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             Full Time (optional supervised work-based placement between years 2 and 3)

                                         Level 4 (Year 1)*                                                    Level 5 (Year 2)**                             Level 6 (Year 3)

                                     Web Industry Skills [20]
                                                                                                Multiplatform Apps. [20]
                                                                                                                                                         Digital Media Project [40]

                 Web Development [20]                 Client-side Scripting [20]                                             Industry Focused
                                                                                                                             Development [40]

                                                                                               Client Server Technologies                                              Conceptual Design
                                                                                                           [20]                                  Web Optimisation
                                   Interactive Animation [20]                                                                                                         Futures and Portfolio
                                                                                                                                                  Strategies [20]

               OPTIONS FROM THE FOLLOWING                                                  OPTIONS FROM THE FOLLOWING                           OPTIONS FROM THE FOLLOWING
               Interface and Digital Content Design [20]                                   2D Character Animation [20]                          Accessibility and User Experience [20]
               Music Sound and Video [20]                                                  3D Character Animation [40]                          Advanced Games Development [20]
               Computer and Mobile Technologies [20]                                       Animation Production [20]                            Games Front End Interface and HUD
               Game Mechanics and Level Design Pre‐production [20]                         Character Production for Games [20]                  Design [20]
               History of Games [20]                                                       Level Design and Production for Games [20]           Advanced Animation for Games [20]
               Animation Pre-production [20]                                               Motion Capture for Games [20]                        Contemporary Studies in Games [20]
               Drawing for Animation [20]                                                  3D Texturing, Lighting and Rendering [20]            Client Focused Business Solutions [20]
               Introduction to 2D and 3D Computer Animation [40]                           Visual Development for VFX [20]                      Concept Art [20]
               Introduction to 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting &                         Visual Development for Animation [20]                ICT Service Management [20]
               Rendering [20]                                                              Digital Visual Effects and Compositing [40]          Advanced Networks [20]
               Introduction to Animation for Games [20]                                    2D Casual Game Development [20]                      IT Law [20]
               Introduction to Asset Creation for Games [20]                               Lighting and Texturing for Games [20]
               Introduction to Digital Visual Effects & Compositing [20]                   Mechanical Asset Creation for Games
               Concept Visualisation for Games [20]                                        Modelling and Rigging for 3D Computer Animation
               Introduction to Networks and Computer Security [20]                         [20]
               Rapid Development Tools [20]                                                Open Source Web Design [20]
               Systems Design and Databases [20]                                           Conceptual Design and Creativity[20]
                                                                                           Information Systems Security [20]
                                                                                           Rapid Development Systems [20]
                                                                                           Network and Systems Administration
                                                                                           Non-bipedal Animation for Games [20]
                                                                                           Game Design and Production [20]

*International students have an additional 0 credit module: Skills for Success in Computing.
**All students have the opportunity to undertake a placement year at the end of level 5.

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