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How to create a blog


									                                  HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG


There are many definitions when we start asking what blog is. But before I give you my own
definition, let me feed you with some definition that was given by some pro bloggers.

1: Blog is the arrangement of image, videos, and data chronologically which is viewable with
HTML brows or its equivalent.

2: Blog is a way by which some people try to tell others what they should know about them, by
arranging their text and image in a chronological way so that they could be easily understood.

3: A blog is a place where by an event be it past or coming can be discoursed, while the
conversation is going on, the people that are discoursing the event are trying to do what is called
blogging while the creator of the event or the writer is known as a blogger.

  With these three examples, I assume you understand what the blog is. But if you are still
confused, let me explain it in a simple form.
Blog is a place where you can discourse about your school, office, your life, who you are, what
you do, take some picture and upload it to you blog, invite your friends and your friends invite
their friend, you can even discourse the subject or a lecture you didn't understand in a class and
the person that understood it will explain it for you. I mean it is fun when you understand what
blogging is and you start doing it .The most fun part of blog is that it allows you to monetize you work by
registering with Google AdSense and adding your code in your blog which makes you some cool
money when people click on the link your code is pointing at. You can also add you affiliate
links in your blog and make money when your visitor registers to your affiliate site through you,
we call it referral. I know you are being confused by now, I will explain everything I mean by
monetizing. But first have you understand what I mean by blog. Now let me show you what blog
looks like. But first do you have Google or Gmail address?
If you don’t have, just go to and sign up for one, it is easy to do.
   How You Can Sign Up For Gmail Account.

                                         Click where you see Gmail in
                                         Google website and this is what
                                                See when you click it.
                                              New To Gmail?      CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Sign in

If your Gmail account is created, you can now go to to create an account and get
your own Blog address. But remember you can also create a Blog with any e-mail from any
known website as long as it is functional. But using Google account should be more advisable.

Now you have created your Gmail account, type and click enter. See example

                                Sign up for a new Google Account

Sign in
                                   Your e-m
              Email                                                   password
When you put your email and password in the space above, it will lead
you direct to the Bloggers website where you will create your own Blog

      Can't access your account? Or you can decide to create Google account if you don’t have

This are the examples of Blogger Template

Create a blog. It's free
Beautiful, Customized templates and layouts. Try Template Design
      Remember that this circle is the main reason why we are here but
that will be discoursed letter in this e-book.

         Make money with Adsense

You have known how to sign in to your Google account, ok let go to the next step which should
be what? What? Yes how to sign up for and this is how the next click should
look like.

     Sign up             Name blog                 Choose template

Sign up for Blogger
Once you complete this process, you'll be able to log in to Blogger using your Google account
email and password.
Email address                                                           Use a different account
  Your name             JACK JIME
                           Accident Report live                                            The name used to sign your
Display name
                        the name of your blog will display here                            blog posts.

    Email                   Send me feature announcements, advice, and
 notifications          other information to help me get the most out of
                        my blog.
     Gender             Put your gender here i:e M/F
                                                                                           Indicate that you have read
Acceptance of
                              I accept the Terms of Service                                and understand Blogger's
                                                                                           Terms of Service

Fill all the empty space above and click   continue as you can see it in the right corner of your platform.
When you click continue, the platform will be like the below and that means you have just
started something.
                                                                      Try the updated Blogger interface
        Do you link to Amazon in your blog posts? Our Amazon Associates integration makes
     linking easier and can even earn you some money! Details here.

               Accided report live
               Create a Blog – Help Manage Blogs


Ignore every other article or trash if you are here to create a Blog, what you do is look for where you see

You are not an Author on any Blog yet, create one now to start posting.

                                                                  CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG NOW

Immediately you click it, your blog starts. And it should start by asking you to.

    2. Push-Button Publishing
    3.      Create account          Name blog           Choose template

    5.Name your blog

    Blog title        Your blog's title will appear on your published blog, on your dashboard and
                      in your profile.

  Blog address        http://   
     (URL)            Check Availability
                      The URL you select will be used by visitors to access your blog. Learn more


         This circled area is so important, and that is where your Blog title and Address starts.
       Just type the title you want your Blog to carry in the first empty space that is marked
       with red star and the address you want people to type before they could visit your Blog
       in the second empty space on red star. Then click continue.

Make cool dollar blogging in any topic you like.

