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					                                      The Benefice of Arnside & Storth

                                              Parochial Church Council
                                                 St James, Arnside


                                        YEAR ENDED 31st DECEMBER 2009


Annual Report of Council .................................................................................................................... 3 - 7
Financial Statements ........................................................................................................................ 8 - 11
Independent Examiner's Report ............................................................................................................ 12

Appendix: Incumbent’s Report and Reports from St James’ Organisations and Groups……… 13 - 19
2   Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009


St. James’ Church is situated in Church Hill, Arnside. It is part of the Diocese of Carlisle within the Church of England.
The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity Commission.
Name of Charity: The Parochial Church Council of St James, Arnside

Correspondence:                St James Church
                               The Vicarage
                               45 Church Hill
                               Arnside                                              Tel: 01524 761319
                               Cumbria                                              Email:
                               LA5 0DW                                              Website:
Ex-Officio PCC Members:
Those who have served from 1 January 2009 until the date this report was approved (or resigned during the year) are:

Incumbent:                     The Reverend David P Cooper                (Chair)
Assistant Clergy:              The Reverend John S Brockbank
Reader:                        Ellie Maguire

Wardens:                       Anne Jackson                                                   From APCM 21/4/2008 re-elected 20/4/2009
                               Sydney Mayes                                                   From APCM 21/4/2008 re-elected 20/4/2009

Representatives on the Deanery Synod:
                         Annette Brown                                                        From APCM 21/4/2008 re-elected 20/4/2009
                         Anne Jackson                                                         From APCM 20/4/2009 replacing:
                         Geoff Rothery                                                        Until 20/4/2009 (resigned)

Representatives of Storth Village Church (Ex-Officio Co-options):
                          Leslie Elbourne                                                     From APCM 21/4/2008 re-elected 20/4/2009
                          Margaret Elbourne                                                   From APCM 21/4/2008 re-elected 20/4/2009

The above are ex-officio members of the PCC. The Following are elected members of the PCC for a three year period.

Mike Cooper (Secretary)                                                                              From APCM 20/4/2009 (Until 2010)
John Edwards (Assistant Treasurer)                                                                   From APCM 23/4/2007 (Until 2010)
Stephanie Woodburn (Electoral Roll Officer, Arnside School Liaison, Assistant Secretary)             From APCM 23/4/2007 (Until 2010)
Jean Higson                                                                                          From APCM 21/4/2008(Until 2011)
Barry Hogg                                                                                           From APCM 21/4/2008 (Until 2011)
Ruth Nuttall (Publicity Officer)                                                                     From APCM 21/4/2008 (Until 2011)
Judith Hodgson (Vice Chair PCC, Chair Kent Estuary Group Council, Child Protection Officer)          From APCM 20/4/2009 (Until 2012)
Nancy Hogg                                                                                           From APCM 20/4/2009 (Until 2012)
Sandy Felton (Parish Magazine Editor)                                                                From APCM 20/4/2009 (Until 2012)
Richard Hamer                                                                                        Until APCM 20/4/2009 (resigned)
Jayne Richardson                                                                                     Until APCM 20/4/2009 (resigned)
Christine Higgins                                                                                    From APCM 20/4/2009 (resigned Jan 2010)

Co-opted member:               Alan Mitchell (Treasurer)                                             From PCC 20/5/2009 (Until APCM 2010)
                               Jean Mitchell                                                         From APCM 20/4/2009 (Until APCM 2010)

Bankers:                       Barclays Plc, 9 Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4DF
                               National Westminster Plc, Main Street, Milnthorpe, LA7 4DF

Independent Examiner:          Mr David Knox, 12 Inglemere Gardens, Arnside, Carnforth, LA5 0BX (From APCM 20/4/2009)

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                                                         3

The PCC is a corporate body established by the Church of England, in accordance with the Parochial Church Councils (Powers)
Measures 1956 as amended. Its members are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), in accordance with
the Church Representation Rules (contained in Schedule 3 of the Synodical Government Measure 1969 as amended).

The Incumbent, Assistant Clergy, Wardens and Deanery Synod representatives are ex-officio members of the PCC. The
continuing relationship between the Benefice and the Methodist Church known as Storth Village Church enables two further
ex-officio members of the PCC from SVC, both of whom are registered on the Church Electoral Roll of the Benefice. All
Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Church Electoral Roll, and are then eligible to stand for election to the

The PCC is excepted by order from registering with the Charity Commission.

Standing Committee:
The PCC is required to appoint a Standing Committee by law. It has power to transact business of the PCC between its
meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council. Its membership is constituted as follows: Clergy; Vice-Chair PCC;
Church Wardens; Treasurer and Secretary.


