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                     NEWSLETTER MARCH 2009


      Saturday, March 14, 2009                      ONS CONGRESS
          Colorectal Cancer:                       April 30-May 3, 2009
     A Comprehensive Course of                       San Antonio, TX
   Nurse-Centric Case Discussions
Registration 8:00 am – Session 8:30 am         ONS Institutes of Learning
    Monongalia General Hospital                 November 13-15, 2009
             Mylan Room                               Tampa, FL
    Presenter: Karen A. Roesser,
           MSN, RN, AOCN                         ONS Advanced Practice
    Thomas Johns Cancer Center                    Nursing Conference
            Richmond, VA                          November 12-14, 2009
                                                      Tampa, FL

      Thursday, March 19, 2009
   Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma             MORE DATES TO REMEMBER
     New Options, New Decisions                            3/17/09
        6:00 pm Registration                         ONS Breast Cancer
  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Dinner/Lecture                      Online Course
          Glasshouse Grille                                3/19/09
         Morgantown, WV                      Early Bird Registration Deadline for
                                                    34th Annual Congress
     Wednesday, April 22, 2009                    Save $100 on Registration
        Glasshouse Grille                                  3/19/09
     Sponsored by Julie Farina                      Certified Nurses Day
           eusapharma                    Join ONCC and ANCC in the celebration of
        more details later                          Nursing Certification

The Board members met on January 21,
2009 at the Ramada Inn to complete our
annual report due in the National office by
January 31st. Discussion included plans for
2009. Deborah Falconi, Nominating Chair           CALL FOR NEW INVOLVEMENT
2008, announced the election results.                   IN OUR CHAPTER
Natalie Creese and Kathleen Murphy were
reelected to Vice President/Program Chair       As those of you who have been directly
and Treasurer. Deborah Falconi was elected      involved in offices and in helping out in
as President-Elect for 2009 and will become     other ways with our chapter, you know it
President in 2010. Twenty-five ballots were     has been very difficult in recent years to
sent out to members and 13                      sustain our small chapter. We have had to
ballots were returned.                          ask for input from everyone whether it is to
The Board welcomed members in new               raise funds, be a board member, or just help
positions. Ellison Ponzurick is now             with a specific task. We have had excellent
Nominating Chair and Deborah Falconi is         involvement in the educational offerings
President Elect. Other members attending        which have been offered free of charge to
were Karie Rabagia, President, Tricia Julian,   the members of the chapter. Those of us
Secretary and Natalie Creese, Vice              who are board members have all been long
President/Program Chair. Minutes from the       time chapter members; some of us have
meeting are available on our Virtual            been involved since the late 1980s. Many of
Community at .                      us have held office for a long period of time
                                                and because of lack of involvement by other
         TIME TO RENEW                          members, some of us have even held dual
       CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP                       offices. There was just no one else to do it.
                                                We are asking that all chapter members
One of the easiest and most important ways      consider increasing your efforts to help the
to help our local ONS chapter is to JOIN.       chapter and perhaps accept a position as a
Annual membership runs from January             board member or take over some of the
through December. Page 5 of this                other tasks such as writing the newsletter or
newsletter is an application for membership.    handling our chapter’s Virtual Community.
The requirements and benefits are listed on     The excuse we hear most often is that people
the form. Your participation is very much       are busy and are not able to take on more
appreciated.                                    responsibility. Everyone is BUSY. It is
                                                coming to the point where the existence of
                                                our chapter may be in jeopardy if we do not
                                                get more commitment to help. Please
                                                consider volunteering to help in whatever
                                                way you can when asked. The existence of
                                                our chapter depends on all our members.
                                                       Letter written by Tricia Julian
                                                  With agreement of all board members
                                                        MOUNTAINS OF HOPE

                                                The West Virginia Cancer Coalition is a
                                                group dedicated to conquering cancer. The
                                                members are professionals in health care and
                                                citizens who have had cancer themselves or
                                                a family member.
        American Cancer Society’s               This is the organization that has published
             Relay for Life                     The West Virginia Cancer Plan. Over 135
                                                people representing more than 65
Recruitment is on for teams to participate in   organizations from around West Virginia
this year’s fun filled 24 hour event to raise   donated their time, expertise and experience
funds and awareness for the ACS. Many of        to revise The West Virginia Cancer Plan.
our members have participated in this event     The vision of the coalition is to reduce the
in their home counties. We are encouraging      human and economic impact of cancer in
members to become involved. Seeing the          West Virginia.
cancer survivors walk the first lap of the      The WV Cancer Coalition meets four times
evening, gives one encouragement for the        a year in Charleston. Work groups are
work we do each day. The luminaries that        formed and work together by email and
are lit at dusk are in memory and honor of      conference call during the year. One group
cancer patients and survivors. We are going     is working on the WV Colorectal Cancer
to try and have something for members to        Initiative. It is a worthwhile organization
wear that will signify Oncology Nursing         that can use your expertise. Several
and our commitment to the fight against         members of our chapter participate. The
cancer. For more information contact the        next meeting is:
ACS at 296-8155 or 1-800-288-3618. The
events being held in our area are:                        Thursday April 2, 2009
      Harrison County on June 5, 2008                       9:00 am – 3:30 pm
          at Bridgeport High School                     Breakfast & Lunch Provided
                                                There is some limited funding to help with
     Mon County on June 5, 2008                 travel expenses. The meetings are held in
      At the Hazel & J.W. Ruby                  Charleston at the John XXIII Conference
           Community Center                     Center. For more information call 304-
              Mylan Park                        293-2370.
 New Site Indoor and Air-Conditioning!
                                                         Articles for the Newsletter
                                                Any corrections or additions to the
     Marion County on June 12, 2008
                                                newsletter should be sent to Natalie at
      At Fairmont State University
                                       or 599-9040. We
                                                would also like to have information about
    Preston County on June 20, 2008
                                                our members to publish. Let us know about
           at Rowlesburg Park
                                                special events and achievements. Please
                                                send your email address to Natalie so that
          Hope to see you there!
                                                we can send meeting notices and the
                                                newsletter via email.
                                                This was every informative and
                                                enlightening. It was just great to know that
                                                other office’s struggled with the same
                                                problems and found new ways to solve
                                                This year’s Congress or IOL in the fall are
                                                wonderful opportunities for Oncology

