Character Analysis Essay expectations Nightjohn by 5R42zo5


									                     Character Analysis Essay – Nightjohn

Name: _____________________________________                         Period: _______

TASK: Write a five-paragraph essay analyzing a character of your choice from the novella. You
will choose three dominant (main or important) qualities (specific adjectives - ex: determined or
patient) that this character exhibits throughout the novel. Each of the three body paragraphs will
explain a particular quality and give at least two examples of how this character demonstrates
this trait. You need to quote at least (can be more) one line from the novel in your essay. Use
the chart below to gather evidence from the novel and record your findings. Remember to use all
of your resources from 6+1 and your handouts from throughout the year.

Rough drafts due: Friday, February 25, 2011
Final drafts due: TBD

Character’s name _______________________________ (Easiest Characters to Choose:
Nightjohn, Waller, Sarny, & Mammy)

Quality/Trait                    Examples from Book (include pg. #s)
                                  Drafting a Thesis Statement:

You will be using a three-point thesis statement for this essay. The formula for the thesis
statement, which will be located at the end of the first paragraph, should be the following:

__________________________ (character’s name) in the novella Nightjohn by Gary Paulson
displays the qualities of __________________________ (quality 1),
__________________________ (quality 2), and __________________________ (quality 3).


In the novella Nightjohn, the character __________________________ (character’s name)
exhibits three primary qualities: __________________________ (quality 1),
__________________________ (quality 2), and __________________________ (quality 3).


__________________________ (quality 1), __________________________ (quality 2), and
__________________________ (quality 3) are three characteristics displayed by
__________________________ (character’s name) in the novella Nightjohn.

                   Intro. & Conclusion (Remember the bike riding story!)

Review of five strategies for introductions & conclusions in essays:

   1. Intense Action:

   2. Sensory Description:

   3. Intriguing Question:

   4. Feeling:

   5. Sound Effect/ Onomatopoeia:


      Which of these strategies are you using in your essay?

      Write the first sentence of your essay here (remember, you want this sentence to grab the
       attention of your audience): ________________________________________________



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