When you click continue, your next platform should look like this, which will tell you to
choose your Template.

Push-Button Publishing

   Create account        Name blog        Choose template

Choose a starter template
You can change your template later, and even customise it with the Template


Choose one of the   template above to start designing your Blog.
After choosing from any of the template and clicking continue, another platform will come up
telling you that your Blog has been created. And the platform should be like the one blow.

Push-Button Publishing

Your blog has been created!
We've just created a blog for you. You can start posting now or customise how your blog looks.

What you do now is either customize, start blogging, posting or click advance Setup. But I will
advice you start with CUSTOMISE.
Start blogging

► Advanced Setup Options I might not put the some of the outcome when you click customize

button but I would try to explain what you should do when you get there.

Everything you see in red star in the bellow description is very important and you should use it
to beautify your Blog
Blogger Template Designer
• Back to Blogger Revert to previous template View Blog Help
ate     Live on
ound Dynamic
Adjust           Dynamic             Picture Awesome Watermar
 widths                    Simple                             Ethereal Travel
                 Views               Window Inc.        k


I want to choose my template here and what I will choose might not be what you want but for

this e-book, I choose this                       Now what I do after choosing my template is to
select the background of my Blog and what I do is click on the background at the left side corner.
You can see it because I have circled it with red ink for easy discovery. And I want to skip some
practical in this template to save your time and let you do some learning yourself.
        When you choose your background, this is what you see.

Upload image

For this e-book, I will like to choose the 4th image which should be the background of this blog.
Then my next step is to adjust the widths. What I always do is to click and drag the
width to size my blog. And you can see what happens when you drag one of the
widths. Try it yourself and see what I mean.

       Next is my layout. And that is where I beautify my blogs. When I am through
with the Layout, I will go back to my width again to modernize the sizes and make my
blog to look like a good blog. Then in Apply to Blog to cement my work before clicking
advanced to.
ADVANCED: This is where I finish my designing before I give my
blog the first page.
Now I have finished the design, I have to click apply again before
I go back to Blog.
If you click go back to Blog, it will give me the platform bellow.

                                                                Try the updated Blogger interface
    We have enabled automatic spam detection for comments. You should occasionally check
New!the comments in your spam inbox. Learn more about Blogger's spam detection or report
Accided report live

Create a Blog – Help Manage Blogs (1 total)

New Post

– Edit Posts – Comments – Settings – Design – Monetise – Stats

The page/platform continued but I had to cut off some because I have gotten what I needed as
you can see it in red circle. But because we are talking of making money in Blog, we are going to
start with clicking   monetizing first. To monetize our blog, we need
Google Adsense account which should be where our dollars should be
coming from. If you have Adsense account, it will be easy for you; just
copy the code and pest it where you are asked to do so but if you don’t
have, no problem.
                      How to sign up for Google Adsense.
Click the monetize button and you will be taken to another platform
where you will be asked to sign up. Click the sign up button
and follow the instruction gently and you will arrive to a place
where they will tell you that Adsense has been enabled in your

Try the updated Blogger interface | | Dashboard | My Account | Help | Sign

      Posting
      Comments
      Settings
      Design
      Monetise
      Stats
      View Blog
        AdSense Overview
        AdSense For Feeds
        Amazon Associates

AdSense is enabled for your blog!
Your ads are currently serving with publisher ID ca-pub-0994358479089758.

Please wait up to 48 hours for your new account to be reviewed before ads are displayed on
your blog. In the meantime, your blog will display public service announcements in place of ads.
Learn more Bottom of Form

Just take a look at above sentences circled in red and you will see what we have been discoursing
about opening Google Adsense account. And when you reach at this stage, just follow the
instruction as it was given in the site. Don’t change or remove anything. Good luck.

Now is the time to click   setting and this is what comes out when you click the button.
Try the updated Blogger interface | | Dashboard | My Account | Help | Sign

        PostingComments

  Blog Tools     Import blog - Export blog - Delete blog

                 You can import posts and comments from a previously exported Blogger blog,
                 export this blog, or permanently delete it.
       Title       ACCIDENT REPORT LIVE

                                                describe what your blog is all about here.

                 500 Characters Max.
Add your blog yes          A Listed blog may be linked to from, such as the
    to our    Blogger home page and Next Blog. If you select "No" your blog will not
  listings?   appear in these places, but it will still be available on the Internet. This blog
              will still be displayed on your profile unless you hide it. Edit displayed blogs.

