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                              Bioethics REL142
                   Database Exercise for Bioethics (25 points)

  This exercise is to acquaint students with some resources that would be
appropriate for scholarly sources for research in Bioethics. Since most of you do not
have easy access to academic libraries, I want to acquaint you with some good
databases that are available to all students from Indiana. This exercise is a way to
familiarize you with some databases that are appropriate to an academic study in
bioethics. This exercise is also available on my web site if you want to use this as a
template to type your answers.

1) The Inspire Databases -- EBSCO Host

A) Go to the "Academic Search Elite" database.
 1. Briefly describe what this database covers. [2]

 2. Now, do a subject search in the database using the term "medical ethics."
    How many periodical articles are found in this database? [1]

 3. What are related terms that can be used to search this database? [1]

 4. How many results are returned by using the term "bioethics"? [1]

B) Now move to another database -- the Health Sources databases...

 1. What do these databases cover? [2]

 2. Which "Health Source" database would be better for the purpose of our
    course? Why? [2]

 3. How many "peer reviewed" articles can we find using a search for "bioethics"?

 4. How many are full text? [1]

C) Again, in the Health Source publications, click on "medical dictionary"

 1. What is Anencephaly? [2]

  2. Now check the box next to the word and click search. How many articles about
anencephaly are found? [1]

D) Let's try another related database - the Health Business database...

 1. What areas does this database cover? [2]

  2. We want to find information on "charity care" provided by hospitals. How many
full text articles are there in this database? [1]

 3. How many are peer reviewed? [1]

2) Here are a couple other useful resources..

A) The Kaiser Family Foundation -- has lots of good statistics on health care...

 1. We want to find the distribution of health care insurance coverage for the
    United States in 2001. List the percentages of the various "payees" for health
    insurance. Compare the results of the United States with those of Indiana, by
    listing these as well. [3]

 2. In 1998 how much money was spent in the United States on personal Health
    Care expenses? What state had the highest expenditures? much?
    Which one had the lowest? much? [3]

B. Go to MEDLINEplus®
This is a great site for all types of information on health care. There is also a link for
the search engine on my Bioethics links page.

      1. We want to see what an abdominal aortic aneurysm is. Click on the medical on "A-Ag" to find abdominal aortic aneurysm -- how many
illustrations are there? [1]

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