Berlo & Phillips: Chapter One: An Introduction to the Indigenous by G2iv1V


									Art History 206                                                     Bunn-Marcuse
Reading Questions

Berlo & Phillips: Chapter One: An Introduction to the Indigenous Arts of North America

1) What definition of “art” are Berlo & Phillips proposing? Does their definition incorporate
both the European and the Native understanding of the word?

2) How do Native definitions of the sacredness of certain objects and the repatriation of those
objects clash with European concepts of art and art collection? How have European and
American collection practices shaped the formation of a Native American art history?

3) Berlo and Phillips provide a Native American view of the cosmos. What generalizations can
be made about this world view? What aspects are commonly shared by Native people and how
are they different (or similar) to European and Euro-American views of the cosmos and man’s
role within the universe?

4) How has tradition, change, innovation, or trade affected Native American art and how are
these concepts viewed by collectors, artists, scholars, or consumers?

5) How do European hierarchical classifications of art differ from Native American
understandings of art? What questions about gender roles do these classifications raise?

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