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Mandibular Distraction to Correct Facial Asymmetry

Mandibular distraction to correct facial asymmetry is a safe and effective cosmetic
surgery procedure. The procedure can correct facial asymmetry and ensure an
improved facial appearance. It involves increasing the size of the lower jaw to
enable it to grow proportionately along with the rest of the face. This gives the jaw
added protection.

The mandibular distraction process can treat more serious physical conditions such
as cranial synostosis, midface retrusion, obstructive sleep apnea and temporo-
mandibular joint ankylosis.

How the Process Is Carried Out

The process involves creating an incision within the mouth which helps cut the
mandible bone. The ends of the bone are pulled apart gradually to insert a distraction
device. The new bone forms in the gap between the two ends of the jaw. Then the
front portion of the jaw is brought to the right position. To ensure the jaw does not

                                           Mandibular Distraction
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collapse, the connecting pins and the distraction device are removed only after the
hardening of the new bone. The risk of infection in this process is less since the
mandibular bones can conjoin strongly.

Scope of the Procedure

In the case of patients having facial clefting and Treacher Collins syndrome the
distraction process may have to be repeated. This is one of the procedures commonly
performed on infants and children.

Mandibular distraction osteogenesis is also carried out for the condition known as
mandibular retrognathia, which affects around 10% of the population. This is caused
by various congenital factors and also by acquired causes such as accident or as a
result of surgery performed for removing tumors or cysts. Transverse deficiency of
the mandible can also occur, which causes dental crowding in the anterior and
malocclusion. Mandibular distraction provides greater flexibility for plastic
surgeons, enabling them to handle a variety of mandibular conditions.

The Difference Experienced Surgeons Can Make

Experienced plastic surgeons offer a greater chance of success and safety, since
distraction osteogenesis requires deftness. Reliable plastic surgery centers have high-
tech tools and experienced surgeons to handle these tasks. Houston, Texas is quite
the destination for various advanced plastic surgery procedures. Select plastic
surgery centers here are run by experienced surgeons and there are also other trained
healthcare professionals onboard. To find out whether one is a candidate for
mandibular distraction, the surgeon would carry out a detailed physical examination
along with X-rays if necessary.

                                           Mandibular Distraction
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When performed by experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, mandibular
distraction to correct facial asymmetry is safe and successful.

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