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									                                                                                                   Name and Class: ________________________________

                                              The Characters of the Diary of Anne Frank
Directions: Use this sheet to keep track of all the characters in the play. Draw a stick figure for each character and record which family individuals
          belong to, their character traits, and other important details. Include quotes from the play that describe their character well.

              Anne                                 Margot                                Mr. Frank                             Mrs. Frank

         Mr. Van Daan                          Mrs. Van Daan                               Peter                                 Dussel

              Miep                                Mr. Kraler                                               Any others?
Name and Class: ________________________________
                                                             Name and Class: ________________________________

                                      Bio-poem – The Diary of Anne Frank

  Using your character chart and what we’ve read in the play, you will create a bio-poem based on a specific
character. You will be assigned a character on Thursday, May 3 and it will be due on the next Wednesday, May
                       9. You will use the following line prompts to complete your poem.

   1. First Name
   2. Four Traits that describe the character
   3. Relative (mother, father sister, etc) of _________________
   4. Who loves _____________, _______________, ______________.
   5. Who feels _______________, ______________, ________________.
   6. Who fears __________________, ________________, __________________.
   7. Who gives ________________, __________________, ____________________.
   8. Who would like to see _________________, ____________________, _________________.
   9. Resident of ______________________.
   10. Last Name

                                      Determined, brave, strong, loving
                               Wife of Raymond Parks, mother of all children
                      Who loved equality, freedom, and the benefits of a good education
          Who feels discrimination, the need to stand up for her beliefs, and the desire to help others
    Who feared that racism would continue, feared losing the opportunity to make a difference, and feared
                 that young people might lose opportunities to develop strength and courage
    Who gave a new history as she accomplished great strides for equality and encouraged excellence for all
     Who wanted to see love triumph and see an end to all bias and discrimination in a world in which
                                         respect is freely given to all
                                   Born in Alabama and living in Detroit

Make it look nice! Add color, pictures or graphics, and mount it on construction paper. You will receive ½ of a
project grade for this work.

Which         Content: accurate traits, correct relatives,    Attractiveness:
character?    appropriate thoughts and feelings
              Points:    Comments:                            Points:    Comments:

                   /15                                             /10
                                                                                       Total Points ________X2

                                                                                              Grade: _________

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