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					Astronomer Webquest: My name:______________________________
Astronomer’s name:________________________

Please use the “dipity” timeline created in class to answer the following

   1. When did Carolyn Shoemaker find her first comet?

   2. What award did Carolyn Shoemaker win from NASA in 1996?

   3. At what university did Henry Norris Russel spend time as a student
      and a professor?

   4. What is the Hertzprung-Russel diagram?

   5. What did Robert Hooke find on Jupiter?

   6. Who was Robert Hooke’s rival?

   7. Where did Galileo go for college?

   8. What did Galileo (not) invent?

   9. What was the name of Ptolemy’s 13-volume set?

   10. What types of eclipses did Ptolemy predict?

   11. What college did Robert Goddard attend?

   12. Where did Robert Goddard set up the first launch site?

   13. At what university did Einstein teach in America?

   14. What did Einstein help to create in the 1920’s?

   15. What level of education did Charles Messier finish?

   16. What is Messier’s major contribution to Astronomy?
17. What was the first university attended by Vera Rubin?

18. What was the title of the book that Vera Rubin wrote?

19. What name did Sir William Herschell come up with when he discovered
    “his” planet?

20. What kind of radiation can also be called “invisible light”?

21. What did Evangelista Torricelli study while in college? Who did he
    study under?

22. What was Torricelli the founder of?

23. Who studied and reviewed the theories of Christian Huygens?

24. Christian and his brother did what to improve the clarity of the
    telescope? What did it help him to discover?

25. What was the name of the telescope that was named after Edwin

26. When did Edwin Hubble die?

27. What was the title of Copernicus’ book?

28. What was Copernicus’ major scientific discovery?

29. Who did Johannes Kepler work closely with?

30. Explain Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion in three sentences.

31. How many nebulae did Caroline Herschel discover?
32. Name two comets found by Caroline Herschel.

33. What was Jill Tarter the first woman to do?

34. Who does Jill Tarter work for?

35. What schools did Sir Edmund Halley attend?

36. Whom did Halley support?

37. How many planets did Debra Fisher discover?

38. Is Debra Fisher still alive?

39. What university did Enjar Hertzprung attend?

40. What did Hertzprung invent to make it easier to keep track of and
    measure a star’s brightness?

41. What unusual pet did Tycho Brahe have?

42. Tycho Brahe was the first person to see how this happens…

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