St James PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, The Reverend David Cooper, in promoting in the
ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical, as stated in the Parochial
Church Council (Powers) Measure 1956 as amended.

Its activities include:
      Regular public worship open to all,
      The provision of sacred space for personal prayer and contemplation.
      Pastoral work, including visiting the sick and bereaved.
      Teaching of Christianity through sermons, courses and small groups.
      Promotion of Christianity through the staging of events and meetings and the distribution of literature.
      Promoting the whole mission of the Church of activities for senior citizens, parents and toddlers and other special
           need groups.
      Supporting other charities in the UK and overseas.

These objectives are encapsulated in the Church Mission Statement:

         “The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone
                  is welcome
                  can meet with God and worship him
                  can learn about God’s purposes and kingdom and
                  can work together to share God’s love in this world”

How these objectives have been met, i.e. in terms of the “public benefit impact” of the Mission Statement is more fully
described in the Incumbent’s Report (see Appendix)


Church Electoral Roll Membership, Church attendance and Occasional Offices

At the beginning of the year 99 names were listed on the Church Electoral Roll, one of whom was not resident within the
parish. No names were added during the year and two were removed through death (This means the ER at the end of the
year stands at 97). The average Sunday attendance, counted during October, was 69 adults and 3 children, but this number
increases at festivals.

During the year there were 5 Baptisms, 1 Marriages, 9 church-based Funerals and one Thanksgiving/memorial service.

4                                                             Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
Review of the year: The Story of the year as seen in PCC Minutes compiled by the PCC Secretary, Mr Mike Cooper.
During the year ended 31 December 2009 the Council convened on six occasions with an average attendance of 14 from a
total membership of 20. The Standing Committee met on four occasions. The following extracts (not wholly verbatim quotes)
are grouped under relevant headings as events have progressed. Inevitably there may be overlaps between years.

1.   Kent Estuary Group Ministry

     The KEG Council has met on four occasions during 2009 and Margaret Elbourne joined the Council as a representative of
     Storth Village Church but without any voting rights.
     21/01/09      The anniversary of the inauguration of the Group was marked by a service with George Howe preaching.
                   The appointment of a Group Youth Officer was proposed
     18/03/09      Arnside is to host an event to raise funds for the Church Urban Fund, featuring prayer walks
                   around the village and the Knott (God on the Knott) and a Hog roast. Date set for 1 August
     02/06/09 Opportunities for shared worship and a group-wide Lent course was discussed plus a group “Away
                   Day” and a group Newsletter
     11/11/09      The Hog roast had been cancelled with the loss of £200 deposit. It was hoped that the overall
                   deficit of £350 can be met by individual Parish contributions

     The Kent Estuary Chapter together with Parish Treasurers have met to co-ordinate Parish share offers for 2011 to ensure
     that Group ministry costs are met.

     The PCC has endeavoured to give full support to the Group Ministry and is grateful to our representatives for the time
     and effort which they contribute to the KEG Council. A more comprehensive report is included in the APCM pack.

2.   All Saints Mission Church, Storth

     21/01/09      Planning permission for domestic purposes was declined by the planning Authority
     18/03/09      Revised sale figures with and without planning permission were received from the Land Agent. A further
                   approach to be made to Nigel Capstick to see if original offer stands
     12/09/09      Mr Capstick couldn’t contemplate a private sale and recommended a public auction. The proposal to
                   proceed with action was approved with a reserve price of £50000
     11/11/09      Details of sale by public auction received from the Agents. The Diocesan registrar recommended the
                   inclusion of an “Overage Clause” in the transfer papers. A revised schedule of charges was accepted
     All Saints Mission Chapel was finally sold through an auction on 6 December 2009 at the reserve price of £50000 with
     all outstanding accounts to be deducted from this figure. The use of the money raised from the sale is restricted by a
     clause in the original Trust Deed: requiring the sale to be used for the benefit of Church of England worship in Storth as
     the Trustees see fit.

     The PCC wishes to record its appreciation to the Trustees and everyone who has contributed to a successful conclusion
     to this lengthy and often very frustrating issue.

