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					       Weekly Literacy Plan                                        Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                    Term: Summer 2
Class/Group: 5AJ/AW
Unit:Classic Narrative Poetry (The Highwayman)
Unit Learning Outcome:

Objectives Covered:

                Word/                            Introduction                           Independent / Guided              Plenary/ Self-     Learning       Success
Day         Sentence starter                                                                                               evaluation        Outcome        Criteria

                                  Organise the class into groups and give      Bring the class back together and        For homework,       To deduce     I can find
1 P1                              each group a copy of the illustration by     share their ideas and the evidence       ask the children    informatio    evidence in
                                  Charles Keeping on                           they have found. Record this             to find out some    n about a     the visual
                                  the cover of the book. See resources for     on a flipchart or IWB, or by asking      more about          character     text to
                                  a copy of the illustration. Ask them to      children to come up and stick their      highwaymen.         from a        support my
                                  discuss what they                            notes around a copy of the               Before the next     visual text   opinions.
                                  can tell about the character from the        picture. Keep these notes so that you    session, allow
                                  illustration, who this person might be and   can look back on them later in the       time for the
                                  what he might be like.                       unit.                                    children to share
                                  They should make notes in their literacy     Ask them to turn to a partner and        any information
                                  books, reading journals on sticky notes or   discuss what they know about             they have found
                                  large sheets of                              highwaymen. Make a list of their ideas   out
                                  paper.                                       about highwaymen and then                about
                                                                               show them the following web page on      highwaymen and
                                                                               an IWB or alternatively print off        start a
                                                                               copies to share:                         noticeboard to
                                                                               http://www.stand-and-                    display any
                                                                             pictures or
                                                                               Read and discuss this page with the      information they
                                                                               class. This will give them useful        have found
                                                                               background knowledge and
                                                                               create a context for the poem.
       Weekly Literacy Plan                                     Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                   Term: Summer 2
                              Explain to the children that this book        Read the poem again and this time, ask   Allow time for     To give        I can give
2 P1                          contains a poem that tells a story            children to work in mixed-ability        the children       views         reasons
                              involving a highwayman. Ask                   groups and think about what they         to discuss their   based on      for what I
                              them to listen carefully and see if they      liked and disliked about the poem and    responses and      response      like and
                              can follow the story in the poem, who it      also anything that puzzled               questions.         to a text     dislike
                              involves and what                             them. Give each group a large grid to                       and           about the
                              happens to them. Read the poem to the         record their thoughts. A more                               respond       poem and I
                              class and then ask the children to talk       experienced writer within the                               appropriat    can
                              with a partner about                          group should take the role of scribe.                       ely to the    question
                              what they have found out about the            (To download a grid, see resources).                        opinions of   others
                              story. Discuss their ideas and make notes                                                                 others        about their
                              together about the                                                                                                      opinions.
                              characters and the story.
                              Before this lesson, prepare a class           Give the children a copy of the second   Share the          To deduce     I can use
3 P1                          dictionary with pages labelled with the       verse of the poem, which provides a      annotated          informatio    evidence
                              letters of the alphabet.                      description of the                       drawings with      n about a     from the
                              Ask the children to work with a partner       highwayman. Ask them to make             class.             character     text to
                              and give each pair a verse from the poem.     annotated drawings of him following                         from a        annotate a
                              Ask them to look                              the description in the text                                 description   character
                              for any unfamiliar words in their verse                                                                                 with
                              and to investigate what these mean, using                                                                               accurate
                              dictionaries or the                                                                                                     description
                              Internet. Then ask them to enter the                                                                                    s.
                              words they have found directly into the
                              class dictionary or to
                              write them on paper or sticky notes so
                              that they can be entered properly later.
                              Talk about these
                              words as a class, focusing in particular on
                              the beginning of the poem.
       Weekly Literacy Plan                                    Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                   Term: Summer 2
                              Reread the poem with the class again         Then, ensuring that each pair has a      In pairs share      To identify   I can use a
4 P1
                              using an enlarged version of the text,       copy of the poem, ask them to work       storyboards and     the key       storyboard
                              displaying the poem                          with a partner and create a              discuss             events in a   to plot key
                              on an IWB or flipchart so that the           storyboard to illustrate the sequence    similarities and    story         events.
