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									                                    Vacancy Announcement

Position #:            HR-19
Position Title:        Director, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning
Post date:             December 1, 2010
Closing date:          Open until filled

        Africare is the largest US based charity working in Africa with a portfolio of
approximately 100 projects worth roughly $200 million currently under implementation. Since
its inception 40 years ago, Africare has delivered over $800 million in assistance to 36 African

        As it prepares for the next chapter in its history within the context of a rapidly changing
paradigm of development assistance, a focus on results and accountability will need to become a
central tenet of Africare’s development model. Therefore, Africare seeks a Director of
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) to build on the organizational achievements of
the past and develop and implement a framework for results measurement, accountability and
development effectiveness that will position the organization for continued success.


The Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning will establish Africare as a leader within the
NGO community in its approach to results measurement, evaluation, accountability and
development effectiveness. She/he provides leadership and technical oversight, support and
direction to M&E and learning efforts at the project and organizational levels. The Director will
represent Africare on issues related to M&E. This position reports to the Chief Operating

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Establish a small unit for M&E and Learning at Africare headquarters.
    2. Provide leadership for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning at the organizational and
       project levels. Specifically:
           a. Strengthen Africare’s capabilities in Monitoring and Evaluation at the project
               level by developing and mainstreaming the necessary policies, guidelines, tools,
               training, and partnerships in M&E.
           b. Lay the foundation for rigorous evaluations of project impact that will generate an
               evidence based track record critical to Africare’s future growth. Identify
               opportunities for rigorous evaluations, design evaluations and develop proposals
               to solicit funding, secure partnerships to conduct the work, monitor and contribute
               to the evaluations as established during the design phase.
          c. Provide technical support related to M&E during proposal development and
               project implementation.
   3. Support knowledge creation, sharing and learning on what does/does not work through a
      variety of mechanisms such as continuation of the Africare Impact and Learning Speaker
      series, convening a virtual M&E Practice group; maintenance of an M&E Intranet site to
      facilitate information sharing and real time access to good practices in M&E, etc.
   4. Strengthen Africare’s relationships with funders and other stakeholders by sharing M&E
      results, supporting joint (or external) evaluations, coordinating and/or collaborating on
      broader M&E initiatives and participating in other professional activities (e.g. authoring
      papers, reviewing publications, and participating in conferences and colloquia);
   5. Represent Africare on issues related to monitoring evaluation and learning.

Knowledge and Experience Required by the Position

      Minimum Masters Degree in related subject
      Minimum 10 years of relevant M&E experience with emphasis on international work or a
       combination of relevant education and experience. M&E expertise in Africare’s core
       business areas of Health/HIV AIDS, Agriculture & Food Security and Water, Sanitation
       and Hygiene is preferred.
      Entrepreneurial, self starter who enjoys a dynamic work environment
      Ability to work effectively across all levels of the organization, with multi disciplinary
       teams and in a decentralized structure
      Ability to engage effectively with senior executives of partner and funder organizations
       to raise the profile of results measurement at Africare.
       Strong management experience and the ability to guide staff with authority and
To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Director of Human Resources, REF HR-19 Director, PM&L to

   Africare is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer committed to workplace diversity.

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