3.   Arnside Churches Together

     21/01/09      Fr David Burns has replaced Fr Alf Hayes. A joint Lent Course will once again be planned and delivered. The
                   Women’s World Day Prayer is also planned as an ecumenical venture
     18/03/09      The Holy Week and Easter plans were introduced: The Arnside Stations of the Cross on Good Friday; The
                   Arnside Knott Sunrise Celebration on Easter Day; A production of “The Vigil” at both St James’ and the
                   Methodist with members from all three churches taking part
                   A more comprehensive report is included in the APCM pack

4.   Storth Village Church

     02/06/09      Advice has been received indicating that a Local Ecumenical Partnership will be the only way available that
                   could formalise the joint arrangement with the Methodist Church, bearing in mind that the Anglican
                   connection is purely a matter of goodwill which without doubt exists

     The Council thanks Margaret and Les Elbourne for their input to the PCC from Storth and is committed to expanding and

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                                        5
     strengthening the links between the two churches

5.   Miscellaneous Highlights

     21/01/09     The Council recorded its appreciation to the Circle of Friends for their outstanding fund-raising efforts
     02/06/09     The details for the St James’ Festival weekend were unveiled. The idea of a “200 Club” was also discussed
                  and rejected
     11/11/09     A detailed financial report was given by Alan and John, followed by a presentation on Stewardship
                  and Parish Share by David. The PCC, aware of its obligations as Trustees with particular regard to financial
                  issues, agreed to postpone the Christmas Charitable Gifts as the Parish Share continues to give concern.
                  The proposed “Welcome and Outreach” plan has not yet got off the ground due to illness and other
                  contributory factors.

     This project will be developed in the coming year alongside the Friends of St James and the Pastoral Care Group
     Throughout the year, the PCC receives regular reports from subgroups, workgroups and individual officers with specific
     delegated responsibilities, such as the Fabric Group (John Edwards), the Pastoral Care Group (Ellie Maguire), the
     Mother’s Union, J-Club and Deanery Synod (Annette Brown), the Health and Safety Officer (Mike Crabtree), the Christian
     Giving Officer (Kay Crabtree), the Circle of Friends (Anne Jackson), the schools (Steph Woodburn & David Cooper), ACT
     and KEG (reps as named above).

     Finally but most important, the Council wishes to record its appreciation to all who work in any way to support our
     Churches here in Arnside and at Storth. Next year is without doubt going to be difficult particularly from a finance point
     of view but with your help and all our prayers (and a lot of assistance from above!) we hope to go from strength to
     strength.                                                                             Mike Cooper, 31 January 2010


Alan Mitchell was appointed as Treasurer succeeding John Edwards who remains as Assistant Treasurer. David Knox was
appointed as Examiner on the retirement of Rex Abbott. Our thanks are warmly offered for all their considerable work on our

Balances, assumptions, liabilities and analysis for the various PCC accounts are detailed on the financial report of this APCM
pack (Pages 8-10). The Statement of Assets and Liabilities can be found on page 10.

It is the policy of the PCC to invest any surplus funds balances with the CBF Church of England Deposit Fund. Balances of the
funds held are shown separately against each fund in the financial report of this APCM pack.


Payments to PCC members
The Church Cleaner, who is a member of the PCC was paid a salary of £960 (2008: £960) during the year. In addition, two
other members of the PCC receive payments amounting to £45.25 and £17.23 respectively, in reimbursement of items
purchased on behalf of the church. A small immaterial portion of clergy expenses paid to the clergy may have related to their
services to the PCC. No other payments or expenses were paid to any other PCC member.

Risk Assessment and Child Protection Policies
The PCC does not believe that The Parish of St James is subject to any substantial risks beyond the liabilities disclosed in the
financial statements. Apart from the cleaner (see above) the PCC has no employees who are paid for their work. It holds
public and liability insurance policies.

The PCC has a Risk Assessment policy and is currently finalising a formal Risk Assessment Register, which will be reviewed on
a regular basis.

The PCC has a Child Protection policy, which is regularly reviewed. All policies reside in the church vestry and can be viewed
by anyone who wishes to see them.

6                                                              Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
Summary and looking forward
In the coming financial year the continuing and increasing challenge to work with the benefices of the Kent Estuary Group to
meet the costs of ministry in Group, Deanery and Diocese needs to be addressed by the PCC. This will in part entail the
outworking of the new Church of England scheme “Giving for Life” which forges a stronger link between discipleship,
stewardship and giving. Work will also continue to work towards ensuring that the PCC’s obligations as a charitable body
adhere to Charity Law as it continues to be amended and develop.

The PCC is responsible for the activities and management of the Annie Pickering Charity No: 500252, details of whose assets
and their management as shown in the Financial Statements.


The PCC is responsible for preparing financial statements for each financial year, which give a true and fair view of The Parish
of St. James financial activities during that year and of its financial position at the end of the year. In preparing those financial
statements, the PCC should follow best practice and:

        Select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently;
        Make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
        State whether applicable accounting standards and statements of recommended practice have been followed,
         subject to any departures disclosed and explained in the financial statements; and
        Prepare the financial statements on a going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the PCC will
         continue in operation.