                              structure is clear. To download a text       of events in the poem. See resources     differences
                              version of the poem see                      for a storyboard outline. (LA/MA)        between them.
                              resources. Talk about the separate           HA – create own storyboard.
                              verses and the sequence of events in the
                              poem. You could note
                              the key events next to each verse as the
                              children begin to identify them. Model
                              storyboard section.
                              Freeze-frame and thought tracking            With some of the groups focusing on      Ask the groups      To think      I can voice
P2                            Split the class into groups of six and ask   Tim the Ostler, some on the              to report back to   from a        the
                              them to create a ‘freeze-frame’ for the      highwayman and some on Bess              the rest of the     character’s   thoughts
                              scene when Bess is                           the landlord’s daughter, ask them to     class at the end    viewpoint     of
                              tied to the bed, taking the parts of Bess,   look back at the poem and find out all   of the              about the     charatcres
                              Tim and the soldiers. Once they have         they can about their                     session. Discuss    reasons       using
                              prepared their                               character and also think about the       what has been       for their     evidence I
                              freeze-frames, ask one or two groups to      reasons he or she behaved as they        found out.          behaviour     have read
                              come to life and voice their thoughts in     did. They could make notes                                                 in the
                              character.                                   on a large sheet of paper.                                                 text.
                              If possible, keep a record of their drama    LA – Give Highwayman
                              by taking photos and noting what they        MA – Bess
                              say in role.                                 HA – Tim the Ostler
                                                                           (split sheet into two heading –
                                                                           character details/ reasons foe
     Weekly Literacy Plan                                     Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                   Term: Summer 2
                            In pairs think of two questions they          With one member of the class in role     Discuss the two     To reflect    I can
P2                          would ask for Tim, Highwayman, and Bess.      as Tim, Bess or the highwayman, pose     drama               on the        express an
                            Think about what responses they might         questions as a class to                  techniques used     ways          opinion on
                            receive.                                      explore his or her motivation and        – thought           working in    different
                            Hotseating                                    feelings about what has happened.        tracking and hot    role helps    drama
                            Start the session by discussing the                                                    seat.               you think     techniques
                            drama activity and what the children                                                                       about a       and explain
                            thought about the different                                                                                character     my point of
                            characters’ feelings at that point in the                                                                                view.
                            story. Ask the children to work with a
                            partner and think about
                            what they might ask Tim, Bess, or the
                            highwayman (interviewed posthumously!),
                            and what this
                            character might reply about what
                            happened and why they behaved as they
                            Ask children to sit in a circle. Displaying   After this activity, explain to the      After they have     To tell the   I can
P2                          an enlarged version of one of the story       class that they are going to work with   practised, share    story of      understand
                            maps, explain that                            a partner and tell the story             some of these       The           a viewpoint
                            they are going to tell the story of the       of The highwayman from the point of      stories             highwayma     and use
                            highwayman from the point of view of one      view of one of the characters: Bess,     at the end of the   n from the    this to
                            of the characters,                            Tim or the highwayman.                   session or tape-    perspectiv    retell a
                            using the story maps to help them. Model      They can draw on the drama they have     record them.        e of one of   story.
                            an opening to the story yourself as told      experienced to help them to think        Discuss the         the
                            from the                                      about the characters’                    difference          characters
                            highwayman’s point of view. Then invite       feelings, and can also use their         between oral and    , using
                            members of the class to contribute to a       storyboards.                             written story       notes
                            joint telling of the                                                                   telling.
     Weekly Literacy Plan                                        Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                 Term: Summer 2
                               Tell the children that they are going to      Ask chn to plan their narrative from    Share what chn    To write a    I can show
8                              write the story of The highwayman from        of the characters point of view. Chn    have written so   story from    the
P2                             the point of view of                          to start writing once completed plan.   far.              the           viewpoint
                               one of the characters, based on the           LA – work together to write a                             viewpoint     of the
                               stories they told in the previous session –   paragraph from the viewpoint of one                       of one of     character
                               from the point of view                        of the characters. (highwayman)                           the           by
                               of Bess, Tim or the highwayman.               MA – use Highwayman                                       characters    including a
                               Demonstrate how they might begin their        HA – use Bess/Tim.                                                      description
                               writing by scribing a                                                                                                 of why the
                               possible first line for a story from the                                                                              character
                               highwayman’s point of view. Then take                                                                                 behaved in
                               ideas from the class                                                                                                  certain
                               about how to continue with the next two                                                                               ways and
                               lines.                                                                                                                how they
                                                                                                                                       To write a    felt.
