Accomplishment report

					Operational Plan for Physical Resource
AY 2008-2009

           Objectives                               Activities                         Critical Success     Person Responsible        Time Frame          Budget

 1. To submit the laboratories    1.1. To coordinate with the committee for        -      Inter-office
    for overall technical and       special projects and general services                 Correspondence       Lab In charge          July-Sept. ‘08   Php 1, 000. 00
    safety inspection.              department of the University and request
                                    to conduct an overall technical and safety
                                    inspection in the nursing/bio laboratories
                                    at least 3x every academic year, as basis
                                    for upgrading and requisitions of lab

 2.     To secure laboratory      4.1. To submit a report based on the overall                                                                          50, 000. 00
      facilities           from      technical and safety inspection conducted
      environmental hazards and      in the nursing/bio laboratories with action   - Technical and Safety                             Sept –Nov. ‘08
      electrical problems.           plan/recommendations to the school            Inspection Report.
                                     administration.                                                        - Lab In charge.
                                                                                                            - In charge for Special
                                                                                                               Projects and
 3. To upgrade laboratory         3.1. To renovate laboratory fixtures and         - Compiled Requisition   - Head, General                            500, 000. 00
   facilities which will help        furniture.                                      Forms and Job Order       Services
   supplement the teaching                                                           Forms.                    Department.
   and learning activities of     3.2. To continue the monitoring activities in
   faculty and students.             the laboratory and update the inventory
                                     process 2x in every academic year.
                                                                                   - Copy of Inventory
                                  3.3. To update requisitions of advance yet         Report.
                                     cost        effective       technological                                 Lab In charge
                                     gadgets/equipments which can readily be                                  Lab. Staff/STA
                                     utilized by the College of Nursing in the
                                     instruction, research and community
                                     extension services.                           - Inter-office
                                  3.4. To follow-up pending requisitions.