The PCC is responsible for:

        Keeping accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of The Parish
         of St James and enable it (the PCC) to ensure that the annual financial statements comply with the Charities Act
         1993 and the Church Accounting Regulations 2006; and
        Safeguarding the assets of St James and for taking reasonable steps for prevention and detection of fraud and other
         irregularities. No PCC members received any payments in preparing these reports.

This Report was approved by the PCC on the 8 March 2010 and signed on their behalf by:

The Reverend David P Cooper (Chair)

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                                            7
8   Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
                                                  STORTH ACCOUNT - RESTRICTED FUND
          2008    Receipts                                     2009                 2008 Payments                           2009
           280     FWO Including Income Tax Recovered           505                1,690 Storth Quota - Parish Share        1,690
         5,000     Donations & Legacies                           -                  293 Church Running Expenses              258
           359     Investment Income                            145                   87 Major Works and Fees                   -
                                                                                     511 Miscellanous                         255
         5,639     Total Receipts                              650                 2,581 Total Payments                    2,203
         2,581     Total Payments                             2,203
         3,058     Excess of Receipts over Payments          (1,553)
              -    Transfers between funds                        -
         3,058     Net Movement of Fund                      (1,553)

        8,056 Bank Accounts as at 1/1/09                           11,114
       11,114 Bank Accounts as at 31/12/09                         9,561

                                                  FLOWER ACCOUNT - RESTRICTED FUND
          2008    Receipts                                    2009                 2008 Payments                            2009
           243     Donations                                   489                  168 Cost of Flowers                      521
           243     Total Receipts                             489                   168 Total Payments                      521
           168     Total Payments                              521
            75     Excess of Receipts over Payments            (32)
             -     Transfers between funds                        -
            75     Net Movement of Fund                        (32)

             - Cash held as at 1/1/09                                    75
            75 Cash held as at 31/12/09                                  43

                                       ANNIE PICKERING ACCOUNT - PERMANENT ENDOWMENT FUND
                                          Registered Charity in England & Wales. Charity No: 500252
          2008    Receipts                                           2009                    2008 Payments                  2009
         1,816     Cottage rent                                     1,872
            39     Investment Income 5.5% Treasury Stock                -
         5,308     Investment Income CBF Investment Share           5,514
         7,163     Total Receipts                                  7,386                        - Total Payments               -
              -    Total Payments                                       -
         7,163     Excess of Receipts over Payments                 7,386
        (7,163)    Transfers between funds                         (7,386)
              -    Net Movement of Fund                                 -

              - Bank Accounts as at 1/1/09                                -

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                                 9
                                                                                                    STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2009
                                                                                                                          Unrestricted Designated Restricted Restricted Restricted Endowment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2009          2008
                                                                                                                            General    Woodclose    Fabric     Storth     Flower      Annie
                                                                                                                             Fund         Fund      Fund      Account      Fund     Pickering                                      Total         total
                                                                         Monetary Assets                                                                                             Charity
                                                                         Cash held                                                      -                   -                   -               -             43               -         43             75
                                                                         Current Account                                            1,077               1,516                 249             340              -               -      3,182          4,752
                                                                         Business Premium Account                                     661                  37                 172             393              -               -      1,263          1,261
                                                                         CBF Deposit Account                                        6,548                   -                   -           8,828              -               -     15,376         16,607
                                                                                                                                    8,286               1,553                 421           9,561             43               -     19,864         22,695

                                                                         Income Recoverable as at 31/12/09                          5,010                                                                                             5,010             4,662

                                                                         Other Assets
                                                                         Woodclose Cottage                     (1)                                                                                                        85,000     85,000        85,000
                                                                         CBF Investment Fund Shares            (2)                  5,982                                                                                121,485    127,467       115,764
                                                                                                       No . o f Units held 585.10                                                                                   1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1 ,882.60
                                                                         Agency Funds                                                  184                                                                                             184               350

                                                                         Fund Balance as at 31/12/2009                         14,084                1,553                421            9,561                43      206,485      237,157      227,771

                                                                         FUNCTIONAL ASSETS
                                                                         de-mo untable staging                            printer / co pier     large barbecue    piano             tree stand
                                                                         micro wave co o ker                              water bo iler (new)   carpet cleaner    4 ladders
                                                                         o verhead pro jecto r                                                  wo rkmate bench   3 kettles         electro nic pro jecto r

                                                                         NOTES                                                                                          Signed on behalf of Arnside Parochial Church Council on
                                                                           (1) Approximate value as estimated in 2001                                                  ……..……..……………..
                                                                           (2) Priced on 31/12/2009 @ 1022.38 p per unit. An extra 87.95 units
                                                                              were purchased on 24/2/09 for A.P. Fund following redemption of                       The Revd. D P Cooper                                                      (chair)
                                                                              Treasury Stock in September 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                    A J Mitchell                                              (Treasurer)

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009

1.1      Basis of preparation
These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Church Accounting Regulations 2006 together with
the Charities Act 1993 and related Regulations, and the Charities Accounting and Reporting by Charities Statement of
Recommended Practice SORP 2005.

