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Introductory Chemistry. Tro, 3rd Edition
Chemistry is the science that investigates the composition,
properties and changes in properties of substances and
 various forms of matter.

“Success is piece of mind that is the direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did
your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”.
                                                                  John Wooden, UCLA
                                                                  men’s basketball coach

  1. The classroom will be a positive learning environment. You should never stop
     questioning, as science and learning does not progress without questioning.
  2. Dedication, commitment, and hard work are often necessary to understand
     difficult concepts. I truly believe that each of you will be successful.
  3. This course will prepare you to be more independent and self-sufficient. With
     that, comes a higher expectation level of maturity and responsibilities.

The textbook concepts/chapters will be tentatively covered in the following order:

      Semester 1 --- Measurement and Calculation, Matter and Energy, Atoms and
Elements, Molecules and Compounds, Chemical Composition, Chemical Reactions,
Quantities in Chemical Reactions

      Semester 2 --- Electrons in Atoms and the Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding,
Gases, Intermolecular Forces, Solutions, Acids and Bases, Oxidation and Reduction,
Organic Chemistry

All chapters may not be covered in detail, so being in class, listening, participating, and
taking notes is crucial.

  1. 3-ring binder with dividers for course notebook
  2. Loose manila folder (current chapter work)
  3. #2 pencils
  4. Scientific calculator (with LOG and exponent functions)

  1. Respect your classmates, the room, the equipment, and me, and I will respect
     you. Please raise your hand if you have a question, so that multiple
     conversations are not occurring.
  2. Act responsibly (no swearing, talking back, horseplay, or other insubordination).
  3. Bring necessary materials to class.
  4. Be on time, have materials out, and be focused for class.
  5. No gum, food, or cell phones. You may have drinks if in bottles or containers.
  6. Cheating and blatant copying is forbidden. Students will be given a zero on
     the assignment, parent contact will be made, and other disciplinary action may
     be taken.

  1. Each week, I post a tentative weekly schedule on the board and on my website
     ( Arranging to complete make-up work is YOUR
  2. Homework is due at the start of the class period. Some homework will be
     collected when due, and some will be stamped and collected later. Major point
     deductions will result from late or incomplete assignments.
  3. Students absent for a lab have one week to complete it, or will receive a zero.
  4. Assignments and labs must be in pencil.
  5. A course notebook (3-ring binder with numeric tabs) must be maintained where
     all course work and lab manual will be organized.

Grades are calculated by the percentage of points you have earned on tests, quizzes,
labs, and homework. Tests and quizzes account for about 50% of the grade, labs about
30%, and other assignments about 20%. Graded work will be posted timely into
Progress Book, so I encourage students to check grades regularly.

  1. Recognize that Chemistry is about solving problems. The world is full of
     problems that require good problem solvers.
  2. Understand that you have choices on how hard you will work.
  3. Attend class every day, and be focused and prepared.
  4. Follow procedures and employ good study habits.
  5. Be organized, complete all assignments, and don’t get behind.
  6. Listen, ask questions, and participate.
  7. Come in to see me for help when struggling.


I, __________________________________, have read the Honors Chemistry
syllabus for the 2011-2012 school year. I understand my responsibilities and the
expectations of this course. I will abide by those expectations as well as all the rules
stated in the Student Handbook.

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Date ____________

I have received and read my child’s copy of the Honors Chemistry syllabus for the
2011-2012 school year.

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