. R.
                                                                                    Cpl Whaley, G. B.
For those who have recently joined our India Company Family,                        PFC Wolfrey, W. A.
welcome aboard. I hope this newsletter finds you doing well,
and you all had a wonderful holiday season. Over the past                  Now that we have most of the administrative training behind us,
quarter, our Marines and Sailors have been focusing on their               we have a lot of training planned for this spring and summer. I
basic skills at the rifle range and completing annual training. We         know our Marines and Sailors are excited to get back to Marine
also had a great opportunity to come together and have fun as              Corps infantry training.
we celebrated our Corps’ 236 Birthday in downtown Nashville.
It was a privilege to meet all of you and I look forward to our next       Semper Fidelis,
social gathering.
                                                                           Major Stewart A. Curcio
In the coming months we will get back to our primary mission for           Commanding Officer, India Company
the Corps, which is basic infantry tactics. The Marines will
conduct helicopter, live-fire and patrolling training in preparation       India Company Contact Info:
for our two-week annual training exercise.                                 I&I FIRST SERGEANT:
                                                                             1stSgt Bruce Moore
I have also challenged our Marines to rise to a new level of                       (615) 267-6335 (OFFICE)
physical fitness and healthy living. I ask that all our Marine’s                   (615) 509-0280 (24-Hour DUTY)
friends and families help in this endeavor by encouraging                     or
exercise and healthy, smart dietary choices. Physical fitness not
only makes us better Marines and Sailors, it makes us better
husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. Physical well being                                         Kilo Company
provides us the opportunity to grow old with our family by our

We continue to welcome new members to our family. We also
wish all the best to the Marines, Sailors and their families that
have moved on from our unit.
          New Joins:
          PFC Applegate, K.C.                                              Kilo Company Commander
          PFC Carter, Clinton W.                                           Kilo Company finished the calendar year with a successful
          PFC Dement, William A.                                           Marine Corps Birthday Ball Celebration and wrapped up annual
          PFC Grigsby, Paul J.                                             training requirements with a home drill in December.
          PFC Haas, Joseph H.                                              Additionally, numerous volunteers from the Company
          PFC Hall Jr., Jeffrey L.                                         participated in the 2011 Toys for Tots Campaign where we
          PFC McChurch, Mitchell D.                                        successfully distributed toys to over 1600 children throughout
          PFC Parker, Marcus W.                                            the Wabash Valley. With the start of the calendar year, both the
          PFC Perdue III, Donald R.                                        Company and I&I Staff have been aggressively involved in the
          PFC Stewart, James R.                                            planning of Cold Response 2012 in Norway. This unique training
          PFC Stinnett, Jordan A.                                          opportunity will be an outstanding platform for the Company to
          PFC Wolfrey, William A.                                          employ its tactical capabilities while operating in Arctic
          LCpl Perry, Jason M.                                             Conditions. Congratulations to all the Marines promoted this
          Cpl Marshall, Cody A.                                            quarter.
          Cpl Mctaggart, Matthew J.
         GySgt Coppes, B. A.                                                                 st
                                                                           Capt Johnson & 1 Sgt Loftus
         GySgt Doak, C. M.
         Sgt Tucker, C. J.
                                                                           Kilo Company Contact Info:
We have also seen many in our midst earn a well-deserved                   I&I FIRST SERGEANT:
promotion.                                                                 1stSgt Anthony Loftus
        Promotions:                                                        (760) 500-7713
        PFC Applegate, K. C.                                     
        PFC Culross, J. C.
        LCpl Davidson Jr., J. M.

                      Lima Company
                                                                          Weapons Company will drill in January with a home-site drill,
                                                                          and then follow up with February, March and April in the field at
                                                                          Fort Chaffee, AR. There, we will hone our core skills and
                                                                          prepare for evaluations at the upcoming Annual Training later on
                                                                          this year.

