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					                Determination of Density for an Unknown Substance

       Density is a physical characteristic of a substance. As an intensive property, density of a
substance is the same no matter the quanitity of the substance. It is the relationship of mass to
volume. Usually denisty is reported in grams per milliliter; however, gases may be given in
grams per liter or even per kiloliter!

    To plan and carry out an experiment selecting appropriate materials
    To practice use of significant figures and metric units through the measurement and
      calculation of density
    To evaluate an experimental value by determining percent error

Materials Available
yard sticks                    thermometers                  balances
metric rulers                  beakers of various sizes      flasks of various sizes
washer weights                 string and scissors           glass stir rods
fume hood                      mortar and pestle             water
weigh dishes                   graduated cylinders of various sizes

You will perform an experiment to determine the density of an unknown substance (any
regular/irregular solid or liquid). Develop a step by step procedure (using any of the materials
listed) and establish data and observation tables.

Data & Observations

Arrive in class with this prelab document to show your instructor. You will add additional sections
to this after your lab session. The combined document (prelab plus addtional aspects requested
after the lab) will be sumitted as the final lab report form.

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