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					             Epsilon Sigma Phi

                                                   Alpha Iota
   APRIL 2007

 2007-2008 Officers
    Terrie Treadway
                                                   Arkansas Chapter
   President-Elect                                 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
    Don Plunkett
    870-534-1033       Thanks to the efforts of a great Board and input of many
   Vice President      members of this chapter, I feel we have really made progress in
     Joy Buffalo       building a strong active chapter. ESP attendance at our annual
   870-460-1549        meeting continues to grow.
     Secretary                  We now have an active chapter webpage
    Brenda Vick        (http://intranet.uaex.edu/esp/ ) thanks to Becky Bridges and her
   870-921-4744        committee. We have a fundraising committee started with Allisen
                       Penn as chair and we have more members than ever participating
     Beth Phelps       actively on a committee.
  bphelps@uaex.edu              Our members are participating more in the national
                       association. We have received award notice of an ESP mini-grant.
   Past President
    Caroll Guffey      Five members of the Alpha Iota chapter applied to conduct
 guffey@uamont.edu     concurrent sessions and/or poster presentations at the 2007
                       National ESP conference. This will be the largest delegation to a
  District Directors
                       National ESP conference I can recall from many years back.
      State Office
    Danita Brookins
                                Recent retirees are eligible for life membership and we
 dbrookins@uaex.edu    want to encourage them to continue being active in the chapter. I
     BeVerly Sims
                       also want to encourage the current life members to become
   bsims@uaex.edu      involved with the chapter again. Retirees can serve as a great
                       resource to our chapter.
     Renee Myers                I look forward to serving as your President this year and
                       working with you to continue the momentum.
    Shiryle Hopkins                    IN THIS ISSUE:
 shopkins@uaex.edu                               President’s Message
     870-235-3720                                ESP Mini-Grant Approved
         Delta                                   National ESP Conference
   Romona Thieme
                                                 ESP Award Winners
     870-762-2075                                District News
    1890 – Vacant                                District Directors
        Retirees                                 2007 Alpha Iota Chapter Membership
     Mary Askew                                  2007-2008 Officers and Committees
mgaskew@hotmail.com                              Committees and Responsibilities
                                                 Suggestions for ESP Committee Chair Notebook or Folder

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ESP PROFESSIONAL                                    ESP AWARD
DEVELOPMENT                                         WINNERS
Alberta James received notification on
April 10 from Linda D. Cook, Executive              Distinguished Service Award: Easter
Director, Epsilon Sigma Phi National                Tucker (State Office)
Office, on the award of a Professional
Development Mini-Grant to Alpha Iota                                          Easter Tucker
Chapter. The $500 check is being sent                                         receiving her
to Beth Phelps, Alpha Iota Chapter                                            ESP Distinguished
Treasurer.                                                                    Service Award
                                                                              at the 2007 Galaxy
Well done, Alberta, and thank you                                             Awards Banquet
for your effort!

2007 NATIONAL                                       Early Career Service Award:
ESP CONFERENCE                                      Caroll Guffey
Charleston, South Carolina
                                                    Tenure 25 Years: Don Plunkett,
Just a final reminder: The National ESP             Romona Thieme, Terrie Treadway,
meeting will be held in Charleston,                 and Easter Tucker
South Carolina, September 10-15, 2007.
Any current ESP member may attend.                  Diversity/Multicultural Recognition:
Registration for the conference will start          “Eating and Moving for Life”- Terrie
some time in April.                                 James, Easter Tucker, Trisha Echols-
                                                    members; Keith Cleek-nonmember
Five Arkansas ESP members will be
presenting either concurrent sessions or            Team Award: “Navigating the
poster presentations at the National                Financial Journey” - Laura Connerly,
Conference.                                         Linda Chappell, Renee Myers, Tanya
                                                    Yates-members; Susan Holman and
More information is available at:                   Trudy McManus, nonmembers
lMeeting/index.htm                                  Meritorious Support Service: Wilma
                                                    Dorn, Jefferson County administrative
                                                    office supervisor.

