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									Planning Sheet                                         Lesson Title: Attraction of Neutral                      Cluster: 3
                                                       Objects                                                  Grade: Senior 1 SLO: S1-3-03, S1-3-05
Learning Outcomes/Goal Focus                Teacher Reminders                                  Learners’ Task                              Equipment Required
A.     Scientific Inquiry                   Give each pair of students 2 pieces of tape.                                                   - Pieces of tape – 2 per
Initiating, Researching & Planning          Have them repeat step 4 from “Intro to             Students repeat step 4 and verify           pair of students.
S1-0-2c – Summarize and record              Electrostatics” (Appendix 3.2) and verify          attraction between the 2 pieces. They
information in a variety of forms.          attraction between the 2 pieces.                   identify that the 2 pieces are oppositely   - Paper ripped into little
S1-0-3a – State a testable hypothesis or                                                       charged.                                    bits.
prediction based on background data or      Ask students to rip paper into small bits and
on observed events.                         identify initial charge on paper. One at a time,                                               - Stream of water.
                                            bring each piece close to the bits and make        Students identify neutral charge on
Implementing; Observing, Measuring          observations.                                      paper. Students bring each piece close      - Comb.
& Recording                                                                                    to paper bits, observe attraction of bits
S1-0-4e - Work co-operatively with          Demo other examples of neutral objects             to both pieces of tape ie. both charges.    - Pith ball.
group members to carry out a plan, and      attracted to charged objects: stream of water
troubleshoot problems as they arise.        to charged comb, balloon attracted to wall,                                                    - Model of conductor (no
S1-0-5c – Record, organize, and display     pith ball attracted to objects with either                                                     play-dough).
data using an appropriate format.           charge.                                            Students observe other demos.
                                                                                                                                           - Model of insulator
Analyzing & Interpreting N/A                Use model of neutral conductor (with bingo                                                     (play-dough).
Concluding & Applying                       chips) to demonstrate electron movement
                                            when close to a negatively charged object.                                                     - Bingo chips (2 different
S1-0-7a – Draw a conclusion that            Have students predict using model electron                                                     colours labelled – and +
explains the results of an investigation.   movement when close to a positively charged        Students make predictions using model       to represent electrons and
S1-0-7e – Reflect on prior knowledge        object. Redemonstrate attraction using pith        and moving chips appropriately. They        protons).
and experiences to develop new              ball and charged rod.                              predict attraction using model, then
understanding.                                                                                 observe this with demo.                     - Note frames.
                                            Ask students to predict with model what will
B.     STSE Issues/ Design Process/         happen if charged object contacts conductor,       Students predict resultant repulsion        - Question sheets.
       Decision Making N/A                  then demo this with charged rod and pith ball.     using model and moving bingo chips,
                                                                                               then observe demonstration to verify
C.      Essential Science Knowledge         Repeat procedure with model of insulator.          prediction.
Neutral objects are attracted to both       Demonstrate charges aligning. Ask students to
positive and negative charges. In           predict what will happen if charged object
conductors, electrons move to cause         contacts insulator. Use model to demo close
charge separation. In insulators, charges   contact with both positive and negative            Students make predictions using model
align to produce an attractive force.       charges. Redemonstrate attraction of paper to      and aligning chips appropriately.
                                            charged objects.
What will you assess?
Understanding of model, new terms.
                                            Provide students with note frames and              Students work in pairs to complete note
How will you assess it?                     questions relating to first 4 lessons (see         frames, then work individually on
Verbal questions, note frames.              attached).                                         questions.

G. Kirkpatrick
G. Kirkpatrick

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