COUNTY OF SIMCOE
SECTION:                Archives
ITEM NO.                PM 12-012
MEETING DATE:           January 12, 2012
SUBJECT:                Archives Operations Report for November-December, 2011


THAT Item PM 12-012, being the November-December, 2011 Archives Operations Report, be
received for information.


I. Outreach / Education:

Historical Societies. The Archives hosted the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the
Simcoe County Historical Society on November 08. The next meeting is scheduled for January

Cooperative Marketing. The Assistant Archivist attended a Sumac meeting at the Simcoe
County Museum on November 23. The group discussed the marketing plan implementation
schedule, and created a working group on social networking.

Facility Tours. The Archives hosted the Clerk of the Town of Wasaga Beach on November 08.

II. Staff Training and Development. The Archival Technician attended a workshop on
“Moving Image Film Handling and Print Inspection” at the CNE Archives, Toronto on
November 19. He also attended the “Preventive Conservation and Textiles in Archival
Collections” workshop at Trinity College, Toronto on December 09.

III. Research Highlights:

Projects with which Archives staff assisted during the months of November and December
      Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Collingwood
      Tay Heritage Inventory
      Barrie Examiner article on the Clarkson Hotel
      History of the 12th Field Regiment RCA, CASF
      History of recruitment in Simcoe County during World War I & II
      History of the Barrie Collegiate Institute Band
      History of Crossland
January 12, 2012             Performance Management Committee PM 12-012                         Page 2

          History of Phelpston
          Origins of museum curatorship in Ontario
          Laurentian University (at Georgian College) Historical Methods assignments
          Historical calendar
          Family histories

The Archives assisted four municipalities, two legal firms, two media outlets, two public libraries,
and one environmental consulting firm during November and December.

IV. Usage Figures:

Usage figures are provided at each Committee meeting so that members are kept aware of the
type and frequency of use of the Archives by its client users.

              INQUIRIES                 NOV        NOV        DEC        DEC       TOTAL      TOTAL
                                        2010       2011       2010       2011       2010       2011
    Telephone                            88         90         44         42       1,206       1,114
    Mail / E-Mail / Facsimile            19         24         14          7        392         366
    Research Visits                      72         97         38         47        739         800
    Inter-Institutional Loan Services     0          0          0          1         6           6
    Imaging Services:                   9→28      7→33       11→16      5→16      130→8,910   136→1,310

    Projects → Images 1
    Archives website page views         862         80         94         80       9,822        890
    Not including routine digitization of all still images during records processing.

    RESEARCH VISITORS BY                        NOVEMBER             DECEMBER           2011 YEAR-
    ORIGIN                                         2011                 2011            END TOTAL
    County of Simcoe                                39                   19                 306
    City of Barrie                                  29                   13                 274
    City of Orillia                                  0                    5                  22
    City of Toronto / Greater Toronto Area           5                    0                  18
    County of Wellington                             4                    0                   7
    County of Peterborough                           3                    0                   8
    County of Lanark                                 3                    0                   3
    Region of York                                   5                    0                  15
    Region of Peel                                   3                    5                  14
    Region of Durham                                 0                    5                  12
    Province of British Columbia                     3                    0                   3
    State of Florida                                 3                    0                   5
    TOTAL                                           97                   47

                 VISITORS BY SUBJECT OF                              NOVEMBER            DECEMBER
                   RESEARCH INTEREST 2                                  2011                2011
    Local History (incl. for publication)                                47                  16
    Genealogy and Family History                                         29                   9
January 12, 2012           Performance Management Committee PM 12-012                        Page 3

    Academic Research                                                    18                 6
    Music/Recreation/Cultural History                                     7                 4
    Military History (incl. War of 1812)                                  7                 3
    Education History                                                     6                 0
    Land & Property Research                                              5                 6
    Political History                                                     4                 6
    Access to Archives’ Technology                                        4                 4
    Municipal Land Use                                                    4                 3
    Transportation History                                                4                 0
    Commercial Photography                                                3                 1
    Archaeology                                                           3                 0
    Environmental Site Assessments                                        2                 0
    TOTAL                                                               143                58
    Note that researchers may have several, often overlapping, interests, which is reflected above.