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DISTRICT NEWS                                    2007 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER
State Office: We welcome Merritt J.
Royal, Extension’s Director of                   Ozark District
Development, as a new member for                 Yvonne Bennett
the State Office.                                Earlene Brecheen
                                                 Linda Chappell
Kent Rorie and Judy Riley retired on             Bill Dodgen
March 1, 2007. We hope they both                 Cathy Koch
consider continuing as active members            Renee Myers
of ESP through Life membership for               Gayla Taylor
retirees.                                        Brenda Vick
                                                 Joyce Whittington
Please join us in congratulating Ron             Tanya Yates
Rainey and his wife on their new baby
girl Marlee Emma. She was born on                Ouachita District
March 26, weighed 8½ pounds and                  Gerald Alexander
was 21 inches long.                              Allan Beuerman
                                                 Joy Buffalo
Ozark District: All 10 members in                Candice Carrie’
the Ozark District renewed their                 Diane Clement
membership.                                      LaVetta Davis
                                                 Kris Elliott
2007-2008 OFFICERS                               Sherry Eudy
                                                 Lisa Gilmore
President- Terri Treadway                        Bobby Hall
President-elect – Don Plunkett                   Shirlye Hopkins
Vice President – Joy Buffalo                     Jean Ince
Secretary- Brenda Vick                           Terrie James
Treasurer – Beth Phelps                          Cheryl Maxwell
Past President – Caroll Guffey                   Robbie McKinnon
                                                 Beth Phelps
DISTRICT DIRECTORS                               Becky Reynolds
                                                 Kaye Shrout
                                                 Terrie Treadway
                                                 Danny Walker
Ozark –        Renee Myers, director
                                                 Bridgette Youngblood
               Linda Chappell, alternate
Ouachita –     Shiryle Hopkins, director
                                                 Delta District
               Kris Elliott, alternate
                                                 Trisha Echols
Delta -        Martha May, director
                                                 Donna Hoskins
               VeEtta Simmons,
                                                 Steve Kelley
                                                 Keith Martin
State Office – Danita Brookins and
                                                 Martha May
               BeVerly Sims, directors
                                                 Keith Perkins
               Linda Meeks and
                                                 Don Plunkett
               Judy Robison, alternates

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VeEtta Simmons               Easter Tucker
Debbie Still                 Joe Waldrum
Romona Thieme                Tamara Walkingstick
Branon Thiesse               Willa Williams
Rick Thompson
Jeff Welch                   Retirees
Pia Woods                    _________________
                             Total Active Members 86
State Office                 Bold = New Member 2007
Darlene Baker                (Over for Life Time Members)
Karen Ballard
Becky Bridges                Life Members
Danita Brookins              Margaret P. Alexander
Elizabeth Childs             Gordon Barnes
Laura Connerly               Raymond C. Benz
Mike French                  Jimmie L. Bowling
Caroll Guffey                Mark B. Bryles
Mike Hamilton                Novelle Clark
Bernadette Hinkle            Claude Clement
Suzanne Hirrel               Katherine Conner
John Hopkins                 Wallace C. Cummings
Quinton Hornsby              Alphonso Denham
Alberta James                Mary Dunn
Steve Jones                  Peter G. Faison
Mike Klumpp                  Mary R. Fallin
Lynda Lee                    Laverne W. Feaster
Kelly Loftin                 Louise F. Ferguson
Ivory Lyles                  Jean C. Frisby
Becky McPeake                James C. Geisler
Linda Meeks                  Ramona B. Gordon
Chris Meux                   Gertrude T. Henderson
Wayne Miller                 Mescal Johnston
Allisen Penn                 Ted L. Jones
Jodie Pennington             Patsy R. Keller
Renee Perkins                Beverly M. NcNew
Kevin Quinn                  Woody N. Miley
Ron Rainey                   George L. Morris
Judy Riley                   Betty F. Oliver
Judy Robison                 James R. Peachey
Kent Rorie                   Carreather Perry
Donna Rothberg               Joann Phillips
Merritt Royal                Larry Pitman
Tammy Seefeld                Frank T. Plafcan
Milo Shult                   Randel Price
BeVerly Sims                 Glenn Pye
Donna Taylor                 Dorothy Sitton

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William L. Smiley                                 BUDGET AND AUDIT
Rubye Talbert                                     Chair: Linda Meeks
Jeanne Thompson                                   Gayla Taylor
W. R. Vandivere                                   Beth Phelps
Lloyd T. Westbrook                                Renee Perkins
J. B. Williams                                    Bernadette Hinkle
Ralph Williams                                    Ron Rainey
Vernon C. Willis
William Woodall                                   LEGISLATIVE AND RESOLUTIONS
Fann J. Woodward                                  Chair: Jodie Pennington
Michael B. Wright                                 Beth Phelps
**Total Life Members                              Steve Kelley
                                                  Bobby Hall
                                                  Becky McPeake
 Total Active Members          86                 Keith Martin
 Total Life Members            45                 Bill Dodgen
 Total Membership             131                 Brenda Vick
                                                  Mike Klumpp