The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention except for the valuation of investment
assets, which are shown at market value. The financial statements include all transactions, assets and liabilities for which the
PCC is responsible in law. They do not include the accounts of church groups that owe their main affiliation to another body,
nor those that are informal gatherings of church members. In particular the Statement of Financial Activities shows resources
classified to properly reflect the activities of the PCC. The financial statements have been prepared on a deferred income and
accruals basis.

1.2     Funds
Endowment funds are funds, the capital of which must be maintained; only income arising from investment of the
endowment may be used either as restricted or unrestricted funds depending upon the purpose for which the endowment
was established.

Restricted funds represent (a) income from trusts or endowments which may be expended only on those restricted objects
provided in the terms of the trust or bequest, and (b) donations or grants received for a specific object(s) or invited by the
PCC for a specific object(s). The funds may only be expended on the specific object(s) for which they were given. Any balance
remaining unspent at the end of each year must be carried forward as a balance on that fund. The PCC does not usually
invest separately for each fund.

Unrestricted funds are general funds, which can be used for PCC ordinary purposes.

1.3      Incoming resources
Planned giving, collections and donations are recognised when received. Tax refunds are recognized when the incoming
resource to which they relate is received. Grants and legacies are accounted for when the PCC is legally entitled to the
amounts due. Dividends are accounted for when receivable, interest is accrued. All other income is recognised when it is
receivable. All incoming resources are accounted for gross.

1.4      Resources expended
Grants and donations are accounted for when paid over, or when awarded, if that award creates a binding or constructive
obligation on the PCC. The Diocesan parish share is accounted for when due. Amounts received specifically for mission are
dealt with as restricted funds. All other expenditure is generally recognised when it is incurred and is accounted for gross.

1.5     Fixed assets
Consecrated and benefice property is not included in these accounts, in accordance with s.96 (2)(a) of the Charities Act 1993.

Moveable church furnishings held by the vicar and the churchwardens on specific trust for the PCC and which require a
faculty for disposal are inalienable property, listed in the church’s inventory, which can be inspected at a reasonable
appointed time. For anything acquired prior to 2000 there is insufficient cost information available and therefore such assets
are not valued in the financial statements. Subsequently no individual item has cost more than £1,000 so all such expenditure
has been written off when incurred.

Equipment used within the church premises is depreciated on a straight-line basis over four years. Individual items of
equipment with a purchase price of £500 or less are written off when the asset is acquired.

1.6     Investments
Investments are valued at market value at 31 December. Any gain/loss of these investments is shown in the financial

1.7      Bank Interest
Bank interest is recognised as an incoming resource when it is credited to the bank statement. All bank interest is treated as
unrestricted income to the General Fund.

1.8      Change in Accounting policy from previous year

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                                       11
                     Independent examiner’s report to the Parochial Church Council of the
                                   Benefice St James, Arnside and Storth.

I report on the financial statements of the Parochial Church Council for the year ended 31 st December 2009,
which are set out on pages 8 to 10.

Respective responsibilities of the Parochial Church Council and the examiner
The Parochial Church Council members are responsible for the preparation of the financial statements. The
Parochial Church Council members consider that an audit is not required for this year (under section 43(2) of the
Charities act 1993 (the 1993 Act)), and the Church Accounting Regulations 2006 (the 2006 Regulations), and that
an independent examination is needed.
It is my responsibility to:
       examine the financial statements under section 43 of the 1993 Act and the 2006 Regulations;
       to follow the procedures laid down in the general Directions given by the Charity Commission under
         section 43(7)(b) of the 1993 Act and the 2006 Regulations; and
       to state whether particular matters have come to my attention.

Basis of the examiner’s statement
My examination was carried out in accordance with the general Directions given by the Charity Commission, and
the Church Accounting Regulations. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the
Parochial Church Council and a comparison of the financial statements presented with those records. It also
includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeking explanations from you as
members of the Parochial Church Council concerning such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all
the evidence that would be required in an audit and consequently no opinion is given as to whether the financial
statements present a ‘true and fair view’ and the report is limited to those matters set out in the statement

Independent examiner’s statement
In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:
    1. which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements:
             to keep accountings records in accordance with section 41 of the 1993 Act;
             to prepare accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with the accounting
               requirements of the 1993 Act

            have not been met; or
     2. to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the
        financial statements to be reached.

