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									July 9, 2012

               Town of Windham
                                    Planning Department
                                       8 School Road
                                    Windham, ME 04062

  voice 207.894. 5960 ext. 2                                             fax 207.892.1916

                                      TOWN OF WINDHAM
                                  PLANNING BOARD WORKSHOP
                                        FINAL MINUTES
                                          July 9, 2012

Contents:       12-05 Ledgewood Heights Subdivision
                07-16 Rozzi Subdivision
                WEDC Workshop

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Jim Hanscom. Other Board members present
were: Jon Earle, David Douglass, Keith Elder, and John Carlberg. Assistant Planner, Ben Smith
was also present.

Approval of Minutes:

David Douglass made a motion to approve the minutes of June 25, 2012.
Seconded by John Carlberg.
Vote: All in favor.

Presentation to Keith Williams:

Ben Smith presented Keith Williams with a plaque and thanked him for his many years of service
to the Planning Board and the public.

Keith encouraged everyone to spend some time in their life performing community service.

                                        New Business

12-05 Ledgewood Heights Subdivision. Minor residential subdivision. AAAL Builders,
LLC to request sketch plan review of a proposed three lot subdivision. The property is
located at 21 Pope Road and identified on Tax Map: 7 Lot: 56 Zone: Farm (F).

Jim Gray was present representing the applicant.

Keith Elder disclosed that he had worked with Jim Gray in the past. He had no previous
knowledge of this application.

The Board had no issues with the disclosure.

He explained:
    They were proposing a three lot subdivision. One lot would have the existing house on it.
    They requested a waiver of the sidewalk requirement.

July 9, 2012

        Site distance to the left of the property was 390 feet. Site distance to the right was 420

Ben Smith read the waiver request into the record. “We believe a waiver from the requirement is
appropriate because of the simple and minor nature of the development. Sidewalks in this area
would be out of character with the rest of the neighborhood and would essentially lead nowhere.
A waiver from the requirement would allow us to maintain the trees and natural vegetation
currently providing some privacy and buffering from road noise.” Ben explained the nearest
sidewalk was several thousand feet away.

John Carlberg made a motion not to schedule a sitewalk for the project.
Seconded by Keith Elder.
Vote: Three in favor. David Douglass and Jim Hanscom opposed.

John Carlberg made a motion to accept the sketch plan application as complete.
Seconded by Jon Earle.
Vote: All in favor.

The Board discussed the waiver request:
    A sidewalk was out of character in the neighborhood and it would go nowhere.
    Future development may require a sidewalk. If the waiver was granted now the Town
       would be responsible to pay for it.
    The site was in close proximity to Roosevelt Trail.
    There were no schools, stores or municipalities nearby.
    Sidewalk standards for roads had recently been simplified by the Planning Board.

John Carlberg made a motion to grant the request for a waiver of the sidewalk requirement.
Seconded by Jon Earle.
Vote; Four in favor. David Douglass opposed.

Consensus of the Board was to schedule a public hearing for the final plan.

07-16 Rozzi Subdivision. Amendment to a minor residential subdivision. Patricia Rozzi to
request vacation of subdivision approval. The property in question is located at 383
Falmouth Road and identified on Tax Map: 16A Lot 11 Zone: Farm (F) and Resource
Protection (RP).

Ben Smith explained:
     At the time the subdivision had been approved the subdivision ordinance contained a
       sunset clause that voided the town approval if construction wasn’t begun. Construction
       had not begun and so the municipal approval was now void.
     The approved plan had been recorded at the registry of deeds.
     The applicant needed the Planning Board to formally vacate the subdivision in order for
       the property to be considered one lot again.
     Two lots on the plan existed prior to the application. They had been included on the plan
       because they were created within a five year period. If the subdivision was vacated
       those lots would still be lots of record.
     Lots that would be affected were 1, 2, and 3, and the remaining land of Rozzi.

Fred Panico was present to represent the applicant.

Permission from Ms. Rozzi for Mr. Panico to represent her had not been received.
John Carlberg made a motion to postpone the application to the July 23 meeting.
Seconded by David Douglass.

July 9, 2012

Vote: All in favor.

                                            Other Business

WEDC Workshop – Discussion of Economic Development strategic planning for the Town
of Windham.

Tom Bartell, Windham Economic Development Director was present representing the Windham
Economic Development Corporation which was sponsoring an economic development strategic
planning process for the Town of Windham. The hope was that, as the process moved forward,
and consensus was reached with the Town Council and public it would eventually become part of
the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Tom introduced Matt Eddy, the Town’s planning consultant.

The workshop was to be a brainstorming session regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
and threats, zoning ordinances, infrastructure, and peoples’ attitudes which affect economic

David Douglass made a motion to suspend the rules for open discussion.
Seconded by John Carlberg.
Vote: All in favor.

The Board discussed Windham’s:


           Strong business sense and strong economic base
           Good school department
           It is the Lakes Region service center
           Not just a tourist town, local regional and people drive through
           Retail sector is strong
           Population has a fair amount of professional and management skills
           The scale and rural nature
           Friendliness of the people
           Proximity to stores
           Dedicated police force and fire department
           Centrally located for close access to surrounding destinations


           Doesn’t advertise much
           Historical sites aren’t promoted
           Need to utilize internet and local cable, not everyone has access
           Route 302 is already too small for the traffic flow, the timing of traffic lights and a
            bottleneck in Raymond make traffic backup through North Windham. This should be
            addressed now as opposed to years from now.
           Should take advantage of other routes that people travel for commercial development
           Lack of public spaces/places, ball/sports fields
           Lack of sewer
           No more space for additional development. Improvements cost money. If you want
            improvements a place must be provided for the development that will pay for the
           Resistance to change

July 9, 2012


           Can improved traffic flow
           Can provide growth areas that are not in North Windham
           A sewer system would provide additional opportunity for development
           Can increase the potential for being a destination


           Must address Route 302
           A sewer system would provide additional opportunity for development
           Lighting level of signage
           Technology, the ability to shop on-line and telecommute
           Windham is a destination, not a place to go to and wander around and spend time

John Carlberg made a motion to resume the standard rules for the Planning Board meeting.
Second by David Douglass.
Vote: All in favor.

John Carlberg made a motion to adjourn.
Seconded by David Douglass.

Vote: All in favor.


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