                                                                          This will be a defining year for the Company and present
Lima Company Commander                                                    challenges that we all will learn and grow from. I am ecstatic
Dear Friends and Families,                                                and grateful for the opportunity to come back to Weapons
                                                                          Company with such a great line-up of Marines to work with.
The first quarter of the new fiscal year has been a productive
quarter for the company. In October, we had a very busy month             Please feel free to contact me at any time.
with a Readiness Inspection, an internal company inspection,
and our Combat Fitness Test.                                              Promotion to MERITORIOUS Sergeant:
                                                                          Tyler Hoeflicker
In November, we celebrated the 236 Birthday of our Marine
Corps. This year’s Marine Corps Ball brought together Lima                Promotion to MERITORIOUS Corporal:
Company and other military members from the surrounding                   Dustin Walker
area. I appreciate all the spouse and friends who attended this
event.                                                                    Promotion to Lance Corporal:
                                                                          Chris Barrett
I would like to congratulate all of the Marines promoted and              Jacob Hobbs
recognized during this previous quarter. The company promoted             Promotion to Private First Class:
1 Sergeant, 8 Corporals, 6 Lance Corporals and 6 Private First            Brian Phillips
Classes. Well to all the Marines done on your hard work.
                                                                          Semper Fidelis,
As a company, we are continuing our preparations for our
upcoming training and events. The next quarter will be all field          Captain William R. Appleby
training in preparation for our upcoming live fire events and             Commanding Officer, Weapons Company
annual training this summer. I thank all of you for your support
throughout the past months.                                               417-869-2857 x 2484

Semper Fidelis,                                                           Weapons Company Contact info:
                                                                          Questions or concerns please contact your Deputy Family
Major John Hughes                                                         Readiness Officer:
Commanding Officer, Lima Company                                          1stSgt Dolan (417) 869-2857 x2473
Lima Company Contact Info:
Questions or concerns please contact your Family
Readiness Assistant or:                                                                          RESOURCES
1stSgt Michael Hensley
(423) 467-2195

                   Weapons Company

Weapons Company Commander                                                     
Dear Family and Friends of Weapons Company,                                               Call Now: 1-800-342-9647
                                                                                          TTY/TDD: 1-866-607-6794
I am excited to be the new Company Commander of Weapons                              En español, llame al: 1-877-888-0727
Company. I am fortunate enough to assume command of a unit
that I have been a Platoon Commander and an Executive Officer             MILITARY ONESOURCE is a key member of your military
of at different times through my Marine Corps career. The                 community support team. Military OneSource is provided by the
Inspector and Instructor, Major Martinez, and I have many past            DoD at no cost to Service members and their families.
experiences as new enlisted Marines many years ago.