                                                          Pre-Congress Offerings
       Everything’s Bigger in Texas                       Deliver More Education
     Including ONS Annual Congress              Come to San Antonio early to take
Have you considered attending Congress?         advantage of optional pre-congress sessions
This year it will be held in San Antonio, TX    and preconference courses. Whether you are
April 30-May 3. Scholarships are available      looking to hone your leadership skills, need
to members. Ask any Board member for the        basic information on administering
application to fill out.It is a great way to    chemotherapy, or want to take the ONS
connect with 5,000 colleagues, get the latest   Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course or the
cancer-care information and enhance your        Radiation Therapy Course, there is
career. Not to mention, lots of fun.            something for you! Go to ONS website:
                                       for more information.
 Here’s what Jennifer Snyder said about last
year’s meeting in Philadelphia: Linda Zirbs
and I attended and she stated that “ This was
one of the best Congresses in a long time.
Very informative.” The opening speaker
was phenomenal. Patrick “Lips” Houlahan
from the company Afterburner, Inc. really
set the pace for Congress. He talked about             2008 Fund Raiser A Success!
planning a project and the four steps to have
a “Flawless execution”. The four steps are      Thank you to all the members who helped
plan, brief, execute and debrief. He and his    make our fund raiser a success.
partner were great. The first night there, we   Participating in Belk Charity Days and the
went to the Bookbinder, a wonderful             Magical Night of Giving provided the
restaurant with Genetech and sat at a table     chapter with $732.50. Members sold 100
with a couple of other ladies. After talking    tickets at $5 each and additional funds came
with them for a few minutes, we inquired        from working at the event. A special thanks
where they were from. They were from the        to Beth Fantasia, Kathleen Murphy, Jennifer
Charleston Area Medical Center ( Heather &      and Natalie Creese who worked at the
Joe). What a small world! We exchanged          events. This year’s top winner at the
numbers and met up a couple of times. Just      Magical Night of Giving was Preston High
another reason to go to congress is the         Computer Club which sold 680 tickets and
networking. Another meeting that we             raised $3,400 plus a bonus of $500. These
attended was the Ambulatory/Office              events are not that time consuming and also
Nursing SIG meeting.                            provide great bargains for the ticket
             2009                                   WITH YOU MEMBERSHIP DUES

                                                 LOCAL DUES ARE $10—PLEASE MAKE
                                                       CHECKS PAYABLE TO
                                                            NCWV ONS
Member of the National ONS (copy of
membership card must accompany                 NAME____________________________
Open to Associate members (LPN,                HOME ADDRESS_________________________
Pharmaceutical Representatives,
Pharmacists, Social Workers) if they hold      EMPLOYER________________________
national associate membership.
      LOCAL MEMBERSHIP                         WORK ADDRESS________________________

We all know that there are great benefits in
joining national ONS. The website is very      HOME PHONE___________________________
informative, monthly journals with cutting
edge information and continuing ed credits,    WORK PHONE___________________________
discount fees for Congress and IOL to name
                                               HOME FAX____________________________
a few. But why should you join our local
chapter? Here are a few reasons:               WORK FAX_____________________________
Networking opportunities with oncology
nurses and pharmaceutical representatives.     HOME EMAIL___________________________

Community involvement.                         WORK EMAIL______________________

Accredited hours needed for recertification    ONS#____________________________
and license.
Scholarships to attend other ONS               DATE____________________________
                                               PREFERRED CONTACT
Recognition during oncology nurses month
                                                    PLEASE SEND A COPY OF CARD
Notified of other educational events in the                TO VALIDATE!
                                                   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
Quarterly newsletter highlighting national &
local events.                                         RETUN TO: Beth Fantasia
                                                        625 Columbia Street
Demonstrates a commitment to                            Fairmont, WV 26554
oncology nursing education and professional

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