                 Note: Due to caching, changes to this setting may be slightly delayed.

  Let search
 engines find    yes      If you select "Yes" we will include your blog in Google Blog Search and ping
  your blog? If you select "No", everyone can still view your blog but search engines
                 will be instructed not to crawl it. If there are links to your blog from other websites,
                 search engines may still suggest your blog in response to queries.

 Show Quick       yes    When you are logged in to Blogger, edit your posts from your blog with
  Editing on     one click.
 your Blog?
 Show Email       I use yes but you can change it               Email Post links let your visitors
 Post links?     easily email posts from your blog to their friends.
                                         this is important but you can leave it
Analytics Web
 Property ID
                 Add Google Analytics to your blog to see how visitors interact with your site.
                 Add your Google Analytics Web Property ID to start tracking your blog. This
                 setting is specific to Dynamic Views and Layout templates. If your blog is
                 using a Classic template you need to manually add it to your template.
   Adult          Make your choice             If Yes is selected, viewers of your blog will see
  Content?       a warning message and will be asked to confirm that they want to proceed to
                 your blog.

Global Settings (These apply to all of your blogs)
Select post editor
                          Updated editor (Recommended) - Take a look at the latest features!
                          Old editor
                           Hide compose mode - Select only if you typically do HTML editing
                      instead of WYSIWYG text editing.
     Enable            Disable is ok            in
 transliteration?     Learn more

                      Adds a button to the toolbar for converting words from English to the
                      selected language. (You may later change the language in the Post Editor.)
                      Your transliteration corrections will be saved to help Google improve this
                      tool. See Privacy Policy for details.

Look at all the places marked with red star inside the boxes above and chose your answers as
was written in red and click save setting. Then follow the numbers click on it and do your work
as you will be directed.
1Basic 2Publishing 3Formatting4 Comments5 Archiving6 Site Feed Email & Mobile
OpenID Permissions


 1. BASIC: This is where we got the above platform and that is only for basic things your blog
2. PUBLISHING: We only use this place if we want to buy a Domain for our blog.

3. FORMATING: Just format your blog how you want it to be, like the date, how you want your
post to be and how many post you want to appear in your blog.etc.

4. COMMENTS: Set how you want your comment to look like.

5. ARCHIVEING: This is like your document, where you can find all your post that is no more
present in you blog.

6. SITE FEED: The feedBurner appears here.

   7. Email & Mobile: This where you set how your blog should be vied in mobile network.

   8. OpenID: It allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without
      needing to create new passwords

   9. PERMISSION: In this place, you are allowed to choose how many people you would
   10. This is where the author of your blog whom you allowed appears.
Design: this is where you do all the work in your blog. The look of your blog
and how people will discourse about it comes in this place because if your blog
is well designed, the post will likely be attractive. Click design and you will
see a platform that would tell you to.
Add and Arrange Page Elements
Click and drag to rearrange page elements on your blog.

All the sentences that are written in BLUE are very important and should be taking very serious.
 When you click on ADD A GEDGET, a platform will pop up which should be the gadget your
blog will need. Choose it one by one and preview your blog to know what to add and what not to
You can see the example of what the pop up will look like when you click ADD GEDGET in
your platform bellow. The gadgets must be chosen one by one and should be arranged properly
before choosing another one.

1 24 of 24

                    Follow by Email New!
                    Make it easy for readers to follow your blog by email.
                    By Blogger

                    Popular Posts New!
                    Displays a list of popular posts on your blog.
                    By Blogger

                    Blog's stats New!
                    Displays your blog's stats.
                    By Blogger

                    Displays a list of stand-alone pages on your blog.
                    By Blogger

The above gadget is what the pop up will look like when you click Add gadget.
If you want to add any one, just click where you have plus sign and the gadget will be added

Displays a list of stand-alone pages on your blog.
By Blogger

                                Click at that circled place and your gadget will be added.

Try the updated Blogger interface | | Dashboard | My Account | Help | Sign


Now we are through with the designing the next thing to click is the place circled above and you can find
it at the top right corner of your browsing platform. Just do some work and come out your blog is ready
for publishing, advertising and marketing. But you have to keep on updating a new post at list every two
weeks to enable your visitors keeping on coming back.
         Remember to add your Adsense code because that is where your money comes from. Good luck
and if you have any problem contact us in,, http://

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