David Knox B.Ed ACIB FCIE                                                 Date:               28th March 2010
Fellow of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners
12 Inglemere Gardens

12                                                     Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
[1] Incumbent’s Report
Our Parish Mission Statement has been designed so that our primary focus is always on those whom
God has called us to serve – rather than just ourselves!

“The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone
      is welcome
      can meet with God and worship him
      can learn about God’s purposes and kingdom and
      can work together to share God’s love in this world”

The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone is welcome

        We are continuing to learn to “welcome better” all the time. Fellowship and friendship running
         parallel to worship and service was so important to Jesus, and he called his disciples to work at
         this too. During the year there have been numerous opportunities to invite and welcome our
         friends and neighbours to join us, some of which are:
             o Assorted Parties and “Jacob’s Joins”, especially the Arnside Light Party which has dozens
                 of children coming from Arnside and Storth to enjoy a positive alternative to the
                 Halloween peddled in the shops
             o “Come to Church Sunday”, which doubled our congregation!
             o Kirkby Lonsdale Brass Band concert, which brought other people into contact with the
                 church who may not have come otherwise
             o St James’ Flower Festival
             o The Vigil – a play for Holy Week which was a truly ecumenical event and enhanced the
                 week’s observance considerably
        The ways in which we communicate and voice our welcome has been enhanced by the
         continuing development of the church website ( There have been
         numerous enquiries arising from its existence throughout the year, including a family of 31
         staying at the Youth Hostel over Christmas, wanting to know about Christmas service times!

The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone can meet with God and worship him

        St James’ Church is a body made up of different congregations (Archbishop Rowan describes
         what we have as a “mixed economy” church). Each worship event/service has a different sort of
         flavour and feel to it, and this will attract people with differing needs. The changing landscape of
         our culture now means that people need to find opportunities to worship in different ways and
         at different times. Sunday morning is still vital, important and to be cherished by most of us, but
         for future generations, this will be just one of several streams of worship that will flow
         throughout the week. Church is developing and evolving into something new in this 21 st Century.
        STEW (Sunday Tea & Worship): the ecumenical modern book-free worship event flourished and
         continued until the summer with as many as 24 people attending. Only two came to one in July
         and so it was decided that we would “rest” it for a while and review how it develops in the
        A mosaic of St James was completed in time for the St James’ weekend. Craft and creativity is a
         good way in which young people can worship. The church now looks wonderful with various

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                     13
         banners and hangings adorning the walls and pillars and our thanks goes particularly to Jean
         Edwards for her skills and encouragement.
        J-Club After School Church: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month in term-time. It is an hour of
         worship and dance, food and activities, stories and prayer. This is “church” to the children and
         parents who attend. Thanks go particularly to Annette and Julia who share in the J-Club’s
         leadership (and Ruth & Ellie who help in the kitchen!). The autumn project was to prepare and
         deliver a Puppet Nativity at the Christingle service. This proved enormously successful and we
         are now working towards to Puppet Passion for Palm Sunday evening!
        There are several regular but small opportunities to worship that deserve a mention:
             o Each month, May Wilkinson and I celebrate Holy Communion in Millom Court,
                 Westmorland Court and Holly Bank. More than 30 people regularly receive Holy
                 Communion in this way: people who cannot get to church due to their circumstances.
             o Each year in the Spring, the Pastoral Care Group and the Mother’s Union arrange a
                 “Housebound Service” where we endeavour to get people who cannot get to church, to
                 come here: to share in a simple “evening prayer” and then to enjoy fellowship in the form
                 of afternoon tea. This is a highly valued ministry and our thanks go to Ellie, the Pastoral
                 Care Group, members of the Mother’s Union and volunteer drivers and helpers for their
                 commitment to this successful event.
             o The Thursday Holy Communion service: a powerhouse of prayerfulness!
             o The Celtic Communion service: a quiet and reflective time at the end of a busy Sunday!

The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone can learn about God’s purposes and

        A Youth Alpha course was delivered over several Sunday lunchtimes for teenagers who were
         interested. Two came regularly and one ended up being baptised. 2010 will be a year to
         encourage confirmation (both young people and adults alike)
        The ecumenical Lent Courses continue to be well supported and will continue in much the same
         style (in a “don’t try and fix what aint broke” sort of way!)
        In the autumn a small but enthusiastic group from all three churches in ACT worked their way
         through the CMS 21M Course highlighting the need to think and act more creatively so as to
         encapsulate the “five marks of mission”.

The villages of Arnside and Storth have churches where everyone can work together to share God’s
love in this world

        Arnside Churches Together, the Bible Society, the Christian Aid Committee, the Children’s Society
         and other groups delivered a full programme of joint events throughout the year, many of which
         highlighted our need to have an outward-facing view on the world and to respond through the
         love and grace of God.
        The Storth Village Church continues to become more and more a spiritual focus for the people of
         Storth. A growing variety of worship and outreach is developing in this village.

