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                SOLE Partners with ReCORK America to Produce Footwear fro
                Natural Wine Corks

                10.05.2009 – SOLE, the manufacturer of premium footbeds, socks and sandals,
                announces its partnership with ReCORK America™, a US-based wine cork                       Twitter Pitc
                recycling program sponsored by Amorim of Portugal, the world’s largest producer of         SOLE partner
                                                                                                           produce foot
                natural cork. SOLE will use a blend of recycled cork wine bottle closures in its line of
                                                                                                           natural cork w
                2010 footwear products.

                                                                                                           News Facts
                “We have been working with ReCORK for over eight months,” states Mike Baker,                 There are 1
                president of SOLE. “They provided us with thousands of used corks and we did the             stoppers sol
                R&D necessary to successfully develop a cork blend that enhances the material                each year.
                properties of our products. This is the kind of sustainable effort that benefits            them end up

                everyone.”                                                                                   Amorim & Ir
                                                                                                             world’s larg
                                                                                                             cork wine cl
                ReCORK and SOLE have an agreement to find sustainably optimized ways to reuse
                                                                                                            three billion
                and recycle as many corks as can be collected. Roger Archey, a spokesman for
                                                                                                             ReCORK A
                Amorim’s ReCORK, says the timing is perfect. “We have collected nearly four million
                                                                                                             obtaining us
                corks since the program started in 2007 – that’s without promotion or fanfare. The           winery tasti
                SOLE partnership will give us the opportunity to dramatically expand our collection          quality assu
                efforts and better serve our current and future collection partners.”                        Unlike many
                                                                                                             are never c

                ReCORK’s recycling partners include many familiar names in the wine, hospitality             oaks provid
                                                                                                             during a life
                and retail markets, including: American Airlines/Sodexo, The Wine Tasting Network,
                                                                                                             years. A ma
                Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines, Rodney Strong Wine Estates, Cakebread Cellars,
                                                                                                             can be harv
                Whole Foods Markets in Northern California, the Culinary Institute of America at
                                                                                                            the life of th
                Greystone, Rutherford Wine Co. and PlumpJack.
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                About ReCORK and Amorim                                                                    SOLE
                ReCORK America is a natural cork recycling program sponsored by Amorim of                  ReCORK Am

                Portugal and its US affiliates, Portocork America and Amorim Cork America. For             Amorim
                                                                                                           World Wildlif
                additional information, visit or
                                                                                                           Cork Oak

                Tracing its root to the 19th century, Amorim has become the largest cork and cork-         Tags
                derived company in the world, generating over Euro 450 million in sales throughout         Amorim, Re
                more than 100 countries. Amorim and its subsidiaries are an integral part of a             SOLE Sandal
                conservation effort to guarantee the survival of hundreds of thousands of cork oak         stoppers

                trees throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Amorim is proud of its contributions to the
                correct utilization of these important forests that represent a key role in CO2
                retention, preserving biodiversity and preventing desertification. Information about
                Amorim of Portugal can be found at and

                Short URL:
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About SOLE
SOLE launched its line of supportive, do-it-yourself, heat-moldable footbeds in 2001.
Millions of happy feet later, SOLE extended its expertise in foot health and comfort to
a line of Premium Performance Socks. In 2008, SOLE launched its Platinum Sandal,
which offers unrivaled orthopedic support and comfort. REI, Red Wing Shoes, and thousands of specialty retailers around the world carry SOLE.
SOLE products are used by dozens of professional teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB
as well as 'UltraMarathon Man' Dean Karnazes, renowned mountaineer Ed Viesturs,
Team Nike Adventure Racing and the US and Canadian Military.

Contacting SOLE
2923 - 5 Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2A 6T8
1 866 235 SOLE (7653)

Press Contact
Ian Anderson
Office: 970-963-4873
Cell: 970-390-4871

Interview Request
Ian Anderson
Office: 970-963-4873
Cell: 970-390-4871

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Ian Anderson
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