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									Andrew MacPhee
B..A..Sc.. – P..Eng.. B A Sc – P Eng

Good luck (gu̇d ˈlək) - planning carefully executed
Dedicated and driven quality specialist whose recent accomplishments include:
       Kanban of label printing I.T. saved $50,000/year at zero cost. Innovative radius gauge design reduced measurement variation 85%. RCCA produced 25% cutting-scrap reduction on high-aspect rectangular tube. Updates to process parameters produced 60% scrap reduction for all tube mills. Successful new product launch provided 25% of the total volume on main tube mill. Implementing electronic documentation on shop floor saved $60,000/year at zero cost. 97% first submission acceptance for 500 new product launches over 5 years and 2 facilities.

In every role he has performed, Andy has demonstrated the ability to work independently, assume a leadership role in activities that crossed various levels of the organization, and work extremely effectively in cross-functional settings J.L. Clark, Quality Director

Applying a statistical lens to process data, a logical mind to systemic issues, and a creative personality to developing solutions to waste and variation across the organization and promoting Customer satisfaction.

My system development and management experience has honed the following skills:
           Mechanical inclination – rapidly up to speed on new processes. Logical thinker – able to extend experiences to match new situations. Teamwork – built cohesive and motivated teams in challenging situations. Mathematical – mastery of engineering mathematics and quality statistics. Achievement – performance & commitment recognized all previous positions. Customer focused – long history of unearthing and satisfying Customer needs. Practical solutions – experience to deliver workable, hands-on process solutions. Administration – managed people and systems across shifts and multiple facilities. Communication – listening, teaching, presentations, writing and illustrating materials. Planning – ability to develop project plans from mission statement to final assessment. Management – achieves objectives despite continuous change and conflicting priorities.

Andy always carried out his work in a professional manner. He was reliable, well organized, developed good working relationships with his colleagues and always approached his work in a positive and productive manner. G. Dumoulin, General Manager

Along his upward path, Andy made countless contributions and led significant initiatives, improving practically every aspect of our operation J. Lui, Manager I.T.

Quality Manager ArcelorMittal Tubular Products, Brampton, ON (1995-2009)
A leader in steel tube manufacturing for automotive and other manufacturers  PFD  FMEA  Management Rep.  customer service  audits  training  new product development  documentation Project Contractor - Quality Self employed, Toronto, ON (1990-1991 & 1993-1995) R&D Engineer- Manufacturing Compar Connectors, Markham, ON (1991-1993) Quality Assurance Manager EDAC Incorporated, Toronto, ON (1986-1990) Senior Quality Analyst Federal Pioneer Ltd., Toronto, ON (1983-1986) 

Degree Conferred: 1979 Registered: 1984
Andrew is an intelligent and skilled individual. He developed many initiatives that were beneficial to the company and always displayed an excellent work ethic. A. Fanning, Inside Sales Manager

Certified: 1986 Designated Senior Member: 2005

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON B.A.Sc. (Bachelor of Applied Science - Engineering) Professional Engineers of Ontario, Toronto, ON P.Eng. (Professional Engineer) American Society for Quality, Milwaukee, OH CQE (Certified Quality Engineer)

 tube mill & steel  assembly  soldering  slitting & cutting  electro-mechanical  machining  hi-speed stamping  plating & painting  auto/non-auto  plastic i & c molding  measuring & testing  union/non-union

andy@andymacphee.com www.linkedin.com/in/andymacphee Brampton Ontario CANADA

 facilities consolidation (2)  product launches (100’s)  subdivision servicing (2)  CNC saw commissioning (2)  Quality System launches (3)  road & sewer upgrade (1)  tube mill commissioning (2)  Cal. Lab. commissioning (2)  coal silo inspection & testing (2)

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