The company finished up 2011 celebrating the Marine Corps
                                                                               FREE ON-LINE INCOME TAX FILING
Birthday Ball in style. Former I&I and Commanding Officer LtCol           In January 2012, Military OneSource Tax Program will launch
Johnson was the guest speaker. Additionally, the company had              the H&R Block at HomeR free electronic filling tax service. File
a very successful Toy for Tots campaign. December was                     your Federal and State taxes online for free! This is the same
interesting in that our last drill of the year was cancelled due to       program you may have used before. If you have already created
governmental issues, but we are ready to start the New Year.              an H&R Block account, your login credentials for that account
    will still work and you will be able to access your personal tax
    information. Please wait for the service to launch at Military             active duty, Reserve, veteran and retiree, as well as their
    OneSource <>               before       families and loved ones--a place to call and speak with 'one of
    trying to access your H&R Block account. This will prevent any             their own.' Callers will speak with veteran Marines, our former
    applicable charges being applied to your account when
    preparing to file your return. The free offer is only valid through        corpsmen, and other licensed behavioral health counselors
    the Military OneSource site.                                               who have been specifically trained in Marine Corps culture and
                                                                               ethos. Call 1-877-476-7734 or log
    Military OneSource consultants can also help you with couples
    issues like communicating, strengthening your relationship, and
    dealing with finances. Call 1-800-342-9647 or go to                                     ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to learn how.                                    For On-Line Tutoring and Career Assistance, go to                                             This program is funded by the
                           Call 1-800-342-9647                                 Department of Defense MWR Library Program and Yellow
                       You name it.....We can help!                            Ribbon Reintegration Program. Get help from a professional
                                                                               tutor anytime you need it. FREE for Active Duty, National
                                                                               Guard and Reserve members in the Army, Marines, Navy or
                                                                               Air Force and their dependents. Tutors are online 24/7 and
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                                                                               12/28/2011 - JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- NASA Space
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                                                                                                        BE AWARE
                                                                                            “Debt Collection” Calls
                              DSTRESS                                          The Fraud Prevention Taskforce was recently notified of a
                                                                               potential scam by a concerned City resident. Our tipster, a
    The DSTRESS Line is a pilot program in the western U.S.,
                                                                               senior citizen, received a call last weekend from an Ohio-based
    Hawaii, and Alaska, and is the Corps' main effort to help                  debt collection agency. The company’s representative informed
    Marines and family members deal with stress and mental                     her that she owed them money because she had not paid a bill.
                                                                               The employee would not tell her how the debt originated or how
    health issues. DSTRESS Line gives West Coast Marines--
much was owed. When she denied owing any money, the caller               Marine on Line (USMC only) 
again failed to explain the debt and told her to send a letter                
disputing it. The City resident has since been unable to contact         Gold Star Family Support
the company at the number provided. If her account is accurate,          
the actions of this company violate the Federal Trade                    Military Child Education Coalition
Commission’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. According to            Military Families United
this act, the collector must mail a written “validation notice”          
explaining the debt within fi ve days after first contacting the         Military Spouse Corporate Career Network
supposed debtor. The notice must say how much money is                   National Military Family Assoc.
owed, to whom it is owed, and how to dispute the debt if you do          NACCRRA (child care referral)
not think you owe the money. Although not certain, the citizen           Operation: Mom             
believes this recent call is related to a telemarketing call she         RecruitMilitary (jobs)     
received last June. She is diabetic and was contacted by an              Red Cross                  
unknown company offering her “free” test kits and other                  Sgt. Mom’s                 
equipment. She gets these calls frequently. Because she gets             Tricare                    
this equipment through her health insurance, she agreed to a             United Concordia (Dental)  
“free” logbook and test kit. Our citizen gave the telemarketer her       Veterans and Families    
doctor’s name and her social security number. She never                  Vets4Warriors              
received the promised items.                                             Veteran’s Administration   

The Fraud Prevention Taskforce gave our concerned caller
this advice:
1. Send a certified letter to the company disputing the debt and
ask for the “validation letter.”
2. Obtain a free credit report from one of the three credit
reporting agencies and review it for incorrect entries.
3. Join the Missouri and National “Do Not Call” lists to prevent
future calls.
4. Never give your social security number to people you do not
know and who have no legitimate need for it.
5. When considering a telemarketing offer, insure that you fully
understand the terms and conditions of the sale before finalizing
the agreement — just as you would for any purchase. Ask for
the agreement in writing beforehand so you can review it.
To learn more about these and other consumer protection
topics, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at or call their hotline at 877-382-4357.
ATTORNEY’S OFFICE November Fraud Bulletin)

Check Out These Useful Websites:
U. S. Marine Corps 
Marine Forces Reserve
24 Marine Regiment
3D Bn, 24 Marines
DSTRESS (877-476-7734)   
Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Google for Veterans      
Marine Corps Family Team Building
Military OneSource       
MY PAY                   
Marine Corps Community Services
Managed Health Network   
Marine Parents           
Military Spouse          
Military Family          
Mental Health of America (MO)
Military HomeFront

Military Community Awareness
MOTO Mail (in-country use only)


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