2007-2008 COMMITTEE                               MEMORIAL AND TRIBUTE
                                                  Chair: Terrie James
ASSIGNMENTS                                       Jean Ince
                                                  Becky Reynolds
                                                  Elizabeth Childs
                                                  Donna Taylor
                                                  Joe Waldrum
                                                  Cathy Koch
                                                  Branon Thiesse
These assignments are adjustable; if              Cheryl Maxwell
you are on a committee and you prefer             Bridgette Youngblood
to serve on another committee, please
contact the chair and volunteer.                  CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS
                                                  Chair: Gerald Alexander
If you do not find your name listed or            Joy Buffalo
you are a new member, please contact              Jeff Welch
the chair of a committee in which you             Donna Hoskins
are interested in serving.                        Danny Walker
                                                  Donna Rothberg
BE AN INVOLVED MEMBER!!!!                         Wayne Miller

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PROFESSIONALISM                       Alberta James
Chair: Candice Carrie                 Danita Brookins
Linda Chappell                        John Hopkins
Caroll Guffey                         Pia Woods
Linda Meeks                           Allen Beuerman
Kaye Shrout                           Darlene Baker
Martha May                            Mike French
Shirlye Hopkins                       Mike Hamilton
Karen Ballard
Allisen Penn                          AD HOC COMMITTEES:
Becky Reynolds
Earlene Breechen                      FUNDRAISING
Lisa Gilmore                          Chair: Allisen Penn
Merritt Royal                         Laura Connerly
Easter Tucker                         Merritt Royal
                                      (Other members to be
NOMINATING                            contacted by chair.)
Chair: Quinton Hornsby
John Hopkins                          NEWSLETTER
Tammy Seefeld                         Chair: Donna Taylor
Robbie McKinnon                       Chris Meux
Gerald Alexander                      Renee Myers
Gayla Taylor                          BeVerly Sims
Joyce Whittington                     Martha May
Debbie Still                          Kevin Quinn
Romona Thieme                         Lynda Lee
                                      Yvonne Bennett
Co-Chairs: VeEtta Simmons/            WEB PAGE
           Romona Thieme              Chair: Becky Bridges
Shirlye Hopkins                       Willa Williams
Renee Myers                           Becky McPeake
Kelly Loftin                          Elizabeth Childs
Tanya Yates                           Keith Perkins
LaVetta Davis                         Tamara Walkingstick
Rick Thompson
Suzanne Hirrel
Becky McPeake
Steve Jones

Chair: Don Plunkett
Earlene Breechen
Trisha Echols
Caroll Guffey
Terrie James

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ESP COMMITTEES                                         membership informed of these
AND RESPONSIBILITIES                                   matters
                                                      Studies changes and proposed
BUDGET AND AUDIT                                       changes in State and Federal
  Develops a budget for coming year                   retirement programs
   for chapter, using past income and                 Makes recommendations to the
   expenditures as a guide                             National Board for proposed actions
  Confers with officers and
   committees who can identify                    CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS
   sources of income and project                    Studies the National Constitution
   probable expenses in the year ahead               and Bylaws, the National Council
  Presents budget recommendations to                minutes (as published in Annual
   board and chapter members                         Report), and the State Constitution
  Makes annual audit of previous                    and Bylaws to make sure national
   year's financial records and attests              and state guidelines are being
   to the accuracy and completeness of               followed. Suggests revisions in
   the treasurer's report at the end of              State Constitution, Bylaws, and
   the chapter's fiscal year                         procedures to keep up with
  Makes recommendations for                         changing trends
   changes in procedures that might                 When a revision of State
   contribute to better efficiency and               Constitution or Bylaws are
   accountability in the future                      necessary, takes the necessary steps
                                                     to present the changes to the
MEMBERSHIP                                           membership, and handles the
 Obtains from annalist (or secretary)               necessary voting procedures to
  a list of eligible prospective                     bring the matters to a vote
  members, in advance of chapter                    Studies national and state officer
  annual meeting                                     and committee guidelines and
 Sends letter of invitation                         suggests revisions in state
  (application form) to prospects                    guidelines when necessary
 Conducts an induction ceremony at
  chapter annual meeting                          PROFESSIONALISM
 Presents to new members: 1)                       Informs the membership of state
  Epsilon Sigma Phi lapel pin or tie                 scholarship and/or loan funds that
  tack; 2) National Constitution/                    are available for Epsilon Sigma Phi
  Bylaws; 3) State                                   members for advanced professional
  Constitution/Bylaws; 4) Extension                  study
  Professionals' Creed; 5)                          Informs the membership of the
  Membership card                                    national scholarship, grant, and loan
                                                     funds that are available for
LEGISLATIVE AND RESOLUTIONS                          Extension workers through Epsilon
  Studies Federal and State legislative             Sigma Phi and other professional
   matters that affect Cooperative                   organizations
   Extension and are of interest to                 Studies ways to promote and foster
   Epsilon Sigma Phi. Keep the                       professional improvement at the
                                                     chapter meeting of Epsilon Sigma

