Gouged By A Geek by yurtgc548


									Gouged By A Geek
        What is it they do?
 What is a geek?
   A person who is interested in technology,
    especially computing and new media.
 A geek will generally do some sort of
  computer repair.
 Most people with computer issues will
  call on a geek to assist them.
    What does it mean to be
     “Gouged By A Geek?”
 Geeks are meant to       But this is not
  help the customer         always the case.
  with their issues.       What does this
 These repair              mean for the natural
  technicians will take     consumer?
  advantage of you.
 Technical gods, or technical
 Most places that have computer repairs
  don’t train their employees.
 Most of the time its viewed as a
  business to make money.
 So these “geeks” are not always
  knowledgeable of the issue.
           And the result
 Give you a fake diagnosis using
  technical terms to make it seem worse.
 Up the price of common parts to make
  a bigger buck.
 Even take money under the table to
  make more for themselves.
      Prices and Geek Squad
 Geek Squad and what they do:
   Repair crashed hard drives
   Help protect and back up important data
 But are they really properly trained for this?
 What about prices for parts?
 They charge ridiculous prices for components
  such as ram.
 But you can get a 1gb stick for $44.99
    Personal Experience With
          Geek Squad
 Took it in to get a piece of RAM installed.
 Cleaned my computer of all virus’ and such
  before I turned it in.
 They took five hours to install one stick of
 And also “removed” virus’ that were in my
 In the end charged me close to 120 dollars.
        How to prevent this
 Do your research on the company you
  plan on going to.
 Do it yourself, the internet is a reliable
 See if the company you bought it from
  can repair it.
    Is this story somehow an example of bad journalism? I think it's good
    journalism. Computer repair (just like car repair and health care) are problems
    that free markets just don't solve very well. There's no way for consumers to
    make informed decisions since diagnosing the problem is the job. Most people
    not only can't diagnose these problems themselves, but don't make this type of
    purchase very often, and have little or no objective data to go by. It's a tough
   As the parent poster said, it's not that "geeks" in general are untrustworthy. It's assholes that
    seek to make money off their geekdom that inspire spite. If I had a dollar for every time
    someone brought me a computer and said "The Guy at Best Buy said the motherboard is
    dead and it will cost $400 to replace" only for me to go into safemode and remove
    spyware/virus bloat and fix the computer, I'd be paying someone to make my Slashdot posts
    for me!-eepok
   In other news, some business people are shady and try to rip off consumers! See the
    groundbreaking report tonight, at 7!-sloppyjoes7
     A geek in action!

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       And now you know!

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