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					                                                  Management of information systems               1

EISA of AHRQ organization

Case study presentation and assessment of the organization’s current state

The Agency for Health care and quality involves maintaining quality, efficient and safe health

care in America. The organization is led by Federal agency which assists in ensuring high quality

research on human services. The presentation directed by Carolyn M. Clancy gives light on the

organization focus and strategic goals, customers’ relations and organizational structure. AHRQ

Company focuses on safety and quality issues which assist in reduction of risk on harmful

activities which may result to lack of attainment of company’s objectives as an example

promoting delivery of quality health care products. Enhancing effectiveness of health care

outcomes by promoting usage of informed health care decisions is a major focus in the

organization. Other strategic goals brought light by the presentation include efficiency,

organization excellence and customer satisfaction.

Currently AHRQ organization believes that its success can be as a result of delocalizing and

decentralizing organization’s decisions. This can be explained using information from the

presentation where we find that though different department performs specific duties, they strive

to achieve common organization goals. The office of extramural research, education and priority

population concentrates on managing agency, contracts and evaluation programs. Other

departments include office of communication and knowledge transfer which assist in project

designing, developing, implementing and disseminating results. Office of performance

accountability, resources and technology is another major department which concentrates on

finance information technology and network support.
                                                   Management of information systems                     2

Current state assessment

AHRQ organization is organized in department where the hierarchy system is well structured.

The office of the director currently is the top most office where five other officers respond to:

      Office of extramural research education and priority populations

      center for primary care, prevention, and clinical partnerships

      office of communication and knowledge Transfer

       center for Quality Improvement and patient safety

      Office of the performance, Accountability ,Resources and technology

The above department or offices assist in application of development information strategies,

management of new project related issues. The company structures its project management

techniques using all the offices in the organization. Initially ensuring all projects are a success is

a priority to all the officers in the organization. Project management starts by accessing

stakeholder input, planning research agenda and then formulating a proper budget.

The AHRQ company current attains finances from administer funded project and closeout

funded project. Both of these projects make high profits for the company and also assist the

company to retain a competitive advantage which means that it remains among the top

companies in the industry.

In analysis of the company’s position we can also look at the EISA perspectives. The

organization management is responsible for proper management and resource allocation since it
                                                   Management of information systems                 3

includes specialized personnel who are having clear job specifications. The organization is also

concerned with customer oriented service production where the services are provided according

to the customers expectations. Further reasons for success include the business strategies for the

organization. The organization provides structured decision making and crisis management

programs which assists employees to work together to achieve organization objective. In

achieving the different business strategies that exist infrastructure contributes a great deal.

Presence of communication systems such internet and routers speeds up communications within

and outside the organization. Infrastructure also contributes in cost reduction and providing

customer services.

Technology architecture is a major tool in the organization since its involved in all the

departments. In reference to the presentation AHRQ company possesses adequate software and

hardware. Use of Dell Workstations and HP servers assist in the development of information

technology. Windows XP operating system, Microsoft outlook Email, data bases and search

engines assist in enhancing several functions in the organization. Since health related

organization should provide efficient and executive functions, technology architecture enhances

research, employee communication provision of customer related services.

Future state assessment

The company intends to improve on several sections to enhance its services. These can be clearly

seems in the different bricks that the company possess. The bricks can be analyzed using three

different categories;
                                                  Management of information systems               4

                   Hardware bricks

Availability –storage management brick where the company collects to ensure uniform

performance, event and availability statistics. It also assists in planning or making future


Communication Middleware Brick: which is essential for the purpose of linking different

programs within the organization, It’s supported by the protocol for transmitting messages or

data between two points. Some of these include internet and routers.

                   Software bricks

Database management brick is essential in the organization since it assists the company

employees in understanding the operations of the organization. The information of the company

is easily collected, correlated and predicted.

Confidentiality Brick which uses encryption or codes to present data assists in enhancing

protection of primary data of the organization.

Configuration Management Software Brick: Assists in performing technical activities and

developing relationships within the departments in the organizations.

                   Application bricks

Access Control Brick: Logical access control within the organization is provided at the network,

operating system, and application level. Network Access Control. Network access controls

Application Server Brick: An application server is a modern form of platform middleware. It is

system software that resides between the operating system on one side, and the external process
                                                    Management of information systems              5

Data Management Middleware Brick: Data management middleware functionality helps

programs, including application programs and database management systems (DBMS), read

from and write to

Migration plan

According to the presentation, the organization develops a well structured process and

methodology to implement the EISA new processes. The first stage is the assessment of

stakeholders input. After the data has been received a plan to research and determination of an

agenda follows. At this stage research methods such as data collection methods the sample and

resource allocation are determined. This makes it necessary to formulate a budget and

management of resources.

After the initial stages of data collection and research, receiving applications, refer grant

application, review grant and award grant are the stages that the organization should implement.

These processes also involve contacting internal personnel or employees and also implementing

the results attained from the initial external research.

The final stages of implementing the new projects include aggregate biomedical data and then

disseminating knowledge. These processes should require the cooperation of all the departments

in the organization and good communication skills.
                                                Management of information systems             6


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