V. Collections Development Highlights

    November-December Selected Donations 3

       o Tales of Yesteryear, Vol. 2; recollections of the Grove Park Home Residents, Barrie.
       o The Story of Stayner, 1867-1967.
       o Orillia Today newspapers, 2009-2010.
       o Collection of [52] community and church histories.

    Maps and Plans
      o Township of Vespra in the County of Simcoe, Dept. Of Public Highways, Ont., 1916
      o Provincial Highways, County Roads, Road Divisions, Township of Vespra, A.B.
          Coutts, 1938.
      o “Plan of the Survey of Road Allowance Between Lots 20 & 21 Across Cons III to XI &
          Between Lots 70 & 71 Across Con II & 1 in the Township of Medonte,” 1874.

    Organizational Records
       o Cookstown & District Lions Club, minutes, 1972-2008.
       o Lefroy Branch, Sons of Temperance, miscellaneous records.

    Private Manuscripts
       o “Experiences of Stanley Royal,” compiled by F.E. & A. Webster; WWI experiences of
           Stanley Royal of Nottawasaga Township.
       o [20] Instruments and [2] Conveyances Abstracts, E1/2 Lot 21 Con IV, Oro Township,
           granted to George Moore, 1837.
       o Photographs and research notes re. archaeological sites and the Serpentine Ridge, Hugh
           Jackson, Innisfil Township.
       o Research material re. history of Cookstown; records of Cookstown United Church;
           photographs and portraits of Barnes and Kidd family members.
January 12, 2012        Performance Management Committee PM 12-012                       Page 4

 Still Images
     o [80] photographs of Innisfil Township, by John Thompson.

 … approximately 6.41 linear metres of records donated.

 November-December Transfers 4

 Simcoe County Corporate Records
    o Forestry Department; Aerial photographs of County forestry tracts, reforestation
       property index and forestry inventories, operational plans, etc., 1920-1995.

 Corporate Municipal Records
    o Township of Ramara; by-laws, council & committee minutes, financial statements,
       assessment & collector’s rolls, 2000-2001.
    o Township of Severn; also records of the former Village of Coldwater, and the former
       Townships of Matchedash and Orillia; by-laws, building permits, heritage preservation
       files, committee minutes, vital statistics registers, assessment rolls, etc., 1950-1993.
    o Township of Springwater; former Townships of Vespra and Flos, former Village of
       Elmvale; council and committee minutes, by-laws, 1972-1993.

 Women’s Institute Records
   o Centre Flos branch, minute book, 1991-2001.

     … approximately 26.38 linear metre of records transferred.

 November-December Records Processing 5

 Simcoe County Corporate Records
    o Paramedic Services; administrative records, minutes of meetings, etc., 1983-2005.

 Sound Recordings
    o Audiocassette recordings and transcriptions of interviews with former Simcoe County
       Wardens, 1980-1983.

 Business Records
    o Alfred J.F. Sullivan, Barrister-at-law, Stayner; docket book, day book and certificates,

    o Cardwell Sentinel newspapers, 1889-1892.
    o Illustrated Atlas of the Dominion of Canada, 1881.

 Organizational Records
    o Canadian Club of Stayner records, 1940-1954.
January 12, 2012             Performance Management Committee PM 12-012                                        Page 5

   o Barrie Skating Club 11th Annual Carnival Programme, 1963.

 … approximately 2.80 linear metres of records processed

         “Donations” … a donation being a charitable gift or benefaction, where legal ownership is ceded to the
     Simcoe County Archives, including subsisting copyright where agreed … a charitable receipt for income tax
     purposes is provided to the donor where appropriate.
         “Transfers” … a transfer of custody, where ownership remains with the depositor. This occurs mainly
     with municipal records and records of Simcoe County’s Women’s Institutes.
        “Processing” … records are said to be “processed” if they have gone through each step of the appraisal,
     arrangement & description, and accessioning procedures, and have been placed in the general collection for
     the use of researchers. Processing may also include the re-location and/or physical maintenance of the
     records, as well as the modification of descriptive finding aids, such as describing the records at another level.


There are no financial implications to this Item.


There are no schedules attached to this Item.

PREPARED BY:             Bruce Beacock, Archivist
APPROVALS:                                                           Date:
Brenda Clark, County Clerk                                           January 3, 2012
Lealand Sibbick, Deputy Treasurer                                    January 5, 2012
Mark Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer                            January 5, 2012

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