100312 Press and PR leaflet by KuxlGOk


									Putting a press release together:              can be lifted straight from the release and
The five Ws: Who? What? Why?                   into a feature about your event. If you do
Where? When? all need to be answered.          need to go on to another page, type –
Use full names and always double-check         CONT'D— at the bottom of the first page.
information such as dates and times.           Use school headed paper.
Offer a contact name and as many ways
of contacting them as possible (phone,         Print FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE at the
                                                                                              A Publicity Strategy
fax, email).                                   top of each press release and ENDS at              to help you
                                               the very bottom.
Make sure that you explain fully, yet                                                        celebrate your school
succinctly, why the media should attend.       If there are going to be photo
What is it about the event that the public     opportunities for the media, make this
should know? The more detail you can           clear in the release and suggest times
give here the better as this puts you and      and places when these can take place.
your school firmly in control, rather than
the media creating a story from any            Follow your press release up with a
scanty information that has been given.        phone call to check that it has arrived and
Use this opportunity to sell your story.       to ask if and when it will be used.

Think carefully about what to put in the
body of the news release, and what might       County Council Communications and
sit better in a separate 'notes for editors'   Media Manager: Simon Cobby
section, such as background information               RES 1101, Shire Hall, Castle Hill
or additional statistics.                             Cambridge CB3 0AP
                                                      Tel: 01223 699281
Use superlatives whenever possible ('this      e-mail:
is the biggest summer fete the school has      simon.cobby@cambridgeshire.gov.uk
ever held', 'the children raised more
money than ever before' and so on) and
make explicit what is interesting and          There is more detailed information
important.                                     available on developing a publicity
                                               strategy from Teachernet:
Keep sentences to the point and aim to         www.teachernet.gov.uk/teachingandlearni
keep your release to one side of A4,           ng/library/publicity/
double-spaced. Include some quotes that
Seeing positive photographs and articles       are you going to allocate the role to one      Also you will need to consider the
about your school in the local press           key person such as the headteacher or          following aspects, which can be more
initiates a sense of interest and pride, not   the chair of governors, or will this be done   challenging, and it will be important to get
only in the school's own community, but        by a committee?                                support from an experienced person.
also on the part of many individuals in the
locality. The good news will reach local        Who are your potential audiences -            How will you handle potential 'bad' news
business and community service                 parents, potential parents, other schools      stories?
providers, past pupils, prospective            in the community, local businesses, the
parents and prospective staff too.             general public?                                 How will you respond to media requests
                                                                                              for more information about your school?
There is also an opportunity for groups of      What messages do you want to
schools to give a powerful message about       communicate and how will you do this?           How will you deal with factual
their commitment to their community and        e.g. National and local media, local           inaccuracies and being misrepresented in
the benefits of joint working. Since local     newspapers (paid for and free-                 the media?
newspapers make the majority of their          circulation), Cambridgeshire County
money from advertising they are looking        Council’s ‘Learning Together”,                               Suggested Ideas:
for stories that attract a wide readership.    parish/community newsletters, local radio      There are many aspects of the life of your
Their busy reporters will be only too          and, potentially, regional television. If      school which can be used to get good
happy to hear your stories and delighted       you’re not familiar with the contacts and      publicity:
to have your help in providing the detail.     addresses, you should be able to find          Open days, sporting events, drama
                                               these quite easily on the Internet or          productions, charity work, community
The County Council Communications and          through the County Council                     involvement including business links and
Media Manager Simon Cobby is                   Communications and Media Manager.              on-going community projects, national
available to help in all of these aspects.                                                    awards such as ActiveMark, Investors in
                                                Have you a clear data protection policy      People and Healthy Schools, cluster and
He can:                                        to ensure safeguarding of individuals          inter-agency working.
 help develop your ideas                      within your school? You should refer to        Also celebrate staff, including the
 distribute press releases through his        the Education Child Protection Service’s       leadership of your school e.g.
network of contacts                            ‘Guidance for Schools on the use of            long-service, promotions, appointments,
 give you contact names and numbers           Images’ available on                           qualifications (e.g. HLTA, Masters,
for various publications                       www.ccceducation.net>Services to               NPQH) and retirements.
                                               schools>Child protection                       A list of ideas can also be found on
A proactive strategy will ask the following                                                   www.schoolworkforce.ccceducation.net
questions:                                      How will you monitor and evaluate the        >Succession Planning > Press and PR
 Who is responsible for managing your         publicity generated for your school?           Strategy.
communications with the outside world -

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