We have much to thank God for and much to pray about. My thanks go to you all, especially my dear
colleagues in the Ministry Team and the Standing Committee who work so tirelessly, often invisibly to
human eye – but not to God! May God’s grace be with you all.

                                                                      The Revd David Cooper. February 2010

14                                                   Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
During 2009 the Council held four meetings in various parishes, in January, April, July and, in November,
at the start of an ‘Away Day’ at Flookburgh Church Rooms.

Another Pulpit Swap day was arranged by the Clergy Chapter on 22 nd November.

The Kent Estuary treasurers have met together with the priests to consider how best to co-ordinate
their parish offers.

The editors of all the parish magazines met in the spring and it was agreed that discussions about
editing, printing, distributing and funding the magazines had been helpful. Arrangements were made to
have a common KE page each month and to let each church have a copy of all the magazines.

Discussions about the preparation of an information leaflet about our churches are ongoing and the IT
pupils at Dallam will be helping with this project.

Various events had again been held around the parishes to raise money for the Church Urban Fund, with
donations of £650 being given at the annual, ecumenical, KE Songs of Praise held on The Green at
Milnthorpe on June 28th, when the three new priests in the area each gave a short talk. A hog-roast was
arranged by St James’, Arnside - but sadly it had to be cancelled, as with many folk on holiday not
enough tickets were sold. But there were concerts in several of the churches to which all KE parishioners
were invited and by the end of the year contributions had comfortably exceeded the £3000 asked of our
four benefices for the three year period.

Youth work featured high on the Agenda this year: a sub-committee met in January and despite financial
constraints it was decided to make this the main subject of the Away Day on November 21 st. People
involved with youth work in local Methodist churches were invited to the second half of the morning
when The Ven Kevin Roberts, Archdeacon of Carlisle, gave a presentation on Youth Work in the Diocese.
This was followed by discussion and it was decided that a qualified, paid Youth Worker would be the
optimum choice. The views of young people would be sought and the sub-committee, now to be
ecumenical, would meet again to take this forward.

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                  15
A list of resources for children and young people, which parishes are happy to share, has been compiled,
and for DVDs a public display licence for the whole of the Kent Estuary Church Group has been obtained.
A multi-media projector is also available.
Plans were made to worship together during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, at Our Lady of
Lourdes in Arnside, and at St Thomas’ in Milnthorpe both ecumenical services. On Sunday 18th April,
parishioners from the Group have been invited to attend the morning Eucharist in Carlisle Cathedral
followed by a shared lunch together.

Many people have asked what is the purpose of the Kent Estuary Group Ministry. The Constitution
makes their role quite clear:
“Members of the churches in the Kent Estuary Group Ministry aim on a collaborative basis to
celebrate and proclaim the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and to spread the Gospel in the
power of the Holy Spirit.”

I hope that the information in this report will confirm the collaborative work that has and is taking place
between the Benefices around the Kent Estuary

                                                                                          Judith Hodgson
                                                         Lay Chairman of the Kent Estuary Group Ministry

Things seem to be going well with congregations of an average of 25 adults and the children of the
Young Explorers joining for the first ten to fifteen minutes of the service in term time. This is a new
venture and is working. The Candlelit Service was well attended as was Education Sunday with children
from the school taking part. We are very grateful to Mrs Charlesworth, other teachers and pupils. The
Village Carol Service in the Village Hall and one other Sunday service had to be cancelled due to the
winter weather.

The Coffee club restarts on Tuesday 13th April. at 10 a.m. This is for people to meet for coffee and a
chat. It was most successful last year.

                                                                                    Margaret Elbourne
                                                           Member of SVC and Representative on the PCC

Speakers in 2009 have included Ann Wickerson of Flame International, Jenny Webster from the
Springfield Hostel in Kendal and Kaye Hellens with her illustrated talk about her travels in the Holy Land.
We also had “Fun with Knitting” and had a joint meeting with Milnthorpe and Holme M.U.s for a talk by
Peter Bannister about the Prison Fellowship

16                                                   Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
Members attended the Lady Day Service on March 25th at Kendal Parish Church, and a Quiet Afternoon
on October 29th at Helsington church. Only Anne Jackson attended the Sharing Day at Windermere on
September 16th

The M.U. provided refreshments for the Housebound Service on May 20 th and for Sheila Knox’s funeral.
The Coffee Morning on June 18th raised £298.90

Four members and two others from Arnside go regularly to help in the Safe Play Area at Haverigg Prison.
A few members knit hats for sailors or baby clothes for premature babies or “Crosses in the Pocket” for
Barrow Hospital. At Christmas The M.U. wrote 600 cards for the prisoners at Haverigg. A new venture is
to give bags for the Chaplain to give to prisoners when they are released so that they do not leave
carrying their belongings in a bin bag.