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    Phi and other professional                           the respective offices, and
    organizations to which Extension                     determining their willingness to
    professionals belong                                 serve
   Encourages institution, individual                  Presents slate at chapter business
    and group subscriptions to The                       meeting for consideration and
    Journal of Extension                                 approval.
   Encourages members to go on
    special study tours                             MEMORIAL AND TRIBUTE
   Involves members to grow in the                  Determines (from Extension
    profession                                        Personnel Office and other sources)
                                                      names of deceased members and
AWARDS AND RECOGNITION                                former members
  Considers nominations from chapter                Prepares a tribute to each deceased
   for national and regional awards;                  member and former member for
   follows through on selection process               chapter annual meeting program
   and submitting entries to Executive               Presents these tributes at chapter
   Director                                           annual meeting
  Considers nominations for                         Sends sympathy card to deceased's
   nationally supported state awards;                 relatives on behalf of chapter (when
   follows through on selection                       appropriate)
   process, securing awards, and                     Sends list of deceased members to
   making presentations                               state secretary and Executive
  Considers nominations for any                      Director.
   chapter-originated state awards;
   follows through on selection                     AD HOC COMMITTEES:
   process, securing awards, and
   making presentations. (“Generic”                 WEB PAGE
   certificates available at National                 Manage the chapter Web Site
   Office.)                                            Oversee the updating of the Web
  Searches records and identifies                     Site with chapter information, and
   members who have completed 25,                      make sure the site conforms to
   30, 35, and 40 years of professional                Board-established formats. The
   service in Extension                                webmaster either places all
  Arranges for appropriate tenure                     information online or instructs other
   recognition ceremonies, written                     committee managers on how to do
   summaries for use in newsletters                    so.
   and/or program booklets,                           Update the following information
   certificates, and/or other appropriate              after installation of new officers
   mementos                                            each year (by April 1): Committee
                                                       and officer descriptions, Committee
NOMINATIONS                                            and officer contact names and email
  Prepares a slate of potential officer               addresses, links to national
   and chapter/council director                        organization, bylaw changes, and
   candidates each year, after                         current newsletter of organization
   contacting potential candidates,                    posted.
   acquainting them with the duties of

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FUNDRAISING                                        * To increase effectiveness and
   Develop methods to generate funds              efficiency.
    for special needs and projects
   Makes recommendations to the                   Suggested items to be included in
    board for proposed actions                     members' notebooks:
                                                   * List of committee members, addresses,
NEWSLETTER                                         phone numbers, fax numbers, E-mail
  Editor and committee publish a                  and internet numbers, etc.
   newsletter for members two or                   * Purpose of the committee.
   three times a year. These                       * Responsibilities and guidelines for the
   newsletters generally are timed to              committee.
   publish before the Regional                     * Expectations of the committee for the
   Workshops (sometime in late                     coming year.
   November or Early December), the                * Copy of previous year's committee
   mid-year after Galaxy and after the             report.
   National Meeting.                               * Copies of brochures/publications for
  Newsletters are vital                           which committee is responsible, if
   communications between chapter                  applicable.
   officers and members and serve to               * Copies of score cards/forms from
   update chapters on various national             national that pertain to committee
   and regional events and activities.             business.
   Newsletters also provide specific               * Copies of minutes of previous year's
   information of importance to                    committee meeting(s).
   chapters in the region and serve as
   a forum for chapters to share                   Suggested items to be included in
   information on projects and                     committee chair's notebook or folder:
   activities.                                     * All of above plus:
                                                   * Copies of committee correspondence
                                                   for the past two years.
SUGGESTIONS FOR                                    * Copies of agendas of committee
                                                   conference calls for the past two years.
ESP COMMITTEE                                      * Two years' copies of items above.
CHAIR NOTEBOOK                                     * Other information as deemed
OR FOLDER                                          appropriate.

Purpose: To assist in the smooth
transition from one committee
year to another.

* To build upon previous committee
efforts (rather than reinventing the
* To give continuity.
* To enable committees to take
advantage of the thinking and vision of
previous committees.

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