P2    Chn to continue writing narrative of the Highwayman.                                                                             story from
                                                                                                                                       of one of
10                           Read the first two verses of the poem out       To highlight all language features.          HA – share   To identify   I can
                             loud together and talk about the way it is      LA – Part 1 as group.                        metaphors    how           identify
                             written. Ask the                                MA – Part 1                                  they have    writers use   repetition
                             children to discuss in pairs anything they      HA – Part 1 and 2                            found and    language      and
                             notice about the way the poet uses                                                           explain      for           metaphors
                             language. In the                                                                             them.        dramatic      and explain
                             whole-class session, ask the children to                                                                  effect        their
                             feed back their thoughts. Record their                                                                                  effects.
                             thinking on a
                             flipchart. Their observations might include
                             the use of rhythm and repetition, for
                             example, and the
                             way that this helps to create the effect of
                             a horse galloping. Introduce the concept of
                             metaphor as
                             children notice phrases such as ‘The moon
                             was a ghostly galleon’.
     Weekly Literacy Plan                                     Week Beginning: 4th June 2007                                  Term: Summer 2
11                          Read the poem in flat boring voice and        Gather the groups together to practice and    Performan     To develop    I can
P3                          discuss with class what was wrong with it.    then                                          ce of the     the ability   contribute
                            Take one verse and discuss the different      perform the poem as a class                   poem.         to work       my opinions
                            ways in which it could be performed.          Each group 3 verses to perform (photocopy                   collaborati   and listen
                            Ask the children to work in groups to         each section for them and get them to make                  vely to       to others.
                            prepare a performance of a section of the     notes on the poem.                                          perform a
                            poem. Invite them                                                                                         poem
                            to make decisions about which parts to                                                                    dramaticall
                            read individually and which to perform                                                                    y
                            altogether, and also
                            where actions or sound effects might be
12                          As a shared writing activity, introduce the   Ask                                           Share the     To            I can use
P3                          idea of writing an additional verse for the   the children to work with a partner and       verses as a   experimen     the style
                            poem,                                         write their own verses, perhaps from the      class         t with        rhythm
                            describing a ghostly meeting between Bess     point of view of a                                          writing in    and
                            and the highwayman. Start the verse with      traveller witnessing the scene. Encourage                   the form      language
                            a line from                                   the children to add their own ideas but ask                 of a          features
                            the poem such as: ‘Over the cobbles he        them to try to                                              narrative     of the
                            clattered’ or ‘the wind was a torrent of      stick to the style and rhythm of the poem                   poem          poem.
                            darkness. Remind chn of structure of          as much as possible.
                            Lesson 1                                      Lesson 2                                      Allow time    To collate    I can use a
13                          Discuss with the class all the information    Once they have gathered a little more         for groups    and           powerpoint
P3                          they have found out about highwaymen          information, they                             to present    present       presentati
                            from the poem and                             should organise and present it using a        their work    informatio    on to show
                            other sources. Organise the class into        presentation programme such as Microsoft      to the rest   n gathered    what I
                            groups of three and ask them to gather        PowerPoint®.                                  of the        on            have learnt
                            together information                                                                        class or to   highwayme     about
                            that the class has already found out. Then                                                  other         n using       highwayma
                            ask them to think of a question they would                                                  classes       PowerPoint    n.
                            like to find                                                                                within the    ® and then
                            more about, for example: how highwaymen                                                                   present to
                            were punished. They could use the ‘Stand                                                                  the class
                            and deliver’
                            website http://www.stand-and-
                            relevant books or online
                            encyclopaedias to research their question.
Weekly Literacy Plan   Week Beginning: 4th June 2007   Term: Summer 2

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