Summer Reading List by Z7ny139


									            Sedgefield Middle School
                Summer Reading
Assignment menu: Choose one item to complete
after reading one of the books from the list.
Additional handouts can be picked up at the SMS front office during summer hours and will also
be posted on the school home page. All students are required to have at least one the novels read
and one of the assignments completed and turned in to their Language Arts teacher by Friday,
September 14th 2012.

1. JOURNALS: Complete ten dated journal entries discussing personal connections and
questions related to the novel. You can include summaries of what you read, but there should
also be an element of evaluating what you are reading and some discussion sharing what you are
thinking. Entries should be done as you read the novel, and should be at least half a page in
length for each journal entry. You can have more than ten entries.
3. CHARACTER ANALYSIS: For this choice, you must have at least three major characters in
your novel. For each character, you must discuss what the character looks like, how he or she
acts, what he or she says, and how others react to this character. Use quotes from the novel to
support your statements.
4. BOOK REVIEW: Write your own review of the novel. Give your opinions about the book
citing at least five examples and quotes from the book to support why this book is interesting or
not. Make your recommendations to others and discuss why you would or would not recommend
the book. Your review should be the equivalent of about two pages in length.
5. POETRY: Write three original poems from the point of view and voice of the main character.
The poems should reflect the thoughts and feelings of the character at the beginning, in the
middle, and at the end of the novel. Use specific information in the novel to provide evidence of
the character’s thoughts and feelings.
6. TWO VOICE LETTERS: Write a total of ten letters, five from one character and five from
another. The letters should reflect the thoughts and feelings of the characters based on what you
have read in the novel and they should interact with one another; the second letter responds to
the first, the third letter responds to the second, etc… It should read as though these two
characters are conversing with one another in writing. The final letters should conclude what
they have been discussing.
7. PLAYLIST: Create a playlist of ten songs that represent your novel. You should list the song
title and artist, why you chose it for the novel, and write one quoted line from the song with an
explanation of why you chose that particular line to represent or connect to your novel.
8. TRADITIONAL BOOK REPORT: Write a report discussing the novel’s plot including
references to the protagonist and antagonist, minor characters, setting, conflicts, climax,
resolution, and theme. Books can be purchased at local bookstores, online, or checked out from
the school and local libraries. Some may be available online through the media center website.
                    Sedgefield Middle School
                        Summer Reading List
Title                                  Author                          Lexile #
 Airborn                               Kenneth Oppel                        760
Bronx Masquerade                       Nikki Grimes                         670
Chicken Boy                            Frances O’Roark Dowell               860
Code Talker: A Novel About the         Joseph Bruchac                       910
Navajo Marines of World War Two
Dead End in Norvelt                    Jack Gantos                         920
Death Cloud                            Andrew Lane                         940
Diamonds in the Shadow                 Caroline B. Cooney                  750
Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie           Jordan Sonnenblick                   940
Everlost                               Neal Shusterman                      860
Flush                                  Carl Hiaasen                         830
Freak the Mighty                       Rodman Philbrick                    1000
George Washington, Spymaster: How      Thomas B. Allen                     1100
the Americans Outspied the British
and Won the Revolutionary War
The Graveyard Book                     Neil Gaiman                          820
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life    Wendy Mass                           770
Just Ella                              Margaret Peterson Haddix             850
Left for Dead: A Young Man’s Search    Peter Nelson                        1260
for Justice for the USS Indianapolis
The Nine Pound Hammer                  John Claude Bemis                    730
Out of My Mind                         Sharon M. Draper                    700
Peak                                   Roland Smith                         760
Peter and the Starcatchers             Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson        770
Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True      John Fleischman                     1030
Story About Brain Science
Saraswati’s Way                        Monica Schroder                     790
Stones in Water                        Donna Jo Napoli                     630
Storm Warriors                         Elisa Carbone                       890
Under the Mesquite                     Guadalupe Garcia McCall             990
The Wednesday Wars                     Gary D. Schmidt                     990
White Fang                             Jack London                         970

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