We have 21 members 17 of which are “active”

                                                                                        Annette Brown

FREEWILL OFFERING 2008 Gift Aid Contributions – April to December 2008

         Contributions                          £16,520.

         Tax Claimed                              £4,662

FREEWILL OFFERING 2009 Gift Aid Contributions – January to March 2009

         Contributions                            £6,140.

         Tax Claimed                              £1,732.


         There were 96 Donations and out of these 65 Donations were Gift Aided.

         Donations for Gift Day amounted to                              £1,868.
         Tax Claimed                                                      £527.

         Resulting in a Total Figure for Gift Day                        £2,395.

Membership in the Freewill Offering Scheme is as follows:-

         12        Non Gift Aided
         51        Gift Aided
         18        Standing Orders (two of which are not Gift Aided)

         During the year we have received 34 White Envelopes from visitors to the Church.

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                               17
Therefore to Summarize Tax Refund Paid into the Accounts for year 2009:-

Freewill Offering April-December2008         £4,662 Cheque from Inland Revenue Received 2009
Freewill Offering January-March 2009         £1,732.
Gift Day 2009                                 £527.

Total Tax Refund                             £6921.

                              *         *          *

Freewill Offering (Gift Aid) received during April to December 2009 was £17,759 but the amount of Tax
Relief £5, 010 will not been shown in the Accounts until next year.

                                                                        Kay Crabtree (Christian Giving Officer)

Over the past twelve months there have been no major changes within the Church premises effecting
Health and Safety.

In accordance with Health & Safety guidelines I have carried out the six monthly examinations and there
are no areas for concern within the Church.

 However, there is some concern regarding the kitchen area. Whilst a new hot water system and water
boiler have been installed, the kitchen still requires decoration. The flaking paint has been removed but
there is evidence of dampness. I understand this dampness is probably caused by a problem with the
lead flashing on the Church roof over this part of the kitchen. Work to eliminate the dampness would
be very costly and I would suggest a simpler and a cheaper answer in the short term would be to paint
the area with a silicone base paint and then emulsion.

Another consideration is for the extractor fan to be used in conjunction with the water boiler this will
also help to reduce condensation. I will arrange for a suitable sign to be placed in the kitchen to remind
kitchen users to switch the extractor fan on. All the electrical equipment has been PAT tested and
equipment previously reported upon has now been replaced by the new water boiler.

The Annual Inspection of the Fire Extinguishers took place on the 6 th April by the Westmorland Fire
Extinguisher Co. – all were passed as satisfactory. A recommendation by this company last year for an
additional foam extinguisher in the store room next to the boiler room has been purchased and now in
place. I discussed with the engineer the area in the Lady Chapel where the candles are located and
were they considered to be a fire hazard? He recommended that a further fire blanket be purchased as
he has noticed that other Churches use them for this purpose.

I am pleased to report there have been no problems with the asbestos in the boiler room. Those visiting
the area to work are completing the book as requested.

18                                                    Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009
In the vicinity of the vestry door and boiler room two steps require attention as they could be a possible
hazard – work is in hand to rectify the problem.

The central heating system has not been serviced this year and it is a requirement of the insurance cover
for this to be done on an annual basis.

The gas heaters in the Church room were recently condemned but thanks to the generosity of a
parishioner these heaters have now been replaced. The surplus money of this gift allowed a new hot
water system to be installed in the kitchen.

Recently the PCC agreed for a ‘Breakfast Club’ organised by Irene Wade a registered Child Minder and
Ofsted Registered to use the Church room on a weekday basis during term time between 7.30 am and
9.00 am. All the necessary regulations for this club have been agreed and are in accordance with the
present regulations as well as our own Health & Safety Conditions. This needs to be evaluated at the
end of the Summer Term

There have been no changes to the Child Protection Policy over the last 12 Months.

                                                                          Mike Crabtree (Health & Safety Officer)

In January we changed to meeting on a Monday because of conflicting activities. It seems to be a good

The Christmas story told by Jeremiah the camel and puppets made and operated by the children was a
great success at the Christingle service.

This term we have produced more puppets for the Easter story which was produced at a special service
on Palm Sunday.

We currently have 9 children who attend regularly along with mothers, grandparent or fathers. All enjoy
refreshments followed by activities, singing and prayers.

                                                                         Annette, Julia and the refreshment ladies

Annual report and financial statements – Year ended 31st December 2009                                          19

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